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Daffy might usually get the short end of the stick, but even he can find a way out of some tough jams.

  • In "Ducking the Devil", Daffy attempts to recapture the escaped Tasmanian Devil for a $5,000 reward. Though in his usual "craven little coward" mode, he succeeds in luring Taz back into his cage via a weakness to music. As he counts his money, a single dollar bill falls to the ground and is swiped by Taz from under his cage door. Without hesitation, Daffy rushes into the cage to get back his (admittedly well-earned) money and closes the door behind him. During the off-screen fight, Daffy is heard screaming, "HEY THAT'S MINE!! LET GO OF THAT MONEY! IT'S MINE! MINE! DO YOU HEAR ME?! MINE! ALL MINE! AND WHAT'S MINE IS MINE AND NOBODY'S GONNA GET IT!" When Daffy exits the cage waving the tattered dollar, viewers see Taz dazed and beaten in the corner. Daffy then tells the viewer, in a crazed voice, "Like I said, I'm a coward, but I'm a greeeedy little coward."
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  • Depends on how you feel about the movie, but Daffy going into full Duck Dodgers-mode to save the day in Looney Tunes: Back in Action was pretty cool.
  • "Porky's Duck Hunt", the cartoon that made Daffy a star.
    "Don't let it worry ya, skipper, I'm just a crazy darn fool duck. WOO HOO! WOO HOO! WOO HOO!"
    "It's me again!"
  • While the De Patie Freleng shorts rarely earn Awesome moments Mucho Locos may get special mention for Daffy malleting Speedy after hearing one too many tales about "El Stupid Duck". Notable for making Daffy one of the very few characters to actually win against Speedy in a short.
  • Also "Well Worn Daffy". Sure he was being excessively malicious in that cartoon, but he sure stuck to his guns about it, making sure Speedy didn't make off with a single drop of water the entire short. The only reason he loses is due to pulling a Villain Ball when he tries to destroy the well.
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  • This obscure Tang bumper from The Bugs Bunny Show marks perhaps the only time Daffy has actually outsmarted Bugs.
  • Daffy the Wizard.
    • Even if it was all in his head.
  • Daffy's Rhapsody, for his first 3D outing, Daffy is quite the showman. Not only does he sing a song while Elmer Fudd chases him around the stage blasting at him without missing a beat, he comes out on top and gets applauded! Bonus points for bringing an old recording of Mel Blanc to the big screen.
  • Daffy hitting Hitler with a mallet in Daffy the Commando and tricking the nazis in Plane Daffy.
  • Daffy manages to outfox Marvin the Martian by the end of "Marvin The Martian In The 3rd Dimension" after getting mistaken for an alien ruler when his beak falls off. The cartoon ends with him taking over Marvin's ship with high ambitions ("Today we conquer the universe, tomorrow, HOLLYWOOD!!!").
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  • Pretty much anytime Daffy teamed up with one of his foes he became unstoppable again. His Enemy Mine moments with Bugs in "Rabbit Fire" and "Beanstalk Bunny" are stand out cases. Even his one with Speedy in the otherwise sub par "See Ya Later Gladiator" is somewhat impressive.
  • One of Daffy's best moments of sportsmanship and considering himself the winner is at the end of Aqua Duck when, after paying for a glass of water with a gold nugget, a massive rainstorm strikes and floods the entire desert. His reaction? "When I buy water, I sure get my money's worth!"


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