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Awesome / Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus

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  • The anime art style of the opening!
  • In a meta example, how they are able to make the opening scene almost exactly like the opening of the first comic issue.
    • And just like in the comic, Zim managing to turn Dib's Chronic Hero Syndrome against him, turning him into a "sad chair".
  • Another somewhat meta moment: Zim's first spoken words onscreen, after years of silence, letting the audience know that Richard Steven Horvitz has still got it.
    "YES! IT IS I!"
  • A minor one, but Dib throwing the dumbbells so hard they get embedded in the walls.
    • Related to this, the fact it took just one workout for Dib to reverse the effects that remaining stationary in his room for who-knows-how-long had on his body.
  • Zim's impromptu master plan.
    • To elaborate, Zim became hopelessly depressed when he found out the truth about his "mission". However the very next scene, Dib enlists Zim to unveil him at Professor Membrane's premiere of his new hi-tech bracelet. And Zim hijacks this, kidnaps Professor Membrane, modifies the bracelet with a cosmic horror blob, takes over Membrane Labs, and replaces Dib's father with a derpy pudding-obsessed clone all in one fell swoop!
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    • The next phase of his plan. Zim gets children everywhere to wear the modified Membracelet and hold hands in a ring around the world. This allows the bracelets to transmit enough energy to Minimoose who is actually a device for collecting the energy, to teleport the entire planet directly into the flight path of the Irken Armada schmillions of light years away. Richard Horvitz's delivery of Zim's lines as he explains to Dib what's really gonna happen with the bracelets is probably the most chillingly menacing Zim's ever been.
      Dib: Ha! Nothing happened, Zim!
      Zim: Of course nothing happened, human. It's not enough to simply attach a space-phasing horror blob to these bracelets.
      Dib: Space-phasing?
      Zim: You'd also need something to harness the dark energy of space to activate them. Only one being in the known universe has such a power. My creation! MINIMOOSE.
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    • Zim then continues to rub in his victory by boasting that Professor Membrane, the only person who can actually fix the problem, is schmillions of light year away on Moo-Ping 10 AKA "SPACE PRISON!"
    • GIR also had a fantastic moment of competence during Zim's plan too by delivering a simple yet catchy song that inspired the children of the world to brave dangers to complete the friendship ring around the earth.
    • While she was an Unwitting Pawn, special mention should go to the nameless girl who was so inspired by GIR's song she jumps over a volcano just to complete the link. She also does this without any of the powers or gadgets that the main characters possess.
  • Dib showing how tough he can really be — Surviving a crash landing, breaking through a cement wall with his briefcase, and even taking an exploding leprechaun cat to the face and not losing his stride even after the following fall. And then it's Membrane to the rescue.
    • Shoot, Membrane came crashing in at a force that caused an explosion of epic proportions right on top of Dib's location, and Dib (and Membrane) still comes out of that nearly unscathed!
    • Once Zim sees that Dib is free, after Dib survives the crash landing, he immediately begins freaking out. Dib also shows he means business when he demands Zim hand over Minimoose. What follows is an epic chase scene of Dib running after Zim screaming for him to give him the moose, with their chase even going to some of the planets near Earth due to gravity interference.
      Dib: YOU! Give me the moose!
      Gir: AHHH! (Gir shoves Minimoose into Zim's arms and runs for the hills)
    • And speaking of Membrane, how he managed to survive being sent flying into space and returns without even a single scratch on him!
    • Membrane reveals not only both of his arms are cybernetic prosthetics, but can fire enormous energy beams; Dib and his father proceed to fight off Zim’s robot army, wiping it out. Now we know where Dib and Gaz get their fighting skills from!
  • The Florpus begins to swallow up the earth as hundreds of realities begin to collide. In other words, we rapidly cycle through a multitude of different animation and art styles, including the rough animation with timing notes!
    Zim: ZIM HAS WON!!
  • Not to be left out from the rest of her family, Gaz has plenty of moments throughout the movie:
    • Tricking Clembrane into letting her and Dib repair Tak's ship so that they can go rescue their father.
    • For that matter, convincing Tak's ship to help them by bringing up how it hates Zim more.
    • Piloting the ship through the debris field surrounding Earth (note, up to this point the ship was flying itself, but the field makes it ask for her help). And even when the ship is damaged, she manages to make a controlled-enough landing to crash unharmed right next to Zim.
    • She then gets Dib to toss her back the ham she gave him earlier and, after a rather epic power-up sequence, smacks Zim in the face with it to make him drop Minimoose.
    • Convincing Clembrane to turn on Zim and help the Membranes save the world.