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Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

Scenery Porn doesn't even begin to describe this.

  • How far did Disney go to take full advantage of the internet being a major part of the film? They actually had Disney in the film, as in the actual company, and its subsidiaries and franchises too. Seriously, this practically beats out Avengers: Infinity War as being the biggest Crossover of 2018!
  • Even off-screen, Tron being a character in the movie is awesome unto itself!
  • Vanellope being self-confident enough to be unbothered by Taffyta's taunts about being a princess. Not 6 years ago when she was still "the Glitch", it used to be a sore spot for her to be bullied by her then-nemesis. But years of remembering her self-worth as the ruler of Sugar Rush have boosted her confidence to the point where she can brush off the smallest of insults from Taffyta.
  • Just how amazing they made the internet from the perspective of the characters. Vanellope is almost speechless in awe when she gets a good look at it (at least before the sheer size gets her worried that they'll never make it in time to save her game).
  • A small one, but seeing Stormtroopers in the movie and still possessing a threatening air about them when they detect Vanellope as an intruder, is an awe-inspiring legacy of the "Star Wars" franchise.
  • Seeing every single Disney Princess in one room. Admit it, you were in shock when you saw the first picture, then the whole time they were on screen in the second trailer.
    • Not to mention when they first see Vanellope, thinking she was a threat, they all get weapons (improvised or otherwise) to potentially defend themselves. Given Oh My Disney likely has Disney villains in it, it kind of makes sense they would want to keep at the defensive at all times. Unless, of course, cartoon villains are also Punch Clock Villains like video game villains were in the first movie.
      • Despite multiple actual warrior princesses being present, sweet Cinderella steals the scene: She appears overly comfortable with using her glass slippers to make a Grievous Bottley Harm shank.
    • After decades of people decrying all Disney Princesses as weak damsels who need men to solve all their problems, sometimes against blatant evidence to the contrary, we get to see Disney itself launch a massive Take That! to that notion.
      Rapunzel: Do people assume ALL your problems got solved because a big, strong man showed up?
      Vanellope: Yes! What is up with that?
      Everyone: SHE IS A PRINCESS! (Snow White sings a few bars of "True Love's Kiss", much to Merida's annoyance)
      • When they pull a Big Damn Heroes moment at the end, Rapunzel quips, "Look! A big, strong man in need of rescuing!", further driving the point home that anyone of any gender can end up in danger and need of rescue, and it's not something to be shamed for.
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    • After the initial meeting, Vanellope and the Princesses are seen hanging out together, with all of the Princesses having all swapped out their classic getups for some more modern casual wear possibly due to Vanellope's influence. Why is this awesome? Well, according to co-director Rich Moore, the Significant Wardrobe Shift helps to humanize them, as their classic dresses and gowns seemed to make them look as if they were frozen in another time and place. In short, this movie shows a new side to some of Disney's most beloved characters, and will perhaps improve their image as role models for years to come. Indeed, these aren't your grandmother's Disney Princesses.
    • And most of the still-living voice actresses returned!
    • The crew actually putting in the time and effort to change Tiana's model to be closer to her original appearance after complaints that she'd been turned But Not Too Black, proving that they truly do value their fans and want to do right by them.
  • Ralph's track was so impressive that it accidentally broke Sugar Rush's wheel off, and Vanellope still liked it!
  • With Yesss' direction and assistance, Ralph actually succeeds in earning over $27,001 in less than 8 hours, just by making viral videos. The fact that he was willing to put himself in any humiliating situation necessary to make the videos go viral also deserves mention.
  • Ralph running into Slaughter Race to evacuate Vanellope before the game reboots, breaking her out in the nick of time.
  • Spamley shows up to try and save Ralph from falling to his death. It doesn't work because his vehicle is so rickety, but it's the thought that counts.
  • The princesses band together, using various things from their own movies (Merida's bow, Snow White's poison apple, etc) and recreating certain famous moments from their films (Pocahontas with the wind blowing through her hair, Jasmine riding the magic carpet)) to keep Ralph from plummeting to his death after the climax. Better yet, during the score, snippets of their songs actually play.
    • Not to mention some of the princesses using some previous near death experiences to their advantage. Special mention goes to Snow White using the poison apples that made her comatose, Aurora using a spinning wheel like the one she pricked her finger on.
      • Special mention goes to Ariel, who (quite literally) jumps at the chance to recreate her iconic hair flip from her first human transformation which was a near drowning experience while she's currently a human, so there is a very real risk of her actually drowning. As she's swimming up Moana's water pillar, you can see that she has the BIGGEST smile on her face, and it's clear that Ariel is having an absolute blast doing this. Once she swims to the top, Ariel recreates her iconic first breath and hairflip, and then PERFECTLY lands from this midair jump on Jasmine's carpet while her eyes are still closed and she's still gasping for air. If that's not awesome, nothing is.
    • Also, why were they even there? Away from home, in an evacuated area, heavily armed? (Snow White had a poison apple that Mulan cuts into four pieces with her sword.) Either it's some sixth sense of narrative awareness, or they were the only Internet dwellers to be directly attacking the Zombie Apocalypse. Either way, they're impressive.
      • We get triumphant reprises of some of their songs, such as Part of Your World and Someday My Prince Will Come, as they rescue Ralph too.
  • The film features a surprise cameo from Stan Lee, which became all the more meaningful after his death shortly before the film's release, providing a timely reminder that we still have several more to look forward to. (Also counts as Heartwarming.)
  • An Offscreen Moment of Awesome happens since Felix and Calhoun somehow managed to tame the Sugar Rush racers and get them to behave properly — in under one daynote .
  • The whole chase scene between Vanellope and Shank's group is an extended moment of awesome. Vanellope very nearly gets away with taking Shank's car and even manages to impress Shank with her driving skills. Near the end, she has to pass a closed road due to fire and she glitches past it without hesitation. A few moments later, however, Shank shows some mad skills herself by successfully driving through the same road, then catching up to Vanellope long enough for her escape to be cut off.
  • Slaughter Race and all its characters ...are the living definition of self-confident. First, the game itself has no insecurities the virus can exploit. And even when it did manage to find an "insecurity" (in Vanellope's glitch), the game simply rebooted itself instead of falling apart. Second, Shank herself is Confidence Incarnate, wise, self-assured, and cool-tempered. She even has a mild debate with her crew concerning her making it hard for players to claim her car. Lastly, even her crew has confidence, as exemplified when one of her crew members was outraced by Ralph and Vanellope, but calmly assured himself "At least you still got your honor".
  • This is one of the few Disney movies to have No Antagonistnote , which is an incredible amount of restraint. As Schaffrillas Productions put it:
    • And it's not like they didn't have candidates; Shank could have easily turned out to be a Toxic Friend Influence for Vanellope, or Yesss could have just wanted to exploit Ralph for views for her site. Heck, Spamley or Double Dan were plenty shady. So many choices for a sudden villain, and they used none of them. Restraint indeed.
  • Ralph defeats the massive virus made of copies of himself with Character Development.
    • Before that, Ralph taking on its kaiju-sized form with a giant push-pin. Not many people can trade blows with a giant monster like that.
    • Fridge Awesome: Knows-More said there were only two possibilities of stopping the Ralph clones: therapy or sending them through an anti-virus gate. Knows-More said the former was impossible. And yet, Ralph accomplished stopping the clones by talking them down. In other words, Ralph did the impossible!
  • The fact that they had the balls to give this movie a Bittersweet Ending. While our heroes have defeated the virus and earned enough money for the steering wheel, Vanellope decides to stay in Slaughter Race and not go back to the arcade with Ralph. Despite this, they promise to keep in touch, their friendship remaining as strong as it's always been the past six years.


  • The post-credits stinger was made at the last minute. The film's creators managed to make it look so much like the original music video and get John C. Reilly in from his vacation to voice Ralph for it. (Source)


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