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    Pre-reveal predictions 
Ralph will get a girlfriend
It's customary for every sequel to ship the main character. Why should Ralph be any exception?
  • A WMG below suggests Elsa as a possible girlfriend, since Jennifer Lee implied they would make a nice pair before it was announced they would appear in the same movie.
  • Jossed. He did get kissed by Naveen, though, who Ralph mistakes for Frogger.

Mario will be a God of sorts
The directors said that they cannot come up with a role for the legendary mascot, but considering he is THE most famous and iconic video game character ever, it would be cool if he never appears, but is mentioned as a benevolent force of legend.
  • Jossed. There is no reference to him at all.

Surge Protector will have a big role in the sequel.
  • Kind of confirmed. He had a bigger role than in the first movie, but it still wasn't a major role.

There will be a crossover between Wreck-It Ralph and Monsters, Inc.
Monsters, Inc. had door-portals that led practically anywhere in the Universe. It wouldn't be too far-fetched to assume that they had at least ONE door that led into a video game within Litwak's arcade... which would essentially be a portal to the outside world, or at least, if the video game characters can't leave their world, for creatures from outside to visit in...
  • Jossed.

Ralph and his friends will be able to travel via Wi-Fi
It could be sorta like traveling through power cords, am I right?
  • That would be already a given. As seen there is a Grand Central Station having a Grand Central Airline (or whatever they would like to call it). Possibly a female counterpart to the Surge Protector should be stewardess.
  • The trailer shows Litwak getting a Wi-Fi router, and Ralph and Vanellope eventually appearing in a tablet.
  • The actual film doesn't definitively answer the question one way or the other. It does show Litwak's online avatar traveling via Wi-Fi from his computer to the router, which rather strongly implies that the video game characters could do the same, but Ralph and Vanellope only ever travel via cable connections.

The sequel will be centered on online games...
...and Leeroy Jenkins will have a cameo.
  • Actually pretty possible. Hypothetical plot: a revolutionary new video game comes out with some form of online capability. Every arcade that installs this new game basically provides a portal for characters from that arcade to go to any other arcade that has this game installed and connected. Naturally, Litwak's Arcade is among those that adopt the new game. The villain is a Ralph from a different arcade who, like our Ralph, is tired of being a bad guy treated like garbage but, unlike our Ralph, decides that the best way to fix all that is to take over the new game and, by proxy, all of the arcades it's connected to. At first, this Ralph will succeed, so it'll be up to our Ralph and co. to dive into the game and depose the tyrannical dictatorship Alt!Ralph has established and fix right what he has set wrong.
  • Ralph and a few other characters will end up in a blatant World Of Warcraft analogue, and then they'll be showered with (grammatically incorrect) questions on how they got so much unique gear.
  • Online gaming appears in the actual movie in the form of Slaughter Race, a Carmageddon-like racing game, where the players' avatars look somewhat like World of Warcraft characters (as opposed to the more detailed NPCs). However, it's not really the primary focus of the movie.

Felix and Calhoun will have a son.
Who grows up to become Construct-It Conagher, aka the Engineer.
  • Alas, it's TF2 canon that Engy's dad is the Engineer from Team Fortress Classic. Which is a shame since this makes far too much scary sense.
    • It could be that Felix got the TFC Engineer suit from Calhoun as a birthday gift. As for Radigan, Fix-It Felix Sr. might have gone Turbo and changed his name.
    • I can't see Felix being a cigar-chomping hired killer, he's too nice. They've gotta be related, though.
      • Maybe some of Calhoun rubs off on him.
      • Or maybe he IS the classic engineer thus making him the engineer's father.
  • Jossed. They adopt the Sugar Rush kids instead.

Alternatively, if Lara ever shows up, she'll be Ralph's love interest.
Because...I dunno, why not?

Sequel prediction: Minty Sakura will either be Ret-Gone or a Canon Immigrant.

Sequel prediction: Adaptation Expansion for the Sugar Rush cast
The Big Bad will be a Galactus expy
Well, since Disney owns Marvel, why not?
In the sequel, Ganondorf will be the Big Bad, or at least a major villain.
  • With the former possibility, Ganon could try to convince Ralph to embrace his villainous position. In the latter case, he'll do everything he can to ensure the plot is Hijacked by Ganon.
  • Jossed.

The sequel will have a sequence that shows Tamora and Felix as a Battle Couple, using their abilities together in tandem teamwork.
  • Jossed. Instead, we get the Disney Princesses showing tandem teamwork in a battle!

The sequel will have a slightly darker tone.
To elaborate, the Big Bad in the sequel will be much more menacing and an even bigger threat than King Candy/Turbo. The dangers of Game Jumping will be explored more. And, the Big Bad will not only be a threat to the Video Game World, but the Real World as well.
  • And said Big Bad will be none other than the Surge Protector.
    • Alternatively, The Big Bad will be an expy of both The MCP and Love Machine.
    • Also, if Disney is feeling creative, The Big Bad will be worse than King Candy/Turbo. But only if they're feeling really creative.
  • Jossed. However the threat does ends up threatening the online world.

Wreck-it Ralph 2's villain will be... Wreck-it Ralph... from the future.
  • Basically, in the present day and age, Ralph will have a new game that stars him. The problem? In the new game, Ralph is the hero, but he's Darker and Edgier, paralleling the practice of current-day developers in reviving old franchises in a similar way. Eventually he meets Past!Ralph and tries to turn him just as bad as his programming suggests he should be. Of course, Ralph being pretty much the embodiment of the Nice Guy trope, he's pretty much creeped out by the idea. Future!Ralph will then attempt to do what Turbo did on a much larger scale and try to take over the whole arcade, putting the risks on a much larger scale, and allowing for other more recognizable characters to get their own little sequences.
  • Mostly jossed. The villain in the actual movie's climax is a copy of Ralph, but instead of being from the future, he's created by a virus.

The sequel will be primarily focused on the Internet.
The arcade is going out of business, but fortunately it has WiFi, so Ralph and his friends can escape by finding a passageway to the Internet. There, they explore the enormous World-Wide Web and the four of them each get separated, and are now trying to find each other. It could also reference a lot of Internet memes, such as...

In the sequel, there'll be a joke about Rule 34
if the internet's involved then it will be involved. (Perhaps it'd pertain to Felix and Calhoun's honeymoon.)
  • Considering that the movie is rated PG, I doubt that, but it would be fun if they referenced it very subtly. After all, Felix has a golden hammer.
  • Jossed.

In the sequel, Michael Jackson will appear.
Not THE MJ, of course, but his Moonwalker game persona, now if Disney can get the copyrights for the movie...
  • Jossed.

Sour Bill will get a girlfriend if there's a sequel.
Because that would be adorable.

Taffyta will become a villain in the sequel.
During the scene where Wynchell asks Vanellope who will be ruler, look closely at Taffyta, specifically, her hand. Notice that her hand clenched when Vanellope said "me". This would imply that there would be friction between her and Vanellope in the future.
  • Jossed.

The sequel will utilizeohCrapThereAreFanficsOfUs
Supposedly it'll involve the Internet. Where else can you find massive archives of fanfic and find that you're the subject? And, of course, there will probably be characters out there. Maybe ridiculously inaccurate Expies of themselves...
  • Naturally, it will be hilarious and awkward when they find out about such gems as Ralph/Vanellope and Turbo's Draco in Leather Pants status.
    • Ralph is going to love seeing that the guy who almost killed Vanellope has a fandom, and that Vanellope and Felix have hatedoms. He'll probably start wrecking something.

If Extreme E-Z Livin' 2 makes it into the sequel, it'll be how video game characters into the arcade get to the Internet
You know, assuming it has Internet access (which I assume it should, being a Sims-styled game.

Rancis will be Vanellope's boyfriend/love interest in the sequel.
Because why would they write a book about him and Vanellope? Also, if you look closely in the background when Vanellope starts talking about being a president, he appears to be checking out Vanellope several times.
  • Jossed. Vanellope doesn't have a love interest.

Disney Junior stuff will appear in the Sequel with most of them Rescued from the Scrappy Heap
Well, since the film had the Disney Princesses apearing altogether​ on screen, why not we have Princess Sofia appear in the film too?Other things:
Deadpool will make an Appearance
Well, if we can have Iron Man and Gamora in here, then why put him as well? Albeit [2] plus we can have his regular voice actor reprise his role once more.
  • Because Three words and some more: Breaking the 4th Wall with Ralph.
    • The dialogue:
    • Ralph: Huh? What are you gonna do now, mister?
    • Deadpool: (when he is about to Destroy anything) I'M GONNA WRECK IT!!!!!
    • Ralph: Hey! That's my line!!!
In fact, as a Parental Bonus for the fans, he would tell the audience about his history of his on screen appearances and stuff.

The sequel will start out with Litwak plugging in a computer or gaming console into Game Central Station.
The power cord is kinda the only way the arcade machine characters can move around. Since most electronic gaming devices need to be plugged in at one point or another, it brings a perfect beginning point to Ralph & co. discovering this new world.
  • Confirmed. The movie begins with Litwak plugging in the wi-fi, allowing the characters to travel to the internet.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil's Star Butterfly will Appear
Considering the fact her show is about going into alternate dimensions, why not we have Eden Sher reprise her role?
  • Oh! And maybe Adam M. as Marco too? We need a Marco vs. Ken match to happen!!!!
Missingno. will be Big Bad of the sequel.
Keep in mind that Missingno isn't technically owned by Nintendo, and if they could have cameos of actual Nintendo characters, copyright shouldn't be an issue. Now, you're saying, since when can a glitch leave its game? Well, you can trade Missingno over to Red, Blue, Yellow and Pokemon Stadium (though Stadium turns it into the Substitute doll, though I can imagine Missingno using that as a disguise). Depending on whether they want a twist of The Dragon being the less sympathetic or not, Missingno will be a Tragic Villian who's attacking/serving the Big Bad because his mere existence is detrimental to his world (especially if its Pokemon Yellow), and as such will be constantly shunned by others.
  • Already done on Atop the Fourth Wall. Nintendo if they did that would be basically plagiarizing Linkara. And personally they couldn't do it better than him, in which Linkara made Missingno, an all powerful Lovecraftian God. Who destroys everyone and everything. And being really effectively terrifying throughout.

Dr. Brad Scott will come Back from the Dead
The fangirls could have demanded his return because of his looks or perhaps because True Love Is Boring. Brad will try to get Calhoun back much to Felix's chagrin. But once he sees how in love Calhoun and Felix are he'll back off.
  • Or, he could try to get Calhoun back, but once he sees how she and him are in love, he'll let them be, and help them fight the Big Bad. WITH SCIENCE!

The sequel will involve another form of Fantastic Racism
Or rather Fantastic Ageism, since arcades are more-or-less obsolete these days. If the group travels to the console world, a console game characters will look down arcade characters as outdated. Or call them "Obsoletes".
  • PC Master Race reference anyone?
  • Jossed.

There will be Anime and Manga expies in the sequel
If Disney can't call the owners and licensors for that, W.I.P.
The Konami Code will play an important role in the sequel.
In the first film, Turbo/King Candy used the Konami code to hack into Sugar Rush. It is shown that he had the Code written on a napkin. Which means that someone told him about the Konami code and how it works. My guess is that the Big Bad in the sequel is giving the code to rogue programs to mess with computer systems and video games. The big bad's ultimate goal is to use the Konami Code to Take over the Computer/Video game world and the real world.

Wreck-it Ralph will soon have a TV special(s)
Animated movie franchises (such as Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, Monsters vs. Aliens, Ice Age, and more recently Toy Story) have aired at least one TV special on channels like ABC. As soon as after the sequel, the same may happen to Wreck-It Ralph.
  • If so, there will be a Christmas special named Wreck the Halls.
    • Sorta - there's a Disney Christmas Storybook Collection with a Ralph and Vanellope-centric story named Wreck the Halls.

In the sequel, Felix and Calhoun will become a Battle Couple and/or Calhoun will display Violently Protective Girlfriend tendencies.

The Moppet Girl from the original film will reappear, except older.
Since the sequel will take place 6 years after the original film, she might reappear, only 6 years older.
  • Jossed.

The sequel, if there'll be one, will feature a Presidential Election at Sugar Rush and Vanellope's main (if not only) opponent will play on the voter's fears Vanellope might execute them for real
Or the opponent might also fear that.

The Big Bad in the sequel will be a genuinely nice hero-turned-villain.
Originating from a Nintendo Hard game, he became quite broken over dying repeatedly in his very own game. Believing the villains to have an easier life than the heroes, he left his own game in an attempt to become a villain. While he fails at actually being evil, he ends up causing massive trouble anyhow. He ends up pulling off a Heel–Face Turn after a My God, What Have I Done? moment when he inevitably causes a serious catastrophe.
  • So basically Mario?
  • Jossed. There's technically no Big Bad, but there is a virus formed from Ralph's insecurities, who threatens the entire internet.
Gwenpool will appear
If Pokémon appear in the sequel, they will use Pokémon Speak.
Same reason why they do in Super Smash Bros.. Wreck-it Ralph actually does share part of its target audience with the Pokémon anime, and since Disney already has Groot they can probably find some way to play it for laughs.

Through one way or another, the heroes get sucked into the world wide web, and get bounced around various Expys of famous online games, like World of Warcraft, Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty/Battlefield, etc., with Ralph and his crew often going various ArtShifts with the games (often getting written off as either avatars made from in-game customization, or fan-based modding). The main conflict will arise with having to deal with players who have cases of G.I.F.T (there's no cursing or sexual content, naturally, but the intent to annoy or bully other players would be at the forefront - some of it Played for Laughs Trolling, others being considerably more nasty, like mocking certain players for being foreign, handicapped, etc.), and eventually allying with underdog players who want to stop these Trolls from ruining their games. An overall Big Bad may be an Expy of Youtube's infamous "Content ID" system, which goes haywire and starts to tear the very internet apart, Eldritch Abomination style - and since Everything Is Online, that doesn't just threaten games, but virtually the entire world!
  • While a plot involving an MMORPG is more or less confirmed, this is otherwise jossed. The plot is that the steering wheel on Sugar Rush is broken, and Ralph and Vanellope go to the internet to buy a new one - in the process, they find an MMORPG called "Slaughter Race" that Vanellope wants to live in. In addition, there's technically no Big Bad, unless you count a virus created from Ralph's insecurities.

The In-Universe equivlent of Super Smash Bros. will make an appearance in the sequel.
It probably would have the parody title of "Tobikomi All-Stars: Great Fray Battle Royale" (at least in the Japanese release), and, like its real-life counterpart, was a weekend project that had No Budget before they decided to make it into an actual game. Now, whether it would play a significant role in the plot or if it is just a cameo is still up for guessing.

If there's a sequel, the Angry Birds will cameo.
Oh God, there's an arcade game??

If there is a sequel, the villain (or one of the villains) will be the unknown person who Turbo shared the Konami Code with or vice versa.
Look closely at the scene where Turbo opens the 'code chamber'; the code is scrawled on a napkin from Tapper's. You'd think if Turbo were the original discoverer of the secret, he'd never have written it down anywhere or needed to (it's not like the Konami Code is hard to memorize, and writing down the keys to this kind of power is beyond moronic if you never have any intention to share it!). No, the fact that the Konami Code was written down means that at some point someone was teaching it to someone else. So, which one was Turbo -- the master, or the apprentice?
  • It's possible that the answer is neither. Turbo could have been in Tapper's and gotten it out of, or overhead it from, a character who'd had the Code used on their game, so he had to scribble it on the first thing at hand, the napkin. It's possible that the character didn't even know what the Code did, and Turbo only realized its potential because he's old enough/was desperate enough to realize what the other character was talking about, even if the speaker didn't.
  • On another note, it's possible that Turbo hasn't been in the code room for some time, maybe even years, and if he's only used a handful of times, it's reasonable that he might have forgotten it. On a semi-related note, it seems ironic that the inside of an arcade game might be one of the few places where memes like the Konami Code do not propagate.
    • Which makes sense, considering that it would function as a literal Gamebreaker: Even if it didn't have unintended side-effects, it would still allow anyone who had it to mess with the very fabric of reality in any given game-world. Since it also seems that you don't need any technical acumen to use it, something like the Konami Code would be guarded like a weapon of mass destruction!

In the sequel, the Big Bad will be Waluigi
He's secretly been plotting to take over all video games and was in fact the one to teach Turbo the Konami Code. Ralph, Felix, Vanellope, and Calhoun will have to team up once again to prevent every day from becoming Waluigi Time.

Possible games that Ralph and his friends will go to in the sequel.
  • Here's a rundown of games that might appear.
    • The original Fix-It Felix Arcade Game.
    • An Open-World/Platformer/Action-Adventure game in the vain of a ''LEGO Adaptation Game}} and a toyline similar to LEGO.
    • An online RPG game in the vain of EverQuest
    • A fighting game that is a cross between Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat
      • Doubt it, as both of those games made a cameo in the first movie. Throw down with a little bit of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure as we could imagine a Liu Kang expy who acts like Johnathan Joestar. A Shao Kahn equivalent who acts like Dio Brando.
      • Bonus points if we had some Jo Jo voices in Japanese and English providing the Cast.
    • A Sims styled Game.
      • If Extreme E-Z Livin' 2 from the deleted scenes makes it in, it would fill this slot.
      • Alternatively, maybe a game that's like that but with Superheroes?
    • A game that has the gameplay of Modern Open-world games but with Superpowers.
      • Basically RockstarGames but in a Superhero comic book world that uses elements from Anime and Manga?
    • A game that combines the style and gameplay of Star Fox and Crimson Skies, with a heavy dose of Dieselpunk.
    • A Mass Effect game (most likely Mass Effect 3 so we can have Ralph, Felix, and/or Calhoun take on a Reaper Destroyer) or an expy thereof.
    • Another racing game in the vain of Need for Speed, Gran Turismo, or Midtown Madness. Vanellope has driven go-karts in her own game, but would she be able to handle a full-sized automobile?
      • Probably confirmed, but we now have one with a Mad Max/Fast and the Furious inspired motif.

Not only will the sequel involve the original Fix-It Felix, but also later games in the series.
If Fix-It Felix is analogous to Mario, then there would have been many more games featuring Felix and Ralph. The versions of Felix and Ralph from other games in the series would be their own characters and possibly come into conflict with the ones we know.

Missingno. will be the Big Bad in the sequel.
  • And he will look like this to the other characters.
  • He also has a natural shape-shifting ability.
  • Alternativelly, Missingno. will appear, but as one of the heroes (any experienced R/B glitcher will tell you, Missingno. is actually relatively harmlesss and rather useful), 'M and the other glitches (who can actually crash the game) will play the villains.
  • Or, Missingno could be the villain or Big Bad, but he takes the form of a bird. His true form is a horrific Eldritch Abomination that drives people temporarily insane and enjoys toying with them and turning them on each other. He can also create clones. which would explain the multiple evil Ralphs.

The sequel will involve the gang looking up their origins on the internet
  • The first movie dealt with Ralph dealing with his identity as an antagonistic character and Vanellope as a glitch, tying into the theme of personal identity and website jumping of the second movie, the cast will become curious about the development and history of their games and sneak through the spark plug into the World Wide Web in a search for rhymes and reasons for their creators creating them

The sequel will center around the threat of closing the arcade.
Naturally, that would mean all the games would become unplugged, so the games decide to try and do something about it. Ralph might venture to the internet looking for help.

Final Fight/Street Fighter's Poison will be included.
To appeal to the LGBT crowd.

Ralph and/or his game will become the subject of a cautionary tale in a similar vein to Turbo.
As an example of what can happen if video game sprites don't appreciate the driving force behind their game, i.e. the bad guy of the game.

Segata Sanshiro will appear in the sequel.

The arcade will operate like the WWE in regards to the "Villain" characters in the sequel
Honestly, I'm surprised that the arcade didn't have an equivalent of Kayfabe in the first film, since it would just make sense to implement this idea given the obvious parallels that the sapient video game characters have to pro wrestlers.

The Mishima family of Tekken will appear in the sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet
Instead of being the Big, Screwed-Up Family they are in that video game series, they are a very tight-knit family watching over arcade routers and wifi the same way Knuckles watches over the Master Emerald in the Sonic series.

    Post-reveal predictions 
Felix and Calhoun will be Demoted to Extra
  • Given that the official synopsis mentions neither of those characters and they also don't appear in the trailers
    • They appear in the second official trailer, but that's not saying much.
    • Confirmed, they do appear several times in the film, but only for short scenes, and when the movie shifts to the net, we don't see them again until the end.

Alternatively, Felix and Calhoun will be a big part of the B-plot.
Both of them are well-liked by the fanbase and Disney could easily write a secondary plot centered around them (maybe their efforts to deal with problems in the other two's absence) without taking the primary focus off Ralph and Vanellope.

There will be a joke about Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora's voices
While they got the Disney Renaissance-era and beyond Disney Princesses to reprise their roles, Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora will get different voice actresses since either their voice actresses are dead or too old to voice the princesses. One of the characters will Lampshade their voice sounding different and make a joke about it.
  • Their voice-actresses are dead, how can you make a joke out of that?
    • Aurora's original actress is actually still alive, but too old.
    • The original WMG was likely pointing more to the voices just sounding different in general, rather than anything regarding most of the original actress' fates.
  • Well, they need to explain about them having different voice actresses than the others.
  • Making a joke about their voice actresses' death would be in poor taste. My guess would be that the new voice actresses will simply do their best impression of the original voices.
  • They'll probably just get Jennifer Hale (Cinderella), Kate Higgins (Aurora), and Katie Von Till (Snow White) to reprise the roles since they voiced them for their appearances on Sofia the First . The former has also been her official voice actress since the early 2000s, and did "additional voices" for the original film. I'm surprised they weren't mentioned in any of the press release, especially the former.
    • Upon release of the official trailer, we have more information. It is confirmed as Cinderella and Aurora will keep their current voice actors, Jennifer Hale and Kate Higgins, but Snow White will be voiced by co-writer Pamela Ribbon.

Post-Credit Scene will feature Elsa and Anna and Frozen 2's Teaser
Walt Disney Animation Studios are no strangers to Post-Credit Scenes as they done with Frozen, Big Hero 6 and Moana, since Anna and Elsa will appear too along with other Disney Princesses. It's make sense to have a Post-Credit scene teasing Frozen 2 and it would be a huge missed opportunity if they don't do it! It helps that Frozen 2 will come out 1 year after Wreck-It Ralph 2. I think Anna and Elsa are talking to each other about their excitement about Frozen 2 and accidentally give away some of the plot detail and they will look at the audience and one of them say "Did we just reveal about Frozen 2?"
  • Partially confirmed - it's actually a Rickroll.

Vanellope will make an Actor Allusion towards KnowsMore.
Basically, KnowsMore is voiced by Alan Tudyk, who also voiced King Candy/Turbo. When Vanellope meets KnowsMore, she'll lampshade them sharing the same voice actor, saying something to the effect of, "Hey, why do you sound like King Candy?"
  • Jossed.

Big Bad suggestions for Bad-Anon:

One scene near the end will feature an The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.
Part of the show is already going to be a Massive Multiplayer Crossover; why not have the heroes team up with Ralph and Company to stop the film's antagonist? If Disney felt like being especially generous, they could even include characters who have not had their own shows in years but have a massive fanbase (and have been featured on their website), such as Kim Possible, the casts of the Disney Afternoon shows (some of the actors are still alive, and they could possibly splice archive dialogue in with new animation) and many other fan favorites. The fans would probably seriously welcome seeing old heroes (besides the princesses), and Disney owns the rights anyway.
  • We will just have to wait.
Gravity Falls characters will appear.
They're Disney, so...
  • Best option: a pair of screaming, low-res polygon characters driving a truck.

Places and people that Ralph and Friends will visit:

There will be a Take That! towards The Emoji Movie.
The Emoji Movie is often accused of ripping off Wreck-It Ralph, and I wouldn't be surprised if Disney acknowledged this. Perhaps Ralph and Vanellope briefly travel through a land of anthropomorphic emojis during their journey through the Internet, but dismiss it as stupid / annoying.
  • Alternatively, the cast will head to a website that offers an online cinema, one of the offerings being The Emoji Movie. The cast will comment on how awful the movie looks and how bad the premise sounds. Bonus points if the guy peddling the movie happens to be Duke Weaselton, aka Alan Tudyk, causing someone to comment on the familiar sounding voice.

Bowser will return and make another cameo.
He will also speak in his scene, though considering that he's from Mario, he'll also have subtitles.
  • Jossed, plus it's due to those rights going to Universal.

The Main Antagonist and Big Bad of the sequel will be the biggest, yet also, the most badass Disney villain in history
  • The main antagonist in the climax is a giant Ralph created from all the zombie-Ralphs the virus created from Ralph's insecurity, who's comparable in size to Monstro and Te Ka. So if you meant "the biggest" by size, that's Confirmed. If you meant the most evil, that's Jossed - it's very much just a giant version of Ralph is unable to let Vanellope go.

Yesss will be the Hidden Villain
She's only helping Ralph and Vanellope because she wants something from them. Perhaps she's trying to replace Vanellope in Sugar Rush by taking advantage of some sort of exploit that's only possible if the game has been damaged. She could have even been the one who damaged the game in the first place in order to set her plan into motion.
  • That would also fit with the tendency of recent Disney films to have the antagonist be someone who has seemed friendly and/or helpful to the hero prior to The Reveal.
    • Jossed.

The film will partly continue from where TRON: Legacy took off
The third film was unfairly cancelled (or "put into cryogenic freeze", as per the writers) in 2015, but Richard Moore has said he wants to place Tron in this movie. It would be ideal if this film reveals what happened to him after being freed from Clu's control, even if he just appeared as a cameo. The Other Darrin will most likely happen, however, as Bruce Boxleitner is no longer interested.
  • Not really, but in the beginning, Ralph and Vanellope do visit the Tron game to race light cycles, but end up getting frozen by a virus.

Elsa and Ralph will become an Official Couple
Since both Jennifer Lee and Rich Moore have expressed interest in Elsa and Ralph as a couple, and the plot allows Ralph to interact with other Disney characters, Ralph will be able to meet Elsa and develop a relationship. Whether this will be made canon in Frozen 2 is up for debate.
  • Jossed. Ralph meets and is rescued by Elsa, but the two don't develop a relationship.

Princess Leia will appear.
It would be a nice tribute to Carrie Fisher by adding her most famous role with the other Disney Princesses, effectively making her one of them. Plus, they already have C-3PO cameoing in the film, why not her?
  • Confirmed.

The Final Battle will be inspired by the VS. Galactus fights

If C-3PO gets a talking role, Anthony Daniels will voice him.
He played the character in every appearance so far, from video games to animated TV shows. It's unlikely that this movie would break the trend, especially since voice actors of the Disney princesses are also reprising their roles.
  • Confirmed.

Vanellope and Ralph will find out about more Sugar Rush games that came after the original.
Maybe they will find a wiki for Sugar Rush and find out about Sugar Rush's history and characters, go to an bland-name product version of DeviantArt and see bad original characters and fetish art, or even go to a bland-name product version of Steam, in which the duo will find a recently-released Sugar Rush game, with new characters and locations.
  • Jossed. Not only do they not do it, but Sugar Rush's devs closing up shop is part of the plot starter.

The film will be a parody of fan fiction and fan art.
Ralph and Vanellope meeting all these characters from other Disney franchises is the perfect engine to duplicate the kinds of stuff fans on the internet create. It isn't featuring the characters from other franchises as themselves, but versions from fanfics and drawings posted on social media sites.List of Possibilites:And adding more into this will make the list even longer.

Ralph and co. will encounter possible new games
  • Confirmed in that Slaughter Race is a new experience to Ralph and Vanellope.

Ralph and co. will enter Gamindustri and meet Neptune.
Bonus points if they can get Melissa Fahn to voice her.

The other Sugar Rush racers will get bigger roles
They'll have some kind of Redemption Quest to make up for how they treated Vanellope in the last film. Sure, Vanellope forgave them, but it's possible that they still carry some lingering guilt.
  • Jossed. They are set up for a B-plot where Felix and Calhoun adopts them, but then that plotline is dropped and only comes back at the end of the movie.

There will be a game inspired by The Sims.
The people will speak in a language inspired by Simlish, and everyone will have a hard time trying to figure out what they're saying.
For a game inspired by The Sims, it will be like that but with elements from American Comic Book and Japanese Tokusatsu Super Heroes
To be honest, since Super Heroes are very popular today (they are included in many types of games, especially role-paying games and fighting titles), why not do a Sims-esque life simulator game, but with Super Heroes, an open world setting and with RPG elements like Customisation and skill trees as well? And unlike the one above, Japanese and English will be the only spoken languages, to feel like an anime Video Game.
  • And maybe, take inspiration from Super Hero and Mecha anime and manga too? Imagine some [3] references, like someone saying "Just who on Earth do you think I am/We are??!!!" and it would be Cool. Don't forget influences from Kaiju movies.
  • Basically, The Sims meets The Avengers, Young Justice My Hero Academia and other Superhero and Sci-Fi franchises. Throw a little Godzilla, Rampage, Mothra and other Kaiju stuff in here too.
    • Don't forget to add other genres in the mix too.

Another version of Ralph will appear
Fix-It Felix, Jr. is part of a much larger video game franchise, similar to Mario. As the series went on, Ralph transformed from a Designated Villain to a genuine one, with games' stories centering around his various plots to destroy Niceland. If the Ralph we know ever met his modern evil version, they'd probably have a hard time seeing eye-to-eye.
  • Mostly Jossed. Another version of Ralph does show up, but he is not from another game, but a series of clones of the original Ralph created by the Insecurity Virus.

Online multiplayer games will appear
This will also be the chance for Mario to finally appear as he was promised, since two of the games series he appears in happen to have online multiplayer modes.
  • Jossed on the Mario part.
  • Confirmed in that Slaughter Race is an online multiplayer game.

There will be a Pokémon reference
It was probably the biggest video game franchise not mentioned in the original movie (albeit for good reason, as the first movie was restricted to an arcade environment). The timing would also be good, since the anime now airs on Disney XD. Maybe Giovanni or Mewtwo appears in Bad-Anon, or maybe there's a scene where Pikachu starts speaking normally instead of in Pokémon Speak once he's "off camera."

"Going Turbo" will have a different and more universal name.
Possibly, to connect it to the video game aspect, it would be called "Going Maverick" or something else.
  • Going Turbo is treated as a non-issue in this movie, and the only negative thing about Vanellope's desire to move over to Slaughter Race is that it makes Ralph jealous.

The bunny that Ralph overfeeds isn't really dead.
It died within its own game. Assuming that mobile games follow the logic of the arcade games, it'll be back.
  • Confirmed in interviews.

The film will be considered a Jump the Shark moment and the start of Disney's next Audience-Alienating Era.
The big crossover scene with the Disney princesses has been very controversial so far, with some accusing Disney of Pandering to the Base (not helping matters is that the princesses behave very out of character in their scene). Plus, the very idea of a film centered around the internet is risky, due to the danger of dating the film with references to memes. Not to mention the Product Placement of sites like YouTube and IMDb. This film combined with the possible firing of John Lasseter due to his sexual harassment accusations, might cause Disney to step into yet another dark age.

Ralph will get into a fight with The Voice, Tabuu, Monsoon, Wood Man teaming up with Robbie Rotten, Psycho Mantis,Fortune,Gray Fox, and/or Judge Doom

Turbo will return.
We can assume that he attempted to take over other games before finally gaining access to Sugar Rush. By meddling with the game codes, he contaminated them with traces of himself, essentially creating Turbo clones who are just as egotistical and nefarious as he was. And the arcade's WiFi connection only means that they can seize control over the world wide web, becoming literal internet viruses. What's worse? They can change their codes to take on the form of other characters like how the original Turbo turned himself into King Candy. Imagine one of these Turbo viruses impersonating Ralph, or Felix, or Vanellope...
  • Jossed. Turbo isn't neither mentioned nor referenced in the film, yet the damage he inflicted on Vanellope's code remains...

"Baby Moana" will grow up write a Creepypasta about that game
We all know that is going to mentally scar her. She knows people will never belive her so she writes a Creepypasta based on her memories knowing it will be the only way to tell people without making people think she's crazy.

Ralph and Vanellope will go to a Disney Parks Fan Forum
And it will just be complaining about what rides closed.

The credits will feature Ralph and co venturing to different websites, with varying consequences, culminating with a sequel hook of Malware getting onto Litwak's computer...
  • Jossed.

The game with the bunny was actually one of those games that only pretends to be a kid's game, in the same vein as Can Your Pet.
How would Vanellope have gotten that big cart of pancakes if it wasn't supposed to be part of the game? Maybe, instead of causing a horrible accident, Ralph and Vanellope only sped up the inevitable...

Alan Tudyk voiced King Candy WITHIN the Wreck-It-Ralph universe, as well as outside.
It has now been confirmed that Frozen and Moana exist AS Disney movies within the universe of the film, so it's likely Alan Tudyk, the actor,exists, and that King Candy sounds so much like him because he actually voiced that character for the game, in-universe.

The real-life websites will not have a major role in the movie.
Just like the first movie had cameos from real video game characters but built the plot around several fictional games.
  • Well, eBay is prominent, for one.
  • EBay and Oh My Disney are the only ones with plot-relevant role. The other plot-relevant sites are fictional ones like BuzzTube, KnowsMore and the gaming site where Slaughter Race is hosted.

One of the games Ralph and co. run into will be a WOW-style MMO, that will turn out to be a Lotus-Eater Machine trap.

If Mario DOES appear, it'll be revealed that his Italian accent is fake.
When not inside his own game, he'll cross paths with Ralph and Vanellope, he'll talk in his familiar Italian falsetto — but then in a scene Played for Laughs, he'll realise he's not in front of any players, clear his throat and a deep, gruff Brooklyn accent will come out. Cue fandom rage.
  • Jossed. According to an interview with Inside the Magic, they do not have the rights to use Mario — in contrast to the first movie, where they did have the rights but couldn't find a way to fit him in.

Emulators and ROMs will be an integral part of the plot.

When Ralph searches for Fix-It Felix, Jr., he will come across ROM sites and emulators. Hoping to recreate the experience of the game through a PC, he and Vanellope attract the attention of the Copyright Police, who hunt the two as they try to escape through a series of websites, attracting a party of emulated video game characters, characters from various browser games, and characters from various games on Steam. Eventually, this leads into hacking the FBI mainframe in a heartfelt story about copyright infringement and freedom of speech.

  • Jossed.

The Hidden Villain trope will be MERCILESSLY lampshaded
When that villain reveals themself to Ralph and Vanellope, this will happen.
Ralph: Oh, so the guy we least expected is the true villain. Who da thunk it?
Vanellope: Yeah, what a totally unexpected plot twist that no one saw coming at all! (Beat) Wait a minute....
  • Jossed. No antagonist so they don't get to talk about that here.

Some of the Disney cartoons will make cameos
As if the crossovers with Marvel, the Disney Princesses and Star Wars weren't awesome enough, let's see what Disney cartoons could make it in.
  • Phineas and Ferb - The titular duo may appear building something in the background. or throw in a scene with Perry. They are Disney Infinity characters, after all.
  • Gravity Falls - A scene with Dipper and Mabel, or at least a pinetree cap, shooting star sweater and/or Journal 3 appearing as Easter eggs.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Star Butterfly (another new addition to the Disney princesses) makes an unexpected blink-and-you'll-miss-her cameo.
  • Wander over Yonder - For anyone still in the SaveWoy bandwagon, this would serve at least as acknowledgement that their voices are being heard. Felix and Wander would cross paths and realize they sound alike (you know, Jack McBrayer), cue Calhoun and Sylvia exchanging eye rolls.
  • Sofia the First - Since Princess Sofia summoned a lot of Princesses, why not?
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates - Captain Jake and Pirate Princess Izzy could be seen helping out. If their Original VAss aren't here, maybe Colleen O' Shaughnessey and Ashley Johnson could voice them.
  • Miles from Tomorrowland - The Callisto Family could meet the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • DuckTales - The 1987 and 2017 incarnations run into each other.
  • Lilo & Stitch: The Series - Stitch would probably make a cameo considering that he is a popular DAC character (and he's no stranger to crossovers within Disney either), but this time he may also appear with not only Lilo, Nani, Jumba, and Pleakley, but also his many experiment "cousins" who appear only in the sequel material. Not impossible either, considering that Splodyhead already got a visual Shout-Out in Big Hero 6.

Some of the Disney Princesses not actually being princesses will be lampshaded
  • There could also be a reference to Anna, Elsa, and Moana not officially being part of the Disney Princesses as of now.
  • It could also reference Moana claiming she's not a princess back in her own movie.
    • Jossed in the actual movie. All of the Princesses are treated as actual princesses.
  • Other quirks that might be referenced include Merida being the only one who's from Pixar instead of Disney.
    • Confirmed: Merida's Pixar status is referenced both in the sneak peek and the actual movie.

There will be a scene that's a homage to the King of Fighters

Disney's Heroic, Manly and Action Girl Characters (plus some from Pixar, Marvel and others) will have a House of Mouse-like Bar
Rule of Cool if Deadpool and Phineas Flynn are the hosts of it, as for the former, it would please the Periphery Demographic of Disney fans such as Teenagers and Young Adults, while the latter can appeal to Everyone, including Girls as well. In addition, the latter while cosplay as Joey Jones.Other people who would be part of Deadpool and Phineas' [[Western Animation/House Of Mouse]]-esque Bar, but the title is called House of Powers and Possibilities:
  • Wolverine
  • Black Widow
  • Judy and Nick
  • Jake Long
  • Indiana Jones
  • Tom Luctor
  • Hawkeye
  • Gwenpool
  • Cable
  • Hiro and Baymax
    • Baymax is already confirmed.
  • Han Solo
  • Captain Marvel (Carol and Mar-Vell will show up together)
  • Hawkeye
  • Maui
  • X-23
  • Storm
  • A CM Punk expy
  • Taran
  • Nida
And more, as well as some Unexpected Character appearances.Imagine a Shout-Out to The Lion King 1 ˝ where Indy, Tom and Deadpool do a Rated M for Manly contest of who can eat a lot for Chimachangas as soon as possible. Double Rated M for Manly points for a Wolverine vs. Maui John Cena vs. The Rock-esque match for Johnson's Actor Allusion joke. Triple Rated M for Manly points for a Phineas Flynn to join building a Humongous Mecha contest.Quadruple Rated M for Manly points for a Taran, Prince James and Captain Jake vs. Silver Samurai Sword Fighting in the vein of Soulcalibur mixed up with Guilty Gear.
  • There's an Avengers door at Oh My Disney, but that's all that indicates anything of the sort.

The real-life websites and crossovers with the Disney characters will be not as important as the trailer makes them.
The advertising did not give away much of the plot, instead focusing on the main gimmick of the movie - Ralph and Vanellope encountering real-life websites and Disney characters. However, just like in the first movie, where the crossover with various video games eventually got downplayed as the movie started focusing on the relationship between Ralph and Vanellope, the main focus will be an emotional conflict here too, and the Massive Multiplayer Crossover aspect will take the backseat.
  • That seems likely, as for the directors stated that they are trying to avoid over-commercializing the film, not to mention that they used a non-existant search engine, KnowsMore, rather than using something such as Google (which appears in the same trailer KnowsMore appears in), as well as creating the expy website BuzzTube, rather than actually getting the rights to Buzzfeed itself. There will likely be some real-life website scenes (such as the eBay scene shown in the teaser), but the real websites (minus Oh My Disney) will likely have little relevance to the main plot.
  • Mostly confirmed. A lot of the cameos and whatnot are just one-off scenes without any major relevance, though the Disney Princesses not only encourage Vanellope to find her dreams through an "I Want" Song (It Makes Sense in Context), they even end up being Chekhov's Gunmen and save Ralph's life towards the end of the climax.

The Disney Villains will appear together.
Like the princesses, they'll have their own little private hangout spot (a Bad-Guy Bar, perhaps?). This could also lead to some potentially great interactions with Ralph (a former villain) that could play off of the last film's gag with the video game villains.
  • Perhaps the Disney villains hold their own support group similar to Bad-Anon. I'm sure Maleficent, Scar, Hades, etc. have Hidden Depths.
  • And for a real Breaking the Fourth Wall moment, throw Turbo in there too.
  • Jossed, it's only the princesses and assorted Disney and Marvel properties.

Like the princesses and villains, the Disney sidekicks will also have their own hangout
Either Felix or Vanellope, while searching for Ralph, runs into the other sidekicks (consisting of Genie, Tinkerbell, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Olaf and so on) and asks if any of them has seen "a big, red guy with messy hair who kinda needs a bath". What follows is a Funny Moment where Pumbaa raises his arm - assuming he's the one being talked about - until being corrected by Timon.

Yesss is Turbo in disguise
She is described as a digital trendsetter who is able to change her look to go with whatever is popular. Now who else is able to shapeshift in order to achieve their goal in being the center of attention? Call me crazy, but going with another theory above, the Turbo viruses made their way into the internet and hacked BuzzTube, with the intent on taking over the rest of the web so nothing else overshadows them.
  • Jossed.

KnowsMore is Turbo in disguise.
His voice actor is a dead give-away.
  • The internet is a huge information database, and by hacking it, the Turbo viruses would gain access to it. So, yes, it's a possibility.
  • Jossed.

The website KnowsMore offers is NOT Oh My Disney
They just made it look like that for the sake of the trailer. BuzzTube would be a better guess.

Ralph will have an online cult that takes him as a literal Memetic God.
Ralph has been compared to Shrek, which has a huge memetic fandom known as the brogres. Shrek parodied plenty of Disney Princess tropes, so this film could parody the Shrek memes as "revenge".
  • Wreck-it Love, Wreck-it Life.
  • While there are no references to Shrek memes, Wreck-it Ralph videos going viral and Ralph becoming a trending meme with a big fandom (and hatedom) is a major plot point.

The Disney Princesses will bond with Vanellope
There would be a lot of potential in seeing the Disney Princesses interacting with Vanellope.
  • There could be comedic moments-the demure princesses contrasting sharply with the crass and acerbic little racer.
  • But I can also imagine a lot of heartwarming moments. The Princesses seeing Vanellope as a younger sister, and Vanellope being incredibly touched and looking up to them, having been alone for much of her life.
    • This could occur after the scenes shown in the trailer, with them asking her what her story is. Then, after Vanellope tells them her story, the Princesses will sympathize with her. Cinderella will probably be the most sympathetic because of the similarities between their stories.
  • Another heartwarming and hilarious moment would be Ralph trying to get to Vanellope, only for the Princesses to think he is a monster trying to kidnap her. Ralph suffers Amusing Injuries at the hands of the Princesses, before Vanellope clears up the situation.
  • Let's not forget how she meets them in the first place: she's hiding from the stormtroopers (probably hired by the villain to find her and Ralph). The most likely scenario is them helping her escape.
  • And even more heartwarming, perhaps by the end of the movie they will give her the title of "honorary Princess", cementing their friendship. They will even pay a visit to the Sugar Rush world so they can watch her race and cheer her on.
    • Seemingly confirmed. A recent (August 2018) exclusive film still shows Vanellope having warmed up to the Princesses, with the main lineup having taken to wearing modern casual clothes, and according to Vanellope's actress Sarah Silverman, Vanellope and the Princesses actually learn from each other and go through some Character Development as a result of their meeting.

The hidden villain will turn out to be Judge Doom in disguise.
The last Disney film that featured cameos from so many characters was "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", in which Judge Doom was the antagonist. Thus, it would make sense for him to return as the main antagonist for this movie.
  • Jossed. There is no villain.

This movie is one big setup for a punchline regarding the franchise
Namely, after seeing sprites of Wreck It Ralph wandering around the site, the people online become intrigued about the possibility of making a movie based on the game. And thus, Wreck it Ralph 1 was created in universe!

Internet trolls will be prevalent in the film
Posts from cyberbullies manifest into virus-type monsters that verbally and physically harass the other characters. They will be side antagonists, equivalent to the Cy-Bugs from the first movie. Given that online trolling is such a hot topic issue today, it would be a real treat to see how Disney tackles this problem.
  • Jossed. Still an important plot point, though.

The "Wreck the Internet" discussion was made specifically for the trailer
This discussion seems like it's only for a Missing Trailer Scene. If not (i.e. if this is Jossed), maybe they'll integrate it into a topic about how Ralph's escapades become known.
  • Confirmed. This scene is not in the movie. No word on whether the Blu-ray will include that under Deleted Scenes.

Disney will create real versions of some of the fake websites as part of the film's marketing
They could even change the actual Oh My Disney website in a way to market the film.
  • Jossed. For one, Oh My Disney didn't seem to undergo a major layout change the week the movie came out.

Ralph and/or Vanellope will end up going into The Muppets area at some point
They may even end up stumbling in while a Muppet Show performance is in progress and maybe even end up becoming their "very special guest star(s)".
  • And all the Muppets will of course be in CGI like the rest of the characters in the film and be voiced by the Muppeteers.

After inevitably falling out with the other princesses, Vanellope will meet the "Rejected Princesses".
This group includes Eilonwy, Esmerelda, Megara, Kida, Sofia, Elena, Kilala, Kairi, Giselle, Leia, and Anastasia. Vanellope finds out why they were all rejected:
  • Eilonwy isn't popular enough
  • Megara and Esmerelda aren't actually princesses
  • Giselle is too expensive, referencing how she was going to be part of the line-up before Amy Adams demanded too much for royalties
  • Sofia is too young
  • Kilala is too obscure
  • Kida and Elena are technically too old
  • Kairi, Anastasia, and Leia are considered "outsiders", referencing the fact that Kairi was technically created by Square-Enix, and Anastasia and Leia were acquired

They proceed to team up to get revenge on the other princesses.

  • Jossed. In addition, Vanellope manages to get along well with the other princesses.
Alternatively to the above, some of the Rejected Princesses will held a Who Wants to be a Millionaire-esque Game show

The ending and/or The Stinger will feature Sequel Hooks to both Toy Story 4 and Frozen II
Toy Story 4 is Pixar's next movie, and Frozen 2 is the next film in the Disney Animated Canon. So, to set both of them up:
  • Buzz Lightyear will receive a message from Woody and his friends telling Buzz that they need to go out on a quest to find Bo Peep, who hasn't been seen since Toy Story 2.
  • Anna and Elsa will be visited by Olaf the Snowman, who tells them that Arendelle is in trouble again, but this time not because of another Endless Winter—a Sequel Reset would be very pointless.
  • Characters from both franchises will return to their respective universes via the same thing that Ralph and Vanellope used to cross over from the arcade to the internet.
  • Frozen 2 does get referenced in the movie's Stinger. But it's not a SequelHook, just an elaborate Rickroll.

Rancis will join Felix and Calhoun on a search for Ralph and Vanellope
Rancis is the first of the Sugar Rush racers confirmed to return. He could serve as the Tagalong Kid to Felix and Calhoun, much like Vanellope is to Ralph. Not to mention Rancis has already had A Day in the Limelight once in the book One Sweet Race.
  • Jossed, Felix and Calhoun don't have a major role in the plot because their intended role was cut for runtime reasons. They adopt Rancis and the other Sugar Rush racers as their children, though.

The film's twist villain(s) will turn out to be...
The Disney Princesses. They seemed a little too eager to attack a child, didn't they? Disney has been giving their villains surprise reveals, so giving one to the characters we would least suspect to be villains would take it to its logical conclusion.
  • Jossed.

Ralph will grow jealous of Shank.
It's hinted when he shows Vanellope her medal and suggests leaving. He'll probably be worried Vanellope likes her better due to the common interest. Of course, they make amends by the end.
  • More or less confirmed, but it's more directed at Vanellope wanting to stay at Slaughter Race than at Shank herself.

The twist villain will be Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
  • Jossed.

Shank will turn out to be the villain
She seems to have a bond with Vanellope, but will have something much more sinister in place for her and possibly the rest of her own game.
  • Jossed.

Vanellope's responsibilities as president will be mentioned.
As of the second trailer, Vanellope seems to want to stay where she is and not finish the quest to fix her home game. Someone (possibly Ralph) will bring up the idea that maybe her wishes aren't the only thing that should be considered. Her subjects/citizens also lost their home and they might not be getting along so well. She might want to consider fixing the game for their sakes, regardless of whether she wants to go back.
  • Jossed. For a throwaway joke, Vanellope does mention being a president at one point, but it's not really brought up again. As for the citizens not getting along, Felix and Calhoun adopt the Sugar Rush racers, manage to turn the Sugar Rush racers from rambunctious brats to perfectly well-mannered kids.

The movie will end with Vanellope skipping back and forth from the arcade to the internet.
She's made a lot of friends there and found somewhere she really likes. Sugar Rush will be fixed, but every so often, Vanellope will purposely fail to qualify in the Random Roster Race and leave someone else in charge while she goes to visit the Princesses and Shank.
  • Jossed. Sugar Rush does get fixed, but Vanellope permanently moves to Slaughter Race and is written out of Sugar Rush.

Alternatively, Vanellope will be granted designated days in the week where she can freely hop between the two.
  • This and the above theory are Jossed. Vanellope decides to stay in Slaughter Race and is integrated in the game's code thanks to Shank's work, though a conversation between her and Ralph implies that once in a blue moon she can return while Slaughter Race is on scheduled maintenance.

In addition to jumping between the Arcade and the Net, Vanellope will invite the friends she's made to visit the Arcade every now and then.
In keeping with the above, Vanellope will invite Shank and the Princesses to visit Sugar Rush whenever they can. Shank, being a racer in her own game, will take part in races with Vanellope, sharing a Friendly Rivalry with her. The Princesses, meanwhile, will come to watch their new friend race, cheer her on, and even hang out together in her castle together.
  • All of these will occur either in the final scenes of the movie or in the Creative Closing Credits sequence with a montage featuring Vanellope and Ralph exploring the Internet, culminating in them bringing their new friends to the Arcade to visit their games.

KnowsMore will continue the Weaseltown/Weselton/Weaselton gag from Frozen and Zootopia.
He's voiced by Alan Tudyk, and while he's not named anything remotely close to Weaseltown, KnowsMore is a search engine. He could easily say something along the lines of "Did you mean 'Weaseltown'?"
  • Jossed.

If Yesss is the main villain, she'll have a minion named along the lines of "Nooo" that suppresses what isn't buzzworthy.
She has an underling named Maybe, all that's missing is a "No". And if Yesss is up to date with every trend, Nooo is perpetually outdated. If Yesss is an algorithm that promotes and cultivates buzz, Nooo is an algorithm that suppresses what doesn't trend, and what Yesss thinks shouldn't trend. And with a lot of major YouTubers complaining about the algorithm not promoting their videos like it used to, this'll hit close to home.
  • Jossed.

    Post-release theories (WARNING: UNMARKED SPOILERS) 

How Felix "covered for" Ralph

While Vanellope being able to leave Sugar Rush makes sense since it had gotten along without her before, Fix-it Felix Jr definitely can't get by without Ralph for even a day. Yet he did just that, with Felix agreeing to "cover for" him.

How did this work? Felix is married to Sergeant Calhoun, and she commands a squadron of Space Marines, who are very large men only slightly smaller than Ralph, so disguising one as him may be feasible. They're also minor NPCs, so Hero's Duty could probably get along with one less for a day.

He probably still can't wreck the building with his bare hands, so explosives would need to be smuggled into the building to simulate that. And there may need to be something soft like a stuntman would use hidden under the mud puddle so he could survive being thrown from the building. Still, it could work for a day.

Felix and Calhoun dealing with the Racers will be the subject of a short on the DVD release.
Considering how such an obvious well of humor was weirdly absent from the film, despite it revolving around two characters who were part of the primary cast in the previous film, this seems like a fairly likely outcome.
  • It is likely, given that Tangled and Frozen, along with several Pixar films (Inside Out, WALL-E, Incredibles 1 and 2) had shorts that take place in the same settings. Granted, the latter shorts were made for the Blu-rays (and only the Blu-rays). Plus, the WALL-E and Incredibles shorts also take place during their movies.
  • Alternatively, it'll be a spin-off series of shorts with each episode focusing on one Racer. Each episode will show Felix and Calhoun learning to control each one in a different way, leading to the Aesop that, contrary to the joke in the movie's resolution, there's no one perfect way to raise a child and you have to be ready and willing to adapt.
  • Or the short could come to Disney+, like "Lamp Life" and Toy Story 4.

Vanellope feels so at home in Slaughter Race because it was made by the same devs
Litwak mentions that the company that made Sugar Rush went out of business, however its possible the developers went on to form a new studio that would later make the world's biggest racing game. It might also explain why Shank was able to edit Vanellope's code so she can regenerate in Slaughter Race, it may even be running on the same or similar engine as Sugar Rush!
  • There were the mock trailers for all of the Core Four's games, but the Hero's Duty one is the one I am focusing on. That trailer directly opens with a "POWERED BY WRECK-IT STUDIOS" splash. This company may be what was left of the original Tobikomi company following their bankruptcy (and may even have hands on the IPs, if they weren't distributed to In-Universe Namco, Nintendo, Sega, etc).
  • This could also explain why it's never brought up that players might be confused about Vanellope's presence; they'd think it's just a surprise homage to an earlier game from the same people. (Bonus points if the people playing Slaughter Race now played Sugar Rush in their childhood.)

Sugar Rush is gonna get unplugged again.
Just because Vanellope claims no one's gonna notice she's missing doesn't mean that indeed nobody is going to notice. And even if they don't notice and assume she's just not part of the roster today, if Sugar Rush has really become that unpopular and Vanellope, the game's most popular player, isn't showing up anymore, the game's probably going to become even MORE unpopular.

Spamley is a Gravity Falls character's avatar.
Not only his name is similar to "Stanley" but his way to make a living is in-character for Grunkle Stan.

The Racers are afraid Vanellope hasn't completely forgiven them.
She might have told she left because she wanted a new challenge but they might think she never completely recovered from how they used to bully her.

The other character trying to buy the steering wheel also intended to give it to Litwak.
Feeling responsible for it, the parents of the child who removed the wheel from the game tried to buy the replacement.

Gord and Double Dan are related.
Gord's small, round body and huge eyes makes him look a lot like Double Dan's "little brother", and both of them are from the shadier parts of the internet. Perhaps the two of them are made of the same program code.
  • They're cousins, so confirmed.

Gord draws some inspiration from Pamtri
Gord can stretch his arms to disproportionate degrees just like the characters in Pamtri's videos, even accompanied by the same rubbery sound effect. His creepy habit of appearing out of thin air is also similar to the jump scares and character transitions in these videos. Just the way he looks mirrors Pamtri's Off-Model designs.

Felix managed to fix the manners of the Sugar Rush racers... using his hammer.
Felix's hammer can fix pretty much anything - including the manners of a bunch of rowdy children. It happens off-screen and we never hear the details because using a hammer to discipline children looks a lot like child abuse...

  • Oh, it's even worse than just hitting them with the hammer. To "fix" their personalities, he'd need to hit them in the brain with that hammer. In a mad scheme that Tamora suggested and Felix agreed with after both were driven sufficiently insane, she tied them all up and repurposed one of the melee weapons from her game as a crude surgical tool to open their skulls. Then Felix used the magic hammer to "fix" their brains, then repair their skulls. Of course, what constitutes a "fixed" mind is subjective, but the hammer's definition of it is naturally going to match up with the mind of the world it's from's most ideal hero, which is why they all end up as little Felixes.
    • Oh, and the explanation they gave to Surge at the end? They were perfectly honest about what they did; Surge was just psycho enough to think it actually sounded like a good idea.

The Princesses as portrayed in this movie will be the subject of spin-offs.
Given how much attention was given to them both before and after the movie's release, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if the Princesses got A Day in the Limelight in future spin-off media, including shorts, a movie, or even an entire animated series! The stories that built around these characters will range from small-scale Slice of Life stories showing the characters' day-to-day routines and their relationships to each other and other characters on the website to big adventures that involve them. There's potential to be had in the characterization of these iterations of Disney's most beloved characters, so why not go for it?

If the original plan to deal with the Ralph-Clones had been brought to completion, Ralph and Vanellope would have also been vaporized.
Ralph and Vanellope aren't even supposed to exist on the internet, so odds are high that the Antiviruses would have flagged them as malicious programs and acted accordingly.

General "Game Jumping" has lost its stigma in the timeframe between the two movies due to the condition of the arcade.
A lot of games have been lost if the small crowd in the "Wi-Fi" scene is any indication, and Sugar Rush doesn't even rake in $200 annually. As the popularity of the arcade waned, many characters began leaving their games in desperation before they were slated to be unplugged. While this probably resulted in a few Self-Fulfilling Prophecies where games got unplugged because important characters jumped the gun, overall the idea of game jumping became more sympathetic, being more akin to a preemptive "Q-bert" than "Turbo". As such, as long as the jumpers did no damage to the games they entered, they were mostly overlooked.

This could be a reason why Vanellope was never said to be "Going Turbo"; the change in opinion on the subject between the two movies means that would have been a weaker argument. Especially since she of all characters should have been adverse to the idea; her misery throughout much of the first movie was a direct result of it. And if things continue to go downhill, more characters might decide to do the same thing as her, now that they have a more open escape route.

Upon her code-integration into Slaughter Race, Vanellope also got a new skin for that game that she only uses when being seen by players.
I don't recall if she was ever given a canon age (I think elsewhere on this wiki said she was like 9, but I don't know for sure), but she at least looks like a young child, so seeing someone like her in Slaughter Race would raise some eyebrows. Turbo/King Candy already proved this was possible. It might be tricker for Vanellope since Turbo and King Candy were at least the same size and shape whereas Vanellope's skin would be taller, but the ease with which an online game is designed to be update it might make it a bit easier.

The Stormtroopers were to thank for Ralph getting the last hearts in the <30 minutes he had left to earn what he needed.
Before the scene where Ralph's last video fails to upload, Vanellope sent a Stormtrooper to Buzzztube with her pop-up. He saw the videos, liked them, and went back to tell the others about them, earning Ralph his final hearts through word-of-mouth.

On why Ralph said he'd felt like a total zero for 27 years before he met Vanellope even though he clearly said in the first movie that he'd been doing this for 30 years
He used to love his job, for all of three years, then at that point he realized no one was gonna love him as the bad guy so he became jaded over it.

The company behind Fun Bun and Puddles will go out of business.
Mo's mother will sue the company that made Fun Bun and Puddles for the trauma the exploding bunny has left on her daughter. Nice going, Ralphie!

The Insecurity Virus became The Coronavirus!

Some of the bad comments were from Fix-It Felix Jr. fans.
Though it's chalked up to the fact that there will always be haters on the Internet, there may actually be a possible reason why some of the comments may be from Fix-It Felix Jr. fans. Seeing the iconic Wreck-It Ralph showing up in a series of videos parodying a lot of viral videos may have led some fans to believe that the videos were made primarily as promotion for an upcoming remake/reboot of the Fix-It Felix Jr. game, or maybe a new game featuring Ralph as the lead. Many fans may have not liked the idea of a Wreck-It Ralph centered video game, feeling that it goes against what they know with his character. Since Fix-It Felix Jr. mimics a lot of the classic Nintendo arcade games, it makes sense that the company that owns the franchise continued on with the characters and evolved the games to be used on PC and console (much like the real world Nintendo has). Basically, some of the fans mistook the viral videos as a marketing gimmick for a Ralph-centered game that the gamemakers were going to announce and the fans felt that Ralph didn't need a game centered on him.

Ralph is gay, or at least bisexual.
When Ralph is saved by the Disney princesses, he's awakened by a kiss from Prince Naveen as a frog, who Ralph mistakes for Frogger. Ralph's only reaction to this is a sincere thanks. So apparently, Ralph isn't grossed out by a smooched on the lips from another male videogame character. Alternatively...

Frogger in the film's universe is female.

    Sequel theories (WARNING: UNMARKED SPOILERS) 
The virus will be the Big Bad of the third move
It's still out there, and could undoubtedly find another insecurity to spread.
  • Alluding once again to the Turbo theories, Turbo would make the perfect target. Turbo definitely has insecurities and is already a villain. So an army of Turbos would not be anywhere as forgiving as the Ralph viruses and be more than intent on taking over the Internet. And if you're sure Turbo's dead, just read the theory below.

Turbo is still alive in Sugar Rush
The end of the movie revealed that Shank reprogrammed her game so Vanellope could respawn in Slaughter Race. Recall that Turbo also programmed himself into Sugar Rush. This means between the time Turbo died as a Cy-Bug and the time Sugar Rush rebooted, Turbo could have respawned good as new.

The third movie will deal with the downfall of arcade games
This film entertained the idea that while there are still people who play arcade games, it isn’t enough to keep the developers making those games stay open. The introduction of the Internet in this film is to set up a solution for that, but it won’t be easy with some video game characters, not to mention the real world consequences when older arcade video game characters start showing on the internet en masse.

Turbo will try to become President of Sugar Rush.
Now that Vanellope left her home world for good, the residents will need a new leader.

The third film will feature a racing game based on Wacky Races.

The third film will be "Disney's most ambitious crossover and epic project" of all time
Combining the ideas above, it will be an even Darker and Edgier, taken up to eleven but still Lighter and Softer compared to both Avengers: Endgame and Mortal Kombat: Armageddon that is an Actionized Sequel. As the arcade is in danger of shutting down, Ralph and Vanellope form a plan to save their friends by bringing them to the Internet. What follows is a gigantic team-up between video game and Disney characters. Of course with so many iconic faces under the same roof, not everyone will get along at first, to the dismay of Ralph and Vanellope. Things go from bad to worse when Turbo is Hijacked by Ganon and becomes the next Frieza/Darkseid/Thanos but taken up to eleven; crossing paths with Double Dan and/or the insecurity virus and subsequently creating an army of Turbos teamed up with a very Badass Army of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Fox and Video Game Villains around the Omniverse, having an intention on dominating the internet, the world and wiping out all other characters. This will persuade the video game and Disney characters to finally band together in order to save their worlds. The Final Fight would be a very emotional Heroic Sacrifice done by Phineas Flynn, Ralph himself, Deadpoolnote , Captain Marvel, Rey, a teenaged Max Goof and Star Butterfly.Don't forget to bring on Jam Project to compose the epic final battle.

Ralph's Heroic Team:

Turbo's Team:
  • The Big Bad Leader: Shin Emperor Candy
  • Magneto
  • Maleficent
  • Venom, Abomination, Juggernaut

The result of all this is a crossover so grand it will put even Avengers: Infinity War, Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Super Robot Wars Z trilogy and Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen to shame, as this one will be taken up to eleven. And then after Turbo is finally defeated (he comes dangerously close to winning, but then Vanellope uses his ego to turn the Turbo clones against each other and taken up to eleven, causing them to argue over who is superior and fight each other to the death, essentially leading to his downfall). So, before the credits play and after all of the citizens cheered for the heroes and Anti-heroes teaming up altogether to defeat Turbo, we get a very happy Dance Party Ending that takes place in a Stadium that is a gigantic version of an American Football Stadium where Ralph, Max and Star sing Heal the World by Michael Jackson with everyone and as the song further progresses, it turns into an Audience Participation Song, as it would not only have a Breaking the Fourth Wall moment, but also have everyone sing that song altogether (just like in the Super Bowl XXVII Halftime show) after they saved their worlds in the Fix-It Felix Jr. world.The Creative Closing Credits will also have an All-Star, elaborated version too.

  • The Disney and other pre-existing villains will all reform because, just like Ralph in the first movie, they are Not Evil, Just Misunderstood and simply act evil because that's their job.

Borrowing from the now-jossed WMG from the Pre-release theories, this movie will be the one that deals with the arcade closing.
Sugar Rush, implied to be one of the more popular games at the end of the previous movie, doesn't even make $200 a year now. According to some math done on the Headscratchers page, that could mean less than two people play it per day on average, maybe fewer depending on how much Sugar Rush costs to play. With a high-ranking game making so little, coupled with how few characters are in the surge protector as the router's being plugged in (implying several games lost over the years), Litwak's Arcade could be on its last legs, and him buying a router and getting wi-fi in his arcade could have been a last-ditch effort to attract more patronage. However, considering how commonplace free Wi-Fi is in most places, it won't be enough, and Litwak will eventually have to close his doors, unknowingly dooming everyone in those games.

In desperation, Ralph will return to the internet to find help. Perhaps he could enlist Yesss's help, who could use her pop-up army to spread word of the failing arcade around the internet(bonus points if the other Sugar Rush racers join that like Vanellope did). While it won't bring in any more foot traffic (or at least, not enough of it), it'll catch the attention of other arcades and/or collectors, who could contact Litwak about potentially buying the arcade machines that would otherwise be sold for scrap.

While the arcade isn't saved, all of the arcade machines end up finding new owners. This could have one of two outcomes for the characters.

For those that choose to stay with their games, the moral of "Ralph Breaks The Internet" about long distance friends remaining friends is revisited on a larger scale.

For those that choose to stay together and leave their games(Ralph and Calhoun are the most likely ones to do so, as their games would likely be separated), they would work to find new homes on the internet like Vanellope did with Slaughter Race. This could be the topic of a spin-off series. Meanwhile, the new owners could look at their character-less games and perform a hard reset, causing new characters to be generated and allowing the games to function normally, and the old and new versions of the characters could potentially interact in the aforementioned spin-off series if the new owners also have wi-fi, which is likely.

Mario will finally appear in the third movie
Not only making up for the broken promise of him appearing in RBTI, but also giving him a major role in this next installment.

Our heroes (Ralph, Vanellope and/or Felix), desperate to find any help to stop the Big Bad, first consult their good friend Sonic. Sensing how precarious the situation is, Sonic begrudgingly decides to take them to someone who may be able to help - the one and only Mario. Inevitably, the two big video game mascots constantly get at each others' necks, alluding to the long-standing Fandom Rivalry between their respective franchises, until they ultimately decide to set their differences aside and work together along with everyone else.

Considering that they've already used Bowser in the first film, why not bring in the other residents of the Mushroom Kingdom for a few gags? Imagine the meme potential of an Unexpected Character appearance by Waluigi.
  • Bonus theory: When he first shows up, Mario is dancing around alone at his place while performing some mundane everyday task, quietly singing "Jump Up, Superstar!" to himself and not noticing he has guests until Sonic pipes up with something to the effect of, "Am I interrupting anything?"

Vanellope will appear with a new character model.
Since her code's been added to Slaughter Race, she will be affected when the game updates or expands, eventually changing her design to match Slaughter Race. This would make a nice metaphor for old friends or family growing up and changing after a lot of time apart.

The other Sugar Rush Racers will get Character Development and more screen time
Especially for the fans who haven't completely forgiven their behavior in the first film and those who want to know more about them. Taffyta's soft side could be more explored to reduce her Alpha Bitch status. Maybe some fan service for the Rancis x Vanellope ship which started from "One Sweet Race".

The third film (or whatever - just keep reading) will be the darkest one yet
An Actionized Sequel, something along the lines of Shrek Forever After. The arcade closes up and everyone migrates into the Internet. Also Turbo is back and wants to kill Ralph. There will be heavy dramedy elements. Some other things:
  • It will actually be a limited series on Disney+, not only to flesh out the story more but to allow for more IP's from outside companies to show up as cameos, as they just may be a little cheaper to get for TV productions than theatrical movies
  • Ralph gets a love interest (preferably it's Yesss)
  • In the time between the second movie and this, Vanellope's look has changed to be something of a warrior-princess (but still keeping the candy in her hair)
  • There will be another musical number (most of the main cast can sing, and sing well) - would make a great moment of levity just before shit hits the fan
  • Briefly mentioned on the YMMV page, but there will be a scene where they visit a place like Steam, meet some characters, and end up in something like Planet Coaster
  • The last scene is of Ralph saying a heartfelt line to Vanellope, followed by the two of them along with the love interest embracing as the sun sets.
  • A Softer and Slower Cover of "When Can I See You Again" will show up midway through the credits as a nice bit of Book Ends

The Angry Video Game Nerd will become the Big Bad in the third film.

The sequel will explore how other multi-game software works
Steam (or Newgrounds) could be seen as a similar concept to Game Central Station. This is why Poker Night exists, and the characters of the installed games and software chill out in the Library when their game isn't being played. Imagine Wilson from Don't Starve chilling with Heavy and Reimu (Touhou is on Steam) and that's why the Ham Shank is in Team Fortress 2.

Even better, as some sort of Take That!, Ralph enters DDLC and seeing what happens, wrecks everything because the situation reminded him of the Turbo Incident back in 1.

Heck, Steam could be connected to a larger hub if someone also has Friday Night Funkin or Minecraft installed, explaining the crossover mods and characters!