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Guess what? This guy's no mere politically incorrect thug...note 

"Well, whaddaya know? It's the fat boy, the Jew, and the sissy. Four eyes and the patch girl, too. Nigger, you know how to pick them: the Loser's Club."
Henry Bowers, It

Want to show that your Evil Overlord, or someone within The Empire is a genuine bad guy, regardless of their rank in The Empire or how minor a character they are? Simple, all you have to do is have them Kick the Dog, right? Well, what if there isn't a handy dog around? Have them kick whatever minority race/species or gender/sexuality or lower class scum is around instead to show that they're a really bad guy. Bonus points if either the heroes or some highly sympathetic character is a member of said minority.

Depending on how and with whom this is used, it can sometimes come across as just slightly odd. It generally works best with minor characters who have not had a lot of time in the attention of the audience, since you can easily reveal that their Hidden Depths are really rather unpleasant, thus allowing you to cement them as unlikeable or have the character graduate from being an annoying obstacle to someone the fans will cheer to see put down.


It doesn't always work as well with the Magnificent Bastard Evil Overlord types, particularly if introduced late into their run as an antagonist. Because honestly, if the fandom hasn't turned against the Overlord after the character in question may have murdered thousands or even millions, enslaved people in The Empire wholesale, and so on and so forth, is having the character be a little sexist or racist really going to automatically turn people against them? (In particularly bad cases of Misaimed Fandom where the fans were already using every scrap of evidence and threadbare argument to argue that the bad guys weren't that bad, you may risk the character's fans declaring this to be a Fanon Discontinuity, and possibly even splitting the fanbase). In these cases, to make it work, you might have to do a purposeful Flanderization to your character and make them all about their bias. Of course, that will also mean you've gone and derailed your own plot if you need to do it to that extent...


A notable key to this is that the racism, sexism, Fantastic Racism, or whatever displayed by the character is often completely gratuitous or extraneous to the rest of their villainy. Usually, whatever their goal might be, they don't have to be a racist, speciesist, or sexist to accomplish it—but they are.

This is the reason why Those Wacky Nazis and The Klan are at the bottom of the villain food chain, and it's a good bet that the Politically Incorrect Villain will be the one going down in an Even Evil Has Standards team-up.

Also, people might sometimes see this trope where it doesn't exist. Some villains are simply bullying types who go after minorities without really caring whether people will find it politically incorrect or not—and it doesn't have to matter if their targets remind them of themselves in some way. Why do they do this? Minorities lack the numbers to fight back, and there's nothing to be gained from Bullying a Dragon.

Compare Evil Is Petty, Straw Misogynist, and Straw Feminist; Contrast Equal-Opportunity Evil and Politically Correct Villain. Note however that they are not mutually exclusive; a villain can be progressive towards some groups but intolerant towards others. Compare and contrast the Politically Incorrect Hero. May lead to Felony Misdemeanor if this character type is thought to be more evil than outwardly flamboyant villains. Any and all instances of Those Wacky Nazis qualify automatically, and A Nazi by Any Other Name often does. A Bigot with a Badge and an Evil Colonialist are usually one by default. Fur and Loathing, a trope involving villains who are politically incorrect in a different sort of way, runs on a similar logic if it's done intentionally.

This is not when a villain is a minority who is portrayed in a politically incorrect manner. That's Unfortunate Implications, assuming it's unintentional. This should also not be confused with Values Dissonance, where the author apparently has these attitudes.


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  • The Frank Zappa album Thing-Fish has the plot involve an evil prince who engineers a disease intended to wipe out gay men and black people.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • While working in WWC, Sucio Dutch Mantel, despite being fluent in Spanish, refused to speak it, because he felt Spanish was a "Primitive Language." He maintained this attituted even while managing Mexican Supremecist El Patron Alberto, making one wonder how that worked.
  • The Midnight Express manager Jim Cornette would frequently cross the politically correct borders when addressing black wrestlers such as Rocky King. They actually caused a riot when they whipped Brickhouse Brown with pants belts to remind him "what your grandfathers got".
  • The Gangstas of SMW (New Jack, Mustafa Saied and D'Lo Brown) were a deliberate race baiting attempt who went so far as to insult the NAACP for wanting them to be peaceful, polite and politically correct. Rather than make them into effective heels for baby faces The Rock 'n' Roll Express though, the Gangstas actually made a good deal of the regular Smoky Mountain audience too frightened to appear at shows.
  • The Nation of Domination in USWA were a parody of this trope, basically being a black supremacist group primarily composed of white men trying to impress their black friends. Of course this simple joke was far too sophisticated for the WWF, who replaced most of the white men with black ones when the group came in.
  • Tasha Simone was already a Female Misogynist since at least in her USWA days in the 1990s, but if that's not enough to count, in the 2000s she also took a stance against Asians, Chinese in particular, due to a feud with Su Yung.
  • Politically incorrect Anti-Villain? CM Punk urges all you people who watch IWA Mid-South to help retarded children! He even brought vests to spread the message!
  • After Rodney Mack was kicked off of Smackdown, Theodore Long became his manager, stating that WWE, its fans and society in general were unkind to Rodney because he was black. He held challenges to demonstrate Rodney was a better wrestler than the white people that the booking favored. Teddy later took in other black wrestlers Mark Henry and Jazz, forming the stable Thuggin and Buggin Enterprises but also took white wrestler Christopher Nowinski, deciding it wasn't right to be hateful toward white people. When injuries and show trades destroyed Thuggin and Buggin Enterprises, Teddy Long moved on to manage another white wrestler, Mark Jindrak, stating that Mark was underappreciated by WWE, its fans and society in general, who couldn't see he was the "Reflection of Perfection". Later, Theodore Long became Smackdown's general manager and did his best to give wrestlers equal opportunity.
  • Okay, he's mean to everyone, but heel Vince McMahon occasionally reserves his most heinous mistreatments for the disadvantaged, like when he mercilessly mocked Zack Gowen (a wrestler who had only one leg) in preparation for their match at Vengeance in 2003. Zack ended up giving Vince the (one-legged) beatdown he deserved, although Vince ultimately won the match.
  • Julius Smokes of the Rottweiler fame and later, manager of Bonesaw Jessie Brooks in New York's Valkyrie promotion, is never shy shout how his boys (or girl) are going to spread cheese all over you crackers. (They don't discriminate in their ass whippings, Smokes even managed Pretty Fly for a White Guy Jack Evans, it's just something he likes to say)
  • Around 2004/2005, Chavo Guerrero Jr. came to the conclusion that his Hispanic heritage was a disadvantage he needed to reject to "reach his full potential". Chavo dyed his hair blond, used makeup to make his skin appear "less Mexican" then changed his name to Kerwin White. Kerwin set out to prove his whiteness by wearing khaki pants with collared polo shirts, golfing and attacking black wrestlers. To insult fans, Kerwin justified his behavior by noting on the day of his first appearance in the WWE his page had three times the traffic that Chavo's had the previous month. Kerwin also periodically updated fans on how he was adjusting to life in "Middle Class America".
  • And then there's Paul Heyman, who in his run as a heel manager was very much disparaging of Hispanic wrestlers. In an episode of Smackdown, after a match between Rey Mysterio Jr. and the late Eddie Guerrero, Heyman showed up in order to deliver a bigoted speech to them about how they can "forget about being drafted" and how he hopes that the two of them and their families get deported before ranting on about his "vision" for Smackdown. Heyman got his comeuppance quickly when he made the mistake of closing his rant with "...and there's not a man alive who's gonna stand in my way," which prompted the Undertaker to show up and kick his ass.
  • John "Bradshaw" Layfield in his JBL gimmick was racist against Asians and Latinos, and a misogynist to boot. He also couldn't stand foreigners of any kind, even if they were white. However, this did not stop him from loudly supporting all the heels, even the nonwhite ones, when he was an Affably Evil color commentator alongside Michael Cole for a year or so, and calling Cole a "xenophobe" when Cole tried to criticize foreign heels. This led to odd cases, such as when JBL would simultaneously praise Renee Dupree or Maryse while bashing France. Whether this was intended as Hypocritical Humor or was just a Zig-Zagging Trope is hard to determine. Or possibly a joke given that neither of them are French (as in, from France): they're both Canadian.
  • Staring in 2006 for TNA up to 2014 for CHIKARA, the Latin American Exchange, Konnan's LAX stable, has been welcoming of everyone... so long as they were Latin American. No love for you gringos!
  • Hinted at and then subverted (sort of) at Over the Limit 2010. After losing his Intercontinental Championship to Kofi Kingston and then getting attacked by a vengeful Matt Hardy, Scottish wrestler Drew McIntyre stormed into Theodore Long's office and demanded that Hardy be fired. When Long refused, McIntyre went berserk and went about smashing various objects in Long's office. Then he turned his attention to Long's treasured photograph of Martin Luther King, Jr., and for a few terrible moments it really looked like he was going to smash that, too. (There's a chilling moment when McIntyre seems to realize what he is doing, and he hesitates, but the transfixed look on his face is not due to a twinge of remorse but from a rush of adrenaline as it becomes clear to him the symbolic amount of power he now holds in his hands: If I were to smash this, I wouldn't just be causing a lot of grief for Teddy Long; I'd be humiliating every black person on earth. Long begged him to leave the picture alone....whereupon McIntyre apparently had a change of heart and decided that it would be better to leave the photo of the civil rights leader intact: he explained that Teddy Long was "spineless" and needed to be reminded what a true leader looked like, and also that "I am more like him than you will ever be." It was a very uncomfortable sequence on a number of levels, especially since WWE programming is supposed to be geared toward family audiences now. (McIntyre, while still officially a villain, has been getting some Pet the Dog moments lately with his kind acts toward Kelly Kelly and dedicating a match to her when she was fired.
  • R-Truth dipped into this territory after his heel turn. While bringing attention to the fact he's black and angry, and that John Cena is a white man in separate promos, he did not make any racist remarks. His turn was kicked off though by smoking in a public building, for a different kind of politically incorrect.
    • He actually inverted the trope in a sense when on one episode of Monday Night Raw R-Truth (who is black) came down to the ring dressed as a Confederate general (to make the point that he wanted to "secede" from WWE). Justified in that R-Truth had gone insane by this point (and also in that there were black Confederate soldiers toward the end of the American Civil War. The Confederate Army inducted black soldiers, slaves and free, a full year before the Union did, but that's neither here nor there).
  • Mexican America, another TNA stable. Take LAX, only limit Latin American to Mexican to the point they will attack other Mexicans for not hating other people of Latin American ethnic groups who are not Mexican, make the hatred of gringos more central and have them be spokespeople for an internal toppling of the USA that strongly resembles the Nazi takeover of Germany.
  • Stevie Richards gradually became intolerant of Mexicans while serving a commentator for Lucha Libre USA, leading him to join The Right, a whole group of anti Mexicans.
  • Alberto Del Rio was racist against ethnic Chicanos such as Rey Mysterio, (Alberto is technically one himself, as a migrant worker, but claims to be descended from Spanish royalty) and looked down on anyone he considered a peasant (such as Sin Cara, who represents the unrepresented). After his second heel turn you can add gringos like John Cena to list too. Then during the tail end of 2015 in WWC, he had to get something off of his chest. That Mexicans were superior to Puerto Ricans, which he "demonstrated" by breaking the arm of Ray González Jr in route to challenging his father.
  • Downplayed by Billy Blade in Vendetta Pro Wrestling, where, as company founder, he tries to be politically correct but often fails miserably. Because let's face it, he doesn't trust you kind of people (used to refer to various individuals different from himself) or claims to be better than Pro Wrestling Revolution while displaying a belief in a wide variety of latin American stereotypes regarding Vintage Dragon and Lil' Cholo.
  • On Caged Heat Radio's Reality Check episode at Ring Warrior's 2013 February Fury, Kevin Sullivan told his interviewer Amber Rodriguez that she had no business being in the men's locker room and went on to say "minorities" like her had gotten their way too long when she asked why he attacked Bruce Santee "for basically no reason". Santee was only nice to Rodriguez and cohost Jorge Alonso by comparison, as he was an oblivious Politically In Correct Hero. Rodriguez and Alonso were butt monkeys abused by every guest on the show, but it was usually for their (lack of) character or (mis)behavior, making those who antagonized them without provocation for things they couldn't help stand out.
  • Jack Swagger has become one of these in 2013, debuting a new gimmick: "A Real American", an anti-immigration character who has only had this trait exaggerated with his new manager, Zeb Coulter(AKA Dutch Mantel). The latter is also fond of giving the audience The Reason You Suck Speeches about not living by their standards.(This was the Seven-Year Rule in affect with Follow the Leader, as Karl Anderson and Joey Ryan had the same gimmick in the National Wrestling Alliance)
  • Ashley America made her debut in Valkyrie Women's Pro Wrestling protesting the booking of Nyla Rose, calling it immoral that they would book a "Native American" while leaving young male wrestlers out of work and reminding them the country was founded by Christopher Columbus and the pilgrims. In addition to the crawl of her All American Report urging the viewer to join Ashley's crusade to block further Valkyrie activity, it also urges them to celebrate Christopher Columbus defeating the Indians while she voices her frustration with Hania also being in Valkyrie.
  • When it was announced that La Guerrera 2 would be taking place in Chicago, Savio Vega lead Los Boricuas to the Berwyn Eagles Club at the behest of Donald Trump to turn back Blue Demon Jr and all the other Mexicans he would be leading into the country.
  • Scott Steiner hated everyone equally, but he still tended to dip into this territory every now and then. He was blatantly misogynistic (often rudely coming onto women and abusing his manager Stacy Keibler), homophobic (once called Roddy Piper a "skirt-wearing queer!" in a promo) and xenophobic (He often insulted Canada and Canadians when feuding with them, particularly Petey Williams.)

  • In Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues, the Dark Dragon's attitude towards women is, at best, creepy and misogynistic. He can't seem to interact with a female character at all without making some sort of distasteful comment.

    Tabletop Games 
  • BattleTech:
    • Hard-liners in the Draconis Combine tend to be very misogynistic: it's much harder for a woman to rise to a position of power in the Draconis Combine than in any other Successor State, even though they're freely allowed to serve as warriors.
    • Some of the Clans count. It's not that they're racists or sexist; they view Freebirths as inferior to Trueborns, and are fit for nothing but to serve Trueborn warriors. The most prominent examples are Clans Smoke Jaguar and Steel Viper, who don't allow Freebirths to join the Warrior castes. This is very extreme for Clan standards, even Clan Jade Falcon and Ice Hellion allow Freebirths in their warrior armies.
    • This is part of what tells us that we're not supposed to root for the Davion-aligned gladiators on Solaris VII during the events of the Warrior trilogy. They refer to protagonist (and implied turncoat) Justin Xiang with racial slurs, a very rare instance of outright race-related bigotry in a setting where people have kind of gotten over racial origins—this is the same setting that once featured a tanned green-eyed redhead being addressed as "Rabbi Martinez" to absolutely no one's surprise or confusion.
  • In Dungeons & Dragons continuity, this trope occasionally pops up in order to highlight a truly malevolent or petty flavor of evil.
    • In the Dark Sun campaign, the biggest reason Athas became the hellish place it is was because of the Cleansing Wars started by the Halfling sorcerer king Rajaat, who was obsessed with returning the world to its Blue Age, an age when the world was covered by a vast ocean and ruled by halflings. To that end, he sought to exterminate all of the "impure" races, and ordered his army to wage a war of genocide against all non-humans, but eventually they turned against humans as well. Before he was defeated and imprisoned by a rebellion, the war had caused the extinction of all gnomes, orcs, goblins, kobolds, ogres, lizard men, fey races, and trolls on Athas, and the populations of the dwarves, elves, and giants had been reduced dramatically. Rajaat's own people, Halflings, fared the worst; they survived, but degenerated into savage cannibals.
    • The Cataclysm of Dragonlance came about partially because of a sect of Elf supremacists who saw their race as being the ultimate arbitrators of goodness due to having been created by Krynn's gods of good.
    • Although their villainous role isn't their dominant presentation, the Harmonium of Planescape are noted to be extremely and violently prejudiced against "free-thinkers" of all stripes as part of their Chaos Is Evil philosophy, to the point that they historically enacted a genocidal pogrom against all non-Lawful races on their homeworld of Ortho (including the Neutral Good and Chaotic Good races!) and, in the present, they maliciously abuse, bully and threaten members of the Indeps faction. They're not officially villains, but the setting takes great delight in pointing out their Lawful Stupid and Well-Intentioned Extremist natures, and how this often backfires on them.
    • In the mainstream universe, we have two of the Demon Lords And Arch Devils who approach this trope from different angles. Kostchtchie, Demon Prince of Frost Giants, is a raging misogynist and proud of it, deriding women as worthless weaklings just barely tolerable for spawning violent new sons to wage war in his honor and demanding their lives in sacrifice when there aren't battles being fought. Even female Frost Giants are relegated to sub-class breeding stock. Malcanthet, Demon Queen of Succubi, is subtler but no less bigoted in being a misandrist; only women can be her elite Thralls, men are delegated to menial roles in her cult and considered expendable, to the point that in many Malcanthet cults, it's mandatory for male cultists to be blinded. Guess which gender is also preferred for sacrificial offerings, too. Baphomet, Demon Prince of Beasts, was portrayed as being highly misogynistic in 2nd Edition, but starting with 3rd Edition this part of his character was dropped in favor of making him brutally meritocratic and willing to accept any worshiper who proved themselves to be bloodthirsty and savage enough.
    • In the Ravenloft setting there's Vlad Drakov, the Darklord of Falkovnia. He is of the official stance that women cannot be of any use besides breeding more men to work and fight for his armies. He also forcibly claims the right to have sex with any Falkovnian woman on her wedding night instead of her husband, something he has no qualms about taking advantage of and which means there are dozens of bastard Drakovs floating around. Vlad is also a blatant human supremacist, and Falkovnia enslaves or executes any non-humans that enter its borders at his direction. (Seeing a trend here?) Even other Darklords are repulsed by Drakov, the biggest irony being that despite being fully human with no supernatural powers, he is more of a monster than almost any Darklord who does.
    • Similarly to Malcanthet, drow culture is traditionally portrayed as being extremely misandric, due to cultural reverence of/domination by Lolth, the insane Demon Queen of Spiders, who enforces a society based on every negative spider stereotypes being exaggerated. Male drow are second-class citizens barely above the slaves their culture employs, to the point that a drow female can kill a male with very little provocation (Really, Drow will kill anyone with little provocation, but with guys they won't face consequences for it). As in, it's normal for the womenfolk to butcher their lovers, sometimes as sacrifices to Lolth, sometimes just for fun, when they grow bored with them. Oh, and males refusing the sexual advances of females can be punished by death. Truthfully, the fact males are forbidden from entering the ranks of the priesthood, which holds ultimate power in their messed up theocracy of a culture, is one of the lesser ways in which the gender is repressed.
    • "Savage" humanoids like orcs and gnolls have often been portrayed as brutally patriarchal, with womenfolk delegated to providing food, sexual pleasure and offspring and holding little to no authority in comparison to their male counterparts (though some editions gender-flipped this with gnolls, as they're based on spotted hyenas, which in real life are brutally matriarchal). Pathfinder, being the Darker and Edgier D&D, likes to pay this a little more attention, and its writeups on orc and gnoll culture give particular emphasis to how savagely misogynistic they are (for example, gnoll females who fail to either bear cubs or become priestesses of Lamashtu by a certain age are ritually sacrificed), including notes on how the culture is actually perpetuated thanks to Female Misogynists — in a classic case of Stupid Evil, females who manage to exploit the loopholes and become powerful themselves tend to do everything they can to keep things from changing, so they don't have to worry about competition.
  • The Mutants & Masterminds setting Freedom City features White Knight, a white supremacist who (unknowingly) made a Deal with the Devil for flame-based superpowers and who thinks he's a superhero fighting a crusade against... well, everyone. His costume combines elements of a Klan member and a white power skinhead, and most GMS use him as someone for heroes to feel good about kicking in the junk.
    • The "Crooks!" splat for general M&M introduces a numbers of racist supervillains, and even a writeup for racism as a Weakness (Quirk: Racist, for the curious). Blitz II is the granddaughter of a Nazi super-speedster (her grandmother, the first Blitz) and has inherited Nazi ideology to the point she is the songster of a Euro-punk skinhead band called Third Generation that is massively popular amongst the Neo-Nazi underground. Iron Cross is a Nazi-created Flying Brick who still upholds Hitler's commands. Johnny Reb is a demon summoned by the Confederates during the American Civil War and bound into the body of various human racist hosts — not surprisingly, he wears what is basically a Klansman robe with a Confederate flag on the face of the hooded mask.
      • Interestingly, Johnny Reb actually only paid lip-service to racism when he was first created — to a demon, all humans were alike. Centuries of being stuck in the bodies of racists, however, has imprinted him with a racist mentality in turn.
  • The Coalition States from Rifts are the go-to bad guys of the setting due to their xenocidal attitude toward Dimensional Beings and creatures of magic. Their promotion of illiteracy and their seeking to destroy magical artifacts doesn't endear them too well to the rest of the setting, either.
  • In Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game, after the upgrade to "World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game", the retconned Horde faction sourcebook was written to make it clear that the previously alluded to misogynistic aspects of Troll culture were only practiced by the still-evil tribes, and "good guy" Trolls who had joined the Horde, like the Darkspears and Revantusks, were much more egalitarian.
  • Everyone in Warhammer 40,000 is one of these, including the heroes (if they can even be considered heroes).
    • The only races that are arguably not politically incorrect are the Orks and the Tyranids. Sure, the Orks will kill anything that isn't considered orky enough, but that includes other Orks. And they don't kill out of spite or bigotry, they only fight because they think it's fun and it's what they're good at. The Tyranids, being a Horde of Alien Locusts, are effectively driven by instinct to devour all biomass in the galaxy before moving on to the next.
    • Depending on the source, Khorne also avoids this: The Blood God only wants the blood to be spilled, he has no care about who spills it. Even non-combatans are not outright hated, although they will never gain his favour either. He is only racist towards psykers, and again depending on the source, he doesn´t generally hate psykers, as long as they don´t use their power in battle because he considers that cheating. Of course in other sources his followers just either enslave or murder any psyker or even any non-combatant they get their hands on, so this may vary.
  • In Wicked Fantasy, the male Uz keep their females as abject slaves through brutal regimes of Mind Rape, amuse themselves by having the females fight gladiatorial combat bouts, trade them like property, and impregnate them only to then telepathically kill the unborn child in order to produce the power-boosting, life-sustaining "dark water" they depend on.
  • Pathfinder's second adventure path has Ileosa Arabasti. The plot of the second book in the campaign involves a horrific plague that it's revealed she commissioned from the Red Mantis assassins in order to wipe out the minority Varisian and Shoanti populations. Though this bigotry is in part due to her Chelaxian upbringing, it's also because she's such a severe Narcissist that she can't stand the idea that there are people in her city that don't look like her.
  • The villainous Dominion of Unity in Tachyon Squadron, a sci-fi dogfighting setting for Fate Core, is explicitly a worse place for racial minorities, LGBTQ people, and the like. (It's still not a great place for anyone, admittedly.)

  • Lucy the Slut in Avenue Q says racial slurs against Kate Monster when she sees her and Princeton together.
    • Also the teacher that Kate was assisting has touches of this, including saying something along the lines of "I should have known better than to rely on one of you people" when Kate misses an appointment to take over the class.
    • Averted when a song points out that everybody is a little bit racist.
  • Finian's Rainbow has Rawkins, a bigoted Senator, who due to a wish made on top of Leprechaun's pot of gold is turned into an African-American.
  • Othello's Iago is racist, sexist, xenophobic — you name it (Or maybe he's putting on a façade- Iago does say he's a liar and nothing he says should be taken at face value). This is obviously to establish him as a bad man but he still inexplicably has his fans. His stooge Roderigo is also disgustingly racist.
  • Hamilton:
    • Thomas Jefferson is portrayed as one, unsurprising considering he owned hundreds of slaves. He's also shown smugly taunting Hamilton over his immigrant status.
    • John Adams doesn't actually appear, but Aaron Burr relates how he privately insulted Hamilton by calling him a "Creole bastard". Even Jefferson is taken aback by this.
  • Sleuth has Andrew who, in addition to being a classist snob in general, throws some anti-Italian slurs at Milo. In the 1972 film adaptation he also briefly imitates a Chinese man in a very offensive way, complete with Asian Speekee Engrish.
  • The Prom has a significant part of the conflict revolve around Mrs. Greene wanting to cancel the school prom to prevent a lesbian couple (one of whom turns out to be her own daughter) from attending.

    Web Animation 
  • DSBT InsaniT: While 'villain' is a bit harsh, Alex still makes the assumption that one of the girls chose the mall for the group to go to in 'Store Story', because "girls go clothes shopping and buy a ton of useless shit."
  • In Hazbin Hotel, bitchy reporter Katie Killjoy openly tells Charlie that she won't touch "the gays", as she supposedly has standards (standards she breaks a few seconds later when she pokes Charlie in the chest, but still).
  • Played for Laughs by Mastermind who, among other things, schedules an appointment with one of his lackeys just to harass him for being named "Gaylord."
    Mastermind: Because your name doesn't have the word "gay" in it.
    Gaylord: It also has the word "lord"!
    Mastermind: Because it's not that you like to have a gay (bleep) up the ass!
    Gaylord: Did. You. Actually. Need. Me. For something. Sir?
  • PONY.MOV, a six-episode animated web series by Max Gilardi that spoofs My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, depicts Rarity as a racist who is enslaving illegal Mexican immigrants and is appalingly abusive towards them, even going so far as to respond to one worker asking when payment will be received by claiming to not understand her accent and stating that she must learn to speak English properly. She gets her just deserts in the end when the Mexican immigrants stage a revolution and start beating the crap out of Rarity for being racist and abusive towards them.
  • Just about every antagonist in Queer Duck is a homophobe, the most recurring villain being a caricature of real-life Heteronormative Crusader Dr. Laura Schlessinger.
  • Helluva Boss: Lyle Lipton, as befitting a Corrupt Corporate Executive who made his fortune by experimenting on poor people, constantly insults and berates what he thinks are small children. After I.M.P. screws the forces of C.H.E.R.U.B. over, the supposed angels go into a racist tirade against imps in particular.
  • Wacky Game Jokez, 4 Kidz!: The main character Mickey the Dick is a Jerkass who has been captured by a company called Video Game Videos, Inc. and forced to make Internet videos about video games (which he hates doing because he has a strong aversion towards video games). Mickey has a tendency to use ableist and homophobic slurs, with some examples including referring to his coworkers June and Eric as "retards" and using the word "gay" in a negative context.

  • 8-Bit Theater:
    • Villain Protagonist Black Mage's objectification of White Mage. His sentiment that he's okay with boning her as long as her body is still somewhat warm is politically (and ethically and morally) incorrect. Only reason why he avoids being flat-out sexistic/chauvinistic is because, White Mage aside, he seems to consider women equal to men. He also demonstrates a ludicrous level of racism in one strip, acting like an offensive Japanese stereotype while impersonating Black Belt. White Mage points out that not only is it offensive, but Black Belt isn't even Asian to begin with. He also practices Fantastic Racism; his only qualms about eating his teammates is that he "just didn't want to eat that greasy, foreign" elf.
    • Thief returns the sentiment and also hates the dwarves. He also believes that elves, his species, are superior to every other species.
  • Every villain in The Adventures of Gyno-Star is this, since the comic is a progressive superhero fighting for social justice.
  • In Dumbing of Age, the "villain" status of Raidah and her group is questionable, but her friend Char definitely gets a Jerkass moment here.
    Char: Yeah, and take your retarded kid with you!
    Raidah: Char, no. Come on. Don't say that.
    Char: Oh, right. We're in public.
    Raidah: Oh, right, we're in the universe.
  • If anyone thought it was a coincidence that Homestuck's Lord English keeps enslaving women into eternal servitude and his second-in-command likes to manipulate young girls into doing his bidding, that was thoroughly disproved by the fact that Caliborn, essentially LE's younger self, is incredibly sexist and never shows any respect to anyone he doesn't consider an "alpha male."
  • Kill Six Billion Demons:
    • Solomon David is too Affably Evil to say anything bigoted outright, but it's made pretty obvious that he has a major Stay in the Kitchen attitude towards women, presumably born from his upbringing. The administrators and warriors in his Celestial Empire are exclusively men by design, he gives his female guests ridiculously archaic and feminine clothing to wear (regardless of their opinion on it), and when he loses the Tournament of Power to White Chain he is initially elated... until it dawns on him that White Chain identifies as a woman, at which point he instantly snaps to being silently furious and embarrassed. In a twist from the norm, his misogyny doesn't automatically make him eviler than the other Seven; he's still by far one of the most sympathetic of their number, and while the others practice Equal-Opportunity Evil, they're such callous, hedonistic monsters that it hardly improves any opinions.
    • 2 Michael likes to set himself up as Otherworldly and Sexually Ambiguous, and his views on gender are ostensibly completely neutral. In reality, however, he is clearly misogynistic and biased toward the masculine. He uses male pronounrs for himself and other angels, but consider female-identifying angels to be profane and unnatural, and he misidentifies the first human as a man, and is annoyed when White Chain corrects him.
  • Carville in Maggot Boy: Apocalypse Cultist, kidnapper, murderer of his own friends... and a jerkass who purposely refers to transgender characters as the wrong gender. Not only does it make him a Hate Sink in record time, it reveals that a lot of his reluctant allies would be rid of him in a heartbeat.
  • The Order of the Stick
    • General Tarquin is Affably Evil incarnate at first glance, but is The Bluebeard under the surface. So far, he's had no less than nine wives, one of whom died "of mysterious circumstances" (though it later turns out that he actually had nothing to do with that) and at least one of whom was tortured into accepting his proposal (i.e, he had her feet frozen in a block of ice). His attitude to women more generally is summed up by the fact that at one point a "casually sexist anecdote" is treated as Something Only They Would Say.
      • The comic's commentary also mentions that part of the reason that Tarquin assumes Elan is the main character is — aside from egocentricity and nepotism — because he can't even fathom the idea of a black man like Roy, or a woman like Haley, being the star. Likewise, Tarquin thinks he is the leader of the Vector Legion, because his companions are two black men, a black woman, a cat-woman, and an albino reptile. In Tarquin's prejudiced mind, he, the white guy, must be the leader.
      • In addition, he showscases transphobic and classist views, such as referring to the genderqueer Vaarsuvius as an "it", as well as attempting to frame Ian Starshine for murder simply because he had dared to speak to him as if the two of them were equals.
        Tarquin: (to Haley) Now that I know you come from such lowly stock, I need to make sure that you're worthy of dating Elan.
    • Redcloak, The Dragon of Xykon, hates humans and humanoid creatures because of the prejudice he experienced as a goblin from human(oid)s. He also used to hate hobgoblins until one saved his life because he was a leader of a group of hobgoblins during the time, at which point he realized that his prejudice of them was no different from the humans' prejudice of his own people and decided to become a better leader for both races.
    • Particularly during the events of Start of Darkness, Lord Xykon makes a lot of casually sexist comments towards women - Most of which are targeted at Lirian.
      Xykon: You're welcome to look, boys, but don't get your hopes up. She is a blonde, after all.
      • And much like Tarquin above, Xykon is also very transphobic, with him also calling Vaarsuvius "it".
        Xykon: Let's play Hide-and-Seek, just to be sure. I'm "It". Actually, so are you, as near as I can tell.
  • The Queen and the Woodborn: Cyril the acolyte and his fellows take an instant dislike to Danica because she's a foreigner. Then she doesn't follow their traditions, raising her son herself, and makes them hate her more.
  • This Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal portrays an accidental example where Lex Luthor gloats about how his poisoning the water supply will soon kill a lot of people, only to be embarrassed when Superman points out to him that all the people he intended to kill turned out to be minorities and destitute. Luthor unsuccessfully tries to clarify that his intentions were not racist or classist.
  • Slightly Damned:
    • Most demons in general hate angels (due to their divine mandated war that's been going on the past few centuries) and view medians as lesser beings but Dakos in particular stands out as he completely mistrusts the rogue angel Verammi and the currently unnamed angel assisting them in hell while the other demons have accepted them. He is also an ableist as he refers to Iratu and others as a "generation of cripples" and claims that they will ruin of hell as it's implied demons with disabilities where unable to serve in hell's army till recently.
    • It's implied that Azurai dislikes women; he treats his female teammate Lazuli with utter contempt, is implied to act the same way with Triska, and hurls misogonystic insults at Kieri when he takes her prisoner. He is, however, seen being rather chummy with Rhea later on. He's also rather fond of throwing the word "retarded" around and continually calls General Iratu a fatass.
  • Dr. Nofun from Sluggy Freelance has comically intense misogyny, alternately painting women as stupid and useless, and evil schemers out to destroy all men. Subverted when it turns out to be just an act — the weak-willed women and terrified men that would want to work for someone who shows this kind of behavior are easy to manipulate.
  • In Welcome To The Pharmacy, when Elena wonders what it was like for Matt to live in Africa, she imagines him facing off against a lion who wants to eat him because it assumes his insides taste like chow mein.

    Web Original 
  • A Giant Sucking Sound: Stormfront, a far-right terrorist group, plays this dead straight, ranting about Jews and blacks in their press communiques and killing Jewish celebrities like Paul Wellstone, Steven Spielberg, and Chuck Schumer.
  • In New Vindicators, there are a few, but Forrest Bedford is the standout. He's the head of a Church Militant that hates superpowered beings, but he was also in the KKK and regularly tosses around racial epithets. As a Genius Bonus, he's named after Nathan Bedford Forrest, the first Grand Wizard of the KKK.
  • Weilks in Void Domain: a necromancer who hawks stolen organs on the black market, very much Would Hurt a Child, and has a terribly foul mouth regarding women, right up until one of his female victims tears his heart out of his chest.
  • Zhuge Liang is quite patronizing towards the Mangs in Farce of the Three Kingdoms. Played for laughs, as quite a few things he does during the southern campaign are much worse, but the only thing that gives him pause is blackface.
    Zhuge Liang: Over the last few chapters, I lost a whole bunch of our soldiers, burned a lot of people to death, and was really, really racist. I can’t afford several thousand human sacrifices. It’ll push me well into ‘Evil’ territory.
  • The nasty boss in this story from Not Always Working sets impossible and contradictory requirements for a delivery service she's hired, just so she can file complaints. Why? Because the driver is a black man. Finally the employee finds a different job, and lets the delivery company know the real reason that client keeps complaining, prompting them to refuse service and saving the driver's career from all the bogus complaints.
    I don't care! The only thing a n!gger should say is "Yes, Master!" *(with exaggerated lisp)*

    Web Videos 
  • Ask That Guy with the Glasses
    Ask That Guy: My philosophy is, if the colour's not on a person's skin, it's not worth hating.
  • The Ballad of the N-Word: The Pranker, depicted in vein with stereotypically prejudiced community of Reddit, displays quite a few racist qualities to emphazise his evilness.
    The Pranker: I'm going to make this minority disappear.
  • On top of being a rapist, Drew Pickles of the Barney Bunch will kill any women by beating them to death with his dick simply because he and the rest of the Bunch hates women. On top of that, if a really long line contains minorities, he will refer to them as various slurs and offensive stereotypes.
  • Lampshaded hilariously in Berserk Abridged:
    Casca: What, are you reading from a book of sexist villain cliches?
    Adon Corbowitz: Uh-oh, I didn't miss any, did I?
  • Tyce from Deagle Nation became a neo-nazi over the course of 2014, eventually shaving his head and proudly proclaiming himself a skinhead who is for white and skeleton rights. He ended up getting beat up by Jace and Eli after Operation Tupacalypse.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • Vegeta, even after his transition from outright villain to Token Evil Teammate. To his record, he berates lower-class warriors like Goku, calls his son a "filthy halfbreed", finds Dodoria's lack of feminity and Zarbon's perceived homosexuality to be disgusting, and constantly treats women as inferior to him. The epitome of this is his first encounter with 17 and 18: he nicknames them "Faggotty Andy and On-The-Raggedy Ann", and quadruples down during his fight with 18, hurling at her many gender-charged insults (for which she breaks his arm). This was lampshaded during his fight with Goku:
      Oozaru Vegeta: Hey, Kakarot! What's the opposite of Christopher Walken?
      Goku: Huh?
      Vegeta: Christopher REEVE! *Crushes Goku's legs*
      Goku: AAAAGH! That was in terrible taste!
      Vegeta: Don't care! Evil! *Crushes*
    • Freeza, as in the source material, hates the Saiyan "monkeys," and keeps calling them that — even in the Plan To Eradicate Christmas special, where Turles, a Saiyan, is on his side — and gets it from him and Vegeta:
      Vegeta: Turles, right?
      Turles: Yes! (realizes who he's talking to) Oh my god, Prince Vegeta?
      Vegeta: How's the tree doing?
      Turles: Destroyed...
      Vegeta: And this is why we don't let the lower class have nice things!
      Gohan: And heeeeeere we go with the politics.
      Freeza: So, monkeys!
      Turles: Dude!
      Gohan: And the racism!
  • Hellsing Ultimate Abridged's version of Enrico Maxwell plays with this. His first interactions with Integra in episode 3 show that he looks down on women and Protestants, but he's willing to put aside differences with the Hellsing Organization on facing the larger threat that is Millennium. He leans towards this trope in episode 6, though it's still played with. While he complains about Pope Francis' stances on the poor and homosexuals and declares himself as the new Pope, he draws the line on hate crimes and bigotry, even shouting at the KKK leader that "[he] needs to chill". As of episode 8, Maxwell plays this trope completely straight, unleashing a genocidal bloodbath on the citizens of London and cursing out the Temple Beth-Zion for bailing the fight as Maxwell and his forces are left to be wiped out by Alucard's #LifeHack.
  • Notably, during the Downfall Hitler's interview with Inglourious Hitler, the latter is anti-Semitic while the former isn't. Of course, seeing as Downfall Hitler has to put up with the antics of Fegelein and others on a daily basis, this may come across Pragmatic Villainy as well.
    Inglourious Hitler: I'm a much more successful Hitler than you will ever be. You don't even hate the Jews, which a Hitler is supposed to do!
    Hitler: I have no reason to hate the Jews.
    Inglourious Hitler: You're a traitorous Zionist Hitler!
    Hitler: Enough about your hate for the Jews, the real threat is Fegelein.
  • Epic Rap Battles of History:
    • Adolf Hitler appeared in the series as a reoccuring rapper, so this is pretty much a given.
    Hitler: I mean, you? Leading an army of white men? Disgraceful!
    • Donald Trump is portrayed as an unrepentant bigot in "Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton", making flagrantly misogynist insults towards Hillary, bragging about deporting Latinos from the country once elected President and almost saying the N-word before Abraham Lincoln interrupts the rap battle. This is dialed back considerably in "Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden", where he doesn't say anything outright offensive, but implicitly belittles the protests against systemtic racism and insults Joe Biden by calling him "Barack's shadow" before remarking that he doesn't like the shade, which could be interpreted as admitting that he is a racist.
  • Although he is consistently shown to not be racist, anti-Semitic, or homophobic and is disgusted that people think he is, Mr Deity is misogynistic and really, really hates atheists.
  • Played for Laughs in Nullmetal Alchemist where Fuhrer King Bradley has a national Make Fun Of Mexicans Day—where people have to take part in stereotypical Mexican things (e.g. wear a sombrero, refer to people as "gringos" and " Trivialize the cultural history of entire race of people with offensive stereotypes"). Though he enjoys killing and tormenting all foreigners, he jokes that he doesn't even need an excuse to do so because he's the Fuhrer.
  • The Penguins of Madagascar: Operation N-W.O.R.D. has Donald Trump as its Big Bad. Trump says the N-word twice in the video, and his goal is to become able to say it as much as he wants. On top of his racism, he is also a Heteronormative Crusader who cannot stand the mere thought of being gay; this becomes his downfall when Skipper points out the gay implications in taking over Obama's body.

    Western Animation 
  • Some of the "villains" the Warners faced in Animaniacs. Just compare Ludwig von Beethoven to Abraham Lincoln. Beethoven calls them "horrid children" and is suffering Amusing Injuries by the short's end. Meanwhile Lincoln is nice to them (although clearly annoyed by their wackiness) and they help him with his speech. He and Beethoven were working on something, but how they treat the Warners at the start of short affects how differently they are "helped" by them.
  • Archer:
    • Anthony Bourdain as shown in this exchange:
      Ray: Should you be smoking in here?
      Bourdain: Should you be flaming in here? Boom-bumper!
    • Malory Archer is a politically incorrect Anti-Hero bordering on Villain Protagonist. She hates the Irish and isn't afraid to show it. She's also made racist comments regarding blacks and the Japanese; when she shoots a Yakuza member in "Drift Problem", she shouts "that's for Pearl Harbor!"
    • The Welsh terrorist from "Achub Y Morfilod" claims that he's not going to drive real people out of their home, just English ones.
  • Both played straight and inverted in Avatar: The Last Airbender, in which the antagonistic Fire Nation promotes the view that all other cultures in the world are inferior to their own, yet has the greatest degree of gender parity out of all the nations, with a high proportion of women in military and police positions. Fire Lord Ozai, the Big Bad, even favored his younger daughter over his older son, making her his heir simply because she was more competent and more trustworthy. (Granted, for him competent = psychotic, and trustworthy = unquestioningly going along with his immoral schemes and war crimes.)
    • Played straighter, in a minor way, with Zuko in the first season (when he's most antagonistic). He spends a lot of time using "peasant" as an insult toward Katara and Sokka.
  • Ben 10: Alien Force gives use the Highbreeds, who are basically an alien version of the Nazis. In the same vein, the Forever Knights were portrayed as a paramilitary, anti-alien group with fanatical behaviour during the Alien Force/Ultimate Alien era (though they were more stoic and rational scientists in the original series).
  • In the Bump in the Night episode "Comfort Schmumfort", the alien invaders Sleemoth and Gloog dismiss Molly Coddle as not being a threat just because she's a girl. Right in front of her, even.
  • The Eco-Villains from Captain Planet and the Planeteers would occasionally show signs of being bigoted, just in case it wasn't clear to the audience that they are the bad guys.
    • In the episode "OK at the Gunfight Corral", Hoggish Greedly hired a bunch of racist white men to attack the local "Injuns" so he could claim their land as his and sell it to Sly Sludge, but otherwise he never even commented on anybody's race or did anything remotely discriminatory.
    • Verminous Skumm harassed and lied about a boy who had HIV, and he gave nuclear detonators to people fighting in The Troubles, The Apartheid Era, and the Arab–Israeli Conflict, in an attempt to discredit the entire human race.
    • Looten Plunder in "Bitter Waters", using terms like 'chief', 'wampum', referring to the (unnamed, though they're most likely primarily based on Hopi, considering the desert land) as his "red brothers". When corrected by the chairman of the local tribal council, his henchman Argos Bleak angrily declares that he "doesn't care if he's the blinkin' medicine man".
  • The Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys episode "Felonious Monks" has the villain Apax show signs of being sexist when he makes the assumption that Shao Lin isn't a threat to him simply because she's female.
  • In Celebrity Deathmatch, there's a fight where John Rocker battles Derek Jeter. Unsurprisingly, John Rocker doesn't get the most sympathetic of portrayals and is electrocuted to death by the match's end.
    • For context, Rocker had given a long interview, at one point of which he just started randomly complaining and saying derisive things about people in New York, with one of those comments a homophobic slur. It fits the trope in that remarks were completely spontaneous and not pertinent to the subject at hand. Still the public outcry against this interview was so ferocious that many actually came to Rocker's defense, surmising that he was just a blunt man with poor social skills, and not a monster.
    • Rocker also made an appearance as a character on Saturday Night Live, where he was played by Will Ferrell in full-blown blustering mode. Appearing on "Weekend Update", Ferrell had him insult everyone under the sun, and refer to the studio audience members as "homo-Mexicans."
  • The Cleveland Show Halloween Episode "Nightmare on Grace Street" has the Brown family menaced by a murderous lunatic with a penchant for bad puns named Donny, who dies admitting that he hates black people.
    Cleveland: Figures.
  • In the Danny Phantom episode "Beauty Marked", the villain is ghost prince Aragon, who demonstrates unrestrained sexism by yelling at his sister Dorothea for daring to voice her opinion and consistently being shown to be offended by the idea of a woman defying his orders or thinking for herself.
  • The Drawn Together episode "Foxxy vs. the Board of Education" depicts the Board of Education as an anthropomorphic piece of wood with a rather racist Evil Plan of making a fortune by selling tacky merchandise and bling to black people and intentionally preventing them from succeeding at their SATs so that they'll always be too stupid to avoid spending their money on his crap.
  • The Extreme Ghostbusters episode "True Face of a Monster" had a golem being created to ward off a gang of Anti-Semitic jerks who were vandalizing a synagogue. One member of the group is also shown to be disdainful toward Roland Jackson, who happens to be black.
  • In the Silent Era Felix the Cat cartoon "Uncle Tom's Crabbin", Felix travels into the deep south and meets Uncle Tom. Not long after, Felix faces off against Simon Legree, who was angered at Tom's music waking up him, promptly whipping him (off-screen) and smashing his banjo apart. Felix is on Tom's side the whole cartoon, quickly improvising a new banjo for him, and when Simon's wrath is incured again, Felix has Legree chase after him. When Legree fails to catch Felix, he sicks a hunting dog on Felix, which the cat proceeds to beat to a pulp.
  • In Futurama there was Leela's old martial arts instructor, Master Fnog; clearly a chauvinist, who claimed she did not have "the will of the warrior" but the will of "a schoolmarm" or "housewife." (Even though she did excellently in his class.) In fact, when she eventually confronted him years later — and kicked his ass good — he didn't deny his true intentions, or that he was a jerk, saying, "You always were my best student... Good thing I was such a lousy teacher!" (He even goes so far as to tell her "See you in girl hell! I'll be in boy hell — much nicer!")
    • Zapp Brannigan is another example. The Earth military banned women from serving, not because of societal prejudice, but to prevent his constant sexual harassment.
    • Leo Wong. Racist, sexist, classist, basically every type of bigot in the book.
  • Generator Rex: The Consortium is a group consisting of wealthy and entitled men who look down on their lieutenant Black Knight for being a woman. In their Establishing Character Moment, the group repeatedly interrupts Black Knight during her presentation, downplay her achievements, speak in a very condescending manner, and make several openly misogynistic remarks. Since Black Knight is a Magnificent Bitch and a Dark Action Girl, this ends up bitting them VERY hard in the ass...
  • The Northwest family in Gravity Falls is mostly composed of a bunch of classists snobs and a painting in "Northwest Mansion Mystery" shows one of their ancestors cheating a Native American.
  • In a case of Adaptational Villainy, Ronan the Accuser in Guardians of the Galaxy (2015) animated series is portrayed as being utterly contemptuous and bigoted towards most beings who aren't Kree, to the point of using derogatory terms like filth when referring to them.
  • Skeletor from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe as per an Obviously Evil standards, while holding Adora aka She-Ra hostage breaks the misogynistic speed record in seven seconds.
    Adora: Ohhh... [collapsing unconscious in Beast Man and Tri-Klops’s arms at the sight of Skeletor]
    Beast Man: Huuuh... she fainted!
  • Helga and her father Bob from Hey Arnold!. They're Jerkasses rather than straight-up villains, but they're quite fond of calling Mr. Simmons a number of names ("throw pillow", "cream puff", "tea cozy") that come across as G-rated homophobic slurs.
  • In the Justice League Unlimited episode "For The Man Who Has Everything", Mongul makes a number of incredibly sexist remarks toward Wonder Woman. In the same show, Despero is a zealot and an incredibly obvious Mind Control Rapist.
  • Kaeloo: Mr. Cat believes that cats are superior to all other species and that women should spend their time doing housework and cooking.
  • Chloe from Miraculous Ladybug states Marinette's uncle should just make sushi "like everyone else". As Adrien points out, sushi is Japanese whereas Marinette's uncle is Chinese.
  • Moral Orel: Just about the entire town of Moralton has blatantly intolerant attitudes towards people of other religions and nationalities, with Clay Puppington and Miss Censordoll being the worst examples.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Chancellor Neighsay is openly racist against non-ponies, claiming that all of them are dangers to Equestria even though the Princesses are all doing their best to try and open the country up to pony ways of friendship. While the Villain Has a Point in some areas like with Changelings and the Mane Six's inexperience and difficulties in teaching, the Changelings have changed for the better and have a different leader. Ironically, after being betrayed and imprisoned by Cozy Glow- a pony- and only being released by the efforts of the Young Six, five of whom are not ponies, he learns his lesson and undergoes a Heel–Face Turn.
    • Diamond Tiara's mother Spoiled Rich. When we're first introduced to her, she makes a xenophobic remark behind Pipsqueak's back. She criticizes Diamond for losing the class election to the "transplant from Trottingham".
  • Pinky and the Brain: Mousey Galore in "To Russia With Lab Mice".
    Mousey: You Americans are so fond of being in charge.
  • Rocko's Modern Life: In "Floundering Fathers", Ed Bighead refuses to let Rocko into the parade celebrating the founding of O-Town because he's an immigrant.
    • Played with in Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling, where Ed doesn't initially accept his child is now a transgender woman, to the point of telling her "I Have No Daughter!". However, the special makes it clear that Ed isn't a bigot so much as he is struggling to accept the numerous changes in his life. At the end of the special, Ed accepts Rachel as his daughter and they both reunite.
  • The Simpsons's "Treehouse of Horror XIX"'s parody of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown sees Nelson use "gay" to insult Milhouse. Amusingly, he calls out the Grand Pumpkin for being a Fantastic Racist.
    Nelson: (holds a knife to a pumpkin) Touch me and I'll hurt your friend!
    Grand Pumpkin: That's a yellow pumpkin.
    Nelson: (gasps) You're a racist!
    Grand Pumpkin: All pumpkins are racist! The only difference is I admit it! (eats Nelson)
  • South Park:
    • Eric Cartman could be considered a politically incorrect Villain Protagonist due to being one of the main characters and exhibiting a lot of bigoted attitudes, having demonstrated racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and antisemitism throughout the series' run. Even on the rare, rare occasions he's genuinely doing good he's still an intolerant bigot.
    • Kyle's mom becomes one towards Canadians in The Movie, despite the fact that her own adopted son is Canadian. The movie is not shy about calling her out for simply using Canada as a Scapegoat to shirk responsibility and blame for the moral decay of their kids:
      ♪ We must blame them and cause a fuss ♪
      ♪ Before someone thinks of blaming us! ♪
    • In season 21, one of the Big Bad Ensemble is the "Member" Berries, a special speaking fruit that constantly remembers when things used to be simpler. While a lot of the time it softens people up by talking about nice things like the 80s, 90s, and movies of their childhood, it will often let slip its (and the time's) homophobic and racist views. It's never clear whether they are homophobic and racist, but it is definitely nostalgic for a time when it was ok to be.
  • General Hardcastle in Superman: The Animated Series made no effort to hide the fact that he hated aliens, Superman included; his reasoning was, he didn't like anyone who didn't fall under his or anyone else's jurisdiction. (In other words, he only liked people he could control.) In his first appearance, he was simply a Jerkass who reluctantly followed Superman's advice when his forces battled the Prometheon, but later, after Superman was temporarily rendered Brainwashed and Crazy by Darkseid, Hardcastle started to believe U.S. Army regulations didn't apply to him; falling under Lex Luthor's wing, he formed Project Achilles, and crossed the Moral Event Horizon when he tried to execute both Superman and Supergirl with injections of liquefied kryptonite. (As in, with no due process or trial.) While he was never seen facing actual criminal charges for these vigilante actions, he was stripped of his command; and with his reputation ruined, he lived in a miserable isolation for a while before ultimately being murdered by Supergirl's clone Galetea. (Who, ironically, he had inadvertently created when he used a weapon against her and Superman supplied by Luthor.)
  • Todd McFarlane's Spawn:
    • Overtkill display homophobia during his first fight with the titular Spawn as he calls Al's outfit "faggy". Likewise, Chapel uses the term "gay" to mock Spawn's costume.
    • Another episode featuring a racist serial killer.
  • The Decepticons from the Transformers franchise, in varying incarnations, despise anyone who's organic. Sometimes they simply consider organics as lesser than mechanical life and feel they should serve them, other times they want to straight up exterminate them. Whenever this ISN'T the case at all, the Decepticons' views of organics lean more towards apathy than contempt, thinking them as just another species to conquer and treating other machines with equal levels of hostility.
  • The Monarch from The Venture Bros. dabbles in this from time to time. He is never outrageously offensive, but the intent is there when he uses the word "retard" in front of the mentally challenged Ned. Doc Hammer said that the dialogue exchange was inspired by his mother lecturing him about using the word in the show, but Hammer saying the point is that The Monarch is a villain and doesn't care about political correctness.
  • Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum: Sarah from "I Am Jackie Robinson", who is racist until she changes her ways.


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