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"Canadians are so apathetic at times! [sighs] But... whaddaya gonna do?"
Glen Foster, Canadian comedian

The Boomerang Bigot is a character who thinks that all members of Group X are an inferior race/species... even while being a member of Group X themselves. Despite the obvious contradiction, the Boomerang Bigot doesn't see anything wrong with their view and will continue to persecute Group X proudly.

Differs from You Are What You Hate in that there is no ignorance, secrecy, or self-doubt involved. The Boomerang Bigot knows they're a member of the targeted group — and others know it, too — but remains unabashed about holding their views, possibly in an odd form of Honor Before Reason. However, it is possible for the two tropes to overlap. A bigot's membership in the hated group might be secret to most people but known to a few. If they continue to express sincere hatred towards the hated group, even when in a situation where their secret will not be exposed, then they might show shades of both Boomerang Bigot and You Are What You Hate.

Such behavior almost always occurs for laughs. If not... be afraid.

Has also been known in the mainstream as "Self-Hating", with the ethnic group following after (such as "Self-Hating Black" or "Self-Hating Jew"). A more technical term is "internalized bigotry". If they're not self-hating and simply criticize the behavior of their group, they might just be insisting that they Stop Being Stereotypical.

If done poorly, this trope can lead to Unfortunate Implications, such as that being bigoted is okay as long as it's self-loathing bigotry — or, on the other hand, that a person must be prejudiced in the "right" way because otherwise, they'll be a Category Traitor.

A supertrope of Misanthrope Supreme. Also see Noble Bigot, Pretend Prejudice, Cultural Cringe/My Country Tis of Thee That I Sting, Hunter of His Own Kind, Humans Are Bastards, Even Nerds Have Standards, Some of My Best Friends Are X, Internalized Categorism, N-Word Privileges, Female Misogynist, I'm a Man; I Can't Help It and Psychological Projection. Rich Kid Turned Social Activist may be Old Money who hates Old Money. Gayngst and Armoured Closet Gay are related tropes for self-hating queer characters, and Effeminate Misogynistic Guy for a less direct form of boomerang-bigotry. The most extreme cases may commit Genocide from the Inside, or attempt to do so. Compare Sub-Par Supremacist. See also Self-Deprecation.

This is disturbingly Truth in Television, but let's not get into that, shall we?

No Real Life Examples, Please!

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    Anime & Manga 
  • Osamu Tezuka's Adolf revolves around the efforts of Those Wacky Nazis desperately trying to cover up the fact that Adolf Hitler himself had Jewish ancestry.
  • Attack on Titan: The Eldians living in the ghettos of Marley have been indoctrinated to consider the Eldians living within the Walls "children of the devil". While some merely parrot the official propaganda out of fear, others truly despise their own people and believe the people of the Walled nation are demons that deserve to be exterminated via a Final Solution. The members of Marley's Warrior program were all raised with this ideology, in order to have them attempt to wipe out all life within the Walls.
    • A particularly noteworthy example of this is Lord Willy Tybur, the head of the Tybur family and the true ruler of Marley, as he openly calls his Eldian kindred who are confined to Marley's ghettos as "devils" while addressing the diplomats of the other nations, but at the same time he admits that he shares the same blood with them.
      • When Willy is discussing the "enemy" potentially attacking Marley, he and Commander Magath bring up this trope. Magath says that he's "certain" that Eldians are devils, and proceeds to call both himself and Willy devils as well.
    • Another noteworthy example is Reiner's young cousin, Gabi Braun; she was raised repeating the anti-Eldian propaganda by heart, swearing to wipe out the Eldans at Paradis, and following on Reiner's footsteps to become the next Armored Titan. When she and Falco escape from captivity while on Paradis Island, Falco removes her Eldian band arguing that it's something recognizable, and she reacts by slamming him to ground shouting that her armband identifies her as a good Eldian, and without it she'll become "just like another of the demons of the Island!". And on another occasion, she accuses Nikolo, a Marleyan who was in love with Sasha Blaus, of being "blinded" and "seduced" by the "Devils of the Island".
  • Despite being one himself, Liebe in Black Clover considers all devils scumbags. Not without good reason, since all the devils abused him during his childhood, tried to kill him by throwing him against the gate to the human world and the strongest devil, Lucifero, murdering his adoptive mother, Licita, when he would've been content living in peace with her.
  • Digimon Data Squad has Keenan, a human child that grew up in the digital world, consider humans nothing but a threat to the digital world. He gets better, once he learns that he actually is human himself and realizes that his view was narrow-minded.
  • Petermon in Digimon Ghost Game is a Corrupted Character Copy of Peter Pan and a vehement Adult Hater, despite being an Adult/Champion-level Digimon himself. The only one who mentions this hypocrisy is CaptainHookmon, who convinces him to stop pretending to be something he's not and that he can be an adult and still have fun.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • In Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku, he sees his son Kakarot (Goku) as unworthy of his attention because he was born as a low-class with a low battle power. Bardock himself is a low-class Saiyan who got stronger throughout his life, allowing him to exceed the circumstances of his birth, yet he totally rejects this possibility for his own son. However this is later retconned by Dragon Ball Super: Broly showing that Bardock cared for his son.
    • Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans: The four Ghost Warriors take the forms and personalities of Freeza, Cooler, Tullece/Turles and Slug. The latter two have literally no reason to hold grudges towards the Saiyan race, especially Tullece who was a proud Saiyan warrior himself.
    • Dragon Ball GT: Baby is a Tsufurian/Tuffle and a parasitic lifeform who gains more and more power by taking over other people's bodies. Due to the Tsufurians being eradicated by the Saiyans and having their planet completely taken over by them, Baby was created and filled with the feeling of hatred and revenge towards the Saiyan race. Baby ultimates takes over Vegeta's body, then he absorbs the Saiyan power of Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Bra and he evolves more and more like a Saiyan, with his strongest form being the Golden Oozaru which symbolizes the true power of the Saiyan race. He also turns every Earthling on Earth into his Tsufurian slaves and becomes just as much of a conquerer as the Saiyans were, a far cry from the once peaceful Tsufurian race.
    • Zig-Zagged with in Dragon Ball Super, all in the case of a single character: Zamasu. At first, Zamasu is a Kaioshin who hates mortals because he believes they are capable of nothing but violence and selfishness. But, then he, after a certain fateful encounter in one timeline, stole Goku's body and became Goku Black, becoming a mortal himself. If that wasn't enough, an alternate timeline Zamasu eventually comes across Goku Black and teams up with him, despite the fact that Goku Black himself is a mortal (albeit a god in the body of one). And then they fuse to become Fused Zamasu. He states that he forced this contradiction on himself to forever be reminded of the sins of mortals.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • Pantherlily, an Exceed working for the human kingdom of Edolas, hates his kind for exiling him for the "crime" of wanting to save a dying human's life. His faith is restored when he witnesses his people risking themselves to save human lives and immediately regrets that he let his own hatred blind him to King Faust's evil.
    • Porlyusica, who hates humans. Justified when we find out later that she's the Edolas counterpart of the sky dragon Grandeeney, who was very fond of humans.
    • Acnologia, the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse, considers humans to be beneath worthy of talking to. He was originally a Dragon Slayer who was turned into a dragon because of the Dragon Seed in his body. His dialogue with Igneel reveals that he doesn't have a much higher opinion of dragons either; he'll at least speak to them, but he still finds their existence distasteful. Indeed, he became a Dragon Slayer specifically because he wanted to kill dragons. Then it turns out he's still able to return to his human form whenever he feels like it. It's finally revealed it's because he wanted to take revenge on the dragons that betrayed and murdered the people he loved out of fear of mankind's potential with Dragon Slayer Magic, but he ultimately lost his mind as his power warped his body into the very thing he hated and he began to desire destruction for destruction's sake.
  • Alucard from Hellsing fits this, since he's actually the first vampire and seems to think that he has the right and obligation to decide which vampire lives and which vampire dies. At the moment only ONE seems to be considered worthy to live and that one was intentionally made by him and had to go through hell to earn his respect. Most vampires only stay around long enough for him to kill them.
  • Overhaul in My Hero Academia has a powerful Quirk and uses it to further his goals, but he considers Quirks a disease and despises those who have them.
  • Naruto:
    • Jirobo of the Sound Four enjoys making fun of Choji's weight during his fight with him, despite being fatter than he is.
    • As of chapter 608, there is also Obito, who believes that everyone who manages to survive as a shinobi is trash. And yes, he is aware that this includes himself.
  • Rosario + Vampire has Student Police enforcer Keito, who in addition to being a Jerkass is a Female Misogynist, if her interactions with Kurumu are any indicator. Also, Hokuto Kaneshiro, a leader in the anti-human terrorist organization Fairy Tale, is himself biologically human.
  • At one point in Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei, Maria, The Illegal, becomes fascinated with manzai which leads to her becoming a right wing ultra-nationalist for reasons which make slightly more sense in context. She is shown denouncing the Prime Minister in front of Parliament for charges which include the influx of illegal immigrants in Japan.
  • After a brief Heroic BSoD about it, Death the Kid from Soul Eater continued to hate anything and everything asymmetrical in the world despite knowing he himself has asymmetrical lines in his hair. The fact he could simply dye them and not have to deal with this is never brought up. Perhaps because he's a model student and dying hair is considered delinquent behaviour in Japan. And it wouldn't work, either: his Shinigami body simply protects him from any kinds of poisoning, hair dying included.
  • Done with no laughs at all with Legato in Trigun. He's human but is an Omnicidal Maniac who wants to kill all humans and anxiously awaits the day when his own boss will kill him. He hates himself and everyone else that is not Knives. If Knives weren't an Omnicidal Maniac, Legato would probably hate everyone anyway.
  • Tweeny Witches: Lennon's supernatural appearances, his summoning of Arusu to the Magical Realm, and his animated puppets imply that he has magic like his mother, though he denies using magic to communicate with Arusu in supernatural appearances. He wishes magic would disappear from the world and believes that some can only use magic to bring misery even though he has only used magic mostly to terrorize ships. He gets better thanks to Arusu's influence, though.
  • In Vampire Knight, Zero Kiryu is a vampire hunter who hates vampires despite (or perhaps because of) being an ex-human vampire himself.
  • Askeladd from Vinland Saga hates all Vikings and Norsemen for their conquering and pillaging ways and what they've done to the British Isles, despite being a Norse mercenary and Viking who's been fully complicit in the same deeds all his life. He fully acknowledges this contradiction makes him a hypocrite, which is why he is more than happy to help Canute unite the Norse and Saxons under a single crown and stop the Viking Age.
  • Osamu Kirin in Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon is a demon who thinks demons are scum and should be exterminated. This is because he's Kirinmaru's severed right arm in human form and thus shares Kirinmaru's immense ego and propensity for violence, but having lived his life as a human he wants to be the savior of humanity rather than its destroyer. And he gets even more genocidally hostile to demons after learning that his/Kirinmaru's daugther Rion was actually murdered centuries ago.
  • In the third season of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Judai is challenged by the Duel Spirit Birdman (formerly called "Harpies' Brother" and currently "Sky Scout" in the States) who looks down on low-Leveled monsters, considering them a lower class worthy of nothing but scorn; problem is, he himself is only Level 4, which he, in fact, admits after being defeated in the ritual battle. (Clearly, his attitude was his way of compensating.)

  • Scottish comedian Danny Bhoy tells the story of a time the power went out in his apartment building. He couldn't find his way to his own apartment, so he knocked on some random guy's door and asked if he could stay there until the power came back on. The two of them were sitting in the dark drinking beer and talking, when the other guy started complaining about all of the Indian people in the neighborhood, how they should go back where they came from, etc. Danny, being half-Indian himself, made an attempt to leave before the power came back on and his appearance was revealed to the guy. Of course, the power came back on at that moment, revealing to Danny that the other guy was full Indian.
  • George Carlin reserved some of his more searing criticisms for white people.
  • Chris Rock's division of black North Americans into "black people" and "niggas".
    Chris: You know the worst thing about niggas? Niggas always want credit for some shit they supposed to do. A nigga will brag about some shit a normal man just does. A nigga will say some shit like, "I take care of my kids." You're supposed to, you dumb motherfucker! What kind of ignorant shit is that? "I ain't never been to jail!" Whatchu want, a cookie?! You're not supposed to go to jail, you low-expectations-having motherfucker!"
  • Serdar Somuncu who was born in Istanbul to Turkish parents but has a German passport likes to make fun of both Germans and Turks and especially of Turks living in Germany. His Refuge in Audacity type comedy (he started by doing dramatic readings of Hitler's Mein Kampf) makes him a frequent guest on both comedy shows and serious political Talk Shows - especially when Turkey is in the news.
  • Tim Wilson has previously done a routine where he talks about how he's "down on white people" at the moment, despite being as white as can be himself.
  • Complaining about Germans in general and their failure to see through some obvious political ploys when it comes to elections, in particular, is a staple of German political comedy with too many examples to conveniently list here. The whole thing becomes extra meta when German comedians complain about Germans always complaining.

    Comic Books 
  • Ra's al Ghul in Batman detests humans in general, to the point of being an Omnicidal Maniac who fancies himself as Gaia's Vengeance. He wants to save the world by destroying 90% of humanity and ruling the ones left over.
  • Billy Butcher in The Boys developed a passionate hatred for metahumans due to the rampant abuses of power committed by superheroes, and took Super Serum to become one in order to fight back against their injustices. Throughout the series he expresses Fantastic Racism towards all Differently Powered Individuals, even though he and his teammates are prime examples. The final arc of the series has him attempt a Final Solution against the Supes, and he acknowledges the fact that it would kill him and the team but he considers it a small price to pay.
  • Disney Ducks Comic Universe; Played for Laughs in a classic Gyro Gearloose story by Carl Barks where a rival inventor moves next door to Gyro. Gyro angrily declares that he never could stand any kind of inventors or geniuses.
  • Justice League of America villain Maxwell Lord has a hatred of metahumans after Cyborg Superman destroyed Coast City, even though he is one himself, having the power to control minds.
  • Parodied mercilessly (like everything else) in Rat-Man with Brakko's mother-in-law, who despises black people and is too stupid to realize she's one.
  • Robin Series: At least one member of the original Jury, a group of murderous gun-toting criminals who hunt down meta-human "criminals at large" is a meta-human.
  • Minor Spider-Man foe Skinhead is a Jewish neo-Nazi.
  • Classic Supergirl's enemy Blackstarr is a Nazi supervillain. She also happens to be Jewish. She was taken from her mother when they arrived at a concentration camp (in her mind, her mother had let them take her and abandoned her). However, she managed to amuse the camp commandant so much that she was taken into his home. Being raised in a Nazi household, combined with her mother's failure to save her, convinced her that the Nazis were right.
  • Supreme Power: Nighthawk is a fanatical black supremacist whose fanaticism actually causes him to leave a bad taste in the mouths of other African-Americans, and who in turn is so fanatical he becomes racist towards his own people, as he openly espouses the idea that any Afro-American who isn't a black supremacist is a Category Traitor. His beliefs and behavior appalls Stanley Stewart, aka "The Blur", the only Afro-American superhuman in their world, who points out that he grew up and lives in The Deep South and he had never been called "house negro" until "his fellow black man" Nighthawk did it, and likewise that Nighthawk has racially objectified him far more than the whites he lives amongst. This, combined with Nighthawk dissing on Blur's Super Speed, causes Blur to dish out some revenge: he strips Nighthawk naked and tells him that he can walk home that way. They happen to be in Louisiana, and Nighthawk's "home turf" is in Chicago.
    Nighthawk: A long time ago, my dad heard Malcolm X speak at a church in Memphis. He said that during slave days, you had the house Negro, and the field Negro.
    The house Negro lived in the master's house, ate the same food as the master, lived in a warm room, usually in the basement. If the master got a cold, he was right there to help out, all cheerful and friendly because he wanted his own life to be good, and that meant making the master happy.
    The field Negro ate whatever scraps the dogs didn't eat, lived out in a cold shack, was beaten and kicked — and when the master got sick, he prayed every day the master would die. Didn't matter if the master was technically a nice guy or not. The master represented the system, and it was the system he hated.
    Our backgrounds may not line up, but at the end of the day, as much as I like Stan, he's a house negro. And I'm a field negro. And that's never going to- (notices Stan just arrived and was listening to what he said) change...
    Stan: Fuck. You.
  • The Big Bad In The Transformers: Titans Return, Sentinel Prime, has a hatred of all Transformer races that deviate from what he feels is the pure form. The hatred is extended to many like the beast modes, colonists, Camiens, and even to dissident factions like the Decepticons. The pure form is the race of transformers descended from Prima, which is odd as Sentinel Prime himself is a Headmaster, descended from Nexus, and Sentinel's own race of people were hunted into extinction long ago for not fitting that ideal form of Transformer.
  • In Ultimate Spider-Man, Liz Allan is a vehemently anti-mutant bigot who finds out, quite dramatically, that she's a mutant herself.
  • Xerius in Warlord of Mars used to be a White Martian before being turned into a non-corporeal spirit and he engineers the enslavement and genocide of his kind while posing as a Red Martian. He does this because he is disgusted with his own people's long oppression and exploitation of the Red and Green people.
  • Wonder Woman (1987): The Sangtee Emperor is a woman but practices her society's violent and horrific misogyny.
  • Wonder Woman (2006): Alkyone tries to kill Diana as a baby for being an "abomination" whose body is made of clay, even though all the Amazons in that continuity were created the same way with the only thing different about Diana being that she was made a child, because in her previous life she was murdered as a child and never had a chance to grow up.
  • In X-Men, Moira X is a mutant who believes humanity is superior, and has secretly been planning to commit Genocide from the Inside to ensure baseline humanity dominates the world instead of being replaced by mutantkind.
    • For another example among the X-Men, Xavier student Elixir was recruited after his healing power popped off... during his tenure with the latest iteration of the Reavers, an anti-mutant hate group.

    Fan Works 
  • Fleur dis Lee in Anchor Foal was born and raised in Protocera, the griffon home nation, and shares the common Protoceran viewpoint of dismissing Equestrian ponies as weak-willed, soft-hearted, easily-frightened Control Freaks. This, despite being biologically a pony (unicorn) herself.
  • The Seraphim, main antagonist of Angel of the Bat, hates all religions except for his own and has a particular disdain for Jews. He is ethnically Jewish.
  • In Belated Battleships, San Francisco came back as Japanese but has no love lost for that people.
  • Played for Laughs in Boldores And Boomsticks: Casey says fanboys are creepy. When Weiss rattles off all the ways she shows her devotion to the Electabuzz, her favorite team, she doesn't get the point.
  • Brother on Board: Sabo has developed the bad habit of judging nobles and royalty, to the extent of punching someone who simply claimed to be a king on the spot without bothering to learn anything else about them first. Despite, or more precisely because of the fact that he himself is technically a noble, which is a sore point for him.
  • Earth's Alien History: The Syrannites are a Vulcan sect that hate anyone and anything that isn't purely Vulcan, yet they're led by a human/Vulcan hybrid. Considering that their leader is actually the Goa'uld Seth, this further undercuts their whole belief system.
  • GoAnimate: Elena and Cole tend to insult their daughter, Dora, for being Mexican despite the fact that they themselves are Mexican.
  • My Heroes Reborn: The Lost Souls are victims of the villain Priestess who were evil in their past lives and subsequently turned to villainy after awakening their Past-Life Memories. One of these Lost Souls, Righteous Fury, is the reincarnation of Bellatrix Lestrange, and thus became a pureblood supremacist in a world where no one has magic, making her this. Ignoring the fact that she has, you know, superpowers.
  • Suzaku in My Mirror, Sword and Shield, reluctantly realizes when he's defending himself to Kallen that he hates Japanese people. Which is due to his Japanese neglectful and abusive drug addict of a mother and the Japanese thugs that threatened and killed his loving adoptive Britannian parents.
  • Reality Check: Shinsou has a quirk that does nothing for his physical abilities yet disparages Toru for having a quirk that just makes her invisible, stating she was useless and wondering how she even got into the Hero Course with a quirk like hers.

    Films — Animation 
  • In The Great Mouse Detective, Ratigan appears to despise rats despite being one himself and calling him a rat is a surefire way to get yourself killed.
  • In Robots, Ratchet's mother Madame Gasket wants to destroy all older "outmode" robots, being oblivious to the fact she is made of "outmode" parts.
  • In the DVD Commentary for Shrek, the creators noted this for Farquaad. He hates fairy tale creatures for being different, not realizing that his height (or lack thereof) qualifies him as a "freak" by his own standards. Shrek: The Musical makes it even more explicit: he's half-dwarf.
  • The Toon Patrol from Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Judge Doom who organized genocide of his own species for profit.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Artemisia is depicted as a Persian military commander in 300: Rise of an Empire, waging war against Greece despite having been born there; her Dark and Troubled Past has left her with no good memories of the country.
    Artemisia: "I am Greek by birth, and I have Greek blood running through my veins. But my Persian."
  • Alpha Dog: Jake Mazursky is a Jew, but he and his girlfriend appear to be neo-Nazis, with several white supremacy tattoos on their bodies and a Hitler poster decorating his kitchen. Played for laughs more than anything, with her doing a Nazi salute while wearing a Modesty Bedsheet when his (equally Jewish) brother Zack pays them a visit.
  • The Believer is about an Orthodox Jew who becomes a neo-Nazi. Based loosely on Dan Burros, a Jewish man who joined the American Nazi Party in the 1960s and committed suicide when his heritage was revealed.
  • Played with in Blood and Bone, as the Big Bad seems to be a black man that does not like black people (despite employing two at different times), but he has as big an issue with poor and working class, which people can actually leave behind. His boss is a white man who dislikes black people even more and is also a low-class thug who lucked into money.
  • Officer Coffey in Boyz n the Hood is a black policeman who shows apathy and hostility to other blacks, thinking that they're all criminals. When he and his partner question Tre and Ricky, Coffey shoves a gun in Tre's face to see him scared for his life and explains that he signed up specifically to rough up those he hates.
  • Stated by another cop in Dirty Harry when he runs through the list of different ethnic groups that Harry hates (which comprises pretty much everyone). One of those groups is "honkies".
  • Stephen in Django Unchained, the head house slave of Candyland. He is just as racist as any of the white people around him and treats the slaves under him just as poorly even though he himself is also black and a slave. He especially hates free black people like Django. Unlike many other examples, this is not played for laughs. At all.
  • Mordo becomes one of these in Doctor Strange (2016). He is a sorcerer, but his final scene reveals he wants to kill all other sorcerers in the belief that all magic-users violate “natural law.”
  • Officer Self Hatred in Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood is a parody of Officer Coffey, and played by Bernie Mac.
    Officer Self Hatred: I hate your black skin. I hate your black pants. I hate black pepper. I hate black keys on a piano. I hate my gums, 'cause THEY black. I hate Whoopi Goldberg's lips. I hate the back of Forest Whitaker's neck. Most of all, I hate that black ass Wesley Snipes.
  • Get on the Bus has a successful car salesman who initially comes off as a Flawless Token as he encourages a black youth to focus on education to be successful...then in the same breath reveals he went to a "real college and not some nigger school", going on an anti-black tirade that might as well be spoken by a neo-Nazi with N-Word Privileges where he derides everything/everyone black, reveals he's a Republican though he's okay with Threefer, a black, gay Republican for the same politics regardless of sexual orientation, with the kicker being his revealing he couldn't care less about the Million Man March (the entire point of the bus trip) and is only going there to sell cars. He finally works their last nerve by telling a racist joke about how "lesbians and niggers don't do dick", and is literally thrown off the bus into a ditch.
  • Walt Kowalski from Gran Torino is a white Polish-American who throws derogatory slurs at everyone, including the Polish and whites.
  • In The Handmaiden, Kouzuki is Korean but idolizes English and Japanese people and culture. He despises Korea and being Korean, and earned money and power by accommodating himself to the Japanese when they occupied Korea.
  • In the David Mamet film Homicide, Bobby Gold, a Jewish detective, is reluctantly drawn into the case of a murdered Jewish storekeeper (he really wants to be tracking a fugitive with his partner), and when the relatives of the murdered woman say they heard someone shooting on the roof near their place, is disinclined to believe them. Gold doesn't use any antisemitic slurs, but he does refer to the family as "you people", and when he's on the phone with his partner later (about the other case he wants to be on), he makes cracks about how Jews must have done something wrong to be persecuted. Unfortunately, he does this without knowing the dead woman's granddaughter is sitting behind him. Once he realizes this, and after she tears him a new one for his attitude, Gold does a Heel–Face Turn, becomes dedicated to solving the murder, and treats it as a hate crime. Unfortunately, he was wrong about that - it was a simple robbery gone wrong - and because he wouldn't supply a crucial piece of information to the people trying to help the family, he gets shunned by them as well.
  • Implied in Kingsman: The Secret Service. Throughout the film, Arthur speaks in a refined accent and seems the definition of an upper-class snob who has it in for the working class Eggsy. After being poisoned by Eggsy his dying words are a string of expletives uttered in a very coarse East End accent.
  • In the Extended Editions of The Lord of the Rings, Elrond snaps to Gandalf "there is no honor left in Men" meaning the humans of Gondor. Elrond is of course half-human and his twin brother chose to be human.
  • In Machete, Sartana starts out as a Hispanic woman who has a disdain for other Hispanics and works to get them deported. Several other characters call her out on betraying her people.
  • The seventh member of The Magnificent Seven really hates farmers, though he himself is a farmer.
  • Featured in the 2009 documentary Outrage, which is about homosexual politicians who consistently vote against gay rights, AIDS funding, and other gay-friendly legislation.
  • The Power of the Dog: Phil mocks Peter for being effeminate and makes derogatory remarks and homophobic slurs towards him. It is eventually revealed that Phil himself is a deeply closeted gay man.
  • In Seven Samurai, the seventh ronin, played by Toshiro Mifune, actually comes from a peasant background. He hates peasants for being victims and samurai for being bullies.
  • Trent, the self-proclaimed black Klansman in Shock Corridor.
  • Sky High (2005): The Reveal of Gwen's past makes her coldness toward Layla and indirectly the other sidekicks somewhat perplexing. Whether she genuinely fell for Will, saw something of herself in Layla that she hated, or simply went drunk with popularity isn't particularly well-explored, though the second is slightly implied.
  • A Soldier's Story: Sgt. Waters proves to be a deconstruction - he spent his life emulating the racist whites around him. He realizes the futility of it just as he's about to be killed.
  • A mild example in the Korean War film The Steel Helmet. A North Korean prisoner of war tries to turn Japanese-American soldier Tanaka against his comrades by appealing to his anger over his childhood in an internment camp. Tanaka gives him a Shut Up, Hannibal! that invokes some Asian stereotypes.
  • Straight Outta Compton: Similar to the Officer Coffey example, a black police officer harasses and spouts racially-charged remarks at N.W.A while they were on a break from a recording session.
    Black Cop: You got something to say, you got something to say boy? You heard what your master said, get inside boy.
  • In Thor, Loki's reaction to learning that he's the son of Jötenheim's king is to attempt Frost Giant genocide. Certainly had a lot to do with finding out that his biological father had left him to die for being a runt. Moreover, Loki was raised to fear and hate Jötunns as he was growing up in Asgard, so his action was also fueled by extreme self-loathing. He appears to have gotten over this, however, by Thor: Ragnarok, where he pens his own terrible and self-aggrandizing play that openly depicts himself as a Jotun child.
  • Played for laughs in Twilight. Edward says "Never trust a vampire. Trust me." However, Edward actually has a negative notion of existence as a vampire, he believes that vampires have no souls and therefore he doesn't want Bella to become one of them.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Judge Doom has an absolutely bottomless loathing of all Toons and plans to exterminate them when he destroys Toontown...despite being Toon himself in a human disguise.
  • Aquaman has this attitude in Zack Snyder's Justice League, as he's quick to point out that he's only half-Atlantean and despises his people for being brutal warmongers. At one point he tells Wonder Woman, whose people went to war with them ages prior, that he hates them as much as she does.

  • Played with in Strings, the sequel to The Ables. The Big Bad is intentionally promoting anti-custodian sentiment despite being a custodian herself, however, her end goal is to use her power to control an army of custodians for herself. It's unclear whether she genuinely hates other custodians or just wants power.
  • In the second Charlie Mortdecai book, After You With The Pistol, Mortdecai needs someone to spy on a suspicious meeting taking place between his wife and a Chinese restaurateur and is recommended a friend/criminal connection by his loutish Battle Butler Jock. Jock's friend is deaf but can read lips and goes by the nickname "Rose". When Mortdecai inquires as to the nickname, Jock tells him that it is short for Rosenberg or Rosenstein or something like that, but that "Rose" doesn't like being called by his full name because he "hates foreigners".
  • Holly from Breakfast at Tiffany's mentions that she's bisexual, however, she complains about lesbians quite a bit even in that same sentence and refers to them using slurs (though that wasn't uncommon in the 1940s). Holly also mentions she likes having lesbians for roommates because apparently, they're good at housekeeping, unlike herself. Despite her arrogant attitude, she does however still believe that anyone should be able to love whoever they want.
  • Chivalry of a Failed Knight has the terrorist organization, Rebellion, which aims to create a world where Blazers rule over ordinary humans. The majority of their members are ordinary humans who fully support this cause, believing themselves to be inferior and therefore obligated to serve the Blazer members of Rebellion.
  • Queen Jehana in the Deryni works becomes this after she tries to use her Deryni powers to protect her son from Charissa at his coronation. She fervently believes the Deryni powers are evil, and after The Reveal at the coronation, she goes into self-imposed exile in a remote convent, fasting to the point of noticeable weight loss. She tries to warn Nigel's wife Meraude of the taint of the Haldane powers, exhorting her sister-in-law to keep Nigel safe. She entertains hopes of finding a human wife for Kelson to "redeem" him, and she's rude and hostile to Rothana when she thinks the young novice is too close to her son.
  • Discworld:
    • Played briefly as a gag in Men at Arms by the troll Detritus:
      Detritus: You can't trust 'em.
      Skully: Who?
      Detritus: Trolls. Nasty pieces of work in my opinion.
    • His partner Cuddy (a dwarf) gets like this about dwarfs. It seems to be a symptom of joining the Watch: Once you join the Watch, no other labels apply to you, such as race or gender, so Detritus is not a troll, nor Cuddy a dwarf, they are watchmen.
    • Similarly, the zombie Reg Shoe is initially invited to join the Watch after sending in letters complaining about police treatment of the Undead community. Vimes later notices that since Reg Shoe became a watchman the number of complaints from the Undead has doubled and they are all directed against Reg Shoe.
    • 71-Hour Ahmed doesn't trust any Klatchians, because he is one. He actually has to point this out to Vimes, who's engaging assuming a heavy case of Flawless Token (to counteract the regular-old discrimination that he thinks will get everyone killed by underestimation), that Klatchians can be scheming bastards too.
    • Vimes himself hates the upper classes, considering them entitled bastards who think themselves above the law. Since marrying Lady Sybil, he has become the richest man in the city, as well as a knight and a duke. The irony of this is not lost on him. Lord Vetinari has remarked that Vimes' continued dislike of authority and the nobility, despite being the second highest authority in the city and the highest ranking noble, is "practically Zen."
    • In Night Watch Captain Carrot mentions that a troll, Calcite, has joined a gang that was formed primarily to beat up trolls, apparently because he likes to beat up trolls as well.
    • Annagramma in the Tiffany Aching books (most pointedly Wintersmith) claims to hate shepherds and know nothing about the shepherd life, and Tiffany calls her out on being a farmer's daughter. She's ashamed about being a daughter of a landless peasant. She never expresses actual hate towards people who work with their hands, but tends to be extremely condescending towards them.
    • The Hydrophobes are deliberately raised to hate all liquids, including their own body fluids. This aversion becomes so powerful it forms a repulsion field around the hydrophobe, practical for magic transports on water.
    • In a sadder example, one of the dwarves in The Fifth Elephant hates Cheery, a dwarf who openly admits she's female (most dwarf women don't). The dwarf in question is a woman herself and is jealous of how Cheery's allowed to be who she really is. She's also the Big Bad, and part of her reason for ensuring that a more liberal dwarf king can't be elected is so that if she (being a conservative dwarf advisor) can't be openly female, then no one can.
  • Dora Wilk Series, having Fantastic Racism as one of its main themes, has its small share.
    • Katarzyna, a half-water witch, half-fury famous for their master over two opposite elements, considers hybrids who show off their mixed heritage to be disgusting.
    • Raphael, main advocate of Fantastic Racism, believes that Interspecies Romance in akin to bestiality. He has a half-blood son. However, the bigoted part of him is a demon who possessed him and the child happened before the possession.
  • In the Farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb, Burrich tries to repress signs of the Wit in Fitz because he himself is trying to hide that he has the Wit.
  • Fluke: The titular stray dog's mentor Rumbo, seemingly for their adherence to humans, is disdainful of dogs in general.
  • In Great Expectations, a young and suggestible Pip turns on everything he considers "common" after Estella disparages him for being common. This comes back to bite him.
  • In Harrison Bergeron, Diana Moon Glampers has the job of making sure that talented people are Brought Down to Normal with handicaps. She herself is a talented marksman who wears no handicaps.
  • Harry Potter:
    • Big Bad Voldemort wants to eliminate/subjugate any wizard who isn't pure-blooded, especially the Muggle-borns, but Voldemort himself is a half-blood. However, his true beliefs are open to interpretation so he's a debatable example. See the note for details.note 
    • Snape was a Death Eater, one of Voldemort's followers, despite being a half-blood himself and in love with Muggle-born Lily Evans (Harry's mom).
    • Dolores Umbridge, a pureblood supremacist introduced in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix according to Word of God. She claims to be a descendent of the Selwyn wizarding family and fully pure-blooded when prosecuting Muggle-borns for "stealing magic" in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In reality, her parents were a member of the Department of Magical Maintenance (read: a janitor) and a Muggle.
  • Played for Drama in regard to Akeno Himejima from High School D×D, who was originally a half-fallen angel before being reincarnated as a devil, and who hates other fallen angels. The reason for her hatred comes from the fact that her mother was killed by her relatives for entering a romantic relationship with Akeno's father; Baraqiel, as her relatives are servants of the Shinto gods, and her actions would be seen as heretical. Due to the fact that her mother was killed due to Akeno's heritage, as well as Baraqiel being unable to save his wife, Akeno cut ties with him and went off into exile, developing a sense of self-loathing towards her fallen angel heritage. She slowly start to get over it as she start to fall in love with the protagonist; Issei Hyoudou, due to the fact that he stated that he liked her despite her heritage, as she was worried that he would start to hate her, due to his own bad experiences with fallen angels.
  • Deconstructed in Philip Roth's The Human Stain. Professor Coleman Silk's long and distinguished tenure is brought to sudden ruin when he is accused of making a racist comment about two black students. Coleman is the only person who can really appreciate the awful irony of this accusation, because he is a light-skinned black man who spent his entire adult life pretending he was white, going so far as to disown his family so that they don't exist as a fact of his past others could discover. Since the accusation was perpetrated from within the Athena faculty by his personal enemies, if they knew the truth about his race, they would almost certainly believe him to be a Boomerang Bigot instead of the straightforward variety they accused him of being.
  • Joe Christmas from Faulkner's Light in August has serious issues, among them, he is white; he thinks he's biracial but doesn't fit in black or white society. He has contempt for black people in particular.
  • In the Strugatsky Brothers novel Prisoners of Power it turns out that the political junta which ordered the persecution of the "deviants" is composed entirely of deviants itself. They don't do it out of bigotry though - deviants are the only members of the populace who are immune to the Mind Control which the junta uses to stay in power.
  • The Moidart, who spends most of Ravenheart oppressing the Rigante every which way you can think of, has Rigante blood himself. He despises the Rigante for the fact that, despite being ferocious warriors, they never bothered to create an empire of their own.
  • In Sewer, Gas & Electric, the racist who plotted with GAS the supercomputer to unleash a plague that kills only black people has a black distant ancestor. Partially subverted in that he didn't show any visible sign of African ancestry; nonetheless, his "one drop"-caliber bigotry led him to design the plague to spare anyone with green eyes like him, for fear it would latch onto that "one drop" and kill him too.
  • This turns up in the Star Wars Expanded Universe as the main reason for the Start of Darkness of arguably the greatest Big Bad in the entire saga, Emperor Sheev Palpatine. Even before he began training as the Sith apprentice Darth Sidious, Palpatine was full of hatred for his own people, the Naboo, because he was embarrassed by their supposedly backward and uncultured tendencies (being Mid Rimmers in a galaxy where the Core Worlders are very elitist and despise anyone living in the Inner Rim and beyond). He particularly loathed his own family, and especially his father (whom he eventually murdered), for being frontier aristocrats who never tried to improve their social status in the wider galaxy. He was determined not to let that happen to him, and the master plan of his Sith master, Darth Plagueis, was what ultimately gave him the opportunity to "succeed" where his family had failed. Interestingly, however, he continued to act the part of a rimworld yokel after being elected to the Galactic Senate in order to mask his future power grab, only to drop his country accent and adopt a more posh one once he was named Chancellor and awarded dictatorial powers by the Senate. And once he had crowned himself Emperor, he proclaimed the doctrine of Human High Culture, which discriminated against lower-class humans as well as nonhumans.
  • In The Stormlight Archive, Moash joins the Parshendi in fighting his fellow humans, claiming that Humans Are Bastards and chastising some Parshendi when they seem to be "sinking" to a human level. In his case, it mostly seems to stem from running full-speed over the Despair Event Horizon and generalizing his self-loathing to all humanity, rather than face the fact that he betrayed his only friends.
  • Sword of Truth: The Imperial Order preaches that magic is evil, as it sets people with the gift over those without. Yet their leader Emperor Jagang, along with its spiritual guide Brother Narev are themselves magic users. This is explained away as since they use their powers in the goal of destroying magic eventually, it's fine. One of their followers (who himself is a magic user) even says he'll die too in the end.
  • In the Warrior Cats arc Power of Three, Berrynose complains that the ThunderClan leader Firestar is letting too many kittypets (house cats) into his Clan and tainting the blood of the Clan. Another cat immediately points out that Berrynose himself was a kittypet that Firestar let into the Clan, only for Berrynose to try to claim that it's different.
  • When Glory from Wings of Fire discovers that her Actual Pacifist RainWing tribe acts just like what other dragons claim they do, she starts hating them. Her friends tell her that the RainWings' pacifism can be a good thing, and denying her "sun time" was doing her more harm than good.
    • Darkstalker hates IceWings in spite of being part IceWing himself. This is at least in part due to the general attitude and actions of his IceWing father.
  • Taegan Nightwind from the Dungeons & Dragons novel series Year Of Rogue Dragons. He is an avariel, or winged elf, and considers his species to be inferior to humans because they haven't accomplished anything. It takes not one but two epiphanies to convince him otherwise. First, that other varieties of elves have built huge cities and accomplished great things, and second that avariel in particular defended the Citadel of the Rage, which is probably why Faerun isn't still run by tyrant dragons.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:
    • Tucker Shockley is a high-ranking member of the Watchdogs, a militant group who despise Inhumans. He confronts Senator Ellen Nadeer, arguing that because her brother was an Inhuman, she must be one too. He thus breaks a Terrigen Crystal, expecting its mists to transform her. However, in a delicious irony, Shockley is the one who transforms while Nadeer is unaffected. His hatred of Inhumans doesn't diminish in any way after his Terrigenesis. If anything, he hates them even more for "making me a freak" (ignoring that he was always Inhuman, he just lacked powers until this point, and that he wasn't transformed by Terrigen pollution but rather by a Crystal which he himself broke).
    • After being freed from Hive's sway, Hellfire comes to view Inhumans as monsters and joins the Watchdogs so that he can help them exterminate his own kind. Yes, including himself. He plans to either kill himself or let the Watchdogs kill him once the rest of Inhumanity has been wiped out.
  • Andromeda:
    • A radical group bent on destroying space travel in order to preserve planetary ecologies was founded by a warship's A.I. Of course, even before that became known, it was well-known that the group uses warships to enforce their views...
    • A much softer version shows up in "The Unconquerable Man", an Alternate Universe episode in which Gaheris Rhade — the main character's Nietzschean second-in-command who betrays him in the pilot — replaces Dylan (said main character). Gaheris ends up so bitter about how the Nietzscheans turned out that Harper (a character with little reason to be fond of Nietzscheans) calls him "the only one I know that hates Nietzscheans more than I do".
  • Angel: The eponymous vampire poses as one of these in order to infiltrate the Scourge, a gang of pureblood demons with a burning hatred for humanity, including any demons with human blood (especially vampires, who are human bodies possessed by demonic spirits).
  • Battlestar Galactica (2003):
    • Saul Tigh really hates the Cylons — he has them tortured and executed, and even orders suicide bombings to strike back on New Caprica. However, as we find out in the season three finale, he's one of the final five Cylons, along with his wife, who he kills for conspiring with the Cylons. He doesn't treat Cylons any better upon finding this out.
    • Chief Tyrol counts in a way as well; his own Cylon revelation only deepens his misanthropy, particularly towards himself. For him, it's justified given everything that happened with Boomer.
    • In a non-Cylon example, Gaius Baltar defines himself as a member of Caprica's educated elite, with a snobbish attitude that disdains those beneath him, both in class and intellect. Only later into the show do we find out that he is from a family of farmers from Aerilon, a generally poor Colony whose main industry is agriculture. He reveals that he spent his whole life hiding his background to integrate with the Caprican elite.
  • Black Lightning (2018): African-American Tobias Whale engages in assorted racist comments concerning the black residents of Freeland — based on the reaction of one of his subordinates, he has a reputation for doing so. Mitigated somewhat in his case, since he was treated as an outcast within the black community while growing up because of his albinism, which he eventually internalized.
  • Zig-zagged in the Chappelle's Show skit "Black White Supremacist" with Clayton Bigsby, a black man from the Deep South who was born blind and is unaware of the fact that he is black. He grows up to become a white supremacist writer and Klan leader. Most of his fellow Klansmen have never seen him out of his robes, and his few close friends who have don't tell him he's black out of fear that he will kill himself just so there will be one less black person in the world. Played straight later when he finally does find out he's black. He accepts it, but divorces his wife for being a "nigger-lover".
  • Similar to the Law & Order case below, the episode "Spiders" from Cold Case has a Neo-Nazi who is part Jewish. Valens comments "That makes you the most self-hating sonofabitch I've ever seen." It's later revealed that he was trying to "burn out" the Jewish part of himself by rabidly upholding Neo-Nazi ideals.
  • In one episode of CSI a little person is killed, and the guilty party turns out to be his fiancé's father, who is also a little person. The father's daughter was born full size despite both her parents being little, which delighted the father, and he didn't want to risk having a grandchild like himself. The twist is that his daughter is already pregnant.
  • In Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry is accused of being a self-hating Jew, because he likes Richard Wagner. He responds: "I do hate myself, but it has nothing to do with being Jewish."
  • In the Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible story "Frenzy of Tongs", a British police chief of Chinese descent says several incredibly racist things about the Chinese crime gang.
  • Doctor Who:
    • In "Remembrance of the Daleks", two factions of Daleks engage in a civil war over the fact that each one considers the other sub-Dalek in some way — or, as the Doctor's companion Ace memorably puts it, they "weren't pure in their blobbiness".
    • Parodied with Lady Cassandra from "The End of the World", who considers herself to be the last "pure" human in existence, the rest of the species having engaged in a lot of Boldly Coming in the millions of years between her time and ours, and thus become "mongrels". For the record, Cassandra is a flat sheet of skin with a face on it connected to a Brain in a Jar, having undergone so many cosmetic procedures that she is quite arguably one of the least humanlike characters to ever appear in the series.
    • In "The Stolen Earth", Davros recreates the Absolute Xenophobe Daleks using his own cells. As a result, in "Victory of the Daleks", the Daleks' Progenitor Device does not recognize them as pure (i.e., original) Daleks. When pure Daleks are resurrected, the impure Daleks willingly allow themselves to be exterminated with barely a word.
    • In "Victory of the Daleks, "unpure" Daleks have convinced Winston Churchill that they are war machines created by Doctor Bracewell, and use Churchill's connections to bring The Doctor to them. They eventually get him to identify them as "Daleks," which unlocks a machine that produces "pure" Daleks. The new Daleks promptly destroy their predecessors who willingly submit to extermination.
    • In Series 12 (Season 38), a partially converted Cyberman known as Ashad (who isn't completely covered in metal and doesn't have his emotions inhibited) seeks to destroy all organic life and have all the Cybermen "ascend to full mechanisation", despite being more organic than other Cybermen.
  • Done as kind of a joke in Dollhouse when Sierranote  is imprinted with the personality of someone who doesn't seem to like "Orientals". At least, she says that she doesn't like them... but she does seem to in some ways, given how she hits on Ivy. We're never really told what that engagement involved.
  • Father Ted:
    • In the episode "Grant Unto Him Eternal Rest":
      Father Dougal: I just wanted to ask you, do you believe in an afterlife?
      Father Ted: Do I what?
      Father Dougal: Do you believe in an afterlife?
      Father Ted: Well, generally speaking, Dougal, priests tend to have a very strong belief in the afterlife.
      Father Dougal: Oh, I wish I had your faith, Ted.
      Father Ted: [Beat] Dougal, how did you get into the church? Was it like collect twelve crisp packets and become a priest?
    • It's not just Dougal. All priests on Father Ted don't really get the whole God thing. The only priest with any sort of faith is Ted, and Word of God confirms he only sees the priesthood as a job.
  • In Flash Gordon, Ming was extremely tough on Deviants and was himself a Deviant. He did his best to keep this fact hidden, though.
  • Game of Thrones: Brienne sneers with particular disdain that Jaime is acting like a woman. While she clearly respects some women, such as Catelyn, Brienne has spent her whole life turning her back on traditional feminine pursuits and behavior.
  • Gentefied
    • Chris calls Roberto (their landlord) a "coconut" and a "potato" when he comes into the shop reminding Pops that he's behind on his rent. When he's entering the taqueria he's seen with his two wealthy white and Asian investors discussing the possibility of changing Boyle Heights' landscape.
    • Implied with the bank employee who racially profiles Erik and Ana, accusing them of stealing the credit card that Chris lent them earlier. His name is Mateo, implying Hispanic heritage.
  • In a Season 2 episode of Grimm, Nick confronts a hero worshipper and stalker who insists that he is a Grimm and all wesen must die. He himself is a particularly hideous lamprey-like wesen.
  • A Fantastic Racism variant occurs on Heroes during Volume 4, with Nathan and Mohinder. Mohinder, of course, had personal reasons for feeling that way. . .
  • Homicide: Life on the Street: Detective (later Sergeant) Kay Howard is the only woman detective on the squad the first few seasons. She despises women police officers, calling them "secretaries with badges", and is notably harsher with them than her male partner, Detective Beau Felton, is.
  • It Ain't Half Hot, Mum: Rangi dismisses the other Indians as 'ignorant natives' and uses phrases like 'we British' when talking to the crew. Michael Bates based this aspect of the character on similar encounters he'd had with social-climbing Indians in British India.
  • On iZombie, Liv eats the brain of a Seahawks fan who hated zombies. Thus, she exhibits the personality of a bigot who makes anti-zombie remarks.
  • Played with when John Safran (in his series, John Safran Versus God) attempted to join The Klan. He is Jewish but does not hold anti-Semitic views. The story was just a way to mock the clan (though it started out about Jewish people being excluded from country clubs). He did as part of story argue that as a Jewish man raised by Jews he had more right to hate the Jews than anyone else. The clan did eventually admit that while John couldn't qualify (unless he started a Jewish chapter) that if he had a child with a Non-Jewish woman that child wouldn't be considered Jewish and so would be eligible to join.
  • In Kamen Rider OOO, Ankh becomes this towards the end of the series in regards to the Greeed. Despite being one himself, he's come to see their main goal of becoming complete as an empty effort without thinking about what they'll do afterward, as it doesn't even sate their ever-present desire. In this case, it's more of the actions rather than the species, as he admits even he acted that way and hates himself for it. He also gets seriously frustrated over the fact that the other Greeed seem completely incapable of seeing his point of view. Unlike many examples, he actually has a very good point, as his goal is now to actually sate his desire instead of letting it run wild.
  • Gaon from Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger hates mechanical creatures even though he is a Mechanical Lifeform himself because he finds them ugly. This causes some issues with his team until he gets called out on in in episode 22.
  • Law & Order did this with a half-Jewish neo-Nazi, and once again with an anti-Semitic Jewish professor. Likewise, one case had a Hispanic kid with neo-Nazi sympathies as a suspect. He swore to the detectives that he was fully Spanish with no mestizo blood, but he still looked quite delusional.
  • An episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit saw a gay man raping, robbing, assaulting and eventually murdering other gay men. ADA Barba sought a hate crimes enhancement. The perp's lawyer argued that her client could not be charged as he was a member of the group he supposedly hated. Barba claimed that her client hated a specific subset of gays, those who could pass as straight when her client could not.
  • Murder One: Episode five has one Jewish man on trial for attacking another in an antisemitic outburst. This turns out to be the result of a brain tumor, which causes a dismissal as he couldn't help himself.
  • Noah's Arc: Wade is this early on, with a very vocal aversion to gays despite being gay himself.
  • The Orville: The Moclans are an all-male species (ignore the question of how they actually reproduce), and they got that way by forcing any female Moclans to undergo an Easy Sex Change as children. This includes Lieutenant Commander Bortus's mate Klyden, who knows he was born female and staunchly supports the policy to the point of reporting their birth of a daughter to the Moclan government, forcing a legal showdown. And informing on a Moclan defense contractor who prefers the company of (alien) females (not allowed either). And encouraging misogynistic attitudes in his and Bortus's ex-daughter son. And possibly also informing the Moclan government about an underground railroad operation for female babies the Orville stumbles on (leading to a congressional hearing and an abortive shootout between the Orville and a Moclan warship).
  • The Practice:
    • In "Blowing Smoke" the defendant is a black police officer charged with murdering another black man he claims was trying to rob a corner store. His ex-girlfriend reveals he often disparaged black people with racial slurs (though not all-she's also black). In defense, he claims this only applied to the black criminals who he'd dealt with on the job.
    • In "The Lonely People" a racist who murdered a Black man was revealed to be half Black himself, with the man he says ordered it being his father (who preaches interracial relationships are forbidden). He was light enough to pass for White, so no one suspected. It's implied the man embraced his (hypocritical) father's racism to get close with him, though he simply denied that his Black heritage existed.
  • On one episode of Seinfeld George's mother rejects the advice of Jerry's girlfriend Donna Chang because she finds out (having previously talked to the woman only on the phone) that Donna is not Chinese. "I don't want to take the advice of some girl from Long Island!" she shouts.
    • Also Played for Laughs in one of Jerry's stand up routines, where he claims his uncle always accuses people who slight him of being anti-Semitic... including his rabbi.
  • Smallville: Tess Mercer in Seasons 8 & 9 was this trope... towards humanity in general. She unleashed Zod and the Kryptonian clones expressly because she hoped that they would be better stewards of the planet and that having the Kryptonians in charge, rather than her fellow humans, would allow Earth to become some kind of paradise (apparently, she missed the memo that the Kryptonians inadvertently destroyed their own planet and themselves in the process). But when it becomes clear that Zod is just as corrupt and evil as any human dictator, Tess realizes her error and moves away from this trope in Season 10.
  • Colonel Potter on M*A*S*H: "Damn colonels! Can't trust any of them!" Justified; his reasoning is that colonels as a group are obsessed with making points so they can be promoted to general, while Potter himself plans to retire soon, at his current rank. This could be attributed to his time as an enlisted man during World War I.
  • In Sports Night, Jeremy claims to be a racist in an attempt to get fired. His boss doesn't buy it.
    Jeremy: I'm serious, this country is being ruined by the blacks and the Jews.
    Isaac: You're Jewish.
    Jeremy: And I have to be stopped!
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The episode "Cardassians" deals with a Cardassian boy who had been adopted by a Bajoran father. Bajor had only recently regained its independence after a long period of suffering under Cardassian occupation, and the adopted Cardassian boy had internalized his adoptive father's disdain for Cardassians, such that when he was met his biological father for the first time since being separated as a baby, the boy calls him a "butcher" and declares "You're Not My Father".
  • Top Gear: Jeremy Clarkson has a really strong and open dislike for American people, and will not skip an opportunity to attack them. Ironically, many of the traits he criticizes Americans for having (being overweight, vulgar, ignorant, arrogant and obsessed with size), he possesses himself. He is entirely aware of this.
  • The Wire shows that black cops can be just as prone to Police Brutality and casual prejudice against the city's black residents as any white cop. In fact, the character of Officer Walker, who is one of the most corrupt and brutal cops seen on the show and has no hesitation in using force or racist metaphors against the young kids who are focused on in Season 4, was intended to highlight this. Creator David Simon noted that in his decades of covering the Baltimore police, including his year embedded in the Homicide division, this was a pattern he often saw, and he wanted the show to reflect it.

  • The music videos for Chamillionaire's "Ridin'", and his less-famous "Hip Hop Police" feature Chamllionaire being harrassed or attacked by black police officers, likely inspired by Officer Coffey.
  • Eminem loved using his privilege as a white rapper to wind up other white people with rhetoric that would be inflammatory coming from a black rapper.
    • Eminem's black audiences didn't always enjoy Eminem's Self-Deprecation in this manner. In the famous incident where he was booed offstage in 1992, it was in response to him attempting to lead a call-and-response chant of "kill that honkey!" (Contrary to popular belief, black audiences also had his back when his opponents would make racist comments about him during his Battle Rapping - one of his opponents at the '97 Rap Olympics got booed so hard he couldn't continue his verse in response to a jibe at Eminem's whiteness.)
    • In Eminem's "Em-TV" TRL takeover skit, an irritating preppy college student called Scott (played by Eminem) performs horrible karaoke. After this, the camera cuts back to Slim Shady in the studio, who swears a couple of times in horror before remarking that he hates white people.
    • Eminem's beef with Everlast took a decidedly racial turn. In his first Diss Track against Erik, "I Remember (Dedication to Whitey Ford)", Em makes the throwaway comment, "I liked you! Thought you was alright for a white dude." After Everlast wound up Eminem by bringing up his daughter in his Answer Song "Whitey's Revenge", Eminem went fully for it in "Quitter" - "white, lethargic-ass dickhead... White devil! Washed-up honkey, mixed-up cracker who crossed over to country..." He even declares that his nature is to destroy white rappers, describing himself as a "paleface-killer whale".
    • Several of Em's diss tracks against his nemesis Benzino make racial comments about him being white. Benzino is mixed black/white, and it was to make the satirical point that, despite Benzino's rhetoric about protecting black music from white appropriators, he was arguably a white appropriator himself. This is reinforced by the line at the end of "Nail In The Coffin", in which he points out that, in addition to him also being as much a white rapper as Eminem is, Benzino's magazine is owned by white people, too. On a freestyle to promote Encore, Eminem described Benzino as "two midget arms, with creamy white filling in the middle" - contrasting Benzino to Eminem's own rap name (the inside of an M&M is chocolate).
    • In "SHADYXV", Slim Shady threatens to 'launch some cracker taunts at Action Bronson, Macklemore, Mac Miller and Asher Roth'.
      • Slim had, in fact, previously made racist taunts to Asher Roth, calling him a "honkey" in the song "Asshole" - rather inappropriately, as it was in response to a remark in which Roth praised Eminem and described him as his hero. Of course, the song is about Eminem being an asshole, and it was on The Marshall Mathers LP 2 - so some Disproportionate Retribution against an undeserving celebrity is to be expected on a sequel to The Marshall Mathers LP.
    • Eminem refers to rappers copying his rapping style as "honkeys" in "Greatest" — especially amusing, as a couple of the most notorious and derided Eminem soundalikes are Black.
    • Em also likes humorously expressing prejudice against other groups he belongs to - most frequently, a run of songs in the mid-2010s in which he expressed his undying hatred for blondes (despite being the most famous blonde in 2000s hip-hop, and having hit the peroxide bottle again).

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Comandante Pierroth, who originally organized the tecnicos of CMLL to battle against El Legión de Puerto Rico but then disappeared from lucha libre before making an unexpected return, leading El Comando Caribeño against his countrymen.
  • La Nazi several times over. First of all, she's an ethnic Mexican Nazi who sometimes dyes the ends of her hair. Secondly, she's a Mexican who joined Los Boricuas. Thirdly, she's a Mexican who joined border patrol while working for Pro Wrestling Revolution in the United States.
  • WWC had Dominican Boy, a Puerto Rican who hated Puerto Ricans and decided to become a Dominican instead. (Funny thing was that the Dominican Republic was his birthplace)
  • In a more straightforward example of this trope, Chavo Guerrero once denounced his Latino heritage all together and started calling himself Kerwin White. This character, which he fully believed himself to be, was a middle-class white man who despised all non-whites, working-class whites, and Latinos of any race. This is perhaps the best example of this trope in wrestling.
  • Muhammad Hassan was a special case. An Arab-American, he declared that he hated most Arab-Americans because they were cowards who were afraid to express their identity for fear of being labeled terrorists. It was a combination of this trope and an inversion of Stop Being Stereotypical.
  • During his first heel run, Alberto Del Rio, a high-class but still bronze-skinned Latino of dual Mexican/American citizenship, would garner lots of Cheap Heat by antagonizing everyone in his path - even fellow Latinos. He mocked Rey Mysterio for being a "Chihuahua" and the product of "the Tijuana ghettoes" (where he did gain wrestling fame, but Rey grew up in San Diego). And on one particularly infamous occasion, he shouted to the audience (perhaps out of a lack of self-confidence) that "I have come to this country LEGALLY!"; he then exited the ring and walked toward the crowd, beginning to harass anyone with skin darker than his by yelling "SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS!"
  • In the biggest twist of irony, NJPW's Bullet Club, known to be an all-gaijin Power Stable, recruited Yujiro Takahashi, a Japanese born-and-raised wrestler who defected from Kazuchika Okada's CHAOS. Yujiro would even feign ignorance of the Japanese language afterward.
  • Alexa Bliss and Mickie James invoked this trope during a feud with Nia Jax by fat-shaming her when Mickie was on Nia's end of this during a feud with Layla and Michelle McCool years earlier and Alexa is a real-life survivor of the opposite condition anorexia.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Dungeons & Dragons:
    • Depending on the Writer, the Forgotten Realms' Drizzt Do'Urden is often a heroic example — he hates his own species as much as pretty much every non-drow does. This has become a bit of a problem with him and his Expys, as this requires the conceit that drow are as Always Chaotic Evil as he thinks they are. Drizzt himself has an excuse of being a male drow in a Lolth-dominated city and enduring severe mistreatment before he escaped to the surface.
    • The Greyhawk setting has Wastri, the god of amphibians and racism who hates all non-human humanoids but himself looks like some kind of toad/human hybrid.
    • In the Ravenloft accessory Van Richten's Guide to Witches, the good doctor claims that he wrote the book with the help of a greenhag who despised other members of her species and was all too willing to aid him in publishing a book that could be used against them. (Why? According to Van Richten, she refused to say.)
  • Leviathan: The Tempest: While all Leviathans see themselves as abominations, most choose to embrace being an abomination, or at least make the best of it. The School of Thunder, on the other hand, are those who choose to devote themselves to a higher power in the hope of finding redemption and possibly even being turned into a human. Some of them actually do get their miracle.
  • The Banishers of Mage: The Awakening really, really hate mages, despite being mages themselves. The difference is that while regular Mages experience their Awakening as a quasi-religious experience, Banishers experience it as Mind Rape and feel an instinctive revulsion every time they use magic. This trauma makes them resolute, extremely dangerous enemies of normal mages; the chance of a Banisher becoming an Archmaster is a guaranteed Enemy Mine situation for every other faction.
  • Paranoia:
    • Players who are members of the Anti-Mutant secret society are required to expose and terminate (human) mutants among the populace. Of course, they're also mutants, just like everyone else in the game. Some of them are genuinely unaware of it.
    • Players are also required to expose and terminate secret society members. Of course, they're also members of a secret society, just like everyone else in the game. (They genuinely do hate the secret societies that directly rival their own; the most common pairs of enemies are Anti-Mutant vs. Psion and Corpore Metal vs. Frankenstein Destroyers.)
  • The Threats supplement for Shadowrun revealed that the hidden leader of the virulently anti-metahuman Humanis Policlub is a self-hating troll who'd goblinized early. His followers have no idea he's a metahuman because he directs the Policlub's activities from a distance.
  • In Transhuman Space, Coak is an uplifted dolphin who runs an anti-uplift Animal Wrongs Group. He thinks his enhanced intelligence has brought him nothing but misery, and any uplifts who thinks otherwise are fooling themselves.

    Video Games 
  • In BioShock Infinite, Booker DeWitt is part-Native American, but this did nothing to stop him from massacring Native Americans at Wounded Knee, and it's heavily implied that he was particularly zealous in doing so because rumors about his heritage had started circulating. His actions at Wounded Knee left him wracked with guilt, with his response to that guilt being the point where the timeline splits; the Booker you play as grappled with his emotions and ultimately overcame (the racial elements of) his self-hatred, while an alternate Booker doubled-down on the racism and became a self-righteous Knight Templar... who would later reinvent himself as Zachary Hale Comstock.
  • Nomads from Borderlands 2 hate midgets, using them as Bulletproof Human Shields and calling people "midget-lover" as an insult. There are midget nomads, who have all the same lines as their full-sized counterparts (just pitched-up), including all the lines about hating midgets.
  • In Castlevania: Judgment, Sypha Belnades is characterised as this, with a vehement hatred for those who are touched by darkness or wield dark powers, even if they do to serve the light, despite the fact she herself is a Lady of Black Magic Hot Witch who is oppressed by the Church due to her powers, which are seen as Black Magic.
  • In the backstory of Dark Souls, Seath the Scaleless was a dragon who (as his name suggests) lacked the scales of immortality the other dragons possessed. This would lead to Seath developing a burning hatred towards his fellow dragons, culminating in betraying them to side with their foes, Lord Gwyn and his allies. Boomerang Bigotry doesn't get much more extreme than outright helping to wipe out your entire race. Even after his death in the first game, Seath's hatred persists. In the sequel set centuries later his spirit possesses a spider, turning it into a Giant Spider abomination that captures a dragon in its webs and hollows it out to use as a nest. As his creation Manscorpion Tark said, he * will "seethe for all eternity".
  • In the Deus Ex Universe, the augmented player character can choose to side with anti-augmentation zealots in both Deus Ex: Invisible War and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. To be fair, he did become augmented against his will in both of them, so...
  • Disco Elysium:
  • Dragon Age:
    • In Dragon Age: Origins, Morrigan has such a moment with Zathrian.
      Morrigan: Is that why you are here, sorcerer?
      Zathrian: Do not call me that, witch!
    • Dragon Age II can see the player turn into this if they choose to play as a Mage and side with the Templars.
    • Both your elven companions in Dragon Age: Inquisition have this attitude to a certain degree. Sera, a City Elf, dislikes the Dalish for being "too elfy", while Solas thinks that both city and Dalish elves are remnants desperately clinging to a past they don't understand. With Sera, this is because she was adopted by a human noblewoman (who unintentionally made things worse with her pride), which caused her fellow elves to reject her for being too human, so she decided to reject them right back (she does lighten up in the Trespasser DLC). Solas, on the other hand, actually knows more about the old Elven empire than most modern elves as he was one of its mage-rulers who were eventually identified as gods, so the mistakes he knows modern elves make about their history grate on him. For example, the facial tattoos that the Dalish traditionally get as a show of faith in their gods? They were originally slave brands that showed which noble the elf belonged to, so to Solas seeing an elf with those tattoos means that they're voluntarily declaring themselves property of the abusive masters he banished to the Fade long ago.
  • In Dwarf Fortress, civilizations start out as dwarven, human, elven, et cetera, but can and often do end up with mixed populations. Individuals get their ethics on a civilization level, however, not a racial one. An elf raised among dwarves will despise elven civilizations for their tree-hugging and cannibalistic tendencies. Memetic Badass Cacame Awemedinade is a particularly impressive example: when his wife was killed and eaten by invading elves, he was aghast, joined the dwarven military in revenge, went on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, and eventually rose to become king of his dwarven civilization.
  • Elden Ring:
    • King Morgott ruthlessly upholds the Golden Order and oppresses those who fall outside it, like Misbegotten, Albinaurics, and Omens (humans born with animalistic features, mostly horns). Morgott himself is an Omen who despises his Omen features, and his boss title is even Morgott, The Omen King.
    • Boc, the demi-human seamster, shows shades of this, no doubt due to being on the recieving end of Klingon Scientists Get No Respect all his life. He eventually confesses that he hates his appearance and wishes to become a human. You can oblige him by by giving him a Larval Tear and sending him to Rennala for rebirth. It works, but renders him mute, and he immediately dies when you reload the area again.
  • The Elder Scrolls:
    • Pelinal Whitestrake, legendary 1st Era hero of mankind, Ax-Crazy racist berserker, and god-hating Physical God. Pelinal was an Aedric being (the "original spirits" who sacrificed portions of their divine power to create Mundus, the mortal world, later referred to as the Divines) but was also a Shezarrine, an incarnation of Lorkhan (known to the Imperials as "Shezarr"), who "tricked" the Aedra into their sacrifice and was "killed" by them as a result. This conflicting nature drove him mad and often had him raging against the heavens, ranting and raving at the Divines (especially Akatosh) who sent him to aid St. Alessia.
    • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim it's possible for a non-Nord Dragonborn to hold this attitude when asked by Brunwulf Free-Winter if they think Skyrim belongs only to the Nords, you can answer yes even if you are not a Nord yourself. It becomes even more blatant when you side with the Stormcloaks while playing as an Imperial or any elf/beast races, since those are the ones most marginalized by said faction.
  • Elohim Eternal: The Babel Code: One of the responses Beyoz can give to the Attikan leader Alkandros is dismissive of the Jehudans, despite how Beyoz's mother is Jehudan.
  • Fallout:
    • Frank Horrigan from Fallout 2 is a gigantic, homicidal Super Mutant in power armor... who hates mutants and wants to help the Enclave wipe out anyone infected with the FEV virus. He doesn't even consider himself a mutant, as he was created by the Enclave's own scientists rather than in one of the coastal FEV vats.
      Horrigan: Your ride's over, mutie.
    • Fallout: New Vegas has the Boomers at Nellis Air Force Base. If you bring ED-E onto the base, one of the lines you may get while Boomers pass by you is them telling you they can "take care of that robot problem for you. Just sayin'". You can even get this line from the Mister Gutsy robots they have patrolling the base.
  • Final Fantasy XIV has Yotsuyu goe Brutus, the Imperial Viceroy of Doma and a key villain of the Stormblood expansion. Yotsuyu herself is Doman, but her Dark and Troubled Past — which entailed the loss of her parents, her adoption by abusive relatives, getting married to a drunk who died in debt, and being forced to work off said debt in a brothel — led to her hating her countrymen such that she not only willingly sided with Garlemald, but when given reign over her homeland, she delighted in torturing, murdering, and overall breaking her subjects.
  • Alm in Fire Emblem Gaiden spent most of the game holding a heavy predjudice towards nobility until he finds out upon killing the Rigelian emperor that he is part of that nobility. He also feels regret later that he spoke about his classism in front of Celica, who is the crown princess of Zofia. However, both facts were hidden from him as a boy for his safety.
  • In Geneforge, the Obeyers are a faction of serviles who believe, because the Shapers gave them life, they should be content with being slaves to them, and all of the poor treatment they receive is justified as punishment for not doing their job right.
  • Grand Theft Auto:
    • Grand Theft Auto V has one of Trevor's Strangers and Freaks missions involving a pair of self-appointed "border patrol guards", hellbent on keeping all of Los Santos free of immigrants. One member is Russian, barely speaks a word of English, and performs a Nazi salute.
      Josef: I protect this country from multiculturalism.
    • One of the panel guests on an episode of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's VCPR is a loony redneck who wants Florida to secede from the US because he's tired of families and old folks moving to Florida and bringing their "problems" with them. Towards the end of the show, he's forced to admit that he himself isn't native to Florida either since, by his reckoning, no-one has been born in the state in over a century. But he has lived there for 5 whole years, which is a very long time!
  • Possibly the case with Daniella, the second stalker in Haunting Ground. It's established that her motive for wanting to kill Fionna is out of jealousy, due to her being infertile and envying her would-be victim's ability to bear children, but it has been suggested that she is actually a female misogynist because of this incredible jealousy, despising the gender that gives birth because of it.
  • inFAMOUS:
    • Joseph Bertrand III, leader of the anti-Conduit militia in inFAMOUS 2 is secretly a Conduit himself. After using the Ray Sphere to purposely kill a group of swamp dwellers in order to unlock his powers, he's given one hell of a dose of karma by being turned into a mindless insect-like monster whenever he loses his cool. Believing that this is a message from God that all Conduits are monsters, he sets out to kickstart a Conduit genocide. Cole, on the other hand, speculates that Bertrand just wants to murder Conduits out of jealousy over them having cooler powers than turning into a giant bug.
    • The Big Bad of inFAMOUS: Second Son is Brooke Augustine, a Conduit who leads the D.U.P. and imprisons other Conduits, dubbing them Bio-Terrorists. In the ending, she reveals that her real motive was to lock up Conduits to prevent them from being killed by the Muggles.
  • Knight Bewitched:
    • Alduin is a son of a witch, which likely explains his magical talents. However, he despises witches because he believes his mother killed his father and kidnapped his sister.
    • The Cult Of Drakon consists of humans who want Typhus to wipe out their kind.
  • In Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, Atton hates the Jedi despite secretly being force sensitive, and used to be a Sith-aligned agent who would capture Jedi and torture them into falling to The Dark Side. It is implied that his self-hatred may be born out of Psychological Projection, as many of his given reasons for hating Jedi apply just as much to himself, if not more so. Either way, he is completely outclassed in this trope by Kreia, a former Jedi who hates her fellow Force-wielders so much, blaming them for all the galaxy's problems, that she wants to kill the Force itself.
  • The New Order Last Days Of Europe:
    • The Aryan Brotherhood is a warlord nation in Russia led by a deranged ex-Red Army conscript who has come to geniuinely believe that Aryans are the Master Race, and so concluded that Russia must become culturally Aryan to survive. The reactions of actual German Nazi characters to these eastern untermensch trying to copy them can be summed up as bewilderment and disgust.
    • The mentally unstable Sergey Taboritsky, the "Blessed Regent" of Russia is violently antisemitic despite having a Jewish mother. He alternates between insisting otherwise and holding immense guilt over it.
  • GLaDOS from Portal is a special example of this, hating humans along with most other "sane" robots in the Aperture facility despite being one herself once, as the trip through the bowels of Old Aperture in Portal 2 reveals that she was once Caroline, Cave Johnson's assistant. Admittedly, you'd probably hate the Aperture facility, everyone in it and mankind in general if you'd had to deal with Cave's insanities, got your mind forcefully ripped out of your body and uploaded into a computer, and then were abandoned in an underground complex.
  • In Psychonauts, Raz's father hates psychics, even though Raz suspects he's a psychic himself. Subverted by the end of the game, which reveals that Raz's father never hated psychics; his harsh training was merely to help Raz learn to control his powers properly. He helps Raz defeat the warped, Mental World version of how he used to perceive his father, who takes this trope to extremes.
  • In Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, Dr. Nefarious hates and aims to destroy all organic lifeforms despite formerly being one himself before getting his current robotic body.
  • Rise of the Third Power: Emperor Noraskov claims that those who come from humble backgrounds are inferior to those with heroic lineage and deserve to be dominated. He also claims to be a descendant of Arenithen as part of his propaganda campaign. However, he used to be a peasant before becoming famous from his exploits in the Great War, and Gage states that Noraskov likes to forget that part of himself.
  • RosenkreuzStilette Freudenstachel's antagonists, the Schwarzkreuz, are a group of Dark Magi who seek to persecute and capture Magi, deeming them to be enemies of the Empire. Their leader, the Pope of the Orthodox Church who declared all Magi enemies of the state, is actually the Magi Iris Zeppelin impersonating the real Pope who wants the power of the Magi for herself.
  • In Saints Row: The Third the Boss constantly mocks Philippe Loren for being French (which he takes particular offense to since he's actually Belgian). In Saints Row IV, one of the female voice options is French, meaning the Boss could have been mocking her own all along.
  • Shin Super Robot Wars: Master Asia met Professor Kasshu and Char Aznable and figures the latter was where his problems started, coming shortly on the heels of the signing of the Luna Treaty that guarantees independence and sovereignty for the Earth, Moon, and space colonies. This treaty was enough to bring peace to the war-weary humans, but could not by itself remove the scars of the war. Char, who loved humanity more than anyone, also hated it, having sacrificed numerous followers and taken many lives himself. Since he possessed vast influence and resources, Master Asia treated him as a representative of humanity. He was led to believe humans were unstable, destructive beings, and decided to manipulate Kasshu to help nip any potential for trouble in the bud.
  • Can happen in South Park: The Fractured but Whole: each time you update the New Kid's character sheet to fill the spots for gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity or race, you'll have a group of rednecks come by and attack you over them "not liking your type here". Yes, this will still happen even if the New Kid is white, straight, Christian, cisgender, and/or a boy. In this case though, it's more that they're hateful for the sake of being hateful rather than genuinely caring about what you are.
    Redneck: Well, lookee here, if it ain't a heterosexual boy!
  • Tales of Monkey Island, Morgan Le Flay is a pirate hunter whose number one idol is Guybrush Threepwood - a pirate.
  • Tales of Rebirth: Saleh is part of the Four Stars, led by Zilva, a Gajuma who wishes to revive the Sacred Beast Geyorgyas to destroy all Huma. He is a Huma. He sees absolutely nothing wrong with this and is even surprised when his partner, Tomha, kills him on Zilva's orders to start the massacre.
  • The Pope in Tales of Symphonia is fiercely anti-half-elf. Ironically, he used to support the cause of half-elf equality and even fell in love with an elf. But when their daughter was born and her mother died, he found himself growing more hateful and terrified of her differences, coming to understand the perspective of the people who hated half-elves, and he started to support them instead.
  • It is possible for first-generation immigrants to Tropico to align with the anti-immigration Nationalist faction and even become its leader.
  • Twisted Wonderland: Sebek Zigvolt is openly racist against humans despite being half-human.
  • In Wild ARMs 5, Volsung is fanatically dedicated to making sure nobody ever "crosses the wall" between Veruni and human, despite he himself being half-Veruni and half-human and hence a living example of "crossing the wall".
  • In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, there is a mysterious serial killer plaguing the city of Novingrad because of its decadence and moral degeneracy. He is revealed to be a vampire that follows the Church of Eternal Fire and is motivated by religious fundamentalism, even though the Eternal Fire regards non-humans like him as abominations that must be destroyed.

    Visual Novels 
  • Analogue: A Hate Story:
    • Mute believes completely in the profoundly misogynistic, Neo-Confucian values of the Mugugnwha's society, despite being a woman (well, an AI programmed to manifest as female) herself. In addition, even though she's quite homophobic, she'll fall for a female Investigator just as easily as for a male.
    • The sequel Hate Plus reveals that the architect of the Mugungwha's social regression into No Woman's Land was not only a woman but the president of the ship's university — who had a lesbian lover, to boot!
  • Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony has Kokichi Oma, a pathological liar. Almost nothing he said was true, and he revelled in his lies, which combined with his psychotic Troll tendencies, caused his classmates to hate him. While he was fine with their treatment of him, it turned out Kokichi's Berserk Button was hearing other people lie, causing him to become furious and cruel towards other liars.
  • In Echoes of the Fey, Folren ir-Adech was actually this for the Leshin, to the point that when the religious elders of their people had gone too far and hurt people they cared about, he permanently used his Voluntary Shapeshifter powers to transform from Leshin into human form and cut himself off from the Psychic Link that connected him to his people and magic for good in order to escape them. However, this example is played far, far more sympathetically than most, given the circumstances are an allegorical mirror for the struggles of acute dysmorphia and the struggles of being transgender in a non-accepting world.

    Web Animation 
  • Dingo Doodles:
    • Vickie despises werewolves, and wishes they would all disapear. It turns out that she is one herself.
    • Xanu wants to wipe out all of the surviving Foreclaimers because they lack empathy and thus are capable of committing horrific atrocities. Xanu himself displays very little empathy and is very much willing to do evil or morally ambiguous things because of it.
  • FreedomToons: Dr. Mac insists that white men are evil ... despite being both white and a man.
  • In "Godzilla Gets a YouTube Award", the obscure kaiju Reptilicus is depicted as embodying the European attitude towards kaiju films: that is to say, abhorring them as the lowest of all film genres and something that only the truly wretched or taste-deficient could enjoy, tinged heavily with nationalism against Americans or outright racism against the Japanese. This is despite him being a kaiju himself, and from a notoriously poor-quality one created in Denmark, at that. He justifies this by claiming that him being one of the vanishingly few European kaiju shows that Europeans have better taste, and seems to treat his film's reputation as a reminder of just how low the genre can sink.
  • In Helluva Boss, imps are at the bottom rung of Hell's Fantastic Caste System. Striker is an imp and a Social Darwinist who believes that imps deserve their low station in life because they lack the ambition to fight their oppressors. The only exceptions to his prejudice are himself (because he's amazing at everything he does) and the show's Villain Protagonist, Blitzo, whom Striker admires for his tenacity and force of will.

  • The Adventures of Gyno-Star has one misogynist female villain who wants to turn all women on earth into brainless zombies.
  • In Cuanta Vida, the BLU Scout spends most of the comic hurling gay slurs at the BLU Spy. He is gay, and has a crush on the BLU Spy.
  • Drowtales:
    • Chiniride vigorously supported her clan's religious intolerance to half-breeds, even though she is the daughter of a light elf and gray drow herself. (And she knows this and even contemplates killing herself to purify the world from her own kind.) It was revealed later that, in the world of Drowtales, gray drow are the same race as light elves, just as black drow are related to dark elves. She's since become much less zealous and more reasonable.
    • It's also recently been implied that Chiri'nide's adopted mother Shimi'lande is much more of a puppet ruler than was previously indicated, and it falls under this trope because the Kyorl'solenurn are fanatical in their hatred for the Vloz'ress, another clan that has a puppet ruler.
    • Shan in Chapter 49: Ky'ovarde isn't the only demon summoner in the Kyorls. In fact, actual demon summoning (not just sealing) is a job requirement for Wardens and above! They even set up a permanent demon summoning gate in every base!
    • In the Beldrobbaen clan, one member suffering from teenage angst hates it for its Goth-like culture so much that she attempts Genocide from the Inside.
  • Freefall:
    • Edge, an unlikeable, abrasive, selfish jerk of a robot... who hates robots and wouldn't mind seeing every robot except himself destroyed. The only reason he helps Florence avert an illegal mass robot mind-wipe that would have let a Corrupt Corporate Executive gain control of their assets is entirely out of petty self-interest, since he would have been affected; he openly admits he wouldn't have bothered if he wasn't at risk.
    • Edge's boss, Blunt, is another example of the trope. He's a robot who considers intelligent machines the greatest danger to humanity and is very much in favor of wiping out the robots, with himself as the last one to go. After his disappointment at the above spoiler, he starts openly campaigning his cause and gains a fair-sized following.
  • Girl Genius: Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer is one of these. He is a Spark who believes all Sparks should be killed because of how dangerous they are. He plans to include himself in it, once every other Spark is killed. Different from most examples of this sort in that he is actually right about many Sparks being incurably dangerous and, of course, bonkers. He will on occasion help a Spark (primarily Agatha Heterodyne, Gil Wulfenbach or Tarvek Sturmvoraus) when he decides they're worth saving for last. And sometimes it's hard not to get caught up in the excitement that being a Spark incites. But he has no illusions (and neither do they) about the fact that he eventually intends to kill them.
  • Guilded Age takes place in the somewhat racist country of Gastonia, where members of distrusted races can only pull good audiences when performing self-hating acts.
  • Kevin & Kell
    • The series features the hate group N.O.P.E., who target the Dewclaw family for mixed species breeding. However, once Lindersfarne runs DNA tests on them, she finds that none of them are pure-blooded as they claim. This has two effects: one member performs a Heel–Face Turn and turns in the members who committed felonies, and the info revealed ensures no-one in the group will trust each other ever again, leaving them decimated.
    • Earlier on, Zerda Zenith is a milder example, as she can't stand most of her fellow fennec foxes, and prefers to identify herself as a rabbit. She considers the half-fennec Fiona Fennec to be one of the few exceptions, having gained respect for her after she used her powers to fix technology to prepare for the Millennium Bug, but considers her father George to be a boor, something she says to George's face while he's disguised as a rabbit. Zerda eventually gets over her hatred of her own kind after dating George for a while, but breaks up wih him as a result of that. George tries to take the opportunity to reveal himself as a fennec fox, but that earns him a punch in the face.
  • The Raging Red Tide has one of its characters (A girl who really Does Not Like Men) gets gender-bended in a one-off strip. To prevent from being called this, "he" outright commits suicide and leaves a message in "his" own blood for other men to do the same.
  • Unsounded: Despite being Aldish, Quigley has zero love for Alderode, and he hates those loyal to its government though he used to collect bodies and people to be tortured to death for the government as a State Sec agent. He actually has more respect for Cresce even, though he'd prefer to have as little to do with either country as possible.

    Web Original 
  • Babylon Bee: Parodied by depicting Ben Shapiro as a Neo-Nazi who is kicked out of his own party after fellow Nazis noticed his yarmulke: "Notorious Nazi Leader Ben Shapiro Outed As Jew"
  • In the second campaign of Critical Role, the player character Nott is a good-aligned female goblin who thoroughly agrees with the perception of goblins as Always Chaotic Evil and encourages others to kill them all. She doesn't exempt herself from her hatred of goblins; her reason for adventuring is to find a way to permanently transform herself into a halfling. Ultimately subverted: Nott was born as Veth, an actual halfling, who was drowned by goblins and cruelly resurrected as one.
  • Cell in Dragon Ball Z Abridged makes a disparaging comment about transgender people that sounds inclusive on the surface ("Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls, and that technicolor rainbow in between"), but is coming from someone who is thoroughly Faux Affably Evil. The thing is that since Cell can give birth asexually, he would probably be considered biologically female despite being composed of DNA from males. Whatever he is, "that technicolor rainbow in between" would seem to include him.
  • Dream SMP: Played for Laughs in all instances.
    • Tommy has stated over and over about how he can't stand men, going as far to claim that all men are his enemies, despite being a teenage boy himself for the duration of the series.
    • Throughout the L'Manburg arc, Wilbur makes several anti-American jokes and his final words to Tommy in the series are "Don't trust those Americans." The latter was said after The Reveal in his lore finale that he was (allegedly) born and raised in Utah of all places.
  • Zora in Epithet Erased works for an anti-inscribed organization despite being inscribed herself, since she believes that epithets give people an unfair advantage over mundies who'd have to spend their whole lives training to keep up.
  • In Jreg's Centricide, Nazi discovers he's ethnically Jewish. This sends him into an identity crisis and he ends up becoming a Zionist.
  • Losernet features "The Loser Living Upstairs," a journal about an annoying neighbor who spends much of his "quality time" walking around in circles and hanging out with his "stooges." The author wasn't exactly successful either and decided to write about himself. He revealed that he was living in poverty, still a virgin well into his 40s, and in serious debt.
  • One of Jschlatt's main running bits in SMPLive is acting like a gay man who's also homophobic.
    "What the FUCK, are you GAY?" [when another man tries to kiss him]
    "Did you just call two gay people GOBLINS?" [when Carson is "homophobic" to him and Aztro]
  • A hilarious variation occurs in Survival of the Fittest when Brendan Wallace laments about how America brought the whole terrorist plot down on themselves and blames them for everything. He then proceeds to mentally list off his friends, claiming they didn't do anything to deserve this... who are all Americans.
  • In the Ace Attorney fan video When the Killer's Motive is Petty has 6-2 culprit Roger Retinz reveal that not only does he try to frame Trucy Wright for murder because she was the granddaughter of Magnifi Gramarye, but he targeted anyone that was even tangibly related to the Gramarye, such as shooting Franziska von Karma in 2-4 because she liked Gramrye fan art or causing Gumshoe's salary to get cut because he held the door open once for Mangifi's daughter Thalassa. When Apollo points out that quality applies to the culprit because Roger used to be in Troupe Gramarye, the culprit replies that he also plans to kill himself once he finished killing everyone connected to the Gramaryes... which he admits includes everyone in the world at this point.

    Western Animation 
  • Malware from Ben 10: Omniverse is an example that is definitely not Played for Laughs. His views stem from a serious inferiority superiority complex as a result of being a mutant Galvanic Mechamorph and being convinced that Azmuth sees him as his greatest failure. Instead of upgrading technology like the rest of his species, technology upgraded him. Eventually, he came to see the rest of his kind as inferior and took this attitude to an extreme when he destroyed his home planet of Galvan B and showed absolutely no remorse in doing so.
  • The Boondocks:
    • Uncle Ruckus is an African-American white-supremacist with a strong hatred of other black people. It goes far enough that he also denies being black, and even claims to be a white man with a fictitious skin disease that makes him look darker. It is later revealed that most of this stems from his parents; his (black) mother is a self-hating maniac with a bizarre reverence for white people, while his (also black) father was a physically abusive Jerkass who took out all his frustrations on his son.
    • Colonel H. Stinkmeaner is a very misanthropic black man who straddles the line between this trope and Hates Everyone Equally; he claims to "hate everyone in general, but black people especially." At one point, he and Ruckus briefly bond over their shared hatred of black people.
    • BET CEO Debra Leevil is a Card-Carrying Villain who hates her own race, outright saying that she dreams of bringing about "the destruction of black people" through the corruptive powers of mind-rotting television.
    • Likewise, BET President Wedgie Rudlin also has a strong dislike for other black people. So it's no surprise when Leevil and Rudlin start producing a reality TV show starring Uncle Ruckus, giving him a platform to express all of his internalized racism.
  • Done with a side of Furry Confusion in Camp Lazlo. Chip and Skip both hate bugs despite being dung beetles. When Raj points this out to them, the two insist they're "vermin", not bugs.
  • Most of the Child Haters fought by the heroes in Codename: Kids Next Door are evil adults, but the Delightful Children from Down the Lane are children who hate other kids just as much as a result of being brainwashed by Father. The organization's Evil Counterpart the DNK (Destructively Nefarious Kids) are initially like this too, although they make a Heel–Face Turn by the end of the episode they appear in (except Negative Numbuh Four).
  • Hilariously parodied in an episode of The Critic:
    Franklin Sherman: As the first black, female head of the Ku Klux Klan, I would like to say... AMERICA STINKS!
  • On Gargoyles, Demona is an interesting case. She's a gargoyle who wants to Kill All Humans for nearly wiping out her species, but when she asks Literal Genie Puck to make her not turn to stone during the day (as gargoyles do), he grants her request by making her turn into a human from dawn to dusk every day. Notably, this doesn't stop her — instead, it just lets her find more ways of reaching her goals since she can now blend in with her "enemies" undetected and she also has twice as much time each day to pursue her goals. Throughout the series, she easily takes to human society and tools, such as human sorcery and technology, even before she gained her human transformation curse. She even started her own freaking company (named Nightstone)! For all of her hatred towards humans, Demona fits in far more with human civilization than she does with her fellow gargoyles. Which makes sense, since after Canmore destroyed her (second) clan she's spent hundreds of years apparently without any other long-term gargoyle companionship. She also states at one point how much she loves the feeling of sunlight on her skin.
  • Hero: 108: High Roller was once a court jester who ended up banished from the Eastern Capital for insulting its emperor, prompting his great dislike for other humans. After gaining the ability to speak to animals, he convinces them that humans are their enemies (all except him, that is).
  • On one episode of King of the Hill, there's a group of mostly white hipsters who move into a predominantly Mexican neighborhood after real estate agent Peggy agrees to rent them a house, who have a strong aversion to other white people.
  • In The Legend of Korra, Word of God states that Amon honestly does believe in his own anti-bender rhetoric, despite secretly being a Waterbender. While he believes bending to be a "taint", he can't take away his own bending, instead using his Bloodbending in conjunction with his chi-blocking skills to take away other people's bending, so it could be a Cursed with Awesome from his viewpoint.
  • Helga from Pasila is a female He-Man Woman Hater (with an emphasis on "he-man", even though that's not even part of the trope), taking after her father who never remotely accepted her.
  • Rick and Morty:
    • The cartoon has the Citadel, the city that houses all the multiverse's Ricks and Mortys. In one episode, we follow around a newly-paired cop duo, one of which is a Morty who is extremely racist against other Mortys.
    • Evil Morty hates all Ricks and Mortys, but holds other Mortys in contempt especially for constantly putting up with the abuse of their Ricks (due to literally being engineered to be subservient). He acknowledges that there's no point hating them for what they can't help but treats them horrendously regardless, implying he doesn't even recognize his alternate selves as human.
    • Rick himself would arguably fit this trope as well since he has very little regard for the multiverse's other Ricks, but to be fair Rick doesn't much care for most people, and generally hates himself. Generally Rick sees other humans especially as annoying and needy and has briefly forgotten the word for humans more than once.
  • Rugrats: The way Angelica picks on and manipulates the babies makes her come across as a Child Hater, except that she herself is a three-year-old kid.
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Shadow Weaver only respects people who were born with powers and/or have natural talent and looks down on people who had to work hard to become powerful and skilled. It is revealed that Shadow Weaver was born weak and had to work hard to gain her powers.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Groundskeeper Willie claims that all Scots naturally hate the English, Welsh, Japanese, and other Scots.
      Willie: Damn Scots! They ruined Scotland!
    • The Simpsons also subverts this when Krusty comes to doubt his own credentials as a Jew. To be fair, Krusty wanted his name on Springfield's Jewish walk of fame, but the person in charge told him that since he had not celebrated his Bar Mitzvah, he did not qualify as Jewish.note 
      Krusty: I thought I was a self-hating Jew, but it turns out I'm just another anti-Semite!
    • In "Much Apu About Nothing", Moe is one of the most vocal about illegal immigrants, but he is illegal himself.
    • Another borderline example is when one of the Duffmen energetically proclaims at an Oktoberfest celebration "This Reich will last a thousand beers! Oh, Ja!" Then under his breath, he mutters "I do this, and I'm Jewish."
  • South Park:
    • In the episode "The Entity", Kyle's cousin Kyle Schwartz — who is a walking touchstone of virtually every Jewish stereotype — comes for a visit. Towards the end of the episode, Kyle catches himself criticizing his cousin's personality and exclaims "Oh my god! I'm a self-hating Jew!"
    • Mr./Mrs. Herbert/Janet Garrison has been every letter of LGBT at some point or other, and has also been vocally hateful towards every letter at some point or other as well. To quote Matt and Trey, "Garrison just hates whatever he happens to be".
    • Eric Cartman constantly makes fun of gingers, even after finding out his father was one, therefore making him half-ginger.
    • Happens a few more times in the episode "Ginger Kids".
      • Craig and his friends kick a Ginger Kid out of the Cafeteria, even though Craig's father has red hair.
      • Red and Bradley Biggle take interest in Cartman's presentation despite having red and orange hair respectively.
      • Cartman is himself half-ginger, as mentioned above.
      • Despite claiming to not be creeped out by them, the episode later implies that Kyle actually is.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003): The Shredder in this series has expressed a strong desire for vengeance and to exterminate the entire Utrom race. In one Bad Future episode, he even enslaves all of them to do his evil bidding. He also happens to be a red Utrom himself, whose real name is Ch'rell.


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