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The Jerk Index

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Hey, dipshit! Why don't you waste your pathetic life by checking out the list of tropes that involve jerks in some way, shape, or form? Then quit standing there like a lazy shit and check them out, you dumb fuck!

It has nothing to do with A Date with Rosie Palms, though virgins like you do that! Also unrelated to Tear Jerker, which makes pathetic weak pussies like you cry like anime fans on prom night! Also has nothing to do with the Steve Martin film The Jerk, so get it through your thick skull!


Contrast those twinks at A Polite Index. See also Abuse Tropes, Ice Queen, Immaturity Tropes, Oh Great, a Snark Index, Prejudice Tropes, Sadism Index, Sliding Scale of Antagonist Vileness, This Index Is a Bitch, and Villains. All of these indexes are just as shitty as you!

Look at the tropes, you lummox!:

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    Types of Jerks 

    Groups of Jerks 

    Mean Animals 

    Things That Jerks Do 


Done wasting your time reading these tropes? Then get the fuck out of here, you moron!

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