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"Hey, man what is this? Sounds like the wail of a wimp!
Did you let loser side take command?"
Lost Horizon, "Sworn in the Metal Wind"

The demons of Wangst have possessed Bob, sending him spiraling into a Heroic BSoD. He begins to spill out all of his sorrows to Alice, who promptly informs Bob that she does not give a shit. Bob has a job to do, and he had better not let his Wangst get in the way of performing his duty.

This trope comes in many flavors. If the viewers/readers perceive Bob to be The Scrappy, this trope will make it seem as if Bob is getting what he deserves, and Alice is doing what she should be doing. If the viewers/reader perceive Bob to be The Woobie, this trope will make Alice seem like a Jerkass. Or, if Bob is entering a Wangst storm that seems uncharacteristic of him, and this trope manages to make him snap out of it, neither character will be viewed negatively. Or, it could backfire spectacularly, causing Bob to remain in his Heroic BSoD and making Alice seem like an idiot.

Bob does not need to explicitly tell Alice what it is he is Wangsting about—if Alice can infer, or has been informed of, what the subject of the Wangst is, she can perform this trope anyway. In fact this trope is often performed when Bob is unable or unwilling to share the reasons for his woe. In these cases Bob will often tell her in response, with it being a pretty common response for Alice to have little to no reaction (especially effective if it's My Greatest Failure) and simply repeat her point.

Compare Get A Hold Of Yourself Man, in which it's physical, and Inspirational Insult, in which it's verbal but deliberately harsh. Can be a form of No Sympathy. Often used as part of Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse. A variation on I Shall Taunt You may also appear, intended to make the target angry enough to snap out of his funk. Also see Don't Say Such Stupid Things!.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • In Bakuman。, Takahama frequently complains about his editor, Miura, trying to get him to make his series have more humor, even at the expense of the story, and the main characters often view Miura similarly. He meets with the editor in chief to request a different editor, only to have his request denied, and told that if he can't write what he wants, it simply means he isn't good enough yet. Takahama leaves, chastened, and the main characters admit that they've been blaming Miura too much.
  • In Bleach, Rukia does the infer version of this trope to Ichigo after he enters a Heroic BSoD as a result of the first Arrancar Invasion, having lost a fight due to losing control of his inner hollow and witnessed some of his friends being badly hurt. It works rather spectacularly.
    • Isshin to Ichigo in chapter 407. Ichigo begins to think the situation is hopeless after Aizen defeats all the Soul Reapers protecting the fake Karakura and then proceeds to the real Karakura to complete his Evil Plan, which will result in the destruction of the town. Isshin calls Ichigo out on sitting there and crying rather than going to stop Aizen, since if Aizen wins, everyone Ichigo loved will die.
    • And Rukia gives it to him again in chapter 460, saying that even if Tsukishima has used his abilities to rewrite the pasts of all his friends and family, that should not be enough to bring him to despair..
  • In A Certain Scientific Railgun, Uiharu breaks down crying when Telestina's true identity is revealed and she takes the children that were experimented on. Kuroko's response to this is to ask how much longer Uiharu is going to keep crying and being useless, and when is she going to step up and do something to help? It works, and Uiharu is on board with the investigation from there.
  • Happens in Code Geass. Kallen does this to Lelouch during his Heroic BSoD brought about by the reopening of the SAZ. Played with in that she is exactly as unsure as he is.
    • Suzaku does this to Lelouch, with a mixture of Get A Hold Of Yourself Man, when Lelouch finds out that Nunnally is alive, and begins to despair. Suzaku tells him to suck it up and remember Zero Requiem.
  • Cross Ange: In Episode 23, Ange confronts her younger sister Sylvia, telling her to stand up and run away while she still can. Sylvia then says that she can't walk because Ange left her crippled, to which Ange shoots the wall barely missing her, and proceeds to tear her down.
    Ange: Don't give me that bullshit! It's always someone else's fault! The royal physician told me a long time ago that your injuries were completely healed.
    Sylvia: What?
    Ange: It's because you never tried to stand on your own two feet. That's the problem!
  • In the early Saiyan Saga of Dragon Ball, when Piccolo starts training Gohan, he cried so much that the then still evil Namekian threatens to snap his neck should he continue to cry.
  • In Fairy Tail, when Sting felt down because he couldn't save his allies from being defeated and captured by the Albareth Empire's forces on their front of the war and felt unworthy of being a guild master, Yukino Agria promptly slapped him and claimed that, as a guild master, he was supposed to lead his men rather than to feel sad.
  • In the backstory of Fruits Basket, Tohru's mother, Kyouko, was killed in a car accident. The driver who hit her also died. Said driver's daughter, Komaki Nakao, happens to be the girlfriend of Kakeru Manabe. Kakeru told Tohru that she wasn't the only one who lost a parent and that she was disgusting for openly grieving. He did this at Kyouko's funeral. Komaki was furious when she found out and nearly broke up with him before forcing him to apologize.
  • In chapter 50 of Future Diary Kousaka does this to Yukiteru, mixing it with "The Reason You Suck" Speech:
    Kousaka: Yukiteru, do you know just why I hate you so much? It's because your crying face resembles my stupid dog at home! Even now...! (punches Yukiteru) That face you're making right now! Don't go crying when you made this choice yourself! You're just a damn lowlife who killed his friends for his own convenience! You don't have a right to cry!
  • In Hot Gimmick this is constantly Ryoki's response whenever his girlfriend Hatsumi wangsts or puts herself down.
  • In A Love Letter For The Marching Puppy, which takes place in an Alternate History Japan in the early 20th Century in which women are allowed to join military academies, Miharu Aisen joins the academy due to her admiration of a female army major, but is crushed to learn that the major is getting married. Her fellow student Hasebe harshly grabs her by the shirt and forces her to remember why she chose to join the academy in the first place in order to snap her out of her Heroic BSoD.
  • In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, Signum's reaction to Teana protesting being taken off active duty out of concern for her well-being by saying that Training from Hell is the only way to stand out compared to the rest of the forwards is to punch her, telling Nanoha that Teana will get spoiled if people listen to her whining.
  • Frau Bow tries to do this to Amuro in Mobile Suit Gundam. Doesn't work much except if Bright Noah is around.
  • In My-Otome, Arika, having a Heroic BSoD after events during and after the Wham Episode, including her friend Erstin's death declares she quits being an Otome and runs off, only to get swallowed by a sand monster along with Mashiro. Arika complains about some of her troubles, prompting Mashiro to say that she's not the only one suffering, leading to a discussion that causes both of them to renew and refocus their resolve.
  • Naruto:
    • Naruto delivers this to Inari in the Land of Waves arc, tired of hearing Inari constantly insist that they can never defeat Gato. After Inari runs off in tears, Kakashi follows him, and notes that Naruto had a hard childhood, but decided to do something about it rather than pity himself, which is why he said what he did. He also does this with the princess in the Land of Vegetables filler, telling her he doesn't like her viewing people as expendable even if she was used as a hostage in the past.
    • After Naruto fails to bring Sasuke back in their first post-timeskip encounter, which also reveals that Sasuke is, at that point, considerably stronger than Naruto, he collapses in tears. Sakura tells him that crying won't bring Sasuke back, and that they will bring him back together.
    • In Chapter 615, Hinata and the Nine-Tailed Fox do this to Naruto after Neji dies protecting him. Hinata says that she and Neji have come to adopt Naruto's principles of never giving up and protecting one's comrades. The Nine-Tailed Fox reminds Naruto that his parents and Neji gave their lives to protect him and tells him not to give up.
      Nine-Tailed Fox: If you're going to sulk like a little schoolgirl, I may as well beat the living shit out of you and take control of your body now!
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion, Misato tries one of these to snap Shinji back into action. It semi-works, in the sense that he tries to do something, and then fails since it turns out that EVA-01 is unable to move. Stupid Bakelite.
  • One Piece:
    • In the Arlong arc, Nami's adoptive sister meets a boy who wants to avenge his father's death at Arlong's hands, and is angry with Nami for working with Arlong, since Nami had hit him with her staff and condescendingly told him that Arlong didn't have time for him. Nojiko points out that Nami had saved his life by preventing him from picking a fight with Arlong, then tells him that while it's his decision to get himself killed, she can't stand people who'd throw their lives away despite how Nami persists despite the suffering she endures. The boy gets the messages and goes home to his mother.
      Nojiko: I once knew a child who faced a life worse than death and chose to live anyway. So when I see a kid like this who's too cowardly to live, it makes me sick!
    • During the Davy Back Arc, Zoro gives Chopper a speech on this when the latter starts complaining about being forcibly recruited into Foxy's crew after the Straw Hats' team of Usopp, Robin, and Nami loses the first round of the Davy Back Fight. With Chopper taken, Zoro and Sanji are now facing a 2 on 3 match, but are still determined to win. The speech works, as Chopper promptly sucks it up and doesn't utter another peep of complaint.
      Zoro: Shut your mouth, Chopper! You are disgraceful! It was your choice to get a life on the sea. Dead or alive, the choice was yours alone. Don't blame it on others. We accepted the challenge. Usopp and the others tried their best. In the pirate's world, tears won't get you anything. If you are a man, then sit tight and quietly watch the game!
    • On Zou, Wano samurai Kin'emon, a retainer for the Kozuki clan (and more specifically, for 8-year-old heirling Kozuki Momonosuke), asks Luffy's and Law's alliance to ally with the Kozuki clan as well to take down Kaido. Luffy bluntly says no, but this is because he wants Momo to be the one to ask him, demanding that he stop crying, man up, and act like the heir that he's supposed to be. Momo subsequently does so, and Luffy then immediately agrees to team up with him.
      Luffy: What are you, Momo, just a figurehead?! Speak up for yourself! Aren't you the guy in charge?! Aren't you the commander over all of these mighty men?! And you're just gonna stand there and cry?!
  • Usually in Sailor Moon it's Rei slapping Usagi, but in season one's finale the demure Ami gives a huge slap in the face to Usagi after she decides to give the villains whatever they want, because she just saw Sailor Jupiter die.
  • In Shirobako, Endou, a veteran animator, goes drinking with an old colleague of his, and expresses his frustration with 3D animation's increased role in anime production, which Endou fears will result in a less polished overall product and fewer work opportunities for 2D animators like him. His colleague tells him that "Those who blame others when things go wrong should just quit," and that there are ways for animators like him to help out even if the studio doesn't need him to draw.
  • Amu Hinamori from Shugo Chara! does this to Rikka when the latter cries for the X Eggs that have destroyed her room and one of them has broken before her eyes.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS: Yuga just got completely destroyed by Neiru who wielded the seemingly invincible Maximum Monster Yggdrago the Sky Emperor. Completely at a loss for what to do, Yuga decides to visit the previous arc villain Roa. When Yuga was about ready to give up and chalk the loss up to luck, Roa gets angry and screams at Yuga, asking if that's all his resolve to become King of Duels amounts to.

    Comic Books 
  • This was done with Captain America when Stan Lee and Jim Steranko realized that his moaning about the death of Bucky was getting really old. So they had Rick Jones appear in a copy of Bucky's costume and tell Cap that other people have lost loved ones and it's past time he moved on like any soldier.
  • Magneto does this to (adult) Cyclops in the early issues of All-New X-Men after listening to him whine one time too many about how much his life (and life in general) sucks and listening to him subtextually blame his recent misfortunes on the Phoenix for possessing him in AVX. Magneto then proceeds to lecture Cyclops by reminding him that he is in the presence of a man who has done many terrible things in his life, things that Magneto himself admits haunt his dreams and will probably haunt him until the day he dies, and confesses that he used to just shrug it off as being temporary insanity, which he then admits was a cop out. To cap things off, Magneto tells Cyclops that he really has no one to blame but himself for his misfortunes and that blaming the Phoenix is just the ultimate cop out, and that if he's really serious about atoning for his recent mistakes he needs to just shut up and get on with it.
  • Done to Superman of all people in Krypton No More. After Supergirl tells her cousin that Krypton never existed -long story- he spends a while repeating their birth planet must be real because otherwise he is either mad or living a lie, to the point Linda/Kara tells him stop complaining.
    Supergirl: Shove it, cousin! We've gone over this a half dozen times! There never was a planet called Krypton, so stop being so maudlin!
  • In Supergirl stories:
    • In Bizarrogirl, Kara has spent weeks wallowing in guilt and depression stemming from her inability to save New Krypton. Lana Lang tries to accept and respect Kara's choice to give up her hero job until Bizarrogirl tears up Metropolis. Then she coaxes Kara to stop from wallowing in self-pity and help out.
      Lana: Your choice, Kara, but you might ask yourself, what would your people want you want to do?
      Linda: It's Linda.
      Lana: If you're going to keep pretending you don't care about people, no, it's not. We're supposed to be fighters, not sit-around-and-mope-ers.
    • In Supergirl (Volume 6) #21, Silver Banshee does this to Supergirl when Kara visits her to say goodbye because Earth has been harsh towards her. Siobhan states that everybody has issues, and Kara is not different.
      Silver Banshee: Oh, whine me a vineyard, Supergirl. I get it. You got a rough deal, no doubt about it. And yeah, Earth can be about as much fun as a stick in the eye sometimes. But you know what? Everybody's got it rough. And there are a lot of people who have it worse than you.
  • The Internship: In Volume 4, River gives this to Cooper (no surprise). After receiving a nude pic from Andy, Coop begins angsting about his body again, calling himself ugly. River, in response, snaps at him to shut the hell up. They admit that they think Cooper’s hot and presses that he knows the same, asking him what “edgy boy self-deprecating crap” leads him to think otherwise. Coop admits that he’s angsting again because his appearance, even if it is hot, reminds him of his dad, as if it's something about him that Cooper can’t escape from.

    Fan Works 
  • In the Animorphs fanfic Akira, Marco tells Jake to stop being stubborn and accept that he needs help to handle his morph allergy.
  • Early in season eight of Courier's Mind: Rise of New Vegas, the Courier is forced to sit through his companions telling him about their Parental Issues, until:
    The Courier: You are all full grown adults with your own lives. Even if your parents were still around at this point, they would have to accept you the way you are - you don't need to prove jack shit to them! If anything, they're the ones who should be judged. So cheer up, all of you! For all you know, they're watching you in the afterlife right now giving high-fives to each other.
  • A Crown of Stars:
    • In chapter 44 Shinji is starting to get angsty after Their First Time but Asuka stops him telling they are past the point of complaining and getting frightened.
    • In chapter 50 Shinji and Asuka are arguing about their failure on reaching each other out. When Asuka asks him why he never told anything Shinji retorts asking why she never did say anything either and muttering he was nothing. Asuka cuts him off telling her lover is not "nothing" and she hates seeing him behaving like a self-pitying whiner.
  • Ghosts of Evangelion: During the first weeks post-Third Impact Asuka repeatedly tells Shinji he must stop complaining and begin to deal with his issues.
  • Supergirl fanfic Hellsister Trilogy offers a mild example. The Legion of Super-Heroes has forcefully picked up Kara from her own time, and the Girl of Steel complains she's sick of endless life or death battles. Laurel Kent plainly states she never expected to see Kara whining in such a way.
    Kara: That's Almost Death #2, Then we go back to the 20th and everybody gets into a big gang war with everybody else, and I wind up on Apokolips and save everybody from that damned Anti-Life Equation, and I'm the only one on her feet to fight Darkseid, and he damned near disintegrates me. Almost Death #3. Am I seeing a pattern here? And now... now... you snatch me and Dev from what was supposed to be a peaceful weekend of relaxing and, and seeing the sights, and catching up with old Legion friends and, oh, you know what all else, and now whoomp! I'm in whatever time I'm in, and you say that magic word 'Darkseid', and I'm supposed to drop everything and sign up for the latest crusade, and I DON'T WANT TO!
    Kara: (sighing, crouching and hiding her face) I. Am. Just. Getting. So. Damned. Tired.
    Laurel: Kara. I never would have believed you would act like this.
  • HERZ: In chapter 3 HERZ is performing a battery of tests on one of their Evas… and simultaneously placating Asuka who is he test pilot and is not happy about it, considering it a long, useless, big waste of her time. Finally Kensuke asks her stopping complaining:
    Asuka: (grumbling) You all don't really need me to do this. After all, we have the mighty Shinji in the invincible Unit 01 and the A.I. Dummy Plugs for the Eva 05 series. Oh, we mustn't forget Wonder Girl. She doesn't contribute to anything and has an Eva all to herself so she can take it for walks after dinner! This is such a big fat waste of my time.
    Kensuke: Oh Asuka, will you just keep it down for a while? We're trying to work here.
  • My Little Pony: Nakama Is Magic: Zoro to Spike after Foxy takes him as a prize during the Davy Back Fight.
  • In the Equestria Girls episode of My Little Pony: Totally Legit Recap, Spike flat out tells Twilight to shut her mouth, after she tries to whine about her insecurities to him, despite already having a very happy and successful life.
    • Later in "P.P.O.V":
      Twilight: Goddammit, Spike! How many times do these bitches have to get mad at each other for some poorly reason and sulk around like a bunch of salty cum buckets? How many times do they have to learn not to get butt hurt over some trivial bullshit? I'm so fucking pissed right now, I almost want to fuck off.
      Spike: Man, Twilight, shut the fuck up. Your life would be so much worse without those chicks, you would literally be Moondancer.
    • Later in the same episode, after having to sit through opposing stories of three different ponies, blaming each other over whatever went wrong, Twilight has this to say:
      Twilight: All right, listen, you dumb whores. I sat my sorry ass though each one of you recounting what happened on the boat, and while all your stories were different, they all had one thing in common: they were all bullshit. When I realized that, I was able to extrapolate what actually happened. And the answer is... (drum roll) Who fucking cares? Guys, we're best friends, but that doesn't mean we aren't going to do dumb shit and piss each other off all the time.
  • TD gets told this numerous times over the course of the various The Non-Bronyverse stories, though he usually has a justified reason to be upset at his predicament.
  • It happens in A Prize for Three Empires when Marie Danvers urges her daughter Carol to stop her ongoing pity party and get her life back on track.
    Marie Danvers: Carol. Listen. It's time you pulled yourself out of that pity-pool and got on with your damned life. And part of it is realizing where you may have been wrong, and trying to do something about it. And part of it may be trying to see something from beyond your own perspective. Okay?
  • The Second Try:
    • Asuka preemptively snaps Shinji out of his breakdown in chapter 2, telling him to get a grip so they can focus on their survival.
    • After the fight with the 16th Angel, when Misato tries to comfort a distraught Shinji who's blaming himself for being unable to prevent the death of Rei, she gets rudely interrupted by Asuka. At first she mistakes it for a display of No Sympathy she had been used to from the old Asuka, until she hears her berating him for writing Rei off so hastily. Asuka then argues that the new Rei may still be the same as the one they know. She's right.
  • In Silent Reproach, Buffy complains about everything bad that happened to her because she was a Slayer while eating with the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Captain America. Unfortunately for her, Cap served in World War II, and politely observes that both the volunteers(like him) and the draftees(like Buffy) were fundamentally the same in that simply did their job and suffered through the same hardships together, regardless of whether they wanted to be there. That said, many viewers believe that the story glosses over many of the ways Buffy's life as a Slayer is worse than Cap's service in WWII- Buffy was "drafted" far younger, forced to fight alone, was looked upon as a troublemaker and even died twice to save the world.
  • In chapter 8 of Thousand Shinji, Asuka is feeling depressed. Shinji tells her to quit that morose crap before reassuring her and cheering her up.
  • Two Letters explores a world where Marinette Stopped Caring about protecting Paris after being left as The Only One actively trying to stop Hawk Moth's reign of terror, dealing with Apathetic Citizens who take her efforts for granted and a nominal partner who cared more about his romantic prospects than dealing with akuma. After she retires, passing on the Ladybug Earrings to a Sketchy Successor, Bunnyx attempts to force her back into the role by manipulating things behind the scenes. When she's finally forced out into the open and Marinette tells her in no uncertain terms that she refuses to take up the Earrings again, Bunnyx promptly calls her a "selfish bitch," insulting her desire for a normal life and insisting she needs to be Ladybug Because Destiny Says So.
  • Weight Off Your Shoulder is a Lighter and Softer Recursive Fanfiction of Two Letters where Marinette considers giving up her Guardianship and passing on the Earrings much sooner, and Bunnyx actually comes back to speak to her before she follows through. However, Bunnyx shows a stunning Lack of Empathy, blithely telling her to "suck it up" and that all her pain will be well worth it... before accidentally revealing that things will get much worse once Shadow Moth successfully steals the Miracle Box and becomes Monarch. Despite Marinette and the Kwamis' clear horror at these revelations, Bunnyx continues insisting that they can't risk changing the future, condescendingly insulting Marinette and acting as though her desire to avert such horrible developments is childish and immature.

    Films — Animated 
  • In The Incredibles, Edna does this to Elastigirl after the latter realizes that her husband has lied to her and is now on an island in the middle of nowhere. Obviously, she thinks that he's having an affair, and breaks down. Edna pretty much tells her to kick his ass. It ends well.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Aliens: Ripley eventually gets fed up with Hudson's incessant bickering, and promptly tells him to snap out of it.
  • Blues Brothers 2000: Mother Mary gives Elwood one after he says "The orphanage is gone, Jake's gone, Curtis is gone! I've got no brother, I've got no roots, I've got no life, I've got nothing for the Christ's sake!".
  • Clerks: Randal does this to Dante after their fight in the Quick-Stop, following with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech
  • Kindergarten Cop: John Kimble (Arnold Schwarzenegger) exhorts his young students to "stop whining!". It works out better than you'd expect.
  • Scream 3: Sidney to Roman.
  • Taking Chance: Lt. Colonel Strobl is guilt-stricken due to the fact that when the war in Iraq kicked off, he volunteered for a staff position stateside so he could spend more time with his family, while others (including the young Marine he volunteered to escort back home) are fighting and dying. An old war vet sets him straight after he starts verbalizing his angst.
    Charlie Fitts: Want to be with your family every night... you think you have to justify that?
  • The Verdict: Laura angrily shames Frank Galvin when he's panicking about the trial and regretting not taking a deal the hospital made his client. This despite her being The Mole.

  • Jake does this to Marco in Animorphs #35, helping him to recover from his Shapeshift Crisis. Marco also does this to Rachel in #37 snapping her out of a Heroic BSoD.
  • Garion gets told this a lot in David Eddings' The Belgariad.
  • Marcus snaps at Esca after being fed up with his moodiness in The Eagle of the Ninth.
  • Family Skeleton Mysteries: A tamer version than usual. After learning he was stabbed to death, Sid begins to fear he was a criminal, such as a gang member or carjacker, when he was alive. Georgia talks him down and points out that "What kind of carjacker's first action in the afterlife would be to help a crying child?" He gets the point.
  • In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry gets told this several times. While he's Wangsting over his ill-treatment at the hands of the Daily Prophet and the student body, Hermione tells him to quit painting Ron and her with the same brush when they're actually trying to help him. Ron delivers one of these to Harry after Harry has been sulking and snapping at him and Hermione, telling Harry that while he does have a lot to be annoyed about, taking out his temper on his friends won't solve anything. Later, after Harry goes into full Heroic BSoD mode and tries to run away after hearing that he might be possessed by Voldemort, the portrait of Phineas Nigellus calls him an idiot and says he is too busy wallowing in self-pity to realize that the world does not revolve around him.
    • ...Followed quickly by Ginny telling him off for locking himself away and then complaining that no one talks to him and for forgetting that she's the only one who could determine whether or not he's being possessed by Voldemort.
    • Dumbledore delivers one to Snape after the latter wishes he were dead in place of Lily Evans:
      "And what use would that be to anyone? If you loved Lily Evans, if you truly loved her, then your way forward is clear."
  • Mogget in the Old Kingdom books is prone to responding to Wangst on the part of those around him by drowning them in sarcasm.
  • In The Queen of Attolia, the second book of The Queen's Thief series, Eugenides' spirit has seemingly been shattered by the forcible amputation of his hand. Neither Eddis nor anyone else seems able to bring him out of his funk, but he eventually gets told "QUIT WHINING." Very emphatically. By the gods themselves.
  • In A Rising Thunder, Thomas Theisman, formerly Honor Harrington's military opponent but now sharing her flag deck thanks to the Manticore-Haven alliance against the Solarian League (which is a thing of beauty and awesome in and of itself), delivers one of these to Honor when she begins wangsting about her part in the wholesale slaughter of the Solarian League's Eleventh Fleet, who fired against overwhelming force thanks to Mesan meddling. The full gloriousness is detailed on the series' CMOA page, but it essentially consists of Theisman firmly reminding Honor that her responsibility was to her own people first, that she acted exactly as she should have, and that the only people to blame were whoever sent Eleventh Fleet out to Manticore in the first place. And in the process he reminds her that she is not the only one with an ironclad sense of duty, honor, or responsibility, and that he does understand exactly where she's coming from. It is absolutely beautiful.
  • In The School for Good Mothers, Frida's meager phone privileges are canceled after she gets a zero in an evaluation. She is told she needs to score in the top two out of the four mothers in her class in order to regain them. By the third time she gets the required score, her privileges are postponed for another month because not calling her child is making her perform better.When Frida complains that she has not spoken to her daughter in months, her counselor tells her, "Don't whine."
  • This happens to an aspiring soldier in Starship Troopers, after he's failed to obey orders. (He was supposed to freeze during a drill. He froze on top of an anthill, freaked out and punched his instructor in the face.) His commanding officer, recognizing the fact that the kid would make a good soldier, tries this trope on him and refuses to hear what really happened... until the recruit insists on telling the full story and being tried by the book, not realizing that proper procedure results in him being publicly whipped and kicked out of the army.
  • In The Tamuli the Styrics and Delphae have a centuries-old grudge with each other, and as such the Sytric Sephrenia and Delphae Xanetia are at each other's throats after having to team up. When they whine to Sparhawk about this, he snaps that he doesn't care about the grudge nor does he want them to like each other, he just needs them to work together. This ends up working as once the two get past their racial hatred they actually become good friends.
  • In Warrior Cats, Graystripe is with his mate as she dies giving birth to his kits, and he wails his grief to the skies. Cue Tigerclaw coming along, cuffing him, and ordering him to "Stop that moaning".
  • Words of Radiance (second book of The Stormlight Archive): Shallan tells Renarin to "deal with [his] issues" when he's angsting over not being able to help Adolin and Dalinar fight the Parshendi. Normally she's more empathetic, but since he has absurdly valuable Shardplate and a Shardblade but is doing nothing with them, she's a bit annoyed. Also The End of the World as We Know It is kind of happening at that point, so she's understandably under some stress.
  • In A Wrinkle in Time, Mrs Whatsit gives a (moderately) gentler version to Meg after reuniting with her, Calvin and her father. Meg is (understandably) distraught at the fact that she's stranded on a (friendly) planet Ixchel while her brother is suffering Demonic Possession by IT on the (notably less-friendly) planet Camazotz. (The little fact that The Black Thing also hit her hard with a high-caliber Emotion Bomb and she's Not Herself didn't help either). Meg begs them to save Charles Wallace instead. Breaking out of her usual character, Mrs Whatsit coldly reminds Meg that neither she nor her sisters have any power on Camazotz, and that it must be Meg who finishes the quest since (literally) no other entity can. This (finally) brings Meg back to her senses.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Weight of the World", Willow does this to Buffy.
    • Played much darker in a later episode, when Willow briefly reverts to her darker persona while protecting an innocent bystander from a monster.
      Willow: For God's sake, shut your whimpering mouth.
  • In Dead Like Me, Rube has this attitude toward George. He's a Jerkass. Although he is supposed to be a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, sometimes you wonder.
  • The Dowager Countess on Downton Abbey says this to her granddaughter, Edith, when Edith is worrying about what to do with her life after being jilted on her wedding day.
  • Game of Thrones: In "Beyond The Wall", Jon Snow's team is about to team up with the Brotherhood Without Banners. Gendry warns Jon not to trust them, and talks about the time the Brotherhood sold him into slavery, which almost got him killed. The others point out they don't have a lot of options and they team up. Gendry is outraged when Beric and Thoros are unapologetic for what they did to him, but Sandor tells Gendry to quit complaining and suck it up.
  • In an episode of My Name Is Earl, Dodge and Earl Jr. are whining about having to pick up toys and do homework. Joy tells them a (very silly) Scare 'Em Straight story that's actually called "Quit Yer Bitchin'!" about why she makes them clean up and do homework. Do your homework so you don't get one of those train problems wrong and then run over by an actual train, and keep things neat and tidy so you don't end up as a ball of dirt on God's desk and get crushed by His coffee mug.
  • Red Dwarf: Rimmer to himself in "Me2".
    "Stop your foul whining, ya filthy piece of distended rectum!"
  • In ""Man of the People" from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Counselor Deanna Troi is unwittingly made into a vessel for the negative emotions of an alien ambassador. This turns her spiteful and hostile. When an Ensign Janewaynote  comes in for counseling, complaining about her superior being far too critical of her, she tells her that this isn't Starfleet Academy and that if she can't take things on the Enterprise then she might do better on a transport ship. She tells her that her superior is probably just tired of hearing her complain, that she certainly is, and to get a hold of herself or be prepared for transfer.
  • Supernatural:
    • Bobby, to Sam & Dean, at various points.
    You stupid, stupid son-of-a-bitch! Well, boo hoo. I am so sorry your feelings are hurt... princess! Are you under the impression that family's supposed to make you feel good? Make you an apple pie, maybe? They're supposed to make you miserable! That's why they're family.
    • At the end of season 5, Castiel has been stripped of his angelic powers. When he starts to angst about the loss, Bobby basically shames him out of it—Castiel might be only human now, but hey, so are the rest of them, and Bobby, who's in a wheelchair, has a lot more reason to feel useless.'
    • In late season 4, the high-ranking angel Zachariah gives Dean a lecture after putting him through a Secret Test of Character to see if he really was ready to fight the Apocalypse for them, the main gist of which is "stop your yammering, you're The Chosen One and your life consists of killing evil and hooking up with hot women! Enjoy it!" Given that Zachariah is later revealed to be Evil All Along, in hindsight this comes off more as Zachariah showing what an asshole he is by telling Dean to stop whining after losing most of his family, being tortured in Hell for decades, and inadvertently causing the end of the world.
  • In The West Wing, when the President is raging against God the injustice of Mrs. Landingham's death and wondering what he did to deserve it, they appear as a figment of his imagination, telling him that it's unfair to blame God for their death and other disasters and telling him of problems he has yet to solve, concluding that they "don't want to know" him if he refuses to run for re-election out of fear.
    Mrs. Landingham: Are you in a tough spot? Yes. Do I feel sorry for you? I do not. Why? Because there are people way worse off than you.


  • From Madonna's album I'm Breathless: the singer of "Cry Baby" gets so annoyed with the subject's crying that she says, "Will you knock it off, please?", and follows it up with a "thank you" when the crying stops.
  • The Eagles' "Get Over It" is basically this message throughout the entire song, motivating people to get over their failures in life and stop blaming them on everybody else.

    Video Games 
  • .hack//G.U. sees this happening to Atoli, after the raid on Moontree. She feels very guilty about all the people that were hurt while she was AIDA-possessed (though most everyone else blames Sakaki for the incident, viewing Atoli as a victim as well). Despite knowing how close to nonexistent Atoli's self-esteem is, Haseo's response is that if she feels so guilty, why doesn't she step up and do something about it rather than just fish for sympathy? This brings Atoli out of her angsting and she begins helping out.
  • Asura's Wrath: It's less whining than it is mindless destructive raging and screaming, but Asura is on the receiving end of this when he's in Wrath Form from Yasha. Asura had previously watched a girl who was a dead ringer for his daughter get killed by the Seven Deities. with himself utterly unable to save her. This results in him going completely ballistic, and going on a rampage of destruction with really no meaning or purpose beyond breaking things. Yasha outlines all that he's sacrificed for the cause, and makes it QUITE clear that Asura's not the only one who's suffered.
    Yasha: Saving the world is no easy task! I played my part as best I could! You have no idea, do you! YOU IMBECILE!
  • All of BioWare's games—from Baldur's Gate to Mass Effect—have conversation options similar to this when talking to your fellow NPC adventurers. The NPC will begin talking about their "main issue" (getting her wings cut off, being an unwilling test subject, being the king's bastard, killing Jedi, etc.), and the Player Character can either show his or her interest and help them resolve their issues or tell them to suck it up.
    • Note that, in most examples, doing this is a bad thing. Though you actually have to snap at Aerie at one point during her romance.
    • One of the Krogan Vanguard's comments while reviving a dying teammate is "Stop whining!"
    • In Mass Effect 2, you can come across a badly wounded Krogan trapped in enemy territory. You can combine this with Dare to Be Badass to get him to pick himself up and get back to friendly territory.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • In Final Fantasy IV, Rydia hits Edward with this when he's overwhelmed by the death of his beloved Anna, followed by a Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! moment from Cecil that only makes Edward more distraught.
    • A similar case happens in Final Fantasy VII where Cloud is afraid to go after Aeris to the City of the Ancients, fearing that being near Sephiroth again will cause him go insane and he questions who he really is. Barret tells Cloud to suck it up and he also tells him how people go through life not knowing who they really are but they continue living their lives regardless. Cloud determines that Barret is right and he continues on his quest.
    • Final Fantasy VIII villain Norg invokes this trope by name. "WHAT DID YOU SAY? YOU LOST TO THE SORCERESS! QUIT YOUR WHINING!"
    • Gladio from Final Fantasy XV frequently says "stop bitching, start killing" to his fellow party members. He even uses it during a cutscene when Gladio tries to snap Noctis out of a Heroic BSoD. However, Gladio is more trying to invoke Tough Love, since he considers Noct's whining to be pointless.
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a slightly less blunt example than most. When Jeralt, Byleth's father, dies, this is what the reaction of Edelgard boils down to. She tells them to stop trying to get everyone to pity them and instead they should move forward because she will do so, with or without them, leading Sothis to remark that she's not wrong about this either. She would know, given this is how she dealt with the deaths or irreparable damage to health of her other ten siblings during the experiments she was subject to along with them when she was in her early teens.
  • While hanging with Dwayne Forge, a friend from Grand Theft Auto IV, he has a bad habit of whining about his shitty life (freshly out of prison, broke, no longer respected in the drug game). While a normal person might feel bad for him, he happens to be talking to Niko Bellic. A Shell-Shocked Veteran of the Yugoslav Wars who saw all but 2 of his closest friends die. He manages to silence him during one conversation, with this.
    Niko: Back where I was from, we didn't have electricity until I was twelve.
  • This happens in Kyo Kusanagi's victory quote in The King of Fighters '98:
    Kyo: You just ain't got it. So stop whining and get lost.
  • Kingdom Hearts:
    • In Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Sora gives this to Aladdin when he's depressed after losing the lamp and Jasmine to Jafar. He then comes up with a plan to get both back.
    • Sora does it with Beast in Kingdom Hearts II, after the Beast, consumed by despair after Xaldin steals his rose, asks Belle and Sora to leave him, telling him to man-up and get both his rose and Belle back.
      Sora: C'mon, you need to hear this. You used to be fearless. You would have given your life to save Belle. Don't you know what that meant to us? You gave us all courage. Hmph, maybe you should have kept some for yourself. I mean, are you really gonna throw your happiness away? The rose is your only hope, isn't it? Well, it's the only hope for Cogsworth and the others, too. So, don't throw away your last chance. Remember what it was like before Belle lived here?
  • In Lost Judgment, Akihiko Ehara stated that when he first learned that his son Toshiro was being bullied in Middle School he proceeded to scold him for being weak and told him to grow a spine. Unfortunately, he later realized that this just ensured that Toshiro would not only never trust him ever again but would stay quiet about his suffering until the day he hung himself.
  • PAYDAY 2's "Inspire" skill allows players to revive teammates by shouting thing like "Get the fuck up!" and "Pain is just mental!"
  • Persona 4,
    • You can do this at certain points in Social Links, with varying results. One positive example happens when Shu complains about going to school, and if you tell him that he's not the only one who feels that way, you not only get the most relationship points with him, but you also get points in your Courage stat.
    • A story example happens after the heroes rescue the last kidnapping victim (the player character's cousin Nanako) and apprehend the man responsible. As the victim lies in the hospital in critical condition, and the others lament what they should or shouldn't have done to prevent things from coming to this, Kanji bluntly tells everyone that simply going over what's happened doesn't do any good at that point, which gets the party out of their funk for the moment.
  • Popoi pulls this on Randi in Secret of Mana after Randi's mother, the Mana Tree, is killed by Thanatos:
    Popoi: This is nuts! Snap out of it! Primm doesn't even have a mother... and neither do I!
  • The "quit-your-whining" rant is just one part of the colourful wheel of reactions the cast of Tales of the Abyss has to Luke destroying Akzeriuth. Eventually, once he's spent enough time dwelling on his sins and swearing to change, people tell him to stop banging on about it.
    • On a more general scale, this is basically Jade Curtiss's role for the whole game. Any time someone gets upset, wangsty or vengeful, it's Jade's job to drag them back on track and remind them to focus on the task at hand.
      Jade: *sigh*. I'm babysitting a group of children.
  • In Cyberpunk 2077, one sidequest deals with a cop neighbor of V's who is dealing with a combination of severe depression and PTSD from both having a close friend die recently as well as years on the force seeing the worst of Night City. After enough prodding, he decides to talk with V about his trauma, stating that one of the reasons he left the force was because his cop buddies stated that he had "pussy genes" when he tried to talk about his issues. The best resolution for the quest involves convincing Barry's cop friends that he's genuinely traumatized and needs actual support. Not doing so will lead to Barry killing himself offscreen and the cops regretting their words.

    Visual Novels 
  • Happens multiple times in the Ace Attorney series; like with Godot yelling at Maya to get over herself and stop wallowing because of the recent death of her mother that she may or may not have caused, or with Rouge in the Layton crossover telling Phoenix to swallow his pain and move on for Luke and Espella's sake after Layton and Maya had apparently died.
  • There comes a point in almost every route in Canvas 2 where the current heroine will tell Hiroki he really needs to get over his angst and start painting again.
  • In Double Homework, this is the essence of what Dr. Mosely tells the protagonist when she visits him at home. Basically, if he wants his life to change, he has to choose to make the change happen.

    Web Comics 
  • In Homestuck, Jack Noir shows a feeling besides omnidirectional rage when he tries to help Karkat deal with Sollux's death.
    There, there, you blubbering goddamn pansy.
    • Vriska is also guilty of this, largely to Tavros. Sure, she mind-controlled him to jump off a cliff... but the real problem is he is just too damn weak!
    • Jade tries this with Jadesprite, but it doesn't work and Jadesprite just runs away and does nothing. Jade is enraged and disgusted to think that she has that kind of weakness inside her.
  • In Jack the titular character does not wish to remember his past life, as the little he knows at that point has made him psychotically unstable. Reck promptly punches him in the face and yells at him to stop being pathetic. here and here. This is followed by a prompt Curb Stomp of the enemy who had, up until then, been beating them up, so it obviously worked.
  • In The Order of the Stick, Roy takes the weighty setback of Durkon being turned into a vampire poorly and considers just giving up and hoping some other hero will rise up to fight Xykon. Belkar heads him off at the pass with a brutally honest diatribe that hauls Roy away from the Despair Event Horizon with pure rage.
    Roy: You were all better off when I was still dead.
    Belkar: Hey, uh, quick question: If I'm experiencing intense nausea right now, do you think that's due to the blood loss, or because your whining is making me want to puke?

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Family Guy: In the episode "Lethal Weapons", while the family is in the car, Meg complains about Chris putting his foot on her side.
    Stewie: Meg stop your whining, Chris stay on your side, and Lois get up off your ass and do some parenting.
  • Hey Arnold!: In the episode "Olga Gets Engaged" Olga collapses into tears upon learning at the last minute her fiance decided not to marry her. Helga's response is "Alright, that's enough! Suck it up, you big crybaby!"
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: The Diamond Dogs try to do this to Rarity when she proves an unwilling slave. Her response:
    Rarity: Whining? I am not whining, I am complaining. Do you want to hear whining? (dials up her voice several pitches) Thiiis is whiiiniiing. Oooh, this harness is too tiiiight, it's going to chafe. Can't you loosen it? Oooh, it hurts, and it's so rustyyy, oooh, why couldn't you clean it first, it's going to leave a staain. Oh and the waagon is getting heavy, why do I have to pull iiiiiit!?
    Diamond Dog: Nnngh! Make it stop! Stop whining!
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show: In "Man's Best Friend", after Stimpy freaks out while witnessing Ren beating George Liquor with an oar until he collapses:
    Ren: Stop your whining. If you think I'm afraid of that big dummy, you've got another thing coming.