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"I brought you here to bed my son, not throw him a tea party. [...] My son is 26 years old and he ain't yet a man. Twenty-six. And since he can't find a willin' woman himself..."
Magistrate Higgins to Inara Serra, Firefly, "Jaynestown"

Virginity is seen as shameful, immature, and something a character needs to get over as soon as possible.

Due to a Double Standard that emphasizes male promiscuity and female chastity, this trope more commonly applies to males than females. Virginity is seen as something silly that men need to get past as soon as possible, while it is often shown as desirable in women. This trope is not gender-restricted, however. Female characters are shamed in this way occasionally, especially in high school settings.

Related to Nature Abhors a Virgin, in which a character disclosing their virginity insures events will conspire to cure them of their shameful condition. The opposite is Nature Adores a Virgin, where virginity is seen as special and highly admirable. Contrast Slut-Shaming, where characters (usually female) are derided for promiscuity rather than virginity (although they can overlap despite all logic). See also Unexpected Virgin if a character's virginity elicits surprise. For the "logical" extreme of this trope, see Eunuchs Are Evil. Closely related to Sex as Rite-of-Passage.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Magna from Black Clover is occasionally subjected to this by Vanessa, who calls him a "virgin delinquent". Judging by his embarrassed denial whenever she does, she's probably right.
  • Four Knights of the Apocalypse downplays the trope. One of the ways Guinevere teases the sixteen-year-old Lancelot is by saying that she knows the kiss they had a few pages ago was his first. Lancelot unsuccessfully denies this, which makes him even more embarrassed. (Not that Guinevere has any room to judge someone's maturity.) It's also that he doesn't want her to have the satisfaction of knowing she stole his Sacred First Kiss.
  • Fruits Basket: Tohru's class puts on a performance of Cinderella. Kyo plays the prince and is extremely mopey and uninterested in the ball being held. During the performance, Arisa (who is playing his "best friend") tells him to cheer up and that "it's no wonder you're still a virgin". Kyo freaks out at this and yells at her not to say stuff like that.
  • In Great Pretender, one of Abbie's favorite insults for Makoto is to call him a virgin. He swears up and down that he isn't, but she doesn't believe him.
  • Gunsmith Cats: In both the Manga and Anime OVA, May Hopkins always teases and shames Rally Vincent about being a virgin, because of how obsessed she is with guns instead of traditional female interests and how she doesn't seem to notice when men are attracted to her. Hopkins, on the other hand, has lots of sex and is proud of it.
  • Hot Gimmick: Ryoki, who is extremely ashamed that he still is.
  • Imaizumin-chi wa Douyara Gal no Tamariba ni Natteru Rashii: ~DEEP~: Other boys don't take Imaizumi seriously because he'll be a forever virgin. Unbeknownst to them, he's not a virgin, but can't say it.
  • This is a trope that comes up a lot in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, but interestingly, this trope is mostly subverted. The only person who shames Shirogane for being a virgin is Shirogane himself. Most of the characters he interacts with have never had sex either, and those that have don't have any reason to care about Shirogane and Kaguya's sex life. Heck, Kaguya's friends are actually more worried about their relationship moving too quickly since Kaguya used tongue during their first kiss.
  • In Mad Bull 34, weak-willed rookie cop Eddie Daizaburo is pretty embarrassed about the fact that he's a virgin — especially considering the fact that his partner, "Sleepy" John Estes, is a Dirty Cop running a prostitution racket and a well-known lothario. Sleepy tries to get a bunch of his girls to show Eddie a good time, but he refuses because it's just not what he's looking for. Thereafter, Sleepy occasionally broaches the subject to annoy Eddie.
  • Discussed in TSF Monogatari, where Takumi comments that, since he's been turned into a girl, her virginity is now an asset as opposed to a stigma ...which she loses not ten minutes later.
  • In Magi: Labyrinth of Magic, Koumei starts teasing Alibaba about this before realizing he's right, Alibaba has never touched a woman, let alone had a girlfriend. Kouen finds this hilarious.
  • Please Tell Me! Galko-chan: Like most boys his age, Otako's brother hates the fact that he's a virgin and hates that other people make fun of him for it. However, he still wants to take things slow when he gets into a relationship.
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki and Hide are introduced having a conversation in which it is made blatantly obvious neither one of them has ever been on so much as a date with a girl, with Kaneki's first date being the event that kicks off the entire plot. Similarly, Amon is a Chaste Hero that rejects the advances of his female partner, but is portrayed as a paragon of masculinity. Besides settled-down family men, the only male character in the series confirmed to be sexually active is Nishiki, who is actually mocked over his sex life and is in general a Butt-Monkey.
  • Mamori in Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid often gets mocked for her name being spelled with the same kanji as "virgin".

    Comic Books 
  • Subverted in the original X-Force, with eventual lovers Rictor and Shatterstar. After being groped in a club, Shatterstar flees in terror and later admits that he has no experience whatsoever. Attempting to comfort him, Rictor states that it's nothing to be ashamed of and admits that he's still a virgin — his Ladies' Man attitude is all an act.

    Fan Works 
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: The homophobe does this to Italy in addition to mocking his mannerisms.
    "Twisted homos making me want to puke. Kill yourself, disgusting virgin fag."
  • The Child of Love: When Asuka tries to seduce Shinji.
    Asuka: Don't tell me you're not a man. Or is it that you don't [want] to be a man?
  • CRME: A subversion occurs. Emerald mocks Mercury for being a virgin, but she states that there isn't anything wrong with virginity. She just knows that those insults would annoy him since he has such a big ego and "ladies-man" demeanor. It's also to get back at him for annoying her over the past few weeks that he's been on the team. Even after they hook up, she taunts him for his lack of experience since she can tell he has never had sex before then.
  • CRISIS: Equestria- Divergence: Averted; Rainbow Dash refuses to do this to Havoc when she finds out that it’s Havoc’s sore spot, citing the fact that it’s something she can change about herself if she wants, and that making fun of her for it seems stupid.
  • A Different Lesson: Subverted with Tai Lung. He is indeed initially mocked (by Mantis and Monkey) for being a virgin, but this does not lessen his badass nature one bit. Eventually he does lose his virginity ...but this has no bearing on his fighting ability since he in fact loses a major battle right after doing so. When he does finally defeat the Big Bad later, it's as part of a team, and again his virginity or lack thereof isn't brought up nor does it have anything to do with his victory. So even when he ultimately does have sex, the attitude behind this trope still gets subverted.
  • Evangelion 303: In episode 3 Asuka questions Shinji about his sex life and mocks him for being a virgin. It turns out she was projecting: later Shinji finds out that she is also a virgin and she feels ashamed about it.
  • Myrmidons: Sheri Walford's old service buddy Lisa Makbar jokingly calls her "bitch" for saving herself for the right guy; Sheri calls Lisa "slut" for, well, not. Amanda Nung similarly tries a few times to get Sheri laid. She finally sleeps with Warrant Officer Abaddon on her nineteenth birthday in part three.
  • A Song of Ice, Fire and Heart:
    • Roxas tends to be mildly teased by his male friends for his utter lack of sexual or romantic knowledge in spite of the many, many girls throwing themselves at him, gaining the nickname of "maiden boy". It becomes a hint creepy when one remembers he's mentally two years old and physically fifteen, but is currently adventuring in the medieval Westeros in which nobody bats an eyelash over twelve-years-old having sex.
    • His assumed father Ventus also was gently mocked by his friends for his shyness towards girls, to the point that Robert is incredulous when introduced to Roxas because he cannot imagine Ven managing to lose his virginity.

  • In The 40-Year-Old Virgin, after Andy inadvertently outs himself as a virgin, his "friends" and coworkers go out of their way to remind him how they think it's so weird for him never to have had sex at his age.
  • Luke in 2:37 teases his friend for being a virgin. It's clearly a sore spot for his friend.
  • All the guys are desperate to lose their virginity in American Pie, but Jim is the only one who explicitly meets the "pathetic and maladjusted" definition of the trope. Eventually, they decide to forget about the pledge to lose their virginity, deciding to avert this trope and be comfortable with themselves and have sex when they're ready. Then they all get laid anyway, making it something of a Broken Aesop.
  • Boy Eats Girl: After Jessica kills over a dozen zombies in a Construction Vehicle Rampage, Cheryl snarkily says "Not bad for a virgin", which is still one of the nicest things she says to Jessica (their other conservations have Be a Whore to Get Your Man taunts) throughout the movie.
  • Brian fears this treatment in The Breakfast Club after Bender jokingly calls him a cherry. This leads to a massive misunderstanding with Claire, forcing Brian to confirm that he is, in fact, a virgin. It's subverted when Claire says "it's okay for a guy to be a virgin", but it's brought up again later when the whole group hounds her until she admits that she is also one, hinting that even she thinks there's a double-standard at work.
  • Discussed in Chronicle. Steve hears that Matt has gone a long time without sex and Andrew is a virgin. His response? "Then how are you guys so cool?"
  • This classic example in Clueless:
    Cher: I just don't think you [and the guy you like] ... mesh well.
    Tai: [incredulous] You... don't think we mesh well? So like, what am I even doing listening to you anyway? You're a virgin who can't drive.
    • Though that was rather harsh, in context it's somewhat justified insofar as Cher is not only a virgin but also hasn't really dated to speak of, and the dates she has had have been disasters, so maybe she shouldn't be acting like she's a relationship expert, and "Cher shouldn't be acting like she's a relationship expert when she's not" is a very major point of the overall plot. Overall Cher's virginity isn't treated particularly positively or negatively, it's more her attitude that needs an adjustment.
  • In The Graduate, it could be interpreted that Ben, the protagonist, is a virgin before he sleeps with Mrs. Robinson. At the very least, he sleeps with Mrs Robinson because she challenges him on his inexperience. He acts so horribly awkward she outright asks him, and he unsuccessfully tries to deny it, so she basically dares him to prove himself. "Just because you happen to be inadequate in one way..." To his... credit?... Dustin Hoffman, 30 years old at the time, does a great job of playing a nervous, shy virgin.
  • Grease: Rare female example. Sandy gets this a lot over the story, especially from Rizzo. There's even a whole song dedicated to it, called "Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee." This eventually leads to her deciding to Be a Whore to Get Your Man.
  • In Heavy Traffic Rosalyn laughs at Michael because he's rumored to be a virgin.
  • Hocus Pocus:
    • A candle with a black flame is prophesied to resurrect a trio of witches if a virgin were to light it. Initially one would suspect that the little girl in the witch's costume would light it. But no, it was the main, male character Max who lit the candle. The cursed-as-an-immortal-cat Binx spelled this fact out in case the viewers forgot the virgin clause, as did the little girl.
    • Lampshaded in the conversation with the cop on the motorcycle. "I'll get it tattooed on my forehead, all right!?"
    • All of this joking and other general obsession about Max's lack of a sex life is made just a mite squicky, since he's only fifteen, at the very oldest!
      The Nostalgia Chick: After all, what are you doing if you're still in high school and still a virgin?
  • Valentin Bulgakov from The Last Station gets teased for being a virgin, even though the ideology he has dedicated his life to commands a celibate lifestyle.
  • In Mean Girls, the burn book described a classmate "Dawn Schweitzer" as a "fat virgin."
  • This trope gets roundly mocked in Not Another Teen Movie with Mitch, Ox, and Bruce, who go on a similar quest to lose their virginities (duly ignoring the Sex Club at school), with Ox finding love with Catherine Wyler, and Mitch confessing his love to Amanda Becker through a note, who responds with...
    Amanda: I don't screw every pathetic guy that gives me a letter! I give them handjobs.
  • Once Bitten: Not only is Mark a virgin, but so are his two best friends, not for lack of trying. The books makes fun of Mark, saying that if he's an 18-year-old virgin, a vampire trying to get him should be the least of his worries.
  • On Chesil Beach: When Florence runs out of the hotel room during a moment of Interrupted Intimacy on their wedding night, Edward takes this personally and interprets it as Florence's rejection of him as a man. He proceeds to lay into her with harsh words about her not knowing how to be with someone, which in a way make him a hypocrite because he too is a virgin.
  • In Porky's, the main character's mission is to have sex — even by hiring a prostitute. The film derives its humor by frustrating every attempt until the end.
  • In 10 to Midnight, Detective Paul Kessler asks Serial Killer Warren Stacy as to when was the last time he had sex with a woman and then says "never" because girls and women don't want anything to with him.
  • At the end of Weekend at Bernie's II, Richard's life is saved from poisoning by a potion made with the blood of a virgin. That virgin just happened to be Larry. He teases Larry about it at the very end.
    Richard: Oh, and thanks for keeping yourself a virgin for me.
    Larry: Great. That's great. Just twist the knife a little deeper, why don't you.
  • Young Hearts: A couple of the boys mock other students they think are virgins while in class.

  • Baccano!: Claire, despite being a virgin himself, does put some stock in this trope. Upon discovering that Firo's been living with a woman for over a year and hasn't gotten even as far as first base, he starts doubting that Firo's even human. The 2002 books show that Firo manages to remain a virgin into his nineties, much to the amusement of the rest of the Martillo family.
  • In Richard Wright's famous autobiography Black Boy, he recalls a co-worker who had a bad case of gonorrhea, and actually acts proud of it because it's proof he's had sex, and is therefore a real man. Richard doubts he's as proud of it as he acts, however, when he sees him urinate one day, with his teeth clenched, tears streaming out of his eyes and with a hand on the beam above him to keep from falling over in agony.
  • In the web-novel Domina, Derek and Adam are specifically noted to be virgins (well, we only find out about this after Adam sleeps with Lily). Derek doesn't seem to find it important, but Adam is embarrassed.
  • A variation in Down Among the Dead Men by William Tenn. Humanity is outnumbered in a Bug War, so all female soldiers have been removed from administrative duties so they can breed more soldiers, and 'zombie' soldiers are created from recycled human protoplasm. However these soldiers think they're not real men because they can't have children. Their commanding officer breaks the ice with them by revealing that he's sterile from the radiation of a nuclear explosion.
  • Downplayed in The Dresden Files: White Night. The young and talented Carlos Ramirez, who behaves like a self-styled Casanova, is identified as a virgin by sex vampire Lara Raith. Harry spends the entire climactic fight scene teasing him about it.
  • Full Metal Panic!: Sousuke. Despite being through many horrible wars, being a military man, and being at the age where he should be going through puberty, Sousuke has as much understanding about sex as a 5-year-old. It's pretty safe to assume he's a virgin when he thinks that condoms are for storing water, "kissing" is a synonym for CPR, and "flirting" is trapping girls in cages and holding them captive at gunpoint. Seriously, you don't get chaster than him. As a matter of fact, Kurz even mocks him for it, insulting him by calling him a "gutless virgin." Being raised in the Afghan mujahideen may have had something to do with it.
  • Played with in Jumper. At the start of their relationship, Davy is a virgin but Millie isn't, and he invokes this on himself after he has a premature ejaculation their first time together. She tells him not to worry about it, and he's soon able to impress her (turned out all that reading in the library to hide from his abusive father was good for something).
  • Lord Straff Venture in Mistborn: The Original Trilogy definitely subscribed to this view, and forced his son and heir, Elend Venture, to sleep with a whore when Elend was 13. This is one of the first signs of how completely screwed-up Straff is. He had his reasons though, the more progeny, the bigger chance for a magic-empowered Allomancer among them.
  • Inverted in Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai. After Tomoe refuses to go out with a bit character, he starts spreading rumors of her promiscuity in revenge, particularly about her and main character Sakuta. Sakuta shuts him down permanently with a very loud and public announcement that not only are he and Tomoe not sleeping together, he's a virgin.
  • Implied in Aleksis Kivi's Seven Brothers in one line, where the drunken Lauri tells Simeoni that he would weep if he saw something that girls don't show to the likes of him.
  • In a The Ship Who... Sang, whenever Niall is annoyed with Helva he calls her a "tin-plated virgin". When she was a few months old, her stunted, paralyzed human body was sealed into a life-support shell that can't be breached without killing her, so of course she's a virgin. When Helva elects not to have her mind transferred into a healthy adult human body - she's a Wetware CPU and sees her ship as her real body, and doesn't miss what she's never had - he refers to said ship as a "titanium chastity belt". Niall is in love with her and his abrasive personality and awareness that they Can't Have Sex, Ever means needling her over a source of his frustration.
  • Small World (Tabitha King novel): Dolly secretly mocks Roger for being a virgin while taking perverse pleasure in relieving him of the problem.
  • The Tough Guide to Fantasyland: It's stated that, in stark contrast to female virgins, no one wants male virgins at all (young boys excluded). Some experience is preferred.
  • Trapped on Draconica: Justified here. According to Leondian law, no one can take part in combat unless they have at least one child. Being a virgin means being a non-combatant which means being deadweight. In short, being a virgin is a festering spearhead in Kalak's self-confidence. He gets over it shortly after meeting Daniar.
  • Deconstructed in Youth in Sexual Ecstasy: The protagonist, at first, justifies this trope and his lifestyle by saying that men should acquire experience and dexterity in order to satisfy their future partners and that only a fool would want to arrive as a virgin to marriage, then he gets rebutted by the sex therapist of the story who says that most of his male patients who suffer from sex problems during their marriage had very active sex lives in their youth, and as consequence, the experiences accumulated and they de-sensitiviced and mechanized the act, when, according to him, sex is not about technique and experience -- it's about feeling.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Burnistoun: The Doberman was heavily bullied and forced to hump a pole as a teen due to being a virgin. As an adult superhero, he's still very sensitive about it.
  • Charmed (2018): Zigzagged in the third episode. There's some jokes at Cam's expense, but it's because he's an incel, not a virgin. Macy also finds her own virginity a bit pathetic, but her sisters reassure her it's nothing to be ashamed of, which makes this show a perfect example of the Double Standard that often accompanies this trope.
  • Deconstructed in an episode of Family Matters in which Steve reveals Eddie's virginity to an entire men's locker room, inadvertently causing all the guys to make fun of Eddie. Later on in the episode, Eddie stands up to them with a speech about how real men value women as human beings and not as conquests.
  • In the Firefly episode "Jaynestown", a local magistrate hires Inara to sleep with his 26-year-old-virgin son, supposedly in order to "make him a man." After they have sex, the son is disappointed that he doesn't feel fundamentally different. He asks, "Aren't I supposed to be a man now?" She answers, "A man is just a boy who is old enough to ask that question. Our time together is a symbol; it means something to your father. But it doesn't make you a man. You do that yourself." The event that makes the son become a man in his own eyes is when he defies his father by helping the crew of Serenity escape.
  • In an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when Carlton plays poker with Will and his friends, they reminisce about their first times. When Carlton reveals he's a virgin, Jazz keeps making fun of him.
    • A variation is discussed in an earlier episode when a girl claims that she had Carlton's baby, Carlton goes along with it. When Will tracks down Carlton to the chapel where they're going to elope, he tells Will that he knew she was lying about the baby being his but didn't refute it because he didn't want people to know he's still a virgin.
  • In the second season of Galavant, a potion to save Galavant's life requires a gray hair from the beard of a middle-aged virgin. King Richard initially insists that such a thing would be impossible to find, before relenting and admitting that he's a virgin (despite being fifty, a king, and married).
  • General Hospital: After Jagger dumped Brenda for Karen, Brenda took great pleasure in taunting Karen about the fact that she was a virgin and not ready to have sex, suggesting that it was only a matter of time before Jagger dumped Karen to come back to her. She had a serious Heel Realization months later upon learning that Karen's sexual fears stemmed from having been molested as a child.
  • iCarly did a G-rated version: Sam finds out that Freddie has never kissed anyone, and announces it on the web show. Cue Freddie staying home from school for two weeks due to merciless teasing. Sam eventually puts it right by calling out the bullies, since most of them have never kissed anyone either... and publicly admits that neither has she.
  • Jackass: Ehren McGhehey reportedly was a virgin, which made him the Butt-Monkey of the gang.
  • Subverted and partially deconstructed on Legends of Tomorrow. When John Constantine needed a virgin for a spell, they used the nebbish Butt-Monkey Gary. At first it seems like another joke at Gary's expense, but it turns out Gary isn't sexually inexperienced, he's bisexual and the spell was based on a heteronormative definition of sex. (The absurdity is further heightened by the subsequent reveal that Gary is an alien and his species' method of reproduction doesn't remotely resemble human sex.)
  • Constantly used for humor on Married... with Children. Al Bundy was the Big Man on Campus in high school not only because he was a football hero, but because he made it with every hot girl in his least before he got married and his life went down the crapper. His son Bud has the opposite problem, constantly trying (and failing) to score with women, something for which the rest of his family teases him mercilessly.
  • On one episode of M*A*S*H, Frank Burns tells the other doctors a story about how a girl from the debate team hit on him in high school, but he turned her down because he was saving himself for marriage. Our heroes react with disbelief and mockery, and even the usually fair-minded Col. Potter dubs Frank a "creep" as a result. Granted, they're all prone to dislike Frank due to him being a Holier Than Thou Jerkass, but this particular instance seems to reveal more about the era's mores regarding masculinity than the characters.
  • In an episode of Quantum Leap the boy Sam is there to rescue (as his mother) is teased by his so-called friends for being a virgin, despite one of the friends secretly being a virgin himself.
  • Atia on Rome is very determined her son becomes a man. Which she emphasises with this comment:
    Atia: You will penetrate someone today or I shall burn your wretched books in the yard.
    • Somewhat Truth in Television and less about sex for sex's sake than ticking off the boxes for things a Proper Roman Male needs to be known to do to BE a man — Octavian was at/approaching legal age, he needed to demonstrate it. (Also, note that the point is less sexual intercourse than penetration — man or woman, so long as Octavian is on top, it would "count". For Romans, male sexuality was not about the gender of the partner/target but very much about who was on top.)
  • Referenced, and somewhat lampshaded, in the first episode of the first series of Skins.
    Tony: It's embarrassing.
    Sid: It's common and quite normal for someone of sixteen—
    Tony: —No. It's embarrassing, Sid.
    Sid: ...Shit.
  • Smallville: For the first several seasons Clark was the epitome of the innocent male virgin, to the point that it'd become somewhat of an in-joke amongst fans, who coined the term "Supervirgin." In one episode, a witch who needs the hair of two virgins for a spell successfully uses Clark's, just in case there was any doubt. Subverted in that it was later revealed Clark was worried that in the throes of passion, he would lose control of his powers and harm his partner. When he lost his powers at the beginning of Season 5, he had sex with Lana the very next episode.
  • The Young Ones, episode "Time," includes a long fight occasioned by Vyvyan mocking Rick's virginity. Another episode of the same show, "Nasty", shows the whole cast reluctant to confess virginity in the face of a vampire who drinks virgin blood.
    Rick: What, me? Rick? A virgin? Ha, ha, ha! Just try telling that to some of the foxy chicks who owe me favours!
    Neil: Well if Rick's not a virgin, then I'm not either!
    Vyvyan Well, we'll soon find out, 'cos the vampire's gonna know! And anyone he attacks, we'll know is a sissy virgin! (To himself) God, I hope snogging with SPGnote  counts...

    Professional Wrestling 
  • After Rhett Titus had shown the ability to get almost any woman he wanted and spent many a day in Ring of Honor claiming to have slept with a denying Daizee Haze, she and Delirious eventually made him admit he was a virgin, though the truth of that is also suspect.
  • Molly Holly got this a lot from Jerry Lawler when she was a heel in WWE. (In addition to fat-shaming, when she just looks like an everyday, average woman.)

    Video Games 
  • In Carte Blanche Jeannine tells protagonist Edgar Delacroix he could learn something from the dirty pictures he had to take of an affair, "Snow White", and tells him to come back when he's lost his virginity. Edgar has no clue how she figured it out.
  • Drakengard 3: Zero despises her sister Four for being a virgin, and claims she can't deal with virgins in general. In Four's case, it's justified: Intoners have an enormous sex drive, and Four's repression of her own to feel superior to her siblings has messed her up psychologically and turned her into a murderous, hateful Jerkass.
  • Elden Ring: It's a common fandom joke to miscontrue Varre mocking the Tarnished for being "Maidenless" as this trope. In-universe, it basically means "can't level up/complete the game", since as is traditional for Souls games, leveling up is done for you by a Mysterious Waif known as a Finger Maiden; all Tarnished are supposed to be accompanied by a Finger Maiden, but you are not (the maiden implied to be yours is dead in the Chapel of Anticipation; many speculate that Varre killed her himself) and only meet your replacement level-up lady, Melina, later.
  • Fallout 2 intended you to start with the trait "Virgin of the Wastes", the flavor text of which suggested you really needed to get out more, and would be lost the first time you had sex. It was cut from the final release.
  • The objective of Leisure Suit Larry 1: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards is for the title character to lose his virginity. If he can't do it by next morning, he'll kill himself. To emphasize the challenge, prostitutes don't count (though he won't kill himself if he has sex with a prostitute).
  • In Team Fortress 2, one of the Spy's domination lines to the Scout is an insult to his possible manliness.
    Spy: Here lies Scout. He ran fast and died a virgin.
  • Played straight in Xenogears. A naive Fei-Fong Wong is teased about sex by the village prostitute at the beginning of the game. By the climax of the game Fei-Fong Wong and Elly begin a sexual relationship.

    Visual Novels 
  • In the Danganronpa series:
    • Hifumi Yamada from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc does this at one point during his feud with Kiyotaka Ishimaru, referring to him derisively as "that virgin" while ranting against him. Ironic because Hifumi is an archetypal Otaku who firmly insists that the reason he never dates is because he only likes 2D girls, so he's pretty definitely being a Hypocrite here. Doubly ironic because their disagreement is over ownership of a laptop which may or may not contain the ditigised soul of the guy Taka may or may not have been in love with, which ambiguous as it may be is a darn sight more action than Hifumi ever sees in canon.
    • Miu Iruma from Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony is known to do this a lot to her classmates, even though it is not confirmed if some of the students really are virgins or not. Funnily enough, when Miu gets virgin-shamed herself, she gets defensive, and this is one sign that Miu is very likely a virgin herself and is guilty of Hypocritical Humor. All that said, Miu freely admits in one of her Love Across the Universe date events that she is actually more fond of virgins than she lets on. She just… expresses it in her own Miu way, like giving a box of fap material (of which some of the contents feature herself) to Shuichi, who is one of her frequent virgin-shaming targets. In one of her Ultimate Talent Development Plan events, Miu made pink orgasm-inducing Christmas lights as a present for, as she put it, "all the lonely bastards who got no one to spend the holidays with".
  • Fran pokes fun at 18-year-old Erik from Missing Stars for being a virgin.

  • In El Goonish Shive, fear of this is implied to be the reason so many guys who dated Diane lied about how far they went — which led to her getting slut-shamed even though she is a virgin.
  • In Loserz, where two protagonists are virgins and are portrayed as, well, "Loserz." At least, until Eric gets laid, but Ben has no such luck.
  • Gary of Ménage à 3 spends the early part of the comic's long run as a virgin with serious related self-esteem problems and the subject of pity from other characters who know, despite their (rather ham-fisted) attempts to help him. Then he (a) turns out to be a natural oral sex master, and later (b) gets laid. The joke is, he remains... Gary. A hopeless geek with negligible social skills. He just goes from having no sex to being sexually exploited (though he doesn't seem to object to that much). His virginity is a symptom of his hopelessness, not its cause.
  • The Virgin vs. Chad meme, where the contemptible "virgin" is contrasted with the over-the-top "Chad". Parodied with "The Virgin Chad", who is worthy of admiration precisely because his religious principles have him save his virginity until marriage.

    Web Original 
  • A meme brewing the *chans inverts this: if a man reaches age thirty without having known the touch of a woman, he becomes a wizard.
  • "The Official Virgin Age Meter" meme states that the perfect age for a man to lose his virginity is 16, while someone who is still a virgin at 20 (shown as a fat nerd) is "beyond saving". (Of course, this being the internet, it's hard to tell how seriously is it taken by people who post it.) However, not losing one's virginity until 30 makes one a wizard of unparalleled power.

    Web Video 
  • YouTube personality DrNerdLove comments about it in his video "The Virginity Paradox" regarding male virginity.
  • Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Abridged: In Episode 10, Lancer mocks Archer about this, though considering Archer's true identity, he likely isn't a virgin.
    Lancer: There was a snide Archer in red,
    No woman would join him in bed,
    He picked the wrong side, and fate will decide,
    If this fight will end with him dead!
    Archer: Did you just call me a virgin through limerick!?
  • This parodic video from Jehtt, taken from of a cutscene of Sonic Riders, hilariously inverts this. When racing against Jet, Sonic shames him for not having sex as a classic teen joke, but the green bird isn't bothered by it:
    "You're right, I haven't lost my virginity... because I never lose! See you later, sex-haver!"
  • In "The Last Days Of Dr. Wily", while Dr. Wily is talking to Greg, Wily leans over and picks up a printed robot design, which is just Wily's 8-bit sprite with the caption "VIRGIN MAN". Wily looks at Greg in silent annoyance, then drops the paper and walks away while Greg just shrugs.
  • Referenced in The Nostalgia Chick and The Nostalgia Critic in their review of Hocus Pocus, where they wonder why the characters feel like it's so weird for a 15-year-old boy to be called out on as being a virgin.
  • Sword Art Online Abridged has Rosalia do this to Kirito as her last words after he slices open her neck, and it takes him five episodes to manage a comeback.
    Kirito: I'm gettin' real tired of your first-year psych student bullshit.
    Rosalia: Enjoy this while you can; it's the deepest you'll ever be in a woman. (dies)
    Kirito: Yeah, well, you're dead, so... ...DAMNIT!

    Western Animation 
  • American Dad!: In the James Bond movie parody "Tearjerker":
    Francine: Oh my god, you really are a virgin!
    Stan: What... isn't that good?
    Francine: No. It's awful.
    • Parodied in the episode The 42-Year-Old Virgin, in which all the usual clichés come out after Stan shamefully admits he's never actually killed anyone.
  • Diane from BoJack Horseman experienced both this and Slut-Shaming at the same time when she was called a "virgin slut" in high school. Even back then, she wasn't afraid to point out the Logic Bomb.
  • Rev. Putty in Moral Orel, who's in his forties and balding and still a virgin, much to his ire. Especially since, thanks to a Stalker with a Test Tube, he discovers he has an adult daughter while still a virgin. He finally loses it to some prostitutes Orel inadvertently picks up for him to 'save', and is noticeably more relaxed after that.
  • South Park: In "Butters' Bottom Bitch", Cartman and the other boys ridicule Butters for never having kissed a girl, which is equated to being a virgin. He ends up losing his "kiss virginity" to a girl who is selling kisses at school.




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