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X-Force is the title of several comic book series published by Marvel Comics. All of them are associated with the X-Men franchise and set in the shared Marvel Universe.

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  • X-Force (1991): The original X-Force series, a Sequel Series launched after creative control of the New Mutants series was given to artist Rob Liefeld. Liefeld's run made the series Darker and Edgier, eventually leading to its relaunch under the new title.
  • X-Force (2004): Liefeld and Nicieza returned for a six-issue X-Force miniseries (October, 2004-March, 2005), featuring the original characters.
  • A four-issue X-Force: Shatterstar prequel miniseries (April-July, 2005) immediately followed the 2004 revival.
  • X-Force (2008) – Starring the sanctioned strike team of mutantdom fighting to stop threats towards what little mutants remain. Spun off from the X-Men crossover event Messiah Complex. Written by Craig Kyle and Chris Yost.
  • Uncanny X-Force (2010) – Starring a secret strike team as they confront the emerging threat of Apocalypse and the aftermath of what they wrought. Launched in the aftermath of the crossover event X-Men: Second Coming. Written by Rick Remender.
  • Two new ongoing series were launched as part of the "Marvel NOW!" relaunch. In Cable and X-Force (2013), written by Dennis Hopeless, Cable forms a new outlaw X-Force group. The relaunched Uncanny X-Force (2013), written by Sam Humphries, follows Psylocke's X-Force team. Both titles were then replaced by X-Force (2014), written by Si Spurrier, which merges the two teams and serves as a continuation of both series.
  • X-Force (2018) – The surviving members of the original X-Force team reunite to hunt down Kid Cable. Written by Ed Brisson.
  • X-Force (2019) – Part of the "Dawn of X" relaunch, starring the mutant nation of Krakoa's mutant CIA team. Written by Benjamin Percy.

Alternative Title(s): Cable And X Force