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An entire series that follows on chronologically from the predecessor. Usually marked by a change in cast within the universe, while maintaining the same general rules.

Like anything having to do with TV production, this trope has a dark side. Under U.S law, and possibly a few other countries, if a television series runs over a certain number of episodes then the cast are entitled to a percentage of the show's take, in addition to their normal salaries. However, it doesn't take more than some minor rebranding to have a show's new season be legally considered a completely different property. Conversely, any Anime series that continues after concluding its initial premise usually changes its name in this manner when it gets Un-Cancelled.


Officially distinct fromnote  Spin-Off in that a Sequel Series occurs (somewhat) immediately after the prior series and in the same general area. After Show is a subtrope where at least one vital member of the cast is absent. When a series continuesnote  but several elements/rules are updated for modern tastes, you have a Revival. See also: Series Franchise, where the follow-up has the same series name but only a few of the same elements. Sequel Series could be taken as an converse of Canon Welding in that the Sequel Series is pre-welded to its predecessor yet is legally distinct. If a series cannot follow its inspiration legally yet does so in spirit, you have a Spiritual Successor.



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  • The Pony POV Series started off as just the Discorded Ponies series, which was the point of views of characters as they're Discorded in canon (plus the alternate ending "Epilogue"). Then came the Reharmonized Ponies series, which is the bulk of the series, dealing with the fallout from Discorded Ponies and soon developing its own, very extensive, world, mythology, and timeline.
    • Epilogue was eventually followed up on by the Dark World Arc, which expanded until Word of God declared it it's own series running side-by-side with the Reharmonized timeline.
  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series is a Sequel Series to both the original strip and Swing 123 and garfieldodie's respective Calvin and Hobbes fanfic series.
  • Lost Relics is this to Riding The Waves.
  • Songs of Lost Children is one for the Blooming Moon Chronicles.

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