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"In opposition to this, the Volkish view recognizes the importance of mankind in its racially innate elements. In principle, it sees in the state only a means to an end, and as its end it considers the preservation of the racial existence of men. Thus it by no means believes in an equality of the races, but with their differences it also recognizes their superior and inferior values, and by this recognition it feels the obligation in accordance with the Eternal Will that dominates this universe to promote the victory of the better and stronger, and to demand the submission of the worse and the weaker. Thus in principle it favors also the fundamental aristocratic thought of nature and believes in the validity of this law down to the last individual."

Rather than just feeling Fantastic Racism towards a particular group, these people look down on everyone who isn't them. They'll likely be The Empire or The Horde (generally led by an Evil Overlord or a charismatic President Evil), and might possibly be Always Chaotic Evil, though it's also possible most of them are simply fed on propaganda rather than seriously believing this. In any case, they'll hold to an ideology based around the idea that they and they alone deserve to rule the world/universe, and everyone else needs to fall into line or be exterminated. In extreme cases, they may simply want to exterminate everyone else without bothering to dominate them.

See also Scary Dogmatic Aliens, and there will likely be in- or out-of universe comparisons made to Those Wacky Nazis. If said comparisons are explicitly in-universe, they'll likely be Nazis By Any Other Name who go round Putting on the Reich. May show up as a central teaching of the Religion of Evil or Path of Inspiration. Contrast Superior Species, where the work itself presents a race as inherently better. They're almost always bad guys (as you can't play them as heroes without getting into a motherload of Unfortunate Implications, though individual members can be sympathetic, especially if My Species Doth Protest Too Much is in force) and they'll often show up as villains in works that are preaching An Aesop against racism. They aspire to become a Foreign Ruling Class over lesser races.

Note: Does not apply to races or cultures who think they're superior but have no interest in conquering the outside world. The Master Race wants to master the rest of the world, not be apart from it. They may already be served by a Slave Race, Servant Race, or Henchmen Race, though some extreme examples are too xenophobic even for that. Compare and contrast the Absolute Xenophobe, who skips the "mastering" part and goes straight for extermination.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Despite their nation only dating back to the colonization of Mars some three decades back, the people of the Vers Empire in Aldnoah.Zero see themselves as superior to Earth's "Old Humanity". According to Martian doctrine, the immensely powerful Lost Technology, Aldnoah, that they discovered on their planet is a sign of the gods' favor. Meanwhile, Terrans are disdained and viewed as unworthy of the bountiful planet they inhabit. (Mars' agriculture being unable to fully support its population, Earth's plentiful resources are a cause of serious resentment.) This attitude was heavily encouraged by the Martian leaders, who finally used it to start an Inverted War of Earthly Aggression with the goal of conquering the planet.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • The Saiyans fully see themselves as the strongest race in the universe bar none. They're not too far off the mark given how powerful Goku, Vegeta, and their descendants become throughout the series. There were stronger fighters in Frieza's force but these were all unusual mutants.
    • Zamasu from Super sees the Kais as this. He does have a point since they are gods, but he has serious Black-and-White Insanity: to him, everything the gods do is good because they are good, while everything mortals do is evil by definition. When the other Kais disagree with him on this, he just pulls a No True Scotsman.
  • Gundam
    • Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeon asserts this, with their leader Gihren Zabi proclaiming that Spacenoids — humans born in space — are superior to the Earthnoids on Earth, and that it's Zeon's duty to conquer the Earth and cull the numbers of the Earthnoids in order to bring about peace. It's worth noting that Gihren may not really believe this, but is instead using its propaganda effect to keep Zeon behind him and in the war. It's doubly worth nothing, that Gihren's own father compared him to Adolf Hitler and he was rather happy about that label, although it's safe to say Gihren believed in his own superiority most of all.
    • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: Those within and Titans believe that it's Earthnoids who are the truly superior ones and that it's the Spacenoids who need to have their numbers brought down.
    • Char Aznable also believes in the superiority of Spacenoids, particularly Newtypes, and in Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack he has an interesting plan to bring about Spacenoid supremacy — by dropping an asteroid on Earth and damaging the environment to where the Earthnoids will all need to migrate off of it, thereby necessitating them to move into space and become Spacenoids.
    • Patrick Zala and ZAFT of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED believe that Coordinators — genetically modified humans — the better race and that Naturals need to be destroyed. On the opposite end is Blue Cosmos, who tout that it's Coordinators that need to be eliminated and that Naturals are superior to them.
  • Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro: The New Bloodline consist of people who consider themselves a new species of humanity, formed through the "evil intent" building up from one generation to another throughout centuries. Sicks, the leader of the group, seeks to wipe out humankind so his brethren will flourish in its place, citing it as just a natural process in which a superior race exterminates the presiding race to assert its dominance over the ecosystem.
  • One Piece:
    • The Fishmen, most notably of the Arlong Pirates. In a world mostly made-up of water, being able to breath on both land AND water, and also just naturally be strong, is admittedly a very positive trait. Doesn't stop the Straw Hats for too long, though. However, several hundred chapters later, it was revealed that this was actually an attempt to undermine humans pulling this on them, due to the humans's superior numbers and the presence of Charles Atlas Superpower'd humans who can mop the floor with any fishman, regardless of greater natural strength.
    • The Celestial Dragons embody this trope to the extreme, however. They are a small group, descendants of the founding families of the one world government, who have come to believe that they are unspeakably superior to anyone else on the planet. They have the super-powered Admirals on speed dial to brutalize anyone who stands up to them, but aren't above shooting people (old, young, men, women, children) who get in their way and can't fight back. They'll also enslave commoners on a whim. They wear permeable bubbles around their heads when they leave their homeland, because they refuse to breathe the same air as lesser peoples.

    Comic Books 
  • American Vampire: The Carpathian bloodline founded by Dracula considers themselves superior to not just humans, but other vampires species, having carried out a genocide against them during the 1700s. Its not surprising that during World War II, they sided with the Nazis and supplied them with soldiers in exchange for seeking out and destroying other vampires. Ironically, despite their arrogant attitude and being the most numerous vampire race in the planet, they are actually weaker compared to others, due to being vulnerable to sunlight and wood while other vampires introduced can walk during daytime and have more specific weaknesses (like copper and gold).
  • In Warlord of Mars, the polar races on Mars regard themselves as superior to the Red People and the Green barbarians, as well as among themselves. Irony is that the White, Black and Yellow people are heavily reliant on enslaving these lesser people, who are most numerous, advanced and much more prepared to live on Barsoom. When the Red People go to war against them, the polar races are usually overwhelmed.
  • X-Men: Some factions of Mutants believe they are a superior breed of humans and came up with the name homo sapiens superior to describe themselves. Magneto was one of the strongest proponents of this idea, though he has moved past it after realizing his actions ultimately hurt mutantkind instead of saving it. The fact that he, a Holocaust survivor, was spouting the same rhetoric as the Nazis responsible for the mass murder of his people probably helped.

    Fan Works 
  • Certain takes on The Conversion Bureau will have the ponies see themselves as this, and thus believing themselves justified in carrying on an Assimilation Plot that aims to turn all humans into constantly happy ponies. Deconstruction Fics will add A Nazi by Any Other Name to the mix as well.
  • The Psyches are implied to be this in Empath: The Luckiest Smurf.
  • I Woke Up As a Dungeon, Now What?: Khannate culture teaches that the Khannites are the most powerful race in this part of the world, and as such have the right to enslave and exploit all other races. They repeatedly reconquered and enslaved the Velthian cities of the south, and made a few stabs at enslaving the Ahriman lands to the west.
  • My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic: The winged unicorns of Unicornicopia and their "god" known as Grand Ruler are seen as this. They themselves have no problem to call others out, on how inferior they are to them, because they live on the ground alone.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: Quoted directly from the Bloodline King in Chapter 15, in regards to Bloodliners:
    Bloodline King: A Pokémon, my Emmisary, is but a tool. Just as we stand above humans with our superior strength of power, we stand above such miserable creatures with our superior strength of mind. As the bearers of both intelligence and might, it is our natural place to rule and do with each as we please.
  • The Secret Return of Alex Mack: The Collective wants to cull the numbers of lesser species in order to leave more resources for themselves (and rule over the survivors).
  • With This Ring: Martian society has been racially stratified for thousands of years, with Red Martians on top, believing themselves to have been divinely appointed to that role, and White Martians at the bottom. The fact that only Red Martians are trained as sorcerers tends to reinforce this. Then they find out that the colour differences aren't caused by genetics, but by the Guardians' alterations and mental conditioning. In the Paragon timeline, there's widespread upheaval and demands for hasty reform. In the Renegade timeline, there's a civil war with massive casualties.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • How Sebastian Shaw and Magneto see mutants as a whole in X-Men: First Class.
  • A running theme throughout Star Wars:
    • One of the underlying philosophies of The Empire in the original movies was that of human supremacy (termed "High Human Culture" in Star Wars Legends), with most non-humans relegated to menial labor, slavery, or outright extermination. It's implied Emperor Palpatine himself never personally bought into this, but encouraged it to solidify the support of his subordinates and create useful scapegoats to distract the populace with. Nonetheless, a handful of particularly capable or well-connected non-humans did manage to hold positions of real power within the Empire.
    • The Yuuzhan Vong of New Jedi Order see all other species as scum to be forcibly converted to the Great Doctrine or exterminated.
    • The Rakata's Infinite Empire, first mentioned in Knights of the Old Republic, is implied to be this, as they conquered many planets with their extensive technology and used the natives as slaves.

  • Many pureblood families of wizards from Harry Potter view themselves this way; Voldemort, whose reasons for hating muggles are much more personal in nature, plays on this to attract followers.
  • From John Carter of Mars, the Holy Therns (white Martians) and the First Born (Black Martians) both see themselves as being the Master Race (the First Born take this to the extreme of considering it beneath them to do any kind of work but fighting- lesser beings work, and the First Born take what they need from them). Needless to say, the two races hate each other's guts, though in the third book the Thern Priest King and a First Born nobleman pull a (very tense) Villain Team-Up against the eponymous hero.

    Subverted from the very first book, where Burroughs explicitly tells the reader that the Red Martians are a blend of the best of the White, Black, and Yellow Martians. (The Green Martians are different — they're not even humanoid, can't interbreed with the other Martian races or with humans, and are subtly implied at one point to be descended from carnivorous plants. But John Carter treats them as equals too, finding his best friend in one of them.)
  • March Violets: Anti-Nazi German Bernie Gunther attends the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. He watches Jesse Owens run a race, and thinks that Owens exposes Hitler's "master race" propaganda as nonsense. Bernie decides that if there is a master race, Owens is part of it.
  • Deconstructed with the Dúnedain in Tolkien's Legendarium (adapted from the Atlantis myth)— in many ways they are superior to other races of men, which leads them to ultimately turn themselves into The Empire, as well as arrogant and corrupt. Then their king makes Sauron his chief advisor, and he plays on these factors to lead the Dúnedain to ruin. By the time of The Lord of the Rings there are very few pureblood Dúnedain left, and their culture exists in an After the End of their own making.
  • The Itorloo from Raymond Z. Gallun's "Seeds of the Dusk" (1938) who consider themselves this (despite being confined to a single dying planet), cruelly treat the numerous other sapient races inhabiting the Earth and plan to invade Venus and exterminate its inhabitants for no better reason than that they want a younger, warmer world. This story was written in 1938, when the real Nazis were already well embarked on the career of aggression which would result in global cataclysm.
  • The Wasp-kinden from Shadows of the Apt are hardly shy about declaring their supposed superiority, and the Empire they control is a militaristic powerhouse bent on conquering the rest of the known world. Non-Wasps are referred to as "Auxillians", and though it's theoretically possible for them to rise to positions of power, most are little better than slaves (one Auxillian, Drephos, reached the rank of colonel, but only because he was an indispensable mechanical genius the high-ups wanted to keep loyal, and even so most Wasps found "Colonel-Auxillian" an absurd title).
  • Star Trek:
    • In the very first original novel, STAR TREK Mission to Horatius by Mack Reynolds, the inhabitants of the planet Bavarya (sic!) are divided into artificially replicated people called "doppelgangers" (again, sic) and biologically engendered people called the "Herr-Elite" (sic, sic, sic) — obvious stand-ins for Nazi Untermenschen and Herrenvolk. The "Herr-Elite" plan to invade the planets Neolithia and Mythra and enslave their inhabitants. It turns out that the dictator, "Nummer Ein," is himself a doppelganger. Does This Remind You of Anything?
    • Khan Noonien Singh was considered the "ubermensch" ("superman" in German), mentally and physically superior to normal humans. Interestingly, this "ubermensch" was portrayed as an Indian male rather than a white male. This might have something to do with the term "Aryan" having Indian (and Iranian) roots, before the term was adopted by white supremacists like the Nazis. And yet, on screen, the actor portraying him is either a Mexican or a Brit. See Race Lift.
  • The very aptly named Masters from The Stone Dance of the Chameleon. Even within their own ranks, the weight of their votes is decided by blood purity.
  • The Cyrgai in David Eddings' The Tamuli are a bit of a deconstructive parody. For a fun question, how do you really, really piss off a Master Race? You seal them in an area so that anyone who tries to cross a line in the sand dies, no saves. After thousands of years of being isolated in this way, the Cyrgai suffered what would likely befall any master race given enough time: They've become so massively inbred and obsessed with their own physical perfection that they are a race of entirely beautiful, statuesque morons.
  • In Wen Spencer's Tinker series, the oni. Characterized by a Lack of Empathy and a view of other species as breeding stock.
  • The Witch of Knightcharm: Several students at an evil Wizarding School believe that having magic makes them a superior species relative to people who can't cast spells. Some, such as Lily's clique, go so far as to want to rule over the mundane world, feeling that magicians are so superior that it's their right to make themselves into royalty while everyone else just serves them.
  • The Race in Harry Turtledove's World War. While not racist (speciest?) in the typical sense, they believe that it is not just their right but their duty to take over other intelligent races and add them to their empire. They are horrified by Nazi Germany, however. Even so, they're arrogant enough to conclude that they are the most advanced race in the galaxy after meeting only two other races and only looking in the galactic equivalent of a neighborhood. They also naturally assume that all intelligent life forms are like them, including their fear of change and an extremely methodical approach to everything. Then they come to Earth and they really don't like how different from them we are. How dare we have radar, landcruisers, killercraft, etc., when we have absolutely no business having this technology in such a short (800 years) timeframe since their probe scanned Earth. As far as the Race are concerned, Humans Are Bastards for not immediately recognizing the Race's superiority and submitting to their rule.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Scourge on Angel, a small army of "pure-breed" demons bent on wiping out "half-breeds" like Doyle. The hypocrisy here is even thicker than usual, as all truly "pure" demons were colossal super-beings that were killed or banished before human civilization. Years after the show ended, the comics confirmed the Scourge were all talk when they tried to resurrect an Old One - and it wiped them all out.
  • The Daleks from Doctor Who, who actually refer to themselves as "the master race" during the WWII-set Victory of the Daleks. And the Cybermen. As well as a number of less scrupulous Time Lords.
    • And the mockingly named "Master Race" which came into being when The Master temporarily turned almost every human on Earth into a copy of himself.
  • The Scarrans from FarScape consider themselves the master race of the galaxy. Their hides easily shrug off small-arms fire, they posses a natural Agony Beam and have the strongest dreadnoughts. If a species cannot provide them with either servants or breeding stock, they will be marked for extermination.
  • Shocker in Kamen Rider are an evil organization of Nazis who took their ideals one step further — they seek to create a transhuman master race by remodeling themselves and other select humans into monsters, which will then Take Over the World and subjugate humankind.
  • Logan's Run: In "Crypt", Dr. Rowan hopes to create a master race by instilling Logan's innate courage in his emotionless makeshift army. Logan tells him that he has read about a people who considered themselves a master race and that they planned to make the rest of the world their slaves or exterminate them.
  • In the MST3K episode Teenagers from Outer Space, the leader of the saucer crew likes to go on about this:
    Bombastic Alien: We are the supreme race!
    Tom Servo: We make the supreme pizzas!
  • The White Martians in Supergirl possess various Gestapo-esque tendencies, mercilessly capturing, torturing and killing as many of the more peaceful Green Martian race. Armek, M'gann’s ex-husband and particularly fanatical member of their race, even admits that they exterminated them out of pride for their own race.
    Armek: With the eradication of the vermin, Mars is a paradise. The way it was intended to be. The greens have been silenced… the ones who thought they were better than us. We’re now one pure hive.
    M'gann: So who are we gonna kill next? What other species deserves to be obliterated because you decide you're better than them?
    Armek: Whichever one we choose.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In BattleTech, Clan trueborns of the warrior caste hold this opinion of themselves and look down on the 'naturally born' freeborns of both their own and other castes, though the degree varies from clan to clan. Clan Smoke Jaguar was infamous for its internal racism of warriors over all, while Clans Hell Horses, Ghost Bear and Star Adder had almost no inter-caste friction and other Clans like Diamond Shark and Coyote gave other castes like merchants or scientist almost as much regard as the warriors. The Clans also looked down on the Inner Sphere as inferior, seeing Clan society as innately superior to the Inner Sphere's Feudal Future and believing that conquering the Inner Sphere and resurrecting the Star League would be contemptibly easy — needless to say, they were proven very, very wrong.
  • In Exalted, the Dragonblooded of The Realm often get this treatment, especially when used as the main antagonists of a campaign. Their religion goes so far as to state that especially worthy mortals might get the chance to be reborn as a Dragon-Blood in their next life.
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • Dark elves don't get this nearly as often as the regular sort of elf, but the ones in Forgotten Realms have never met a species they don't have some reason to look down upon. R.A. Salvatore's novels repeatedly and blatantly contrast this with the dark elves' inability to maintain a functioning culture without direct and repeated Divine Intervention. The drow grudgingly acknowledge illithids and beholders (and, in space, the neogi) as approximate equals... which mostly just makes them want to wipe out those races even more than they want to kill the surface-dwellers.
    • The AD&D 2nd Edition splatbook The Complete Book of Elves often gets jokingly called "The Complete Book of the Master Race" for how it's basically just a long book (written from an elven perspective) about how elves are so much better than everyone else, with a truckload of overpowered mechanics for elf characters. The book is widely-mocked and the author actually issued a public apology for it.
    • Greyhawk:
      • The Scarlet Brotherhood is a secret society of assassin-monks who claim to be direct descendants of the ancient Suel Imperium and seek to infiltrate courts across the Flanaess so as to reestablish the glory of the Suloise race. Unlike examples in most D&D settings, the Scarlet Brotherhood discriminates against other human ethnicities as well as nonhumans. Their symbol is even a black four-spoked wheel on a red background, just in case it wasn't clear what group they're intended as a stand-in for.
      • Said to dwell deep in the Vast Swamp is the froglike demigod Wastri, whose portfolios literally include bigotry and self-deception. Served by bullywugs and deformed humans, he preaches to his followers about the inferiority of demihumans such as elves, dwarves, halflings and gnomes, while capturing humans to transform into toadlike monsters. The fact that Wastri is barely human himself is an irony lost on the godling.
  • Over in Pathfinder, aboleths view most of the rest of the universe as thralls, to the point where one of their species rules is that they're supposed to be controlling others.
  • In Mage: The Awakening, the Daksha legacy is built on a philosophical foundation that melds the viewpoint of "Mages are the Master Race" with the viewpoint that Mages therefor should be running the world. Their legacy even transforms them into ambiguous gendered hermaphrodite genderbenders, with third eyes in the backs of their heads that can read the Akashic Records, to further prove their "point" about being superior to ordinary humans (they built their entire Legacy around the assumptions of the "root races" right out of Theosophy, for just that extra soupcon of racism). Other Mages consider them very creepy, and would do even if they weren't working with the Jnanamukti legacy, who want to basically destroy all Sleeper civilization and technology in hopes of restoring Mages to their former power.
    • Even the playable Silver Ladder faction have ideas of this sort, although the reason they're the "grey" rather than the "black" is that they combine it with a sense of noblesse oblige and think they have a responsibility to the mortals they're supposed to be ruling over.
  • Magic: The Gathering has a few. Mostly elves. Oddly not Proud Warrior Race types. Ironically, on the color wheel, black has Master Race attributes, in that black is more likely to not hurt other black cards. To give you an idea, white has Crusade, blue has Sunken City, but black has everything that has or grants Fear, Bad Moon, Ascendant Evincar...
    • Blue also has Invoke Prejudice, which doubles the cost of creatures your opponents play that don't share a colour with any of yours (and its art looks like black-robed KKK members with axes).
  • Everything in Warhammer 40,000 that's intelligent enough to be political and isn't straight up omnicidal Always Chaotic Evil either belongs to or is subjected by one of these. Actual skin-color racism among humans seems to be nonexistent... not that they need something as petty as "reasons" to kill each other.
  • Warhammer, The Skaven consider themselves to be the pinnacle of creation and demand the subservience of everyone they can enforce it over. The Dark Elves are pretty much the same way, albeit with a side-order of sexual sadism. Greenskins will follow anyone "bigga an' harda'" than them, and expect "da puny grotz" to fall in line. The Lizardmen are intent on restoring the world to the plan of the Old Ones, and consider anyone and anything else beneath notice.
    • The High Elves and Dwarfs both consider themselves to be superior to Humans, but can (for the most part) swallow their pride for long enough to collaborate fruitfully with humans and will occasionally afford humanity some grudging respect.
  • In Eclipse Phase this role is filled by the Ultimates: a transhuman philosophy-slash-cult devoting themselves to be the pinnacle of humanity. As the setting developed, their depiction shifted further and further from "lead-by-example Warrior Poets" towards "fascist cultish ubermensch wannabes" side of things, until they were dropped as a playable faction in the second edition of the game. (A splinter faction of My Species Doth Protest Too Much is still in play for those who wish to merely keep to leading by example.) Also, their posturing raises several issues in an explicitly transhuman setting: anyone can sleeve an Ultimate morph, but this won't make the ego inside a hardass mercenary, so any superiority they have lies in discipline and fanaticism; and on a different note, the setting also has Exhumans, who the Ultimates fight but who do all they do without pretending to care about humanity.

    Video Games 
  • The Elder Scrolls
  • Endless Space and its sort-of sequel takes this to another level with the Horatio, which is an entire race cloned from a single person. Horatio the First, brilliant and more than slightly insane, was mistreated for his deformity until he came to believe that he was the most perfect being in the universe. Then he found an Endless cloning facility and decided to spread 'perfection' throughout the galaxy.
  • In the first Fallout, the Master of the Super Mutants tries to make his creations this, he even uses the trope name in one of his speeches. Emphasis on tries because he didn't take into account two variables: the Vault Dweller putting a stop to his plan and, most importantly, the fact that the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV) makes the Super Mutants infertile. If you talk to him about the latter flaw, he will realize that everything he's done was All for Nothing and is Driven to Suicide.
    • The Enclave from Fallout 2 considers everyone outside of their group to be a mutant that must be eliminated by any means necessary. Ironically, their living weapon, Secret Service agent Frank Horrigan, is a cybernetic Super Mutant himself, but he doesn't see himself as that.
    • Similar to the Enclave, the Institute from Fallout 4 is incredibly xenophobic to those outside their organization and as such they conduct horrific experiments on those they kidnap or send synths, robots and Super Mutants to do their dirty work.
  • The encyclopedia in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn heavily suggests that the ancestral Adepts were like this: their term for Muggles as an insult (roughly equal to "good-for-nothing"), and it is stated on-screen that they enslaved the beastmen to build Apollo Sanctum, where concentrated energy is strong enough to kill anyone... even with protective gear.
  • The Stone Summit of Guild Wars believed this of dwarves and tried to enforce their vision of enslaving all non-dwarves in the Shiverpeaks.
    • A more comic version is the Asura, whose natural intelligence leads them to look down on all other races as useful primarily for labor. Somewhat less comic are the Inquest, who exemplify the worst aspects of this belief, and the past attempts of the Asura to exterminate the intelligent skrit due to them being "vermin".
  • The Viscanti in Lusternia - which is particularly ironic, since they were transformed by The Corruption into a race of amoral mutants. They inbreed extensively to maintain their blood purity, and have no qualms about enslaving, murdering, and eating lesser races, though they do have a certain respect for the (markedly less intelligent) Taurian and Orclach races, who they often utilize as front-line warriors.
    • To a lesser extent, the Merian race. Their claim to being a master race is a little more justified, considering their long, illustrious history and innate intelligence, and they're much more accepting of other races (though still arrogantly self-assured about their own superiority). However, it was also the Merians who inadvertently released the aforementioned corruption. Unsurprisingly, the Merian and Viscanti hate each other.
  • The leviathans in Mass Effect 3.
    "We were the first, the apex race. We will survive."
    • The Protheans as well, although they were more of a "Master Culture". Javik says that many species eventually called themselves "Prothean" after being conquered.
    • It is occasionally mentioned that some human biotics develop the attitude that they are the "evolution of humanity" and superior to other humans either because they're megalomaniacs to begin with or in response to anti-biotic prejudice, though this only comes up in one minor mission in the first game.
  • The Big Bad from Moon Diver, Faust, is a child entity with godlike powers that believes the human race to be disgusting, self-conceited and extremelly arrogant and thus unworthy to inherit Earth from their Creator, so he takes it upon himself to drive them to extinction and replace them with a non-organic monstrous race of his own creation, which he sees as better-adapted and more deserving of taking over the planet.
  • The Empire in Star Wars: The Old Republic believes that the True Sith and humans descended from them are the master race, with other aliens being treated as second-class citizens. One quest on Korriban has a Sith Lord even send you out to measure the blood purity of his associates so he could try to convince the Dark Council to enslave those he found "lacking". However, more pragmatic Imperials such as Darth Malgus, Darth Marr, and potentially the Player Character look down on this policy as it means ignoring potentially useful allies.
  • Grandmaster Meio in Strider wishes to exterminate all life on Earth so he can repopulate it with life created by his own hand. In the first two games, Grandmaster Meio does this to justify his position as the one and only God of Earth, while the 2014 version directly address this trope stating how he's been disappointed in the people of Earth for "squandering" the gifts he has given them and his plan to replace them with a "perfect race" of his own making.
    • Subverted in Strider 2, which establish the Earth to be populated by Grandmaster Meio's created human race, which proves to be even worse than the original humans, bringing both Earth and themselves to the verge of extinction in the 2000 years between games. This is bad enough that Meio himself decides to ditch Earth entirely and search a new planet to start over.
  • The Zuul from Sword of the Stars are an artificially created race of Super Soldiers who believe in a divine purpose for their race, which is to enslave and kill off every other species but their own and their own creators, whom they dub the "Great Masters". Word of God says this is partially due to culture and partially built-in instinct; the Zuul were bred by a race of Abusive Precursors as a living bio-weapon to exterminate other civilizations. In-game, making NAPs and alliances with Zuul is all but impossible: Their default state towards everyone is war.
    • Slightly subverted in the sequel, where a faction of the Zuul breaks away and allies itself with the Liir. This is partly due to the Liir using their own Psychic Powers to imprint their views into their minds.
    • Said "Great Masters" show up in the sequel. As can be expected from someone who would create the Zuul for use as tools, every last one of them (there are only seven left, but that's not about to stop them) have a slightly inflated sense of their importance vis a vis everything else in the galaxy and want to kill or enslave everything else.
  • In World of Warcraft, the fourth expansion, brings us the Mogu, who fit this trope to a T. Let's see: Always Chaotic Evil? Check. Fantastic Racism towards everyone but them? Check. Built an Empire by enslaving the other races of Pandaria? Check. Their leaders are despots who rule by iron fist and/or terror, and becoming one involves executing a Klingon Promotion? Check. Created a Servant Race to police their empire for them, and created and army of Living Statues by transfering the soul of captured slaves into the statues when said race rebelled? Check and check. They are back to try to conquer Pandaria, enslave it's inhabitants and kill them if they don't submit? Check, but arguably they wouldn't want to exterminate everyone and would leave some population alive to be enslaved, especially since their dark magics are powered by fear, and arguably not having slaves to bully/torture into fearing them would leave them unable to use magic.
    • Garrosh, warchief of the Horde and Big Bad of the fourth expansion, has shown some belief that this applies to the Orcs, and many of his elite soldiers agree. He looks down on Goblins and Blood Elves as useful but unreliable; he despises the Forsaken and views them as little more than cannon fodder; and he openly mocks the Darkspear for their long-standing difficulties reclaiming the Echo Isles, while ignoring or not caring to learn the reason why (Most of their numbers were enslaved by Zalazane, and as evidenced by their NPC presence in vanilla up until wrath, were occupied with backing the Orcs in their campaigns). It is rather telling that while visiting the former heart of the Mogu Empire, he praised the Mogu's approach to ruling.
      • This trend becomes evem more evident after the other races of the Horde rebel against Garrosh. Now Garrosh forces, composed of the aforementioned orc supremacists and goblin mercenaries whose loyalty can be bought, has taken to call themselves "The True Horde", and are at war with basically the entire rest of the world.
    • The Grimtotem believe that the Tauren are the true masters of Kalimdor, and all other races should be driven out or exterminated.
    • Warlords of Draenor offers the Arakkoa and the Ogres who both believe themselves to be the true masters of Draenor. They are both Vestigial Empires having lost most of their land and power in conflicts with each other and the Draenei, but firmly believe it is their right to rule the world. The Ogres view the other races as nothing more than slaves for labor and entertainment while the Arakkoa are more likely to exterminate other races.
  • Warframe:
    • Taken to its illogical conclusion: The Grineer are a race of clones, grown in industrial quantities, based off a few "perfect" genetic templates. Except the genetic templates have degraded significantly, leaving the clones as sickly mutants who can only live a decade or two and need constant cybernetic enhancements to survive. Not to mention it's doubtful that the original genetic templates were that great either, since the Grineer were designed as a Slave Race. The Grineer ignore all this and constantly rant about their genetic superiority, and deem all other races as fit only to be ruled.
    • The New Loka syndicate consider unaugmented humanity, before any Transhuman enhancements, to be the only "pure" race. It's to the point that they lionize the Tenno while hating the warframes that they use exclusively. The problem is everyone in the Origin System is transhuman at this point, including New Loka. They nearly have a breakdown when they discover that the Silver Grove, their most sacred site, was actually created artificially by an Orokin. However, they eventually calm down and decide that artificially created life can still be worth saving.
    • The Arbiters of Hexis syndicate believe that the Tenno are more than just heroes, but destined for even greater things. They are not Tenno themselves, however.
  • Both the Tha'Roon and the Marines in War Wind consider themselves to be this, actively trying to subdue all other factions.
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order is pretty much the only World War II game in recent memory to pull absolutely no punches in depicting just how socially reactionary, racist, genocidal and downright terrifying the Nazi ideology was, particularly this aspect of it. As it turns out, if anything, 14 years of controlling the planet after their completely ill-begotten and undeserved victory over the Allies has given them plenty of time to buy into their Ubermensch bullshit, so they're even worse about it than they were in real life.

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY: Salem once argued to Ozma that the second incarnation of humanity were inferior, arguing that their guidance was required for creatures that were literally "godless". After their daughter demonstrated the ability to use magic, Salem suggested that they wipe out the "inferior" humanity, and replace them. This was the final nail in their marriage, and the beginning of their ancient war.

    Web Comics 
  • Galaxion has Miesti, Puppeteer Parasites with a decidedly Goa'uld outlook. No glowing eyes, though.
  • Aylee's species from Sluggy Freelance. They see it as their goal to devour every living thing in the universe that isn't one of them (though Leon makes a possible exception for flowers).
  • The elves in 8-Bit Theater. They're actually every bit as stupid as everyone else.
  • Spinnerette: The neo-Nazis naturally advocate the idea that they're part of this, and try to get Greta on their side by citing her being German. She points out that she's actually Brazilian (of German descent) and suggests the Jews are actually the master race as they claimed they're ruling the world. When the Nazis retort the Jews cheated at this, she innocently notes how this master race idea apparently has lots of rules.

    Web Original 
  • In Worm, the white supremacist groups — particularly Empire Eighty-Eight and Fenrir's Chosen — subscribe to this philosophy.

    Western Animation 
  • The Fire Nation from Avatar: The Last Airbender. They believe fire to be the "superior element" of the four, and their propaganda casts their war of conquest as a glorious mission to share their greatness and prosperity with other cultures.
  • The Highbreed in Ben 10: Alien Force, believe themselves to be this, arguing they were the first race in the universe (of course, there is most likely no way to prove if they are right or not). This attitude also drives their Freudian Excuse of attempting to wipe out all other life in the universe: they were so obsessed with making themselves "pure" that they sterilized themselves from excessive inbreeding and are slowly dying out. Their entire plan is just a Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum designed to wipe out every other race just because they can't stand the thought of any "inferior" race outliving them.
  • Invader Zim: Fanon usually takes this approach towards the Irken Empire — that they're not just taking over the universe For the Evulz, but because they view themselves as the superior race. Some pieces of dialogue do support this:
    Zim: I'd just like to say that if I were a member of an alien race — which I'm not — I'd have to take this opportunity to say — filthy Earth creatures! It is clear who the superior species is! Isn't it? Isn't it?! You stink!
  • In the My Little Pony 'n Friends episode "Baby, It's Cold Outside", King Charlatan declared penguins were the superior race and attempted to exterminate all others by triggering an Endless Winter.
  • In Thunder Cats 2011, the Cat Folk of The Empire of Thundera are a Proud Warrior Race who are genuinely excellent fighters, have an order of Kung-Fu Wizard/Magic Knights and possess powerful Ancient Artifacts. As a result, they do much Cultural Posturing around believing their own press, that they were and are the great civilizers of their planet, who "brought law and order to a world of warring animals", conveniently justifying jingoistic Fantastic Racism against other Animals. They place minorities like Dogs in a Fantastic Ghetto to be victimized by "Alley Cats", while in their war with enemy the Lizards, the Cats enslave the hungry Lizards they catch raiding crops (due to the Cats' monopolization of arable land) even lynching them, if they feel like it. A Fantastic Caste System is also in effect, with tailed Cats confined to a life of poverty in the slums, while tailless Blue Blood live lives of privilege, and only Lions have right-to-rule.
  • The X-Men: Evolution episode "Operation: Rebirth" has this with discussion on the Super-Soldier experiment used on Captain America.
    Logan: The idea was to create super soldiers for World War II.
    Xavier: A master race?
    Logan: Mmmrr... these were the good guys. They didn't mean it like that.
    Xavier: Yes, they never do. At first.

    Real Life 
  • The ruling class of ancient Sparta had a major case of this going on, thus becoming the trope namer for The Spartan Way. They practiced strict eugenic breeding and mass infanticide in order to weed out the weak. Then they made the attainment of full citizenship conditional on completing an incredibly brutal military training regimen. Ultimately the system became self-defeating however. Since the citizens of the most ideal fitness were the warrior class, attrition took its toll on them over time. Combined with a comparatively low birth rate and deliberately high infant mortality, the population of "superior" Spartans eventually declined below the point where they could sustain their master race.
  • The Console Wars are widely based on subjective measures of quality and superiority; but one thing fans of any platform tend to agree on is that many PC gamers are supremacists who look down on people for using consoles instead of blowing more than necessary cash on high-end gaming computers. So much so, in fact, that PC gamers are often explicitly referred to tongue-in-cheek as "the glorious PC gaming Master Race", which originated as a joke from Zero Punctuation regarding control schemes. These days PC gamers themselves use this title quite often, and it has become the tongue-in-cheek slogan for those who prefer creating their own powerful PCsnote  or the freedom of choice that comes with not being on a closed system.
  • Most infamously, this was the whole basis of Nazi (Trope Namer) and Nordicist ideology, and racial supremacist ideology in general.
    • They believed that Nordics (northern Europeans) were superior to everyone else, including the other four European races, defined as "Alpine" (most Western/Central Europeans, e.g. most French, most Austrians, Slovaks, Czechs, northern Italians), "Mediterranean" (most Southern Europeans, e.g. Greeks, central/southern Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, southern French), "Dinaric" (most Balkanites, e.g. Croats, Albanians, Bosniaks), and East Baltic (most Eastern Europeans, e.g. Russians, Belarusians, Poles, Ukrainians). They also claimed Ancient Greece and Rome as being ruled by "Nordic" nobles based on the fact that (supposedly) some of their leaders had light eyes and hair. They did the same to the Chinese, the Scythians, the Mongols, the Phoenicians, and the old Turks, and several others. One particularly amusing tidbit from Hans Günther's "The Races of European History" (favorite race-science book of Adolf Hitler) argues that Genghis Khan must have been a Nordic man ruling over inferior 'Eastern Asiatics', because of "the very un-Asiatic behavior of the leaders of Mongolian and Turkish tribes, who led their tribesmen on far journeys of conquest, a distinctly Nordic thought process."
    • Note that the Nazis did not believe all Germans were Nordic, and that some were Alpine or even partly East Baltic instead; Gunther and Hitler both framed this as an issue to correct via selective breeding. As for the 'Nordic race', the Nazis defined it physically as: "tall stature (average 1.74 meters), long-headed, narrow-faced, with prominent chin; narrow nose with high bridge; soft, smooth or wavy light hair; deep-sunk light eyes; rosy-white skin."
    • The Nazis actually believed the World Ice Theory because 1) it rejects Einstein's Relativity (rejecting the Jews is good enough), 2) its originator was an Austrian, and 3) the ice could explain Aryan supremacy. Atlantis, the Hollow Earth, Lemuria, Mu... If there's a fringe idea, the Nazis hijacked it. The World Ice Theory ends with the Earth crashing into the sun, so what's the point?
    • Nazis, while the Trope Namer, did not have a real concept of "white" (they felt East Baltic Europeans to be almost as inferior as blacks, and no Europeans to be truly equal to the Nordics), so there were non-Europeans who they considered Aryan ("Aryan" being an umbrella grouping which included the aforementioned Nordics). These included East Asians (referred to as Culture Preservers, and the Nazis were particularly fond of the Japanese's perfectionist ideals of Bushido), Iranians and Indian brahmins (natch), Tibetans (according to Theosophy, Tibet was the Aryan's primordial homeland), and the Sioux (due to Hitler's love of Karl May novels). Only the Sioux were really hostile to the "Aryan" label, because it challenged their mythic phylogeny. Not that the Nazis cared what the actual definition of "Aryan" was (tip: the actual Aryans don't include anyone north or west of Iraq).note 
    • Averted (to a relative extent) with Italian Fascist leader Benito Mussolini, who in addition to being nowhere near the anti-Slav and antisemite that Hitler was (many prominent Italian fascists were Jews), wanted to unify his country and and stamp out what he saw as a "Nordic inferiority complex" among the Italian people. Contemporary racial theory held that Italy was mostly of the so-called Mediterranean race, with some Alpines and Nordics in the north, and that Northern Italians therefore qualified as racially distinct from central/southern Italians; Hitler himself called Mussolini (from Emilia-Romagna, in the north) a fabulous example of the Alpine race while also saying that the ruling class of Rome, originally Nordic, denigrated itself by mixing with the Mediterranean masses. This really annoyed Mussolini, who very much wanted the perception that the people of Italy were of separate races to disappear, which prompted Hitler and various northern Italian fascists to downplay this part of their propaganda, eventually characterizing Mediterraneans as sharing a close link with Nordics. Notably there's a quote from Mussolini saying race is a feeling, not a reality and that the racial pride was a delirium. However, once Italy was fully aligned with Germany in, 1938 they enacted antisemitic laws too and issued a "Manifesto on Race" which echoed German Nazi views, although even then their policies were less vehement, executed mainly by pressure from the Nazis. The Holocaust only began there once the Germans occupied northern Italy (albeit Italian fascists aided in it).
  • Ironically, despite their suffering at the hands of the Nazis over this belief the Jews haven't been immune to it either. The Jewish people were always ethnocentric, as evidenced by their religious texts purporting the supremacy of their ethnic collective over other nations. The main reason they treated Jesus as All of the Other Reindeer was because they expected a God-Emperor to establish a One World Order in which Jews would openly realize their spiritual and political supremacy over other peoples. However, their supremacist beliefs lacked the force of a state and an apparatus for wielding control over non-Jews until the formation of modern Israel, in which the Palestinians living under them are heavily discriminated against.
  • The reason why various supremacist groups and governments exist after all, with most being violent and indiscriminate on races and ethnicities other than themselves, which is surprising seeing the gall they exhibit when one of their own is arrested under worse charges.
  • More recently, North Korea has given up on even pretending to be communist and adopted something which very much resembles race-based fascism, but with a twist. Koreans are the "cleanest race", but they're also child-like and guileless because they's so darn pure. This conveniently explains why they need a strong leader to protect them and why government censorship is necessary to preserve their innate innocence. The Americans and the Japanese are Always Chaotic Evil, of course. The Chinese are second best to the Koreans, but still not good enough for race-mixing. North Korean women who get pregnant from Chinese men are forced to have abortions, in order to avoid the "pure" Korean race being defiled. There are claims the government has began separating disabled people from the rest and or killing them, again to maintain "purity" for the race (which echoes Nazi policy).
  • A variant of this was common in the more tyrannical communist regimes of the 20th century, but with social classes rather than races. Most people harassed and/or interrogated and/or sent to 're-education camps' under Stalin and Mao were well-to-do-farmers, landlords, priests, lawyers, doctors, journalists, managers, clerks, accountants, schoolteachers, university lecturers and researchers, scientists, civil servants, police and military officers - jobs with 'bourgeoisie', 'rightist', 'capitalist', and/or 'feudal' leanings. This was all done in the name of empowering the peasantry/proletariat. This even extended—and extends—to descendants of people from the wrong social classes, regardless of their own actual jobs. This is quite definitely not what Marx had in mind, but in the 1960s Maoist China needed targets for the Cultural Revolution and, well, there they were...
  • Before the 20th Century, there was The Confederate States of America, which was literally founded upon "the great truth that the Negro is not Equal to the White man; that slavery, subjugation to the superior race, is its natural and normal condition", with several seceding states declaring that their reason for seceding from the United States was to protect their "peculiar institution". That's right, they rebelled against the US government for the sake of keeping black people as slaves. Despite the abolition of slavery, Afro-Americans were subject to racism and segregation due to Jim Crow laws that existed before 1965 too on this basis, most heavily in the South (with the former slaves essentially losing most rights after Reconstruction ended) though the North hardly free of racism either (as an example, many "sundown towns" in the North forbade Black people (or Latinos, Asians etc.) from staying there past sundown (thus the name), let alone settling permanently either).
  • One interesting example comes from Paraguay, which, in order to create a racially homogenous and 'superior' state, mandated interracial marriage between Spaniards and native groups for a number of years before the War of the Triple Alliance ended the Francia regime responsible. Even today Paraguay's population is mostly racially homogenous as a result.
  • Pretty much any racial group has its nutters who call themselves this.

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