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The "Toei Universe" is the unofficial name for the Shared Universe of Toei Company's tokusatsu franchises.

Connections and Crossovers

Kamen Rider

20th century

  • Kamen Rider is the first series of the Kamen Rider franchise, introducing heroes Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji, Tobei Tachibana and the evil organization Shocker led by the mysterious Great Leader.
  • Kamen Rider V3 directly follows the original and reprises the aforementioned characters as the new hero fights the Great Leader's Destron organization.
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  • Beyond the name "Kamen Rider", Kamen Rider X initially starts independent of its predecessors, with new villains. This soon changes when Tobei Tachibana, bringing with him his knowledge of the previous Riders, takes the eponymous X-Rider under his wing. A Recap Episode of the first two shows cements the connection, reintroducing V3 then his predecessor Rider 2 as recurring characters, with the first five Kamen Riders united in The Movie, Five Riders Vs King Dark.
  • Kamen Rider Amazon has no appearance from previous Riders, but does reintroduce Tobei Tachibana as X did, and a child recognises Amazon as "Kamen Rider".
  • Kamen Rider Stronger, the last series of Kamen Rider's first televised run, also includes Tobei Tachibana as well as a new band of villains led by the same Great Leader last seen in V3. The first six Kamen Riders come Back for the Finale, where the Great Leader also takes credit as The Man Behind the Man for the bad guys in both X and Amazon. The finale is followed by a Recap Episode of the entire franchise up to that point.
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  • Kamen Rider: Skyrider, officially known as simply Kamen Rider, was originally conceived as a Continuity Reboot with a new Rider facing the Great Leader's Neo-Shocker. Instead of Tobei Tachibana, this Rider was assisted by a Suspiciously Similar Substitute named Genjiro Tani. The series eventually reintroduces the first Seven Legendary Riders as recurring characters.
  • Following Skyrider was Kamen Rider Super-1, featuring an independent Kamen Rider and Rogues Gallery with no appearance from previous Riders (on TV that is). That said, Genjiro Tani returns as the mentor, and the first eight Riders return to help Super-1 in his movie.
  • Birth of the Tenth! Gather All Kamen Riders!! was a TV special which doubled as a Recap Episode of the whole franchise and introduced the tenth Rider, ZX, who fought with his nine predecessors against the Badan Empire, led by the same Great Leader.
  • Kamen Rider BLACK is, continuity-wise, totally independent of the previous Kamen Rider series. Infact, the protagonist, Kotaro Minami, coins the name himself.
    • This changes with the Sequel Series, Kamen Rider BLACK RX, essentially the second season of Black with Kotaro Minami continuing on as protagonist, which reintroduces the first ten Kamen Riders in its final episodes. The Big Bad, Emperor Crisis, is also heavily implied to be the original Great Leader, sharing the same voice actor, presenting himself as the embodiment of evil and treating the assembled Riders as old enemies.
  • In an attempt to reboot the franchise, the 1990s saw the release of three standalone films, each with a new Kamen Rider fighting new enemies.
  • Then there's Kamen Rider World a short film which united ZO and J against a Villain Team-Up consisting of, as well as a monster from Shin and the baddies from J, two bad guys from Black (that is, Black's nemesis Shadow Moon and a Monster of the Week). Thus, this film connects all three 90s movies back to the original.

21st century

Space Squad

From 2012 onwards, Super Sentai and Metal Heroes are consistently treated as taking place in the same universe.

Super Sentai

Generally, individual Sentai have their own mythos and are generally independent continuity-wise, with crossovers taking place in The Movie or other specials. However, televised crossovers have become more common in recent years, especially after Gokaiger. Thus, the majority of Super Sentai are taken to take place in the same universe.

Metal Heroes

Connected Toei Toku


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