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Doraemon is a Japanese multimedia franchise originally started by the manga series created by Fujiko Fujio. It's centered around a robot cat named Doraemon, who uses gadgets to help a struggling kid named Nobita Nobi and his various friends.

Japan is the only country that has received all of the media in the franchise so far, though much of it has been exported to other regions.

Doraemon media:

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    Manga Works 
  • Doraemon (1969-1996): Doraemon uses his high-tech gadgets to help Nobita with his everyday life. Nobita also uses the gadgets to impress his Love Interest Shizuka and humiliate the bullies Gian and Suneo.
    • Doraemon+ : A series of manga that included chapters of Doraemon not present in the original 45 volumes of the manga.
    • Doraemon Color Works
  • Doraemon's Long Tales
  • The Doraemons (1995-2001)
  • Dorabase

    Anime Works 

  • Doraemon (1973)
  • Doraemon (1979-2005)
  • Doraemon (2005-present)

short movies and OVA


The first 18 movies are adapted from the special Doraemon's Long Tales volumes, with one exception.

    Other Media