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Rare for a children’s show of its era, Doraemon does have several notable Ho Yay moments...

  • The relationship of Dr.Peppler and Dr.Hartman takes the cake with the way Ginger described them. While the subtitles uses the term "loving sibling" (as seen in the page image), The Japanese has Ginger using the idiom "like the moon and a snapping turtle". The idiom both mocks her grandfather's genius and has the double meaning of implying he is "not being (a) suitable (lover) for him".
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  • The way Nobita and Hachi are portrayed in the merchandise, both of them looking in each other's eyes in the sky, can give some vibes. Also, consider that Hachi's back story as Ichi who waited for Nobita for a millennia (decades actually, but that’s just as heart-wrenching) until near the end of his life, before he chose to cross the time to reunite with him and regressed back to child can be read as a lover waiting for their special someone that never came.
  • In Doraemon: Nobita in the Clockwork City, the Sower decided to tease Nobita by transforming into Shizuka. And there is the fact that he chose the boy form because he feels that Nobita is "comfortable with this form most".
  • In fact, talking about the movies; if the Main Guest Character in those stories is a boy, it is guaranteed that he will develop a deep bond with Nobita, such relationship almost always crosses into this trope.
    • The remake of 'Birth of Japan' adds many scenes between Nobita and Kukuru; particularly they ride together on Pega, while in the Original it was Shizuka who travelled with Nobita.
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  • In "Nobita's Son Ran Away From Home" Suneo remarks "I LOVE strong guys!" in a rather affectionate manner to Nobisuke after he easily takes down Gian.
  • In a Halloween episode, Nobita kissed both Gian and Suneo on the lips. Suneo apparently liked the kiss and blushed.
  • And then there's the rather popular Dekisugi/Nobita combo, with a bit of Foe Yay from Nobita's side.
    • Despite Nobita recurrently claiming that he hates Dekisugi's guts, he always makes continuous remarks on his good traits, particularly his looks, during his rants. Often calling him handsome or similar in his attempt to make a point. And when he's truly friendly towards him, those are the times when he selflessly helps him or they genuinely bond over some shared interests.
    • Dekisugi has shown an almost infinite amount of patience towards Nobita's antics, hates when others bully him and even comes to his aid/defense. In fact, picking on Nobita was what made Dekisugi be at his angriest moment, culminating in him yelling at Gian. Being the only character who has shown a continuous belief that Nobita could be a better person or develop skills on his own also helps.
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    • Episodes like 'The Rocket Straw', 'Uradoraman' and 'Gian's Dinner Show'; show that they make a good team when they aim for the same goal; it being making a rocket, filming a movie or attempting to sabotage said show, respectively. The first two drastically tone down Nobita's hatred even when Shizuka is also there, while the latter also features a rather cute celebration when that event gets cancelled.
    • 'Dorami's Crisis in the Jurassic Period' shows that Nobita cares about Dekisugi. Nobita asks Dorami to take them to see real dinosaurs when Dekisugi feels down after being mocked by Gian and Suneo for being limited to dinosaurs in Museums while they have seen real ones. While being chased by a wild dinosaur, Dekisugi trips and Nobita comes back to help him instead of keeping on running away.
    • 'The Perfect Love Letter' features Dekisugi being captivated by Nobita's writing skills, in reality he used a gadget. They team up and manage to recover said letter from Gian and Suneo. And ends with Dekisugi wanting to emulate Nobita at everything, asking to be his disciple and finally dropping the formality, in Japanese he starts using First-Name Basis.
    • And 'Worries about 7 Years in the Future' defines Nobita's feelings towards Dekisugi as a case of Can't Live With Them, Can't Live Without Them, ending with him summating that he wouldn't want Dekisugi moving out.
    • In both 'Little Star Wars' and 'Diary on the Creation of the World'; Nobita goes to ask Dekisugi first, for help to make a movie and about the topic of his summer homework, respectively.

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