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Drinking Game / Doraemon

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Take a bite of dorayaki but try to not choke while you are laughing (or if you want to maintain drinking game tradition, drink tea).

  • Take a whole bite if Doraemon sees a mouse.
  • Take a whole bite if Doraemon being referred as Tanuki/Raccoon instead of a cat.
  • Take a whole bite if Noby, Doraemon, Big G or Sneech sees Sue bathing.
  • Take one bite when Doraemon takes out a gadget.
    • Take two bites if Suneo/Sneech or Gian/Big G manage to steal the gadget or blackmail Doraemon into giving them the same gadget.
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    • Swallow the whole dorayaki if Suneo and Gian end up misusing the gadget.
  • On YouTube, take a bite every time you see a Hindi or a Chinese video in the suggestions/search results.
  • One for the US English dub, throw away your Dorayaki and take a shot every time someone says "awesome" in any context. You will need an ambulance before you finish season one.
    • Or every time Big G calls himself handsome.
    • Heck, whenever the characters sing to themselves while walking down the street.
  • Take one bite if Nobita/Noby gets a bad score in an exam.
    • Take two bites if his mom and/or his teacher scold him for it.
  • Take two bites if Nobita begs to Doraemon to lend him a gadget to either improve his brain capability or make him able to cheat for his next exam.
    • Take three bites if Nobita ends up finishing the next exam without Doraemon's gadget.
    • Swallow the whole dorayaki if Nobita manages to get a moderately good score (above 60) on his own.
  • Take one bite any time Nobita is bad at baseball.
    • Take two bites if Nobita or another kid break Kaminari's window while playing baseball.
  • Take one bite if Gian breaks one of Suneo's toys.
  • Take one bite if Nobita is Late for School and is forced to stand outside the classroom as a punishment.
  • For the Hindi dub or the Cantonese dub, take a bite everytime there's a Gratuitous English.