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  • Anytime Nobita shows off his gunslinging skills in the movies is usually one of this.
  • Since The Doraemons Special series are pretty much a bunch of adventure story arcs, filled with shounen strategy fights, a lot of the doraemons get these. Though, Dora The Kid and Wangdora seem to get the most spotlight, being the smartest and most active. This troper's personal favorite is in the Cleopatra arc where the doraemons have to fight a robot that uses a thermal vision to seek and destroy the lot even in the dark. Wang managed to fill the hall with fire so their body temperature won't stand out for the thermal vision and render it useless. Wang easily calls Doramed to easily finish the robot off with lightning.
    • That doesn't compare to the Dinosauroid arc. The Big Bad is a human named Zoro who merged with a T-rex, leaving a big imprint of his face at the dino's stomach, which actually works as his actual face. At the finale, after fogging the Big Bad's vision with dust, out of nowhere, the Doras appeared, riding an animated dinosaur skeleton. When the mouth opens, it shows Dorarinho pointing an air cannon. He then shoots, in which the shot collided with the Big Bad's (which is acid spit), splattered said spit back to the Big Bad, and then using the animated skeleton to ram him, which then pushes him into a lava pit. Keep in mind that Dorarinho is actually the Plucky Comic Relief and Cloud Cuckoo Lander of the series, and the air cannon is Dora the Kid's trademark weapon. Made more awesome because he said (roughly translated), "This is the moment that we've been waiting for. *zooms in* Zoro! GO TO HELL! *shoots*"
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    • Hell, each arc has their own moments. Here are some:
      • In the Spirit World arc, after combining three items, a very powerful sword was created. The Doras did that while riding a dragon. When El Matadora takes a swing...anything on the entire spirit world's sky-level was chopped, including the One-Thousand-Eyed Demon and its lackeys.
      • In the Cleopatra arc, after many failed attempt to destroy the Golden Sphinx, including return-firing its highly-destructive plasma beam and knocking Cleo out of hypnosis with the Power of Love, the Big Bad used a last-ditch attempt by setting the Golden Sphinx for self-destruct (if said attempt was a success, the Earth would be reduced to another belt of asteroids). Out of desperation and panic, one of the Doras accidentally threw out a Dimension Bomb. The Dimension Bomb's function is to force-teleport an object. This gave Wang Dora an idea to detonate said bomb near the sphinx. But when no one was actually brave enough, Nobita volunteered to do so. And he succeeded.
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  • From "Nobita and the New Steel Troops", Doraemon and the boys' final battle against the robot army. Granted, they were outnumbered and weren't going to win had it not been for Liulu's Heroic Sacrifice, but it was amazing how they were going to give it all to protect humanity and the real world.
  • In one story, Doraemon uses a device that can view people's houses to save a cat from a scary old man wielding a katana who kept the cat in a cage.
  • In an anime episode, after Nobita is scared of various objects, Doraemon tells him to man up. Then a mouse appears and Doraemon reacts as usual. The awesome moment comes when Nobita rightly calls Doraemon out on his hypocrisy, about being scared of a mouse while telling Nobita to change his own ways.
  • Doraemon transforming into Kaitou Dora DX in the Nobita's Secret Gadget Museum movie and fighting against a giant security robot.
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  • In Nobita's Great Adventure Into The Underworld, the gang had to pass a stretch of sea where Enthralling Siren would enchant the poor souls to come down for the nearby demon-whale to devour. Cue Gian singing, which was actually potent enough to scare off the sirens and knock out the demon-whale. Doubles as a Funny Moment.


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