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Doraemon, despite being a series targeted towards children, has been able to get numerous things past the censors, with the 2005 series being no exception. Even the 2014 US Dub has its fair share of radar-dodging moments as well.

  • Any time when Nobita walks in on Shizuka bathing. Special mention in one chapter where Nobita unconsciously convinces Shizuka to go out naked thanks to a reverse-ventriloquist doll that’s supposed to be able to convince everyone to do what Nobita says.
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  • In one chapter, Nobita attempts to separate himself from Shizuka forever, the topic of suicide is brought up, complete with a gadget being pills. This is changed in the 2005 anime to being a (non-consumable) potion for obvious reasons.
  • Dora the Kid attempts to see Dorami changes her bow.
  • The Reversal Arrow episode has this scene, although this is from the 2005 remake and the original manga doesn't have as much implication as the anime.
  • "Vacuum Cleaner Super Car" has Noby and Doraemon trying to win a race by riding a vacuum cleaner while their friends ride in a supercar. At one point, Noby reaches into Doraemon's gadget pocket to find a gadget that can help them win the race. This scene is played as if sticking your hands into someone's pants (or their pockets). Complete with Doraemon practically shrieking, "YO, COLD HANDS!"
    Noby: (reaching into Doraemon's gadget pocket) Excuse me, buddy, I need to grab this.
    Doraemon: (shocked) YO, COLD HANDS!
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  • The UK dub that aired on Boomerang is fine with letting a lot of things pass, like a body switching episode where this happens. Want to know? Sue, in Noby's body, saw Noby's privates and wants Noby in Sue's body to switch back with her.
  • One episode has Noby with a shapeshift gadget that makes him turn into anyone or anything. When it goes out of control and leads to Involuntary Shapeshifting, he eventually turns into a naked Sue and finds himself in her back yard, right where she was. No amount of explanation could make the situation any less creepier, and she outright tells him this.
  • In one story, there is a gadget that is able to sell or refund any items. It's innocent enough until the end, where, in an attempt to return Shizuka's borrowed book that's unintentionally sold through the gadget, Doraemon and Nobita rush to sell used books only to find what is clearly a porn magazine, that is sold for high price, thus able to return Shizuka's book. The last panel implies that porn magazine belongs to Nobita's father.
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  • In another story when Nobita attempts to publish his own manga magazine, Doraemon advises him to conduct a survey on what the children want. One of them apparently asks for "Nude Gravure" as a complimentary item.

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