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First Series

  • Episode 14, we see a 6 second scene of Garnet in the shower in her home in Jewel Land, NAKED. This became fodder for the controversy in 2ch surrounding Aya Hirano, of all the voice actors.
  • Episode 18 had Garnet wearing a shiny bikini and Peridot in a sexy pose during a beach scene.
  • Episode 20 is much more extreme when Garnet herself used her magic and instantly changed Minami's clothing into a sexy bikini.


  • Several episodes feature Jolly and Merry, two humanoid poodles dressed in Playboy Bunny costumes. It gets out of hand since Moldavite likes them both. JEEZ OLD MAN ACT YOUR AGE!

Kira Deco

  • The ending sequence, Zutto Zutto Tomodachi, shows Blue Knight in a sexy pose and revealing outfit for the ladies' benefit. It'd be rather okay if the expression on his face didn't say "come hither".
  • Episode 5 opens with Garnet waking up in her bed with Blue Knight, naked, at her side. Garnet finds the whole thing scandalous.
  • In episode 8, Ruby instructs Pink to say nice things to the Deco Bus so it will travel a longer distance for them. Pink gets a little too into it and soon is rubbing a pole.
  • In some episodes, Coal disguises himself as a sexy woman named Coarumi to get Ruby's trust. He has these huge breasts which the camera constantly focuses on, and the fact that Io lusts after "her" is made no secret to the audience.


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