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Please take Values Dissonance in mind, since Japan has a higher threshold on what's acceptable for kids. That said, sometimes things get past Western censors when a work is dubbed and broadcast on television.

Getting Crap Past the Radar in Anime & Manga.

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Other examples:

  • Bleach:
    • In both the anime and manga, Urahara is seen looking at the night sky, sensing the Arrancar activity that reveals Isshin is a Soul Reaper. When Yoruichi opens the door, she's dressed in a barely-closed oversized white kimono undergarment with her hair unusually undone and dishevelled. As she wears modern clothing and Urahara wears kimonos, there's a subtle hint she's thrown on his clothing from naked, which is a storytelling gesture usually associated with sexually active couples.
    • Riruka Dokugamine's power is based on "collecting" things she likes or loves to place inside her "dollhouse", including people such as Ichigo. Later, it's revealed she can only let her "collections" out of her dollhouse by wetting them with her bodily fluids, although the manga focuses quickly on her doing it by sneezing. However, certain urban legends still associate sneezing with ejaculation.
    • When Nnoitra restrains Orihime to force her to watch Tesla beating the shit out of Ichigo, he sticks his fingers deep into her mouth to keep her quiet. Though it's not well-known in the West, sticking one's fingers up and into somebody else's mouth is a pretty common kink in Japanese porn (and often seen in hentai). Any doubts about Nnoitra being a Memetic Molester were left behind at that point. This is the culmination of previous scenes where he'd referred to her as "pet-sama" (lady-pet) or "my pet" and implied to Ulquiorra that he should be using his position to "take advantage of" (i.e., rape) her. Even Ulquiorra is disgusted. In the anime, Studio Pierrot did catch Nnoitra's throating of Orihime and changed it to him covering her mouth with his hand instead.
    • In Chapter 588, Yumichika accuses Giselle of supposedly being male and reeking of semen. When Charlotte later makes a very similar accusation about Giselle, fans suddenly realized what the weird earlier scenes were of Giselle getting so oddly excited whenever someone gave her the chance to use her power, especially the scene where Candice told her off for getting so excited about the idea of healing her (which is just before Yumichika turns up): Giselle takes orgasmic excitement in using her power. Later on, raunchy jokes at Giselle's expense become more obvious, but still leave the idea of Giselle getting "excited" while fighting to much more subtle allusions.
  • FLCL:
    • Pulling a naughty tentacle out of a kid's head that turns out to be a guitar, then cutting to a scene of female officers with massive Nosebleeds, Canti actually removing Ninamori's panties on screen (and we get to briefly see her bare ass — and mind you, this is a 12-year-old girl we're talking about,) or Haruko's Playboy Bunny getup. The title itself can be construed as a term for "sex". One must question how the show managed to only get a PG on its complete DVD collection in Australia (and a G on its original VHS release).
    • Grandpa tries to explain to Haruko what "Fooly Cooly" (Or "Furi Kuri") is by mistaking it for Kuri Kuri, the Japanese onomotopoeia for breast fondling.
  • To Love Ru is quite possibly the most egregious example of this trope to date, to the point where it could just as well have been titled "Crap Under the Radar: The Manga", and its sequel, To Love-Ru Darkness, dials this up to eleven. So far it has even included vaginas Hidden in Plain Sight. At this point one might as well consider the series a war that Kentaro Yabuki has declared on Japan's more recent censorship acts.
  • Non-dub example: Revolutionary Girl Utena, the classic mindscrew shoujo, aired on a children's time slot in Japan... which means the characters never once say the word "sex". But Utena is not a kid's show, and one of the morals is that having sex in an attempt to artificially become mature is dangerous. Instead of outright talking about sex, the characters pull swords from each other's bodies, get dressed after "encounters", have shirts-open, sexually-charged photography sessions, kiss the tip of a sword to give it superpowers, throw their heads back and moan at the throb of a car's engine, and, oh yeah, roll around shirtless with their flies open on beds with each other. Much more appropriate.
    • Perhaps the best specific example is the infamous episode 33. At one point, an awkward-looking Utena is lying on a bed but we only see her face, her bare shoulders, and her hand as she babbles about food and what she should make for lunch tomorrow. At some point she bites on her knuckle, then keeps speaking about the meal in an increasingly desperate and moaning tone. The animators stop getting crap past the radar and downright push it down when she shudders and shivers repeatedly, then tenses up and goes still for a millisecond while breathlessly gasping "Tell me..." while the screen goes to black. Soon we see her hand... which holds onto a man's dark skinned own. Yep, Utena just had sex with Akio, on-screen. Now keep in mind that she's in eighth grade and he's a hell of a lot older (and even moreso when we consider his backstory)... and the consent is dubious enough to make the scene count as Rape as Drama by many people's sensibilities. (The kanji seen flashing in the background at some point, i.e., can be read as "Stop it, stop it, stop it...".)... Dammit, Ikuhara, not only did you slip a sex scene under the radar, but one that is all but stated to be at the very least statutory rape.
    • If even rolling around in bed with open shirts and unzipped pants is too subtle for you, there's a certain silhouetted shot of Akio and Touga on a bed together that's difficult to see as anything other than the two of them having sex (albeit in a... very strange position, which is probably how it dodged the radar in the first place). The audible sigh in Touga's voice during this scene just seals it all the more.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya:
    • They got away with Haruhi stripping Mikuru in the clubroom and forcefully changing her. Kyon, the narrator always rush out of the room if he's already in it. It's lampshaded in The Abridging of Haruhi Suzumiya that Haruhi could be raping Mikuru. In the novels, Haruhi actually does attempt to reach under Mikuru's skirt until Kyon stops her.
    • At one point, Kyon and Haruhi take all of Mikuru's costumes to the dry cleaner. The attendant clearly thinks they're a cosplay fetish couple.
    • In the tenth novel, when Kyon is acting more cheerful and upbeat than usual, Taniguchi mutters "What's with you? Don't tell me you and Suzumiya, never mind." Considering that he makes no secret of the fact that he assumes the two are dating, it's pretty clear he thought they had their first time when he wasn't paying attention.
  • .hack//SIGN somehow managed to have a lesbian couple. Hi, Tsukasa and Subaru.
    • If it helps, one didn't know she was a girl for a large part of the series, and was actually playing a male character. B.T.? Is the female version of a Wave Master. Tsukasa is an outwardly male character through most of the series. It's only the last episode where it's pointed out that Tsukasa really is female. There are a couple of places where it's suggested she is female, but for the most part, the audience is allowed to be content in the fact that she is a he.
      • Add in the Mind Screw Tsukasa was put through, including dying at least once, it's no wonder she got confused about what she was.
  • The English translation of Samurai Pizza Cats has Guido and Polly looking for a lost Speedy on Prisoner Island in one episode. They discover the far half has been turned into a beach resort. Polly says, "Gosh, I'm amazed." Guido sees all the cute girls and says, "Gosh, I'm aroused!"
    • The narrator also got away with saying, "orgy of destruction" in the very first episode.
    • Also in the first was this whopper of a poem.
      Guido Anchovy: There once was a beauty named Lucille, whose pretty puss could make a pussycat reel.
      • In fairness, "puss" is also an antiquated slang for "face"—still survives in some aspects in the term "sourpuss".
      • Not only that, despite his frequent cross-dressing and flirting with his male henchmen, the Big Cheese retains his gender.
  • In both the original and the dub of G Gundam, just watch Rain suiting up to use the Shining Gundam when she's in a pinch and Domon's not around. Her squeals are supposed to be of pain, since it's the first time she uses the Trace System (involving a particularly... tight version of the Latex Space Suit) despite not being specifically trained for it... but both Jennifer Holder (English VA) and Yuri Amano (Japanese seiyuu) make Rain sound like she's having an orgasm.
  • Yoshihiro Togashi has a habit of sneaking in subtle and unsubtle references to fetishism and other deviant behaviors in his works, as well as extremely symbolic imagery; but this page from YuYu Hakusho takes the cake (might be NOT worksafe despite getting published.) The editors must have all been drunk that day.
  • Burst Angel: In the Beach Episode, there is a scapegoated environmental group called the "Organization for the Nature Preservation of Tokyo". This gets the acronym "ONPOT".
    • And then there's Sei's VERY Stripperiffic swimsuit, which would likely require glue and "careful positioning" to wear without violating decency laws.
    • Jo leaps onto a giant tentacle near the end of an episode.
  • In the 4Kids dub of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, a fairly light-hearted anime about a pink puffball who fights an affably evil penguin named King Dedede, Dedede sets up a fake monster that destroys a model of Cappy Town on TV and tricks everyone into thinking it's real. When Kirby gets onto the set, he appears huge; one of the viewers remarks, "Looks like someone's been feeding Kirby steroids!"
  • Excel♡Saga: After seeing an example of Excel's ability to distinguish the value of objects stuck in small holes using just her fingers, Hyatt brings up Excel's "daily finger training", which Excel casually dismisses by saying that it "wasn't training".
    • In an inversion of the trope, episode 26 is full of content that wouldn't make it past the radar. No, they did not air episode 26, not even in Japan... though part of it may be due to the fact that the episode was deliberately made to have a longer running time than usual.
    • It is also implied that Excel gets raped by Ropponmatsu unit 2. As the robot pounces on her, the screen shifts to a slide show of images, including a glass of spilt milk. Excel then proceeds to make a comment about getting violated.
    • When Excel is sent to kill Koshi Rikdo in the first episode, there's a noticeable moment where she's drawn with swastika eyes. Gainax must've borrowed their demon sorcery.
  • The Prince of Tennis:
    • Momoshirou and the three first-years are spying on his best friend Ryoma and Ryuzaki-sensei's granddaughter Sakuno, thinking they have a date (They aren't). He notices Ryoma's dad Nanjirou peeping on them too, but Momoshiro doesn't know who he is and...
    Momo: He must be following her!
  • NEEDLESS' ending. DEAR GOD! Heck, most of the whole show counts. On top of the main character having a Lolita Complex that heavily borders on Paedophilia (though he is able to restrain himself sometimes so it doesn't outright become that,) there is so much Clothing Damage that its surprising there AREN'T any nipples shown. The entire show is just a few little notches away from being a complete hentai. Episode one, when juice is spilled, the main female lead turns to the camera, with the white juice drink all over her and says, in a moe fashion "...I've been tainted.."
  • An episode of Bakugan Battle Brawlers featuring Julie and her 'boyfriend's' Cycloid and Hammer Golem vs. the female Tricloid. It's not the 'double team' being implied, it's the scene with the two giant Bakugans holding their human partners in their hands - and the human kids are deliberately standing right behind their middle fingers, symbolically 'extending' them.
  • Black Butler has a penchant for double entendres, especially in the second series. Considering that the series is supposedly Shounen, Black Butler is made of this. The fight scenes can be very graphic, and often there isn't a fight, just one-sided abuse, often to children. And all of the sick villains featured, and the "heroes" themselves having lenient morals and selfish ambitions.
  • Black Clover:
    • When Asta is gonna stay over at the house of Rebecca, who has romantic feelings for him, Rebecca's younger sister tells her to "jump Asta tonight."
    • Zora refers to Asta as a shrimp, with Mimosa replying that "the only thing small about Asta is his height."
  • Spirited Away is a metaphor all the way for bathhouses that also offered sex services. The very name "Yubaba" is a old word equivalent to "Madam" in this sense.
    • In the English dub, when the workers in the bathhouse are kissing up to No Face, the foreman is singing. One of his lines: "His butt keeps getting bigger, so there's plenty more to kiss!" This was apparently an ad lib by the voice actor.
  • Rurouni Kenshin occasionaly throws this trope around too:
  • A little-known gesture of implied rape in Japanese culture involves the Shogun grabbing the waistband of his consort and ripping it off so hard that she spins several circles and falls on the bed with her clothes splayed open. Sgt. Frog has turned this one into a Running Gag in at least two of its movies.
  • Speaking of Azumanga Daioh, in the first episode Yukari tells her class that they'll be getting a new student, adding that "It was no small trick getting her, either". This in itself is rather innocuous, but the wink immediately afterwards heavily implies certain illicit activities...
    • Also in Azumanga Daioh, while walking together after Sakaki gets bitten by yet another cat, Kagura says to Sakaki that the reason cats always react to her attempts to pet them by biting her hand is because her hand might smell like fish. In response, Sakaki casually holds it up and checks.
  • The three Zentraedi spies in Super Dimension Fortress Macross are named Warera, Loli and Canda. Put their names together and they're spelled "warera Lolicon da" aka "we are pedophiles" in Japanese. Holy... Keep in mind, this is (marginally) more acceptable to admit in Japan. Just look at the character design for Disgaea.
  • The 5th episode of Pumpkin Scissors: sex, Eternal Sexual Freedom number 2 and apparently Oland has a big penis.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler: episode 10 starts with Nagi playing a game on her "Anal Computer" console; it's written in Atari-stylized English to make it unrecognizable to most of the original Japanese audience.
  • In Princess Sarah, a whole scene is dedicated to this. When Sara is sent to fetch the alcoholic Dr. Wilde to treat Amelia Minchin, she has to enter a seedy area where she passes several "women of easy virtue", almost has the contents of a chamber pot dropped on her head, and finally finds him in a bar, where he is completely inebriated and makes a suggestive comment at her. Whoa, considering this is a series for kids...
  • Carl Macek, who is known for "editing" anime when it's licensed for the U.S., recently expressed his shock and amazement in a podcast with Anime News Network concerning his work done when editing Captain Harlock for U.S. television. Mainly, the Mazon-aliens in said show were always naked, and there was even a live childbirth on the show (which Macek left intact), and nobody ever said anything. Even people who watched the show never minded it!
  • When Death Note was shown on [adult swim], the opening theme was played uncensored. Some of the lyrics include "Hey, hey, ningen sucker, ah ningen ningen fucker." Slipped past because most of the song is in Japanese, so any censors may have assumed that was too.
    • A clever subtitle switch helped, too. The opening theme played the first verse of the song, which has the "sucker" and "fucker" lines. But the subtitles that went alongside them were actually for the second verse, which didn't.
      • This is a case of an intentional Mondegreen by the lyricist. The lyrics officially say san-ka and fuan-ka throughout most of the song, and that's what was translated to give the subtitles, but the lyrics make more sense if you use the english words they sound like instead. AS for what actually gets said? It's quite hard to tell, but even the official lyrics say sucker and fucker close to the end of the song.
  • Oruchuban Ebichu is built entirely around this trope, although it's more of a case of flinging tons and tons of crap at the radar and getting most of it past. While many things did get censored before making it to broadcast, so many more did not. The best example is probably the eyecatch. Frequently it would be three Japanese characters, slot machine-style, where the first and last character were set at "ma" and "ko", and the middle character was changed rapidly through the Japanese alphabet, landing on something innocuous. Although it never stuck on "n", the character would flip by as part of the rotation, and the word those three characters form is a very derogatory term for a lady's privates and would never make it past the radar.
    • However? Said word was out loud said at least once in the series itself. By Ebichu herself, while talking on the phone... to her mistress's zoophile friend. Who pretty much has an ORGASM when he hears it. And is later thinking of Ebichu as he has sex with his (human) girlfriend.
    • Ebichu explains an elaborate pun forming the word clitoris, based on squirrels and chestnuts, while showing a suggestive visual.
  • Shaman King had a dowser named Lyserg Diethel. His spirit companion is named Morphea.
    • Also, it's all but stated that Yoh and Anna had sex (and maybe even Their First Time) right before he left Japan to join the Shaman Tournament. Talking outside while wearing night yukatas? Okay. While being the only two in the Big Fancy House Yoh lives in (even Amidamaru isn't around)? Ho hum. Anna dropping her Tsundere nature and asking Yoh if they can sleep in the same room, with Yoh calmly saying yes? Uh...
      • Confirmed in the canon future story of the manga featuring their son, Hana, once you trace his age to Yoh's and Anna's timeline in the Shaman Tournament. Anna even has an entry in the Pregnant Badass trope, as she was in the early stages of pregnancy during almost the entirety of the fight after it left Tokyo. Talk about Yoh having a badass of a fiance.
  • Fushigi Yuugi: Yui summoning Seiryuu. Seriously.
    • Well. .. they do say the priestess is to merge/join with the called god. . .
  • In Dragon Ball Z Kai, or at least the TV-Y7 Nicktoons broadcast, when Only a Chilling Elegy plays for the second time when Gohan is powering up to attempt to attack Final Form Frieza. Technically, the initial chant has "Hell will be revealed" in it and it was played unedited on the Nicktoons broadcast. Seeing as how Nicktoons ordinarily censors any mention of Hell, even by place, it is presumed that Funimation managed to slip it by because it isn't in English. Nicktoons also left in Future Android 18 saying "Now I'm pissed!"
  • Robotech has so many things from its component seriesnote  that got past censors that it's a wonder why fans pick on Carl Macek so much.
    • Dana Sterling clearly calls Nova Satori a "tramp" due to her interest in Zor. Although there are two definitions, the non-sexual definition (that of a vagrant) refers to males only and only in British English. In North-American English, the term has become outdated in referring to bums or hobos and in modern usage almost exclusively refers to women who are either prostitutes or promiscuous.
    • In the New Generation episode when Scott and friends visit New York, they encounter a character named Simon who speaks very effeminately, stereotypically gay.
    • Annie outright calls an Invid shocktrooper a "fag" while chucking a snowball in the blizzard episode of New Generation.
    • In the "Trap" episode, Sean gives the following line: "I've seen more action on a Sunday School picnic", a very adult line.
    • In the episode "Blitzkrieg", the following dialogue takes place.
      Minmei: "Rick, all of the soldiers who come to the restaurant are in the same position."
      Rick Hunter: "The same position...You'd be the one to know, wouldn't you Minmei!"
    • In the infamous episode "Farewell, Big Brother": Claudia invites Roy over to her quarters for dinner later that evening. And just so her intentions are clear, after making the date she thinks to herself: "Dinner. And if we're lucky, breakfast!"
    • In two episodes of the Macross saga, there are scenes in a bar where a character says "I think you've had enough, especially if you're going to drive." In the Masters episode "Love Story", to get another character out of trouble a sacrificial lamb offers the clever alibi concerning " his hands on a bottle of whisky and a jeep and decided to go on a rampage". Alchohol references at that time were always cut out of anime. Lynn Kyle showed how violent and nasty he gets when he drinks. Also, the Masters segment has several instances of underage characters such as Dana and Marie consuming alchohol (the legal drinking age is lower in Japan).
    • Tobacco use: Roy Fokker, Captain Gloval, Rolf Emerson, and Lunk have all lit up on screen.
    • An episode of Masters also had Louie saying "Forward through shot and shell. Here we go into the mouth of hell." The word "hell", regardless of context, was definitely considered taboo in cartoons. As was mentioning "God" by name. And Robotech did this often. It did have two scenes where characters crossed themselves.
    • The final episode features a Freudian phallic reference where the shaft of energy (representing the Invid leaving earth) for a split second takes on a penile shape. In a moment of homage, Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles considered recreating this scene but thought better of it. It can be seen in the deleted scenes feature of the DVD.
    • When Robotech first reaired on Cartoon Network, a scene was left in of a soldier comforting a crying child being disintegrated onscreen during the attack of the Zentradi Armada. This scene was cut out of future airings, but it is in the DVDs as it was in the original airings.
    • In the Macross-era episode, "A New Recruit", Rick "Mr. Lingerie" Hunter clearly embarrasses himself in a lingerie shop that Minmei insisted on visiting. The fact that they got away with using the term "lingerie" is a definite statement on how adult Robotech's dialogue was at times. Sammie later calls him a lecher, hardly considered any sort of euphemization.
    • In the Masters episode, "Dana in Wonderland", the nursery scene includes a violent gunfight where a clone tank is shot, obviously killing the occupant. Also, a missed shot shatters a glass capsule holding an infant. The infant is unharmed and unfazed, but is surrounded by broken glass.
    • In "The Messenger", Exedore is clearly distressed at seeing the billboard of the scantily clad woman and asks Colonel Maistroff about it who embarrassingly mumbles an incoherent response. Exedore interprets this as a "military secret".
    • In "Sweet Sixteen", Ben Dixon suggests that he, Rick, and Max go to Minmei's birthday party "as a threesome". The choice of words is very unusual today and even arguably for its "not that long ago time" as well.
    • Annie is said to be 13 in most sourcebooks. She plays the Fille Fatale to the max . She literally comes close to physically seducing Macgruder (having adopted a scantily clad outfit). Also, she seems to favor Lunk (who is usually said to be at least in his early 20s) very much, taking every chance to flirt with him. During her birthday episode, Annie puts on a quasi burlesque show for boys adopting a girly, airhead voice along with some physical flirting and borderline PG-13 dialogue such as jokinly calling a grinning Scott "you dirty old man". There's excellent reason to believe that Annie's characterization would not pass a spot inspection today.
    • In the final episode, Rand insults the Regess by calling her a Dragon Lady. This term is classically associated with domineering Asian women (Regess has a slightly Asian face and an outfit that resembles a cheongsam if you use your imagination) and might be seen as borderline non PC by today's standards.
    • Lynn Kyle is clearly stated to be Minmei's cousin. And absolutely nothing is done to cover up the Kissing Cousins aspect of their relationship.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
    • If you listen closely to the theme song for the Camp Gay mechanic Leeron, the electronic vocals spelling out letters in the background are saying "He loves my asshole". On a Sunday-morning cartoon.
    • The song "My XXX Is The Best In The Universe" includes the lyric "I'll bust another move while you not gonna do shit!". Complete with emphasis on the last word. Gratuitous English or not, that would never get into an English-language kid's show.
    • Episode 6.
      • ...did not make it past the radar. The version broadcast on Japanese TV was heavily edited.
      • In Australia they showed the uncensored version of episode 6 on TV. Well, it was shown at 9:30pm so...
  • Fairy Tail:
    • In the Italian manga, we have Wendy's spell "Toroia", which sounds awfully similar to the word "Troia", a.k.a Bitch.
      • Made even more amusing by the fact that, while the romaji version of the spell is 'Toroia', the English spelling is 'Troia'.
    • The Tower of Paradise arc had obvious allusions to S/M when a Brainwashed and Crazy Juvia spanks Lucy. Lucy then exclaims that it's sadism, and Juvia responds by calling Lucy a "maso bitch".
    • The scene where Juvia boasts to Lucy that, "Gray-sama was inside Juvia, not you."
    • When a naked Erza says to a naked Natsu: "Now do me". She meant "wash my back" which is clear enough from context, but the choice of words easily will make the readers imagine other things...
    • Every word out of Taurus' mouth is this. Just one example:
      Lucy: Now plow through that wall for us, will ya?
      Taurus: Of course Miss Lucy, 'cause you know I'm always in the plowing mood.
    • While Fairy Tail has a lot of perverted humor, actual sex isn't really mentioned. This, however, appears to change in chapter 356 when Loke has got some exclusive information and whispers to Wendy how he got it. She blushes all over her face, and Lucy deduces it must be a woman. Wendy blushes again when she meets the woman in question. This implies that Loke slept with the woman in order to get information, and he whispered that to Wendy, since just whispering "some woman told me" is unlikely to make her blush.
      • Similarly, Chapter 367 has a rather strong implication that Kyouka and Seilah had sex off-screen. We see Kyouka lamenting how it's been a while since she "took care of" Seilah, who calls her "Kyouka-sama" in excitement as it cuts to a bed in the room. At the very end of the chapter, we see Seilah smiling contently with a blanket over her now-nude body.
      • Filler chapter 376.5 shows Juvia showering and using a sponge(?) shaped like Gray to "touch all over every nook and cranny of (her) body...even THAT place..." Her hand positioning and blushing in those frames doesn't help.
    • There was an exchange between Gray and Juvia that had some very suspect language.
      Gray We need to talk, it's time you learned to grip it right. Quit fooling around and just eat it, would ya?
      Juvia That's what I've been trying to do Gray but I've never done this before.
      Bisca and Alzack Can they even hear themselves?
      • To explain the context, Gray was teaching Juvia how to eat a weird sandwich. The actual animation made it more Radar-y, as you had Juvia with something sticky on her hand and blushing when Gray was talking to her.
    • On the opposite end of the spectrum, just about everything in the Cold-Blooded Torture session Kyôka puts Erza through in chapters 365 and 368 to the point where the anime even had to tone it down.
  • How Gintama even managed to air during children/family hour uncut is probably a Moment of Awesome for its producers by itself. For starters, one episode involves strip gambling in a casino, with the characters ending up totally nude, save the Pixellation. And how about the episode where Gin's penis got turned into a screwdriver, complete with "screwing" action at the end. Also, Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon and Tower of Babel. There are so many outrageous things they manage to air that you start to doubt whether censorship exists in Japan.
  • Seitokai Yakuindomo... Oh boy, the amount of Double Entendre in the show. Sexual jokes and visuals are filled to the brim in each episode. That given, the female cast are rather curious about anything sexual.
  • Slayers TRY lampshades/parodies/somethings this around the halfway point, when the team travels to Mount Koorinae, a mountain that has the shape of a huge coiling piece of... well, crap. Amelia begins to note it looks like a "pile of shit", only to be cut off by Lina before she can say the last word, with Lina reprimanding that such language is unfit of a princess.
  • In Koihime†Musou, while describing the Nanban elephant, it is mentioned that part of its body is long, strong, and moves on its own. And in another episode, a group of bandits capture Ryuubi, and they later declare that they would "take care" of Ryuubi. And as you may have guessed, they get their butts handed to them.
  • In an accidental example, it's worth pointing out that for their runs of The Vision of Escaflowne, both Fox Kids and YTV managed to miss (several times) Merle's bare butt.
  • In the beginning of Episode 5 of Manabi Straight!, it sounds like Mei is reading porn aloud for the class. Since it is read in choppy English, it's probable that the censors did not do the research on what the paragraph meant.
  • In the FUNimation version of Dragon Ball Z:
    • Frieza says "Stay with it. Yee-Haw! That's it buck-a-roo. Ride 'em cowboy!" as he impales Krillin and bucks him up and down his horn. Subverted that it was only in the uncut version, due to the graphic violence of the scene.
    • A much more lighthearted example from Dragonball, during Vegeta's description of how he obtained Super Saiyan. He notes that he travels to space, to avoid "the distractions of the Earth". Innocent, until you realise that Trunks was born within the three year time period before the androids, and Bulma was helping take care of Vegeta until he left for space. In short, Bulma probably rivals Chichi for Strongest Woman in the Universe.
    • The Android 13 film contains profanities such as "bitch" and "ass", but was aired, swearing included, on Nicktoons with a TV-Y7 rating.
    • As far as the French edit goes, it's hard to decipher what counts as this because the censorship was wildly inconsistent and nonsensical, yet the show was aimed at little children. Male nudity was okay and only the most brutal shots got cut (though some were then shown in recaps or flashbacks), however flipping the bird was still a no-no. Then came the Buu saga, with many gory kills and middle fingers being shown, which aired absolutely uncensored.
  • Pretty much the whole of episode 7 in Persona 4: The Animation. From Yukiko and Chie covered in oil and grunge, to Yousuke's very suspicious wording of his lack of will to go fight Shadow Kanji's goons...
  • Fruits Basket features the scene where Black Haru is implied to have shown his pubic hair to student council president Makoto Takai in order to prove to him that his hair isn't dyed but a natural color. He also flirts with Tohru afterwards when she asks how he did it and he says "Why don't you come with me and see for yourself." but Yuki and Kyo knock him out. It doesn't help that Makoto is blushing afterwards. Were he anyone else, this would be understandable, but as he's apparently gay for Yuki...
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • Barry the Chopper says to Lust that he "wants to stick his cleaver into her". Talk about double entendre...
    • Later on, during the Promised Day arc, Colonel Mustang and his rebels ride around Central in an ice cream truck labeled "Funny Bear" with some bear eating an enormous ice cream cone with splotches of ice cream all over its smiling face. Yeah...Later on, when soldiers loyal to Central Command search for Mustang's ice cream truck, he transmutes the outside to read Central Meat with a smiling, winking pig holding up a sausage on a fork. There's also the case of Izumi and Sig's butcher shop having ads for "Happy Meat" with the tagline "Let's enjoy meat life." And then there's the scene in episode 37 where Ed's skewed memory of Riza mentioning how he loves Winry causes him to become quite embarrassed - as he just happens to be wearing nothing but boxer shorts while Winry fixes his automail, with deliberate implications of Something Else Also Rises (he blushes and sweats, jumps up real high, rolls all over the place and winds up muttering the Periodic Table of Elements to keep from being Distracted by the Sexy). Plenty of other examples exist. Yeah, Hiromu Arakawa's a good one for getting crap past the radar...
    • Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) has a not-so-subtle scene where Riza apparently has an Erotic Dream and is talking in her sleep because Black Hayate has slipped under her covers and is licking her toes. The dub just went with it and made it more obvious.
    • The Hungarian dub of the 2003 series included a line about Hughes bragging about having sex with his pregnant wife. Although some suggest that it's actually a translation error.
  • Majikoi! Love Me Seriously! has absolutely hilarious episode 6, which is about a festival celebrating the male sex with plenty of phallic symbols. Most notably the "mushroom"-shaped lollipops, and what's probably as close to fellatio as you can get without it being actual porn, including a detailed description by Momoyo.
  • Early in the first episode of the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade dub there's a reference between Ryūnosuke and Takao to the "Birds and the Bees".
  • In the original light novel of Sword Art Online, Kirito and Asuna have sex after nearly dying. In the anime, the scene was left vague enough so that the censors could pretend they just spent the night together platonically (which, in fairness, was what Kirito had originally intended, but One Thing Led to Another), but it's still obvious what happened.
  • In the first season of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Liu Mei takes a drink from a glass that is... very phallic shaped.
  • Slam Dunk:
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi:
    • Negi tries spying on a potential enemy (Setsuna) while they're both in the bath. She pounces on him, grabs him by the neck, and declares she'll snap it off if he doesn't talk. Then the camera pans out and we see that her other hand is reaching underwater. She's extremely embarrassed and apologetic when she fully realises what's going on.
    • Later, during a Kiss of the Vampire scene where Evangeline is licking the blood from Negi's wound while they're in the bath, she happens to look down...then she giggles and declares "I guess you're still just a kid after all."
      Eva: Seriously, to think it would shrink from that...
      Negi: What— where were you looking!?
  • In episode 12 of the Is This A Zombie? dub, where they are at the pool, Taeko asks Eu what she says to 'getting wet or playing with some balls'. Strangely this gets no reaction from the other characters, despite the blatant double entendre. In fact, the episode is littered with them, usually passing completely unnoticed by the characters.
    • shows up all over the dub, as early as episode 2:
      Haruna: (having made him a bento box earlier that day) "And? so?"
      Ayumu: "So did I enjoy eating your box? Not bad for your first time."
  • In Toriko cursing is covered up in the English dubs with food related remarks, so f*ck is fork and b*tch is biscuit. Completely averted in the original subs though.
    • Then there's the entire PAIR arc. PAIR, the legendary food, is the Monkey King's testicles. And it genderflips you when you eat it.
  • Early on in the Tokyo Mew Mew manga, Ryou reveals Ichigo's thigh to have a mark on it left from the injection which made her a cat girl. Thinking at first he's just being a creep looking at her thigh, Ichigo screams "Pervert!" and accuses him of sexual harassment. It wouldn't be such a big slip-up of the radar except for the fact that the manga was rated 7+ by Tokyopop and 4kids was airing the anime at the time.
  • In the first anime of Popolocrois, there are three VERY small but VERY subtle scenes where the main character tries to commit suicide. They're all in episode 11. One scene features the main character looking down at the ground from a very high part of the castle. Another shows him trying to drown himself in a fish bowl. The final one...shows him staring at a rope hanging from the ceiling. I think you get the picture.
  • Free!:
    • Gou Matsuoka really dislikes being called "Gou-kun" and she straightforwardly tells that to Seijuurou in episode 4. At first one might think it's because "-kun" is a boyish suffix, but it turns out "Gou-kun" sounds a LOT like the Japanese name for the "semen swallowing" kink. Basically, it's almost like calling poor Gou a... "cumslut". No wonder she gets upset.
    • The ending sequence in the first season is set in a nightclub. More importantly it has, half naked, hooded, muscular men dancing in the background. Talk about subliminal messages.
  • Yuyushiki has a scene where Yukari and Yuzuko wonder if Yui's "little bean" is delicious... which is a pretty blatant Double Entendre of their desire to have lesbian oral sex with her. Apparently this was just vague enough to be broadcastable.
  • The American bowdlerization of Voltron was rather complete but there were a few instances where they thought the censors would either miss it or be checking for more obvious offenses. One scene involves Princess Allura threatening to shoot herself (including pointing gun at her own head) rather than give herself to Lotor. A later episode clearly indicates that Sven had excellent reason to tell Princess Romelle to get lost, even after he had just rescued her - He explains "I'm crazy! I could do anything." An older child or teenager (especially in today's cultural climate) would easily picked up on this, and compared it to what happens to men in prison or who otherwise haven't seen a woman in some time. The original Golion script was undoubtedly more explicit but the Voltron dub wisely didn't even attempt to mask the original intentions.
  • Thunderblast's boobs and nipples, hidden under her armor likely (and hopefully) just as a joke on the animators' part, do actually become visible at certain points in Transformers: Cybertron.
  • In the X/1999 TV series, when the Dragons of Heaven are all reunited, Yuzuriha asks Arashi where does she keep her Cool Sword. Cue to Sorata cutting in... saying that he hasn't used his yet and that he was saving to use it for Arashi. Ooooops.
  • ×××HOLiC's episode 6 has Yuuko showing Watanuki the warp-tunnel of her and naming it as the Japanese language equivalent to "F*cking Tunnel," with a bleep in midst of the word.
  • Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-'s Spanish dub features an instance which barely counts as an example for how it seems to forget that there is a radar at all. A scene among Kurogane and Fai sees the latter poking the former in the cheek and telling a joke, but the dub changes it to Fai completing the gesture with the Spanish street slang equivalent of "I just penetrated you."
  • In Olympus no Poron, the protagonist has a magic powder that gives back happiness. The Italian dub translates the rhyme she sings before using it as "Looks like talcum powder but isn't it, gives you happiness! If you throw it or breath it, it gives you happiness!". Often in scenes like this.
  • In the first Fatal Fury TV special it's strongly implied that Terry's Love Interest Lily is a High-Class Call Girl. She's very beautiful, curvy, nicknamed the "Queen of South Town", first wears a white dress with a generous cleavage, is a part of Geese Howard's entourage, acts rather coquettish and self-assured in front of several drunk men, and throws a rose in the air with the promise of spending a whole night with the man who catches it.
  • The Testament of Sister New Devil does several things in the anime:
    • In the first episode, the position and movements being made by Basara and Mio when they're in the bathroom makes it look like they're having sex. In reality he's just trying to keep her from screaming after he accidentally walked in on her.
    • Later in the first episode, Mio straddles Basara to wake him up, then bounces on him for a bit. She then mentions feeling something hard, goes under his blanket, only to pull out a copy of a Dating Sim game Maria hid underneath while he was sleeping.
    • In episode 2, Mio is suffering from a curse put on her by Maria which causes her to get aroused. The latter tells Basara to touch her in places to make her more obedient to him. He tries not to do anything perverted, and only touches places such as her arm. Later Maria comments Mio went nine times, while wiping something off the floor.
  • Space☆Dandy: "Whenever life gets you down, BooBies gets you up again."
  • The Sorcerer Stabber Orphen anime strongly implies that Fienna and Majic did have sex in the very brief time they were together. After they escape from the funeral pyre (where Majic is fully clothed underneath Fiena's ceremonial wolf outfit)... the next scene reveals she is standing on a balcony looking out while he is sitting on the bed, shirtless. Majic then pulls on his boots, walks up and embraces Fiena from behind, still shirtless...
  • Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics:
  • In Puella Magi Madoka Magica, it's mentioned that Mitakihara has a Red Light District and it's strongly implied that Mami's Magical Girl patrols include checking regularly on it since Witches, who are attracted to people's despair, like to prey on the prople who hang out in such an area. Whoa.
  • Future Card Buddyfight has a class of monsters called Armordragons. Several of the humanoid ones including Gao's Buddy Drum wear armor that doesn't cover their backsides. As if the partial (nonhuman) nudity weren't enough, one episode of Buddyfight Hundrednote  has audience's point of view looking up at Drum, who is falling from above to attack Ikazuchi with that particular gap in his armor clearly visible. Nonhumans Lack Attributes is in full effect, though.
  • In the first arc of Shin Mazinger Zero, one of Juuzou's reasons to rape and murder Sayaka was to make sure she would never carry an hypothetical child of Kouji. Yeah, this means it's very likely that Sayaka and Kouji were not just together in this particular Mazinger universe, but already sexually active.
  • Monster Rancher, its said in the backstory that humanity has genetically engineered Monsters to serve them as pets, slave labor and warriors to fight their wars. One of these countless races were the Pixies, a all-female race of human-looking monsters that resembled Succubi and wore Stripperific Fur Bikinis. While its never brought up or even implied, it makes you wonder what kind of entertainment they were created for.
  • The anime ending sequence for Tokimeki Tonight gets away with having Ranze completely nude save for a vampire-like cape (probably thanks to the Barbie Doll Anatomy) and with having a song whose lyrics scream "Intercourse with You".
  • In the Beach Episode of Hungry Heart: Wild Striker, Kyousuke and his friends have a kakigori stall. The Hospital Hottie Kaori helps them out... wearing a bikini... and then putting on an apron over her bikini...
  • One episode of GO-GO Tamagotchi! has Spaceytchi, who has become the king of Tamagotchi Planet, kidnapping Himespetchi and rubbing her back... which is framed to look like something else at first. Akaspetchi and Pipospetchi cower in fear at this scene, suggesting that not even they think it's pretty.