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It's worth mentioning that in general, while the English dub did change and/or bowdlerize a fair amount of aspects of the series, it kept in a very surprising amount of things that other companies wouldn't have.

  • In Episode 36, we are treated to a scene of Phantomon strangling Matt with his chain (although they cut out that brief two seconds of the chain first wrapping around his neck). You can even hear Matt choking, and yes, this was in the English dub! Bear in mind that death by strangulation was something even the Harry Potter movies considered too graphic, and that was a PG-13 series. This was shown on a Y7 program!
  • In one of the episodes the girls were having a bath and were rudely interrupted by Gomamon. This also actually made it into the English dub. And let's not forget that giant cockatrice Digimon chasing after Mimi and Sora who are in nothing but towels after turning the boys to stone.
    • And then the cruise ship runs into an absolutely massive cactus, the tip of which opens up to reveal Mimi's crest. Freud would have a field day with that episode.
  • There's the famous slap fight between Angewomon and Ladydevimon who were calling each other "witches" all through the battle.
    Izzy: I know I shouldn't watch this, but for some reason I can't take my eyes off.
  • They also left in a lot of the bath scenes that surprisingly (mostly) didn't get censored out, like the aforementioned Gomamon scene above.
  • Then there's the dialogue when Joe walks in the bath in Ep 8.
    Matt: Come on in, so far we haven't found any sharks in the water.
    Tai: No big ones!
    • Let that sink in for a moment (Tai's facial expression does not help at all).
  • In "Etemon's Comeback Tour", in a rare move for children's cartoons at the time, the blood running down Ogremon's face was kept in the dub.
  • Puppetmon's gun in the original, which was censored for the dub but made it into the manga.
  • The Evil vs. Evil fight against MetalEtemon. There's also MetalEtemon's Fartillery attack.
  • Similar to the Kirby and One Piece examples, there is a mention of steroids here. More specifically, when Matt sees Myotismon's One-Winged Angel formnote . Then again, considering the latter of the two characters is the bad guy, it has a bit of an implication.
    • Elsewhere, VenoMyotismon's weak-point turns out to be a face on his crotch... And it talks.
  • They also left in the English dub, the "666" reference in the same episode... you know, as in Beast from the book of Revelation! Hard to believe this got through the air back in the 90's.
    • Not just a reference, it was a whole plot point that they had until "the hour of the beast" (6:06:06) This makes Myotismon practically Satan, at least until the fallen angel Lucemon (something that DISNEY didn't even attempt to censor) comes along in Season Four.
    • There's a whole bunch of demon-based Digimon who don't get censored. Devimon, Demi Devimon, Devidramon, Lady Devimon, Marine Devimon, Ice Devimon, Daemon, Skull Satamon... the list goes on. The earliest toys replace Devi- with Dark- in most of those names, but the show and the later merchandise don't. What class of Digimon are they? "Fallen Angel Digimon." Of course, nearly all are the Evil Counterpart of an Angel Digimon. How nobody complained is a huge mystery. Ironically, Pokémon incurred the brunt of the Moral Guardians' wrath despite not having explicit demonic references until Pokémon Gold and Silver's Houndoom, so it's possible that being in its shadow helped it avoid censorship. (Strangely, they've got a bigger problem with Norse Mythology. Ragnamon becomes Galacticmon, though he keeps his Ragnarok Cannon. Also, Zudomon's "Thor's Hammer" becomes "Vulcan's Hammer", and Yggdrasil inexplicably becomes "King Drasil.")
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  • During the fight against Apocalymon, after Angewomon is hit by MetalSeadramon's River of Power (providing a Male Gaze shot in the process), the viewers are treated to a shot of Kari screaming... and Angewomon's cleavage.
  • The English dub did this beautifully, to the point where one wonders how the network was able to keep in a good chunk of the following.
    • In a slightly different example from the usual, Izzy's parents imply that his mother had a miscarriage or a stillborn shortly before they adopted him.
    • In one example literally. For the most part the dub avoided poop jokes by changing it to sludge (ex: the Numemon threw numesludge at the kids, not poop as in the original). The same can't be said for the moment when while the kids were in Sora's cousin's car, Koromon couldn't wait. Or when Tai was overfeeding Agumon to get him to Digivolve into a more powerful Champion form, which also caused a Potty Failure.
    • In another possible example of Getting Crap Past the Radar, the dub doesn't change a plot-critical reference to the Number of the Beast.
    • They don't hide the concept of death like most 90s dubs did either.
      • Of course this only applies if resurrection follows. The scene where Wizardmon kicks the bucket is deleted in the dub.
      • They were still explicitly clear that Wizardmon was killed though. However the final episode tries to lighten it up by suggesting that he will be reborn, of course next season we find out that it wasn't the case. (Whether the specific reference was in the original or not, it is an aspect of the original that dead Digimon are 'reconfigured' to start over; it's why Patamon spent most of the Etemon arc as Poyomon/Tokomon after his Heroic Sacrifice as Angemon. Why Wizardmon didn't get better is a good question. The only change to his situation for the dub is the exact moment where his eyes close is omitted... but we do see it in later flashbacks.) He eventual does resurrect in Xros Wars, but that was after years of assuming he was gone for good.
      • Why Wizardmon didn't get reconfigured is (sort of) explained. It's stated at some point that Digimon that 'die' in the Digital world will eventually be reborn there. Wizardmon died in the real world, thus he couldn't be reconfigured.
      • It's actually possible the dub edit made Wizardmon's death almost traumatic for Kari, as she's quietly begging him to answer her after he thanked Gatomon. And we still see his body lying there when Kari grabs her Digivice, giving the implication he died like that.
    • The dub got away with the fact that Matt's father smoked like they normally wouldn't do.
    • One of the programs Gennai sends Koushiro is "Pafu Pafu". Furthermore, the icon is even a pair of breasts, albeit simple enough to be mistaken for cartoon eyeballs.

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