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We can't describe the shit out of you without getting closer.

Takehito Koyasu (born May 5, 1967 in Yokohama, Japan) is currently the most prolific voice actor in the business. And when we say prolific, we mean it, with lots of varying roles he can pull off easily. Starting from a Determinator, to a calm, cool, intellectual, sarcastic character, to a nobleman to just plain comic relief/gay character. He created Knight Hunters, and is a part of the Weiß group, alongside the other leads: Shin-ichiro Miki, Tomokazu Seki, and Hiro Yuki. He is a true Man of a Thousand Voices.

According to Anime News Network, he has the most number of roles in anime — as of December 2023, he is the only voice actor with over 750 credits. That is over 130 more credits than the next highest on the list.

Has an alter-ego named "Zazel". Zazel sings the theme song for the CD drama starring Weiß's rivals, Schwarz.

It shall be noted, also, that he's a Promoted Fanboy. Yep, he was a long-time Mobile Suit Gundam fan before landing the roles of Zechs, Gym, Mu and Algreus.

Currently working on a series of CD dramas called Velvet Under World, which may or may not be a Knight Hunters spin off. For the most compelling arguments in favour of that, "Velvet Underworld" is Knight Hunters's first opening theme and VUW's main character's name? A.Y.A.

He seems to be a good friend of Hikaru Midorikawa and, as a result, there's lots of instances where he plays characters who are rivals with Midorikawa's character, usually with Koyasu's character being the instigator of rivalry. Koyasu has also replaced Kaneto Shiozawa in many roles since the latter's death and can be seen as his successor as they do sound rather similar. Also has relationships with Akira Ishida, Unshō Ishizuka, and to an extent Tesshō Genda.

He's a married man (though with someone outside voice acting business) and has a son, Kouki Koyasu, who eventually also followed his footsteps in becoming a voice actor.

Koyasu's Roooooles! Koyasu's Roooooles! From the various series! Take a look if you please! They're going to Californiaaaaa....

Fool! These tropes are not associated with everything in the universe! It was I, Takehito Koyasu!

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