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Haven't you heard? I'm Midorikawa!

Describe Hikaru Midorikawa here or I will kill you.

(cue epic swag music!) In 1995, Japan, one voice actor had the entire anime world's attention due to a certain anime series. He's stylish at voicing cool Bishōnen characters, he's stylish at doing Angsty roles, and he's even stylish when doing Hot-Blooded or silly characters. Every single role he does is... Cool. Cooler. Coolest. He lives an overwhelmingly cool, stylish seiyuu life. And his name is... at the picture caption.

Though born in 1968 and already married, he manages other activities other than being a VA, such as website managing (he's got one though he had to shut it down for a while due to fan harassment) and playing video games. Apparently, he's a big fan of Super Robot Wars, to the extent of writing a blog entry on the SRW site, contacting Banpresto and happily doing extra lines for his characters (especially Masaki) for free. He usually becomes a beta tester for the games, too. He also have a habit to turn the characters he voices into one man armies in the SRWs (namely Heero and Masaki; he'll probably do the same to Xingke when he shows up in Z2, or Asakim in case he's recruitable)

He's close friends with voice actors, Nobuyuki Hiyama and Ryōtarō Okiayu, who both shared a bit of his SRW passion. note  He was also a member of a music group with Nobutoshi Canna, but his greatest, most known relationship amongst voice actors is definitely Takehito Koyasu; they often play roles that rivals each others, and Koyasu has once teased that Midorikawa's voice sounded cute; on the other hand, Midorikawa teased that Koyasu's voice sounded sexy.

Truly a Man of a Thousand Voices.

Hikaru Midorikawa's roles:

Well these tropes are just a small portion of Midorikawa's style:

  • Affectionate Nickname: His closest colleagues would either call him, "Hikaru-kun" or "Hikaru-chan." Nobuyuki Hiyama in particular is one of those few guys known to call him out by his name straight out in public.
  • Fan Nickname: The literal english translation of his name is Green River Light. A lot of his fans call him this.
  • Large Ham: While not something he's most famous for, Midorikawa slays when given the chance to act out in this category. Wiserue is a standout example.
  • Man of a Thousand Voices: So prolific that the entire Japanese animation industry can be connected to him in fewer steps than Hollywood is to Kevin Bacon.
  • Pigeonholed Voice Actor: For some reason, the characters he's voiced have a tendency to be captured and then restrained/tied up.
  • Production Posse: Of nitro+, it seems. He also claims his music playlist is composed of "the Nitro+ genre."
  • Promoted Fanboy: Mobile Suit Gundam was what inspired him to take on the path of voice acting, and vows to "pilot a Gundam" one day; He might as well make Ryusei Date of Shin Super Robot Wars look harmless.
  • Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: He's so prolific that he's pretty much the center of the seiyuu universe.
  • Vocal Evolution:
    • Particularly with Gridman; The Hyper Agent's voice in the original 1993 toku series was very high in pitch and hoarse in tone, occasionally making his sentences unlegible. This is a stark contrast to how he speaks in the Gridman Universe anime productions, with his vocals in those being deeper, completely clear, and much more legible, comparable to most of Midorikawa's modern roles (and his real speaking voice).
    • In general, his voice in the early to mid-90s used to be much higher, but it later became deeper and cooler. This is notable with roles he keeps reprising since the 90s, namely Android #16 and Paikuhan who both sound very different nowadays from they used to.