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NeoGeo Battle Coliseum is an SNK crossover fighting game similar to its flagship series The King of Fighters, but it features several characters who have not appeared in KOF canon (such as those from Samurai Shodown, The Last Blade and World Heroes). It was released in 2005 on Sammy's Atomiswave arcade system, and subsequently on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox Live Arcade (last one as HD remake).

The game takes place in the year 2017, with a tournament being held by the leader of the WAREZ corporation, who seeks to find the strongest fighter in the Neo Geo universe and defeat him/her, paving the way for him to install himself as the supreme ruler of the world. In response, the federal government dispatches two of its brightest secret agents, Yuki and Ai, to investigatenote .

NGBC utilizes a 2-on-2 tag battle system, and teammates can tag in and out at will. There are benefits to allowing your partner to rest for a while, such as Regenerating Health, a regenerating power meter, and the ability to use an attack that stops your opponents from regaining their health (and in turn, boosting your attack power for a short time). Arcade mode functions differently than most fighting games. Instead of a set number of opponents to fight, you are given five minutes to defeat as many opponents as possible. Once the time expires, you then face one of four different Final Bosses, depending on your performance.

Compare to Capcom Fighting Evolution, a game released one year earlier by Capcom that also reuses a lot of assets (several of which were from their crossover with SNK), and whose staff consisted of former SNK employees.

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