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His Most Famous Roles. R.I.P, O Great Seiyuu. note 


Hirotaka Suzuoki (March 6, 1950 – August 6, 2006) was a considerably great seiyuu from the earlier ages of anime, making himself well known as the voice behind "He who slaps wimps and turns them into MEN OF DESTINY", Bright Noa. Was a good friend of Toru Furuya (whose character, coincidentally, got slapped into a MAN OF DESTINY). Well known for his calm voice, he garnered quite a fandom...

...Until he faced something that he could not slap into a THING OF DESTINY: lung cancer. He fought a glorious battle with it, but he died in the end. His last performance was once again as Bright Noa in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam III: Love is the Pulse of the Stars, which many fans saw as a fitting send-off.


Roles done by Hirotaka Suzuoki:

Bright Noa: TV TROPES WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE, TROPER! Try to do something else more productive!

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