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Hiromi Tsuru (鶴 ひろみ Tsuru Hiromi, March 29, 1960 — November 16, 2017) was a voice actress whose roles tended to be Shorttanks, Action Girls, or Cool Big Sis. She was also known as Naomi Hunter in Metal Gear, so beware.

Tsuru focused her career on being a narrator for news broadcasts and Japanese television shows starting in The '90s, while keeping her long-running roles - Bulma and Dokin-chan - as her "lifetime anime roles." Needless to say, thanks to her roles as Bulma and Dokin-chan, her voice was a fixture of the childhoods of entire generations of Japanese kids.

Tsuru was also at one point married to Keiichi Nanba, but they later divorced and Nanba has since married Mayumi Sho.

She passed away on November 16, 2017, at the age of 57, from an aortic dissection. Over four hundred fans gathered for her funeral, as well as fellow voice actors and actresses such as Masako Nozawa and Ryō Horikawa, to mourn her passing and celebrate her life.

Notable roles:

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