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Describe Ken Narita (born May 18, 1964) he— (*crash*) wait, is that a giant orange?

What the hell?

What is this? A troper! Get out of my way! I have to describe myself for my article!

Orange-kun! It's you!

(*startled*) I beg of you please! Allow me to describe myself. I was born as Tsutomu Narita in 1964. I am a freelancer Japanese voice actor. You may have first noticed me as the voice of Sesshomaru in Inuyasha. Since then, I have done many starring roles in other anime. Oh, and did I mention I am the Japanese voice of Johnny Bravo?

Well, I'm supposed to be describing you, so—

Out of my way! This is my article, not yours! ALL HAIL BRITANNIA! Today, you know me memetically as the voice of Jeremiah "Orange-kun" Gottwald in Code Geass, as well as Michael Roa Valdamjong in Melty Blood.

He's also taken over several roles from the late Hirotaka Suzuoki.

But don't you dare confuse me with the late anime singer of the same name who sang songs for Denshi Sentai Denziman! Or the video game programmer formerly from Square Enix!

—Now that I've finished describing myself, Take This! THE STORM OF MY NOTABLE ROLES!: