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Mind if I describe Kenichi Suzumura here? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!

Kenichi Suzumura (born September 12, 1974 in Niigata, Japan) is a veteran seiyuu known for his youthful, brash-sounding voice, which even in his mid-40s makes him quite fit for voicing young boys whose most notable trait is either being a jerkass, or just rowdy and rude. Unfortunately, the characters he voiced seems to have very bad luck.

He is best friends with Takahiro Sakurai (the two have formed a singing duo named R16) and has a good relationship with Soichiro Hoshi (how's that for irony, SEED fans?). Also, had a short semi-romantic relationship with Hitomi Nabatame. He also has romantic connections to Maaya Sakamoto's characters in a few series, which became an official romance resulting in marriage with Maaya, finalized August 8, 2011. Congratulations to them both!


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