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No need to shout, Clark. We can hear you just fine.

Walt: Now, say my name.
Declan: [pauses] You're Heisenberg.
Walt: You're goddamn right.

No matter what range of emotion you're feeling towards another character, the best way to express it is to say their name — preferably in either a hoarse whisper or scenery-chomping cry. Even if no one's around to hear you, just thinking about that character is enough of a prompt, provided you aren't running game. It's all but required if you're in the midst of rescuing your True Companion/Love Interest currently facing imminent doom, you're running towards each other in romantic rapture, or when your mortal enemy has simply gone too far. Sometimes those last two get confused.

Additionally, if your show features a large cast this also serves a narrative purpose: When they appear again after not being seen for three arcs, clearly stating their name once more helps the viewer identify and remember them.

Of course there are times (especially in anime) when they overdo it (see Big Word Shout)

Characters saying their own name can also fall under this trope, but if they do it incessantly, not for dramatic effect, that's Pokémon Speak.

Many instances of this trope in Japanese works may also fall under First-Name Basis. In Japanese culture, it is customary to use family names plus an honorific (usually "san", sometimes "senpai" for one's elders, "kun" for underlings, "dono" or "sama" for works set in older times, etc.) when addressing someone else, even directly (they rarely use the pronoun for "you" in formal settings, although they do have a few for informal situations). Children, especially girls, will often use first names with friends, although adults will usually only do this if they've been friends since childhood or are otherwise close buddies. But when a couple has moved ahead in their relationship, they will often switch to using first names as well. In media, the first time a character calls their romantic interest by their first name (whether out of affection or distress), the scene often ends up being an example of this trope.

Can overlap with Angry Fist-Shake.

Compare First-Name Basis, First-Name Ultimatum, "You!" Exclamation, "You!" Squared, Skyward Scream. If you have a lot of people, all doing a "Say My Name" to each other, it's a Rocky Roll Call.

Contrast I Know Your True Name where speaking it has much more dangerous implications.

Examples of this trope are often subjected to Memetic Mutation. Can result in Narm. If a person does this often, it can become a catchphrase. See also Familial Chiding, which is often predicated by the loud call of someone's name.

Not to be confused with Spell My Name with a "The".

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  • There used to be TV ads for Culligan water softeners.
    Animated Spokesman: For soft water, just call your Culligan man.
    Animated Housewife: HEY CULLIGAN MAN!!
  • The first Funny Talking Animals for Walk on the Wild Side.
    Allan! Allan! Allan! Al! Allan! Allan! ALLAN! Allan!
    [later] Oh wait... That's not Allan. It's Steve... Steve that... Steve... Steve! Steve! STEVE! Steve! Steve!
  • A line of Japanese Mentos commercials (starring Reuben Langdon, no less) involved a couple who do nothing except yell each other's names.
  • Metro Manners: Super Kind's transformation trigger phrase before she turns into her superhero form is her own name, said emphatically and dramatically.
  • Segata Sanshiro: Anyone who crosses with him will be treated with this, especially in his early runs:
    Guy: S... Segata Sanshiro!!
    Segata Sanshiro: [beats the crap out of guy]
    Guy: S...Segata... Sanshiro...
    Segata Sanshiro: Sega Saturn shiro!
  • The Play Safe PSA involved one particular PSA called “Frisbee”, in which a girl named Amy gets her brother Jimmy to retrieve a frisbee from a sub-station, resulting in him getting electrocuted as Amy screams “JIMMYYYYYYYY!!!” Then, as the PSA (via radio news reporter) warns that children should never retrieve toys from sub-stations by themselves, the explosion and Amy’s cry of Jimmy’s name repeats, as the screen either fades to black or, in the 10 minute film, cuts back to the young robin feeling bad for the boy.
    Young Robin: Poor boy...

  • Adit & Sopo Jarwo has one right at the intro where Jarwo and Sopo are chasing Adit, Dennis and Adel.
    Dennis: Adit, Jarwo is getting near!
    Jarwo: ADIT!

  • Stan Freberg:
    • His record "John and Marsha" spoofed the radio soap opera by having the characters say nothing but each other's names. Also featured on his radio program. (More recent generations may recognize this routine from Peggy and Joey's imitation on Mad Men).
    • The alien brain Krang in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) liked watching a TV show that seemed to consist entirely of a man named John and a woman named Marsha staring at each other and saying their names over and over.
    • MAD: John didn't have his glasses on, and was saying it to the wrong girl at first. Also, he stepped off a cliff to kill himself; a trampoline saved him (repeatedly); the John-Marsha scene played; and when Marsha rejected him, that was the point when the trampoline people moved the trampoline....

  • Comic books fans have the (usually written) cry: LIIIEEEFEEELD for Rob Liefeld of The Dark Age of Comic Books.
  • In the Batman storyline Knightfall, Bane attempts to make Batman scream his name for mercy. Batman tells him "Go back to Hell" and Bane promptly breaks him. Years later, in the one-shot Batman: Bane, Batman finally does shout Bane's name. It's not for mercy, though, it's in frustration—the villain escaped capture.
  • Bookhunter: When a Phone-Trace Race ends with his target eluding him, all Agent Bay can do is scream, "Damn you, Kettle Stitch!"
  • Earth X: Uatu the Watcher has spent thirteen issues referring to Machine Man, aka Aaron Stack, by his model number, X-51, to emphasize that he is a robot and should have no loyalty to humanity—indeed, no human emotion at all. In the final issue, after being cut off from his sensory feed and left helpless, Uatu calls after him pleadingly: "X-51? X-51, please. …Aaron?"
  • Used by Empowered during sex. "What's… my… name?"
    Thugboy: Which one, baby?!
  • Green Lantern Hal Jordan returns to Earth to find Coast City destroyed by Mongul and the Cyborg. He makes a beeline for where Mongul is beating up Steel and, just like Superman, screams Mongul's name as he tackles him.
  • The Incredible Hulk:
    • In one story Bruce Banner makes this comment to a screaming Doctor Doom right after helping to take him down.
    • Doom had been fighting a Hulk robot that was screaming "DOOOM" as it pummeled him. As Doom turned the tables on the robot, he said "Once more… with feeling… say my name!" The above example is an Ironic Echo of this scene.
      • Of course there is Doom's famous semi-catchphrase from the Silver Age ""RRRRRRICHAAAAARRRRRDDDSS!!!""
  • Shazam!: Invoked in Captain Marvel's origin story, when the ancient wizard commands Billy Batson to speak his name: SHAZAM!
  • Skull Island: The Birth of Kong: Dr. Brooks just Facepalms and somberly says, "Oh, Aaron" when he realizes while listening to his son Aaron's Apocalyptic Log and realizes that Aaron went to Skull Island after their argument. Aaron later screams Matemavi's name when they're shot dead in front of him.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW):
    • During the Metal Virus Saga, Tangle the Lemur gets infected with Dr. Eggman's Metal Virus. When the normally quiet Whisper the Wolf hears the news, she screams her friend’s name, tears in her eyes.
    • In the "Chao Races and Badnik Bases" Story Arc, Rouge the Bat and Amy Rose recruit Cream the Rabbit and her Chao, Cheese, for The Caper. Cream's mother, Vanilla, approves of her going on a "trip", but not the dangerous adventure said trip ultimately turns into. When Vanilla learns the truth at the end of the same arc, Rouge bails on the other girls, leaving Amy to scream her name in fury.
    • In the Imposter Syndrome miniseries, Surge the Tenrec and Kitsunami "Kit" the Fennec encounter a Humongous Mecha that crushes Surge with a giant mace. Kit, witnessing this, screams his partner's name before going ballistic at their attacker.
  • Supergirl: In Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl, a furious Supergirl hisses "Luthor" when she's about to attack him. Lex Luthor dispassionately notes that they are no longer on a first-name basis.
  • Superman shouting Mongul's name after freeing himself of the Black Mercy in "For the Man Who Has Everything". The force of the shout knocks Robin clean off his feet, and lets Mongul know he's only got a fraction of a second before Superman plows into him.
    "He hears a voice like Armageddon shouting his name, and he starts to turn—he knows he has perhaps less than half a second in which to defend himself …but the rock of the far wall seems to ripple outwards in a sudden cascade of powder and a four-hundred-mile-an-hour wind slams into him like a steam hammer as big as the world—and he knows that he is far too late."
  • The Ultimates: The Chitauri blow up the office building that Hawkeye and his crew were demolishing. Black Widow, at the building in the other block, shouts his name in the comlink, not knowing if he was caught in the blast.
  • One 90's XMen/The Avengers crossover featured this with a Lampshade Hanging. Fabian Cortez kidnapped Luna Maximoff, and when her father, Quicksilver, shows up, he screams out Cortez's name, with Cortez commenting drily that he should get Quicksilver to announce his name with such conviction whenever he enters a room.

  • Garfield: At one point Garfield is watching a soap that consists of a couple doing nothing but this. Reaching the end of his rope, Garfield changes channel... to another soap doing the exact same thing, but with different names.
  • Retail: Cooper makes this a condition of him covering the closure the South Heights Grumbel's. Stuart doesn't bite.
    Stuart: Are you kidding?!
    Cooper: Too far?
    Marla: A tad.

Calvin and Hobbes



Death Note

  • There exists a piece of fan-art of L and Light having sex. Light says the trope, and it takes L a few repetitions to realize he's screaming "Kira".

Disney Animated Canon

  • Fireside Tale: The narrator says when the wind is howling during the Endless Winter, you can hear the ghosts of the sisters Anna and Elsa crying and calling each other.

Dragon Age

  • Happens just once in Beyond Heroes: Of Sunshine and Red Lyrium, when Varric hears the Inquisitor screaming his name in pure terror. The companions are in their final fight against the Big Bad and he's badly wounded, but hearing her call his name like that makes him realize that he has to get up.

Fusion Fic


  • Abraxas (Hrodvitnon):
    • Monster X has a couple instances. One of its two heads (it's actually hard to tell whether it's Vivienne or San) screams "JONAH!" in rage when they rampage with the intent to kill Alan Jonah for his heinous actions. San calls Vivienne by name a couple times, overlapping with You Called Me "X"; It Must Be Serious, when he's distressed and calling out to her in fear and need of her.
    • After Monster X is officially christened Titanus Abraxas, Madison Russell quietly tests that name on her tongue in the 11th chapter's last line; the new name of the Two Beings, One Body hybrid that her formerly-human Parental Substitute and San now form.
    • Vivienne's mother Susan Graham screams "VIVIENNE!" when she loses communication with Monster X just after she's learned the creature's main head is in fact Vivienne resurrected as a Transhuman Abomination.
    • In a non-canon crossover post where Monster X meets the five-headed Ghidorah that assimilated Vivienne and Madison into itself in the fanmade Go Alternate Universe, Monster X, upon recognizing who one of Ghidorah's two new female heads is, simply says in horror, "...Maddie...?"

The Loud House

  • Anger Management:
    • Defied when Lincoln wants to scream Lynn's name in frustration but decides not to lest he get in trouble.
    • Played straight when Lola yells Lynn's name for accidentally making her eat mayo instead of vanilla pudding.
  • Birthday Breakfast: Lincoln tries shouting, "Lola!" or "Lana!" to break up their argument but it doesn't work.
  • What You Wish For: Luna says, "Leni!" to scold her for bringing up Lincoln, and then Rita says, "Lynn Junior!" to scold her for swearing.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Advice and Trust: In chapter 3 Shinji screams Asuka's name several times when he sees her sinking into the Sea of Dirac, and Asuka screams his as asking help.
  • HERZ: In chapter 10 Kurumi remembers the night when she saved Shinji’s life. When Rei put into her head the thought something bad had happened to Shinji, she screamed his name loudly several times in dread.

The Simpsons

Star Trek

Thomas & Friends


  • Jonathan Joestar, The First JoJo: At the very end of Chapter 16, Jotaro yells Jonathan's name after the latter is punched through the torso by Heaven Ascended Dio.
  • In Nullmetal Alchemist the moment Ed hears Majhal's name he begins screaming it, freaking out everybody around him.
  • The Child of Love:
    • In chapter 2 Shinji gets confused because Asuka called him "Shinji-kun" (in the proper series Asuka only called him “Shinji” twice: when she met him for first time and—quite interestingly—before their kiss).
    • In chapter 5, after realizing Asuka is about to commit suicide:
      Shinji (realizing):"W-what did she just say…? She—no… ASUKA!!!!"
  • Equestrylvania: During her Villainous Breakdown at being Out-Gambitted by Twilight Sparkle, Actrise repeatedly shouts Twilight's name while beating the Chronomage bloody.
  • Evangelion 303: In chapter 12 Shinji screamed several names Asuka's name while he searched for her after finding her suicide note.
  • In first part of Stallions Of Harmony Verse, two main characters, Shining Armor and Prince Blueblood, managed to never say each others name, despite being stuck together for an entire day and then a several days of adventure in Everfree Forest. They even noticed that themselves after everything went back to normal and they had a long, heartfelt conversation ending with going into First-Name Basis… and being Mistaken for Gay by the crowd.
  • In the Horseshoes and Hand Grenades story, A Month of Sundays, Yayoi screams Damballa's name when she catches up to him after he resurrected Haruto into a Creepy Doll.
  • Inuyasha and Kagome say each other's names many times in Inuyasha. This tendency gets lampshaded twice so far in the Continuation Fic Beyond Tomorrow; in chapter 15, when Ren grabs Kagome and begins to make off with her, Miroku and Sango get so annoyed at it that they tell Inuyasha to just shut up and save Kagome already, and in chapter 22, when Inuyasha begins to call for Kagome after she jumps down the Bone Eater's Well, Sesshomaru promptly Dope Slaps him and tells him not to start.
  • The incredibly short fanfic Dirty Pair Meets Akira consists entirely of a shouted Say My Name of each cast member, and the planet exploding.
  • Twilight furiously screams Navarone's name in Diaries of a Madman, after finding out she's been beaten to the Crystal Heart.
  • During Zuko and Katara's big reunion scene in How I Became Yours, they yell each other's names as they run into each other's arms in the middle of the ballroom.
  • When England cries out for Scotland in Pottertalia fic Snakeskins, many readers swore they could even hear his voice break with just text.
  • Chasing the Moon has "Yuzu!" being a thing that Byakuya shouts as she's floating away from him to go take on the Big Bad by herself. It's the first time he has ever used her first name (without her last).
  • In Shinji And Warhammer 40 K when Shinji realizes Kaworu chose to attack Tokyo-3 with the Black Moon on Shinji's birthday as a personal insult, Shinji screams "NAAAGIIIISAAAA!" The killing intent mixed with this was enough to cause all of the attackers to stumble.
  • In Naruto: the Secret Songs of the Ninja, the Kyuubi has completely taken over Naruto's body and is about to start killing people, starting with the Sand Siblings. Just when things are at their bleakest, Hinata screams "NARUTO-KUN!", freezing the Kyuubi in its tracks and waking Naruto up in time for a Battle in the Center of the Mind against the fox.
  • In Under Wing, Hibari Minoru desperately shouts his long-missing nephew's name after learning the boy who probably is him has disappeared from the police station. When he hears it, a crying Takeru almost jumps out of his hiding place to run into his uncle's arms.
  • There is a mod for Fallout: New Vegas that adds Zap Rowsdower from The Final Sacrifice as a companion, and boy does he love to constantly reiterate what his name is during combat.
  • The prologue of Twinkling in the Dark ends with all three members of the Bad End Kingdom shrieking Joker's name as he plummets to the ground after nearly dying to the Pretty Cure.

  • An American Tail and its sequels do this a lot, usually when Fievel Mousekewitz gets into dangerous situations.
    • The infamous storm scene uses this trope to gut-wrenching effect. Fievel yells in vain for his Papa to help him, while his father can only helplessly scream for his son as the latter falls overboard into the sea.
    • Near the end of the film, when Papa hears Fievel calling for him, he immediately jumps off Tiger's back and screams Fievel's name at the top of his lungs as he runs to him.
      Fievel: Papa? Papa! Where are you? Papa!
      Papa: Fievel? (To Tiger) Wait, stop! (Dismounts) FIEVEL!!!
      Fievel: I'm coming, Papa!
    • Tony and Bridget also do this during the climax as they frantically search for Fievel amidst the burning pier. As usual, they use the nickname "Filly" that Tony gave him, although Tony gets desperate enough that, at one point, he shouts out Fievel's real name—which he rarely does, except when Fievel is in danger.
      • In the second movie, Papa again, after T. Chula throws Fievel off the train. On a more lighthearted note, Fievel and Tiger happily exclaim each other's names when they reunite in the Indian camp.
      • The third movie has Tony again yelling Fievel's real name when Fievel gets pinned by a nailed board in front of a speeding subway train. The mob sequence later in the movie also uses this trope quite a bit.
  • Brave: Fergus screams "ELINOOOOORRRRRR!" when he finds her torn dress and believes she's been killed by a bear.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules: Rowley tells Greg that wasn't a Rockstart project, that just a "Do Plants Sneeze?". Greg angrily screaming Rodrick's name and birds flying away.
    Greg: RODRICK!!!
  • The Lion King (1994): Simba returns to the Pride Lands in time to hear Scar loudly calling for Sarabi, Simba's mother, to berate her for the lionesses' apparent failure at hunting for food.
  • Probably at least half of the dialogue of WALL•E and EVE consists of their own and each other's names. The third most common word is "directive".
  • Try keeping track of how often the hero's name is said in Beowulf, most notably in the sea monster fight ("BEEOOWUULLF!"). There are quite a few shouting of "I am Beowulf!" in there (of varying volume and pacing), and Wiglaf even gets the odd "You are Beowulf!".
  • The Swan Princess:
  • Although he doesn't use their actual names, the Professor calling out for the girls in The Powerpuff Girls Movie as he's being strangled snaps them out of their Heroic BSoD in space. They end up fulfilling the trope more properly.
    Professor: [gasping] Girls!
    Blossom, Bubbles & Buttercup: [all together] Professor! [in a flash, they're back on Earth, flying at top speed] Professor! PROFESSOR! PROFFESSSSOOOOR!
  • Disney's Beauty and the Beast has a climactic scene towards the end where Belle calls out "Beast!" The audio commentary notes that they'd forgotten to give the prince a name.
  • In Frozen II, Elsa shouts Anna's name just before being turned into pure ice.
  • All Dogs Go to Heaven: CHAAARLIE!!! Though it is shouted a few times, the sheer number of times every single character feels the need to say his name is baffling. It averages at one "Charlie" a minute. Have a look.
  • In the 1973 film version of Charlotte's Web after Charlotte passes away:
    Wilbur: Charlotte? Charlotte?? CHARLOTTE!!
  • Finding Nemo: Even for a traumatized father who is looking for his lost son, Marlin is using the word "NEEEMOOO!" way too much.
  • The Land Before Time: In the original film, every time the Super-Persistent Predator villain attacked:
  • The Book of Life:
    • Joaquin loves to shout his own name during combat.
    • When Manolo dies, the last thing he says is Maria's name.
    • When she finds out Xibalba cheated to win the wager, La Muerte shouts out Xibalba's name.
  • Peter Pan: "SMEEEEEEEEE!!!"'
  • South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut: When Terrance is shot by Kyle's mom, Phillip screams "TERRANCE!" before he too is shot.
  • The Prince of Egypt: Ramses called out to Moses two times twice in the film. The first was when Moses went into exile and he pleaded him to stay, then the second time was when Ramses shouted his name in pure rage and despair after his kingdom is in ruins and his army failed to captured the Hebrews.
  • Done in The Sponge Bob Movie Sponge Out Of Water when Mr. Krabs breaks back into the Krusty Krab after finding out Plankton got into his safe:
  • In The Super Mario Bros. Movie, after Mario and his friends ruin Bowser's plan to marry Peach, the hellishly livid Koopa king roars out his arch-enemy's name in anger.
  • A few during the climax of Wreck-It Ralph. King Candy (who is revealed to be Turbo and is now a Cy-Bug after being eaten by one) has a hold on Ralph and flies up to the sky with him, and Vanellope calls out Ralph's name after seeing this. A little bit later, Ralph sees Vanellope heading to the exit with Cy-Bugs approaching and at first quietly calls out "Kid!" like he had been mostly referring to her throughout the movie; then he sees her failing to exit Sugar Rush due to her glitch, with the Cy-Bugs still heading her way and Ralph still quietly but more desperately calls out her name while reaching out to her in vain. Shortly after, Ralph gets out of King Candy's grip and falls through the Mentos stalactites of Diet Cola Mountain to cause an eruption to attract the Cy-Bugs and get rid of them, knowing full well he won't survive. Vanellope sees Ralph falling and calls his name then Felix calls out to her as she glitches over to Diet Cola Mountain to save Ralph.
  • In the prologue of Anastasia the Dowager Empress Marie is able to board a train leaving St. Petersburg, but Anastasia slips out of her grasp and hits her head on the platform. The scene ends with Marie screaming Anastasia's name as the train pulls out of the station, forcing her to leave her granddaughter behind.
  • Superman: Red Son. The United States creates Superior Man to challenge the Soviet Superman. Superior Man flies over to Moscow, does a Three-Point Landing that blasts a crater in the ground, then shouts: "SUPERMAN!" so loudly he breaks every window in the Kremlin. Needless to say this gets the Man of Soviet Steel's attention.
  • Cats Don't Dance has Darla Dimple yelling for her butler Max with anger when Danny tries performing his talent on the set of Lil' Ark Angel, and in the end with fear (not learning he's now stuck on a balloon of her) after Pudge pulls the trap door for her demise.
  • The Transformers: The Movie has Megatron yelling Starscream's name after the latter ejects him from Astrotrain despite his protests that he is not too injured to continue on. Somehow fitting as the culmination of their four million year long relationship of abusive tyrannical leader and scheming treacherous second-in-command.
    Starscream: Oh, how it pains me to do this.
    Megatron: Wait! I still function!
    Starscream: (heaving Megatron out the nearest door) Wanna bet?
    Megatron: STARSCREEAAAM!
  • Toy Story 2:
    • Buzz yells out "Slinky!" when Slinky is pulled off a suitcase in the airport baggage area when his back half sticks in another suitcase handle.
    • Buzz does it again on the tarmac, shouting "Woody!" when Woody is pulled off of him when trying to climb a baggage wagon.
    • Woody does it to Buzz when his hat blows off while hanging off the plane and Buzz, riding Bullseye, catches it.
  • Ratatouille: Émile and Rémy do this to each other when they reunite outside Gusteau's.
  • In Turning Red, While in her gigantic panda form, Ming furiously bellows, "MEIMEI!!!"

  • MonsterVerse:
    • Godzilla (2014): Joe Brody roars his son's name when he sees the latter in peril from afar amid the carnage caused by Hokmuto's emergence at the Janjira Black Site.
    • Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019):
      • Mark Russell, over and over, in the opening flashback when he's desperately searching for his son amid the devastation in San Francisco:
      • Alan Jonah when his right-hand Asher is shot in front of him:
      • Mark and Emma Russell both when looking for their daughter in a city that's being reduced to rubble and obliterated by Godzilla, Ghidorah, Mothra and Rodan's Final Battle:
    • Skull Island (2023):
      • Sam when his employer and close friend Irene is attacked by a Venus Fly Trap Creature in front of him, before he starts hacking her free:
      • The blonde mercenary calling out for help from his comrades in the sixth episode before the Kraken kills him:

  • Star Trek:
    • Star Trek: The Original Series:
    • Star Trek: The Next Generation:
      • Data gets a couple of these. Usually when he's assumed dead, like in the episode "The Most Toys", by The Stoic Worf of all people.
      • In "Tin Man", it's Picard who screams. It was Patrick Stewart's line, so the odds of it being done badly were pretty slim.
    • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan:
    • First Contact: Data's name is also shouted at him by the Borg Queen at an appropriate moment. His response? "Resistance is futile."
    • The franchise parodied itself in the movie from 2009, where the name shouted by Nero is "SPOCK!" With the interesting twist that he was thwarted by his enemy's younger self.
    • Still in the 2009 reboot, Spock calling Lt. Uhura by her first name "Nyota" is meaningful because it emphasizes the fact she is his significant other too, beyond being a fellow officer. You can tell a scene is more personal for him when he refers to her as "Nyota". Furthermore, it is the first time her first name is uttered in canon, and there is a running joke with Kirk in the first movie as he tries to make her tell him what's her first name but she refuses to.
      Lt. Nyota Uhura: I'll be monitoring your frequency.
      Spock: thank you, Nyota.
      James T. Kirk: (after Uhura leaves) So her first name's Nyota?
      Spock: I have no comment on the matter..
    • See this video: "Spock!" "Captain!" "Bones!" "Spock!" "Jim!" Spock is bedridden. Kirk is worried. Doctor is concerned.
    • Star Trek Into Darkness played it relatively straight on the other hand, as an infuriated and emotional Spock has to helplessly watch Kirk die. Cue Spock screaming "KHAAAAAN!"

  • Some of GACKT's "Call and Response" routines during concerts consist of a legion of fans shouting his name in unison.
  • The Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick, and Tich song "The Wreck of the Antoinette" includes the protagonist and the narrators crying out "Antoinette! Antoinette!"
  • Destiny's Child's "Say My Name" (natch) Invokes the trope as a challenge to the unnamed boyfriend of the singer whom she suspects is two-timing her with another girl and wants him to say her name to prove he's serious about their relationship rather than him continuing to try to dodge around her.

  • The Addams Family has Gomez and Morticia's exchange.
    Morticia: GOMEZ!
    Gomez: TISH!
  • The Shadow does this with The Shadow/Lamont Cranston and Margo:
    "Shadow?" "Margo!"
    "Margo!" "Lamont?"

  • Former WCW and WWE wrestler Bill Goldberg caused fans to chant "GOOOLD-BERG! GOOOLD-BERG!" during his entrance; combined with his epic entrance music (and his streak), it helped sell him as a badass.
  • Hailey Hatred had a tendency to call out an opponent's name during matches. Usually right before bowling over them.
  • WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio might be the Trope Codifier for Professional Wrestling—at least in the modern era. He has a very hammy ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, that routinely ends every introduction (the vast majority in Spanish, of course), with an absurdly long yell of the wrestler's name. "ALBERTOOOOOOO…" frequently cracks a full ten seconds—and now that he's turned Face within the last year, the vast majority of the crowd participates in the trope as well.

  • Barney & Friends: BAAARNEEYY!—the kids greet their (imaginary?) friend this way almost every episode, followed by crowding around and hugging him.  One way to kick off the episode has one or more children sitting around and making Barney come to them before sadly saying, "Hello, Barney," prompting the dinosaur to ask what's wrong.

  • During Muhammad Ali's fight with Ernie Terrell, who would only refer to him as Cassius Clay (his old name), Ali repeatedly shouted, "What's my name? What's my name?" Oscar Bonavena, a subsequent opponent of Ali's did the exact same thing. So did Ali, dishing out the most one-sided beating of his career.
  • Very common in sports arenas when the home team scores. Variations includes chanting, yelling etc.
    • It's also very common for commentators to do this when a player from either team scores. One highly memorable example is Martin Tyler's scream of "AGUEROOOOOOO!!!" as Sergio Aguero scored the last-minute goal that won Manchester City the 2011-12 English Premier League at the expense of cross-town rivals Manchester United.
    • Another iconic football example: after Dennis Bergkamp scored a spectacular (and again, last-minute) winner in the 1998 FIFA World Cup quarter-finals, putting the Netherlands through at the expense of Argentina, Dutch commentator Jack van Gelder was reduced to screaming Bergkamp's name over and over again, in awe of what he'd just seen.

  • In Warhammer 40,000, the legendary Lord General Ursarkar E. Creed is notorious for having a plan within a plan, and his (sadly no longer) unique ability, Tactical Genius, allows him to infiltrate almost any unit (super-heavy tanks and 45 foot tall mechas included) almost anywhere, leading his enemies to screech CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!! when his plan is revealed and turns the tide of battle.

  • Fate/stay night:
    • The Hero Shirou Emiya and Big Bad Kirei Kotomine seem to enjoy saying each others' full name, especially when yelling. More the former than the latter.
    • Kirei seems to be fond of saying Shirou's full name, both for dramatic effect and to savor the fact that he is speaking to the adopted son of his old Arch-Enemy Kiritsugu Emiya. All other cases of "Say My Name" in this game are appropriate for the situations, but Kotomine loves going out of the way to say "Emiya Shirou" even when a simple "you" would do.
    • Shirou will also yell "SAABEERR!" a lot, particularly when he summons her during his fight with Rider.
  • Majikoi! Love Me Seriously!: Tatsuko, at one point during the Ryuuzetsuran route, is reduced to repeating "Yamato-kun" over and over again while fighting.
  • A number of the Big Bads of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series yell out the name of their most hated enemy when defeated in court.
    • Particularly scary to the point where things burst into flame, as seen with Dalia Hawthorne. "MIA. FEY. MIIA FEEY!"
    • Kristoph's insane, iconic "WRIIIiiiGGGggghhhHHHTTT!!!" which is so long it takes multiple text boxes to fill.
    • Querus Alba screams Edgeworth's name before dissolving into a long wordless scream.
  • The Safe Ending of Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors has Ace yell "ZEEEROOO!" as he is incinerated along with Snake. In the same ending, Junpei gives a shout of "Kaaaannyyyyyy!" after Akane vanishes.
    • In Zero Time Dilemma, whenever Zero II appears on a monitor or comes on the intercom, almost (but not quite) every single time, one character will say "Zero..." in a dramatic fashion.
  • It's like crack to the characters of Umineko: When They Cry. The most commonly met are "OOOOH BEATORIIICHEEEE" (basically whenever Kinzō appears in the early arcs) and "Ushiromiya BATORAAAA" (whenever Beatrice starts a duel or teases Battler).
  • At the climax of Koujaku's route in DRAMAtical Murder, when Koujaku finally meets with his nemesis at Oval Tower, Aoba notes Koujaku's unusual rage as he shouts "RYUUUUUUHOOOOOUUUUUU!!" at the top of his lungs.
  • Sunrider:
    • Played for Laughs in Sunrider Academy, where Student Council President candidates Kayto Shields and Fontana shout each other’s names after Fontana deploys his "secret weapon" during the final campaign speech, causing Kayto’s sister Maray to pass out from a nosebleed.
    • Played for Drama in Sunrider Liberation Day, where Fontana and Kayto bellow each other’s names in rage because Kayto unwittingly brought a Prototype spy to the Liberation Day ceremony, causing a massacre and Fontana shot and killed Kayto’s Love Interest Chigara, who is the aforementioned spy.
    • Played for Drama once again in Sunrider 4: The Captain's Return, where Kayto bellows Fontana's name in impotent rage as the latter swipes the mainframe containing the only clue to Crow Harbor's location just before Kayto can get his hands on it.

  • In the Bad Days short about The Walking Dead, most of Rick's dialogue consists of calling out, "Lori! Carl!" Lee's only line involves yelling, "Clementine!" Finally, after Rick discovers that Lori has cheated on him with Shane, Rick growls, "Shannnne!", then beats Shane up.
  • Chadam: When Sandy is left dying from a Pallid attack, Chadam screams her name as the episode ends.
  • DanTDM: Near the end of the first part of Custom Vacation Adventure, Dan shouts his friend Trayaurus' name when he can't find him on the island.
  • Dreamscape: In "A Curse or a Blessing", Dylan and Betty scream Pita's name when he gets vaporized by Melinda. Later on, Dylan screams Betty's name when she gets bisected. In both cases, the named individual quickly gets better.
  • Tricky's first action upon coming Back from the Dead in Madness Combat 11: Expurgation is to screech HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK!, the protagonist's name.
  • RWBY:
    • A deadly serious case at the end of Volume 3, when Ruby sees Cinder shoot and kill Pyrrha. As she screams Pyrrha's name, white light bursts from her eyes.
    • In a similar situation to the first example, in Volume 5, Jaune sees Cinder impale Weiss, and screams the latter's name. Unlike above, Weiss survives.
    • Volume 5 also sees Hazel's reaction when he realizes just whom he's up against: "OZPIIIIIIIN!"
    • In the penultimate episode of Volume 8, Yang falls into a void and vanishes into a sparkle of light, prompting Blake, who tried and failed to save her from falling to scream her name before breaking down in tears.
  • SMG4:
    • SMG4 says Mario's name out loud in "Spaghetti Law" when the latter mistakes the former for spaghetti.
    • SMG3 to Bowser in "Bad Stars" when he doesn't listen.
      SMG3: Bowser! Get your fatass over here!
      [Bowser just spins around]
      SMG3: BOWSER!
  • TimberWolf: Played with. Basically Thomas T. Wolf’s curse; trees fall on him if he says his middle name. Especially whenever he shouts it.

  • The Order of the Stick:
    • When the Monster in the Dark finally stops calling O-Chul "Mr. Stiffly" and shouts out his name as he rushes towards a Hopeless Boss Fight against Xykon.
    • Belkar, who addresses the elf wizard Vaarsuvius as "Elf" or "Ears" or, more often, with some insulting nickname, when he and Haley are left behind after the other half of the team sails away: "OK, elf, enough with the jokes. You got me, fair enough, now bring the ship back. (...) No, seriously, wherever you're hiding: You really had me thinking for a moment that we got left behind. Great illusion. Now, can we just get out of this stupid city already? (...) Vaarsuvius?"
    • And then in #886, Xykon finally remembers "that Bluepommel guy"'s name... apparently.
    • Strip #1000 ends with Roy screaming Durkon's name.
  • Homestuck:
    • Rose yells STRIIIDEEER! at Dave as her house is about to be meteor'd and she wants him to hurry up. Also, he just threw her bed out of her house and put a lot of important devices in cumbersome, hard-to-reach places.
    • "HUUUSIIIEEE" is the response among the fandom to stumbling upon a new piece of foreshadowing or Fridge Brilliance. Needless to say, this happens very often.
  • In Panthera, this is played for drama when Jason/Leo starts doubting everything he thought he knew about himself both in relation to the rest of the team and by himself as a result of his Mentor Mole revealing his true colors and getting killed and failing to come up with a plan in North Korea.
    Leo: Cats don't need licenses to hunt, fight, kill. But they never have to worry about why they do it, or the greater consequences, either. And we... Tigris, what's my name?
    Tigris: I... don't follow.
    Leo: My name. What's my name?
    Tigris: Uh. "Leo"?
    Leo: No. "Leo" is the lion mask I wear into battle. And yes, the mask is deeply a part of me. But my mind — my soul — is human. My name is Jason, and it's me who has to live with the things I do.
  • PvP:
  • Buster from Buster Wilde Weerwolf when he overhears that the bouncer's name is Trey.
    Buster: "Trey"?! Your name is "Trey"? "Trey"?! "Trey"!?! "Trey".
  • Boy and Dog:
    • When Murphy licks Rowan, a voice says, "Murphy!"
    • When Rowan eats grass, his father says, "Rowan!"

  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • When Dende takes up the role of Kami, Krillin ends up calling Dende "Little Green" one too many times.
      Dende: (smacks Krillin) You will call me Dende! Dende! Say it! Say my name...
      Krillin: (panicked) Dende! Dende!
      Dende: No... (Evil Grin) Super Kami Dende.
    • The Broly movie naturally features plenty of this, to the point where Vegeta gets sick of Broly screaming "Kakarott" over and over. A powered-up Goku ends up turning it into a one-liner for the climax.
      Goku: Hey, Broly! Say my name!
  • In Echo Chamber, everything the way you need to know about how Asshole Victim Tom feels about his Psycho Ex-Girlfriend Shannon is contained in the defeated, terrified way he says her name.
  • Used thrice over in Hellsing Ultimate Abridged.
    • In Episode 3, Enrico Maxwell screams Anderson's name after Alucard dropped several pedopriest jokes on him in a row.
    • In Episode 7, Zorin Blitz screams Seras' full name (and not Police Girl) when Seras is grinding her face into a nearby wall.
    • In Episode 8, Alucard does this when Walter interrupts his chat with Anderson by stomping the latter's face flat.
  • Red vs. Blue: When Epsilon sees Agent Washington for the first time, he angrily shouts "WASHINGTON!" and activates his beam attack.
  • Dream: This happens in every Minecraft Manhunt video, with both Dream and whoever he's playing with often calling out the other's name when they chase them.
  • Channel Awesome:
    • The feud between The Angry Video Game Nerd and The Nostalgia Critic always have them yelling each other's name dramatically whenever they meet up... somehow.
      NC: NEEERD!
    • In their first confrontation movie:
      AVGN: CRITIC! How dare you come here!
      NC: NEEERD!
    • In the NC Review for The Wizard, the critic at the end draws glasses on a picture of Jimmy Woods seeing a personification of the Critic.
      NC: '''Oh my God! "NEEERD!"
    • And there's the Critic's other adversary: "MARA WILSOOON!"
    • Quite often, when a member of Channel Awesome cameos on a Nostalgia Critic video, the Critic will greet them by simply saying their name. Very noticeable in his The Room (2003) review.
      Obscurus Lupa: Don't do it, Critic!
      NC: Obscurus Lupa?
      Linkara: Don't do it, Critic, there's still time!
      NC: Linkara?
      Spoony: No, Critic, don't do it!
      NC: Spoony?
  • In The Autobiography of Jane Eyre, vlog version of Mr Rochester likes saying Jane's name a lot. It's very clear especially in episode "Consequences". She calls him "sir".
  • The Pranksters in Love. Almost any time Nikki gets pranked results in her screaming "JOOOOHN!" Here is an example of this.
  • Achievement Hunter:
    • It's not uncommon for anyone to shout each other's names in frustration. The biggest of which is Gavin.
    • In a more traditional example Ray screams Ryan's name after the latter dies in a Heist.
  • Used at the end of the SuperMarioLogan episode "Switching Bodies!", after Chef Pee Pee figures out the reason Bowser's referring to peeing on his face.
    Chef Pee Pee: Wait. [Beat] JUNIOOOOOOOOOR! JUNIOR!
  • Game Grumps:
    • An glitch during Knuckles' playthrough in the infamous Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) almost made Arin rage-quit the game. During his distress, Jon screamed "AAAAAAAAARIIIIIIN!! I LOVE YOU!!"
    • Another glitchy incident during the Super Mario Sunshine's Pachinko level made Arin toss various things across the room while screaming "MARIOOO SUNSHIIIIIIIINE!!"
  • Pink Kitty Rose delves into this when dealing with one too many puns in Undertale:
  • Sidemen: wroetoshaw screamed in rage towards Vikkstar123 during a go-kart race (warning: loud sound in link) in GTA Online when the latter rear-ended him into a car chassis and a building, completely stopping his momentum. Harry screamed so loudly that his microphone clipped, making him sound like Godzilla; in fact, his scream along with a clip from Godzilla (2014) has been used as a logo for later MoreSidemen videos.
  • Tom Hiddleston: Appears onstage at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con in character as Loki, much to the shock of everyone present, and he commands the crowd to scream Loki's name four times in rapid succession, much to the fans' delight.
  • Two Best Friends Play: Matt McMuscles once put down a delicious drink on a windowsill, only to despair when he realized it was gone. Then he beheld the one responsible...
  • In one Sonic Official stream, Justin Thorman, one of the Sonic Social Media Managers, was playing Sonic the Fighters as Honey against Metal Sonic when the robot came from behind and beat him. In total and complete frustration, Justin yells out "Metal SONIC!". The yell became so iconic, it was used in trailers for Sonic Colors Ultimate and Sonic Origins
  • In the Renegade for Life Let's Play of the Deadpool (2013) video game, Vegeta's... less than thrilled about his special guest.
    Vegeta: So you're back.
    Nappa: Say my name.
    Vegeta: Nappa.
    Nappa: Spell my name.


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Eric's boss P.P. angrily yelling his last name was recycled three times throughout the first season. First in "Sex" for not giving the speech Eric was told to do, the second in "Hospital" when Eric lied to him that he was at a funeral instead of work but rather the hospital (although Eric's boss Alison mentioned that he went to the dentist not a funeral) and third for not tidying up the office well which causes the Japanese businessman (just before he can make a deal for the company) to fall out of the window safely but eventually was killed by a car and an ambulance just a few moments later (not shown here).

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