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Buster Wilde Weerwolf is a Furry Webcomic created by Scot Zellman. The comic features a straight human who turns into a "weerwolf" note  during the night.

By day, hapless, grouchy straight guy, Bernard Wilde, works his job managing an office supply store. By night his alter-ego, a charming, energetic gay werewolf named Buster navigates the club scene, playfully torments his arch-nemesis, Trey the bouncer, spends time with his best human friends, Gordon and Hector, howls at the moon, chases his tail and dances the night away.

Conceived in 1997 when the Furry Fandom was rather young and the Internet even younger, Buster Wilde was one of the first well-known furry webcomics of the late 90's and ultimately of the entire fandom's history. The comic has become a notable Cult Classic within the fandom from the great storytelling, charming characters, humorous slapstick, and high-quality GIF artwork.


Despite Buster being the only "furry" in the entire webcomic, it is still considered a furry webcomic because of Buster being the protagonist.

You can read the webcomic here! The last page was posted as long ago as the year 2000. Unfortunately, the artist has since then moved on to other projects and no longer plans to continue the comic.

In 2011, the webcomic is now available for sale online, remastered in ink and published as a paperback comic book by the author himself including bonus content like the artist's sketchbook and never-before-seen artwork.


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