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Best friends fur life!
Bunny and Bear is a series of comics created by Jordann William Edwards.

It it the story of two best friends (the titular characters) in the village of Forestville trying to make a difference. Other critters who appear in this series are: a nerd dog named Jasper; Bunny's "adoptive brother" Willie; Periwinlke Panda, a store owner; and Camilla de Goffi, an orange rabbit who loves money, and goes through great lengths to get it.

As a franchise, it is one of the four brands of the Color World Universe, and is the offshoot and sister brand of Edwards' more popular series, The Dynamite Twins and Friends - however, Bunny and Bear is much more kid-friendly than its counterpart.

It originally was a comic on DeviantArt, much like the old TDT comics. Today it has underwent a rebrand; the comic has now been rebooted and is available on Tapas.




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