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Frollo: "Look at that disgusting display!"
Phoebus: "Yes, sir!"

"It's a show that the kids can enjoy because of the cartoony action, and Dad can enjoy because he's a big ol' pervert!"
Lore Sjöberg, The Book of Ratings on Superfriends

Parent Service is where an all-ages work throws in a bit of mild sexiness to provide extra entertainment for parents and older siblings. Writers know that moms/dads adore watching shows with hot men/women in them, so they throw it in, in case they have to watch it. It's also what separates family shows/movies from children's shows/movies: While in both cases kids are the primary target, the former is specifically designed to retain elements that will keep all members of the family entertained.

A Sub-Trope of Parental Bonus. Compare Multiple Demographic Appeal.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Parodied by Crayon Shin-chan, in the episode where Shin's mom, Mitzi, develops a crush on the Bishōnen villain of Action Bastard.
  • The Pokémon anime does play around with the concept with the Team Rocket trio, The Sensational Cerulean Sisters and Ash's mother, who have more than once come off like this. There are also a pretty good amount of one-shots that can apply as well, though the Orange Islands arc had a couple of very blatant examples with Professor Ivy and Lorelei/Prima. (But the show itself is generally tame compared to how certain Pokémon manga can be, especially Toshiro Ono's handiwork.)
  • All Time Bokan series feature this (because, well, Time Bokan's villain trio is essentially always the same, just with different hairdos and names):
    • Doronjo of Yatterman is a scantily-clad woman who constantly suffers Clothing Damage, sometimes ending up naked. The live-action incarnation of Yatterman-1 (portrayed by Sho Sakurai) has his own Estrogen Brigade.
    • Itadakiman probably takes this the furthest and has the villainess strip in the opening.
  • Yotsuba&! has Asagi and Fuuka. Also, Yanda for the female audience.
  • Discussed in Action Heroine Cheer Fruits, where Genki encourages Roko to play her villainess character as The Vamp in order to appeal to the fathers in the audience, saying that this is something Toku does all the time. The discussion is even accompanied by images of three such villainesses: Juken Sentai Gekiranger's Mele, Kamen Rider OOO's Mezool, and Gogo Sentai Boukenger's Shizuka of the Wind. However, Roko can't pull it off so Genki tells her to play a shy character instead.

    Comic Books 
  • Disturbingly parodied in F-Minus, where a family is walking out of a showing of a kiddie movie, and the father comments that "That movie had something for everybody, talking animals for the kids, and tasteful nudity for the adults."
  • In-canon example in Love and Rockets, in which Big Beautiful Woman Doralis becomes the hostess of a Hispanic-channel children's TV show and the focus of a drooling Periphery Demographic.
  • Archie Comics has always been well-known for the Male Gaze sometimes used on its teenage girl characters.

    Films — Animation 
  • A Disney Princess is sometimes this (unless she's clearly underage and, depending on how one defines "underage", sometimes even then).
    • Ariel of The Little Mermaid (1989) is the first princess whose design evokes sexuality, as she's much curvier and scantily clad (in her mermaid form anyway). Word of God is that she was originally going to have Godiva Hair, increasing this further.
    • Esmerelda of The Hunchback of Notre Dame gets a pole dance (see this page's image).
    • Shang in Mulan is a Walking Shirtless Scene, and Mulan herself ends up naked in a lake. With three other guys.
    • For another male example, The Princess and the Frog brings us the delectable Prince Naveen (also the first Disney prince who seems to really get around), who is tied up with snakes at one point.
    • Pocahontas' clothing seems to be this. It's certainly nothing an eastern woodlands tribal woman would wearnote . And there's her fiancé at the beginning, who seems to have spent a bit of time at the gym, and her friend's Bare Your Midriff outfit.
    • Aladdin has a scene where Jasmine acts quite seductive and sexy towards Jafar in order to distract him from Aladdin. Also, she's the first Princess who wears a Bare Your Midriff outfit.
    • Elsa from Frozen is put in a stunning dress and given a Sexy Walk in her song.
  • A lot of the Carnival outfits in Rio count as this, especially when Linda puts on a Bare Your Midriff sexy bird outfit.
  • A Disney example that's not a princess (and must have been gotten past the radar at gunpoint) is the burlesque mouse (Miss Kitty) from The Great Mouse Detective.
  • Tinker Bell of Disney's Peter Pan is an out and out Fairy Sexy, to the point where one of the most persistent rumors about the movie is that Tink was modelled after Marilyn Monroe — though this isn't actually true, as she was actually modelled after actress Margaret Kerry, who provided live-action references for the character.
  • The Road to El Dorado has main female character Chel, a cute and very curvy young woman who wears only a boob tube and loincloth.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Scooby-Doo:
    • In the live-action films (and perhaps Scooby-Doo as a whole), the outfits worn by Daphne (Sarah Michelle Gellar) are pretty clearly Parent Service. The first movie was originally going to be more adult, with things like overt references to marijuana and the suggestion that Velma was a lesbian (with the hots for Daphne). They eventually decided not to go in that direction, although there's still some pretty blatant weed gags like a leftover of that idea.
    • The vinyl Spy Catsuit Velma wears briefly in the second film is even more so, and the cameo of Pam Anderson in a slightly sheer white top is nothing but. Roger Ebert, an admitted "cleavage fetishist", pointed this out in his review as a way of coping with the movie:
      As for myself, scrutinizing the screen helplessly for an angle of approach, one thing above all caught my attention: the director, Raja Gosnell, has a thing about big breasts. I say this not only because of the revealing low-cut costumes of such principals as Sarah Michelle Gellar but also because of the number of busty extras and background players... Scooby-Doo could have been a comedy about how a Russ Meyer clone copes with being assigned a live-action adaptation of a kiddie cartoon show.
  • In Labyrinth, sex symbol David Bowie wears a pair of extremely tight leather pants that leave nothing to the imagination.
  • Please Don't Eat the Daisies was a light comedy movie about a family and, with moments like Doris Day as the mother leading a bunch of children in the title song, presumably intended for family audiences. One of its subplots, though, concerns the father's opinion of an actress' bottom. You can't get much more literal Parent Service than that.
  • For those who view the Transformers movies as merely properties based on toys and an '80s cartoon that they are being dragged to by their kids, the casting of Megan Fox and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are this.
  • Elf. Zooey Deschanel's shower scene.
  • Shay Stanley's presence in Blank Check definitely qualifies for this. There's even a scene where she's dancing with the young protagonist in a series of water fountains.
  • Loni Anderson in 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up. (Though, this was just as she was reaching the peak, so the extra content? Not so much.)
  • Vivica A. Fox as the fairy godmother in Ella Enchanted. Additional Parental Service in her third appearance, providing you have the DVD version.
  • The Asian Pretty Boy ninja in the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra movie, who wears blindingly white tailored suits and has a shirtless scene at the end with authentic battle damage.
  • When Sharpay of High School Musical gets food spilled on her shirt, Gabriella frantically paws her chest. Mocked in the RiffTrax.
  • Fathers stuck watching The Metro Chase with their kids probably won't complain too much when they see Lindsay Felton dressed like this.
  • The 1994 live-action Jungle Book; the kids get the cute animals. The adults get Jason Scott Lee in a loincloth.
  • The live-action Thunderbirds movie uses Lady Penelope in this way. Her character introduction is walking into Alan's classroom done up to the nines and saying "Hello boys". Plus there's a lengthy scene with her in the bath later on in the film.
  • In Oz the Great and Powerful, Mila Kunis wears some pretty tight pants, and later a fair amount of cleavage after she turns into the wicked witch of the west.
  • Night at the Museum:
  • Aquamarine is an otherwise G-rated kids' movie. But Sara Paxton plays a mermaid with Godiva Hair - who is dressed very flatteringly when she's a human on land too.
  • Captain Hook is this in the 2003 Peter Pan. He's played as villainous but handsome.
  • The Paddington movies are a little more adult friendly than most, but even without that, there's still Sally Hawkins' Mary Brown...particularly in that tight sweater early on...
  • The boys in The Chipmunk Adventure participate in a fiesta in Mexico City. The human women they dance with are wearing very low-cut blouses, the Carmen Miranda number they perform has Alvin getting full-on smooched after asking a little girl whether she likes his hips, and "Cuanto le gusta" is Spanish for "she really likes it!"

    Live-Action TV 
  • This trope is the only explanation for the skimpy outfits worn by the female presenters on certain kids' shows in The '80s and The '90s, in Latin America. To name a few presenters, there's Xuxa, Feiticeira and Laura "Panam" Franco; all of whom were models at one point, though the first wouldn't like it if you knew.
    • Check out the shows El Espacio de Tatiana and Nubeluz.
    • Parodied on the episode of The Simpsons where the Simpsons go to Brazil and Bart watches a Brazilian kids' show called Teleboobies, featuring sexy women in tank tops and short-shorts rubbing against large letters, a showgirl/stripper Xuxa Expy demonstrating "clockwise" and "counterclockwise" using tasseled pasties on her chest, and an unseen demonstration of "on top" and "underneath" (all we get to see is the family's wide-eyed reaction). Seeing her in a parade, Bart yells, "Hey, it's the stripper from the kid's show!"
  • Pee-wee's Playhouse. Many a mom, big sister, and babysitter must have sighed over handsome lifeguard Tito and/or swooned over studly soccer player Ricardo, while dad and big brother would nod appreciatively at Miss Yvonne.
  • Skippy the Bush Kangaroo has quite a few scenes of attractive women in bikinis, complete with music and camera focus making it clear that the sexiness of the ladies is being emphasized. Sunny (the youngest son) is oblivious, but the older males in the story certainly take notice.
  • Emmy Jo Peden co-hosted 1970s kids' show New Zoo Revue, which was aimed at preschoolers. That didn't stop her from wearing miniskirts and go-go boots.
  • From Nick Jr., bored moms (and dads) have been known to crush on the Kratt Brothers of Zaboomafoo, Sportacus from LazyTown, and Steve from Blue's Clues, as well as his replacement Joe.
  • Lots of Parent Service on the UK young children's block CBeebies, most of it simply very good-looking presenters - although Sarah-Jane from Tikkabilla is a former contortionist, as many dads like to point out.
  • John Stamos had a large part to do with the staying power of Full House. Then there's Becky.
  • The producers of The Avengers (1960s) were pretty blatant as to their motives when they brought Diana Rigg onboard as M(an) Appeal, er Emma Peel.
  • TV Guide did a 1976 article about this section of this trope: "Don’t Tell Your Mom About Debbie." The title refers to Debbie Weems, described as the "luscious babe" on Captain Kangaroo. It also discussed Lady Aberlin from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and others.
  • The Top of the Pops dance troupes such as Pan's People and Legs & Co. that the show used when they couldn't get live footage in the era before music videos were widespread. Over in America meanwhile, there were the Solid Gold dancers.
  • Lampshaded in the third season of the HBO series OZ, when the inmates would regularly crowd around the TV to watch a children's program with a rather well-endowed hostess (with more than a few commenting on how lucky the puppets were!).
  • In Australia, there was a show called What's Up Doc, which basically showed a few Looney Tunes cartoons. It was hosted by Sophie Lee, who introduced the cartoons and tended to wear whatever she wanted due to the dress codes for television (It's not hard to see where that went). The catch was, however, that she wasn't wearing anything that was prohibited by any of the dress codes that existed or anything that was explicitly sexy. She was just extremely hot looking which caught a lot of parent's ire. She wasn't the only attractive woman to host that show. Current Getaway host Catriona Rowntree (who even went on to become the show's writer/producer) and former model Kate Fischer were also previous hosts of the show. The background set was loosely based on the idea that it's a Looney Tunes set, complete with a Daffy Duck shaped hole in the wall, but who cares?
  • Some French-Canadian examples:
    • Alia and Zalaé in Toc Toc Toc. The characters are preschool-aged children, but the parents only see the adult actresses playing them.
    • Passe-Carreau in Passe-Partout. The attractiveness of the actress at the time is still a running gag for the show's generation.
    • It was lampshaded very heavily in Les Bougons, where the prostitute daughter of the family becomes a children's entertainer because of her sex appeal. Let's just say she's playing around with VERY phallic toys in her "video clips". The kid's show was, in fact, a ploy by the crooked producer to trick her into transitioning into hardcore interracial porn. It failed.
  • The BBC's Blue Peter isn't above this either, although it comes off more as The Beautiful Elite.
  • British Saturday morning kids' show Ministry of Mayhem featured former lingerie model Holly Willoughby, who often wore a French maids outfit, and would frequently be covered in water and gunge.
  • Caleb gets a very brief, blink-and-you'll-miss-it Shirtless Scene in the opening titles of Mission:2110.
  • The A-Team: Face could be considered this. Well, any of the four A-Team members could be Parent Service for specific tastes, but Face was the most blatant: in Season 3, the showrunners seemed determined to show off his nice, lean arms and legs as much as possible and even gave him his first Shirtless Scene in the Season Premiere. The team Chick, Tawnia was definitely for the dads.
  • The Dad from Young Dracula could count as being for the Mums... though a lot of his fanbase seems to be made up of teenage girls with Electra complexes.
  • Morticia Addams in most of her incarnations.
  • The mother on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody seems to be used this way.
    • On occasion, London (Brenda Song) and Maddie (Ashley Tisdale) fall under this trope too.
    Maddie: Ok, it's time to strip and make the bed!
    London: Well ok. [nervously begins to remove her top] If that's what poor people do...
    • Debby Ryan didn't fit this trope so much on Suite Life on Deck. Then she got her own show where she, um, developed. Disney Channel isn't above putting her in scenes like this. A relatively rare example of the (adult) main star on a Kid Com fitting into trope, as this genre of show tends to have teens or even tweens play the main roles and therefore falling into Squick territory of they pull this off otherwise (though this hasn't stopped networks depending on who you ask)
      • Also from Jessie, Christina Moore who plays the mom and Jessie's boss. Arguably Chip Epsten, the husband, particularly notable as he's now more frequently shirtless on Nashville.
  • Doctor Who is well known for using the Doctor's companions for these purposes, where it's called "something for the Dads", although the show wasn't shy of having handsome young men around the place for the mums either. Some of the better known are:
  • Studio 100 "Hallo K3" has this for both the moms and dads. For the dads, there are 3 women who wear some revealing clothing sometimes, and for the moms; there is Bas. The hot neighbour of the three girls, who gets many shirtless scenes!
  • Many of the Power Rangers characters. Unsurprisingly, it always seems to be the villains that get the role.
    • Not that the Pink and Yellow Rangers would be outdone. Kat and Tanya, anyone? And definitely Kimberly, what with the tight gymnastics outfits, the otherwise constant upskirts and the episode where Zedd decides to make her his queen...which she expertly counters by emulating Rita Repulsa in both dress and mannerisms.
    • For the ladies, the likes of Tommy and Jason would always be wearing vests to show off their bulging biceps. And of course Leo from Lost Galaxy gets a pretty gratuitous scene where he rips off his shirt right before morphing. That one even made it into the opening sequence.
    • And Power Rangers Wild Force has Cole, that season's Red Ranger, who usually walked around with a ripped vest that showed off his muscular arms. Not to mention the scene of him and the other rangers facing against the Big Bad when they lost their morphing powers, in the rain and Cole is shirtless for the majority of the scene. Thank you, producers.
  • In the last decade or so, practically every Tokusatsu show has started casting Bishōnen models/singers/actors in the male roles, and attractive gravure (bikini models) and singers (and in a couple of cases like Go-onger, former Adult Video actresses!) in the female roles.
    • One noteworthy recent example of this is episode 27 of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: before going into battle, Daigo/KyoryuRed pulls off a spectacular Battle Strip similar to Leo's aforementioned one, complete with gratuitous close-ups of his bare chest. Unlike Leo, though, not only does Daigo fight unmorphed, but he also spends the rest of his unmorphed screentime shirtless.
    • While this practice has increased in the last decade, it's not new. When Sentai was a new series, the standard Japanese household had one television and at least five occupants, so shows had to be designed to have something for everyone in the room. Otherwise, kids wouldn't see the show long enough to get excited about buying the toys. So, there were action and slapstick for the kids, light romance for the teens, cute girls for dad, cute guys for mom and an overall light drama for the token family elder. It's hardly like Kamen Rider and Super Sentai weren't full of attractive guys and women in the Showa era!
  • How I Met Your Mother parodies this. Robin, whose alter-ego Robin Sparkles used to be a teen pop star in Canada, was also the star of a Canadian kids show called "Space Teens". Although the show is supposed to be about two Canadian teenagers solving outer space mysteries through math, when the gang watches it, they find it to be pretty much this trope. It starts with Robin Sparkles sliding down a pole in a short skirt and continues on to feature the teens tugging on an... interestingly shaped control, singing about their (pet) beavers, and jiggling up and down in slow motion when their ship hits an asteroid belt. Robin, of course, refuses to see the show as anything but innocent, while the rest of the gang laughs it up.
  • There's a reason why the actors in Horrible Histories (a sketch show aimed [mostly] at kids on the BBC) are shirtless every now and then, and it's not just historical accuracy.
    • Best demonstrated in the song "The Highwayman" about Dick Turpin, where they dressed up the most attractive member of the cast in fancy clothes and eyeliner and had him smoulder through the song, which is a pastiche of 'Stand and Deliver' by Adam and the Ants. 99% of the comments on the YouTube video are women commenting on the sexiness of the video.
    • And for the males, the actress in the Victorian Inventions song has noticeable cleavage.
    • The song sung by the four King Georges of the Georgian era is a Boy Band pastiche in which they strike smouldery expressions and sing in numerical order - "I was the sad one," (George I), "I was the bad one" (George II, played by the most attractive man in the cast, Matt Baynton), "I was the mad one" (George III) and "I was the fat one" (George IV). When this was performed live in the Horrible Histories Proms, Matt sung "I was the bad one," and there was a really loud and noticeable collective Squee! from the crowd's adult women.
    • The RAF pilots song is another Boy Band pastiche where Matt Baynton smoulders a lot.
  • Amy Duncan (the mom of Good Luck Charlie) certainly seems to wear a lot of really tight sweaters and shirts that don't always need to be worn (if that was the case, then why is Amy the only female (or person) in the cast) that ''always'' seems to wear sweaters, even though the show is set in Denver? there's also the fact that sometimes, Amy's bras don't seem to be that well-padded. Add in the fact that even the kids mention the fact that they shouldn't have too much fun because there are enough kids and that the Disney Channel has been trying to get Leigh-Allyn Baker for a show for some time, but she thought that she was too young to play a mother to teens... yeah, she's this trope in spades.
  • Sesame Street hasn't blatantly done this (except maybe with guest stars), but over the years there have been a number of (human) female characters who just happened to be fairly easy on the eyes (Maria, Linda, Gina, Leela).
    • Also, Sesame Street features a lot of EDUCATIONAL parent-service, in the form of bits teaching things that adults are also interested in (such as the basics of French and Spanish) and guests that have no real educational or interest value to anyone under 30, such as popular musicians from the '80s appearing in the late '90s and later. Averted with Katy Perry: her segment with Elmo was cut because of her cleavage.
  • Parodied by perverted theatre director Don Dimello in the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcasts and TV Show, who is so obsessed with providing "something for daddy" that he directs adaptations of fairy tales as at best risque burlesque and at worse hardcore porn.
  • Wizards of Waverly Place:
    • As Jerry might say of his wife Theresa - Mamma mia! There was even one episode where she had serious cleavage showing, and they blurred it out. In the movie, he is blatantly checking out her ass and even comments on it.
    • The Parent Service gets really blatant at the end of "New Employee" - just check out Theresa's dance routine, and her 'Flashdance'-inspired last line: "And pull the cord!"
    • A recent episode features Theresa dressed as a schoolgirl, really proud of the fact that she was the most popular girl at school, which is explained by Jerry who says that she was the first girl admitted in a boys high school.
  • 1970s-'80s British Saturday morning show Tiswas had Sally James. Her usual attire was either a tight t-shirt or a denim waistcoat worn with nothing underneath, with thigh-length boots and tight jeans, shorts or a short skirt, though she could sometimes be seen in a schoolgirl outfit or dressed as a circus ringmaster in a high cut leotard. Royal Navy sailors sent her cap bands with the names of their ships, which she then wore as garters. She was also frequently doused in gunge or buckets of water. It was that sort of show.
  • The Librarians includes former Victoria's Secret model Rebecca Romijn, although Lindy Booth does most of the fanservice with her short dresses, most notably in "And the Apple of the Discord", where she ends up in her underwear after she gets hold of a magic item... which none of the cast does. The male cast isn't bad looking either.
  • Conversed and frequently referenced in Dara O'Briain's Craic Dealer. He refers to it as SOMETHIN FER DA DADS!
  • Wonder Woman: The show was a live action comic book with simple good vs. evil plots and G-rated violence where The Good Guys Always Win. That's a recipe for the kids to enjoy. Lynda Carter in a satin bathing suit provided a different kind of appeal entirely.

  • Studio100 K3 is considered an example hereof in The Netherlands and Belgium. Three women jumping up and down in cute dresses while singing songs marketed towards children, though the parents, especially the fathers tend to be a bit of a bonus audience. there is quite a lot of parental bonus in the texts as well.
  • And Djumbo from The Netherlands would also count.
  • S Club 7 was a kid's band, but had a very attractive group of members. Compounding this is the fact that their TV show (on CBBC, remember) was set in Miami, Los Angeles, and Barcelona, meaning the group was frequently in swimsuits and other warm-weather clothing.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • The very sport of professional wrestling is this to some but for those who needed a little more, wrestling porn star Val Venis would rub his back with a towel.
  • Angel Rose would pull off her shirt for a Cheap Pop in U Know Pro, even though the gear she wore underneath it covered just as much.

    Puppet Shows 

  • On the Boers and Bernstein show (a sports radio show in Chicago), the host Dan Bernstein regularly explains that he enjoys watching Giada De Laurentiis with his daughter. His daughter likes the show because she explains cooking in a way that she can easily understand. He likes it because a decent percentage of the shots in the show are of Giada's chest.

  • The 1904 play Peter Pan was a source of Parent Service in that young women generally played the title role. Remember, a woman in leggings was very racy in Edwardian times. Then there's Tiger Lily, a Nubile Savage in a tight, short, leather dress.
  • Most Pantomimes (where the Principal Boy is always played by a woman) are a source of this, even today. This goes back at least as far as the nineteenth century, where letting an actress crossdress in pseudo-Elizabethan doublet and hose was the only non-scandalous way of allowing her to show off her legs.
  • Let's go back even further when the laws loosen up to allow women to perform, they were often put in roles that includes 'disguising oneself as a boy' for this reason.
  • Pokémon Live! had several dancers in the background wearing skin-tight leotards.
    • James delivers a joke about employment benefits and "Don't Ask Don't Tell".
  • About halfway through the song Be Prepared in the theatrical version of The Lion King, there's a dance sequence performed by half a dozen male dancers. The parent service comes from them being topless apart from their hyena masks.

    Video Games 

    Western Animation 
  • In Animaniacs has two principal characters:
    • The sexy blonde nurse, called literally Hello Nurse. Hello Nurse's appearance almost always prompts Wakko and Yakko into exclaiming "Hellooooooo, Nurse!", (one of the show's well-known lines) and jumping into her arms. She also appears in some short as hostess, maid, Femme Fatale, etc.
    • Minerva Mink, an attractive, beautiful and sexy anthropomorphic mink (so beautiful and sexy in fact, it's the very reason as to why the censors found her cartoons Too Hot for TV and scrapped them after only two were made). In her first short, she appears in a Modesty Towel and has a Shower Scene (with Sexy Silhouette).
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: In the first season, when the main cast was at its youngest and most childish, the creators gave us Commander Zhao, introduced with a Shirtless Scene, and voiced by Jason Isaacs.
  • The villainesses in Batman: The Animated Series. Extra points go to Harley and Ivy's blatant (and canon!) Homoerotic Subtext, and, in later episodes, Harley's attempts to seduce the Joker, which involved pies and nighties and were about as risqué as they were unsuccessful.
  • The Brak Show had an in-universe example with Brak's favorite show, Señor Science. His dad has quite a fondness for the title character's assistant, Chikita. However, given that she's never on screen, we viewers have to take Dad's word on how sexy she is.
  • Danny Phantom is not immune, such as with Desiree. There's also Vlad for a male example — he even gets a Shirtless Scene at one point. Also, pay attention to how the Fenton parents often react to each other.
  • The Fairly OddParents has the likes of The Tooth Fairy and Princess Mandie.
  • It's December, you're sitting around with your kids during Christmas Break who are watching Cartoon Network, the special Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer comes on, and Cousin Mel is dancing in a coconut bikini top singing a Villain Song about suing Santa Claus.
  • Miss Sara Bellum in The Powerpuff Girls. The camera is permanently fixed at her cleavage.
  • ReBoot:
    • Adult AndrAIa wears a top that that shows off most her torso and a lot cleavage
    • And, despite the crazy, Hexadecimal had to be the original Parental Bonus.
    • Daemon's skimpy clothes and several "rebooted" attires for Dot Matrix (Elvira comes to mind) also qualify.
      • Lampshaded hilariously when Dot and Bob find themselves in a Tomb Raider like game, and Dot Reboots as a hot Egyptian chick, checks out her new form and accessories for something she doesn't find and, at Bob's enquiry, replies "Well, I was hoping for a couple of Forty-Fives."
      • For that matter, so's Bob, Ray, and even Megabyte to a select few. They all had their moments.
    • Mouse as well, always wearing pants that were little more than a texture map and swaying her hips suggestively. Even Megabyte notices.
      Mouse: Let's get this show on the road, my meter's runnin'.
      Megabyte: [eyes locked on to her butt] Indeed.
  • Red, a character originally from Red Hot Riding Hood. She appears in some Tom and Jerry Direct to Video films with this role. Particular mention to Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure where she is a Fairy Sexy with a few butt shots.
  • Has happened a couple of times on Steven Universe, mostly with Garnet as the subject: the most memorable examples include a scene in which the viewer follows Jamie's eyes as he watches Garnet sultrily stepping out of the ocean, as well as... well, pretty much all of Garnet's fusion dances. In this case, however, there's a good chance this isn't aimed towards the dads.
  • Babs Bunny in Tiny Toon Adventures had a habit of adding a load of curves when she did some of her costume changes. The two most blatant being the Elvira costume when trying to get an acting gig from Shakespeare, and the time she (somehow) disguised herself as a human to get a role in the "live-action" series "Thirteen-something", and spent half the episode with a pair of double-D's (on a two-foot body, no less!).
  • X-Men: Evolution:
    • Rogue fulfilled this role. Sure, you could make a claim for others, but Rogue was, Word of God even admitting such, always drawn and designed in the show to show off as much skin as she could without actually going overboard.
    • Then there's "Walk on the Wild Side" which gets all the X-girls into black leather pants and halter tops as they prepare to fight crime. Oh lord.

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