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A trope so pervasive, not even other species are safe.

Tommy: How was it? I heard there was an awesome shower scene.
Harry: Oh, yeah! But then this naked girl got in and you could barely see the shower.
3rd Rock from the Sun, "Indickscretion"

Exactly What It Says on the Tin: A character (usually someone designated a Mr. or Ms. Fanservice — either in-universe or according to the fandom — but an Innocent Fanservice Girl [or Guy] can be susceptible) takes a shower.

More often the person is female, but can also be done with men.

This can also involve more than just one person, but they are usually all within the same gender.

Also known as the Obligatory Shower Scene. A Decontamination Chamber can be used as a variation of this in science fiction works.

One of the most common forms of Fanservice, this will usually involve frosted glass, Censor Steam, Censor Suds, a Toplessness from the Back shot and a Modesty Towel before and afterwards to appease the censors, if necessary.

If a waterfall is used in place of a shower for whatever reason (a character is out in the woods or the story takes place before indoor plumbing was common), then it's a Waterfall Shower.

Subtropes include:

Compare Bathtub Scene.


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  • Frequently used as a Ms. Fanservice gambit by manufacturers of bath and shower fittings, both in print and in television commercials, but in more recent years this is becoming a dead trope. In the period 1950-80 it was very common to sell bathroom fittings by having a naked female model in the bath or shower to appeal to the men who had the decision-making power about installing them. The whole gamut of Censor Steam, Censor Suds, Toplessness from the Back and Modesty Towel were deployed to meet the screening criteria of each decade. As women got more buying power and independence, more of the foam-covered models in the showers became male, for the same reason. With the turn of the century, this has fallen out of favour, with shower manufacturers content to let the unadorned product speak for itself. However, adverts for related sundries, such as shower-gels, soaps, shampoos, etc, still generally manage to put a naked body in the shower using them.
  • A soft drink commercial from the late 90s featured an especially gratuitous one of these that didn't involve an actual shower: a sexy woman in a costume clearly intended to evoke Lara Croft (boots, hot pants and a tight t-shirt) is driving through a desert in a jeep, looking hot and thirsty. Then she spots a water tower. She get out of the car and takes a shotgun from the trunk, then strips completely naked (with much use of Sideboob, Toplessness from the Back and raised thigh to conceal the bits of the actress that couldn't be shown in a commercial), fires the shotgun at the water tower, and luxuriates in the resulting cascade of water, which is duly compared to the refreshing sensation of a cool can of whatever drink the commercial was advertising.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Very early on in Bakemonogatari, we get one with Senjougahara behind the shower screen. Whether watchers still remember it by the end of the toothbrush scene is speculation.
  • Black Cat:
    • To celebrate the tenth issue, we're treated to Rinslet taking a shower.
    • In the anime, Train also gets his shower scene in episode 14.
  • In Bleach, there's a shower scene of Mayuri Kurotsuchi, of all people. However, this scene shows us that under all that makeup/war paint, he's actually quite attractive.
  • The animated Captain Harlock movie features Kei, though her case may be justified because otherwise she is sticking in a very smelly-looking armoured spacesuit.
  • This happens quite often in Code Geass. There's the scene where Kallen confronts Lelouch who came to the bathroom to bring her a change of clothes while she was showering, and quite a lot of her is seen. There's the scene where Lelouch is angry about things that were indirectly caused by him while in the bathtub, and last but not least there's the scene where Suzaku finds Kallen showering in a waterfall after awakening on an empty island.
  • In Death Note, Halle Lidner has just had Mello, a wanted criminal, turn up on her doorstep and hold her at gunpoint. She then proceeds shush him, tells her boss and Mello's rival that she's going to take the wire off so she can take a shower, and showers right in front of Mello so they can talk privately, and Near doesn't immediately realize that she's passing info about the investigation to Mello. The scene is basically the entire foundation for the Mello/Lidner pairing- something that is helped by the downright alluring glances Halle keeps sending his way, even joking that, since Near wants her to put cameras up to catch him, he can just stay in her bathroom from now on. (Although, for his part, Mello ignores the fanservice.)
  • As a running gag in Doraemon, poor Shizuka never gets to finish a bath or shower, and takes them all the time. Literally so, as she's tried in other time periods, just to be interrupted by Nobita, Doraemon, Gian and Suneo.
  • Dear Brother: In the first episode, Nanako is shown having a shower after her first day in Seiran school.
    • Rei "Hana-no-Saint-Juste" Asaka has more than one shower too, but hers go more into Shower of Angst.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Bulma while camping in the desert in Oolong's double-decker camper. Yamcha accidentally saw her showering while trying to invade their camp.
    • Vegeta has a scene at the start of the Cell saga, partly to showcase his many and varied scars, and partly to highlight the Unresolved Sexual Tension between Vegeta and Bulma.
  • Durarara!!:
    • We get one of Celty early on. Shinra pokes his head in to "check on her".
    • Shinra attempts the same thing in the second arc, but this time it's his dad in the shower. Oops.
    • Shinra himself got a brief one in episode 6. It wasn't as detailed though, much to the fangirls' disappointment.
  • Matsuya gets one in the last episode of Excel♡Saga... that Kabapu spies on.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • Erza Scarlet has a Shower of Angst after retreating from the battle with Phantom Lord.
    • Lucy has one just before the beginning of her Bathtub Bonding Scene with Cana.
    • Lucy has a Shower of Angst after losing her fight against Flare Corona in the Grand Magic Games. Somehow it feels worse since Lucy lost due to Flare's team cheating.
  • Fire Candy doesn't bother to censor, well, anything in Yukito's shower scene.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • Happens to Edward not long after he escapes from Gluttony's stomach, where he spent a fair amount of time ankle-deep in blood.
    • We also see Riza Hawkeye in the shower, along with a plot-relevant Toplessness from the Back shot.
  • Fushigi Yuugi puts Miaka in one of these (among other bathing scenes in the series), where the camera pans sloooooooowly from her butt up.
  • Parodied in the Giant Robo "side stories" when we get a classic anime shower scene, camera panning up a shapely pair of legs and buttocks... only for the old, bearded and male bad guy Shocking Alberto to turn to the camera and ask the audience if they were expecting someone else. Nice ass.
  • Used for comedy in Hetalia: Axis Powers, as Ludwig/Germany's first love declaration to Feliciano/North Italy happens when the latter bursts into the first taking a shower and demands to have him say "I love you".
  • Played straight in the anime series Initial D, both Extra Stage 1 and 2 involve Mako in a shower scene.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • Stardust Crusaders: Anne takes a shower in Forever's Stand-formed ship, Strength. Forever, a Maniac Monkey, lusts for Anne and corners her in the middle of her shower soon after brutally killing all the Speedwagon Foundation sailors, with obvious perverted intentions. Thankfully, she is saved by Jotaro.
    • Diamond is Unbreakable: Yoshikage Kira, as Kosaku, gets a Shower Scene when he walks in on Hayato and corners him knowing that Hayato is aware of his true identity and tries to kill him on the spot.
  • In chapter 12 of the K manga Memory of Red, Mikoto decides to take a shower. However, during it he spots Anna trying to innocently film this with Tatara's camera. He throws her out of the bathroom then slams the door shut.
  • Fujiko Mine from Lupin III, especially in the movies. For a good example, the first time she's seen in The Mystery of Mamo, she's taking a shower... and absolutely averting Barbie Doll Anatomy.
  • The first movie of Macross Frontier had three shower scenes — Alto, Sheryl and Grace. Alto had a scene where it was even angled from above, much to the joy of fangirls everywhere; and Grace displayed everything in full view of the viewers. The series itself even has a few, featuring characters like Sheryl, Nanase, Ranka, and even the micronized Klan.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS has one involving nearly all the trainees, minus Erio, who has to wait for his turn outside. An earlier one takes place in Subaru and Teana's time with the academy, in which Subaru talks with Teana about her admiration for Nanoha, and Teana tells her somewhat coldly that she has no interest in becoming friends with her (she later changes her mind).
  • Mazinger Z: Several examples:
    • During a manga story arc in which Kouji and the other main characters try to sneak into Baron Ashura's submarine base, Ashura decides to have a shower. Since Baron Ashura is a bilaterally-hermaphroditic being, it's played for Fan Disservice. This scene is later animated in Mazinkaiser.
    • In the beginning of the Mazinger-Z vs Great General of Darkness movie, Sayaka was taking a shower when Kouji walked in on her accidentally. She slapped him right away.
  • In The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan, there is a brief Shower Scene à la Yuki Nagato, notable for its departure from the series' usual Super-Deformed character design in favor of a more realist rendering.
  • Machiko frequently shower naked in Miss Machiko that it is even featured in the opening credits... Barbie Doll Anatomy averted completely. And sometimes even the kids join in on these. Also: kid's show.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam:
  • Tieria Erde's shower scene in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is a very rare and completely humourless male example of this trope, random as it may have been.
  • In the Remastered Mobile Suit Gundam SEED episode where Cagalli washed off at the Waltfeld residence her bath scene was upgraded to a shower scene. She has a shot of Side Boob and her butt showing here.
  • A terrifying subversion occurs in Naruto: a shower scene featuring Orochimaru and his decaying arms. Considering that he's the main villain of the series at that point, and his generally high levels of creepy, it's really creepy. Added to the mix is the fact that Kabuto was apparently in the room the whole time.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi:
  • Nami's had a few in One Piece. Including one with a groping and licking by an invisible lion man. She even develops a technique for it over the time skip.
  • The manga adaptation of Qualia the Purple gives Hatou a two panel long shower scene. More contemplative thoughts are shown than any sort of fanservice.
  • Due to the nature of the curses, these are a dime a dozen in Ranma ½: cold showers for turning into the cursed form, hot baths for changing back.
  • The three shows that were mashed together into Robotech had their fair share of these:
  • Andromeda Shun from Saint Seiya has a random one in the anime, while the bad guy Lizard Misty gets a similarly-framed "bathing in the ocean" scene. And Pisces Aphrodite takes a bath in one of the movies. Amusingly, these three are the most likely to be confused for women even in-universe, so maybe that's why the anime worked it in.
  • Sha Gojyo of Saiyuki gets two shower scenes - one in the series, one in the movie (Requiem).
  • Joe gets one in the Science Ninja Team Gatchaman OAV series. If you thought the original series' Joe was Mr. Fanservice...
  • One brief part of an episode of Squid Girl has Sanae showering in a special shower for cleaning away impure thoughts when she's trying to break her obsession with Squid Girl.
  • In a scene in the manga Strawberry Marshmallow, Miu spies on Ana to see if she's actually as... developed... up top as the way her clothing lays on her suggests, i.e. moreso than Miu. Apperently so. She's 11, though, and Barbie Doll Anatomy is employed (no chest features are drawn).
  • One of the earliest and best known examples was Chun Li's in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. In fact, it became the most talked about scene in the movie, among western audiences, since anime and animated depictions of nudity were relatively new at that time. Plus, the scene involved a popular video game character, which helped the movie to gain notoriety; paving the way for others like it.
  • In episode 9 of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, being the only time you see Yoko with more skin showing than in her usual clothing is during her own Shower Scene. But let's just say it's not really the best moment for the fans to be happy... Tears are shed.
    • The manga version of this scene in chapter 16 gives us some nice detail of Yoko's body which we don't see in the anime's counterpart.
  • Yuri Petrov gets one in the sixteenth episode of Tiger & Bunny. It turns out to be rather plot important, as that's when the rather nasty burn scar he got from his father is revealed.
  • The Tokkô anime features two shower scenes, one with Ryoko and another with Kureha. Both feature full nudity from the waist up (which were edited/censored in the tv version) and Kureha's shower scene leads into a fight scene with Kureha fighting phantoms completely naked.
  • Vampire Hunter D: In the 1985 movie, after D returns Lamika to Count Magnus Lee's castle there's a brief scene in Doris Lang's house where she takes a shower.
  • Rayflo gets one right in the first chapter of Vassalord, just to make it clear what kind of series this is.
  • Yui Kamio Lets Loose: In Chapter 8, there were two shower shots the first featuring Kiito and the second was with Yui in White.

    Comic Books 
  • Calico (2020): In Issue #1, Hector has a shower after working out with the speed bag. Of course, steam keeps us from seeing anything naughty.
  • In Robin and Red Robin, Tim gets frequent shower scenes while he muses to himself on how to solve his current dilemma.
  • Simon Dark: Kate Matheson gets a decidedly non-titilating shower scene during which a demon burrows into her back. When her husband gets home the now possessed Kate tackles him out the window and they both die in what is assumed by their neighbors to be a double suicide.
  • The Smurfs comic book story "You Don't Smurf Progress" has Smurfette in a Shower Scene, though mostly blocked by the robot servants holding up a sheet for modesty. This doesn't stop Greedy from playing The Peeping Tom, hoping to see Smurfette naked, though the robot servants foil that attempt.
  • In Violine, several of these appear in the first albums, as well as dressing/undressing scenes.
  • We Stand on Guard: In Issue 2, when Amber joins the Two-Fours, one of the perks of their base is hot water, allowing her to have a shower for the first time in a long while. There's a full panel view of her enjoying it, complete with gratuitous butt shot, thrown in along the way.
  • Wonder Woman (1942): In "The Sky Road" Di takes a cold shower to try to help herself wake up when she feels listless and weak in the morning, unbeknownst to her due to the Lassitude Gas she's being drugged with. While her nudity is mostly shown in silhouette against the shower curtain she is for some odd reason showering tiptoe like she's wearing invisible heels.

     Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 
  • One scene very early into the third Futurama film, Bender's Game, takes place in a communal shower, where characters of both sexes shower together (Amy, Leela, Fry, Bender and Zoidberg). Glimpses of rears can be seen, but frontal nudity is obscured.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Abominable has a shower scene with Tiffany Shepis.
  • In Alien³, Ripley has a shower scene shortly after cutting off her hair.
  • American Beauty shows us Kevin Spacey jerking off in the shower through frosted glass at the beginning of the film. Later, there's also a Dream Sequence revolving around Mena Suvari's character in the bath.
  • Apparently there were quite a few guests on set the day the shower scene in American Psycho was filmed.
  • Angel (1984) has an extremely gratuitous scene of Molly's female classmates enjoying a shower together in the locker room.
  • Arachnophobia has a female secondary character taking a shower, not noticing a poisonous spider crawling around in the shower with her. However, she sees the spider before it can bite her, she screams, and (somehow) Hilarity Ensues.
  • The Archer:
    • Lauren is showering in the camp when she realizes Michael is spying through a peephole and masturbating, covering herself in horror.
    • While in Bob's cabin, she showers again, with Rebecca joining her, and they start getting intimate until Bob's arrival interrupts it.
  • The extended edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice shows Bruce Wayne naked in the shower.
  • Babylon A.D.: After arriving at the American border, Toorop has a shower scene where we're shown his extensive collection of tattoos.
  • Back to School: Thornton Melon unknowingly walks into a female sorority house when he's looking for his son Jason's dorm room and accidentally walks in on a student showering. He quickly shuts the curtain on her, claiming he didn't see anything, but briefly opens it back up and says, "You're perfect."
  • The beginning of the Pam Grier film Black Mama, White Mama takes place in a women's prison and has a typical example, complete with closeups of bare breasts, playful wrestling between naked women, and a female guard masturbating while spying on them.
  • Abigail Whistler's bloody post-battle shower scene in Blade: Trinity interspersed with flashbacks of her dad, is the closest the movie comes to being emotionally resonant. It's also pretty much the only bit of Character Development she gets.
  • When Jill from Blood Harvest tries to take a shower, her stalker goes into the basement and turns the hot water way up, forcing her to flee to avoid being scalded.
  • Blue Jean: The girls Jean teaches PE are shown in the showers several times. Siobhan kissing Lois there causes drama, as Jean catches them together.
  • Born American (1986). One of the protagonists in the gulag gets hold of a coin and tries to purchase medical care for his friend. The Friend in the Black Market says it's not enough, but as he's a young man he could use it to buy... (puts a finger through hole in coin and leers) We then cut to several male inmates looking through vents into the women's shower. Contrary to the usual Girls Behind Bars trope, the women are rather unshapely.
  • The Boy: Greta has one while preparing for a date with Malcolm, leading to multiple, lingering shots of parts of Laurie Cohen's body... while an unseen Brahms steals the clothes she had laid out to change into, leaving her in just a Modesty Towel for the next few minutes of the film, as she tries to figure out what's happening.
  • Boy Eats Girl: Jessica (who's shown naked from the back) and Nathan each get one right before the dance, with Nathan's emphasizing his state of infection and decay.
  • The heroine of The Brain Stealers has a scene where she's showering in her hotel suite. For some odd reason, when she's done her skin is visibly wet, but her hair is completely dry.
  • Brassed Off: During the opening credits, and during a later montage of the miners at work, the miners shower together, showing no inhibitions about being naked in front of each other. Phil playfully ruffles Harry's hair, to Harry's annoyance.
  • In The Burning, Sally takes a shower early in the morning, and Alfred spies on her. He is soon found out, and her scream provides a false scare for the others.
  • Harlock: Space Pirate has Kei Yuki taking a zero-G shower.
  • Carrie has a shower scene at the beginning of the movie with several girls, including Carrie, after gym class.
  • Carry On Behind:
    • Professor Crump goes to have a shower and is horrified when Professor Vooshka enters the men's showers. Arthur and Joe decide to admire her instead.
    • Arthur goes for another shower when Professor Crump turns off the water mains, leaving him covered in soap with nothing to wash it off.
    • Daphne, Carol, and Sandra all go for showers when Daphne's mynah bird starts calling out to them. Carol is convinced it is a man, so she brings Barnes in to sort him out, only for him to see his ex-wife Daphne and faint, taking down the door of another woman having a shower.
  • Carry On Constable: The film featured the first nudity in the Carry On series as Gorse leads Constables Benson, Potter, and Constable into the showers... only for all of them to race out as they are stone-cold and are seen nude from behind by Mrs. May.
  • Played for laughs in Charade when Cary Grant takes a shower in Audrey Hepburn's bathroom — fully clothed.
  • Chloe: Catherine is shown taking a shower, where she's not only seen topless but starts using the sprayer for her stimulation.
  • Confessions of a Psycho Cat: In the flashback, Freeman's wife is taking a shower when Freeman arrives home unexpectedly and murders her lover.
  • In The Crow (1994), Myca, Top Dollar's consort/sister is introduced taking a shower.
  • Cruel Intentions 2 has a shower scene with a pair of twins making out in front of Sebastian, which, incidentally, is the only thing people remember about the film.
  • Deadtime Stories: In "Goldi Lox and the Three Baers", Goldi Lox is taking a shower when Papa Baer walks in on her.
  • Halfway through Death Race 3: Inferno, Frankenstein's girlfriend is given a solo shower scene in the South African Hellhole Prison.
  • Death Spa: Multiple women are showering in the female change rooms, sensuously soaping and sponging themselves, when the water pressure and temperature goes wild, and tiles start flying off the walls, cutting several of them.
  • Doctor... Series:
    • In Doctor at Sea, Dr. Sparrow catches Helene just as she comes out of his shower, unaware that his cabin has been given to her and Miss Mallet.note 
    • In Doctor in Love, Drs. Hare and Burke are forced to deal with a torturously hot shower at the Foulness Anti-Cold Research Unit.
  • Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde: Helen Hyde's first appearance is a shower scene, much to the delight of Pete Walker, a colleague of Dr. Richard Jacks (a descendant of the infamous Dr. Jekyll).
  • For a long time the shower scene was from the opening of Dressed to Kill, a thriller from the 1970s. It's very explicit, both for its time and for now.
  • Duck Butter: Sergio is seen showering during one scene, which shows her topless.
  • The Elf: Nick goes to the shower in one scene. While in it, he has a traumatic episode regarding the Christmas party of his childhood that ruined his love of the holiday.
  • Zooey Deschanel has had two, one in Elf, and one in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005). In Elf, she sings in the shower, believing she is alone, and is horrified when she hears Buddy singing with her.
  • Embrace of the Vampire (2013): In one of her waking dreams, Charlotte steps steps into the shower, only for the water to turn to blood as it sprays over her. This causes her white tank top to becoming plastered to her body.
  • The Family Man: There's a scene where Kate is singing in the shower before her husband Jack interrupts her. Since from Jack's point of view he hasn't seen her in years, he is quite taken aback by seeing her nude.
  • Forbidden World has two female leads taking a shower together for no apparent reason while a killer mutant alien is stalking the base. An earlier scene has one of them taking a steam bath while completely naked except for her protective sunglasses.
  • The Final Girl in The Funhouse is introduced to us this way. She's in the shower as she is about to be pranked by her little brother in a homage to Halloween (1978).
  • In G.I. Jane, the title character showers while the male senior chief talks to her.
  • There are multiple shower scenes in Girl House. The house has cameras in the bathrooms that livestream the girls showering as part of GirlHouse website.
  • Gothika includes a shower scene with about 30 female inmates. Played realistically, with unattractive and older inmates placed among the attractive ones.
  • The Guest House: Amy is seen naked from the back early on while taking a shower.
  • Diana's first appearance in Headhunters is her taking a shower, complete with Toplessness from the Back (only it is Full Length Nudity from the Back).
  • House on Bare Mountain has multiple scenes featuring the girls taking showers which exist for the sole purpose of showing nubile young women taking showers.
  • Hunk opens with Hunk getting out of bed and taking a shower in his outdoor shower.
  • A shower scene as the girls get ready for the frat party is an excuse to show all of the nubile young pledges either topless or completely naked in The Initiation.
  • If: A bathroom scene features the senior boys showering, all naked in front of each other, and singing loudly, while Denson keeps order. He is sitting in his own bath, drinking tea and being waited on by Phillips, and ordering Yardley, Wallace and Travers to take the two-minute cold showers which he had ordered the previous day. Travers is un-cooperative, failing to stand in the middle of the shower, and Denson makes him stay in for longer than two minutes.
  • I, Robot: Two different ones, with Bridget Moynahan and Will Smith.
  • I Saw What You Did contains a shower scene that is the reverse of the famous shower scene from Psycho: a naked man taking a shower drags a fully clothed woman into the shower with him and stabs her to death.
  • The shower scene in the first Joshuu Sasori film subverts the expectations for a Girls Behind Bars movie rather well. It starts with a shoulders-up shot of the protagonist's ally, complete with full nudity of extras in the background, displaying all the signs of being a standard shower scene. Then it turns into a psychedelic fight scene; we never see the protagonist's ally below the shoulders, and the protagonist stays clothed. But Joshuu Sasori isn't your typical women in prison film.
  • Killer Klowns from Outer Space: Debbie takes a shower and apparently spends a good half-hour in there while the popcorn Klown larva gestate. Given the PG-13 rating, it's not played for fanservice.
  • In Killer Workout, Rachael, the killer's first victim, is stabbed to death while taking a shower.
  • Kruel: After having a Nightmare Sequence of being attacked in her home by Willie, Jo can be seen taking a shower.
  • Lara Croft: Tomb Raider has two, male and female.
  • Leprechaun Returns: Lila has a shower at one point early on. Lubdan, being the little Troll that he is, silently stalks outside the shower for a few moments and then flushes the toilet.
  • In Liane, Jungle Goddess, Jacqueline gives Liane a wash in a camp shower before cutting her unruly hair to shoulder length, and putting her in some new clothes.
  • In M*A*S*H, the surgeons rig the shower tent, such that the sides lift up while Maj. Margaret 'Hot Lips' O'Houlihan takes a shower, exposing her to the entire camp.
  • In M.F.A., Noelle attacks one of the footballers while he is taking a shower after his training run.
  • In the second The Naked Gun film, Hector Savage prepares to shoot Jane while she's in the shower. She discovers him (after he starts singing along to her rendition of "The Way We Were") and Frank rushes to her rescue. Frank and Hector accidentally open the shower curtain during their fight, leading to them both stopping to admire Jane until she realizes it and shuts the curtain again.
  • Nowhere opens with a scene of Mr. Fanservice Dark masturbating in the shower to a kinky fantasy involving his girlfriend and her girlfriend.
  • The Odd Angry Shot has a scene of the troopers showering in the makeshift showers at camp which features Male Frontal Nudity.
  • Used as a form of sexposition in Other Halves, a rare case of passing The Bechdel Test in a shower scene.
  • The Film of the Book of The Outsiders has a gratuitous scene with Sodapop.
  • Lampshaded in PCU as they watch Dressed To Kill. "Shower sceeeeene..."
  • Pitch Perfect has this as an important plot point where Chloe witnesses Beca's singing talent and sings a duet rendition of Titanium by David Guetta in the same stall. After they are done singing, a naked man walks into them to compliment their singing.
  • Porky's has a shower scene where the guys are watching the girls shower. One boy puts his penis through the hole only to have the female gym teacher grab it.
    • "God damn it, would you move it, you lard-ass?"
  • The Professional has a non-sexy one, when Leon is using the shower to clean and patch up a bullet wound.
  • Psycho has probably the most famous shower scene in the movie history with (dramatic chords) included.
  • Reform School Girls has two prominent shower scenes. In the first, Jenny and the other new arrivals are forced to shower as part of the decontamination process when arriving at the school. Later, important exposition is delivered during a communal shower scene featuring most of the inmates of the school.
  • Resident Evil (2002) has the female protagonist taking a shower, only to be knocked unconscious by gas coming from the showerhead.
  • Downplayed in Riddick where The Squadette handwashes herself from a basin (she's on a desert planet so water would be restricted). We get a look at Katee Sackhoff topless so no-one is complaining (including Katee, as her breast "looked it was 22" due to her raised arm as she scrubbed).
  • Considering that Risky Business was basically a movie revolving around teenage wet dreams, it is no surprise that it gives us this trope at the beginning of the movie involving a dream Tom Cruise's character has about a hot girl showering.
  • There was a shower scene in Road Trip, described by one of the characters and shown to the viewer... put on pause when someone questioned it, the question is Hand Waved and we review to naked goodness.
  • Maid Marion accidentally stumbles upon the naked Robin Hood, bathing under a waterfall in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves — and thoroughly enjoys the view.
  • A Deleted Scene in RoboCop 2 has RoboCop walking through a coed shower room and stopping to look at a beautiful woman under a shower before abruptly walking away.
  • In Room, Ma and Jack have their first shower since escaping from Room. Jack has only known baths, and Ma tells him that a shower is splashier.
  • In Sands of the Kalahari, Grace is shown taking a shower when she is stuck in town waiting for a replacement flight. Includes Toplessness from the Back.
  • In Satan's Cheerleaders, there is a scene of the cheerleaders showering while the Crusty Caretaker Billy spies on them.
  • Scream:
    Maureen: "Now why she gotta be naked? What does that have to do with the plot of the story, her being butt-ass naked?"
    Phil: "I don't know about the plot, but I've got a stiffie."
    Maureen: "You better loosen up that wrist."
    • Scream 3, however, plays it straight in its opening, where Christine, one of the opening victims alongside her boyfriend Cotton, is showering when we're first introduced to her.
  • Downplayed in Screamers when Jessica strips off her top to wash from a hand basin. Given that everyone's rugged up in combat gear, it's more than enough — the protagonist (who's been a soldier for the past ten years) just gives a quiet, "Good lord, you're beautiful" at the sight.
  • The Seventh Victim has a scene where Mary, the innocent heroine, is showering when Mrs. Redi—soon to be revealed as a high priestess of a Satanic cult—enters the bathroom and tells Mary to back off of her investigation. The way the film is staged, with Mary taking her shower when the door opens and a silhouette appears on the other side of the shower curtain, is highly reminiscent of how the shower scene from Psycho was framed 17 years later.
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal gets a bathtub scene in Secretary, and a post-shower scene in Sherrybaby.
  • Sisters of Death: In a Too Dumb to Live moment, Francie decides the best thing to do while trapped in hacienda with someone who is trying to kill you is to take a shower.
  • Sixteen Candles, of all things, contains an obvious bit of Fanservice: the high school's designated Hot Chick is spied upon by Molly Ringwald's character, a Naïve Everygirl who kvetches about her own lack of mammarial development in comparison.
  • Snuff Movie: Immediately after being shown her room in the mansion, Wendy takes a shower: accompanied by many lingering closeups.
  • Soul Mates (2023): The two kidnapped leads are instructed to shower to prepare for their "first date". They are allowed to take off their chains to give each other some space.
  • Spiders II: Breeding Ground: Alexandra takes a shower in the captain's cabin after she and her husband arrive on the ship. One of the other crew members spies on her.
  • Split Second (1992): Michelle (Kim Cattrall) takes a shower at Stone's apartment, during which she is almost attacked by the alien monster.
  • The Spy Who Loved Me. Considering that this takes place on a U.S. submarine and involves Barbara Bach, it gives a whole new meaning to the Navy expression "Hollywood shower". For the ignorant, a Hollywood shower is a long, luxurious shower, where you let the water run for the whole shower. By contrast, a Navy shower consists of running the water, cold, long enough to get wet, turning it off and soaping up, and running the water, still cold, long enough to rinse the suds off. The water is on for no more than two minutes in total. For obvious reasons, Hollywood showers are used as rewards. Though in this case it might have been the captain who was rewarded, as the shower curtain was slightly open.
  • Starship Troopers is famous for a group, co-ed shower scene among the soldiers. Also notable in that, unlike most shower scenes, it showed full frontal nudity as opposed to just back shots. Reportedly, the cast refused to do the scene unless the director agreed to direct the scene in the nude. Which he did.
  • Stoker features India seemingly in a Shower of Angst, after an Attempted Rape leads to the offender being killed by Charlie, but we quickly find out she has a very different reaction to events.
  • The Summer of Sangaile: Sangaile takes a shower (in which she's shown topless) as she contemplates the sunlight coming in.
  • Sweet Sixteen opens with a gratuitous shower scene. As if that wasn't sleazy enough, the character that audience just ogled washing herself is revealed later to be only fifteen years old.
  • Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl: Early on, Adele showers in her aunt's house and gets rust washing over her from the old pipe.
  • Averted in Sarah Polley's film Take This Waltz, which features a shower scene in a public swimming pool featuring Michelle Williams as protagonist Margot, Sarah Silverman as her friend, and another friend of theirs, along with several other women, with no frosted glass, steam or anything else. Fanservice is averted because the three younger women are talking about and to the considerably older (and larger) women showering opposite them, and the conversation is about how you get old and nobody's young and pretty forever.
  • In Tank Girl, Lori Petty has a waterless shower with some kind of white powder used to clean her body.
  • James Bond and Wai Lin share an outdoor shower (both clothed) in Tomorrow Never Dies, leading to a combination Shirtless Scene and Sexy Soaked Shirt.
  • Train: When the team is supposed to searching the train for Todd, Sheldon instead decides to go and spy on a hot woman taking a shower.
  • Twice Round the Daffodils: John and Chris leave the showers at the same time, and as they do John claims he feels as though he'll be leaving soon, while telling Chris he probably is more hesitant, owing to his Relationship Upgrade with Nurse Beamish.
  • Helen Hunt takes a shower in Twister. Storm-chasing is no doubt dirty, gritty work with the high winds and all, but the scene itself is entirely gratuitous.
  • In Two Moon Junction, April (Sherilyn Fenn) reverses the roles and watches the guys shower at the country club.
  • Case in The Unborn gets a shower scene, but you mostly see only her back.
  • The Undertaker (1988): Pam has a shower in the middle of the movie. While she's showering, she interrupted by her housemate... after the preceding shots seemed to set her up to be killed in the shower by Roscoe.
  • Valentine: Kate is taking a shower in her apartment. She hears a noise, and with shampoo still in her hair, puts on a towel and goes out to investigate. Her water then goes out, prompting a bit where she dunks her head in the (hopefully clean) toilet to rinse the shampoo out of her hair.
  • Waves: Luke holds Emily in the shower while they're in a motel together.
  • Weird Science has a scene where Gary and Wyatt shower with Lisa. They're later mocked by mutant bikers because both boys wore their jeans in the shower with Lisa being the only one naked.
  • Seen in Whiteout with Kate Beckinsale's character, despite the water restrictions existing on a real life base in Antarctica which would prevent the above-mentioned 'Hollywood Shower'. It's one of the first scenes in the movie, it's very gratuitous, and it's probably there because Beckinsale spends the rest of the movie in a bulky parka.
    • Referenced in Ice Bound (2003). Susan Sarandon's character is having a shower at the South Pole station when a man barges into her shower stall without invitation and shuts off the water, giving her a lecture on the need for water conservation when she complains.
  • In When We Leave Umay abandons her abusive husband and returns home to Germany with her son. Soon after arriving at her family's home, she takes a shower. It is not played for fan service; despite her mother seeing Umay's bruised back, she tells Umay that she cannot separate a son from his father.
  • In Wild Things, Ray Duquette (Kevin Bacon) steps out of a shower near the end to meet up with Sam Lombardo, his accomplice in the whole scheme.
  • Withnail and I, a film that's extremely devoted to showing Paul McGann half-naked as often as possible, has an extended bathtub scene consisting of Paul McGann slowly shaving his face.
  • Harrison Ford's character in Witness walks in on his Amish hostess giving herself a sponge bath.

  • In Lieutenant Hornblower from Horatio Hornblower book series, Horatio decides to have a shower on deck. It's described in great detail: the hoseman pumping a stream of water on him, Hornblower casting his towel aside, standing there naked in the sunshine, an amused crowd gathering to watch...
    "Hornblower twirled round and round under the stinging impact, his face screwed up in painful ecstasy. Bush, looking at Hornblower revolving under the sparkling stream, was conscious of a prickling under his shirt in his heavy uniform coat, and actually had the feeling that it might be pleasurable to indulge in that sort of shower bath, however injurious it might be to the health."
  • Maisy Learns to Swim, a children's picture book from the Maisy First Experience Book series, shows Maisy the mouse standing naked taking a warm shower after she feels shivery from being in the pool, while chatting with her friend Tallulah, who is wrapped in a towel. (Note: Maisy, unlike some Funny Animals, is normally fully clothed.) This is a rare case in which no Fanservice whatsoever is involved, but it's notable that this is from the same series in which Maisy was shown taking a bath together with Tallulah (see Bathtub Bonding).
  • Star Wars: Lost Stars: The manga adaptation added a scene which has Ciena in the shower, with explicit nudity blocked by her arms and legs' positions (though the sides of her breasts are visible).
  • Whateley Universe: The school has a number of transgender students but only the standard male/female sanitary facilities and a policy that students are supposed to use whatever a person seeing them on the street would expect them to. This includes Phase, who is intersex, appearing mostly female but retaining his male identity, orientation, and genitals. Furthermore, several of the girls in Poe Cottage are superhumanly beautiful. Phase ogling the "real" girls in the showers (being careful to linger at the mirrors to be discreet as possible) is something of a Running Gag in the series, with Vamp joining him at the mirrors later on much to the chagrin of everyone. The fact that the lesbian girls are all doing the same doesn't save him from their wrath.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Twisted slightly in Babylon 5 when someone asks about Commander Susan Ivanova. Cut to a person in a shower who quickly turns out to be Captain John Sheridan. But it's still a shower scene, ladies. Enjoy.
  • The Bill had one during an episode when one of the female officers went undercover in a women's prison.
  • Kate Beckett gets one in the season 2 episode of Castle. "Tick...Tick...Tick...". Made somewhat less sexy in that Castle is trying to tell her that she's in danger, and when she steps out to answer his call, there's about three seconds of her in just a towel before the apartment explodes.
  • Chuck, Sarah, Devon (Captain Awesome) and Ellie. Casey did have a shower scene but remained more or less fully clothed because he was in medical distress (no fanservice for the ladies... yet).
  • Dead Man's Gun: In "Death Warrant", John Pike takes a bucket shower with a pair of prostitutes.
  • In the live-action J-Drama adaptation of Death Note, L and Light have one after the tennis match. It's played for all the Ho Yay Fanservice it's worth!
  • Doctor Who:
    • The Third Doctor's debut. The scene was not a part of the original script and was added when the crew discovered the house they were filming in had an old-fashioned shower that looked so cool they couldn't resist using it.
    • The Eleventh Doctor also gets one of these in "The Lodger". This further annoys his temporary landlord Craig, who is rather on the plump side, when Sophie, whom Craig is in love with but Cannot Spit It Out for her, walks in on the Doctor's half-naked, disheveled state and proceeds to openly ogle him in front of Craig.
  • Dollhouse has one roughly every other episode. Coed showers for groups of people.
    • In "Stop-Loss" non-doll Adelle steps into one to sober up (and for the view, presumably.)
    • Also turned into a plot point when a male doll started to get sexually aroused during the group shower (which should have been impossible with his personality being wiped).
  • Inara gives herself a ritual sponge bath in the pilot of Firefly, and Shepherd Book walks in on her.
  • Glee has one with Finn singing loudly into a bar of soap as he showers.
    • Several times with Sam, including a singing scene a la Finn.
  • Grey's Anatomy had one of the most blatant examples with a season two episode that opens with Izzy, Meredith and Christina taking a very steamy (yet somehow non-wet) shower together. It turned out to be just a dream sequence which served absolutely no purpose to the plot, to the characters or to anything else but drawing in male viewers. While they did do a non-sexy "reprise" to "justify" the whole thing, it was still completely pointless.
  • Once upon a time (1981-1987) in France, there was Gym Tonic, a fitness show whose entire closing credits was a shower scene with the two female leads. It was changed for a time, before being reverted due to fan outcry.
  • Himmelsdalen: Helena is shown going into the shower topless in episode three.
  • In "Mutiny" of Horatio Hornblower adaptation, Lieutenant Hornblower decides that he needs to freshen himself a bit after serving an endless continuous watch assigned as a punishment by their madman of a captain. He gets a shower on deck while other sailors cheer him up. The audience gets to see his bare bum.
  • House gets a few bath scenes, and one shower scene in "Distractions" which leads into a weird acid-trip sequence in which he is still dripping wet.
  • I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! had Mylene Klass showering in a bikini. She came second. You do the math.
  • Irma Vep: Mira is shown getting into the shower and standing nude from the back while Regina looks on.
  • In Jeeves and Wooster Bertie seems to get a bath-scene every other episode. Always with Jeeves in the room, too.
  • Kamen Rider Gaim has one with Takatora. It being a children's show means that we don't generally see below his shoulders, except for a steamy (pardon the pun) shot of him from behind.
  • Lexx had a few, sometimes including frontal nudity (depending on what country you were in). They were included on the DVD release. Some of these include:
    • A scene with Zev on the Lexx with Stanley watching.
    • A scene with Bunny getting some assistance from Kai.
    • A scene where Zev is taking a bath and some vampire girls intend to scare her by dangling a live rat over her face. The plan backfires when Zev eats the rat, tail and all.
  • Kate has had several shower scenes on Lost. She also had an underwear-clad bathing scene in the pilot episode.
  • Magnificent Century features rather a lot of bathing. The sexiness of it is not lost on the characters either, from Mahidevran who tries to use bathing, to İbrahim and Hatice, who go at it in the baths for no apparent reason, to Nigar Kalfa who stops by the baths to ogle her bathing crush.
  • Misfits: Alisha discovers Superhoodie's identity because she approaches him while he's showering.
  • NCIS:
  • Primeval Season 2: Stephen Hart comes home to find Helen Cutter in his shower: "Hope you don't mind. I got slimed in the Devonian and the smell would make your eyes water. Now stop staring and pass me a towel."
  • Proven Innocent: In a flashback, Maddie had one with Wren, her girlfriend, while they were both prisoners.
  • Red Dwarf: From "Krytie TV": "And now, Krytie TV presents... Women's Shower Night!"
  • Rizzoli & Isles: In "Class Action Satisfaction", Jane and Maura have to take a decontamination shower after being exposed to a potential pathogen.
  • Special Ops: Lioness: Cruz and Aaliyah have an intimate conversation in the shower.
  • Used in the Stargate Universe episode "Darkness", when Chloe and Eli discover the only working showers on the ship. Unfortunately for Chloe, the power goes out right in the middle and she's left soaking wet, in nothing but a towel. Needless to say, Eli is slightly distracted.
    Naked!Chloe: Eli, I'm getting dressed. Wait up.
    Eli: Sure!
    Chloe: Turn around!
    Eli: Right, right! Sorry!
  • Star Trek: Enterprise. Captain Archer takes a shower, but the Artificial Gravity goes off. Unfortunately for female viewers, he doesn't float up enough to show anything besides his chest.
  • Star Trek: Voyager: B'Elanna spends most of "Juggernaut" covered in sweat, grime, and a tank-top, and ends it with a sonic shower. In "Drone" we find her shower has a Video Phone in it, purely for Rule of Funny when the Doctor calls her there.
  • Tales from the Crypt: In "The Man Who Was Death", there is is a lingering shot of one of Niles' victims taking a shower before she hops into the hot tub, just before Niles turns it into an Electrified Bathtub.
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has a couple of these, one by Sarah and one by Derek. The former is also a Shower of Angst, while the latter is most definitively a Shirtless Scene.
  • Van Helsing (2016): Shortly after Vanessa wakes up from her coma into a post-apocalyptic world, she takes a shower. Axel walks in on her to warn her to keep the shower short since they need to conserve water.
  • We Are Who We Are: Caitlin is briefly shown taking a shower, and naked from behind as she does, although it's dim through the door.
  • Weeds has a bath of angst scene, which shows off Mary-Louise Parker's considerable, um, assets.
  • Willow: Boorman has one in his flashback after he escapes the trolls via the refuse barrel, shown under a waterfall as he happily gets clean, tossing around his long hair.
  • In Zoey 101, both Logan and Michael get one. And both are interrupted, the first one by a TV Crew, the second by a horse.

  • Alizée's song "J'en ai marre". Cute French girl, fully dressed, in a giant glass cube, water pouring over her half the time. Oh, and the song is quite catchy too.
  • In AOA's dance unit's fanservice-heavy "Miniskirt" video, member Hyejeong takes a shower clothed... and then takes a bubble bath unclothed.
  • In Billy Idol's video for "Catch My Fall", Billy is shown taking a shower during the last verse, with a conveniently hung washcloth hiding his "naughty bits".
  • In the music video for Jewel's song Stand spends at least half of it with her in the shower.
  • Billy Joel's video for "Allentown" features a scene with the steelworkers showering.

  • In The Women, Crystal has the curtains drawn before actually taking a shower, but before that is sitting in the bathtub naked for most of the scene.

    Video Games 
  • Agent Under Fire had one in the fourth mission. Turned out it was actually R.
    • "Ah! The latest in holographic technology. I thought that would catch your eye, 007."
  • ANNO: Mutationem: One of the first things Ann does in the introduction is take a shower, which is shown from outside the bathroom and with a conveniently placed jar blocking most of the view.
  • Bayonetta 3 has two stealth missions where To regain some health, Jeanne can take a shower. However, a passing Homunculi can take notice and try to take a peek. Jeanne quickly drags them inside the shower and takes care of them.
    Jeanne: I've killed for less.
  • Possible to invoke in Endless Ocean: Blue World if you use the shower facilities behind the cabin of Nineball Island. (You take it in a swimsuit, though. In fact, you can't take it unless you have a swimsuit equipped. Justified as the shower is outside on this small island.)
  • Part of Geist involves scaring a woman taking a shower so that you can possess her friend; she helpfully has soap suds covering her private parts, while the friend is clad in towels. A man is even peeping on them through a crack in the wall beforehand.
  • Life Is Strange franchise:
    • Life Is Strange: In Episode 2 of the protagonist Max Caulfield takes a morning shower, during which she overhears other girls' conversation.
    • Life Is Strange: Before the Storm: Chloe takes a shower in her home but first has to find where her towel went now that her mother's boyfriend has moved in and rearranged the bathroom.
  • In Mass Effect 3, Female Shepards have the option to offer Specialist Traynor a shower in their private cabin. And then join her.
  • Mona in Max Payne 2 bared her back through censor steam in the 3D cutscene and donned a towel in the comic panels. A cheat code to unlock Mona's hidden model showed that her nude body was fully rendered from all directions.
  • In No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, the Save Point is a toilet when you're playing as Travis. During the sequence you play Shinobu, it's a shower. Much like Travis can always find functional toilets, she can always find surprisingly elegant showers.
  • Parasite Eve 2: The 3rd Birthday takes it to another level though, it makes the scene in PE2 look arguably classier.
  • Persona 3: Not altogether willingly. Creates a bit of Fridge Logic (if not outright Plot Hole) in that the water is perfectly clean, even though it was stated and shown repeatedly that all water turns to blood during the Dark Hour.
  • Shion had a nice steamy one in Xenosaga III.
  • Quantic Dream tends to have at least one per game:
    • All three playable characters have one in Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy. Carla is the only one whose character model is actually naked during the scene (Lucas and Tyler's boxers are sometimes visible).
    • Madison's shower scene in Heavy Rain. Or Ethan Mars' (which was considerably less fan service-y in that regard).
    • Beyond: Two Souls: There are two shower scenes in the game with Jodie that are most notable for the resulting real-life controversy. The first is in the "Navajo" chapter in an outdoor shower in the desert and the second in "The Dinner" as she prepares for her date with Ryan. Nothing explicit is visible in the game proper, but a player who had access to the source code managed to manipulate the camera to release a naked version. Elliot Page threatened to sue Sony since he had never agreed to be featured nude.
    • Sure enough, Detroit: Become Human has one too - only this one has Connor dumping a fully-clothed Hank in the tub and turning on the water in order to sober him up.
  • Subverted in the second Tomb Raider. After clearing the Bonus Level, which consists of Lara shooting thugs while dressed in a bathrobe, it looks like you're gonna get a Shower Scene for your efforts... But then Lara says "Don't you think you've seen enough?" and shoots the camera.
  • You can make Sonic and Knuckles take a shower in Casinopolis of Sonic Adventure, although only Sonic reacts to the water.
  • Even Street Fighter IV got into the act; during Seth's intro, there is a scene with Seth taking a shower.
  • Twice in the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Although neither example is directly 'a shower', it's as close as it gets in a fantasy medieval setting.
    • First time in Novigrad, when Geralt visits the four bosses of the criminal underworld in a bathhouse which is full of semi-naked ladies.
    • When Ciri nearly drowns after teleporting to Skellige, she is taken to a nearby village which conveniently has hot springs and a sauna. Ciri visits it in the company of a girl and her mother who tended to her wounds, although Ciri herself is wrapped in tight bandages.

    Visual Novels 
  • In Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, after overhearing Mahiru and Hiyoko taking a shower together, Hajime, in complete out-of-character, develops an urge to peep on both them, with him envisioning the scenario entirely. He immediately regrets his off-moment and pondered what even made him lost sight of himself.
  • The protagonist of Daughter for Dessert walks in on Amanda in the shower (before he knows that she’s attracted to him). He’s surprised that Amanda makes no move to hide her body.
  • The protagonist of Double Homework once sees Johanna in the shower, and she gives him a not-so-subtle hint that she wants him to come in.
  • Apart from her shower scenes with the protagonist, the title character of Melody also has a couple of solo shower scenes.
  • Plumbers Don't Wear Ties shows both John and Jane showering as part of their morning routines. Their butts and Jane's Sideboob are censored with faces that have Gag Noses on them, but they can be removed with a code. The game even says that it has shower scenes on its box, along with things like pandas and a nun.
  • The Screaming Author case in Spirit Hunter: NG features a scene where Akira takes a shower in his apartment, including a split-second CG of Akira's soaked, naked upper half. Though it quickly becomes Fan Disservice when one notices the bloodstained hand reaching out to Akira from the mirror.

  • Angels 2200 has lots of shower scenes for its Improbably Female Cast, however including Censor Steam and Godiva Hair.
  • Eerie Cuties has featured several, for both comedy and fanservice:
  • Freefall has one of these in a sub-arc, starting here. Since then there have been several more, mostly played straight. The one for the Oct 24, 2011 strip, however, subverts the usual Fanservice purpose: Florence showers with her clothes still on, as her outfit was just as dirty as she was and she was fatigued from the day's ordeal.
  • In Girl Genius Zeetha takes a shower on the same page that Violetta and Agatha can be seen bathing while they are at the Immortal Library.
  • El Goonish Shive likes to use shower scenes to show characters reflecting, or deep in thought:
  • Ménage à 3 has too many to count, and they're frequently notable for featuring uninterrupted views of breasts and butts. While they usually serve mildy erotic or fanservice-y purposes, some of the characters occasionally use cold showers as ways to control their runaway sexual emotions. It's notable that every private dwelling in the comic, right down to affordable one-person apartments, seems to have a shower large enough to hold three people in comfort.
  • Sabrina Online:
  • Sandra on the Rocks gets no less than three female characters (fairly innocently) into the same shower here, and still remains just about SFW. Also, as in the parent comic, Ménage à 3 (above), every private dwelling, down to "rustic" apartments, seems to have a shower large enough to take two or three people in comfort.
  • Sticky Dilly Buns plays with the trope a little here, as two characters who are used to sharing a shower scene blunder in on someone who isn't. It is, incidentally, a measure of how quickly the prudish and virginal Ruby is adapting to the situation in the apartment that she is merely angry at this, rather than incoherent with rage or embarrassment. Note that, typically for this comic's universe, the apartment has a shower large enough for three people.
  • The Whiteboard:
    • Done as part of the 2007 April Fools' Day strip, here.
    • And again in 2012.
    • Then parodied.note 

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • In Batman: The Animated Series, Bruce Wayne is sometimes shown stepping into the shower after working out, and later stepping out of the shower as he talks to Alfred about the latest thing that is troubling him.
  • Batman Beyond has a lovely five-second scene of Terry in the shower after escaping Stalker. There's some fanservice one can agree with. Another episode has Dana in a Modesty Towel about to get in the shower at school, only to be interrupted by a "ghost" (actually a remote-viewing telekinetic) messing with all the shower heads.
  • Kaeloo: In episode 134, Kaeloo is shown taking a shower.note  It lasts for a few seconds before several clones of Stumpy flush all the toilets they can find and the water runs out, forcing her to cut her shower short.
  • In What If…? (2021) episode 5, the orientation video includes a segment on "Hygiene" demonstrated by showing Bucky Barnes in the shower with some steam covering everything below the waist.
  • In the Felix the Cat (Joe Oriolo) episode "Stone Age Felix", Felix is shown taking a cold shower when he is freezing.
  • The boys of South Park get one in "Lil' Crime Stoppers". Unlike the previous examples, no attempt was made at preserving their modesty: in fact, a full-frontal shot of Stan, Kyle, and Cartman was used in the opening credits for several years afterward.
  • In episode 22 of Wakfu, a sunstroke-suffering Sadlygrove has a hallucination of Evangelyne showering with Censor Steam around.
  • We Bare Bears: In "Crowbar Jones", Grizzly's movie includes a gratuitous Shower Scene (with painted-on biceps and abs) which at that point is when the audience starts to leave.


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