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Layla, Nina, Brooke and Chloe

Eerie Cuties is a comedy/horror webcomic series that's created and drawn by Gisèle Lagacé, which started on June 1, 2009 and follows the adventures of Layla and Nina Delacroix, two vampire sisters, at Charybdis Heights. As with her previous works, the comic is largely a mix of slice-of-life and sitcom, with occasional mini-arcs and crossover stories.

It's co-written by both Gisèle Lagacé and "Dave Zero1" Lumsdon, with colors done by Miguel Marques in the first volume. With the shift to full page black & white manga style, inks (and other inputs) by Shouri.

It eventually spawned two Spin-Off series: Magick Chicks (which centers around the Hellrune Coven), and more recently, Dangerously Chloe - following the adventures of Chloe Love.

After an extremely lengthy hiatus, Gisele eventually confirmed the series has ended with its final strip being in 2015, though she occasionally does one-shots based on the universe as Kickstarter goals. A series of A Day in the Limelight short stories was also published in 2018 exclusively as part of the Eerie Cuties: Freaky Frights anthology.note 

Now has a character page.


  • Gilligan Cut: As with most tropes, the comic's used this for both drama and comedy:
    • Brooke began to panic, once Blair made her realize she was being effected by the Tiresias Orb. She tried to fight it off, but in the very next panel, she had become one of the masses.
      Brooke: [panicking] No! My hair! I won't change! I won't change! I won't—
      [very next panel, cue cheerleading]
    • Also done at the end of Layla'a discussion with her mother, about finding a suitable girl for Dio. Layla assured her that she knew blue bloods among her legions of admirers. The very next panel was a shot of Tiffany eating cereal.
      Tiffany: [watching television] Oh c'mon, Lion-O, she doesn't love you! Get over it!