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She's in her workout clothes, by the way.
"Your most important responsibility, as the parent of an adolescent, is to be a hideous embarrassment to your child. Fortunately, most of us parents have a natural flair for this."

Children on TV live in terror of their parents ever getting a chance to interact with the other kids in school. This is for a very good reason — parents on TV seem to be on a quest to humiliate their children in front of their peers.

They always have a thousand-and-one stories about things their unfortunate offspring did when they were two years old, and they're always a thousand-and-one percent certain that everyone wants to hear them. And in that respect, they're absolutely right, just not for the reasons that they think — the Alpha Bitch and her ilk are just dying to hear humiliating childhood stories, because they'll be able to tease the poor protagonist about them for years to come. Sometimes, childhood stories aren't even necessary: the parents' mere behavior, presence, or lifestyle are all it takes to turn a casual scene into something terribly awkward. Especially if the parents are bent on proving how "hip" and "cool" they are. Older offspring whose parents are deeply embarrassing when their good friends are around just have to remember that Friends Are Chosen, Family Aren't. If they're a teacher, they'll become an Embarrassing Relative Teacher, making things even worse.


If the hero lets slip that he or she doesn't like their parent's behavior, then the parents tend to be hurt. Due to the Rule of Drama (or, Informed Wrongness, more accurately, the situation will be contrived for maximum hurt and the hero is likely to have to spend the rest of the episode trying to make amends, with the whole thing ending on An Aesop with the hero learning to value the parents that embarass him or her in front of other people and the parents gaining empathy for their child. Also, baby photos, middle names, and the Homemade Sweater from Hell are a must. Parental Sexuality Squick is related, but doesn't require the kid's peers to be present.

Sometimes it may not even be funny. A parent who is genuinely screwed-up or abusive can go beyond 'embarrassing' and into 'humiliating' territory.


Truth in Television, of course. You may actually have parents like this or even be one. Anyone with an Easily Embarrassed Youngster for a kid will usually be seen as this by their kid at least once.

Contrast Famous Ancestor.


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  • Toyota has an ad campaign with a very smug kid pointing out the parents who are blatant caricatures of aging baby boomers humiliating their children by merely existing and driving something that isn't the company's big honkin' SUV.
    • A follow up ad marketing the car to the kids, rather than either set of parents, the same kid is in the backseat when they pull up alongside another kid with embarrassing parents, who have been singing "Morning Angel" 30 times in a row. He's embarrassed and traumatized by the singing, not the car; the apparent selling point is that the Toyota SUV comes standard with a back-seat monitor so the kid could have been able to drown them out.
  • A Star Wars-themed Disney World ad involves a father walking through a hardware store with his kids. He dons a welding mask and picks up a long fluorescent light, quoting Empire Strikes Back, before swinging his "Lightsaber" around until he falls over. Lesson of the day? Go to Disney World to work these impulses out.
    • ANY of the commercials in this campaign ("show us your Disney side") seem to imply that for adults, showing off their Disney side equals acting ridiculous, inappropriate, and immature almost to the point of mental illness.
  • In a 2011 San-Disk radio commercial, a mother asks her husband (the father) if he remembered to give their son the USB flash disk for his power-point presentation, and if he happened to edit out the baby pictures of him crawling around in diapers. The father tells her no, having her freak out then asking the time of the presentation and the current time, the father then suggests maybe they can put him in another school. It is done in a comical fashion, of course, but it is rather embarrassing because we can easily guess the outcome. The announcer ends by advertising this device with the slogan to keep the things you want to keep and take out the things you do not.
  • A State Farm radio commercial from 2013 has a young man speaking to a female associate on the phone. He looks at the time and in response tells her that State Farm is there 24/7. His mother, on another line, at home, takes this literally, and asks him where were they when he needed to be changed, and tucked in (past the year of ten). The son, obviously, is very annoyed, tells her to hang up, and the female associate is flabbergasted that she tells him that she should end the phone conversation, but he pleads her not to disconnect.
  • A commercial for a feminine-hygiene products delivery service called "Hello Flo" features a young girl who's feeling left out because all her friends have gotten their first periods, and she hasn't yet. So she gets the idea to fake it with red nail polish. Her mother finds it (and knows she was faking it), and throws her a "First Moon Party" to which everyone is invited. Eventually, the girl is so embarrassed that she confesses to lying about it, and the mother tells her she knows. The girl asks if she's going to be grounded for lying, and the mother replies, "Why do you think I threw you the First Moon Party?" (Implying that the embarrassment is punishment enough.)

    Anime & Manga 
  • Boruto: Sasuke Uchiha tries to bond with his daughter Sarada Uchiha by taking her to Konoha's Parent and Child festival but all his attempts become awry due to his lack of social skills and not being in his daughter's life for so long, much to his dismay. In the end, he encourages Sarada to pursue her ambition to become the Hokage.
  • In Kaiju Girl Caramelise, Kuroe Akaishi's Honorary Uncle Koutarou Hibino ends up meeting her crush Arata Minami at a metal festival. The first thing Koutarou does is jokingly claim to be Kuroe's boyfriend, much to their shock. He then bluntly asks Arata if he is Kuroe's boyfriend; Kuroe manages to awkwardly end that conversation by drawing attention to a band that is starting to play. Downplayed with Kuroe's actual mother Rinko, whose Genki Girl personality and demands for hugs leave Kuroe a bit flustered, but as Rinko largely doesn't interact with anyone other than Kuroe it tends to get nipped in the bud.
  • One of Murai's friends in Great Teacher Onizuka is incredibly ashamed of his super unattractive mother, which happens to be the total opposite of Murai's own situation with his mom. Murai's mother also embarrasses him when they drop in on a hot, sweaty day by only wearing a tank top and shorts. No bra.
  • The series Kamisama Kazoku demonstrates why you do NOT want these parents to be gods with Reality Warper powers and total omniscience. When the main character, Samataro, is in school and idly thinking about the school's banning of revealing gym shorts for girls, his dad picks up on the thought. Dad immediately has the male teacher express his love for them, and come from behind the podium wearing them, to the total shock of the class. Also, Samataro's mother surprises the boy when he comes home by having herself and his two sisters wear them! And then Dad himself comes out wearing them!
  • It's a case of embarrassment all around in the fourth episode of the third season of Maria Watches Over Us when the cast's parents arrive for the school athletics carnival:
    • Normally quiet and reserved Shimako curls up in a little ball and whimpers when her father (a Buddhist monk who has just come from presiding over a funeral and is still in his robes) is paraded in front of the entire school as part of the scavenger hunt.
    • In addition to her other issues with her father, Sachiko finds his actions fit this when he meets Yumi, though her judgment may be clouded.
    • Yumi is afraid her parents are going to do this to her when she introduces them to Sachiko for the first time.
    • Yoshino's parents do do this to her in the novel that this episode was adapted from.
  • When Tamaki's kendo team visits her house in the Bamboo Blade manga, her father wastes no time in breaking out the photo album, much to Tama-chan's chagrin. Then he brings put the video of her bathing as a child...
  • In Lucky Star, normally Konata is perfectly okay with her dad's otaku tendencies, being as she's just as much one herself, but it would be nice if he toned down the Comedic Lolicon aspects when visiting the school on sports day. Or with friends visiting note . Or while her younger cousin is living with them while she attends Ryou-ou...
  • Ouran High School Host Club:
    • Haruhi is embarrassed of her father. He's constantly trying to get her to dress more lady-like. Funny enough, the rest of the club seems fine with it. Oddly, she doesn't really care about the cross-dressing. Her views on gender identity are...relaxed (probably because she grew up with a dad who wears a dress). It seems to be more because Ryouji/Ranka, for all of his good heart, is both bumbling and overprotective.
    • Yuzuru to Tamaki might qualify, though he's more formal with him in the anime. Tamaki doesn't seem to approve of his father's actions, even though they're Not So Different in a couple ways.
  • Otoha from Happiness, who is prone to greeting her son Yuuma enthusiastically while at school. As a result, Yuuma tends to avoid the cafeteria where she works.
  • The Prince of Tennis: Ryoma Echizen would be very grateful if his Retired Badass father Nanjirou also wasn't a meddling, smartass slob. He gets along better with his mother Rinko, even if he whines about how she cooks too much Western food for his taste.
  • Magic User's Club:
    • Aburatsubo's ultra-affectionate and ultra childish mom, Akiko. He does care for his mom, but is terrified at the mere prospect of her showing up at his school.
    • Nanaka's mom is this too, once showing up to a school meeting while in her gardening clothes.
  • If parental substitutes count, there's Yayoi from Koe de Oshigoto!, who reveals a few choice anecdotes about her little sister Kanna to their co-workers.
  • Pokémon:
    • "Don't forget to change your—" "Alright, mom! Jeez!" Done regardless of who (friends, neighbors) or what (television cameras) is nearby, either. In the English dub, Delia is reminding Ash to change his underwear. In the original Japanese, she's reminding him to brush his teeth. The English dub exaggerated this as it has Delia embarrassing Ash more than she originally did.
    • Lusamine was made into this in the anime, coming across as overly affectionate towards her own children, especially Lillie, even to the point of giving her a noogie, much to her dismay.
  • Umi's Sickeningly Sweethearts parents in Magic Knight Rayearth. Their daughter is almost squicked when they act like 15-year-olds around her.
  • You think these others have it bad? Try being a girl with a father who can summon waves out of nowhere, is a total spaz, insists you're a man, and lives in your school so you won't be able to get rid of him! Ryuunosuke Fujinami from Urusei Yatsura is the girl in question, and she doesn't like it.
  • Ranma ½:
    • More than one of Fujinami-san's worst traits slipped into Genma Saotome. His son Ranma really, really hates him when he's in full Jerkass mode. Which, sadly, happens almost 24/7.
    • Soun Tendo sometimes is like this too, but it's more about him being both very old-fashioned and very melodramatic. Oh, and arranging his daughter Akane's marriage to Ranma without really asking her first. Akane cares for him more than Ranma does for Genma, but such stuff won't be forgiven ever.
  • The Planetes manga features several of them, as it concentrates on the lives and personalities of the characters:
    • Tanabe's mom, Yukari, is very enthusiastic of her girl finally getting a boyfriend and is an avid Ai x Hachi shipper.
    • Goro Hoshino, Hachi's dad, is a true Bunny-Ears Lawyer, being a huge Jerk with a Heart of Gold prone to amusing (and often violent) outbursts — his Running Gag, for example, is his constant rivalry with Hachi for the last piece of tonkatsu. But he's just that good as a spacecraft engineer.
  • Sengoku Youko has main character Tama's mother Kuzunoha in a relationship with the Big Bad of the series. Needless to say, Tama is not very happy about it.
  • The protagonist in one of the stories of Himitsu Kichi thinks of his father this way. He's a comedian who's So Unfunny, It's Funny and he's always being silly, which his son hates.
  • One of the few cases where this is Played for Drama is Dear Brother. Mariko Shinobu's father Hikawa is a novelist... but not just any kind of writer, but a writer of erotic novels. While he donates quite the money to the Seiran campus, Mariko is looked down on by other students for being "the daughter of a pornographer". And specially by the local Alpha Bitch, Aya Misaki.
  • Shinji Ikari Raising Project:
  • Mako's eccentric mother from Wandering Son is constantly embarrassing her.
  • Tenchi Muyo!:
    • Queen Misaki towards her eldest daughter Aeka. (She gets along with Sasami just fine.) This is mostly due to the fact that Misaki still sees Aeka as a little girl, so she expects her to call her "mommy" and act adorable around her. Kind of zig-zagged, as Aeka actually enjoys the excuse to act childish instead of refined, just not in front of others. Such as Ryoko, who finds it finds funny... until Misaki goes Mama Bear on her... and childishly pulls on her cheeks, much to Ayeka's embarrassment.
    • Then, there's Tenchi's own mom, Kiyone Masaki (not to be confused with Kiyone Makibi, one of the six girls vying for him). Unlike his saintly Action Mom Achika in Tenchi Universe, it turns out that Tenchi's mom was actually a major prankster that even turned her own death into a gigantic prank.
      • Washu often does this to Ryoko—as if a Truly Single Parent has a responsibility to be twice as embarrassing.
  • Lyrical Nanoha:
    • The Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha INNOCENT Alternate Universe version of Precia Testarossa is an extremely Doting Parent who is not ashamed to shower both of her daughters with love, attention, and worry in front of their friends, much to her daughters' dismay. This makes the history of the Evil Matriarch Precia from the main continuity all the more tragic, as it gives us a glimpse of what could have been had the death of Alicia not broken her mind.
    • In the main canon, we have Nanoha herself, sneaking into St. Hilde's to take pictures of Vivio while she's in class during the StrikerS epilogue and letting her Blood Knight personality shine through when Vivio introduces her to Einhart in ViVid.
  • Mikoto's mother in the Indexverse, who provides advice on improving her bust size. In front of Touma.
    "Put plainly, eat a lot and get bigger"
  • Downplayed in Servant × Service. Kanon doesn't mind her father Kenzou's stuffed bunny avatar too much. She won't however acknowledge him around her friends.
  • Soul Eater: Maka's Bumbling Dad Spirit. Deep down, he's a good person who really cares for Maka, and a very powerful Death Scythe, but his tendency to shamelessly hit on anything with a skirt (to the point that his wife finally divorced him over it) pisses her off to no end.
  • Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball Z can be this at times. In the Bojack Unbound movie, she does a clumsy cheerleader routine, while cheering for Gohan to fight at the tournament, obviously embarrassing him. Also, in a filler episode called "He's Always Late", when she's dancing, Trunks remarks "Your mom's obviously as cool as your outfit, Goten." Goten them asks Gohan if he thinks her (Chi-Chi's) outfit is cool. Gohan couldn't give a straight answer, as he was embarrassed. Then again, in Chi-Chi's defense, she was raised in seclusion, so she probably lacks good social skills and probably doesn't know she's being embarrassing.
    • Subverted in Dragon Ball GT: Vegeta's preteen daughter Bulla tells him "Dad, that mustache has got to go! It makes you look like a total geek!" and Vegeta is so horrified, either by the idea of looking like a geek or by the idea of his daughter not approving of him, that he immediately shaves the mustache off.
  • High School D×D:
    • Issei's parents appear normal at first, having to be magically calmed down after finding him naked in bed with Rias... and then it later turns out the fruit has not fallen far from the tree. His father is openly supportive and playfully jealous of his son's Harem Seeker aspirations, and his mother introduces Asia to the Naked Apron, and then tell Issei point-blank she doesn't mind him having sex in the kitchen as long as they clean up afterward.
    • Rias' family is close to the only thing (short of hurting Issei) that can break her calm and polite exterior. Everyone with eyes might know she fancies Issei, but her father telling Issei to call him "Dad" is enough to make Rias choke on her food and then flee the room. He says, verbatim:
      Rias' Father: I see it as a father's responsibility to embarrass his daughter!
  • After she accepts to take part in the radio show, Ichigo from Sore ga Seiyuu! realizes that not only has her father started following her on Twitter, he's sharing it with the entire family and posting pictures of when she was in kindergarten.
  • In Your Lie in April Kaori's parents show Kousei old pictures of Kaori, including the ones of her naked as a baby, to her great embarrassment.
  • Ah! My Goddess: In a more sinister vein, Hild sometimes does this as part of her Affably Evil shtick by acting overly affectionate with her daughter Urd. However she is the Daimakaicho so as often than not, its part of a (not necessarily evil) plot.
  • Akihito's mother in Beyond the Boundary is a Cloud Cuckoo Lander who likes to cosplay as animals and often wear provocative clothing. On parent's day in elementary school, she dressed up as a panda and pretended to be one of the students.
  • Goro's mom in Squid Girl. She's quick to admit that she's doing it on purpose.
  • One episode of Yo-Kai Watch has Nate trying to avoid his friends seeing him going grocery shopping with his mother. There's nothing really embarrassing about that, though Nate is a child so his overreaction is understandable. The really embarrassing part is when Nate's mom starts talking about his underwear in front of his friends (including his crush Katie). She mentions that he needs new ones because his old ones are full of holes. This causes Nate to collapse from embarrassment.
  • Your Name: In a markedly less comedic way than most examples, Mitsuha's father Toshiki interrupts his political rally to tell her off about her poor posture as she's walking past on the way to school. She is very upset because he embarrassed her in front of a large part of the town's population in the process.
  • Played for Drama in Goodnight Punpun. Aiko's mother is a cult member who goes door-to-door trying to get people to join. She drags along Aiko, who finds it all embarrassing and hates it.
  • Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor: Both Celica (Glen's adoptive mother) and Leonardo (Sisti's biological father and Lumia's adoptive father) are this to their respective children. It's played for Hypocritical Humor, as they criticise the other for their behaviour while refusing to acknowledge that their own behaviour is embarrassing. Celica brings along a camera to Parents' Daynote  and loudly takes photos of Glen in the middle of a lesson. Leonardo calls her out on being disruptive... but turns out to have brought along his own camera.
  • Shouko Komi's mother Shuuko of Komi Can't Communicate enjoys acting like a ditzy teenager, even referring to herself as an "eternal 17-year old", much to her daughter's embarrassment. Her father, despite being similar to Komi, isn't much better as when Tadano and his sister first meet him at a shopping center, he's in a godfather's getup, styled by Komi, that unnerves Tadano.
  • Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa's parents in Detective Conan embarrass and annoy him to no end with their eccentric personalities and antics. Both parents possess a flair for dramatic pranks, but expertly portray them as life-or-death situations, understandably terrifying and aggravating Conan. Mildly subverted because they can't acknowledge him (Conan) as their child in public situations.
  • Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun has Sullivan, Iruma's adoptive demon grandfather. Every chance he gets, he acts embarrassingly doting towards Iruma, from showing off a picture of him to every other student at his school, to driving him to said school in a fancy carriage.
  • Even Though I'm a Former Noble and Single Mother: Shirley is this to her daughters, as is the Demon King to his daughter. When they meet, they actually get into a fight over whose daughter(s) is the cutest.

    Comic Books 
  • Jonesy: Jonesy's father loves to make puns and her mother is a self proclaimed dork.
  • In Time and Time Again from the Superman comic book titles in 1991, Jimmy Olsen's mother ruins the date her son has with Lucy Lane by showing Lucy pictures of her son when he was a child.
  • Titeuf sometime find his father to be this, notably when he become jobless and is taking him to school by holding his hand and kissing him on the cheek in front of his friends before leaving.

    Comic Strips 
  • Odin toward Loki in Twisted Toyfare Theatre.
    Loki: Daaad, you're embarrassing me!
    Odin: Nonsense! Now, gaze upon these naked baby photos of Loki.
    Spider-Man: ...His horns have grown.
  • "Just call us Monroe's mom and dad."
  • Connie and Walt in the comic strip Zits both drive Jeremy crazy by doing this. There is no Aesop, though, and Jeremy drives Connie and Walt crazy in plenty of other ways, so it evens out.
    • Zits also exaggerates the trope at times by making Jeremy embarrassed by his parents' innocuous actions:
      Jeremy: My parents seem to be on a personal quest to humiliate me at every turn.
      Walt: [pokes head into room] Hey, guys, how's it going?
      Jeremy: I rest my case!!
    • Jeremy takes some extreme measures to avoid parental embarrassment, to the point where when his father was still driving him to school Jeremy got out to walk the rest of the way at the end of their driveway.
    • One Sunday strip had Jeremy and his friends swapping stories about their parents' embarrassing habits, such as Hector's dad going outside to get the paper in his underwear every morning. As they're talking, Connie and Walt come in wearing gaudy gardening outfits, with Connie saying "Jeremy, if you need us, we'll be out tending to the arugula, dressed like this in broad daylight." Cue Jeremy declaring "Checkmate," and his friends conceding defeat.
    • Occasionally his parents do this on purpose— in the pre-cell phone days of the comic, Walt got Jeremy to end an overlong phone call by picking up the extension and singing "Puff the Magic Dragon" into it. While accompanying himself on the accordion.
    • In one comic Jeremy's dad uses the phrase "That's what I'm talking about", causing Jeremy to shudder. According to Jeremy, when his dad uses slang that's the least bit modern, the world feels out of balance and weird. Cue his dad using VERY outdated slang that even confuses his mom, which relieves Jeremy who states that things are back to normal.
  • A wonderful "Revenge of the Kid" occurred in On the Fastrack when Melody was showing Laurel's baby pictures to Bob. Melody excused herself briefly; Laurel followed her out, there was the sound effect of a flash bulb and a piercing scream, and Laurel came back to hand Bob a Polaroid photo with the words, "My mother on the throne." Cue another piercing scream from out-of-frame.

    Fan Works 
  • In The Tainted Grimoire, Ensei is this sometimes, like when he eats so much food at public restaurants which usually earns stares from everyone else. His daughter Kanin is unhappy about this.
  • In Misfiled Dreams (a Misfile fic), Ash's mother Marie joins in on the action when she cheerfully explains to her daughter the various pros and cons of a menage a trois. And then mentions that she's had three-ways with a man and another woman, as well as with two other girls.
  • Jimmy Michaels of the Fruits Basket fic Jimmy & Kyo has a particularly bad case. Just mentioning his mom's occupation is enough to embarrass him to death. So what does she do? She's a Romance novelist! It's hinted his older brother Scott is just as embarrassed.
  • The Hyuga family in A Growing Affection. Hiashi has Hinata wanting to move out after he goes to both Tsunade and Naruto to try to get Naruto to stop training with her. After he defrosts, he is just as embarrassed when his own father does the same thing.
  • Father Brainstorm of Calvin and Hobbes: The Series is eager to share humiliating stories about his children, much to Jack's amusement.
  • Kushina in Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox is this for Naruto, especially when combined with her tendency to snark about his relationships with girls. And there's also her fan-girl attitude toward the in-universe comic book series Shadow Fox, including having a cosplay costume, which causes Naruto to do a double-take the first time he sees her wearing it while she's cooking dinner.
  • The Wrong Reflection: Eleya's mother asking her 29-year-old daughter if she and Gaarra are being safe. In the middle of her sister's wedding reception.
    Eleya and Teri: Mother!
  • Scrub Daddy, the made-up lyrics for a song in Splatoon, seems to be about a clumsy father and someone, unable to take it anymore, requesting him to go away:
    The dad's dropping chilled wood.
    I cannot do this.
    Please daddy leave this.
    Scrub daddy's kept up.
    Pleased to be going.
  • Discussed in The Second Try when Asuka and Shinji talk about throwing a birthday party for Aki so they can embarrass her in a few years with the photos. Fortunately for Aki, the pictures were left behind when they all got sent back in time.
  • Advice and Trust: Misato loves embarrassing her wards Shinji and Asuka (although to be fair, they have it coming most of the time). After telling them they're allowed to sleep together as long as they have no sex again until they're at least fifteen, Misato demands details about their sex life:
    She grinned and looked at Asuka. "So... does he 'berserk' in bed?"
    Asuka's jaw dropped. "What?!"
    "You've been 'entangling your AT-Fields' for weeks. Having fun? Enjoy 'firing the Positron Cannon'?"
    "Misato, what the Hell happened to 'we're too young for this'?!" Asuka was turning red. Shinji was turning red faster.
    Misato just grinned wider. She finished the beer, tossed the can at the recycling bin, and grabbed another. "The cat's out of the bag, we just finished the official business part, and now it's time for your big sis Misato to embarrass the Hell out of you both. I get my payback."
  • In "Christmas in Kansas", part of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Hearts series, Clark Kent invites Bruce and Diana home for Christmas, and his mother shamelessly tells them a string of embarrassing stories about Clark's childhood.
  • In Integration, Flash Sentry's mother is one for him due to her obsession to have grandchildren. She even stole the spark plugs to Flash's car to try to get Princess Twilight to spend the night at their house. Flash came to terms with his mother being crazy years ago.
    • Princess Celestia, serving as a Parental Substitute for both Twilight and Sunset, Trolls them starting to tell Flash, Twilight's current boyfriend and Sunset's ex, embarrassing stories about the two girls when they were fillies.
  • The Bridge:
    • Azusa Gojo is usually the wise, kindly, adoptive mother of Godzilla Junior. When she starts cheekily complimenting Junior's friendship and small Ship Tease with Luna, it runs right into this.
    • Rainbow Dash's mother talks to her like she's a toddler in front of her friends, and freely jokes about the time she got her flight suit all sweaty.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged: King Cold is this to Frieza.
    Trunks: If you want a Super Sayian, I can fill the part.
    Frieza: Oh, you hear that, daddy? "I can fill the part". It's like a five-year-old trying to play police officer.
    King Cold: Or how you play Pretty Pink Princess?
    Frieza: Daddy! Not in front of the malcontent!
    King Cold: But it's so cute when you do it!
    Frieza: I haven't done that since I was eight-eight-eight-eight-my Quinceañera!
  • While Misato's teasing in Neon Metathesis Evangelion is mostly played for laughs like in most fics, things come to a head when a drunk Misato talks too much about the planned nude synch test and teases the pilots about it. Asuka outright insults her and storms off.
  • Return of the Hero: Kelly is this to Nate when she calls Rosa his girlfriend and shows off the stuffed Teddiursa he had when he was five. According to a flashback, she was also this on his first day of Trainer School, when she called him her "little Teddiursa".
  • The Monkey D. Haru Series: Unsurprisingly, Franky. Whenever his son Nico Tom points this out, Franky bursts into tears, collapses into his wife's arms, and wails about his son doesn't love him.
  • In the Discworld of A.A. Pessimal, Johanna Smith-Rhodes considers one of the depressingly few perks of being a mother of teenage girls is the ability to leave them mortified and embarrassed at fairly regular intervals. She aces this by going out minge-drinking with fellow mothers of her daughter's teenage friends. Much to their squirming mortification. Meanwhile Bekki's father, wizard Ponder Stibbons, is capable of getting absurdly over-protective and has a hard time adjusting to his little girl growing up.
  • In Total Drama fanfic series Unbreakable Red Silken Thread Jasmine's parents, as well as her family at large, to the point that her reaction to them meeting her friends is described as "honest-to-god-fright".
  • Child of the Storm has several examples:
    • When he decides to wind up his son Harry, Thor can be very embarrassing. For example, he once cheerfully told him (after a Sleep Cute with his very-definitely-not-girlfriend Carol) that he hoped they wouldn't make him a grandfather until they were both eighteen at least. Poor Harry ballparks between "oh god, dad, why?" and "I hate you so much." Previously, in chapter 77 of the first book, Thor had stated that they made a lovely Battle Couple... in the middle of a pitched battle. In chapter 43 of the sequel, when Harry refers back to that battle, Thor then snarks that it wasn't a battle, but a first date. Cue another wail of teenage embarrassment.
    • Jack O'Neill - yes, that Jack O'Neill - keeps trying to be a tough, go-getting, and snarky badass. Unfortunately, he keeps getting upstaged by his mother, Alison 'Ali' Carter, younger sister (actually daughter of Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter) of Peggy Carter.
  • In The Westerosi, Sarella Sand wants to disappear when her father begins to loudly and publicly ask Jade Hasegawa about whether she and Sarella are having sex or not.
  • The New Adventures of Invader Zim: In the first chapter of the non-canon spinoff New Adventures: Mature Edition, Professor Membrane's reaction to meeting Dib's friend Viera is to start musing out loud on the possibility of them hooking up and giving him grandchildren. Cue wail of embarrassment from Dib as he and Viera are left utterly mortified.
  • Such a Doting Father is set in an AU of My Hero Academia where Endeavor and Rei Todoroki really are happily married, and turns both of them into this for their child Shouto.
  • In Amazing Fantasy, Inko and Hisashi Midoriya were apparently Former Teen Rebels and Izuku pledges to never look into their history out of fear of discovering something nasty. He's also mortified by his dad's casual wardrobe and quickly tosses it out to Peter without regrets.
  • In My Huntsman Academia, Inko's public displays of affection for Izuku have made her a minor celebrity in Mountain Glenn, as she will toss aside trained Huntsman to get to her son when she's feeling emotional. She calls him her baby in front of his friends, bawls when she learns that his Semblance breaks his fingers, and harangues Port for releasing live Grimm in class. It's mostly Played for Laughs, but it's Played for Drama when Izuku neglects to tell her that he's started dating Yang. She's devastated when she learns about this and accuses Izuku of thinking her too embarrassing to introduce to his new girlfriend.
  • White Sheep (RWBY): Jaune's mother Salem openly babies him, calls him "sweetiekins" in front of his friends, and is quick to bring out the baby pictures. Of course, this is all rather surreal since she's the millennia-old Queen of the Grimm who has been trying to wipe out humanity for all of recorded history.
  • Boys And Girls, a fanfiction of The Loud House, has Lori cringe at the thought of being chaperoned to a date by one's mother.
  • The Chronicles of Karai Getting Her Shit Together: When the turtles ask why Splinter had such a strong fascination with turtles when he drew them in his youth, he remarked that he found them cute. When they asked him if he thought that of them, he says that he still thinks that and offers to break out the baby pictures just to mess with them.
  • Hero Academia D×D: Both Izuku and Rias suffer from this.
    • Inko openly reminisces about her own "adventures" with her husband, is not shy about her Shipper on Deck and I Want Grandkids attitudes and punishes Izuku for not telling her about Rias' birthday by showing his friends his embarrassing childhood photos.
    • Venelana teases the hell out of her daughter about her attraction to Izuku, while Zeoticus makes no qualms about taking photos of his daughter while she's being embarrassed.
  • Son of the Sannin: In this story, Naruto gets to meet the spirits of both his parents at the same time, when he undergoes the training to tame Kurama, and to help him even more, Hinata left him a part of her own chakra, meaning that Minato and Kushina get to meet their son's girlfriend. Kushina can't pass the opportunity to be this:
    Kushina: I mean, look at you! You're a Jonin at sixteen, who just tamed the most powerful tailed beast in existence, and most importantly, you have a cute girlfriend!
    Naruto: (blushing) Uh, drop it, Mom. You're making Hinata feel embarrassed.
    Kushina: (raising an eyebrow) Just Hinata?
  • In Heroes in the Shadows, when Yoshi accompanies Donatello and Raphael to the doctor, he does so in a t-shirt saying "#1 Dad" that Michelangelo got him much to their embarrassment.
  • A Moon And World Apart: Vinyl's parents, Canter Rhythm and Arpeggio Chorus. Within minutes of meeting Octavia (who has known Vinyl all of two days at this point), they start talking about her and Vinyl's future kids and suggesting they not get intimate on the couch while everypony else is out of the room. Vinyl's horribly embarrassed by their words, and promptly apologizes to Octavia for it.

    Films — Animation 
  • Roo thinks of his mother Kanga this way in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Winnie-the-Pooh (the 2011 movie).
  • In a brief scene where he's cleaned by his mother, Sarabi for Simba in The Lion King.
  • Aladar is horrifyingly embarrassed of his adoptive lemur parents once they go full-on Fish out of Water in Dinosaur.
  • Goofy in A Goofy Movie (and its sequel) is this to Max, and in Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas Max brings home his girlfriend Mona to meet Goofy only for his dad to embarrass him by doing such things as showing off a huge baby picture of Max. See Goof Troop for more examples.
  • The Trolls are essentially a family of this to Kristoff in Disney's Frozen. When he introduces Anna to them, they assume the two are a couple, and when he and Anna try to correct them, they start asking Anna why she's not dating him and begin singing a song about all the potential reasons they think she might not want to date him. And then try to start a sudden wedding for the two on the spot.
  • Riley's parents from Inside Out are this at the end, in a sweet way: they show up to her first hockey game in San Francisco complete with jerseys, foam fingers, and face paint, cheering loudly for her even before she gets on to the ice.
  • Fire and Ice: Necron's actor, Sean Hannon, talked about how upset he was when he learned of the idiotic characterization of Juliana, Necron's mother. He was actually embarrassed by it, and then realized what an interesting dynamic it created. He incorporated that embarrassment into Necron's character, explaining why Necron was so impatient with Juliana.
  • Spiderman Into The Spiderverse: Jefferson Davis, after not getting a return "I love you" after dropping Miles off, sounds his police siren and uses the intercom to insist that Miles say "I love you" back, in front of the whole school. Naturally, Miles' classmates mock him incessantly for this.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Mrs. Witwicky in Transformers 1 and 2. Specifically in 2, she snacks on pot brownies at Sam's college (she thinks they're regular brownies) and gets high.
  • Jim's dad from American Pie may as well be the poster boy for embarrassing dads. He has a habit of walking in on Jim at the worst possible times and also trying to prove that he's cool.
  • One of the less obnoxious habits of Bridget's family in Bridget Jones's Diary.
  • The plot of the Australian film The Rage in Placid Lake, about a kid so embarrassed by his hippie parents (who among other things send him to his first day of school in a girl's uniform) that he deliberately becomes the ultimate conformist.
  • The Nutty Professor: The Klumps when Sherman brings Carla over. They talk openly about sex, bodily functions, marriage, and other embarrassing topics, so much so that Sherman tries to slit his wrists with a butter knife.
  • Real Genius: Mitch Taylor's parents.
    • After speaking with them at the science fair, Dr. Hathaway asks them if, by any chance, Mitch is adopted.
    • An exchange late in the movie between Mitch and his new girlfriend Jordan:
      Jordan: Are you going to take me home to meet your parents?
      Mitch: (horrified) No!
      Jordan: Why?! Are you ASHAMED of me???
      Mitch: No, them!
  • In the second live-action Death Note film, Light's dad Soichirou gives him the bollocking of a lifetime, right in front of his girlfriend and all his work colleagues. Although that's not really the most important thing on his mind at the time, hyuk hyuk...
  • Particularly cruel version from Truffaut's The 400 Blows: Once Antoine's parents learn that he's been skipping school, they decide to punish him in the most humiliating way imaginable to a preteen boy — by going down to school, storming into his classroom, slapping him in front of all his classmates, and letting him (and everyone else in the room) know, in no uncertain terms, that there's more to come once he gets home. They then leave him to stew in terror and suspense for the rest of the school day.
  • The core plot in Meet the Fockers.
  • Played to a "T" in the Sylvester Stallone comedy vehicle Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot.
  • Adam Sandler's parents in Click. They constantly joke about his small penis. Is anyone surprised he becomes effectively an asshole thinking only about his career and completely forgetting his family about it?
  • Inverted with Jason's parents in Mystery Team. He's an embarrassment to THEM.
  • Frank Gilbreth in Cheaper by the Dozen
  • Patrick Winslow is embarrassed of his stepfather Victor Doyle in The Smurfs 2.
  • Actually invoked by Mama Boucher in The Waterboy. During lunch with Vicki Vallencourt, Mama constantly brings up embarrassing facts about her son Bobby, such as how much he wets his bed and how much his feet smell. After Bobby becomes so embarrassed he walks away saying "Excuse me, ladies, while I go hang myself...", Mama says "Now, you see what you did?".
  • Life of the Party has Michael's mother, Evelyn, who attempts to boost his self-esteem by telling everyone in the intervention about how he was classroom monitor on his first day of school... on account of having soiled his pants.
  • Played for tragedy in Stella Dallas, as Stella's brassy, uninhibited manner embarrasses her daughter Laurel when they're hanging out with the smart set. Stella's outrageous outfits and pancake makeup and general brassy demeanor make her the laughingstock of the fancy resort she took Laurel to, embarrassing Laurel and leading Stella to decide to give her daughter to Stephen and Helen.
  • In La Famille Bélier, Gigi and Rodolphe Bélier really embarrass their daughter when she brings home Gabriel, the classmate she loves secretly.
  • In Marmoulak, Faezeh's mother confides her son-in-law's moral and physical shortcomings to Reza quite frankly, which mortifies her daughter.
  • In My Best Friend is a Vampire, Darla has a set of these, whom Jeremy meets when picking her up for their first date. It does actually help them bond, though, since Jeremy is quick to reassure her "I have parents too", and they share some laughs.
  • Invoked in the 1989 Batman (1989), when Alfred regales Vicki with the story of his one attempt at teaching a young Bruce Wayne horseback riding and the disaster that resulted, while Bruce facepalms at the memory.
  • Blinded by the Light:
    • On the first day of school, Javed's father, Malik, shouts at him from the car to stay away from girls and "follow the Jews" to success. Matt also views his father this way.
    • Eliza also feels this way about hers. They believe she's only with Javed to shock them, mention that Eliza once brought home a "colored fellow" before (which she tells him is a term no one uses anymore) and her dad offers him wine even though as a Muslim it's forbidden. As they're Conservatives and she's a leftist activist, it's clear she finds that an embarrassment as well.
  • While North starts with two neglectful parents that inspire his son to "divorce" them and become a free agent, the parade of potential parents he meets afterwards are mostly this (along with stereotypes). The writer also said his inspiration was seeing his nine year old looking at himself and his wife at the dinner table "with the expression on his face you could tell he was thinking, 'I can do better than these two.'"

  • Jesus comes upon a crowd preparing to stone a young adulteress. He interrupts them, crying, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!" After a moment's silence, all of the townsfolk shamefacedly drift away. Satisfied, Jesus turns to leave, when suddenly a rock flies from behind him and hits the woman square in the jaw. She falls over, clutching her face, as Jesus spins around in surprise. "Mo-om," he groans. "You're embarrassing me!" A variation of this had the rock fall from sky, with Jesus rolling his eyes. "Daaaaad... I was trying to make a point!"

  • 2666: Amalfitano is a dark example of this. He's going insane, and his relationship with his daughter suffers for it.
  • Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. The main character, 'Fat Charlie' Nancy, is convinced that he's got the most embarrassing dad on the face of the planet. He's probably right. One could rightfully consider his dad, Anansi, to be a literal GOD of embarrassment. The nickname "Fat Charlie" was bestowed on him by his dad, and just stuck all those years, even though he's not really that fat, because Dad's a Physical God whose penchant as The Nicknamer blends right into his power as a Reality Warper.
  • There's an Israeli children's book that's all about this: the kid's embarrassing, stay-at-home dad has his time to shine when the kindergarten has a moms' baking contest and his apparently bland cake explodes into fantastic sugared roses. Awww.
  • Mrs. Bennet in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is sort of a version of this trope; her relative lack of breeding and unsubtle attempts to set her daughters up with prospective husbands — and in the case of Mr. Bingley and Jane, to act as if they're already engaged after they've just met — prove mortifying to her two older daughters at least (the younger ones are equally embarrassing as their mother). The consequences of this are more serious than usual, since Jane's embarrassing family is one of the major reasons Mr. Darcy persuades Mr. Bingley not to marry her.
  • Honor Harrington has a father who is a dignified former naval doctor from a well-thought-of family... and her mother makes up for it in sheer embarrassing abilities. The very first thing she does onscreen is observe how nice the ass of Honor's second-in-command is, and telling her she needs to tap that.
    Honor: Mother!
  • The Kingdom Keepers hints at this with Finn's parents. When his mother first meets Jez, she gushes about Finn meeting "a cute girl", earning a look.
  • In the very last Manly Wade Wellman Silver John novel, Voice of the Mountain, the main villain Ruel Harpe is described after embarrassing a young witch in his service as being rather like "one of those parents who enjoys embarrassing their children on purpose."
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid:
    • Susan Heffley causes her sons a lot of embarrassment and ruins their fun with her bit trait of a Cloudcuckoolander and her tendency to pop up at Greg's school when he has left his bag or lunchbox at home.
    • Rowley's parents are the sort who won't allow their son to watch anything rated above "G". Which might account for Rowley's current state of mind. However, Rowley doesn't find them embarrassing.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Harris from How to Get Suspended and Influence People and Pirates of the Retail Wasteland are food disaster hobbyists and gave their son the middle name "Noside."
  • In Gene Stratton-Porter's Freckles, Freckles, a Doorstop Baby, at one point longed to know his parents. But at the novel's end, he dreads the prospect of embarrassing his beloved with possibly criminal relations.
  • Gangsta Granny: Ben finds his parents embarrassing because they want to get him to dance (which he can't do anyway) in outfits he doesn't like.
  • In The Glass Castle, Jeannette's parents become a source of shame for her after she moves to New York, and they follow years later to be with their children. She had grown up in poverty as her father drank like a fish and her mother suffered wild mood swings, and after moving to New York, her parents became homeless squatters, leaving Jeannette reluctant to tell the truth about them for fear of losing her status and career.
  • Played straight and subverted in Gone with the Wind. Wade Hampton (Scarlett's son from her first marriage) is forced to admit that he's been facing bullying and ostracism at school because of Scarlett's unladylike behavior of owning her own businesses, and Rhett's apparent lack of a War record. Rhett, partly motivated by compassion for him, and for step-daughter Ella, and partly motivated by fear that his own biological daughter, Bonnie, might face the same treatment when she's old enough to start playing with other children, starts changing his outward behavior and trying to fit in with the Old Guard social set of Atlanta. Scarlett, however, scoffs at the idea of children's social life being of any importance whatsoever, and keeps right on doing as she pleases.
  • Stephanie Plum's mother and grandmother (especially Grandma Mazur) are so embarrassing that even Stephanie's father can barely stand it. As an example, when Stephanie's mother set her up on a blind date in the first book, Grandma Mazur pulls out a gun during dinner and accidentally shoots the main course while showing it off. Stephanie often begs them to calm down to no effect, while her father, being The Quiet One, merely mutters "Christ" under his breath when they get particularly bad.
  • Played with in John Moore's Heroics for Beginners. The main character thinks back to how he once snuck out of the castle to take his then girlfriend to a small jazz club, only for his father, King Eric the Totally Cool, to show up with his trademark shades and a saxophone so he can jam with the band. As the hero puts it "Parents should not be cooler then their children."
  • In Betty Macdonald's Onions in the Stew a recurring theme is how embarassing Annie and Joan find Betty & Don.
  • Referenced in Jingo, when two fishermen from rival nations start arguing over fishing rights and claim to the newly-risen island of Leshp. Their sons, who are about the same age and couldn't care less about either issue, trade a look that conveys a lot of mutual understanding, starting with the sheer galactic-sized embarrassment of having parents.
  • You'd be as embarrassed to bring girls home as Radar from Paper Towns if your parents owned the world's largest collection of Black Santa Memorabilia consisting of 1200 pieces.
  • Paraiso Street: Cali Capistrano views her Alcoholic Parent Danny this way, which he goes out of his way to reinforce. As he says, "I'm a parent... that's what we're for."
  • Journey to Chaos: Sathel has a tendency to smother Tiza when the girl is preparing for dangerous missions, and in front of her teammates too. However, this is nothing to compared to what Retina does to stop the smothering; kisses and bridal carries.
  • The Spier parents from Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, especially Simon's father. It makes Simon uncomfortable when some of his father's jokes toe the line of Dude, Not Funny! while Simon is still in the closet.
  • The heroine of Knowing Me, Knowing You by Helen Bailey is constantly embarrassed by her parents (who are ABBA impersonators) breaking out into song in public. Becomes plot-relevant when she learns she's adopted, and wonders whether she'd have better luck with her birth family.
  • In the Agatha Raisin mystery novels, Bill (although an adult) has such parents; his romantic relationships usually end when he tries to introduce his girlfriend to his parents.
  • Alice's parents in The Magicians, on the one occasion she returns home with her new boyfriend Quentin, seem determined to come across as embarrassingly eccentric as possible: her father spends all the time renovating the house with magic, making it unlivable and making himself even more miserable in the process; her mother spends all her time studying fairy music that may not actually exist, and lectures Quentin unprompted on the subject for almost an hour - during which one of her breasts slips out of her cardigan and she barely notices. In between cringing in embarrassment, Alice makes it clear that this actually happens to a lot of adult magicians who can't figure out what to do with their lives.
  • Monster of the Month Club: Rilla is very embarrassed by her mother and aunt's behavior, especially around her friends and part-time classmates.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Lois and Hal in Malcolm in the Middle.
    • In one episode, it's revealed that Lois accidentally (or simply unconcernedly) humiliating him in front of other people all his life with her wisecracks, rants, and aggressive confrontations has caused Francis to become totally immune to hazing.
    • In another, when Malcolm is driven home by the parents of the children he babysits, arriving while Hal and Lois are having a half-naked screaming match in the front yard while Dewey and Reese root around in the mud like animals, Malcolm tries to claim he actually lives on the next street over.
    • In the pilot, Lois answers the door topless, not minding at all that she's showing everything... to Malcolm's teacher.
    • In the first episode of Season Five, it emerges that Malcolm didn't tell Hal and Lois about an awards ceremony (and a ceremony that was apparently a big enough deal for the mayor, news crews, and every single person at his school to attend, at that) because he was afraid Lois would embarrass him as he received his prize. Instead of being played for laughs, the episode treats the matter seriously. Lois is emotionally devastated by this, and Malcolm spends the rest of the episode trying to make it up to her.
  • In The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Uncle Phil's mother is like this. Bonus point for the fact that Phil is middle-aged, and she manages to humiliate him in front of his children. They all think it's hilarious.
    • The kids all love Grandma Banks, because she's a Cool Old Lady; embarrassing the stew out of Phil (whom she still calls "Zeke", and gleefully recounts stories of his childhood on the farm) is just the icing on the cake.
  • Paul's father in Mad About You is another example of a parent who is so embarrassing that he can torment his son even after he's grown up. He at one point published naked baby pictures of Paul in the newspaper. At another point he told a theater audience about the time he caught teenage Paul masturbating. Patricide would have been perfectly justifiable.
    • And when on one occasion he called his father out on it, it made its way into the newspapers turning all of New York City against Paul, to the point that random bystanders would spit on him on sight.
  • Likewise, Everybody Loves Raymond has Marie and Frank continuing to torment Ray and Robert into their adulthood.
  • A skit in That Mitchell and Webb Look had a boy in the hospital from severe embarrassment from his parents, with only a few months to live. His parents try to speak to him, but only end up killing him.
  • An early episode of the sitcom Roseanne played with this trope, when an uptight Becky prepares to go meet her first boyfriend Chip in public, and her parents Roseanne and Dan jokingly threaten to come along, all the while picking their noses, turning their hats around backwards, etc.
    • The outtakes from that scene are particularly funny, as John Goodman was hamming it up so much that Roseanne repeatedly blew the take by laughing.
    • Roseanne once invoked this as punishment for her kids. She dropped little DJ off at school in the most embarrassing manner possible, by wearing a set of hideous patchwork dungarees, a huge floppy hat with a flower, and slowly, deliberately, applying bright red lipstick in front of him so she could send him off with a biiig sloppy kiss...
      Roseanne: Now hurry up. I don't want to be late to surprise your sister [at college]. I'm going to dance for them.
  • The Closer. Brenda's parents are good people, but they embarrass her by being so stereotypically Southern and so unaccustomed to the Los Angeles environment where she works.
  • The point of the Australian kids' show Mortified. Given her father styles himself as the Underpants King (he runs an underwear store named this) and drives around in a van with this painted on the side, Taylor Fry may actually have a case.
  • Stella in Sugar Rush. Childish, self absorbed, caught banging the decorator on the kitchen table, later entices her husband to a swinger's club, only to be caught by her daughter... You don't know whether to laugh or cry, she's so horrifying.
  • Many years ago there was a one-off British TV play, not played for laughs, about a boy who is so embarrassed by his mother's erratic hyperactive behavior that eventually he can't even bring himself to tell people she's his mother and calls her "a sort of aunt".
  • The entire point of the aptly-named "Embarrassing Dad" sketches by UK duo Punt and Dennis, most of which had the character at some point end up in a venue with music playing and their teenage children present, and proclaim "It's got a good beat" whilst dancing horribly.
  • Vala's Con Man father makes an appearance in a late episode of Stargate SG-1, showing up on Earth requesting asylum. Vala is the only one not taken in by his claims that he's trying to reform while running embarrassingly-bad scams around the clock and eventually leaving Earth aboard a stolen cargo ship supposedly full of Naquadah. Thankfully the team was convinced in time to help Vala double-cross him and keep the Naquadah.
  • It is a rare episode of The Goldbergs that doesn't deal with this trope. The mother (or "Smother" as she is called by her children) is a constant source of overwhelming embarrassment.
  • Still Standing, 8 Simple Rules, etc. Name a sitcom revolving around a family with at least one parent and at least one child and there's a good chance that the parent(s) is/are amazingly embarrassing.
  • Friends has it from time to time:
    • Ross and Monica's father Jack has sex-related comments (e.g. asking his daughter's husband if he's able to give her an orgasm)
    • Chandler's folks: his mother is a gorgeous sex-driven blonde writer of erotic novels who even kisses one of his best friends, and his father's a gay transgender Las Vegas cabaret entertainer. At one point, Chandler was worried that he was turning into his parents. Ross asks him:
      Ross: Chandler, have you ever put on a black cocktail dress and asked me up to your hotel room?
      Chandler: No!
      Ross: Then you are neither of your parents!
    • The worst example would have to be Mrs Bing proving how good a mother she is by revealing she bought Chandler his first condoms. On the Jay Leno show.
      Chandler: (watching)...And then he burst into flames.
    • Rachel's parents. Her father is an overbearing man who isn't a smooth tipper and is very easily irritable, but her mum takes the cake. She's like a girl who never grew up, asks Rachel and girls what's new in sex, and is unable to accept a sincere apology.
  • Duncan's mom in The Class (2006) joins him at Yonk and Nicole's house for Thanksgiving, and as she leaves to look at Yonk's trophies, Duncan has to tell Yonk that "I know she's my mom and all, but, uh, she steals." Plus the phone calls.
  • Frank and Estelle Costanza in Seinfeld. Another example of parents so bad that they still embarrass their grown-up son.
  • During the series premiere of Cougar Town, Travis's mother becomes the town's official MILF and his father takes a job mowing the high school's lawns (shirtless!), setting him up for plenty of parental embarrassment in episodes to come.
  • My Parents Are Aliens has this happen quite a lot (partly because they're both Fish out of Water and don't quite understand human society). When Brian wanted to be a magician, he decided to take his magic show straight into the kids high school, despite not actually knowing how to perform any magic tricks in the first place.
  • Hannah Montana:
    • Robbie Ray has moments like this, sometimes unintentionally such as when he brought an embarrassing kitty sweater for Miley's birthday, and sometimes intentionally such as announcing to all of her classmates that she failed her driving licenses and needed daddy to drop her off as punishment for lying and ending up in jail.
    • Trey's parents from an early episode also qualify. They're amazingly snooty rich people who spend their entire episode looking down their long, snobbish noses at Miley for being 'a bumpkin' until Trey finally tells them that he's ashamed of them.
  • Star Trek: The Original Series: Amanda is scolded by Sarek for embarrassing their son by describing his childhood pet as a "fat teddy-bear". McCoy is gleeful until Spock calmly informs him that the "teddy-bears" on Vulcan are "alive and have six inch fangs".
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation
    • Another case of a parent who never ceases to embarrass her daughter is Lwaxana Troi, whose flirtatious and forceful personality causes endless grief for her daughter Deanna. Whenever she comes on board the ship, she's likely to condescend to Deanna every chance she gets, butt into other people's affairs, and try to score with an equally-irritated Captain Picard. She's supposed to be an telepath who reads thoughts and emotions.
    • Worf's adoptive parents embarrass him too, but they're not as bad as other examples on this page. It has more to do with Worf's uptight nature than their behavior. They are actually rather sweet.
    • Even Data has an embarrassing mother: Juliana Tainer, a scientist who helps the Enterprise crew jump-start a planet's corenote . She mistakes a therapy session with Deanna for a romantic rendezvous, and later tells Geordi a story about Data's early days: they had to program in a modesty subroutine because Data, who didn't suffer from the elements, saw no reason to wear clothing, which, given that he was anatomically correct, upset the other colonists. There's a reason his parents purged Data's earliest memories. Unlike most examples, however, Data lacks the ability to be embarassed, so he doesn't really mind and even finds the whole idea interesting.
  • Subverted by Bashir's parents in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Dr Bashir, I Presume?" While this initially seems to be the case upon their arrival, the second half reveals he has genuine problems with them that go far beyond simple embarrassment. Namely, that he is the product of illegal genetic manipulation, which his parents were responsible for.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • "Nightmares", where everyone's worst nightmares were coming true had a typical tough-guy/juvenile delinquent student visited by his babying, over demonstrative mother in front of his friends.
    • Buffy's mum slept with Giles in "Band Candy". On the hood of a police car. Twice.
  • All four main characters in The Inbetweeners have one. Will's mum treats him like a child and is lusted after by all his friends, Jay's dad constantly belittles him in front of his friends and has extremely irritable bowels, Simon's dad won't shut up about his sex life, and Neil's dad is Mistaken for Gay by pretty much everyone.
  • Happens at least once, and more likely multiple times, to Kevin in The Wonder Years. Most memorably, his mother took him to the mall shopping for clothes and had him try on a new pair of jeans, right as some kids he knew from school happened to be walking by. After he steps out of the dressing room, Kevin's mom conducts an up close and personal inspection. trumpeting for all to hear that the jeans "need more room in the crotch". In his embarrassment, he imagines hearing that announced over the store's PA.
  • Taken to a near abusive level in The Hard Times of RJ Berger. In just one example, his mother shouts encouragement to him from the next room as he makes out with his girlfriend, and then ENTERS THE ROOM to remove said girlfriend's bra for him.
  • Married... with Children: Kelly would rather people think Sticky the Clown is her father instead of Al; Peggy prefers telling people her husband is dead. Also, Bud and Kelly are both excited when they think Al's going to prison.
  • Fringe's Walter Bishop is clinically insane from having part of his brain cut out, and frequently goes off on tangents about how the shaved head of the corpse that they are experimenting on looks just like Peter's bare bottom when he was a baby.
    Walter: Uh oh.
    Olivia: What?
    Walter: I just got an erection. Oh, fear not, it's nothing to do with your state of undress. I think I simply need to urinate.
  • Alan and Amy Matthews on Boy Meets World were usually just Good Parents however they delved into this on occasion. For example, in one episode Amy decides to take a creative writing class at the local university and happens to enroll in Eric's class. She proceeds to write artsy short stories about her and Alan's wedding night and Eric's birth.
  • When Rita asks Michael Bluth about his family in Arrested Development, the "previous girlfriends" montage reveals the depths of embarrassment his family has caused him, so he simply blurts out the lie "I have no family."
    Michael: (to himself) Why didn't I think of this before?
    • It only got worse when they found out about Rita anyway. They end up kidnapping her, knocking her out and abandoning her on a bench by the road when they think they accidentally killed her.
  • CSI Sara to Grissom, via Skype. "Your mother is talking about our sex life."
  • The Episode 10 family in Los Simuladores.
  • Lampshaded by the hosts in an episode of Wipeout. They even nicknamed her as such, "Embarrassing Mom".
  • There was a recurring sketch on MADtv that used this, except the parents weren't embarrassing but the girl acted like they were.
  • NUMB3RS: Alan Eppes isn't usually quite this bad, but he does have his moments.
  • Rizzoli & Isles: Jane Rizzoli's mother Angela has a noted tendency to show up at her daughter's work.
    Angela: I promise I won't embarrass you.
    Jane: Thirty years of experience says otherwise.
  • Most of the main characters of The Big Bang Theory have embarrassing parents, Howard's mother being featured most prominently. Sometimes it's the case of Parents as People. Or the guys feel they would like to swap families because the grass is greener...
    • Howard has a typical overbearing Jewish Mother with raspy voice who treats him as a young teenager. She treats the guys as kids who came to play etc., but to be fair, Howard clearly depends on her to take care of him as though he's a child; this and his complaining amounts to a lot of mixed signals.
    • Bernadette's mother is supposed to be overbearing (that's how she and Howard bonded), but when she was later actually on-screen, she was quite normal, except she wasn't much of a talker and Howard didn't feel welcome in their home.
    • Leonard's mother is an iceberg of a woman. However, Penny manages to get her drunk once, and boy, is she embarrassing! She even attempts to make out with Sheldon.
    • Sheldon's mom has shades of this trope, but she's generally the favorite parent of the group. She comes from rural Texas and tends to make racially insensitive remarks; when the guys get uncomfortable, she thinks it's Political Correctness Gone Mad. Sheldon considers her a religious nut.
    • Raj's parents embarrass him through Skype sometimes. Their emphasis on traditions is perplexing and their opinions on romantic and sexual life are extremely dated. Though once, when they wanted to berate Rajesh, they told him to take his laptop somewhere private.
  • A recurring sketch in Scottish comedy show Chewin' the Fat involved a teenager with his parents, who cheerfully announce to anyone they meet that their son has just started masturbating.
  • In the drama Wizards of Waverly Place, Alex seems to think this about her parents (and Justin has gone there himself, but not without cause).
  • In Cranford, Miss Mary Smith's stepmother is a matchmaker from hell who desperately tries to marry her off to anybody would make an offer. She comments on her appearance (why didn't she curl her hair?) and forces her to hold a baby in order to make Mary appear more feminine and domestic, even though Mary clearly doesn't want to.
  • Finn Nelson's dad in My Mad Fat Diary.
  • Subverted in Sherlock, where both Sherlock and Mycroft act like their parents are mortally embarrassing, yet they're actually quite mundane. The boys are so eccentric that their normal parents are on a completely different wavelength. The third season does, however, reveal that their mother was quite brilliant in her day. She chose family over the career of a brilliant mathematician. Mary also guesses that Sherlock's father is also secretly intelligent, who immediately reciprocates.
  • Subverted in Orange Is the New Black, where it turns out that Crazy-Eyes is embarrassed by her very normal, upper-middle-class adoptive parents. She acts like a sulky teenager when they visit.
  • While Freddie's mother is also a smotherer on iCarly, Mrs. Bensoin becomes extremely embarrassing in "iMoveOut". First, she interrupts an iCarly webcast to bring Freddie the asparagus he didn't eat for supper, making him eat it while singing her childish vegetable song. This is done on camera in front of the iCarly audience. She later shows students at school his baby pictures.
  • Played with a twist on The Sifl and Olly Show. Olly had Sifl's mom call their show and tried to get her to tell embarrassing childhood stories about Sifl. She did... except the stories all actually ended up being about something Olly did.
  • Dan from One Tree Hill is seen practicing dancing with his iPod in his ears, much to the embarrassment of Nathan who catches him.
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:
    • Kimmy's stepfather is a slack-jawed moron, which is all the more alarming given that he's a law enforcement officer.
    • Subverted by Jacqueline's parents, who are perfectly normal people, but she's ashamed of them simply because they're Lakota Indians.
  • Henry Danger: Henry's mother has no problem talking to him about his underwear in front of his friends.
  • Even Snow White and Prince Charming are not above mortifying their daughter on Once Upon a Time, especially when said daughter's relationship with a pirate is involved.
  • ER's Abby Lockhart's bipolar mother shows up uninvited, unannounced, and in the beginning stages of a manic phase and proceeds to run through the ER screaming, looking for her. She cranks it Up to Eleven in the final episode of her arc by walking into a store, demanding a job, trying to steal an expensive scarf and eventually running through a glass window. When she's brought to the hospital for treatment, she repeats the "running and screaming" bit from before. Even worse, Abby's detached attitude throughout the entire segment indicates that this is the umpteenth time she's had to deal with incidents like this.
  • Sisters. Second-oldest sister Teddy falls Off the Wagon (she's grappling with her husband's murder) the day she's to have dinner with her daughter, her daughter's boyfriend, and his parents—and shows up at the restaurant so drunk she can barely walk. Her daughter blasts her for humiliating her and her attitude indicates that this isn't the first time Teddy has done something like this.
  • General Hospital's Karen's mother is already like this, being a tramp and an alcoholic. It's driven home when Karen attends a party at her boyfriend's house and her mother shows up in a tacky dress and proceeds to get drunk. When Karen blasts her for her behavior, her mother tries to guilt trip her, asking, "Are you saying you're ashamed of your own mother?" Karen refuses to back down, flat-out telling her, "Yes, I am. Look at you. You've got too much makeup on, you're hanging out the top of your dress, you've had too much to drink. . .". Unfortunately, she doesn't learn much from this speech and proceeds to fawn over how rich her boyfriend is everytime he's around, making Karen fear that he'll think she's a Gold Digger.
  • Chelsea and Raven from Raven's Home usually aren't embarrassing. Sometimes, however, they embarrass their kids. In one episode, while unloading the laundry Raven and Chelsea began cooing over Nia's training bra in front of her.
  • MTV's True Life:
    • "True Life: I Have Embarrassing Parents" has featured a wannabe rocker dad, a couple of nudists, and a Star Wars fanboy dad. The tale of Star Wars Dad and his son is quite touching: Dad is a staunch believer in The Force while his son is an avid hunter, something dad doesn't really approve of. The son grudgingly agrees to go to a Star Wars 'con (possibly the 'con, "Celebration"). In the end, father and son are seen walking together in understanding, with dad in his Jedi robes and son... in Stormtrooper armor.
    • Another True Life episode, "True Life: I Have a Hot Mom" followed two teenage girls dealing with a specific form of this trope.
  • In the Broad City episode "Abbi's Mom," Abbi's mom gets drunk at a restaurant, stands on a table, and shouts, "My daughter fucked thirty-two men!"
  • Victorious: While his parents don't appear, Andre does live with his grandmother, who appears to be going senile and has No Indoor Voice. This leads to several awkward moments when she's around Andre and his friends.
  • So Awkward: Lily certainly feels this way about her mother. Given her mother has a habit of knitting her jumpers with Lily's own face on them, and shows Lily's boyfriend her naked baby photos, she may have a point. Everyone except Jas thinks of her father as one, due to him being The Klutz. Jas (who is also The Klutz) has never noticed anything odd or embarrassing about his behavior.
  • A sketch in one-off comedy special How To Irritate People has Michael Palin's character being repeatedly showed up by his parents in front of his new wife, mostly via his father's being as annoying as possible to get Palin to switch the channel on the TV, and then by his mother's displaying No Indoor Voice while listing every single ingredient in the dinner that she intends to cook... and then doing it again when she remembers that she bought pork instead of chicken.
  • Cheers: Esther Clavin has no problem embarrassing her son Cliff, a man in his thirties, in front of everyone he knows, regaling them with Little Known Facts, or sharing stories about how she had difficulty giving birth to Cliff in the first place. That's when she's not being genuinely emotionally abusive towards him. Strangely enough, most of the Cheers gang still seem to prefer her to Cliff.
    Frasier: (having seen Esther for the first time) Suddenly I'm having this vision of Cliff being heroically well-adjusted!
  • In Just Roll With It, Owen and Blair feel Rachel and Byron are this. The latters' attempts to prove they're not just make it worse.
  • The worst the parents were in /Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn was in "Quad for Teacher". Tom, subbing for their injured gym teacher, has the quads show off a game called "Meow Meow" they played when they were preschoolers. Even worse is when he had their classmates play it as well.
    • In "Quad with a Blog", one of the reasons the quads' friends stopped hanging out at Get Sporty Cafe was because their parents were too intrusive and wouldn't just leave the kids alone.
  • We Are Who We Are: Sarah embarrasses Fraser greatly when Caitlin comes over for dinner, telling her he liked to dress up in turbans by using towels as a child, despite her wife Maggie's objections. He flies into a rage about it afterward.


    Myths & Religion 
  • This even shows up in The Bible:
    • Mary does this to Jesus twice. First at the Finding in the Temple, second at the Wedding at Cana.

  • In episode five of Mystery Show, Jake Gyllenhaal refuses to tell Sloane his height, but his mother is more willing to (try to) help.

  • Ivy's parents from Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues. Her father calls her 'sweetpea' and has thoroughly researched the 'teenage lifestyle' so he can be prepared for whatever she throws at him. Her mother, while not as bad, has still recollected childhood memories that elicit the classic "Mom." from Ivy.

  • Older Than Steam: Shakespearean plays
    • In Romeo and Juliet, while the Nurse is technically not one of Juliet's parents, she otherwise fits this trope to a T. She's filled with embarrassing stories about Juliet as a toddler, and she loves to tell them at great length long after her audience has lost interest. Juliet has to beg her to shut up on more than one occasion.
      • Then throw in that this is Shakespeare, many of her rambling stories included double-entendres about how Juliet is expected to have sex and become pregnant very soon.
    • Gloucester in King Lear loves to parade his illegitimate son about and tell all and sundry about the fun he had with his mother.

    Video Games 
  • In Baldur's Gate, CHARNAME's adopted parents, the monks of Candlekeep, include a few of these, but the two best examples have to be Theodon and Jessup, who, if not dramatically cut off, will happily ramble on to CHARNAME and their party about what a cute little nudist toddler they were, regaling them with a story of one incident when CHARNAME stole the cloak of Khelban Blackstaff and made it into a cape, giving it back only when Khelban used a spell to catch them, and commenting on how they wished they had a chance to show off some of CHARNAME's baby pictures.
  • EarthBound: In literally his first sentence to the main party, Jeff's father Dr. Andonuts blurts out that his son still wets the bed sometimes.
  • In Tales of the Abyss, Anise Tatlin's parents are the most embarrassing parents to ever live due to being so bad at telling when people scam them out of their money with unbelievable offers. They even think the thieves who stole from them had a very good reason to do so, which isn't even the case. Their overall stupidity is just perhaps the reason their daughter turned into a conniving Gold Digger desperate to solve their horrendous financial situation.
  • In Fire Emblem Awakening, Nah loves her mother Nowi but considers her as such since she's very child-like in behavior (or so it seems) and in looks.
  • In Final Fantasy XV, before Noctis leaves for the roadtrip, his father asks Noctis' friends/bodyguards to guide his "wayward son" and care for him. Since Noctis is 20 and surrounded by his Vitriolic Best Buds at this point, he finds this quite embarrassing. (Other scenes show that Noctis hates the caution and formality everyone in his family has to act with.)
  • In Granblue Fantasy, Aliza's mom, Alicia, tells several embarrassing stories to the main character and Lyria in the introductory Fate Episode for her SSR version. Aliza can't stand them because it reminds her of when she used to be weak and cry.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, when Paya's conversations with Link turn to how she got her name, she reluctantly reveals that it comes from a papaya-shaped Distinguishing Mark, but she's too embarrassed to say where exactly it is. Her grandmother Impa eventually reveals it's on her left buttock, leaving Paya mortified. It's actually a bit of an Out-of-Character Moment for Impa; asking about the birthmark most times will lead Impa to gently lead Link away from the topic, and she only reveals where it is after realizing how big of a crush Paya has on Link.
  • The Delta Episode of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire involves Steven's father embarrassing him in front of the player by poking fun at his impatience, culminating in a loud "Dad!" from Steven with a literal >:( face.
  • In Yakuza 5, Mayumi's father visibly embarasses her when he bluntly tells the man she's been trying (and largely failing) to have a relationship with that she's in love with him, but that it clearly will never be reciprocated.

    Visual Novels 
  • Ace Attorney has Apollo's adoptive father, Dhurke Sahdmadhi. He cheerfully talks about having pictures of a little Apollo running around naked outside, tries reading his diary with Trucy's help, and teases his son about how him being agitated reminded him of how he used to throw tantrums as a little kid.
  • In Reflections on the River, Ah Niu is not actually related to Zheng, but describes himself as a good source of embarrassing childhood stories about Zheng anyway. However, his comments are actually more than just embarrassing — the very fact that he can tell stories about Zheng's childhood reveals that Zheng's claim to be magically ageless is a fiction.
  • Amnesia: Memories has Kent see his parents this way. When the heroine meets his parents, they are very enthusiastic about their son's relationship and mention that, logically speaking, nothing is stopping them, and even talk about their genetics being compatible. Kent tries to set things straight, since their relationship is still pretty fresh and he's convinced that, if the heroine regains her memories, she'll hate him again. Amnesia LATER makes it worse for Kent because his parents make no secret of the fact that they consider the heroine as his future wife and their daughter-in-law. And mention how he tried to wash the entire futon when he got the cover dirty.
    Kent: Mother, father. Would you please cut that out?

    Web Animation 

    Web Comics 
  • The alt text in this xkcd involving Totally Radical.
  • Misfile:
    • Ash's dad is a gynecologist who treats several of her friends — and will happily talk shop over the dinner table when said friends have come over. Taken to a whole new level because he has a terrible memory for faces, but never forgets a vagina.
    • Meanwhile, Ash's mom Marie is a former lingerie model who has appeared in her fair share of racy catalogs. Ash notes that trying on bras would be awkward enough even if there wasn't a large poster of her topless mother hanging in the fitting room. She's also prone to embarrassing questions.
  • In Rascals, Quick and Jazmin meet up with Kyoko, Jazmin's mom, and Gloria, Quick's Mom, erroneously assuming that they're dating and making babies as seen here and on the next few pages here.
  • In David Willis' Shortpacked!, the surly, misanthropic Mike's parents (who he continually denounces to his girlfriend Amber) are revealed to be extraordinarily understanding parents who appear to be straight out of a fifties sitcom — except that they are equally extraordinarily frank about their sex life and willing to give advice. Which explains just why Mike was so keen to keep Amber as far away from them as humanly possible. However, it's never stated whether they were always like this or whether this is their reaction to Mike dying at the end of It's Walky and coming back a year later with no explanation.
  • Girly: Cloudcuckoolander Winter's parents manage to embarrass even her. "ANYONE would be embarrassed by parents who go out in broad daylight to smack each other with bats while wearing penguin suits!"
  • In Everyday Heroes, Steve Mighty and Lee Free Sr. are discussing classic rock artists such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Grateful Dead... then Mr. Mighty starts talking about his favorite bands.
  • In Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures, Kria Soulstealer is quite possibly the most embarrassing parent ever. Highlights include:
  • In Sabrina Online, you have R.C.'s parents, Conrad and Rainwater Conrad. They are serious hippies, and very socially accepting. Conrad once said he was beginning to suspect R.C. was gay before he met Sabrina, Not That There's Anything Wrong with That. Conrad apparently once grabbed Zig Zag's ass as well.
  • Questionable Content:
    • Dora's parents, Peter and Elssa Bianchi, are serious stoners, prone to massive over sharingnote . Plus, Peter shares Dora's taste in porn (who happens to be her boyfriend Marten's mother).
    • Marten's mother herself; she is a high-profile fetish model and professional domme who helped Dora discover her sexuality, and she constantly asks Marten about his sex life in public.
    • Claire and Clinton's mother Aurelia has her moments, though more with Clinton since he still lives at home. One time he knocked on the door and was answered by his mom and a college hunk he'd previously tutored, in their underwear. Nobody else knows yet, but she managed to embarrass him even when it's just the two of them by revealing that she has a major videogame streaming channel on You Tube with a sexy cow avatar.
  • Cloud from Sandra and Woo probably won't go to a restaurant together with his parents anytime soon again.
  • In a Naruto comic Naru/Hina, Shikimaru's mother appears to be one of these. this page says it all.
  • The queen of this in Girls Next Door is Jareth's mother Jadis. Highlights include: Routinely calling him a "waste of genes". Telling the effects of cold air on guys in Painted-On Pants (his favorite clothing) in front of his friends. Writing Christmas cards to him in nothing but insults and innuendos. Forcing his unwilling love interest to participate in their family events. And getting together with the guy he loathes most.
    • And this is a Mega Crossover 'verse that has two Ax-Crazy murderers with family issues. Todd and Nathan, who both showed their embarrassing parent side in Roommates (on their first meeting they swaped stories and baby pictures). Also let's not forget Morgan who took pictures of her son and his boyfriend kissing in the name of fanservice in Superintendent.
  • Spinnerette has Super Milf, whose superhero name both A. calls attention to the fact that she has kids, and B. calls attention to the fact that she's a near-exhibitionist for whom being a superhero is largely a sexual fetish. If we have yet to see the kids, in can only be because they are in hiding.
  • Zeus' Godly Goodtime portrays Zeus as this. His constant pestering embarrasses his son Kratos. At one point, Zeus even asks if he can join Kratos in bed!
  • Bar'd has Caek's parents reminiscing about the one time she had an octopus girlfriend. To the man she recently tied the know with. In the middle of their wedding reception.
  • Da-Jeong's father in The Friendly Winter is a well-meaning but immature Manchild. He also treats and dresses her like a little kid when she's nineteen, though that has to do with her looking like a seven year old
  • Ménage à 3: Takeru hasn't said much about his daughter Yuki's childhood (yet), but his first reaction on Gary being introduced to him as Yuki's new boyfriend was to start talking marriage and babies in faintly creepy terms. And Yuki would doubtless be embarrassed by his porn manga work if she didn't simply hate it.
  • Savestate: This page demonstrates the trope quite well.
  • 21st Century Fox: Jack is staggering into the kitchen when he discovers that not only his parents, but Jenny's parents as well as a crowd of relatives have arrived here.
  • Evil, Inc.: Lightning Lady's mother visits, unliaterally sends a cleaning service to her house, objects to her supervillain outfit, and tries to fix her up with Dr. Muskiday. She resorts to pretending to be in a relationship.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: Lalli manages to fall victim to this despite losing both his parents at age eight and not making any friends before age nineteen. One evening has Lalli dream of the events that caused the death of his parents, and the magic system allows his new friends to witness them. The memories include Lalli's mother giving him a big hug and calling him childish nicknames. Lalli's friends are obviously stifling laughs at the sight.
  • Winston's mother in Freefall is a transhumanist whose reaction to her son dating an uplifted wolf is scientific enthusiasm. In addition to asking embarrassing questions, she also strips off in the hope that Florence will too so she can see how she's made.

    Web Original 
  • This example from Not Always Right:
    [I noticed condoms along with the other party items the mother is buying]
    Me: Oh, are you having a party soon?
    Mother: [nods] My little James is growing up. He's going to have an orgy with all his little friends, aren't you Captain Muffinpants?
    Me: [suppresses laughter] Will that be all?
    Son: YES! YES THAT WILL BE ALL! [runs to car]

    Web Videos 
  • Kevin's Dad in Kev Jumba's videos. His dad is a strict and incredibly stereotypical Chinese father.
  • CollegeHumor: In "The Six Ways You'll See Your Dad," one of them is "The Clown", where the son starts to see his father as a unfunny dork.
  • Whenever the LPer Masae Anela's mother (under the alias "MomAnela") guest stars in one of her videos (generally for Mother's Day specials), she seems to enjoy embarrassing her daughter with inappropriate comments. Most frequently, she'll make teasing remarks about Masae's bust size, though it's not unheard of for her to go further than that...
    MomAnela: [Mr. Game & Watch] would make a good tattoo. Where would you put that? Okay, where would you put that tattoo, on your body? I'd like to know. Tell me right now; time is ticking. Let me know.
    Masae: My... my shoulder.
    MomAnela: [disappointed sigh]
    Masae: What?
    MomAnela: Okay, go on.
    Masae: What?
    MomAnela: Right here, by your right-
    Masae: No!
    MomAnela: You know, right above your-
    Masae: No! Anyway, what number was that again, sorry?
    MomAnela: Even the lip of your-
    Masae: NO!
  • The parents of the Mc Cormack family in the Foil, Arms and Hog Mc Cormack sketches.
  • Dad: Dad, naturally, is seen as embarrassing by Daughter. This is brought up in "Can't Be Stopped":
    Drive Daughter to Electric Zoo
    Drop her off, then Dad sneaks in
    The beat takes over and body begins
    I'm cutting shapes, 2 stepping
    They take their phones & start gramming
    Now Daughter sees, she's horrified...

    Western Animation 
  • Lois and Peter in Family Guy. Especially where Meg is concerned.
    • In "He's Too Sexy for His Fat":
      Lois: Will you keep your voice down? You're embarrassing him! [Chris]
      Peter: What are you talking about? If I wanted to embarrass him, I'd do something like this. Hey, hey everybody, hey look what Chris Griffin's father, Peter Griffin's doing! (sucks his own nipple)
    • In "Fifteen Minutes of Shame", Meg tricks the family onto the Jerry Springer-like talk show.
  • South Park:
    • All of the parents, with the possible exception of Sharon.
    • Randy Marsh is the show's crowning example of this trope, when accounting for the other degrees of uselessness of the adults. Stan often uses a variation of the Face Palm where he closes his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose in response to his father's stupidity.
      • He gets drunk at every little league game and gets into fights with other dads.
      • Gets caught drunk driving, thinks alcoholism is an incurable disease until getting his 9 year old son to drive him to a religious miracle to get cured of his alcoholism.
      • Quits his job repeatedly to chase the new dream of the week, be it a reality show gourmet cafeteria chef or a worker at Walmart.
      • Along with the other adults, sends the kids away to keep them from being abducted. When several days later and a Mongolian demolition of the city wall occurs, he thinks the kids have become Mongolians.
      Stan: Jesus they've done some stupid crap before, but Jesus Christ.
      • Convinces the town that the town's spending has made the economy, a sentient being, angry and that the town must repent by forgoing any spending and wearing bedsheets as clothing.
      • Creates the word "timecist" to describe people who are intolerant towards the people from the future. Then, after a future person takes his job, becomes the spokesman for the big pile of men having gay sex with each other to try to un-breed the future people.
    • Sheila Broflovski, Kyle's mother, is easily a close second. An on-and-off Moral Guardian (taken to full-blown Knight Templar levels in The Movie) completely oblivious to the disproportional ways she treats her son vs. the rest of the world (seeing fit to control his every behavior while letting Cartman walk all over him). Oh, and she's also from New Jersey.
    • The McCormick parents joined a doomsday cult of Cthulhu for free beer and are crackheads. They also have a meth lab in an open shed in their backyard.
    • Ms. Cartman is apparently a famous enough porn star to end up on the cover of Crackwhore Magazine.
    • This is weaponized by the parents when they find out that Chinpokomon is brainwashing kids into becoming terrorists. They know the surest way to get their kids to stop liking Chinpokomon is to pretend to like it themselves, because anything parents like is automatically uncool and embarrassing for the sole reason that parents like it.
  • Those Scurvy Rascals: During her visit, Shark Bait's mom proves to be this. The same is implied for Smelly Pete's mom at the end of the episode.
  • Kim Possible has parents like this. On the other hand, the Alpha Bitch and Big Bad Dr. Drakken's mothers are like this too. The Mother's Day episode is a train wreck of social awkwardness. And does not mark the only appearance of any of the Mothers.
  • Professor Wakeman humiliates Jenny in My Life as a Teenage Robot and Jenny is miserable about it until Brad tells her part of being a teenager is enduring mortifying embarrassment at the hands of their parents. At which point Jenny feels a lot better, knowing all teenagers go through it.
  • American Dragon: Jake Long: For one episode it was both parents tucking annoying little rhyming Post-It notes on his person that people would find and read. But for the duration of the series, except for the Father's Day episode in the last season, Jake's father was not just embarrassing by the old stories ? he had embarrassing nicknames and behavior. To quote Jake when Rose asks if they can practice their lines for the play at his house: "My house is being fumigated."
  • Daria:
  • Frequently comes up in The Simpsons. "Lisa the Greek" had Bart and Marge shopping for clothing and she does things such as suggest he try on some cute underwear when other kids were around and opening the door to the changing room without warning while he was still getting dressed. It came off as less of 'Marge is embarrassing' than 'Marge is a Cloudcuckoolander Jerk'. Then again, they don't object to much of what Homer does because he is at least frequently called on it, even though everything snaps back by the end.
    • The episode "The Front" has this converdation at the begining:
      [After watching Krusty chastise a cheff for reminding his audience that he's Jewish by preparing a dish based on of his mother's recipe]
      Lisa: It's so sad that Krusty is ashamed of his roots.
      Homer: (With plunger stuck on his head) Marge, it happened again. (Pulls on handle, it comes off, but suction cup stays on his head) Ohh.
      Bart: What are you gonna change your name to when you grow up?
      Lisa: Lois Sanborn.
      Bart: Steve Bennett.
    • In the episode "Homerpalooza", Homer embarrasses his kids with his taste in music, which hasn't changed since his teen years in the 1970s. A flashback reveals that he felt the same way about his own father, who gives him a dire warning:
      Homer: You wouldn't understand, dad. You're not "with it".
      Abe: I used to be with "it". Then they changed what "it" was. Now, what I'm with isn't "it", and what's "it" seems weird and scary to me. And it'll happen to yoooooouuuu!
  • Doug:
    • Subverted when Doug is terrified that his older sister will tell everyone about his secret crush when she does a poetry recital at his school. (She doesn't.)
    • Played straight when Doug's father shows up at his first party... dressed as a party clown. "The cheese stands alone! The cheese stands alone!"
    • Then played straight again in "Doug's Sister Act" when Judy is afraid that her family is too boring for her new boyfriend Kyle, so she dresses up the folks and writes them a script.
  • In Goof Troop, Goofy is generally this towards Max. Max is at times characterized as generally ashamed of Goofy in general, so it's not just one-way.
  • Inverted in House of Mouse. Max was afraid his father Goofy would embarrass him on his date when the rest of cast did it for him.
  • Spinelli's parents in Recess. They are actually revealed to be very famous and skilled secret agents, though Spinelli herself is unaware of this, leading one to wonder whether they really are like this or if they are faking being your 'normal ultra-embarrassing parents' as part of their secret identity.
  • Pepper Ann: The titular character's mom, Lydia, occasionally slips into this. At one time, when she took Pepper Ann bra shopping, PA literally melts. However (for the rest of the series), deep down, they love each other very much.
  • Butch Hartman must really love this trope cause this happens in almost every series he has made:
    • What can you say other than poor... poor Timmy on The Fairly OddParents. If they're not ignoring him, they're very embarrassing.
    • And when he got Cosmo and Wanda to appear human to pose as his parents to meet Crocker for parent-teacher night, Hilarity Ensued.
    • Jack and Maddie in Danny Phantom, though there are frequent times both Danny and Jazz admire them and their abilities. One of the biggest extreme would be in "Forever Phantom" when the two are on a search and rescue mission for their son. One of their methods is announcing to the entire city of Amity Park to keep an eye out for their son AKA "the cutest, sweetest son in the world." They later add their further desire to "shower him with hugs and kisses".
  • Invader Zim's "parents" are Amazingly Embarrassing for a unique reason: they're robots meant to aid in his disguise as a human being. Unfortunately, they're not very good at it. In the episode "Parent Teacher Night", Zim tries reprogramming his robot parents so that they act more human (and don't attack random passersby). Due in part to Gir's meddling, this had disastrous results.
  • The Powerpuff Girls has the episode "Powerprof" in which their father Professor Utonium, wanting to spend more time with the girls, builds a power suit so he can fight crime alongside them. He then proceeds to embarrass them by being highly overprotective, using painfully outdated slang, and casually revealing to the public gathered that Bubbles was wetting the bed until recently.
  • In The Addams Family (1992), Wednesday and Pugsley's friend Norman has a father who prides himself on being the best underwear salesman ever, and his mother is a rather spacey Stepford Smiler. It doesn't help that his parents absolutely hate the Addams and tend to end up embarrassing themselves in their schemes to get them to leave. Notably in one episode, his father was doing a 'history of underwear' for school career day, making Norman hold up said historical undies.
  • The Kids From Room 402 has this with Cody's mom, who doesn't seem to grasp the fact that her son's bathroom habits aren't the sort of thing to be discussed in public, let alone in front of Cody's peer-group.
  • Starlee's parents from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward.
  • Ben 10: Ben's parents Carl and Sandra are New Age Retro Hippies who don't really embarrass him in public in front of others — they're just embarrassing on principle.
  • Peggy Hill of King of the Hill can be like this to Bobby, he mostly finds it embarrassing in public or when he's around his friends. Usually the trope is inverted; Hank is extremely embarrassed of Bobby.
  • This drives the plot of an episode of Birdz. Eddie is embarrassed by his dopey father, but they quickly grow to bond after getting lost on a scavenger hunt.
  • Hercules: The Animated Series: Hercules's foster parents fell into this trope when it was the day parents visited their children at Hercules' school. In their defense, Hercules would be disappointed anyway since he expected his birth parents to show up.
  • Milo's parents on The Oblongs. At a parent-teacher conference, his mother gets stuck in a desk and his father plays the piano... despite having no arms or legs.
    Milo: Helga, I want you to take this compass and drive it deep into my forehead.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • The episode "Family Appreciation Day" had Apple Bloom noticing all the embarrassing things her Granny Smith did once the resident Alpha Bitch pointed it out to her.
    • Rarity's parents seem to be this at first glance. Their manner of dress, speech and preference for eating badly-made food indicate they're nothing like their elegant and high-society daughter. However, the main plot of the episode brushes them aside before we're shown if Rarity does feel ashamed of them or not.
    • Rainbow Dash's parents are definitely this. They go out of their way to cheer her on for everything, up to and including hanging up a towel (Dash even lampshades the ridiculousness of that), and are hammy enough to give Rainbow herself a run for her money. The episode they appear in nonetheless ends in a pretty one-sided way, with Rainbow apologising to her parents for not appreciating them (with just the slightest nod in the other direction, as the parents claim that Rainbow going out of her way to show her appreciation for them is a little embarrassing).
    • Terramar and Silverstream's mother, Ocean Flow, has shades of this with this typical exchange.
      Ocean Flow: [to Twilight] Both of my children are so smart. Would you like to see their baby pictures?
      Terramar: MOM!
    • In "The Parent Map", both Starlight's dad Firelight and Sunburst's mom Stellar Flare refuse to leave their kids alone, with the former treating Starlight like she's still a kid, and the latter treating Sunburst like he can't take care of himself without her to guide him. Also, both parents keep constantly embarrassing them in public by calling them pet names and pestering them about the future.
  • Roger Baxter is this to his daughter Blythe in Littlest Pet Shop (2012), especially in the episode "Helicopter Dad".
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius episode "How To Sink a Sub" had this when Jimmy sends all his teachers into outer space and all the kids' parents decide to fill in for them, putting this trope into effect. Judy at one point shows all of Jimmy's classmates his baby pictures.
  • The Scotsman becomes this in the final season of Samurai Jack. Right before he and his daughters charge into battle as part of a larger army, he holds up everything to tell his daughters to cover themselves before they catch their death of cold. Every last one reacts as a typical embarrassed teenager.
    • It should be noted that all of the daughters were wearing clothes that could be best described as revealing.
  • The New Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show has Mr. Peabody's foster parents who are non-anthropomorphic dogs. The embarrassment is so bad the normally unfettered Mr. Peabody suffers a complete nervous breakdown.
  • Planet Sketch: Parodied in the "My Mother, The Armchair" segments. The teenage girl protagonist often acts like her mother is doing something embarrassing, despite the latter being an inanimate armchair..
  • W.I.T.C.H.:
    • Will's mother calls her by the Embarrassing Nickname "Pink Perky Pookie Pumpkin" at least once.
    • Irma's parents are this way to her. They have brought cookies to Parents Night, which is mildly embarrassing enough for Irma, but they also have called her a pet-name from her infancy around her friends. Episode 4 has her trying to avoid her parents embarrassing her at a party she's hosting. When she leaves them in charge to go out for a moment, she later returns to find out they actually did the opposite and made the party more fun.
  • In Beetlejuice, the title character's parents are so dull, their pictures are in the Netherworld Dictionary, under "Boring". Literally. They still manage to embarrass him.
  • In American Dad!, this is actually a plot point in one episode, where Steve pretends that Greg and Terry are his parents so he won't have to introduce his new girlfriend to Stan and Francine. His reasoning is that his father would either drive her away by saying or doing something stupid, and if not, then his mother's crappy food would kill her. It's further cemented when Klaus reveals that Stan keeps a pack of "inbred dinner wolves" in a trap-door under the kitchen floor to feed Francine's food to instead of eating it himself. Despite the silliness, it's still portrayed seriously, as these and other problems were all secrets the family had been keeping from each other instead of dealing with the problems.
  • Linda is this to Louise in Bob's Burgers. This is really just a matter of Linda either not recognizing or not caring that Louise isn't like other girls her age and doesn't care about things 9-year-old girls are stereotypically interested in, or even about getting to know other 9-year-old girls in general. The two biggest examples are when Linda drags Louise to an 8-hour new age mother-daughter seminar in "Mother Daughter Laser Razor", and when Linda organizes a surprise slumber party for Louise without her permission, after Louise explicitly voiced her opposition to the concept, in "Slumber Party". Bob can also be embarrassing at times, but this is usually when he playfully needles Louise about being a Daddy's Girl, which she takes in stride because, to a certain extent, he's right.
    • Linda is this to Tina in "Grand Mama-Pest Hotel" after Tina bonding with a cool girl at a woman's empowerment conference freaks her out because she's afraid Tina won't want to hang out with her anymore. She causes trouble at the hotel to seem cool to Tina, and when she gets banned from the hotel, she sneaks back in wearing a ridiculous disguise to try and convince the keynote speaker to say that her inspiration was her mother so Tina won't start devaluing Linda.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy had an example of an amazingly embarrassing grandparent in the short "Hate in an Elevator", where Irwin, his grandmother, and Mandy get stuck in an elevator for 14 hours and Irwin's grandma decides to pass the time by telling humiliating stories about Irwin to Mandy. After they're finally freed, a news crew shows up to interview them about their time in the elevator, which results in Grandmama resuming in telling embarrassing stories about her grandson.
  • In Pixel Pinkie, Nina dearly loves her Hippie Parents, but she does wish they would act a tad more conventionally in public.
  • Sheep in the Big City has Private Public's father embarrass him in "Daddy Shearest" by showing humiliating childhood photos to General Specific and revealing that Private Public constantly wet himself until he was 17.
  • The Bremen Avenue Experience: One episode has Tanner's dad Pete seem like this at first, interrupting their band and showing them the snacks he prepared for them. But this eventually gets subverted when Pete reveals his past, having been The Roadie to plenty of popular bands back in his day and being a good drummer. Tanner starts appreciating his dad after this, thanking him for the snacks and letting him perform his drumming with the band once more.
  • In the Ready Jet Go! episode "Project Pluto", Dr. Rafferty unintentionally embarrasses Sean by mentioning that when he was four, he insisted on carrying a purple hippo plush everywhere.
  • Downplayed in Steven Universe. Steven's dad and Crystal Gems, who all act like Steven's parental figures, don't embarrass Steven as often as usual for this trope, but they still have their moments. For example, in "Bubble Buddies", Pearl embarrasses Steven by being too motherly and Amethyst embarrasses Steven by teasing him.
  • Zeke's Pad: Zeke's father, Alvin, is a total embarrassment in front of Zeke's friends. Alvin has spinach clotted teeth, corny songs, and weird dance moves, none of which strike Zeke as cool.
  • Central Park:
    • In Season 1 "Skater's Circle", Molly has the unfortunate luck to see her father pantless and her mother shirtless and seeing her mother telling her father to "Do me!". For context, Owen is ironing his shorts and Paige realizes her blouse is wrinkly so she takes it off and asks Owen to quickly iron her blouse.
      Molly: So many parents body parts on display right now.
    • In Season 1 "Squirrel, Interrupted", after Molly wins her first chess match against someone other than mom, Paige loudly shouts out their family chess chant, "Stranger-Daughter Blood Chess Champion! Drink the blood!", which embarrasses Molly.
    • In Season 1 "Hot Oven", Owen and Paige teases Molly about having Brendan over for dinner and embarrass her further by thinking about showing off their dance to welcome Brendan.

    Real Life 
  • It's all relative: Billy Joel once stated that the only thing he had to do to get his teen-aged kids to behave in public was to threaten to start singing.
  • A Dave Barry column quoted Billy Joel, then went on to show how Barry trumped all of them. Being a humor columnist, he managed to show up to pick his son up from school once in the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. There's a picture in the book. It is, if anything, more ridiculous than it sounds. Read more here. According to him, embarrassment is the ultimate weapon for parents. He even suggests using it as legal punishment:
    Judge: Young man, this is your third offense. I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you the maximum sentence.
    Youthful Defendant: No! Not...
    Judge: Yes. I'm going to ask your mom to get up here on the court karaoke machine and sing "Copacabana".
    Youthful Defendant: NO! SEND ME TO PRISON! PLEASE!!
  • Neil Gaiman once described it in his own philosophical way: "The trouble with parents, and this is speaking as a parent, is that by our very nature we embarrass our children... You could be King, you could be President, and your own children will still say, 'Oh my God, Dad, just stop singing. We're in public. It's so embarrassing. And put that down...'"
  • On his elder son's 13th birthday, Jeff Tweedy of Wilco brought the kid up on stage at Madison Square Garden and got the crowd to sing "Happy Birthday" to him, sending him off stage afterwards with "It's all downhill from here, kid."
  • Astronaut Scott Parazynski did a Darth Vader impression and told his son "Luke, I Am Your Father"... from orbit. The fact that his son was actually named Luke raises the possibility that he was planning this for a very long time.
  • Alice Roosevelt Longworth, daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, who was notorious for her antics (keeping a snake named Emily Spinachnote , doing handstands at state dinners, putting a tack on a gentleman's seat, riding in cars with men at a time when this was seen as scandalous, placing bets with bookies at the White House, using an officer's sword to cut her wedding cake because the knife was too dull...) probably was this for her daughter Paulina. It didn't end happy: Paulina became depressed and an alcoholic.
  • This family whose elder members have fallen for a doomsday prophet but the kids aren't buying it.
  • Dressing up in costumes to wave at the school bus every day, for the win.
  • This is a major theme in the blog STFU Parents, which documents real-life incidents of parents sharing too much information about their kids over Facebook. Even though a good portion of the kids are too young to see said posts, you can't help but feel sorry for some of them. Considering that on the internet no information ever dies, you can't help but wonder if in a decade or so scouring Facebook for embarrassing childhood stories will become a standard bullying tactic.
  • In her autobiography Fierce, Kelly Osbourne speaks of being embarrassed by her father on numerous occasions as part of her experiences growing up. In one notable case, Ozzy wasn't terribly amused when he found out his wife Sharon had bought then-teenaged Kelly thong underwear as a present, and then proceeded to cut up the thong—in front of her friends.
    • More recently, it's Kelly's mom Sharon that seems to be distressing the young star, as Kelly has expressed embarrassment at her mother's willingness to overshare on The Talk.
    • And then there's the time Sharon had backup while they were on television. It might not have been too painful if the backup hadn't been Marilyn Manson. On the bright side, he managed to embarrass Sharon, and the three of them embarrassed Ozzy and Jack, too.
  • Actor/comedian Ray Romano often lampshades his status as this in his comedy routines and used to do so on Everybody Loves Raymond as well (though on the show he usually makes more fun of his own Amazingly Embarrassing Parents). In one memorable real life incident, Ray won the award for best comedy lead at the People Choice Awards in 2006, during ELR's final season, and invited his then-teenaged sons onto the stage. Being that they were teenagers, they were ultra-embarrassed and refused. Ray being a comedian, he then decided to substitute them by bringing Angus T. Jones of the then-new Two and a Half Men on stage instead, resulting in hilarity for everyone involved. It's definitely worth watching, check it out on here.
  • Renzo Bossi, son of the Italian politician Umberto Bossi, is universally known as The Trout (Il Trota in Italian) thanks to his father. In Italy the heir or designed successor of someone is often called "dolphin", from the Dauphin of France (the heir to the French throne during the monarchy, translated in Italian as 'Delfino di Francia', meaning literally 'Dolphin of France;'note ). After the third time Renzo failed school, a television journalist snidely asked Bossi if Renzo was really his dolphin, prompting Bossi to reply: "That idiot there? At best he's a trout!".
  • The mother of the Woodhouse brothers, two political pundits with opposing viewpoints, called them in the middle of a show to chide them for their constant bickering.
  • In an interview, US President Barack Obama stated that he and his wife Michelle had decided to weaponize this trope. They promised their daughters Sasha and Malia that if either of them ever got a tattoo, both parents would get the exact same tattoo, in the exact same place on their bodies, and would show it off at every opportunity, calling it a "family tattoo". By all accounts, the threat worked perfectly.
    • Then there was the time he semi-jokingly threatened the Jonas Brothers with a drone strike.
    • In 2016 Sasha and Malia were nowhere to be seen during President Obama's final turkey pardon, because they'd become too embarrassed by the seemingly endless stream of dad jokes he'd make during the event. Instead, he was joined by two nephews.
  • John Dickens, father of Charles Dickens tragically so. He was notoriously financially irresponsible throughout his life and at one point while Charles was still a child, John was sent to debtor's prison and Charles had to drop out of school and go to work at a factory to help get his father out of debt. It got worse when Charles became a famous author, and John would send letters to his son's friends and associates begging for money.
  • A Very Senior General in the British Army took the passing-out parade for a squad of newly-minted junior officers, who included his own daughter. Knowing her father's dubious sense of humour, she steeled herself for the ordeal. The general passed down the ranks, commenting and complimenting, attended by the squad's CO and the RSM. Finally he arrived at his own daughter. Pretending not to know her, he turned to the RSM, who played along and prompted him.
    Underofficer Brown-Windsor, SAH!
    (General Brown-Windsor, pretending to have his memory jogged) Oh yes. You seem familiar from somewhere. Believe I might have met your mother once? (pauses, reflects that he also has a son) Probably twice, come to think about it...
  • Brad and Dallas Woodhouse are opposing political pundits, and in 2014 they were on C-SPAN debating each other when they get a call-in from their mother. Just watching them drop their heads and utter "Oh God it's Mom" is worth it.


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