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Kevjumba is one of the more famous youtubers on Youtube He is currently the 261st most subscribed youtuber of all time (down from 19th). Kevjumba makes comical videos and vlogs, the most known are the ones where his father stars. He has connections with theDOMINICshow, Happy Slip and nigahiga.

You can visit his main channel and Jumbafund. Also his Official Web

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Examples From Videos

  • Abusive Parents: In-Universe his dad beats him to make him better man.
    • In "My Dad is asian Ep. 1" once he beat him up with a baseball bat because Kevin got a B on a test, and told the nurse Kevin was hit by a bus.
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    • In "My Dad is asian Ep. 2", his dad whipped Kevin because the director called on him for sleeping in class. When the director was questioning this, PapaJumba denied this, only to have a Gilligan Cut to him whipping Kevin at home. in "My Dad taught me..." reminds us of this event.
  • Adorkable: Both Kevin and his dad.
  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: PapaJumba.
  • Bromance: Either with Ryan or Justin Chon.
  • Education Papa: To the point, PapaJumba beats Kevin up because of a B grade.
  • Hollywood Dateless: Played with and parodied.
  • Nice Guy: Kevin has done a second channel named "Jumbafund", which incomes will go to different charities.
    • Kevin also helped to build a school in Kenya.
    • Dogged Nice Guy: Played with In-Universe. One of the recurring topics on his rants and skits are how Kevin is unable to get himself a girl or him failling miserably. To add insult to the injury, his dad also mocks him because of it.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Ryan and his dad.
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  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: In-Universe Kevin constanly tries his best to not upset his estereotypical chinese father, only for him to say "Well enough".

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