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The real world isn't like how Eileen Codlin wrote it. It's stranger, sadder, scarier, and smellier. But it's also the type of world where you can feel beautiful while flinging around unicorn poop.
Jennifer Van Der Berg, Extraordinary*

The Cornerville Trace Mythos are a series of young adult books by Adam Selzer that take place in the fictional town of Cornersville Trace, Iowa. They started off as a realistic fiction humor series, but have recently started entering the Urban Fantasy genre. They are, in order:

  • How to Get Suspended and Influence People: 14-year-old Leon Noside Harris is a gifted (not to mention endlessly sarcastic) 8th grader who is tasked with creating a sex-ed video (long story). He decides to craft it as an avante-garde film, and also decides to be frank about masturbation, which angers Mrs. Smollett.
  • Pirates of the Retail Wasteland: Leon and his friends from the gifted pool are back, making another film, but this one is a documentary about their favorite coffee shop and the local Starbucks knockoff, Whackfords. Their plan to save the coffee shop involves, sarcasm (as usual), pirates, and accountants.
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  • I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It: This is where the Urban Fantasy aspect sets in (just look at the title). Alley is a high school student living in the post-human era. Some time before, vampires, zombies, and other post-humans came out of the coffin, and now they're a normal part of life. Alley falls for Doug, a zombie, and her life takes an extremely dangerous turn.
  • Extraordinary* *the True Story of my Fairy Godparent, Who Almost Killed Me, and Certainly Never Made Me a Princess: Jennifer Van Der Berg is famous, thanks to a book that was (supposedly) written about her and her fairy "godmother" called Born to be Extraordinary. The problem is that the author got everything totally wrong. The godmother was a creepy, nasty, greasy man named Gregory Grue, who, by the way, threatened to kill Jen if she didn't go along with his plan. This is Jen setting the record straight.


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