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The Dragon

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"My apprentice, Darth Vader, will find and crush your pitiful little band of Rebel friends."
"This world and everything in it now belong to darkness! They belong to my master!"

The Big Bad needs a Number Two; this would be the Evil Counterpart of that (or The Lancer). He's the main villain's right-hand man, his closest confidant (or something akin to it), frequently acts as his Foil, and may be seen working as the front-liner of the evil forces to personally carry out his master's orders as one of his most dangerous and competent subordinates.

A Big Bad and a Dragon aren't a Big Bad Duumvirate, as this would require them to be on equal footing for it to apply. Though a Duumvirate can have one or more Dragons of their own. For literal dragons and their permutations, see Our Dragons Are Different. Not to be confused with the Dragon Lady (which describes a character stereotype, not a character's role).


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Alternative Title(s): Second Biggest Bad, Penultimate Villain, Trusted Lieutenant


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