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  • South Park:
    • Kenny or Butters usually act as this to Cartman.
    • Cthulhu more or less became this to Cartman in "Mysterion Rises".
    • General Disarray to Professor Chaos.
  • Transformers: Generation 1 had Starscream as Megatron's most iconic Dragon.
    • On Transformers Animated, the Ragtag Bunch of Misfits manage barely against the two Brutes because of Blitzwing's uncontrollable temper and Lugnut being just the sort of big, tactless idiot that would be named "Lugnut". But The Dragon, Starscream, is an intelligence and focused force that towers over all the Autobots, save Optimus himself. He even takes out Optimus' commander in one shot. Scarier still is how this foreshadows Megatron, who is bigger than both Starscream and Optimus and Starscream can't put a dent in Megatron to save his life. Who knows what horrors await in Season 3 now that Starscream has cloned himself 4 times.
      • The Starscream clones haven't done much, but Megatron did show why he's the Big Bad and Starscream's The Dragon. In the two-part season finale, Megatron gets hit by an explosion with a 100-mile radius in a small Deus ex Machina ball of Heroic Sacrifice. And all that does is damage him enough so that Optimus Prime can take him down with the Magnus Hammer.
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    • Another show, Transformers: Robots in Disguise, has two dragons: Sky-Byte starts out in this role, but then is later upstaged by Scourge.
    • On Beast Wars, The Dragon role for Megatron is a little more sketchy, as it seems Dinobot fulfilled that role before his Heel–Face Turn in the pilot episode. Later characters shifted in and out of the role, but it wasn't until Megatron put a Restraining Bolt on the psychotic Rampage that we had a solid Dragon. Dinobot II filled the role better later on because he was more loyal to Megatron.
    • Transformers: Prime: Starscream is once again Megatron's Dragon, and is Dragon-in-Chief for a time while Megatron is comatose, during which Knock-Out is his dragon.
      • Now that Megatron has reawakened and Starscream has deserted him it appears Airachnid and Knockout have become Co-Dragons. Though when Airachnid tries to order the Decepticons to abandon Earth (and Megatron), Soundwave steps in and effortlessly stops her power grab.
      • After Airachnid's failed power-play she's still working for the Decepticons, but Soundwave seems to have supplanted her as The Dragon.
      • Airachnid eventually goes rogue, at which point newly-introduced Dreadwing is promoted the second-in-command position.
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    • Interestingly, when Megatron realizes that Unicron's resurrection is imminent in the season one finale, he attempts to position himself as Unicron's Dragon. Unfortunately for him, Unicron considers him beneath notice which leads the infuriated Megatron to enter an Enemy Mine with Optimus to take Unicron down.
    • The Fallen is usually this to Unicron, betraying the other twelve original Transformers in the process.
    • Transformers Robots In Diguise 2015: Thunderhoof, a short-tempered mob boss, becomes Steeljaw's Dragon, though he occasionally shows tendencies of The Starscream.
  • This character concept is parodied on Adventure Time by Gunter, the Ice King's favourite penguin.
  • On Kim Possible, Shego is the Dragon for Doctor Drakken. She's a good deal more practical, clever, competent and, well, better at everything other than designing and building doomsday devices than he. In the Bad Future Movie, she becomes The Supreme One over the entire world, upstaging all the other bad guys.... and transforming Drakken into her own personal Dragon.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • In the original show, Princess Azula is not only the heir apparent to her father Fire Lord Ozai, but also his most capable combatant and strategist.
    • The Legend of Korra:
      • Amon's second-in-command, credited as "The Lieutenant", is also the Equalists' best fighter besides Amon himself; he single-handedly takes down both Mako and Bolin during his first appearance and is nearly a match for Avatar Korra herself.
      • During his brief stint as Republic City's Chief of Police, Saikhan is the chief enforcer of Councilman Tarrlok's increasingly tyrannical policies, though his villainy is more of the punch-clock variety and he willingly steps down after the events of Book One.
      • Korra's uncle Unalaq is revealed to be this to Vaatu, the ancient spirit of darkness, though between the former having his own agenda, Vaatu not being able to directly accomplish anything until being freed, and the two of them ultimately merging into one threat as the Dark Avatar, they could be considered a Big Bad Duumvirate instead.
      • Kuvira from Book Four has Bataar Jr., the eldest son of Suyin and Bataar Sr., who is her most loyal enforcer, Number Two, and her chief scientist/engineer. Varrick also serves as one of Kuvira's Co-Dragons until his defection, as he and Bataar Jr. were the top members of her inner circle once it was established.
  • In BIONICLE, many Arc Villains are this to Makuta Teridax, though they are often manipulated. Examples include the infected Rahi, the Rahkshi (Chronicles), Morbuzakh, Nidhiki, Krekka, Nivawk (Adventures), and Spinax (having been brainwashed by Teridax through the possessed Maxilos) (Legends). In an in-house example, out of all members of the Brotherhood of Makuta, who all star as the Big Bads of the 2008 story (albeit with Teridax absent), Antroz stands victorious for being the brotherhood’s most skilled tactical commander, even though he’s not the brotherhood’s strongest member besides Teridax. That title goes to Icarax instead, whose traits are the reason why he isn’t the Dragon.
  • From Jem episodes: "The Beginning" to "Hot Time In Hawaii", Zipper is the Dragon for Eric Raymond. Zipper is arrested by the Holograms. In the same cartoon, Techrat and "The Stingers" could be considered Dragons to Eric at different times.
  • There are plenty of dragons in Teen Titans and a clear tendency among them to turn on their masters, beginning with Slade's failure to properly inspire Robin's loyalty or fear, continuing with Terra blasting him into a pool of lava, and Bumblebee very soon after her introduction as Brother Blood's apparent second in command. In the fourth consecutive season, Slade gets to be the dragon to Trigon. No points for guessing how that goes. In the fifth season, The Brain had much better luck with his Dragon (part of his Quirky Miniboss Squad) in the form of Monsieur Mallah: those two got their asses kicked together.
    • In season five, we actually see Co-Dragons. Monsieur Mallah is very often seen in the company of The Brain, but does not do much for the majority of the season except act as his personal body guard. The 'Enforcer' portion of that is sidelined to Madame Rouge, who is frequently seen as a terrifying opponent able to defeat numerous Titans with brutal efficiency, including Robin.
  • In Superman: The Animated Series, Darkseid's son, Kalibak, functions as his Dragon. Then Superman learns that, on top of everything else, Darkseid himself is even stronger.
    • Kalibak isn't really Darkeid's Dragon - he considers him an annoying and incompetent liability, and refuses to let him fight Superman. Desaad or Granny Goodness are probably better examples.
    • Mercy Graves probably counts as Lex Luthor's Dragon as a Ninja Maid type, but outside of her memorable Cat Fight with Harley Quinn in the "World's Finest" crossover, she never got to do much Dragon-ing. (After all, when your main adversary is Superman...)
  • The premiere of Batman Beyond has Mr. Fixx as Derek Powers' bodyguard, hit man, and all-around Dragon. He's killed off by the time it's over, but that's okay — a little dose of I Love Nuclear Power, and Mr. Powers is set for the season.
  • In The Spectacular Spider-Man, Hammerhead is the Dragon for Tombstone.
    • Most of the major villain factions in the series have Dragons. Electro acts this role for Doctor Octopus, and Silver Sable for Silvermane.
    • During the Gang War arc, the Vulture takes over as Doc Ock's Dragon while Electro is in the asylum.
  • Cedric for Prince Phobos in W.I.T.C.H..
    • In the second series, Raythar and then Shagon serve as The Dragon to Nerissa at various points. Raythar then briefly takes over Cedric's Dragon role to Phobos, before Cedric goes all Starscream and takes over, making Miranda his Dragon. Villainous second-in-commands for everyone!
  • Code Lyoko features Season 2 newcomer William Dunbar as the unwilling Dragon for an immaterial Big Bad in Season 4. Ironically, while William is "resurrected" numerous times after the heroes "destroy" him, his appearances are never treated only as annoyances, but instead are considered a real threat every time, thus keeping him from entering Mook territory.
    • Before this, in Seasons 2 and 3, a unique monster called "Scyphozoa" was fulfilling this role, directly enabling XANA's scheme (unlike the ordinary Mecha-Mooks). After William's conversion, the Scyphozoa was never again seen at the same time in Season 4.
  • In many adaptations of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder switches between being the Big Bad and The Dragon, though he is the most consistent archenemy of the Turtles'.
    • In the '80s cartoon, Shredder and Krang are better described as a Big Bad Duumvirate.
    • In the 2003 series, the role of the Shredder's dragon is initially filled by Hun, the Lightning Bruiser leader of the Purple Dragons gang. Eventually, he comes to share the role with Shredder's adopted daughter Karai. Later on still, the role is taken by Master Khan, a Foot member trying to bring the organization back together after its apparent dissolution.
  • Gobots: Crasher is Cy-Kill's giggling, psychotic henchwoman and is genuinely more powerful, more threatening and above all else, scarier then he is.
  • Fright Knight from Danny Phantom acted as one to both Pariah Dark and Dark Danny. It seems he would have played the same for Vlad, but their alliance is left ambiguous due to the original writer leaving.
    • And occasionally, Skulker plays this role to Vlad.
  • Allan in Tintin is the closest the series has to a Dragon. First he's an associate of Omar Ben Salaad, then ultimate Big Bad Rastapopoulos. A bullying, volatile, aggressive creep, the only person he kowtows to is his boss of the time, although he doesn't always respect him. His longstanding relationship with the Captain means he's good at mental cruelty too.
  • Jonny Quest episode "Dragons of Ashida". Sumi is the bodyguard of his master Dr. Ashida. Race Bannon defeats him in a judo match before facing Dr. Ashida.
  • Masters of the Universe
    • In The New Adventures of He-Man, Skeletor was demoted to Dragon for the Big Bad Flogg. However, Skeletor was constantly manipulating Flogg from behind the scenes. In the action figures' mini-comics (and the revised Masters of the Univers Classics continuity), the roles were reversed.
    • That said, in both the 1980's cartoon and the 2002 revival Skeletor would eventually be revealed as simply an agent of actual Big Bad Hordak.
    • And Hordak himself was answering to a still bigger Big Bad, Horde Prime. The 2002 series didn't last long enough for us to see if he would be a player there as well, unfortunately.
  • Rhesus-2, a cyborg monkey with a penchant for brain puns, is the Dragon for Lord Nebula in Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys.
  • In The Fairly Oddparents, the Lead Eliminator took on this role for The Darkness in the Wishology trilogy.
  • In X-Men: Evolution, Mystique starts out as the Dragon to Magneto, before striking out on her own in the second season. Sabretooth then seems to take over the Dragon role. Later on, Mesmero serves as the Dragon to Apocalypse.
  • The Secret Saturdays Big Bad V.V. Argost has Munya, a silent zombie like butler who can transform into a giant half man/half spider.
  • In Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Warp Darkmatter is the Dragon to Big Bad Zurg. Though once the TV series started, that relationship seems to have ended, as Warp had since gone freelance.
  • The History episode of Home Movies has a comedic example: Evil George Washington, Picasso and Annie Oakley are planning to destroy the human race and George unveils his "killing machine, who also happens to be [his] favorite kitty" Mr. Pants, who is introduced with a catchy rap song.
    Mr. Pants: I'm the roughest, toughest kitty in the land/My name is Mr. Pants, I'm the kitty cat man/Nobody's gonna stop me from having my way/My name is Mr. Pants and have a nice day
  • In Supernews, Steve Jobs has The Finder do his bidding and track down Bill Gates when they have their nerd wars.
  • General Molotov, Heloise, and Samy alternate in this role to Lucius on Jimmy Two-Shoes.
  • In the Disney version of Robin Hood, the Sheriff of Nottingham is clearly Prince John's Dragon. He's a constant physical threat, leads the squads of Mooks in their attempts to capture Robin, constantly (and relatively loyally) takes orders from his (somewhat) brighter boss, and serves as Robin's final opponent during the movie's climatic battle. Not bad for an overweight wolf with a Southern accent.
  • The Great Mouse Detective has Fidget, Ratigan's loyal bat, who is in charge of carrying out all the kidnapping/stealing/trapping that his Big Bad boss plans.
  • Disney's Aladdin has Iago, Jafar's parrot, who makes trouble for our heroes in stealing their posessions, decieving them with fake voices, and acting as a sort of sentry before the final conflict.
    • The TV series had Haroud as Abis Mal's Dragon, despite almost every line Haroud says to him is dripping with sarcasm, he never actually becomes The Starscream. Also, Xerxes is to Mozenrath as Iago was to Jafar.
  • The hyenas in The Lion King work this way, especially since Scar doesn't want to reveal his role as the Big Bad.
  • Lefou in Beauty and the Beast to Gaston.
  • Pixar dragons include:
  • In The Venture Bros., #21 Took a Level in Badass following #24's tragic death and became the Monarch's top mook, inspiring and training the rest of the butterfly troops to new heights of efficiency in henchmen. Two-Ton Twenty-One played a huge role in making Monarch a true menace once again.
    • Dr. Girlfriend was originally this, but one of her conditions for marriage was to upgrade the relationship to a Big Bad Duumvirate.
  • Gantu fron Lilo & Stitch: The Series is this to Dr. Jacques von Hamsterviel.
  • In Wakfu, the Shushu Anathar is the strongest and most favored servant of the Shushu king Rushu.
  • Pinky of Pinky and the Brain
  • Snoops from The Rescuers.
  • Wiggins from Pocahontas. Curiously enough, both him and the film's Big Bad are both voiced by David Ogden Stiers.
  • Bruton from Dinosaur is actually this to Kron. Also, the Carnotaurus Bruton killed in the cave (which results in him being crushed to death by falling rubble) is actually this to um, Carnotaurus.
  • Mr. Smee from Peter Pan.
  • The Creeper from The Black Cauldron, who is the only character in the film that wasn't even in the books.
  • Undertow the tiger shark from The Little Mermaid II is this to Morgana. Also, Benjamin the manatee to Marina del Rey in The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning Don't forget Flotsam and Jetsam to Ursula from The Original.
  • Helga Katrina Sinclair from Atlantis: The Lost Empire is this to Rourke. However at the end of the film Helga is pissed when Rourke throws her off the blimp the two villains are escaping in, and as a result she shoots down the blimp with her Flare Gun.
  • Kronk Pepikrankenitz from The Emperor's New Groove is the only of Yzma minions who knows about her regicide plans and yet he barely qualifies as evil.
  • Mr. Lickboot the lawyer from Tom and Jerry: The Movie.
  • From The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!, the Enchantress is The Dragon to Loki, Abomination and Absorbing Man are Co-Dragons to the Leader, and Grim Reaper, Madam Viper, and Black Widow are Co-Dragons to Baron Strucker though Widow was actually a double agent, working for SHIELD against Strucker.
    • The second season features the Skrull Captain America, who serves as a Dragon to the Skrull Queen.
  • Norm to Dr. Doofenshmirtz on Phineas and Ferb.
    • In Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension Alternate Dimension Doofenshmirtz captured and defeated his dimension's Perry the Platypus and turned him into Platyborg, the General of the Norm-bot army. Platyborg is the Dragon, and the Norm-bots are sort of "sub-dragons."
  • Wayland Smithers Jr. from The Simpsons is actually this to Charles Montgomery Burns.
  • In the Looney Tunes short "Knighty Knight Bugs", Yosemite Sam as the Black Knight actually has a dragon for a sidekick as part of his evil plan to prevent Bugs Bunny from retrieving the Singing Sword, but he constantly messes things up. At the end of the short, Sam and the dragon are tricked inside a castle tower full of dynamites, and he warns the dragon not to sneeze otherwise he will send them both blasting off into space. The dragon sneezes, and as a result the entire tower flies off to the moon with the two still inside.
    Sam: Dragons is so stupid.
  • Megamind has Minion, who helps design his costume and is the only friend he has.
    • Since Megamind has become a superhero, Minion will now be his sidekick instead of his Dragon.
  • Dr. Nefario serves as this for Gru in Despicable Me.
    • he then "temporarily" becomes the Dragon to El Macho in the sequel.
  • Mr. Lunt from VeggieTales is often portrayed as the Dragon, especially when with Mr. Nezzer.
    • He's actually the Big Bad in "Esther: The Girl who Became Queen," although he still works for Nezzer; he's playing Haman this time.
  • Spider-Man: The Animated Series: Alistair Smythe and Herbert Landon work as The Kingpin's Dragons in addition to being his Evil Geniuses.
    • Landon took over as the Dragon after Smythe defected.
  • Leslie from WordGirl is this to Mr. Big.
  • The Delightful Children from Down the Lane serve as a collective Dragon to Big Bad Father in Codename: Kids Next Door, although they also serve as the Dragon-in-Chief and the Non-Action Big Bad.
  • The Wolf Boss from Kung Fu Panda 2.
  • Being a DC Comics adaption, Young Justice has plenty. Of note is Lex Luthor's bodyguard Mercy Graves, who in this incarnation is a Cyborg with a powerful arm cannon.
    Lex Luthor: "Young man, if you expect to detain me, please contact my attorney."
  • Motorcity: Has three main antagonists and thus three Dragons. Kane has Tooley, an idiotic but loyal man, Kaia has Rall, a shirtless terra with a mohawk whom she gives orders to and accompanies her into battle, and The Duke of Detroit has a red headed woman known as "No. 2" (possibly fitting the trope concept).
  • Dana fills this role for Bob Santino in Dogstar.
  • Ben 10:
    • Vilgax has Psyphon as his Dragon.
    • Malware had alien hunter Khyber as his Dragon.
  • Portia serves this to her mom, Mary Francis from The Mighty B!
  • The Greaser Dogs, Mr. Sunshine and Sally O'Neil serve this to Rancid Rabbit from CatDog.
  • Paddy Padderson, the Paddleball Camp Master, Paulie and Dan Duck from Scaredy Squirrel.
  • Dennis in The Spongebob Squarepants Movie is an example of a hired one.
  • Mina in Grojband, of the Minion with an F in Evil Variety.
  • Nigel from Rio.
  • Commander Peepers to Lord Hater from Wander over Yonder. He's a Watchdog like the rest of Lord Hater's army, but is clearly his right-hand man
  • Ninjago:
    • Samukai to Lord Garmadon in the pilot, but he gets destroyed when he unsuccessfully tries to pull a Starscream at the last second.
    • Skales to Pythor in season 1.
    • Skales to Lord Garmadon in season 2, who successfully pulls Starscream, then Garmadon and General Kozu are this to the Overlord
    • General Cryptor and Pythor to the Digital Overlord in season 3.
    • Clouse to Master Chen in season 4.
  • In the first season finale of Gravity Falls, this was Bill Cipher to Gideon. In the season 2 and series finale however, Bill is the main antagonist and Gideon is Demoted to Dragon before his redemption.
  • Tempest Shadow is this to the Storm King in My Little Pony: The Movie (2017)
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot: Commander Smytus serves as The Dragon for Queen Vexus. Although he's competent enough to be an independent threat, he plays the role straight in Escape From Cluster Prime, and even outlasts Vexus by the climax.
  • Mia and Me: General Gargona to Panthea, in the first season.


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