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Pinkie Pie: What are we gonna do, Twilight?!
Twilight Sparkle: The same thing we do every time, Pinkie. Try to save the world!

This page lists Shout-Outs seen in Western Animation works.

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    Walt Disney 

    Warner Bros. 
  • Bugs Bunny Builders:
  • Histeria! contained several nods to previous WB cartoons:
    • Big Fat Baby's jingle (the one where Father Time's chasing him in the desert) is based on the theme song from The Road Runner Show.
    • Froggo's room is decorated with merchandise for Batman: The Animated Series.
    • A song introducing a sketch about Alexander the Great is sung to the tune of the Animaniacs theme, and the sketch about Florence Nightingale as a Hospital Hottie ends with the boys shouting "Hello Nurse!" In a song about the Gold Rush, Father Time can be seen watching a TV with Yakko Warner on it. Also, the World's Oldest Woman's jingle is sung to the tune of Slappy Squirrel's theme, and Froggo's regular outfit is much like that of Wakko Warner (except that he actually wears pants).
    • The Pinky and the Brain theme music can be heard when Chit Chatterson mentions brain removal in a sketch about mummification, as well as part of the background music for the introduction to Nikola Tesla's later life.
    • Superman made three cameos himself, including one as William Clark.
    • Fetch bares a bit of resemblance to Hunter from Road Rovers.
  • The Freakazoid! episode "The Chip" has a couple of shout outs to one of the voice actors, Ricardo Montalban. The first is when he threatens to put "ooey gooey worms, that make you go all crazy" in the ears of Dexter and Roddy McStew. The second comes when he uses the phrase "Kirk, old friend..." before apparently realizing he was in the wrong character. Both gags come from Star Trek II.
    • In his second appearance, Guttierez gains powers like Freakazoid's, and is quite obviously Khan-inspired, with long white hair and rock-hard abs. Additionally, a Chekov-character appears in a TWOK era spacesuit.
    • In one episode, Brain and Wakko appear, after Freakazoid is called "wacko" for mowing someone's lawn. They are seen arguing over which show is Steven Speilberg's favorite. Wakko sings "Wakko's America" right after he appears!
  • Jellystone!:
    • The portion of "Yogi's Tummy Troubles" has Yogi chasing the residents of Jellystone in a Pac-Man sequence.
    • The title of "Cats Do Dance" is one to Cats Don't Dance (which was created by Turner Feature Animation, a semi-spinoff of Hanna-Barbera).
    • Another one from "Cats Do Dance"; When Top Cat and his gang see Peter Potamus' collection of anime memorabilia, K.K. Slider can be heard in the background.
    • Peter Potamus practices "ninjutsu" in an orange gi with blue accents. He even does the series' infamous Ninja Run.
    • One of the Clue Club cameos has their dog stating that the culprit was "Old Man Jenkins"; a name frequently used on SpongeBob SquarePants (which CH Greenblatt had previously worked on).
    • Speaking of SpongeBob, "Yogi's Tummy Troubles" has Top Cat trying to con the townspeople by drawing a circle around himself as protection from Yogi, similar to the Anti-Seabear Circle from "The Camping Episode".
    • "Gorilla in Our Midst" has a very obscure one: at one point Cindy gets in a spaceship and grabs a pinch of the sun, the plot of "The Golden Apples of the Sun" by Ray Bradbury.
    • Augie Doggie refusing to move from her position at her father's insistence even after he gets swept up in the chaos and disappears may be an oblique reference to the famous poem ''Casabianca" ("The boy stood on the burning deck...") about a similar real-life incident.
    • After waking up from his food coma, Grape Ape simply walks away from the ruined town and into the sea while everyone cheers.
    • "DNA, A-OK!" starts with a video of Captain Caveman offering a hi-tech service while dressed in a black turtleneck and putting his hands together a lot.
    • In "DNA, A-OK!", Yogi moves in with Top Cat and his gang after a DNA test says he is a cat, and, among other things, Yogi asks them if being a cat means eating lasagna and hating Mondays, which Top Cat brushes off as just cat stereotypes.
    • "Catanooga Cheese Explosion" has Yogi doing the boombox scene from Say Anything....
    • In a Freeze-Frame Bonus in "A Fish Sticky Situation", Brain's laptop has a tab featuring a stylized yellow lampshade - possibly TV Tropes itself (among many other tabs).
      • Additionally, when the denizens of Jellystone turn into fish after eating the expired fish sticks, they bellow "meep" over and over, much like the anchovies in the very first episode of SpongeBob.
      • Another nod to SpongeBob in "A Fish Sticky Situation": in one scene, Top Cat is flattened like a pancake and lies on the ground in a similar fashion to Squidward in Squid on Strike.
    • A joke in "My Doggie Dave" has Doggie Daddy do a very Wrath of Khan style scream.
    • A video game-themed episode is titled "Gotta Kiss Them All".
    • For that matter, the goal of the game (allegedly) is to go around town and kiss everyone.
  • Justice League:
    • In the World War II episode, Superman flies directly through a German plane and emerges from the inevitable explosion covered head to toe in flames - which makes him a dead ringer for the Marvel Universe's original, Nazi-fighting Human Torch. An unidentified Allied solider later in the episode is shown injured and clutching his eye in reference to Nick Fury.
    • In the same episode, the Flash heckles the Nazis by yelling "Over here, Colonel Klink!"
    • The Joker once remarked that "they would have gotten away with it, too, were it not for me meddling with the kids!"
    • The Joker once also remarked to Batman in "Injustice For All" after Batman beat him up one more time "YOU'RE despicable!"
    • In the episode "Legends", part one, the giant robot at the beginning looks like it was commissioned by Gendo. The Justice Guild's sidekick "Ray Thompson" is an expy of Golden Age fanboy supreme Roy Thomas.
    • The exterior of Luthor's mansion, as seen in "The Return" looks quite familiar...
    • The JLU finale has Captain Steel channeling Captain America by flinging a Parademon's shield.
    • The Thanagarians' ultimate goal in "Starcrossed" was to blow up the Earth to make a hyperspace bypass
    • In "Eclipsed" Godfrey reads an anti-superhero diatribe from a book titled "Innocents Seduced." by "Dr. Fredrick" This is a riff on "The Seduction of the Innocent" by Dr. Fredrick Wertham, an infamous book about the negative effects of superhero comics on children.
    • In "Wild Cards", the Joker buys airtime under the name of 'Gwynplaine Entertainment'. Batman gets the reference.
    • The ending of "Panic in the Sky". An orbital laser weapon fails to do its job, then a few hours later a cocky git painfully transforms into a superpowered tentacle-monster. Why does this sound familiar?
    • In "This Little Piggy", when Zatanna is trying to grab a rabbit in her hat, she calls out for "Bugs."
    • Later in the episode, Circe is crushed by a flung piano. Her feet, which are sticking out from under the piano, go flat and roll up under the piano.
    • "This Little Piggy" has numerous references to Bewitched.
    • Young John Stewart in "Kid's Stuff" makes constructs that look like the work of Kyle Rayner.
    • The final two episodes of JLU, "Alive" and "Destroyer" are deliberate references to KISS albums. Darkseid's outfit is also a direct reference to Gene Simmon's on the cover of Destroyer.
    • When Skeets gets spit out of a black hole, he proclaims "My God, it's full of stars..."
    • In "Epilogue," the second Royal Flush Gang features a Jack that is also a samurai. His normal human form looks suspiciously like Phil LaMarr. Also, Ten looked like Bo Derek's character in the movie 10 (1979). The Queen turned out to be a male in normal form, and his both forms resemble the deceased actor/performer/drag Harris Glenn Milstead, a.k.a. Divine
    • In "The Return" Luthor mentions Heisenberg Compensators.
    • When the Flash runs so fast he nearly enters the Speed Force in "Divided We Fall", the rapid montage of the world as he runs around it is reminiscent of Mike Jittlov's The Wizard of Speed and Time, another story about a speedster.
    • The giant, flying, turtle that attacks Japan in "Chaos at the Earth's Core" is both a Mythology Gag and a shout out to Gamera.
    • So a man named Carter went to Mars, eh?
    • In "Dead Reckoning", Superman, currently possessed by Deadman, says when he, Batman and Wonder Woman are transported to Africa, "You know, when they beam down on that TV show, they never miss."
      Booster Gold: [to teleporter technician] Energize!
      Technician: Doofus.
    • "Patriot Act" features Vigilante and Shining Knight discussing Dirty Harry.
    • In "Twilight", an incredibly powerful AI living in a space base has stumbled into the problem of having developed as far as computers allow, and must now merge with a humanoid alien in order to continue. In other words, same as the climax of Foundation and Earth.
    • The two-part episode "The Terror Beyond" is an extended homage to the Marvel Comics team The Defenders. Doctor Fate stands in for Doctor Strange, Solomon Grundy for the Hulk, Hawkgirl for Nighthawk, and Aquaman for Namor. Grundy even refers to Hawkgirl as "Bird Nose", Hulk's nickname for Nighthawk.
    • In "Task Force X", when Deadshot meets Plastique, he says he's 'seen the pictures' to which she flirtatiously responds 'and that's as close as you're gonna get' - possibly reffing her naked humiliation at the hands of Firestorm in her first appearance.
    • In the episode "Divided we Fall," Green Arrow dissuades Superman from disbanding the Justice League, and gets ready to ride off into the sunset. Just before he does, Batman stops him, saying "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" To which, GA translates as "Who guards the guardians?" Most comic fans know what they're really talking about, though.
    • Another Watchmen reference appears in the episode "Paradise Lost," where we see Bernie's newsstand.
  • Loonatics Unleashed:
  • Pibby: Two shots in the trailer have backgrounds resembling SpongeBob SquarePants' house and the city from Rocko's Modern Life. Notably, these are the only references to cartoons that Warner Bros. does not own.
  • Super Friends (1973) episode "Dr. Pelagian's War". Dr. Pelagian's submarine the Sprite looks very similar to the submarine U.S.S. Seaview in the film and TV series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.
  • In Superman: Doomsday, there's a scene of Superman (actually his clone) fighting Toyman's giant mechanical spider. This was a shot at how movie producer Jon Peters wanted a giant spider in Superman Lives, written by Kevin Smith. Smith even voices a citizen in Doomsday that remarks, "Like we needed him to take care of a giant spider."
  • Superman: The Animated Series:
    • In the third episode, Martha Kent tells Clark, "I don't want anyone thinking you're like that nut in Gotham City."
    • In "My Girl," Lex Luthor is overheard explaining to his henchman that he wants him in Central City by that night.
    • In the episode "Mxyzpxlated", the Daily Planet comics page has a couple of Shout Outs. One strip is "Dini the Meany", which sounds similar to Dennis the Menace (US), but with an art style similar to Calvin and Hobbes. It's attributed to "Bill Wemissunote ". Also on the page is "Gleen", with an art style directly lifted from Peanuts. "Dini" of course is a reference to Paul Dini.
    • In an example mixed with a Take That!, another episode has Supergirl reading a comic book about a spider-themed superhero before disgustedly stating that the character is gross.
  • Although lots of shows poked fun at older video games of their respective eras, Tiny Toon Adventures brought out the hilariously direct Super Plucky-o Bros, featuring a side-scrolling landscape that all but matched the original game's colors and patterns, and sounds lifted straight from Super Mario Bros. and 2.
    • Another video game reference was seen in the episode "Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian". For some reason, Montana Max is the pilot of an airplane. The terminal used for piloting the plane is an arcade cabinet with the game "Plane Man", where a plane is moving around a maze while eating dots. In reality, the actual plane is eating clouds]].
    • The Parody Episode A Quack in the Quarks is one big shout out to Star Wars. "Duck Vader" is the Big Bad, and Buster ends up dressed like Han Solo, while Babs has her ears curled like Leia, and Plucky is dressed like Luke. It's not just Star Wars, though — if you look closely at the loading bay, you can see the TARDIS!
  • X-Men: Evolution:
    • One episode had Blob watching a cartoon with characters that suspiciously looked like The Powerpuff Girls.
    • "Survival of the Fittest", which introduced Juggernaut, also introduced us to the Danger Room program Logan's Run.
    • "On Angel's Wings" gives us a brief glimpse of Warren reading a Daily Bugle newspaper, as well as a Stark Industries building. Might be a Mythology Gag due to the fact that pretty much 90% of the major Marvel Universe players are based in New York City.
    • A scene of "Impact" has Toad knocking on the head of the petrified Mystique shouting "Hello? McFly?"
    • The Season 2 episode "Retreat" has a Bigfoot Watcher showing off his Bigfoot Caller to a buddy. He says what store you can get them in, and tells his friend to ask for Mulder. To cement the reference, a clip of The X-Files theme is played before the scene transition.
    • In "Cruise Control," on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, Bobby is goofing off using his ice powers. His trump card is to make an iceberg in front of the ship, jumps right on the stern, and shouts "I'm king of the..."
    • In the episode "Uprising" when Spyke makes his return, Xavier uses Cerebro to find him. He says he's on the corner of "Lithia" and what sounds to be "Ashland" streets, a possible reference to the town of Ashland, Oregon: the town has lithium oxide (or "lithia") in a stream found in the center of town which is pumped into certain water fountains.
    • Scott and Kurt make a very dorky and completely out of place reference to Star Trek in an early episode. Justified though, as Kurt is a fan of fantasy in the comics and the Ultimate version of Scott is a Sci-Fi fan.
    • Jean is a soccer star, and during an awards ceremony for the team we get to see their logo, a phoenix that lights up in flames.
    • In "Walk on the Wild Side", the Bayville Sirens (X-Girls + Boom-Boom) do the "super-jiggle-sexy-slo-mo" walk down the hall a la The Craft, complete with Kitty blowing a kiss just like Nancy.
    • In "Spyke Cam" the dance that Spyke gets Rogue and Kitty to do is a clear reference to Buffy and Faith's dancing in "Bad Girls", complete with Suspiciously Apropos Music.
  • Young Justice (2010):
  • WB animated shorts are notorious for including crew names on background objects such as billboards or boxes. "Friz" shows up a lot, an homage to director Friz Freleng. In the short Rocket Squad, Porky and Daffy play future cops in a parody of Dragnet, and a list of "known criminals" they use to find the bad guy includes everyone working in the animation department at that time. A more complete listing of the various inside jokes can be found here.
    • In the short "Daffy Duck Slept Here", Daffy claims to be friends with a six-foot tall invisible kangaroo named "Hymie".

  • Beast Wars:
    • A scene in Gorilla Warfare is inspired by Robocop.
    • In Victory, the scene where Optimus is falling from the Axalon after being shot by Scorponok in his Beast mode resembles a scene in King Kong.
    • There's also this one to Superman, complete with a Suspiciously Similar Song version of Supes' Main Theme:
      Dinobot: Wait! Look! Down in the sky! Is it a bird?
      Rhinox: Maybe a plane!
      Rattrap: Nah! IT'S OPTIMUS!!
    • In Dark Designs, Cheetor's "Better dead than Pred" is a pun on an anti-communism message from The '50s.
    • Another scene, where Optimus brandishes his swords before Megatron shoots him down is reminiscent of the duel between Indiana Jones and the Cairo swordsman in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Dinobot pushing Scorponok into his rotor blade weapon echoes the demise of the German engineer in the same movie.
    • Airazor's pose in "The Low Road" (as seen in the page image) is a direct reference to the famous Star Wars poster.
    • The sequence in Season 3 where Megatron is using the Transmetal Driver to create the new Dinobot II from a blank Protoform draws heavily from the classic film Frankenstein (1931).
    • In the episode "The Probe", the search and rescue probes sent out from Cybertron, shot for shot, mirror the imperial probe droids from the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back.
    • Several to classic Looney Tunes, mostly involving Waspinator getting scrapped.
    • Rock'em Sock'em Robots battle between Rhinox and Inferno in Season 2. Colors even match.
    • The head writers involved were very active in the online fandom. As a result, these cropped up all the time, often in the form of locations. Subsector Hooks and Grid Joona, for example, are named after fans who posted on the usenet group at the time.
      • At one point a concussed Waspinator refers to himself as "Wonko the Sane". While this was originally a name of a minor character in So Long and Thanks for All the Fish, the specific reference was evidently to another Beast Wars fan who used this name as an online alias. That fan, Benson Yee, went on to be recruited as a continuity consultant for the second season finale. The Beast Wars crew recognized the value of the fandom.
    • What may have been a very subtle Shout Out was Cheetor's weapon sound effect. It sounded just like Mega Man's from the cartoon. Both were voiced by Ian Corlett.
    • Rattrap and Optimus' dialog about the Ark, how "that ship wasn't built, it was poured" and "die-cast metal, its a lost art" are both about how the original Gen 1 Transformer toys (well, the better, larger ones) all had die-cast parts for at least half the body.
    • Also Megatron's first appearing to Optimus after he gets his new dragon body? "Enter the Dragon!"
  • In the Transformers: Armada episode "Cramp", Fred exclaims "The horror! The horror!" when Unicron begins attacking Cybertron.


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