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The Rei Ayanami Expy is a character archetype common in Japanese Media, started, or at least codified, by Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Common characteristics of the archetype include:

Rei Ayanami herself exhibits every characteristic, and many other characters have been created as variations on her. However, the popularity of this archetype has also led many of the variations to spawn Expies of their own.

A Sub-Trope of Fountain of Expies and Shy Blue-Haired Girl. Compare to Phlebotinum Girl and Char Clone. See also Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Emotionless Girl and Stoic Woobie.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion, the Trope Namer, Trope Maker, and a Deconstruction of the archetype itself (making this an Unbuilt Trope). Rei is an emotionally unexpressive 14 year old girl with pale skin, blue hair and red eyes who serves as one of the protagonist's Love Interests; however, before he gets closer to her, she only relates to his father, who also happens to be a weird and somewhat disturbing father figure for her. After being heavily injured during a battle at the start of the series, Rei slowly becomes more intimate with the protagonist as her stunted social skills improve. Her Angelic heritage and superpowers are first hinted at in episode 19 and explicitly displayed in episode 24. This eventually leads the main character, Shinji, to learn Rei is one of multiple clones made to house the soul of an Eldritch Abomination that's the key to a planned Assimilation Plot...and is also partially made from the DNA of his dead mother.
  • .hack//SIGN:
    • Subaru. She has short, bright blue hair, brown eyes (close enough to red), is quiet and very soft spoken as well as showing signs of being shy in RL. Also In real life, she is in a wheel chair from a terrible accident she keeps secret, and is a Meganekko. The series shared a character designer with Evangelion, so it's plausible it was a deliberate reference between the two characters.
    • Tsukasa shows traits of this, as well, mostly being emotionless (though it's more an angry sort of apathy).
  • Kanade "Angel" Tachibana from Angel Beats!. She's presumed to be an angel working under God to oversee the afterlife. She's also seemingly emotionless, to the point where the other characters weren't even sure if she was sentient at first. She's actually a human just like the rest of them. Her powers come from a computer program, and she seems blank because she'd given up on forming attachments to anyone. She displays some subtle humanity when Otonashi is getting to know her, and by the finale she's dropped the facade entirely.
  • Maia Tsukigane from Aquarion Logos. She's an overly serious girl with short white hair and No Social Skills who was trained by the Big Bad ever since childhood in order to be his perfect enforcer. She's sent as an undercover spy to keep an eye on the main character, eventually falling in love with him.
  • Arpeggio of Blue Steel:
    • I-401, better known as Iona Ė especially in the Ars Nova anime. Being a silver-blue-haired stoic robotic girl who finds that Humanity Is Infectious, and develops an affection with her Captain, Gunzou Chihaya. Oh, and while Rei was named after a warship, Iona sees Rei's bet and raises it by being a warship.
    • Iona's sisters, I-400 and I-402, arguably count as well, especially in the manga, where I-402 also finds that Humanity Is Infectious.
  • Of all characters, Azumanga Daioh's Sakaki is a subversion. She's directly based on Rei — more specifically, Rei as she was depicted in the author's Neon Genesis Evangelion doujinshi, which were much Denser and Wackier. One of these comics has her winning an award from her adoring fanbase, to which she responds with confusion and disinterest. While Sakaki doesn't have much of a physical resemblance to Rei (other than her Tsurime Eyes), she does have the "stoic and monotone" aspect down to a T, and she's constantly bandaged up in her pursuit of cats. Sakaki also gradually diverges from Rei over time as it's revealed she's simply a Shrinking Violet rather than emotionless or inhuman, and later volumes show her as something of a Comically Serious Cloudcuckoolander when she opens up to her friends.
  • R. Dorothy Waynewright from The Big O fits the archetype to a T. She's a mysterious, emotionless android meant to replace her creator's deceased daughter. Her haircut is even similar to Rei's, although it's not blue.
  • In her human form, Nero from Black Clover has bobbed hair that's dark blue in the anime, pale skin, red eyes, and a calm, emotionless demeanor. It's revealed that she's a loyal servant of the first Wizard King, and for 500 years she has been trapped in an anti-bird form and watching over Asta's grimoire all this time. She's also no longer human after using Forbidden Magic.
  • Jo of Burst Angel. Dead ringer, aside from a rougher appearance and personality and having a slight tan, making her a bit of a Dante expy as well.. She's even referred to as an angel of death. Plus, they both pilot giant mechs. And they are both Artificial Humans. Plus, Jo hangs around with Meg, who is a bit of an Asuka Langley Soryu Expy.
  • Tao from Carole & Tuesday is a rare male example, though downplayed - his eyes and hair are normal colours and he's in his mid-twenties. He is, however, extremely cold and laconic, very pale-skinned, is crushed on by Deuteragonist Angela, has links to Valerie's backer Schwartz, and is one of two genetically-altered Designer Babies made by a disgraced scientist.
  • Code Geass:
  • Tsubame Otorii from Cyber Team in Akihabara. She's even being voiced by Megumi Hayashibara, Rei's seiyuu.
  • Yin from Darker than Black. Her emotionless state is due to her being one of the setting's Dolls.
  • Due to their awkward habits, stoic natures, pale skin, and lack of proper people skills, L and his eventual successor Near from Death Note are rare male examples. This probably goes even moreso to Near due to his hair color and rivalry with Mello, who is a bit of an Asuka Langley Soryu Expy.
  • Death Parade give us a rare male Deconstruction in Decim, the main character. As an Arbiter, heís part of a species that canít feel human emotions. However, while all the other Arbiters have at least one defining character trait, Decimís defining characteristic is his virtual lack of personality. Itís only from working alongside his human assistant that he eventually begins to display any sort of emotion, and even then, itís very subtle. He is shown to be extremely confused and distraught when it comes to dealing with the more negative feelings that humans experience, and when he finally learns how to understand and empathize with Chiyuki, he breaks down screaming and crying out of guilt and sorrow. Even though he returns to work, itís heavily implied that the experience will ultimately ruin him.
  • Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure has the character D, who pretty much is a straight up expy of Rei (this show has been described as Evangelion meets Tenchi Muyo), being a bio andriod who acts like a robotic Emotionless Girl. She does however lack Rei's appearance, (which is probably because of legal issues).
  • Ren from Elemental Gelade (her name is even one letter apart from Rei) has waist length blue hair, green eyes and speaks in a monotone voice. Not only is she an Edel Raid (girls who can bind their soul with their Pledger and turn into a weapon) but is a Shichiko-hoji, one of the most powerful Edel Raids. Of course this means that everyone wants their hands on her. In the beginning of the show she's an Emotionless Girl who hates Coud because he's a human, but later starts developing feelings for him and they become a couple at the end.
  • Lucy from Elfen Lied could be considered an extremely dark take on the archetype. She has pale skin, unnatural hair and (in the anime) eye color, indeterminate origins, isn't entirely human, has a very cold demeanor (even after defrosting) unless she's killing someone, serves as a Love Interest to the main male lead Kouta, and is single-mindedly devoted to him. However, her single-minded devotion to Kouta has lead to deadly consequences for everyone involved. She also suffers a significant injury by getting shot in the head in the beginning, is the key to the Big Bad's plans, and, closer to the original take, serves as an Apocalypse Maiden in the climax. Will all of those facts, she's one of the few examples who actually stays true to the original character's Unbuilt Trope nature.
  • Hyatt from Excel♡Saga is more of a Rei Ayanami parody. She's got the blue hair and soft spoken demeanor, but her propensity for getting sick or injured is exaggerated to the point where she dies or passes out at least once an episode.
  • Eureka from Eureka Seven. Very light turquoise hair, a Human Alien, very attached to her boss at first and is a sick and Emotionless Girl as a result of her upbringing, prior to a traumatic event that would trigger her Character Development, which then was accelerated much further by meeting her Love Interest. Specifically, she was used by the government as a Tyke Bomb, and trained to kill almost remorselessly, until one day, when she was checking a pile of corpses looking for wounded people to finish off, she found three orphans, had a huge epiphany, and decided then and there to adopt them and defect from the military. Realistically enough, she could still slip back into emotionless behavior on occasion. The occasions presented themselves.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • Merudy, a young girl with short-cut pastel-coloured hair and a petite body, is very stoic and her voice in the anime is very soft. She even calmly starts to dispatch Erza and Juvia, claiming with a cold expression that it's her mission to do so. She's also fiercely devoted to her parental figure, Ultear, going as far as to wanting kill Gray, the person she hates for killing Ultear's mother. After the timeskip, her personality has completely changed and now is very cheerful.
    • Yukino Aguria, a shy, obedient girl with short silver/light blue hair.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:'
    • Riza Hawkeye is an older, subtle example. She's a very disciplined soldier who's extremely proficient with guns, has a reserved strict stoic demeanor but "a gentle heart" shown with how she cares for her fellow soldiers, the Elric brothers and her dog Black Hayate, and shows Undying Loyalty to Colonel Roy Mustang to the point of promising to kill him along with herself if he strays too far down the path of darkness. Along with the PTSD she has from committing war crimes in Ishval, she also has a Dark and Troubled Past with an abusive neglectful father who tattooed the secrets of flame alchemy onto her back, and when Roy betrays her trust by using flame alchemy to commit mass genocide, Riza chooses to take the blame by having him burn her back. Appearance wise, Riza has the large Tsurime Eyes which are reddish in the first anime, and had short hair while in Ishval.
    • Lan Fan is another Action Girl who has a Bodyguard Crush dynamic with Ling very similar to that of Riza and Roy, becomes furious whenever anyone remotely insults him and shows her undying loyalty during their fight with King Bradley when she cuts off her own arm and ties it to a dog in order to distract him. She's shown to be very shy and withdrawn without her mask and bashful around Ling.
    • In Fullmetal Alchemist (2003), the homunculus Sloth has traits of this, having the emotionless demeanor, devotion to the antagonist and identity issues down. The most notable similarity she has to Rei is being a "clone" of the protagonists' mother (she's the result of Ed and Al's attempt to resurrect Trisha.)
  • Futago no Teikoku has Fa. She has short, blueish hair, is very reserved and stoic, has a strong attachment to Gaw, and has a magical curse placed on her.
  • Ledo from Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, although a male example. White hair, pale skin, purple eyes, otherworldly origins, No Social Skills, stoic, and even a mecha pilot to boot.
  • Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown shares many traits with Rei, in both personality and situation. Stoic, seemingly emotionless? Check. Red eyes? Check. Deeply devoted to her boss, and, later, the main character? Check. Artificial Human based on one of the protagonist's family members who nevertheless has boatloads of UST with him? Um...check. The only way for Inori to be a more thorough example would be if she had blue hair instead of pink and piloted one of the show's mecha.
  • Gundam finally provides its first in-franchise example with Mikazuki Augus from Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. He's emotionless, short in stature, has short hair, is a Child Soldier, has significant injuries, No Social Skills, Undying Loyalty to Orga, and to top it off, a mecha pilot. As an added bonus, his name means "Crescent Moon", which has connotations with the cold (like Yuki and Rei), and was an Imperial Japanese warship. Unlike other examples, though, he rarely becomes more humanly expressive, and this lack of development is played for drama.
  • Ayuki from Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl matches to a degree. She's a slender Meganekko with a bob. While not exactly stoic, she's a quiet Deadpan Snarker who prefers science and learning over romance.
  • Key the Metal Idol has one in the form of its titular protagonist, Tokiko "Key" Mima, a shy, emotionally constricted Ridiculously Human Robot prone to fits of otherwordly rage, who seeks to become human before her battery runs out. Considering that the work was made before Evangelion came out, she could be considered a proto-example of this.
  • Ria Iwamura from King's Game is a 10-20 something, pale skin, red eyed, and white bobbed haired girl with a Dark and Troubled Past and a calm and emotionless demeanor. She also gets immolated and she doesn't even bat an eye.
  • Lan from Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne is a different take on the archetype. She has all of the characteristics that place her firmly in the category; blue hair, pale skin, purple eyes, The Stoic, strange behavior, an alien, and co-starring in a Humongous Mecha series. She's different in that her stoicism doesn't work as well as she tries to and it soon becomes clear she's Not So Stoic. Really Not So Stoic. She defrosts into more of an average emotional girl sooner than expected. Also, her odd greeting is the result of her being lied to about Earth culture.
  • Minami Iwasaki from Lucky Star is a subversion, and she can also be seen as a parody. She's a teenage girl with short, mint green hair who's very quiet and reserved, and this makes most people view her as creepy. It turns out that she's really just a regular Shrinking Violet, and the most angst she has is over her flat chest. She's also a normal human, being from a mundane Slice of Life series.
  • There's Fate Testarossa from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. A red-eyed stoic, the faithful servant of the Big Bad, her mother Precia, is viciously flogged by said mother, and eventually turns out to be an Artificial Human created to replace her real daughter, Alicia, who died in a tragic accident. Averted from the second season onward, after Nanoha does her thing.
  • Ruri Hoshino of Martian Successor Nadesico. Blue-grey hair, yellow eyes, odd origins, very stoic. Coming in 1997, she was the very first Expy of Rei Ayanami, and thus doesn't exactly mirror Rei in personality, being Little Miss Snarker instead.
  • The titular Miss Monochrome. She is a white-haired, blue-eyed android aspiring to become an idol. She's pretty emotionless and so socially inept that her servant easily tricks her into giving her all her fortune and she can't tell the difference between a store manager and an idol manager.
  • Naruto:
    • Not the most obvious but Sai has shades of being an expy of Rei. He's a pale teenager with No Social Skills and a Mysterious Past, and is The Stoic.
    • A straighter example is Konan, the only female member of the Akatsuki. She is a blue-haired, orange-eyed woman who speaks little, but is loyal to the leader, Pain, with whom she shared a tragic life, including the death of a man she loved. Despite her cold exterior, she eventually lets emotions get the better of her, going down in an epic Last Stand against the Big Bad himself all so she can prevent him from dooming the entire world.
  • Fate from Negima! Magister Negi Magi is a male example of the trope. White-haired, emotionless, Artificial Human created by the Big Bad.
  • Kirika Yuumura, from Noir is another brunette with similarities - Initially emotionless, although she does cry in episode one (although she's crying because she can't feel regret, not because of the dozen men she just killed), soft-spoken and created as a weapon. Her eyes are at the red end of brown, getting redder whenever there's an open fire around - used to great effect when her 'true self' comes out towards the end of the series. The series ends with her choosing between being human, or being a weapon.
  • Lala Ru from Now and Then, Here and There. A mysterious blue-haired, blue-eyed girl with special water powers who claims to be thousands of years old. Due to her long and disillusioned experience with humans, she feels little to no emotions with them. Her relationship with Shu changes her to be more protective and open.
  • Echo from PandoraHearts. She's a white-haired girl with a stoic personality who serves as the minion of the Yandere brother of one of the main characters. She also has a dangerous Split Personality named Noise. Eventually, the protagonist Oz befriends her and it's usually implied Echo might have feelings for him.
  • Isla from Plastic Memories is a Giftia with silver hair and red eyes. She is highly serious and emotionally distant, due to being a Shell-Shocked Veteran of a job that involves retrieving and terminating her own kind. Yet she's very cute, dorky and eccentric. As the series progresses, she becomes more open thanks to her love interest. She is also in a decaying physical condition, since her 9-year lifespan is nearing its end.
  • Mytho from Princess Tutu is a male example. He's a white-haired, magical prince from a fairy tale. The shards of his heart, his emotions, were shattered throughout the land. As a result, Mytho is an emotionless shell and Duck spends much of the first season working to restore his emotions.
  • A rare male expy in the anime adaptation of the yaoi manga Sensitive Pornograph as the Extreme Doormat character Aki. He has her hair, dark reddish brown eyes and even has his arm and right eye bandaged similarly by the end of it.
  • Lain from Serial Experiments Lain fits everything here. She has short hair, is emotionless, has a mysterious past, and turns out to be a computer program. Except she has brown hair. Notably, the creators of Lain have said they didn't even watch Evangelion until they finished the fourth episode of Lain.
  • Gowther from The Seven Deadly Sins, also another male example but fits the bill perfectly. Golden eyes, No Social Skills, completely emotionless, wants to become more human-like, and to top it off, a doll.
  • Mamiko Kuri from Shadow Star. A mysterious girl with pale skin and cold eyes whom Sudo took under his wing when he found out she had a shadow dragon. She tends to be rather quiet, and often considers the people around her to be inferior. It's later revealed that Mamiko's shadow dragon is the earth itself and she is one of those who must judge this world and make the choice of what kind of world it will become. At the end of the manga, Mamiko destroys everyone and everything in the world except Shiina and herself. They begin the world over again, with Mamiko's son as the new Adam of the reborn world.
  • In Shirobako, the fictional series being worked on 3rd Aerial Girls' Squadron has one in the protagonist, Aria. Tragic past. Emotionless Girl. Bob Haircut (in pink).
  • Noël from Sound of the Sky. White-haired, pale skinned pilot and mechanic of the crew's Spider Tank that hardly speaks, when she does she uses a monotone and has a Dark and Troubled Past coming back from when she was a Child Prodigy. More lively when drunk.
  • Vandread has Meia Gisborn, who sports short blue hair and pale skin, who starts off mostly stoic and silent, though she does open up over the course of the series.
  • Cheza from Wolf's Rain. She looks like Rei Ayanami with pink hair. Being half-plant qualifies her as not fully human. She's also quite emotionless, although she does perk up quite a bit in the presence of wolves.
  • The World God Only Knows: Dokuro, the girl who Keima meets in his time travel and the past self of his teacher Yuri Nikaido, has many characteristics of this trope. She's a powerful Artificial Human and some kind of clone of the original Dokuro Skull, has bobbed hair and purple eyes. When she's introduced, she's an Emotionless Girl, but thanks to the main character she warms up and becomes very upbeat.

    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Pacific Rim gives us Mako Mori. While being older, having a rather more well-adjusted and sociable personality, and with nothing artificial about her origin, she's the only Japanese character in the film, is stoic and reserved, fiercely loyal to her adoptive father figure, and sports Rei's haircut as said above. It's even colored blue, though only at the tips. She also happens to be a Humongous Mecha pilot. Popular fan consensus is that it's supposed to say, "We took some inspiration from Evangelion but didn't try to ape it." Explicitly invoked in the Japanese dub: instead of having Rinko Kikuchi dub her own lines over in Japanese (which she would be perfectly capable of doing), Mako is voiced by the same person responsible for Rei — Megumi Hayashibara. You can't get to be a bigger Expy than that!
  • Shin Godzilla has Hiromi Ogashira, a quiet, polite, stoic, introverted, perpetually frowning civil servant/government scientist with a bob haircut not unlike Rei's (albeit with a natural color) who is portrayed as the non-romantic Betty to Kayoko Ann Patterson's more bombastic Veronica. No points for guessing that Hideaki Anno himself wrote and directed the film.

  • Julie Sigtuna from Absolute Duo. Silvery-white hair, red eyes, pale skin, petite, mysterious and troubled past, not a normal human, stoic and weird behaviour, eventually reveals a sweet and emotional side to her love interest.
  • Isuzu Sento from Amagi Brilliant Park, with her upbringing as a soldier leaving her stunted in the social department, unemotive demeanor, otherworldy origins, and not being entirely human, as well as being the love interest to the main character. The only thing that separates her from the other examples is that she's taller than average, has long hair, normal hair, eye and skin color, and is quite endowed.
  • Mei Misaki, from the Another horror/mystery novel series most certainly qualifies. An Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette with emphasis on eerie, dark short hair, skin so pale it is in a shade of grey, red eyes, an eye-patch resembling Rei's usual bandages, a deeply stoic demeanor and the overall feeling of creepy cuteness/cute creepiness exhaled. Visually, she is basically Rei with pitch black hair.
  • The Asterisk War has Saya Sasamiya, a blue-haired, red-eyed teenage gunslinger. She's emotionally repressed and prone to oversleeping and getting lost, and is devoted to both her father, an eccentric Lux-maker derided by the professional community, and her childhood friend Ayato Amagiri (the main protagonist). She has an Asuka counterpart in Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld, a (literally) Fiery Redhead who is the other major competitor in Ayato's Battle Harem.
  • Sen Yarizui, "the Ice Witch", from Ben-To, though she's more of a very laid-back Cloudcuckoolander as opposed to being shy and emotionally repressed.
  • Felli Loss from Chrome Shelled Regios is a silver-haired psychokinetic whose powers make her unable to express emotions the same way as others, but is slowly warming up to the protagonist.
  • Origami Tobiichi in Date A Live. She even has the Child Soldier who drives Mecha vs Person of Mass Destruction thing going. She's also a Stalker with a Crush and one of the few characters listed who is a bit of a jerk.
  • Sf from The Ending Chronicle. A silver-haired automaton created using technology from another world. She's the personal maid of the supervisor of Team Leviathan. She lacks emotions, but shows an extreme amount of loyalty and devotion for her master.
  • Aika from the Western novel Escapist Dream is pretty much dressed up to be like this. Weirdly enough, she acts so much like Rei Ayanami that Jim suspects that she's not human, which proved to be true since she's just an AI waifu created by Kaichou.
  • Tabitha from The Familiar of Zero. Bobbed light blue hair, very fair skin, quiet and deeply stoic demeanor, and speaks in strangely truncated, sentences with barely enough to get her point across, often single-word ones.
  • Lelei La Lalena from Gate. A 15-year-old genius sorceress with short light blue hair and eyes. She's stoic and quiet, but a nice girl. She also forms part of the Unwanted Harem of the main character.
  • Yuki Nagato from Haruhi Suzumiya, to the point where her name is a pun on Rei's—Rei can be read as "ice", Yuki as "snow", and both Nagato and Ayanami were Imperial Japanese naval warships. Curiously, Yuki is described in the novels as having black hair (since in the Haruhi universe people have normal hair colors) but in the anime and even in the novels' art, it appears of a purplish blue similar to Rei's (but much more pale). Her characterization, however, has some variance: She is a Love Interest only briefly, if that (though she is one in the spin-off where she's a normal human Shrinking Violet); she neither is a Mysterious Waif nor does she have a Dark and Troubled Past (if anything, she becomes more interesting the more we know her); and the becoming more emotional part is downplayed, in that her affect remains as flat as ever, but she seems to undergo significant Character Development and emotional development under the surface (despite the fact she states her affect will always be flat, she nevertheless seems to become more expressive and animate in her own way as the series progresses).
  • Hazuki from Haruka Nogizaka's Secret, though she doesn't have any dramatic plotline related to it, she is just weird.
  • Koneko from High School D◊D. Pale skin, short silver hair, golden eyes, petite, is not human, appears cold and soft-spoken and eventually warms up to the main character.
  • In Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, there's an amnesiac, emotionless automaton with silver hair and blue eyes known as P-01s. It's later revealed that she's Horizon Ariadust, a human girl who died in an accident years ago. After her death, her father put her soul in an android body and used her emotions to create Weapons of Mass Destruction that will give her the power to save the world from an apocalypse. Horizon also serves as the love interest of the main character Toori Aoi.
  • Infinite Stratos:
    • Laura Bodewig. A white haired, a red eyed and yellow eyed, genetically-engineered Artificial Human raised as a Super Soldier, and educated with just enough social skills to be able to function as a soldier, which left her with no idea of how to act like a normal girl and socialize normally. Initially, she hates the main character, but she later falls in love with him and chooses him as her "wife". Unlike most examples though, she has long hair, a short stature and Hair-Trigger Temper.
    • Kanzashi Sarashiki. Red eyes, short aquamarine hair, shy and quiet personality, eventually warms up to the main character and falls in love with him.
  • Eucliwood Hellscythe from Is This A Zombie?. Light hair, pale skin, mysterious abilities and origins and a deeply quiet and stoic demeanor that makes her come across as emotionless, but still has a hidden caring side.
  • Nozomi from Mayoi Neko Overrun!. A mysterious girl with blue hair and red eyes. She normally tends to be indifferent and emotionless, and also seems to be a little airheaded.
  • Furano Yukihira from My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering with My School Romantic Comedy. Short white hair, red eyes, pale skin, overly serious and quiet, a little weird, has trouble expressing her feelings for her love interest.
  • Shiro from No Game No Life. A young girl with light blue hair and red eyes. She's a Hikikomori Neet, but she's actually a genius with an almost supernatural intelligence. She also only shows emotion around her older brother Sora.
  • The Pet Girl of Sakurasou: Mashiro is a strange girl with virtually No Social Skills, doesn't understand the concept of emotions and nudity too well and has light hair, fairer skin than the rest of the cast and reddish eyes.
  • Fremy Speeddraw from Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers. A stoic, cold young girl with white hair, pale skin, blue eyes and an eyepatch. Fremy is the first and only half human/half kyouma in the world and she was once the Six Flower Killer, an assassin who killed potential future heroes of the Six Flowers. She was chosen as a Brave after she was betrayed by the Kyouma who raised her, her own mother among them. At first, she doesn't want to trust anyone ever again, but Adlet gains her trust and she falls in love with him.
  • Hecate from Shakugan no Shana. "The Priestess" of Bal Masqué, she has the appearance of a small blue-haired girl with blue eyes. A quiet and emotionless character.
  • Sword Art Online:
    • Shino Asada/Sinon She has short hair, fair skin, a Dark and Troubled Past, and an emotionally-distant demeanor that defrosts thanks to the main character. Her MMORPG counterpart Sinon even has the blue hair and eyes to go with it.
    • Alice is an even more quintessential example than Shino Asada/Sinon. While she lacks the outlandish hair coloring (at least in-game) and pale skin, she's also much more stoic than her (even after defrosting), is incredibly socially-inept outside of UW, and was an AI that got a robot body. She even gets an Asuka-esque counterpart with Asuna (who's not only spelled but look similary to her). Being also an expy of Saber (who herself is one) probably helped.
  • Elena Arshavina from World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman is a stoic, silver-haired girl with a bobcut set up as one of the protagonist's love interests. She's also a child soldier that was raised and mentally abused to be effective on the field.

    Live Action TV 
  • Kamen Rider:
    • Kamen Rider Zero-One: Naki is the first non-binary example of the tropenote . Naki is introduced as a rather aloof and emotionless Humagear who initially worked for Gai Amatsu before the events of the second arc; who eventually gets shot for questioning his methods. Their eventual HeelĖFace Turn allowed them to reach Singularity, which makes Humagears feel emotions like humans, thanks to their connection with Isamu Fuwa, when it was revealed that their AI chip being embedded in Fuwa's neural implants.
  • Raven/Rachel Roth from Titans (2018) hits most of important points of this archetype. She is a Half-Human Hybrid, acts like an Emo Teen with a very moody disposition, has bobbed dark bluish hair and blue eyes, is quite pale and was created by her evil father to become an Apocalypse Maiden.

    Video Games 
  • Isabella/Catleia from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict. She is a young girl, with blue-white hair and pale skin who is rescued from a building by the main character, Will/Ed, and becomes his love interest. She has no memory of who she is, though somehow knows detailed military information. Eventually, the heroes learn who she is: one of the cloned children of Dr. Caulder/Stolos.
  • Atlus LOVES Evangelion, so within many Evangelion references in their games, of course there's several Rei Ayanami Expies. So far, there's six of them. That's already more than half of the number of Rei expies used to create the page image. Maybe the day where we can make the page image using Rei expies from Atlus only will come. Maybe.
    • Gender flipped with Serph from Digital Devil Saga: an initially completely emotionless pale-skinned gray-haired almost totally silent male lead who's a digital clone of a sociopath scientist who nearly destroyed the entire world, and is completely devoted to female love-interest Sera.
    • Devil Survivor's Amane Kuzuryu, a blue haired, blue eyed Emotionless Girl that serves as the host to both an angel and a demon. In her route, she reveals the reason for her behavior and wishes that she had been able to lead a more normal life.
    • Persona:
      • In Persona 3, we have two! First is the Protagonist himself, who possesses blue hair and eyes that are either blue or silverish, and also appears emotionless but gradually becomes more human as he forms bonds. (His characterization in the first animated movie adaption mirrors Rei's in the first Rebuild movie, complete with a When She Smiles moment!) Second is Aigis, with her robotic nature and exotic looks, but isn't quite as emotionless so much as initially single-minded. Her role only settles in when Ryoji, the Kaworu Expy, enters the story and she immediately becomes suspicious of him.
      • Persona 4 has Naoto Shirogane, who has blue-bobbed hair and silver (or blue) eyes, and usually has a calm personality with a mysterious vibe to boot. When first introduced, Naoto acts more aloof and apathetic towards the others, but warms up to them after joining their group.
    • Devil Survivor 2 has Miyako. She just appeared in Record Breaker, but it's no doubt that Miyako is a Rei expy too. She has short hair and eyes in color shade similar to Rei's hair. Okay, initially she is not that emotionless, but she does eventually become more emotional, later becomes one of the protagonists' main love interest, isn't exactly human. Rei is the soul vessel for Lilith and Yui clone, when Miyako is the mix of Fourth Triangulum and Yamato clone, later fight against her own kin other than human.. Also, she is noticeably less polite and wary of Alcor, the Kaworu expy in said game.
  • Blazblue
    • The Murakumo Units, a series of Magitek cyborgs. There are three playable Murakumos and each of them have some of Rei's traits. As a whole, Murakumos are young women with light hair and skin, draw power from an Eldritch Location, were created by an abusive Mad Scientist father, are varying flavors of The Woobie and are clones of Ragna's (the protagonist) long lost sister. Lambda-11 is curious, innocent, developing emotions, has red eyes and is forced into battle by her boss and sort of mother figure Kokonoe because there's just no other choice. Noel, aka Mu-12, didn't know she was a Murakumo for years and developed a proper (but meek) personality, initially serving the local State Sec to support her family but eventually breaking away from that to help save the world. Nu-13 has red eyes, silvery blue hair and pale skin and seems to be sick, and switches from being utterly emotionless to the definition of Yandere whenever Ragna shows up.
    • Their genetic template, Saya, was pretty similar to Noel before becoming the Imperator and being made a vessel for Izanami, the Goddess of Death. When Ragna meets an adult Saya for the first time, her appearance and personality took a huge change. She is absolutely devoid of emotion, ruthless, nihilistic and hateful towards the world. Her golden locks have become purple, and her previously jade eyes are now crimson. All of this can be attributed to her being possessed by Izanami, and Saya's consciousness apparently struggles for control, resulting in the Imperator showing some sympathy towards Ragna and despising Terumi.
  • Code Vein: Io. She not only has the pale skin, bobcut, and is a stoic Mysterious Waif Artificial Human (among many clones) to boot, but over the course of the story, Io develops feelings for the beyond obeying the orders of the Successors. She was created by Cruz only to absorb the relics (pieces of Cruz's body) similar to how Rei was created from Lilith's DNA. Her fate in the three endings also reference The End of Evangelion as well: In To Eternity her body is petrified, in Heirs she disintegrates and crumbles, and in Dwellers in the Dark she absorbs legendary relics to form a sacred tree and Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence, though she maintains a presence to the protagonist. For bonus points, she shares an English voice actress with Rei from the Rebuild of Evangelion continuity as well.
  • Eva from Crush Crush has green hair and gold eyes, but otherwise is a very clear expy of Rei as a mecha pilot you save from dying who's an emotionless, Spock-like Mysterious Waif until you gradually teach her how to smile. She even mentions wearing bandages to a party at one point and says that Cassie, another girl in the game, reminds her of one of her colleagues.
  • Orchis/Orchid from the shared universe games of Cygames such as Rage of Bahamut, Granblue Fantasy and Shadowverse. Among these games, Granblue gave her an extended backstory, a Meaningful Rename (Orchid, as she was named Orchis in Bahamut) and is tied to the main plot. She is blue-haired, red-eyed, terse, monotone speaking, very mysterious and displaying little emotion to those around her. She also turns into a Golem, whose limbs are attached using ball joints, just like a doll. Lastly, she is very loyal to the Black Knight, but gradually opens up to her other friends as the story progresses.
  • Amara Minakushi from De:vadasy, a franchise already strongly inspired by Eva, is a stoic, green-haired artificial human girl who strikes a mysterious bond with the male protagonist.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War has Deirdre and her daughter by Arvis, Julia for the first and second generations. While they don't fit every trope, they do fit quite a few — Deirdre is Sigurd's wife, and Julia acts as a bait and switch love interest for Seliph, who turns out to be her half-brother through Deirdre's relationship with Sigurd. They have silvery hair, and oddly light colored eyes. They have very stoic demeanors due to their respective childhood situations of how they were raised. While they are human, they are the only ones with major Naga holy blood, which makes them unique among the other humans and instrumental to the plot.
    • Thea, the middle sister of the Pegasus Knights from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. She looks the part and has the Sugar-and-Ice Personality down pat.
    • The dancer Ninian from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. Though she lacks the short hair, it is blue (a shade of teal, to be exact), and she has red eyes, an unusual color even for Fire Emblem standards, as well as pale skin, and is pretty frail both in cutscenes and in combat. She's also notably shy and reserved but can open up to all three of her support options (one of which is a possible love interest), and hides a dark secret; she's a half-dragon born from a human father. Her tragic family history is revealed in Hector's story, in which the player learns that her father is the main antagonist, Nergal, who sent her and her brother through the Dragon's Gate for their own protection during the Scouring, a massive human/dragon war. Their mother, Aenir, was killed, and Nergal, seeking to reunite with his children after the war was over, began experimenting with unscrupulous dark magic that warped his mind and made him forget his original purpose. Centuries later, in an ironic twist of fate, he manages to call his children back through the Gate, but they don't remember him, and he doesn't remember he had children in the first place, only wanting to use the siblings to further his own goals of obtaining power. Worst of all, he actually laughs when Eliwood accidentally kills her.
    • Katarina of Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. Hard to spot early in the game, but she fits the trope as her backstory gets revealed. Physically she's got light purple hair in a bobcut, is extremely shy, jumpy and reserved, and even confesses to being an orphan and suffering a lot of abuse in her childhood. She shows an Undying Loyalty towards her caretaker, Eremiya, for giving her a home, even though she's fully aware of being raised to become a Tyke Bomb to kill Marth. While she's fully human, over the story she's constantly compared to a puppet, and she sees herself as such. Her time with the 7th Platoon and especially her developing feelings for Kris cause her to become conflicted, to the point she prefers to die to atone for her sins until Kris and Marth talk her out of it.
  • Vanilla H from Galaxy Angel, a red-eyed, pale-skinned young girl who controls nanomachines by suppressing her emotions. She's otherwise a normal human, but her stoic persona actually makes a character mistake her for a robot once.
  • Ramlethal Valentine from Guilty Gear, albeit a dark-skinned blonde casenote , but otherwise plays this to a T. Emotionless though she warms up later, platinum blonde hair, not human, and was created by St. Maximus Ariels.
  • Bronya Zaychik from Honkai Impact 3rd was initially a child soldier trained as a Cold Sniper, before being picked up in an orphanage by a woman named Cocolia, where she could finally live a semblance of a normal life and make friends. However, said orphanage also used children that had special properties in dangerous experiments; after Bronya's friend Seele became trapped in another dimension because of one such experiment, Bronya proposed herself to take part in it. As the experiment failed, she largely lost the ability to feel emotions, as well as the use of her legs. This is notably marked by her becoming a Third-Person Person; as a playable character, her speech is always formal and technical. Her silver hair doubles as a Phenotype Stereotype, since she was born in Siberia. The cherry on the cake? In version 4.5ís Crossover event with Evangelion, Bronya literally plays the role of Rei in a recreation of Evaís story set in the Honkai verse.
  • Horizon Forbidden West: Beta does meet a lot of the requirements. Namely, pale skin, short bobbed hair, unnatural existence (clone), young age, often needs to rescued, Dark and Troubled Past and connection with the protagonist ("sister" to Aloy), antagonists (creation of Far Zenith) and figure from the lore (daughter to Elisabet). She also undergoes Character Development where she becomes more emotional and well-adjusted. However, she is not anyone's Love Interest and if anything is a overemotional Motor Mouth instead of stoic or robotic.
  • Ryūsei Haruna from La Corda d'Oro Starlight Orchestra is a high-school first-year (15-16 yrs) Bishōnen with short, sleek cyan hair, robotic stoicism and a frightening level of Blind Obedience.
  • Fie Claussell from The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel fits the archetype to a T. She's a quiet, stoic 15-year-old with exceptional combat capabilities who is eventually revealed to be a former Jaeger from the Zephyr Jaeger Corps and adoptive daughter of the corps's boss, The Jaeger King.
  • Stern the Destructor of the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable games. She's an ancient, alien, Magitek program that copied Nanoha's appearance, with a few changes such as her hair being cropped short and her eyes being an unnaturally light color of blue. As the Material of Wisdom, she has little to no emotions and is completely logical. However, she starts gaining some emotions after she met and lost to Nanoha, even gaining her own personal desire to improve herself in the hopes of one day beating Nanoha in a Lighthearted Rematch.
  • The eroge game Makai Tenshi Djibril :
    • The New Angelic Gaia Interface is a wholesale expy of Rei Ayanami, from the fact she's got blue hair and pale features, she's also a artificial angel, of the holy kind, whose whole purpose is to go into battle and get maimed, and she does in fact shrug off a lost arm at least once.
    • Also, the mark of a transformed Devil Angel when working for Heaven was, for the first three games, that their hair took on a pale color, as close to light blue as possible.
  • Mega Man:
    • Sera in Mega Man Legends 2. Appearance-wise she fits the trope to a T, with the sole exception of having dark skin as opposed to pale. After she's awakened, she spends the game guiding the protagonists to uncover the mystery of the Mother Lode, only to reveal that she's planning to activate the Elysium's Carbon Reinitialization Program, which would wipe out the populace on earth.
    • Pandora from Mega Man ZX. An Emotionless, green-haired, red-eyed Reploid. She and her brother Prometheus act as Co-Dragons for the Big Bad and their origins remain a mystery until their Dark and Troubled Past is revealed late in ZX Advent.
  • Samus Aran became this trope in Metroid: Other M, with characteristics from both Rei and Shinji. She speaks in a stoic monotone, seems to suffer from low self-esteem like Shinji, and lots of emphasis is placed on her loyalty to Adam (much like Rei's loyalty to Gendo) and her Dark and Troubled Past, both of which are the cause of most of her emotional breakdowns throughout the game (such emotional breakdowns were a staple of Evangelion). A flashback scene even gives her a bobbed haircut similar to Rei's.
  • Kagura from Onmyōji is a stoic little girl who's painfully loyal to her caretaker, has immense powers and is an Artificial Human with the fragment of a god embedded in her.
  • Melphonshina from Phantasy Star Online 2 more or less falls straight into this trope, minus being a Love Interest. Her Dark and Troubled Past being that she was envious of the relationship between Gettemhult and his partner, and wished to be in her place. After she's used by Gettemhult to release Dark Falz Elder, she gets seriously injured. After Dark Falz Elder sacrifices himself two Episodes later, she breaks out of this to a degree.
  • Courtney from Pokémon Ruby is re-imagined along those lines in the remake, OmegaRuby, with robotic mostly short speech patterns (though she does speak full sentences at certain points, though with William Shatner levels of pauses), violet hair and eyes. Ironically, different traits, such as short hair and an attraction to a protagonist are only apparent in the Ruby and Sapphire chapters of Pokťmon Adventures which is based on the original games and thus is not an Emotionless Girl there (or in the original games for that matter). In both cases she does have a connection to the antagonist, being a member of Team Magma and one of its Co-Dragons.
  • Puyo Puyo gives us a child-friendly version in Sig. He's the closest the series has to an official love interest for anyone (Amitie is confirmed to have a crush on him, and unlike with every other display of such feelings in the series he doesn't seem bothered by it), he's a mysterious transfer student with inhuman body parts and powers even he doesn't understand, has cyan hair in a bobbed style, Technicolor Eyes, speaks in a Creepy Monotone because he can't express emotions well, has demonic blood and a demon soul to match, is undyingly loyal to his friends, and slowly becomes more aware of his own wants as the series goes on.
  • Samurai Shodown
    • Shiki is older than the average, but otherwise fits the bill nicely (the whole Technicolor Eyes thing being derived from Demonic Possession, but she has heterochromia meaning she's not completely being controlled).
    • Her daughter Mikoto from Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage not just has the same personality as her mother (but less cold than her), her age (19yo) and her hair and eyes colors (a light-violet tone and red eyes) fits this trope to a T. And not to mention she has an inner fight with her good and evil sides, being the latter the new incarnation of the Demon "Yuga the Destroyer", the Big Bad from 64 series.
  • Sonic The Hedgehog
    • Blaze the Cat is a sort of anthropomorphic interpretation of this type of character, down to the same general color scheme and hairdo. Because her role as the dedicated guardian of the Sol Emeralds is of tantamount importance in her dimension, she initially distrusts strong emotions and social attachments, which she sees as distractions. She later embraces both to a degree.
    • E-102 Gamma from the same series also fits this character type, justified by being an actual robot. He starts off as a mere Elite Mook for Dr. Robotnik forced to watch his master's callous treatment of his brethren, but learns compassion from Amy Rose and rewrites his own programming to rescue the animals trapped within them. Like Rei, he's very emotionally unreactive (at least on the outside) to otherwise traumatizing events, such as watching one of his brothers undergo a painful upgrade, or acknowledging that completing his mission means he himself has to die as well.
    • Sage from Sonic Frontiers fits this trope better. While she may not have blue hair, she ticks most of the boxes, even having the same Japanese and English voice actresses as Rei.
  • sora Has Nath, the boss of stage 5 and playable character in Acceleration Of Suguri 2 and 100% Orange Juice!, and she exhibits most of the traits. She lost her arms at the hands of the military to become a Not Quite Human part-machine with no free will, and has the bobbed light blue hair, blue Tsurime Eyes, and quiet, monotone voice acting.
  • The Kritya from Tales of Vesperia are an entire race of strange, blue-haired nonhumans who... don't quite have it all together. The party's Big Girl, Judith, is considered weird by their standards for being a flirtatious Blood Knight who will offer to show off even more skin than she usually does and devise battle strategies that involve being eaten alive by monsters and then ripping them open from the inside in the same emotionless tone of voice that everyone on this page has.
  • Touhou Project has Hata no Kokoro, a pink-haired tsukumogami based on a set of 66 noh theater masks with a close connection to an antagonist from the previous game in the series. Kokoro is simultaneously a Large Ham, Mood-Swinger and Emotionless Girl, "The Expressive Poker Face" who expresses herself through her Floating Masks, but after some character development she learns to handle and display her feelings more naturally.
  • Honebami Toushirou from Touken Ranbu who fits every criteria except Love Interest and age (though he appears as a teenager): He has white bobbed hair and purple eyes; is not human, but a tsukumogami personification of a centuries-old weapon; has a tragic past from battles and suffering from a fire that damaged the blade, caused him to have to be reforged and left him with amnesia which he can't get over; is aloof, shy and Hates Being Touched; takes orders from and is loyal to the saniwa; after Kiwame, heads towards the Defrosting Ice King path after he realizes being loved by his family and master is more important than being preoccupied with his past.
  • Vastista from Under Night In-Birth qualifies. Has the hair, skin tone, aloofness, obligations, and relationship with a boy.
  • The Character KOS-MOS in the Xenosaga Series is a female blue haired, red eyed Emotionless Robot which becomes more humane/defrosting. Like Rei, she and her successor Model "T-elos" have got something to do with the plan of the antagonist/government organisation. Amusingly, an Alternate Universe version of KOS-MOS appears in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which introduces a fairly blatant Asuka expy in Mythra who has a few moments that play off her.
  • Kuu Dere from Yandere Simulator and Kuu Dere Simulator is based on Rei Ayanami and has the standard short blue hair and red eyes. Her bio in-game states that no student has ever seen her show emotion, something which is an Informed Ability currently because she'll run away in terror like anyone else if she sees Yandere-Chan commit murder and will threaten her to tell anyone what she has done if she tries to speak to her the following days, as well as damage her reputation. However, in the future she'll have the "Apathetic" persona, which will literally show no emotion.

    Visual Novels 
  • Kyoko Kirigiri of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc . Purplish white hair, purple eyes, stoic and mysterious (even her talent is just listed as "???"), unnervingly calm interacting with corpses (including doing Crotch-Grab Sex Check on a dead body), she is the estranged daughter of the school headmaster and was also secretly amnesic the whole time, wears gloves to hide her horrifically burned hands (best described as looking like bacon). She also gradually warms up to the main character, becomes one of the main three characters out of the six survivors, and becomes the implicit love interest in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School.
  • Saber from Fate/stay night. Fair hair and skin, not completely human even when she was alive, and an emotionally cold demeanor that comes to defrost thanks to the protagonist's actions.
    • Mash Kyrielight from Fate/Grand Order is perhaps an even more quintessential example in the Nasuverse than even Saber herself, if you look at the checklist.
  • Mio Nishizono from Little Busters! has short blue hair and amber eyes and is stoic.
  • Haqua Jormungandr from Marco and the Galaxy Dragon is a soft-spoken, pale-skinned waif with short white hair and golden eyes. She rarely raises her voice and rarely shows any emotion beyond a mild frown, though she is not an Emotionless Girl and her stoicism begins to crack toward the end of the game. Her behaviour has less to do with being an alien and more to do with the fact that her father, Astaroth, is a cruel despot who thinks emotions are a weakness and is grooming her to rule the galaxy one day.
  • Kei Ayamine from Muv-Luv, a short-haired purple eyed kuudere. Bonus points for her name. The only thing that sets her apart from other examples is that she's also quite The Gadfly.
  • Ein from Phantom of Inferno, including the haircut (but not the hair color.) She even winds up laying impassively under The Hero by the end of the first episode of 2009 anime adaptation.
  • Primula of SHUFFLE!. A young Emotionless Girl with very light purple hair and pale skin. In the anime, emotions cause her magical powers to go haywire. In the visual novel they're hoping she can gain emotions to show the program she's part of is a success, putting her into a human environment is part of the program, her magic has little to do with it. In both she is an artificial lifeform.
  • Es, from XBlaze, has shades of this as well. She's emotionless (granted, she's a robot, so it's understandable); has no functioning concept of decency norms; and, once she becomes human, has a similar scene to Rei where she floats naked in a tube of fluid.
  • Kanna Hatano from YU-NO is a prime example - not surprising as the game was released within the same year as Neon Genesis Evangelion finished airing. Let's see: She's a teenage student, acts emotionally detached and tends to speak bluntly and distantly if you do manage to get a word out of her, has blue hair complete with a Hime Cut (although the remake and 2019 anime altered her hairstyle), has some odd behaviour such as not being bothered being seen naked, is one of the romanceable girls and opens up more during her route, actually is a descendant of a race from a different dimension and is really about 50 years old, constantly suffers from feverish fits and must be tended to, has a Dark and Troubled Past where her mother died and she lived decades alone with money gained via prostitution, and has an attachment both to her mother and the protagonist's father.
  • Otonashi Ayana from Visual Novel/Wonderful Everyday: Down the Rabbit-Hole, has the pale skin, short bobbed hair in an unnatural tone, quiet and odd personality, isn't quite human, and has otherworldly origins. Her name is "Ayana, one syllable away from *Ayanami*.

    Web Original 
  • Iriana Estchell from Ilivais X, offering nearly every aspect. The one place she differs is that she's trying to AVOID becoming more humanly expressive.
  • Lampshaded in Evangelion Abridged:
    Rei: I am the result of Hideaki Anno failing to make my character unsettling, and instead my very archetype copied repeatedly. Rei Ayanami. Salutations.
    Shinji: Well, I would say itís more inspiredÖ
    Rei: Copied... CopiedÖ I donít even think they were trying with this one.

    Western Animation 
  • Despite being quite outgoing and sociable, the titular character of Get Ed bears many hallmarks of this trope, from eyes which glow red when he is angered, the blue color scheme of his suit and the fact that he was genetically engineered by Ol'Skool from an ancient artifact. He is also plagued by 'visions', a lack of knowledge of the outside world and strong desire to know about his past. Sadly, due to the creator of the series passing away we never fully see the resolution to this.
  • Neo Yokio: Helena, a monotone and aloof woman with purplish-blue hair and purple eyes. After being possessed by a demon and falling down a flight of stairs, Helena dons a hospital gown and head bandage for most of the series. Giving up her former life as a fashionista, Helena becomes reclusive and rarely shows any emotion besides her annoyance towards Kaz. She even steals and pilots Charles the mech-butler to escape Neo Yokio at the end of episode 6.
  • The Owl House: Hunter/The Golden Guard is a downplayed male example. Similar to Rei, Hunter is the latest in a line of red-eyed clones of the Omnicidal Maniac Big Bad's deceased loved one.
  • Blue Pearl from Steven Universe has pale (blue) skin, is definitely not human, has never been heard to speak above a near-whisper, and sports short pastel blue hair cut into the bangs frequently seen on members of Blue Diamond's court. In a platonic variation on the usual protagonist relationship, being around Steven allows her to open up more as he encourages her and all gems to express their true interests and talents, letting her display her aptitude for drawing.
  • The version of Raven in the Animesque Teen Titans cartoon is modeled after the archetype. They even change her black hair from the comics to blue-purple. However, even before her character development comes into play, Raven is notably snarkier than most examples.

Alternative Title(s): Rei Ayanami Expies, Blue Haired Emotionless Girl, Rei Clone, Blue Haired Strange Emotionless Girl, Pale Strange Emotionless Girl