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The Newest Ones in the Book

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Fur and Loathing and '80s Hair. Two of these right here.

As mentioned in The Oldest Ones in the Book, those tropes cannot be any more recent than 1980, and even then, that cutoff only applies to tropes originating with Television. Anything else has to be Older Than Cable TV, or around for more than 35 years.

But there are some tropes that are really young, that still have that "New Trope Smell" — sometimes as recent as the Turn of the Millennium. Anything that has its origin after 1980 is one of The Newest Ones in the Book.

Of course it's hard to tell just how old a trope is, and it may turn out some we thought were new were actually older. Or some may turn out not to be that old, so they belong here. Some may have a clear beginning past this point, likely due to the Trope Maker being recent. Either way, it's a trope that simply didn't exist, at least in the way we know it, before Disco died.


Use the discussion page to determine if one is older than this.

Compare Newer Than They Think.

Contrast The Oldest Ones in the Book, Older Than They Think.


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