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I'm sorry I put lots of ads in my last apology video.

"I know everyone is angry about that video where I made a homeless man twerk while I rained dollar bills on him, but in my defense, I suffer from... eosinophilic esophagitis...?"
Terrible Writing Advice, "Apology Video Template"

[Big Sigh] ...So, fellow Tropers, you might have heard some rumors about me. Perhaps they've said that I did something absurdly offensive, or I posted something incredibly racist on social media. Since the backlash is getting too large and people won't know I'm sincere if I apologize with just a text post, I'll make an apology video and post it on YouTube (or some other video-sharing site). Of course I'll start my video with a long sigh, and then I'll get very emotional and use lots of Jump Cuts as I try to apologize...

These kinds of videos are rife for parody, but they're still considered necessary to repair one's image whenever a vlogger gets into trouble. This trope covers parodies of apologies made by video creators, though the trend of YouTubers giving emotional apologies in the late 2010s (and the ensuing parodies) is the Trope Codifier. Parodies often start with a Clickbait Gag and exaggerate the offensiveness of the transgression being apologized for. The apology parody could use the words of spoofed creator, but make them full of sarcasm and actually unapologetic, blaming it on everybody but themself.


Compare to Instant Humiliation: Just Add YouTube!.

I'm sorry I can't find more examples:

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    Live-Action TV 
  • Stephen Colbert, in episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, makes fun of a video by Johnny Depp and Amber Heard where they apologized for sneaking their dogs past Australian customs. Colbert then follows this up with his own apology to Australia, where he and an actress apologize for bringing an assortment of weirdly named fauna to Australia.
  • During Stargate Atlantis, David Hewlett (who played Rodney McKay) released a behind the scenes video of him rapping about Stargate. Not much later, he also released a video where he profusely apologized for being horrible at rap, although the sarcasm isn't really obvious until the punchline.

  • Mr. Grande has "The YouTuber Apology Song", which every YouTuber sings along when they do something wrong. The song makes fun of the tropes used in apology videos, like apologizing for being in a very dark place, the lack of makeup, a simple background, and their Crocodile Tears.

    Web Animation 

    Web Original 

    Web Videos 

  • "A Word to Derek Savage" by Bobsheaux starts off with Bob sighing and expressing regret to Derek Savage for harshly reviewing Cool Cat Saves the Kids. He notes that the video was taken down because of a copyright claim, but he then defends it as fair use.
  • "Apology for the diss track (I went to his house)" by Boyinaband: Dave makes a video where he apologizes for the diss track he made with iDubbbz on Rice Gum. The apology isn't to RiceGum, though, but rather Casey Neistat, whose name was dropped in a Take That! during the diss track.
  • CGP Grey mocks The Fine Brothers in "Update." for their (stilted, sarcastic-sounding) apology video after their attempt to license the word "react" and their easily replicable video format. Have a listen.
  • "My Apology to TheOrionBroadcast" by Evil Broseph: The video is initially presented as a sincere apology to Orion for a parody made on him, but Broseph actually just goes on to insult him further.
  • Community Channel recreates the apology video of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, who apologized for failing to declare their dogs in Australian customs. In this version, however, it's shown that the video's director is actually the country Australia (played by Natalie Tran), who is holding them hostage and forcing them to read from a script.
  • Gus Johnson made an emotional video where he apologizes for being funny and blames it on his mom.
  • hashtag fearless makes fun of these videos by apologizing for abusing his green pig, referencing the apology video made by Trevor Martin, the owner of a CS:GO gambling site.
  • Jacksfilms has done multiple parodies of apology videos.
  • In Jenny Nicholson's video "tyrion", she parodies the then-recent James Charles apology video but done in-character as Daenerys Targaryen, who apologies for burning down King's Landing with her dragon referencing events of the also then-recent episode "The Bells".
  • In the Jreg video "Addressing Incriminating Past Tweets...", Nazi does an apology video for past tweets he did... mainly progressive tweets showing that he has a progressive message like "Trans Rights are Human Rights".
  • Keemstar, a drama news commentator on YouTube, posted a video on Twitter where he compares how various communities make apology videos and makes fun of how emotional beauty vloggers can get.
  • Karuna Satori ASMR parodies beauty guru apologies with an ASMR twist. The video starts with a call from her manager encouraging her to make the video, and then she justifies her racism by saying she grew up in the South. She apologizes all the while plugging her beauty products.
  • The Key of Awesome parodied Paula Deen's video where she apologizes for using a racial slur, where she apologizes for using the "n-word" (nutrition). She gets Onion Tears and reads her apology from a Mad Libs script.
  • The Killer Doll's video "I'm So Sorry... a Very YouTuber Apology", where she apologizes for calling ASMR thots "thots" and struggles in not calling them "thots" and her critics "SJWs". In the comments she promises to release "ASMR Thots 2", because she clearly hasn't learned her lesson.
  • While in a dispute with Vox journalist Carlos Maza, Steven Crowder from Louder With Crowder posted a video where he apologizes to pretty much everyone and everything he could have offended during his comedy routines. The video ends with a Cluster Bleep-Bomb as Crowder apologizes for all the pejorative words used in his program.
  • MrRepzion parodies a "Real Man's Apology" by interspersing footage from the video with his own dramatic apology to all women.
  • PeanutButterGamer has a "Sincere Apology" where he apologizes for an error he made while playing Super Mario Galaxy.
  • Smosh has a Parody Commercial for a YouTube Apology Service, where they coach YouTubers to apologize for hurting other people's feelings, not what they actually did. They also remind creators to cry with an air-horn ("cry horn") and bring them to tears with pepper spray ("sympathy spray").
  • Too Much Mouth's "My Truth: A Beauty Guru's Guide to An Apology" has a checklist of requirements for beauty vloggers to make an apology video, including "clickbait thumbnail", "look stressed", "white shirt", and "add more jumpcuts".
  • Vexolyte's "I've Been Banned From Fortnite" is a parody of FaZe Jarvis's apology for getting banned after using a Fortnite aimbot for a YouTube video. In the parody, he apologizes for cheating even though he knew he shouldn't have cheated and that nothing would happen, but now he only regrets doing so because he got banned.
  • Tom Nicholas does one in his video on cancel culture where he apologises for his audience being too sensitive to understand his work and sense of humour. (It's in response to him using a dodgy French accent which commenters find cringey, which in itself is a parody.)It's part of a wider commentary on how those who claim to have been cancelled might have just gotten a lot of mild criticism, and eventually use their experience of being 'cancelled' as a gateway to greater fame and notoriety.

    Western Animation 
  • The South Park episode "Coon 2: Hindsight" parodies the commercial where Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP, apologizes for an oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico. The parody cuts to Hayward in different scenic environments saying "we're sorry."

... So, in conclusion, the reason I posted that stuff was because of trauma from my bad esophagus. I'm sorry if you were offended.


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