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"Finding out I had herpes was quite a shock! #pikachu"

When hashtags are used for comedic purposes. It is mostly used in these two scenarios:

Can overlap with #EngineeredHashtag if the advertised product or Show Within a Show is self-aware or a deliberate parody of the practice. Compare Trade Snark, the corporate version that predates the Internet, and Faux HTML Tags, which were used in the pre-Twitter days of the internet. Also compare to Clickbait Gag, another appropriation of an internet trend for comedy's sake.

[No Real Life Examples, Please! (we don't really want to hear all the clever puns that your friends posted last week on Twitter). You can still post them directly on the Creators pages.]

    Non-exhaustive list of #HashtagForLaughs 
  • #bootyhadmelikewhat?
  • #BurgerFeels
  • #IceBearForPresident
  • #NotMyChristian
  • #PandaSingle
  • #RelishShits
  • #SmoothDonatello
  • #SpideyWhiteys
  • #SpoonyHatesEverything
  • #WeUnderstandThatAsCorporateEntitiesOurPresenceInCertainDiscussionsIsNotAlwaysRequired SoWeWillStriveToLimitOurActivitiesToJustSellingYouShit


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  • In Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #1's story "Lucky to Be Alive", Peter ends up naked after confronting Gypsy Moth who unraveled his suit, minus the mask and a made-on-the-spot webbed underwear. The surprised bystanders start taking pictures of him and posting them online, one girl coining #SpideyWhiteys.

  • In Episode 8 of Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, after laying down how many souls Alucard has taken into him to realize Release Level Zero and how he got them to Seras, Integra says, "He calls it his...(sigh)...#LifeHack." Seras's response? "He would."

  • In the Deadpool movie, Wade farts while passing near his roommate Blind Al, and remorselessly declares "#DriveBy".
  • Ted 2 has examples where the tag is actually what Ted and John are using while posting embarrassing photos of the other (John drenched in semen samples: "#GrrrMondays"; Ted smoking through a penis-shaped bong: "#MyAmazingSummer"; John hit by a used diaper: "#ShitHappens").

    #Live-Action TV 
  • In the revival of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, during some games a hashtag for the gag in play appears. For example, one Newsflash depicting dentistry is accompanied with #DentalFears.
  • Barney on How I Met Your Mother uses hashtags with a hand signal for a hash in the air. #burn
  • In the iZombie episode "Physician, Heal Thy Selfie", Liv becomes obsessed by social media after eating the brain of an "online influencer" and spends the episode posting pictures online and tagging them (or even her spoken phrases) with ridiculous hashtags such as #BrainFood, #CoveringMyAss, and #bootyhadmelikewhat?
  • When Amenadiel confronts Malcolm for not executing his orders, the latter answers that he knows that the angel has no actual means of pressure on him and ends up mockingly saying out-loud "#TeamLucifer", which is also the title of the episode.
  • Jane the Virgin parodies this with Jane's vain celebrity father Rogelio, who frequently uses hashtags on Twitter. Sometimes they're relevant to the plot of the episode, others are just for laughs. (#RogelioMyBrogelio) The Lemony Narrator often chimes in with the chyrons.
  • John Oliver sometimes does this on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
    • When he mentions the movie Fifty Shades Of Gray he will say that the actor Jamie Dornan is #NOTMYCHRISTIAN (i.e. not a good choice to play the role of Christian Grey in the film).
    • Tagging #FEMINISM to anything is basically a Running Gag now, combined with tags such as #OSAMABINLADEN, #BEARPLEASURE, #CRACKPIPES or #HITLER ("Adolf Hitler, or as I like to call him: Mister Eva Braun. #FEMINISM #HITLER")
    • While complaining about corporations making offensive tweets about social issues for advertising purposes, he unveiled the hashtag "#WeUnderstandThatAsCorporateEntitiesOurPresenceInCertainDiscussionsIsNotAlwaysRequired SoWeWillStriveToLimitOurActivitiesToJustSellingYouShit." It's even right 140 characters long!
    • In an episode about Donald Trump, he started #SHUTDOWNTHEFUCKBARREL


    #Video Games 
  • Since 2015 and under the influence of a new PR team, the Sonic the Hedgehog social accounts started posting more silly and self-aware posts, as well as being more involved with their fans. On their Tumblr account, the posts are usually followed by funny tags telling how their office life is, asking the followers to send drawings of their coworker "Angry Sandra", or teasing the development of Big's Big Fishing Adventure 3.
  • Splatoon:
    Pearl: How do you make an octopus laugh? Eight tickles!
    Marina: #FIREPEARL
  • A minor one in Ratchet & Clank (2016). Wendell Lumos, CEO of Gadgetron, tells Ratchet to post about his experience with the Hologuise to "the social medias" (since the kids love their social medias), ending the conversation with a spoken "Hashtag Gadgetron!"
  • If a videogame has an in-universe social media system, expect to see a lot of this. Examples include Inazuma Eleven Go and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (note that game's title is not a use of #EngineeredHashtag, it's pronounced "sharp")
  • One of Johnny Cage's battle quotes in Mortal Kombat X is "#YouSuck".
  • In Until Dawn, Ashley scolds Chris when he misses the "ghost" that she keeps seeing.
    Ashley: You were on your phone, you dip! What were you tweeting? "Hashtag there's a freaking ghost after us"?
  • During Batman: Arkham Knight, you can hear this bit of Enemy Chatter from the Scarecrow-backed militia occupying Gotham.
    Mook: We did good; the attack's trending! #CityOfFear! Everybody upload your pics!
  • Teseo of Azure Striker Gunvolt has a habit of dropping hashtags in his dialogue.

  • During the "Openbound" segment of Homestuck, Meenah uses hashtags in her conversations (it's implied that everything she says is also posted to the Homestuck equivalent of Twitter).

    #Web Originals 
  • One of Black Nerd Comedy's most recurrent Running Gag is #SmoothDonatello, which Andre sings each time Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) makes something to impress his crush April O'Neil. Eventually, he started to sing variations of the hashtag each time a character hits on his/her love interest (with the appropriate font color).
  • Game Grumps' "I Burgie Burgie" shorts feature several parodic Engineered Hashtags such as #RelishShits, #BurgerFeels, or #beefy (the latter coincidentally being also used by a gay porn website, which makes it even funnier in meta-hindsight).
  • Reviewing the song "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke, Todd in the Shadows suggests to replace the hashtag from the music video by #RAPEY because of the questionable lyrics or #NOT A RHYME.
    "This is probably the most blatant of the way pop singers try to trick people into promoting them on Twitter. Personally, I can think of many other things that would trend before #BLURREDLINES, based on this video, like maybe, I don't know, #LAZY or #STUPID or [click to see the full rent/hashtag]  ."
  • Another "Blurred Lines" parody, in this case by Bart Baker, also spoofed the #Thicke and #BlurredLines hashtags that popped out randomly in the music video. In this parody we can see hashtags such as #Douchebag, #Creep, and #NutShot. The whole thing escalates to the point that a hashtag cop appears and threatens to arrest Thicke for hashtag abuse.
  • In RWBY Recaps, Neo (who is mute in the original show, but has communicated through text messages) has a Verbal Tic where all of her dialog is hashtags.
  • In The Spoony Experiment review of the Ultima: Runes of Virtue games, the Black Knight succeeds in his plan to annoy Spoony by spreading the hashtag "#SpoonyHatesEverything". Spoony pulls out his cellphone to confirm, and is quickly ranting. The Black Knight has succeeded, which is more than a lot of the villains on the show can say.
  • When announcing the Cell Games in Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Cell tells the audience to be part of the conversation at "#CellGames", and half a second afterward (considering that the Games decide the fate of the world and all) he's already trending.
  • Episode 14 of Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged has the celebration for Rufus Shinra's ascension to President of Shinra Corp. The hashtags are #NewPrez to celebrate the occasion, #GP4Lyfe as part of a Gold Saucer contest running that same day, and #YouHad1Job to mock Cloud for his abysmal street-marching performance.
  • Parodied in this Onion article.
  • Features prominently in Tales From Dev Null's Aesop 2.0 stories
  • The catchphrase of Ben from WhatCulture.
    Ben: "I guess you can call it a... Shit X for Wankers. #ShitXForWankers".
  • The premise for the Foil, Arms and Hog sketch 'Hashtag'.
  • When Vinesauce Vinnie used his ROM corruptor on Metal Gear Solid, one of the changes was the random insertion of pound-signs in the dialogue text. Vinnie ran with it, jokingly suggesting making the hashtags viral. Some of them actually made decent hashtags (#TheManBehindTheLegend), while others didn't (#DesignedYourSOCOMRadar).

    #Western Animation 

You've read the whole page! Congratulations! Now you can spend your valuable time doing way more productive things again! #SickBurn #MicDrop #YouCantEvenTouchMeRightNow #WelcomeToMyWorld #ImTrappedToo #PleaseSendHelp #TVTropesWillRuinYourLife