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Got hips like Cinderella.
Pixies, "Tame"

The character designer for a particularly stylized cartoon is drawing a woman. For whatever reason, the designer wants her to look more *ahem* "mature" than the average female in this work. But the cartoonist won't be giving this character big or even medium-sized breasts. Often this isn’t possible because large breasts and an hourglass figure aren't considered to be family-oriented and this cartoon is in the Animation Age Ghetto, where big breasts can't get past Network Standards and Practices. Or maybe it's a deliberate stylistic decision: not all adult women have large breasts after all.

Either way, if you aren't using big breasts, how do you make your older character look female? Narrow her waist, shoulders and enlarge her hips. A lot.

This animated woman will usually have a small bustline, a very narrow waist, narrow shoulders and very wide hips often accompanied by large buttocks. Regardless of the width of the character's waist and hips it's important that her waist look exaggeratedly small relative to her hips. The end result should be an exaggerated pear shaped figure.


Named after animator Butch Hartman, whose cartoons often make use of this trope, though it is arguably better associated with other artists such as Genndy Tartakovsky or character designer Stephen Silver. Really, Hartman became the Trope Namer due to the alliteration.

If they have a large bust size to go along with the hips with a notably smaller waist, they should be considered for Impossible Hourglass Figure instead. Simply having wide hips does not equate Hartman Hips: they must have a small bust and shoulders as well. While this body shape can occur in nature,note  this is specifically a creator driven animation and artwork trope, so No Real Life Examples, Please!

NOTE: Please only add examples to work or character pages with actual examples of characters with exaggerated pear-shaped figures as meant to denote maturity, considering whether they apply better for Male Gaze or Impossible Hourglass Figure.



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    Anime and Manga 
  • In Assault Lily Bouquet, many of the characters qualify, but a lot of them have maid-like outfits otherwise, so it's not noticeable at first glance. However, Riri (when she's not in such an outfit), the main character, has quite a noticeable pair of hips that are rather large compared to the rest of her body.

    Fan Works 
  • Crossover Chaos: Klinger has these, and in a Rare Male Example, Prohyas has these as well. For both of them, it's because their hip and thigh muscles are overly developed.
  • Down a Rabbit Hole to Westeros: Men are very appreciative of Selyse Florent's rear. She explicitely tailors her dresses to draw attention to her hips and shapely buttocks, since she's aware of having almost no bosom.
  • Facing the Future Series
    • Based on the description of Future Sam, it seems Sam is going to go through some developments as she gets older.
    • This also applies to Tanya, Tucker's secretary.
  • Pirates Versus Privates: Minnie’s hips have gotten unwanted attention a few times. The author herself has stated Mickey has a thing for ‘dem hips’.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines:
    • Misty seems to have them, as Iris points out at one point when she's visiting a mirror house with Ash.
    • A sidestory has Wicke lamenting that she's put on a lot of weight on her hips since her college days.
    • In another sidestory, Kahuna Olivia's hips are noted by several characters to be her most noticeable feature.
  • Unbreakable Red Silken Thread: Several characters have commented on Zoey's rather appreciatively.

  • In Elizabethan times the fashionable female body shape was like a bell: a huge lower half, small waist, and flat chest.
  • The Georgian perfect silhouette conformed to this almost exactly: enormously wide (but not round) paniers — frames to hold out the skirt — even more so the "pocket hoop" paniers, which pulled out the skirt wide while it stayed flat at the front and back.
  • The round Victorian crinoline also went there (surprisingly it was considered a sensible alternative to what had gone before — achieving the same look with literally dozens of layers of underskirts). Being lightweight wire, it was also a lot more flirty than it looks in drawings, because of the way it moved as the wearer walked. And given how prudish the Victorians were, the purpose for crinolines were not for Fanservice, but serves as an additional cockblock for potential suitors.

    Films — Animation 
  • Lucas' mother in The Ant Bully has an absurd case of these.
  • The mother tourist at the beginning of Despicable Me. So does another mother seen in the Paradise Mall in Despicable Me 2.
  • Chief De Silva in Arthur Christmas personifies competence and knows how to rock a strict black pantsuit, thanks in part to this trope.
  • Pretty much every adult female in The Book of Life from Mary Beth to La Muerte, to Maria and Carmen, to incidentals in the background.
  • In Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Scratte the female saber-tooth squirrel has rather wide, curvy hips and a large bottom. Combined with her other features, they make Scrat fall for her immediately.
  • A particularly extreme example is found in the animated intro to the 60s film Catalina Caper with the very full-hipped mermaid, as mocked on Mystery Science Theater 3000
    Joel: Nice measurements! 36-2...85?
  • Sam Sparks (left in that image) from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Most of the background female characters also qualify, but Sam's got the thinnest waist and biggest hips by far.
  • In The Film of the Book, Coraline's mother has a very small bust but very wide hips, thus still giving the Other Mother a spider-like shape even before she starts looking freaky. Mrs. Spink apparently had a figure like this, as seen in the old posters in her and Forcible's apartment, and the youthful form of the Other Spink.
  • Disney Animated Canon:
    • Tinker Bell from Peter Pan, to her dismay. Humorously used when her hips get her stuck in a keyhole.
    • Maid Marian from Robin Hood (1973) has a slight and slender figure throughout the film, except for when she shakes her butt during the "Phony King of England" song, in which her bottom half appears much peachier than usual.
    • Megara from Disney's Hercules was actually designed to be shaped like a Greek vase.
    • Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove has these. Unusually for this trope, it's not used to make her attractive (because c'mon, it's Yzma), but to highlight how bone-thin she is.
    • From Big Hero 6 Aunt Cass has hips slightly wider than her shoulders. Plays with the common maternal implications in that she never had any children of her own but adopted her two nephews. Gogo also has these in the animated series due to the more exaggerated art style (especially her chibi version). Averted in the movie where her legs and hips are impressive, but not unrealistically large.
    • Judy Hopps and Gazelle in Zootopia are the only two anthropomorphic female animals with apparent, curvy feminine hips, whereas nearly every other character generally has otherwise realistic animal anatomy. In particular, Gazelle was originally designed rail-thin to match the anatomy of her species, but her hips were added specifically at the request of Shakira, Gazelle's voice actor.
    • Yess from Ralph Breaks the Internet has a pair of these.
    • Miss Kitty, The showgirl singer from The Great Mouse Detective not only has very wide hips, they're the central focus of her sex appeal. It's only when she removes her skirt, revealing the shape of the lower half of her body, that the men in the crowd all lose their minds.
  • The Disney Fairies franchise has Rosetta (and, to lesser extent, Fawn). Her hips are huge. Even compared to Tinker Bell's!
  • DreamWorks Animation:
    • Lucy and Tip from Home (2015) both have hips that are as wide as their shoulders.
    • A non-human example, Gloria from Madagascar has very prominent hips.
    • Chel from The Road to El Dorado, almost to the point of parody. Her waist is, tops, twenty inches and her hips are at least as wide as her shoulders. Chel is a No Celebrities Were Harmed version of Dorothy Lamour, best known for playing most of the love interests in the "Road to ..." movies, starring Bing Crosby and Bob Hope, of which the entire movie is a homage.
    • Roxanne Ritchi from Megamind has a really big butt and some of the most pronounced hips in Dreamworks history.
  • Kairel from El Arca. While all the females in this have wide hips, Kairel takes it to another level. She sports a pair of modest breasts and a relatively petite waist, but beneath these suddenly emerge a massive pair of hips that extend far further out than her shoulders and an equally large butt to match. She also rocks a slight potbelly as well, which isn't all too surprising considering how bottom-heavy she is, but her hips are clearly the focal point of her character design.
  • Crysta from FernGully. Her hip exposing skirt make them particularly obvious.
  • Hood's Mad Animals has this with an anthropomorphic donkey named Gretchen, who has a truly enormous pair of hips and rear end that outsize her otherwise skinny body. Justified given she is an animal that has incredibly strong leg strength, which she uses to her advantage.
  • Genndy Tartakovsky seems to really enjoy using this trope for his adolescent and adult female characters, to the point that an alternate name for this trope among some fans is "Tartakovsky Booty." He proved as much in Hotel Transylvania. Mavis, Eunice, and Wanda all have very wide hips compared to the rest of them. Wanda is at least slightly justified in that she's pregnant with at least three were-pups. Mavis is the truest case, although it's downplayed because she's still supposed to be barely an adult (by monster standards, anyway). The sequel adds Linda, Jonathan's mother. Additionally, a young brunette woman (dating a man mistaken for a werewolf by Linda) who shows up for about five seconds has some huge hips.
  • Ki from Mars Needs Moms. Every female Martian has this body shape.
  • Lucille from A Monster in Paris. Especially notable during the "La Seine" dance sequence.
  • ParaNorman has Courtney (and her mom). It's offscreen, but Alvin clearly grabs Courtney's butt at one point, prompting her to say in annoyance, "My HAND, Alvin. My hand". Taken to extremes with the aerobics instructor Neil likes to freeze-frame on.
  • Pixar's use of this trope has become so famous, the body type is now referred to as "Pixar Mom".
    • The Incredibles:
      • Helen Parr a.k.a. Elastigirl. A mother of three who's been retired for 15-20 years (give or take), and had much more svelte thighs in the prologue. Passing a reflective metal surface, she happens to get a glance of her butt and sighs unhappily. Despite having Voluntary Shapeshifting abilities, it doesn't work around the weight gain from her civilian life following her retirement.
      • Violet has a more teen-size version, with extremely narrow shoulders and waist, and wider hips.
      • Mirage is pencil-thin, but even her hips are as wide as her shoulders.
      • Evelyn Deavor from Incredibles 2 obscures her figure somewhat with loose button-downs and oversized sweaters for most of the movie, but is later shown to have a very nipped-in waist coupled with much curvier hips, wider than her shoulders, when she dons a skintight supersuit of her own. Accentuated by her body-language animation featuring a frequent habit of resting her all weight onto one hip.
    • Disgust from Inside Out. More noticeable due to her tendency to sway her hips while moving and stand with one hip out.
    • Bo Peep is revealed to have birthing hips in Toy Story 4.
  • The lady penguins from The Pebble and the Penguin all have very shapely hips.
  • Rosita from Sing is literally pear shaped.
  • Vivo features Rosa, Gabi's mother, with a very wide pair of hips.
  • Clementina from West and Soda has very wide hips compared to the rest of her body (with the small shoulders to match). Esmeralda appears to have wide hips, too, though she could just be wearing a hoop skirt or a bustle.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Jello from Date Movie has the widest hips in the movie and a butt to match. Since this is a parody movie, it's bound to happen.
  • Although actress Mamie Van Doren falls under Impossible Hourglass Figure, her ample lower half becomes part of a recurring riff in Girls Town, with Mike chanting "Gigaaaaaaantoooooooor!" every time Mamie walks away from the camera with an exaggerated swaying of her hips.
  • Sophia from The Master of Disguise is the object of Pistachio's desire, mostly because of her exaggerated wide hips and rear end.
  • White Mamba from Space Jam: A New Legacy has a serpentine lower half gives her some big "hips" where it connects.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Caroline from Caroline in the City, but only in the episode "Caroline and the 2000th Strip", where she imagined herself in an artist's block, and instead of painting, she's procrastinating by eating candy and cake mix and other junkfood and she gained weight, which most of it went to her hips and butt.
  • Teddy from Good Luck Charlie as an adult in the future in "Take Mel Out To The Ball Game". Her mother, Amy, while in her golden years, tells the other seniors at the retirement home that it's what happened for not doing squat exercises, causing everyone to do squats. The same thing happens in the Indian version of the show called "Best of Luck, Nikki" in the episode "Narendra Tauji – A Cricket Freak" to Sheena, the equivalent of Teddy.
  • Kelly from Married... with Children in "Live Nude Peggy" when she is forced to gain weight for a weight loss commercial, thanks to her brother Bud, but the weight all went to her hips and butt and on top of that, she didn't get the role in the commercial.
  • Sheila from My Name Is Earl in "Sweet Johnny". In the past, she had a slim figure, but in the present, her hips and butt are just as wide as a cartoon mom's hips. Her hips makes it difficult for her to move between to cars close together.
  • Fran Fine from The Nanny in 2 separate episodes. In "Rash To Judgement", at the end of the episode, Fran is recovering from an allergic reaction that has left her at the end of the episode with wide hips and a huge butt. And in part 1 of "The Finale", Fran was imagining of being at the beach with Maxwell, looking very fat due to her pregnancy. The pregnancy weight did go the her thighs and hips.
  • Katherine from Newhart in "I Like You, Butt...". George goes on dates with Katherine when he returned her wallet, but what makes him feel uncomfortable is her large hips and very large butt.
  • Raven from That's So Raven in the episode "Food For Thought". She, along with four or more other students, have wide hips and a rump the size of their heads due to all the unhealthy fast food being served in the lunch room.
  • Amanda from Ugly Betty in "How Betty Got Her Grieve Back" when Amanda was gorging on chocolates because of the stress of meeting her "real parents" and gains a large amount of weight in the process, especially in the hips and rear end.
  • Grace in "The Finale" of Will & Grace. In the beginning, it was the future where she is married to Will, raising a child, and got wide hips with age.

    Video Games 
  • Alice, from Alice: Madness Returns, has very prominent hips. Wider than her shoulders in fact. It was agreed on by the studio to not give Alice big boobs — it makes sense, as Alice is a very skinny and petite character. Using big breasts to emphasize her femininity would not be logical. Although this could be due to her dress, the way she interacts with her hips and the way she walks show how wide they are.
  • Most female characters in ARMS are very broad hipped, Mechanica being the only exception due to being much younger than the rest. The most well-known is Twintelle who has truly huge hips which she accentuates with tight pants, which trailers were happy to show off. Min Min is no slouch in the hip department either though, her looser clothing seems to imply she may be even more bottom heavy than Twintelle.
  • The appropriately named protagonist Ryza Stout from Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout sports a noticable pear-shaped figure putting emphasis on her curvy hips and thighs. They're so thick that they're visibly constrained by her shorts and Zettai Ryouiki, and her waist by comparison is rather small and hard to notice with her dangling yellow jacket on.
  • Aura Kingdom: Tsubaki, a ninja-based Eidolon, has a notable waist compared to the rest of her body, much to her dismay. The Player Character, during conversation, may choose to call her out on it.
    Player Character: Your thighs seem to be a bit thick!
    Tsubaki: Utter nonsense! There's nothing wrong with my thighs!
  • Cass from Bleeding Edge is literally built this way, with her large cybernetic cassowary legs having a very pronounced hip line. Miko also has this to a more realistic degree.
  • Civilization VI features Jadwiga of Poland, whose wide hips and large buttocks are noticeable, even in her relatively modest dress.
  • The French MMOSRPGs Dofus and Wakfu feature character designs by Gueuzav, who is rather famous for "Dem Hips" (which is a trait carried over to the animated adaption of Wakfu, see the Western Animation folder).
  • The redesigned female dwarves in Dragon Age II. Sure, they were stout before, but now.
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses has Rhea, the motherly Archbishop of the Church of Seiros, whose very prominent hips are showcased nicely with her form-fitting dress.
  • Gaia Online:
    • The hallmark of artist o_8's female characters is "LOOK AT DEM HIPS". zOMG!'s Water Spouts and their stronger Sea Spout relatives (and even stronger queen). Three guesses who designed them... o_8 also designed the vampires for zOMG!'s Halloween 2009 event. And guess who was chosen to draw a Street Fighter item that just happened to come with a Chun Li companion pose?
    • Halloween 2009 villain Sentinel wasn't designed by o_8, but should have had a "wide load" sticker on those bumpers anyway.
  • Halo: Female Spartans in Halo: Reach have relatively wide hips and large buttocks compared to their male counterparts, as seen in this image of Carter-A259 (left) and Kat-B320 (right) from behind, despite it having been established in previous media that female Spartans are essentially physically indistinguishable from male Spartans in full armor. Downplayed in future installments, where female Spartans are barely curvier than their male counterparts, with the slight exception of Halo 5: Guardians, where Kelly-087 and Linda-058 have noticeably wider hips than their male teammates.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
  • Luminous Avenger iX 2: The Gravekeeper Vespa has noticeably pronounced thighs and rear paired with a thin waist, though justified in that her design is based off a wasp and In-Universe it's meant to emphasize the insect's large abdomen.
  • Mass Effect resident Wrench Wench Tali'Zorah. The Latex Spacesuit helps. It's a standard phenotype of all quarians. Females have very wide hips, and males have very wide shoulders.
  • Mega Man
  • Shantae: Shantae has hips that are wider than her shoulders and look about twice as wide as her waist. She also fits the "large buttocks" part of this trope. Her bikini costume in Half-Genie Hero especially shows off her large/wide bottom half. The other women in the franchise, like Sky, Rottytops, and Risky, have wide hips as well.
  • Alex "o_8" Ahad, under his real name, is also the lead character designer for Skullgirls (the world, concept and cast having been a pet project of his since roughly high school), with the expected results. Most of the Skullgirls characters are actually closer to Impossible Hourglass Figure... with the notable exception of Squigly, who is pretty justified in that she's a zombie and doesn't need such piffling things as organs.
  • In Splatoon, female Inklings and Octolings have quite wide hips. These even show in the younger playable Inklings, but are more evident in the older Idol Singers Callie, Marie, and Splatoon 2's Marina. However, the female playable Octoling from Octo Expansion arguably puts them all to shame, as her design and movements really emphasize her hips.
  • In StarCraft II female Protoss are (fully) seen for the first time and go in for this in a big way.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
  • Muffet the spider bake sale owner from Undertale appears to have a pretty wide "tuffet" based on her battle sprite, though it may just be a pair of puffy pants.
  • Some of the female shopkeepers in The World Ends with You got this goin' on.
  • The Orbital Frames from Zone of the Enders, justified in that they basically cram everything, including the cockpit, onto the crotch area.
  • BattleToads (2020): Dark Queen has these in the new artstyle. Likely a compromise to preserve her sexuality while also giving her a much more conservative design.
  • The Bodacious Nymphs of Rayman Origins are a good example of this trope, all have broad legs with broader hips that go past their shoulders. They are especially noticeble with Holly Luya who is thinner than the other fairies, but has hips just as big.

    Web Animation 

    Web Comics 
  • Da Pukas has a lot of female characters that fall under this, though the biggest pair of all belong to Alegre whose already broad hips got bigger as the comic went on.
  • Miss Melee could be called a world of Hartman Hips, as every female is designed to be very bottom heavy. Even among them, Queen Evil takes the metaphorical and literal cake by having hips twice as large as her shoulders.
  • In a side comic of El Goonish Shive, Susan ends up with a downplayed version of this after a transformation that makes her shorter but maintains her body's width. Said strip inspired a filler strip that plays it straight if not exaggerates it and lampshades it in The Rant by talking about its origins in Western Animation.
  • Phobia from GastroPhobia. Visually lampshaded here.
  • Agatha and others in Girl Genius (Phil Foglio, who likes to 'draw realistically', knows the effect corsets have on the figure). These hips are most accentuated in the shorter Zola.
  • Girly:
  • Toni from Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name. Even in werewolf form.
  • Heartcore features Hartman Hips on almost every female character. They are particularly noticeable on Teo, whose hips make up for her washboard chest.
  • Every female character in the Webcomic I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle. Most extreme on this page.
  • Most of the grown female characters from Junk Planet have very wide hips, but the literally biggest example is one of the main protagonists: a lizard-like girl named Bree who is also just plain all around large. The creator himself has admitted that he is a sucker for pear shaped bodies.
  • Mitzi from Lackadaisy. Though this is downplayed, either way, she has the most noticeable hips of the female characters in the cast (and dresses to enhance them). The author has stated it's so that she can fit fancy dress designs on her butt.
  • Rachael from Las Lindas is well-known in the comic's fanbase for having massive hips with a matching ass and Chun-Li thighs.
  • Ahshu, a female alien from Leaving the Cradle has quite a waist. Additional materials suggest that this figue is typical for Raharr females.
  • Rana from The Meek, and her mother Phe to a lesser extent.
  • The titular Sabrina from Sabrina Online has much rounder hips than most of the other female characters, even those who are presented in a more sexualized manner.
  • Jo from Somewhere Other is an especially extreme example of this trope, she has a very skinny body on top of a pair of colossal hips that easily make up most of her body mass. Hilariously Lampshaded on the ask blog for the comic's characters when one person asked if Jo's butt could be used as a table... And it could.
  • Suzanne from Surprising Octeal skirts the line a bit. Judge for yourself.

    Western Animation 
  • Butch Hartman Shows:
  • In Abby Hatcher, Miranda, Mrs. Melvin, and Judge Thorn have these.
  • The Ant Queen from Terrytoon Ants In Your Pantry has some colossal hips. Completely justified considering she is going to be giving birth to a metric ton of ants.
  • One episode of Adventure Time ("Go With Me") has Marceline as this; she's normally the skinniest regular female cast member (at least in comparison to Princess Bubblegum, who normally wears very voluminous dresses), but she's also a Voluntary Shapeshifter and may have simply decided that she felt like having a set of large hips.
  • The genie Eden in Aladdin: The Series. Since, like Genie, she tends to trail off below the waist, but she's female, she's given an impressive set of hips to raise her visual appeal.
  • The two widest features of Nicole Watterson on The Amazing World of Gumball is her head... and her hips.
    • Interestingly, her son (the Gumball of the title) displays a rare male example of this, as well.
  • Betty's mom from Atomic Betty has wide hips. The final episode of the series (in which Betty encounters her future self) shows that Betty will grow these.
  • Delia Deetz from the Beetlejuice cartoon.
  • Gogo Tomago in Big Hero 6: The Series has hips that are more exaggerated than the way she was in the movie, Big Hero 6, while Aunt Cass is the same example as she was in the movie.
  • Miss Finch on Birdz.
  • Daisy Dingo from Blinky Bill has a notably plump rear end, something that the animation studio (being Geoff Beak Productions) probably knew while animating this scene from the episode "Blinky Bill's Treasure Hunt".
  • Big Brain, the first female robot built by Grizzle on Adventures in Care-a-Lot, has these, despite not having any legs.
  • All of the female characters in Clone High. Lampshaded in one episode, in which Abe draws up a flyer for Joan to get her a date for prom. Among other strange attributes (including "Janeane Garofalo-esque" and "Not religious"), he highlights her "good birthing hips".
  • Professor Squawkencluck, of the 2015 reboot of Danger Mouse, has prominently large hips and butt. It's apparently genetics, as her parents (both of them) also have these.
  • The DC Animated Universe runs into this on at times.
    • Superman: The Animated Series has the villainous Livewire. Whereas most of the women in the show are examples of Impossible Hourglass Figure, Livewire isn't as well endowed. Apparently, Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, experimenting with their new art style, wanted to toe the line rather than bring in superhero appearances all at once. In Justice League her figure looks the same as all the other women.
    • Batman: The Animated Series, given its more realistic art, does not use this trope. When the show was retooled (with some budget cuts) into The New Batman Adventures, with a new animation style very similar to (but not exactly like) the animation on Superman: The Animated Series, Hartman Hips became more common.
    • Batman Beyond, with an improvement of The New Batman Adventures animation style, didn't. Most of the time. Sometimes (like with Max, for example), they do. (To be fair, people could get back-alley genetic modifications into part-animal people on that show. You could probably get genetically modified to have "real life" Hartman Hips too.)
  • Dexter's mom (pictured) in Dexter's Laboratory. In fact, when Dee Dee gets turned into a duplicate of Mom in one episode, she feels her hips with awe.
    • Miss Babcock, Dee Dee's Ballet teacher in one episode, falls into this trope.
  • The Loud House: Rita Loud has these, being wider than her head, despite the relative abstraction of the art style—though considering that she gave birth to eleven kids, this is probably a given. In "L is For Love", it's shown that even when she was younger she still had some pretty large hips, though not as large as her hips now.
  • Queen Vexus, Tiff, and Tammy from My Life as a Teenage Robot all sport these.
  • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls The Dazzlings wear outfits all prominently emphasize their hips, helped by the fact they tend to swing them a lot when they sing.
  • Daphne Blake in Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? gained wider hips and thicker thighs.
  • Major Doctor Ghastly from Evil Con Carne. The fact she usually wears Sensual Spandex further emphasizes them.
  • All the female lions from Father of the Pride. However, the most notable ones are Kate and Sierra.
  • Mac and Terrance's mother from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Although she looks like she has an impossible hourglass figure in her business attire, her shoulders and chest look smaller in other attire.
  • Donbot's daughter Bell has these in the Futurama episode "The Silence of the Clamps" more specifically her waist was shaped like a bell.
  • Zecora, from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, has a much larger and rounder butt than the rest of the cast. Somewhat justified, as she is a zebra while most of the cast are ponies.
  • Odalia Blight from The Owl House has prominent hips in the present day. This is especially noticeble since her first appearance during a flashback showed that she looked near identical to her youngest daughter Amity (who has a rather thin build) as a teenager.
  • Pepper Ann's mom qualifies, as her waist goes inward and her hips are about twice as wide.
  • From Phineas and Ferb, Linda Flynn-Fletcher (mother of Phineas and Candace and stepmother of Ferb) and Professor Poofenplotz.
    • Future!Candace as well, and as of season four, regular Candace is starting to show these.
  • Ms. Keane from The Powerpuff Girls (1998). Most notably in "Keen on Keane".
  • Melissa Raccoon from The Raccoons has both large hips and a pronounced rear.
    • Same thing with her sister-in-law Nicole, but less so, considering that she's taller than Melissa.
  • Eggplant, Jet's aunt, has these in Ready Jet Go!.
  • Debbie Turnbull in Robotboy.
  • Charlotte Pickles from Rugrats.
  • These aren't uncommon in Samurai Jack:
    • The Fairy from the episode "Jack Tales" has especially pronounced hips.
    • Ashi from season 5 is fairly stacked in the back.
    • The oldest daughter from "Jack's Sandals" has these.


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