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"I'm not bad...I'm just drawn that way."

"Don't I have a beautiful body?! DON'T I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL BODY?!?"
Andrea "Andy" Carmichael during a Heroic BSoD, The Goonies

A female character who provides a significant amount of Fanservice (aimed at straight men, though obviously bisexual women and lesbians can appreciate it as well), ranging from simple revealing of cleavage, midriff, shoulders or legs, to shots of her curves, hips or derriere (even when covered). She'll usually have a body that invokes Buxom Beauty Standard or Impossible Hourglass Figure.

Her clothing is mainly there to accentuate her figure. Her wardrobe mainstays are bikinis/swimsuits, lingerie, fishnets, stockings, garters, short skirts, equally short shorts, thigh high boots or stiletto pumps, and low-cut dresses and shirts. Alternatively, she might be covered from head to toe, thus showing no skin at all, but her costume will be tight and stretchy enough to show her bust and the outline of her hips. Bonus points if she's The Tease. In general, she will appear more often in merchandise aimed towards straight men to further attract straight men to the product, with vice versa being the case for Mr. Fanservice.

There are several types of Ms. Fanservice:

Either way, the camera seems to have the hots for her, and the viewing audience is expected to feel the same way. While the way a Ms. Fanservice is presented can come across as sexist if handled badly, there is nothing inherently wrong with the trope itself, nor does it necessarily ruin her character. The real trick is to give her a genuine, fleshed-out personality and a meaningful role in the story beyond being eye candy, instead of having her exist solely as a Flat Character. (Besides, being "flat" usually doesn't fit this type of character.) If the Ms. Fanservice has a particularly cruel personality (usually a villain), is set on the Squick situation, and/or leads to Nightmare Fuel or Nausea Fuel, she also qualifies for Fan Disservice.

Please note that there is no requirement to be single to fit into this trope. Many of these characters are married. For the Spear Counterpart, see Mr. Fanservice. If she also sleeps with most of the crew, she either Really Gets Around or is a Good Bad Girl. Subjected to multiple Double Standard tropes, especially if she gets a nice dose of Character Development or Hidden Depths aside from her hot looks, and yet the fandom refuses to see them (or remembers nothing else about them).

Compare Head-Turning Beauty, and contrast the Token Wholesome. See also Chorus Girls, Lovely Assistant, Science Hero's Babe Assistant.

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  • The M&M's Premium adverts play up Ms. Green's Ms. Fanservice role to a ridiculous degree, which is lampshaded by Red, Blue, and Yellow's reactions. One advert ends with them melting, while Ms. Green's performance in another makes the bulb on Blue's stagelight explode in surprise.
    Comic Strips 
  • Ms. Buxley, from Beetle Bailey. She was even more so earlier in the 1970s and '80s.
  • Edda from 9 Chickweed Lane she's often seen in various bikinis, dresses that show off her figure, or in her ballet outfits.
  • Princess Aura in Flash Gordon often served this role or at least as much it was allowed in the 30s. Subsequent adaptations such as Dynamite Entertainment's managed to pull it off more freely.
  • Liz, Jon Arbuckle's girlfriend in Garfield. Seen here. Yes, Garfield has fanservice. It's a new day. She's played in the movies by Jennifer Love Hewitt. So, yeah.
  • Older Than Television: Almost any female character in Li'l Abner (which started in 1934) who wasn't an old lady, especially Daisy Mae, Stupifyin' Jones, Moonbeam McSwine and the Wolf Gal.
  • Tiffany, The Alpha Bitch from Luann, is this for the strip, being panned by online fans, considering the head writer is over 60, and Tiffany's a teenager. One memorable strip featured her in a string bikini, and most of the time she's just in a cheerleader outfit. However, in the 2010s, control of the strip shifted to the creator's daughter, and bikini sightings have become less and less frequent.
  • Modesty Blaise frequently depicted its title character in various states of undress, contrary to her name.
  • Aunt Fritzi from Nancy is typically depicted as a very attractive woman. Arguably even more so during the later part of Guy Gilchrist's run of the strip as he began putting her in more revealing clothing... often for no real reason.
  • Brooke McEldowney's comic strip 9 Chickweed Lane had, and continues to have, a strong fanservice element to it in its depictions of female characters, most notably Edda. The later spin-off Pibgorn appears to be some 80% fanservice: The starting point of this strip is a menage à trois among an unassuming bespectacled pianist and musical arranger, and two devastatingly gorgeous supernatural entities who are devoted to him: a dark succubus called Drusilla and a red-haired faerie called Pibgorn. Neither entity wears very much at the best of times and the casual reader might suspect the script is written to get them naked as often as possible. Reprints of the strip in comic book form tend to add extra bonus material.
  • June Morgan, the wife and nurse of Rex Morgan, M.D., drawn with a Patrick Nagel face and...prominent attributes.


  • It isn't uncommon for female mixed martial artists, even otherwise straight-laced ones, to show off their fight-condition bodies for the camera during weigh-ins. Felice Herrig, though, considered weigh-ins (especially pre-UFC) a great time to get her fanservice on. She's done such things during weigh-ins as come out in cavewoman lingerie, or somehow shimmy out of a set of yoga pants.

    Web Animation 
  • Helluva Boss: Verosika Mayday, from head to toe. Being physically attractive and sexually alluring comes with being a succubus, and boy does the show make that very clear. Her attitude is near-permanently sultry and sensual even when acting as an insulting bitch, she's one of curviest and bustiest females among the entire female cast, and every one of her outfits is deliberately designed to bring focus to her sexy body.
  • Virtual YouTuber Kaguya Luna has a Cleavage Window as part of her attire, which reveals her to be quite busty. In fact, there was one video which involved her contemplating doing exercises to make her breasts larger.
  • Lobo (Webseries): Darlene Spritzer shows some cleavage at Big Ahmet's.
  • The title character from Oishi High School Battle, with an extreme example of No Dress Code with a short skirt, exposed midriff, beautiful pink hair, sweet face, and Boobs of Steel that are literally weaponized.
  • RWBY:
    • Yang Xiao Long, who the song "Red Like Roses" refers to as "Yellow beauty burns gold". Her primary outfit in Volumes 1-3 shows off a bit more of her figure than the rest of the cast, with some exposed cleavage. This gets downplayed from Volume 4 onwards, as while she's still attractive and her outfits tend to show some skin, they're still much more concealing than her original outfit.
    • Pyrrha Nikos. Her combat outfit features a miniskirt, corset, low neckline, and thigh-highs. She's also noticeably taller, curvier, and more athletic than most of the other girls at Beacon.
    • Invoking the trope Evil Is Sexy is The Heavy, Cinder Fall. She is a beautiful, curvaceous woman who waltzes around in a slinky red dress that shows off her legs and her shoulders, not to mention the attention bestowed upon her by the camera in this scene. It doesn't exactly hurt that she has a very sultry voice courtesy of real life Ms Fanservice Jessica Nigri.
    • Jinn is very curvaceous, with a classic hour-glass figure, and the chains draped around her waist are balanced against the curve of her hips. She wears jewelery on her body, such as braces, anklets, earrings and necklaces, but she is otherwise completely naked. When she first manifests, Qrow doesn't know where to put his eyes and tries to avoid staring at her.
    • Emerald Sustrai has one of the more revealing outfits in the show, to the point where it looks like a bikini. Even her more modest outfit in later volumes still has an Impossibly-Low Neckline and a bare midriff.
    • Later volumes also have Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Neopolitan veer into this direction as well. Even Salem gets this.
    • Carmine Esclados from After the Fall is a fit, beautiful woman with long, red hair wearing a midriff-exposing crop-top, mini shorts, and thigh high boots. Notably, when Coco first sees her, she's unable to stop staring.
  • The tenth episode of "Sci-Fi Guys" (from the creator of Retarded Animal Babies) had Spandy, who was remarkably beautiful wearing just pasties over her nipples. Literally her first appearance on screen is showing her massive breasts. It's later revealed that having sex with her creates a black hole.
  • Parodied with Kurokawa from Senpai Club. She literally always has her panties showing and her breasts are prone to jiggling.
  • In Spooky Month, Skid's Absurdly Youthful Mother Lila gets scenes in her pajamas and a shirt that says "Look into my eyes." Guess where the eyes are on the shirt.
  • Dustbunny from TOME, who was already good-looking in TTA, but got even hotter with a Navel-Deep Neckline showing a black bikini.
  • Nephthys from Xombie, with a beautifully toned and volptuous body, large breasts and butt, and beautiful shiny lips, eyes, and hair.

    Web Original 
  • Protectors of the Plot Continuum Agent Louise becomes this when they land in the water, and she's Going Commando in a white top.
    Narto: Yeah. As I said, she makes a very nice elf.
    I was polite, though, and didn't stare. "Ah, Louise," I said, "your top... uh..."
  • SMG4 has a few examples, namely Saiko and Belle, who have rather shapely looks, midriff-exposing outfits and a glimpse at their cleavage. Ironically, despite dressing more modestly than either of them, Melony winds up trumping them both in terms of size.

    Web Videos 

Alternative Title(s): Miss Fanservice, Testosterone Brigade Bait


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