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When you're good to Mama...

"I like 'em big, I like 'em chunky
I like 'em big, I like 'em plumpy
I like 'em round, with something something"

The Big Beautiful Woman is what happens when Ms. Fanservice puts on a couple more inches on her waistline.

The Big Beautiful Woman, or BBW for short, is an aversion of Hollywood's usual standards of size and beauty and is accompanied by Beauty Tropes or Attraction Tropes which draw attention to her assets with equal or greater Fanservice or Male Gaze than thinner women in the setting, and without being used as blatant irony. She's not used as a Foil or Token Minority to make other characters look more attractive, like a Pet Homosexual or Bromantic Foil (a raunchy best friend that demonstrates how well-adjusted or advantaged the protagonist is). Even if not the protagonist herself, she may be part of the Beta Couple or a Breakout Character. Her weight may not even be (and, in most cases of the trope probably won't be) the basis of her beauty or attractiveness;note  attention may instead be drawn to her beautiful eyes, feminine features or, more blatantly, her breasts or posterior—but regardless, she is a knock-out. Sometimes however in a story, the woman in question was always beautiful yet was skinny or slim but due to certain circumstances, leads her to gain weight and actually wear it surprisingly well thus becoming this trope, but usually it’s a temporary change.

When adding examples, avoid ladies who are Hollywood Pudgy. She must be visibly heavy-set for the trope to be in effect. May be part of the Tiny Guy, Huge Girl Pairing. Sometimes paired with Of Corsets Sexy, as a number of full-figured women esteem corsets highly as a way to produce a perfect hourglass figure. Some Stuffy Old Songs About the Buttocks (such as the page quote) are sung in praise of full-figured ladies. Contrast with Brawn Hilda and Amazonian Beauty. Not to be confused with Giant Woman, who is much bigger than a real human, but not necessarily fat.

See also Temporary Bulk Change for authors who would like to use this trope, but prefer not to keep the change.

See also Statuesque Stunner (more emphasis on height then weight), Big Beautiful Man (the Spear Counterpart) and Chubby Chaser (who may admire each or all of the above). Expect her to invoke Fat and Proud and/or Acrofatic (with a touch of Big Fun coming from her self-confidence) and flip the script on You Are Fat.



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  • Bertha of the early 2010s ads is very chubby, and is frequently used for Fanservice, such as her several panty shots in the Nectar Fun Fair ad, and pretty much every scene in the Duet ad.
  • Miss Green of the M&M's Spokescandies is a large, full figured, almost completely spherical woman who is played up for her sex appeal, and attracts both men and women.
  • Hannah, a plump pig-girl who's the mascot for a line of...pickled sausages.

    Anime & Manga 
  • From Bizenghast, there's Nareesha. She's full figured and has the title of World's Most Beautiful Woman.
  • Boy's Abyss has Chako, the protagonist's chubby Childhood Friend Romance.
  • The chubby and athletic Nikuko from Please Tell Me! Galko-chan. She gets more stares from boys during gym class than the main character does. Her mom is this too, as she attended a boudoir photo shoot and her daughter comments how pretty she is.
  • Miyako and Tomoki from Is Kichijoji the Only Place to Live? are this. The many men interested in Miyako certainly think so. The cashier at the music store even mentions to one hopeful that she's out of his league as she's plus size.
  • Tsumugi from Pochamani is described as heavy by herself and all the other characters, but she is also one of the most popular girls in her school and the girlfriend of one of the most handsome underclassmen there.
  • In Smile PreCure!, Nao's mother Tomoko is a large woman and is simply adorable, especially when with her children.
  • Cattleya from Queen's Blade, is noticeable chubby, muscular, and has gigantic breasts. Like all the other fighters in the series, her clothes don't leave much to the imagination. She wears a Naked Apron-like dress.
  • Pine-Pine from Space☆Dandy, a chubby wolf-like girl who works with Scarlet at the registry office. She takes Scarlet to a cocktail party to get her a date, but Pine-Pine ends up getting most of the attention from the guys there.
  • Tsuji Santa, the creator and character designer of Super Sonico, has a soft spot for curvier girls. This is most present in his original character, the plump Super Pochaco. She started out in the series as a shy chubby girl but she becomes more confident after she began viewing Sonico as her role model. While Pochaco's role in the anime is limited to minor cameos, she has gained a massive fan base that's almost as big as Super Sonico's.
    • And now there's Santa's newest and chubbiest creation, Super Taruko, who is to hips what Pochaco is to breasts.
  • Special Envoy Shiva Ayano from the fifth episode of Magical Girl Ore. She is a plus sized woman who is presented as being a professional and attractive government employee. She was even introduced with a Gaussian Girl close up of her face.
  • Elfuda and all the other monster girls from Plus-Sized Elf. While the series revolves around their attempts to lose weight, it's clear that their plumpness is the main source of the series' fanservice.
    • But out of all the monster girls in the series, a kindly orc named Oku is the one that fits the most due to the fact that she is the only one genuinely chubby. Which was unfortunately the reason why she was bullied by the other Orcs and seeks to slim down. But it’s still quite evident her plump and rubenesque figure alongside her pretty looks is what makes her quite attractive and beautiful.
  • The Japanese BBW erotica site Pochawalk has a series of yonkama (comics are SFW, rest of site, including some images on the linked page, is NOT) about a cute chubby girl's life. While she does fret over her weight, she also seems to have a very healthy sex life.
  • While Francine from Samurai Pizza Cats has an appearance that varies a bit, she is consistently portrayed as being plump (especially when out of her work clothes). She also considered highly attractive by most of the cast and is noticeably more successful in getting dates than her thinner friend Polly.
  • The Witch of the Waste in the movie adaption of Howl's Moving Castle is quite fat but still beautiful in a Vain Sorceress kind of way. In "The Art of Howl's Moving Castle" supervising animator Akihiko Yamashita notes that Hayao Miyazaki actually requested for her to look "more erotic" during her initial design stages.
  • Alakshimi is the Goddess of Bad Luck is a manga that depicts the titular goddess as having grown overweight due to a widespread of suffering shrouding the Earth. Similar to Plus Sized Elf, while the premise involves Alakshimi having to lose weight by helping people, the manga takes multiple opportunities to paint the now plus-sized goddess as very beautiful, with a majority of the fanservice coming from her. Even her helper, the Goddess of Fortune Lakshimi, finds her new look to be incredibly attractive.
  • The heavyset Maremi from The Vampire Dies in No Time is initially presented as being an Abhorrent Admirer towards Adam, a vampire she had fallen in love with, but after she gets turned into a powerful vampire empress, she is portrayed as being much more attractive, confident and sultry, with Adam becoming immediately infatuated with her.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury has side character Lilique Kadoka Lipati, of Earth House. Definitely heavyset, she has no problem attracting male attention. As she is sweet and very outgoing, its not hard to see why.
  • Kuromaru Manpuku from Kandagawa Jet Girls
  • Risley Law from Fairy Tail while she can use magic to slim down to a conventionally attractive form, she prefers to be fat. Her self confidence plays a factor into this.
  • Miwa from Oku San was incredibly rotund and many would often remark on her beauty. She lost weight later on though, gaining a curvy but far thinner figure. On the opposite end, Kyouko would gain a lot of weight and become the new resident BBW... which, it turns out, is because she's pregnant.
  • Mizore from Melt-Away Mizore-Chan!, when she eats enough ice, she gains weight for a bit. Various scenes show her in a bikini and focus on her fat form. Various guys on the beach commented how thicc she is.
  • Various women from Interspecies Reviewers are this, most notably Buwabara the fairy.
  • Inko Midoriya from My Hero Academia, is this, she was Formerly Fit but gained weight due to the stress of raising her son. In the present day, she's overweight but still attractive.
  • Boruto: Chocho is a subversion. She is stout, and quite prideful of her looks and genuinely believes that boys are drooling over her. Unfortunately for her, male characters are shown being attracted to her only when she enters her Butterfly Mode and becomes slim.

  • Venus of Willendorf: She is an incredibly hefty woman who is hypothesized to be a Goddess of fertility. Therefore, her ample breasts and chubby complexion are seen as attractive and motherly — by the time's standards, at least. Being 25,000 years old, she makes this trope Older Than Dirt.
  • Almost any woman featured in the work of Namio Harukawa.
  • Peter Paul Rubens is very famous for his nudes of heavyset women. Enough that 'rubenesque' is an alternate term for this trope.
  • Contrasting with the typical 'bombshell' style of the time, pin-up artist Duane Bryers produced a long series of illustrations featuring a chubby redhead named Hilda. Though the pictures are often comedic, she's definitely meant to be attractive.

    Comic Books 
  • South Asian-American Fatima in The Adventures Of Olivia gets as much action as the rest of the cast as The Admiral lovingly referred to her as his "hefty little narwhal" after she gave him his first Raging Stiffie in years, was presumed dead, but definitely happy and proved her sex appeal against a Jerkass gym trainer by doing three patrons at once on the spot.
  • The Gorgeous Gorger from Bunty The Book for Girls 1970. She is a full figured schoolmaster who is also secretly a famous and adored competitive eater.
  • In Empire State, Jimmy's love interest Sara is plus-sized, and she doesn't exactly have trouble getting dates (though she does, initially, have trouble getting dates who measure up to her standards).
  • Big Bertha from the Great Lakes Avengers usually averts this. She can transform into a huge, obese woman with super strength, but her normal form is a swimsuit model, and the joke of her character tends to be how unattractive she is bulked up. However, in the 2016 series, her new non-transformed body is rather Rubenesque as well and she works as a plus sized model.
  • Lucy Chaplin of Halloween Man has a major weight gain along with most of Solar City's supermodels after an old schoolmate of hers filled the city with a weight gain gas in an attempt to make an army of Rubenesque amazons to kill all men while simultaneously ending body image issues. After failing to reverse the gas's effect, Lucy Chaplin became a celebrity role model for overweight women and the models found success in full-figured clothes modeling.
  • The heavyset Faith from Harbinger and her own solo series is a happy, nerdy superheroine with flight powers.
  • In Invincible Atom Eve gains a lot of weight during her boyfriend Mark's ten-month absence. While she's very insecure about her weight, Mark reassures her he's not only okay with her body but he likes her new look, the couple still has a very active sex life, and she still wears her very tight fitting superhero costume (albeit now with a skirt).
  • Jem and the Holograms (IDW):
    • Stormer in the Jem reboot comic book has this trope going for her now. She's chubbier and shorter than the rest of the Misfits, and she's also very beautiful and adorable because of it. Kimber Benton has even gushed that she thinks Stormer is the cutest and wants to go out with her. And she does.
    • Aja is now chubby as well. She's attractive and sweet, and as in the cartoon attracts the eye of Stormer's older brother Craig. Aja is also the Dude Magnet of her sister's.
  • Hildy from Jonah Hex: Riders of the Worm and Such, a full-figured cowgirl who ends up as one of the few Jonah Hex love interests who doesn't die or turn out to be evil.
  • Fred Perry's comics have a handful of large ladies worth mentioning:
    • Gold Digger has Mikra and Nadesko, two thickly built giantesses who are monster hunters as well as professional wrestlers. As their names imply, their fighting style is based on R. Mika from Street Fighter, meaning they get plenty of fanservice and booty shots.
    • In Momeye: The Sailor Scout, Fred Perry's gender-swapped parody of Popeye, has Bruta, the female version of Bluto and Momeye's Friendly Rival. She's tall, plus sized and confident in her appearance.
  • Lois Lane has dabbled in this trope at least once in Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane due to her boyfriend Superman invoking a Temporary Bulk Change on her to help disguise her. Many readers found her fattened state more attractive than her normal look, wishing she stayed that way a bit longer. Even Superman himself appeared to enjoy her new look (though he does tease her by claiming she's too heavy for even his Super-Strength), and it's even implied that the disguise was just a convenient excuse to fatten her up.
  • The Swedish comic Vei decided to depict Freyja, the Norse goddess of beauty, sexuality, nature and magic, as this: a very large, very beautiful, very naked woman.
  • Wonder Woman's Badass Normal pal Etta Candy has a full figure, a loving sweet personality and in some continuities where Steve and Diana don't end up married she gets the man herself.
    • Wonder Woman (1942): Etta's original iteration was a short, plump, confident prankster and accomplished fighter who had quite a few love interests.
    • In Wonder Woman: Earth One, Diana's friend Beth Candy is a fat girl who apparently doesn't have trouble getting dates. When she meets the Amazons, they think she is ugly, except Hippolyta.
    • In Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons, Aphrodite is portrayed as far more heavy set and curvaceous than in previous depictions.

    Fan Works 
  • This fan interpretation of a Sonic Boom-inspired Rouge the Bat takes similar cues from Knuckles' canon redesign. But while she gets a similar height boost, she forgoes Knuckles' top-heavy brawler physique for one more suited for a bottom-heavy kickboxer with thick thighs and a curvier butt, as well as a gut resulting from her newfound appetite. But she's just as attractive as always, with the artist making it clear that she's proud of her heftier physique.
  • The Sonic the Hedgehog animations of Pixelrush take place in a world where Sally Acorn retired from adventuring to focus on being a princess full-time. A few years later Sally has reunited with Sonic and has now packed on a lot of pounds after an extended time of luxury and lack of physical activity. She remains adorable and Sonic himself still thinks she is beautiful, remarking that she is “the same ol’ Sal”.
  • Much like her mother Leshawna, Serena from Total Drama Legacy is quite plump. However, Storm is still intensely attracted to her, and in "Water You Gonna Do?", several people comment on how "thicc" her booty is.
  • Voyages of the Wild Sea Horse: Miriam the tiger shark wotan is a rapacious glutton who routinely stuffs herself until she looks hugely pregnant, abusing her Hyperactive Metabolism just beyond its limits to cope, leaving her with a permanent soft, pot-belly-like paunch. Despite this chubbiness, she's still regarded as an eye-catching beauty, impressing Ranma Saotome despite his usual attitude being to staunchly ignore how attractive girls are due to his multiply-engaged status, causing Ryoga Hibiki to pass out from a traditional anime nosebleed of arousal, and causing Harumi Tsukuyomi to be smitten with her at first sight. Her build has even been compared to that of Cattleya from Queen's Blade, herself an example of this trope.
  • The Devil Fruit Hero:
    • Hilda bulks herself up in the process both to better handle One For All and to establish the hero persona she set up that was designed in homage to Fat Gum. In no way does this detract from her beauty or combat capabilities due to how her Quirk, Optimal Condition, ensures that she always remains in peak physical condition.
    • It's revealed that Hilda isn't the only one putting on weight as the Pro Hero Psy-Brina (who is Sabrina from Pokemon) has also fattened herself up. Fio Germi of Support Course Class 1-H is also fat as well.
    • Momo keeps the bulk she gained from eating the cake monster she faced off against to better utilize her Quirk. Midnight also keeps the bulk she gained from the same incident.
    • Sonia Magnolia is also shown to be very large, but is still beautiful and takes pride in her appearance.
    • Hilda's cousin, Rosa, and their friend Yukari Bushima, have also fattened up after seeing Hilda's performance in the Sports Festival.

    Films — Animation 
  • Sophie from Anastasia is a beautiful, full-bodied Russian blonde of minor Noble position and great wealth living in Paris and housing the former Ruling family. Vlad is madly in love with her.
  • In-universe, Gloria, the hippo in the Madagascar movies. Her large size became a status of attraction to a male hippo named Moto Moto ("the name so nice, you gotta say it twice"). And it would seem that hippos as a species find chubbiness attractive since Moto Moto and Gloria's flirting is made entirely of fat jokes.
  • Hyacinth Hippo in the Dance of the Hours section of Fantasia. Not only did the alligators end up fighting over her favor, but her movements were also modeled after footage of a real ballet dancer, then given the appropriate amount of heft.
  • In Igor, the evil Jaclyn uses transformation pills to turn into Heidi, a voluptuous and well endowed German seductress, in order to spy on Igor and Dr. Glickenstein.
  • Squirrel Girl in Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors is much more of a heavy set than most versions of the character, yet she's also more attractive.
  • Secret Magic Control Agency: Ilvira, the main antagonist, is a plump woman wearing a tight low-cut dress, and her generously proportioned backside is often on display throughout the movie.
  • Princess Fiona from Shrek as an ogre. Despite being a big green ogre and much plumper compared to her human form, she is actually quite cute and pretty and comes off as a Cute Monster Girl. Shrek definitely thinks she is beautiful.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem: April O'Neil. Most versions of her are svelte and conventionally pretty, while the version in the trailer is noticeably chubbier but still attractive enough to garner Leo’s affection nonetheless.
  • In Turning Red, Ping and Lily are both stocky women who wear lots of makeup, jewelry, and high-end clothing.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Sarah aspires to become this in Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later and her boyfriend seems to approve.
    Sarah: I love food. I hope you won't mind if I get really big and dumpy. It's like my life's ambition.
    Charlie: I find obesity very sexy.
    Sarah: You are so Renaissance.
  • Chicago: Matron "Mama" Morton, whose introductory song features her shaking her stuff in a burlesque-show sort of setting, flashing leg and bouncing her breasts to the approval of the audience and rattling off bawdy double entendres. Of course, when you're being portrayed by Queen Latifah, it's really second nature no matter what you're doing or wearing.
  • Pitch Perfect has Fat Amy, a boisterously extroverted Fat and Proud college student. After joining the Bellas, she is hit on by the rival group's resident jerkass (she is revealed to have the Jerkass's phone number) and at one point she is seen in a pool laughing it up with very attractive people of both genders. She also mentions that one of her reasons for joining the Bellas was to have a distraction from "all of [her] boyfriends".
  • Fat Slags is about a pair of women from Oop North: extremely confident, extremely sexually active, and extremely Big Eaters of the obese variety. The plot centres on them becoming the role-models for all of Britain's women, who quickly start trying to get as fat as possible.
  • The Inbetweeners Movie has Jane, Jay Cartwright's love interest. Although at times she's the subject of humiliation due to her size, many characters attribute her for her beautiful appearance (e.g the lady at the water park in the second film stating "She's a stunner, alright.") and her equally beautiful personality. Head over heels for her, Jay does NOT take anyone verbally abusing Jane's size well.
  • Tracy Turnblad, Edna Turnblad, and Motormouth Maybelle in Hairspray. Very evident in the latter's song titled "Big, Blonde, and Beautiful" from the 2007 movie and the 2016 TV Musical.
    I offer big love with no apology
    How can I deny the world the most of me?
    I am not afraid to throw my weight around
    Pound by pound by pound!
  • The conventionally slender and beautiful Fabienne in Pulp Fiction has an infamous sequence where she waxes rhapsodic about how much sexier she thinks she'd look with a nice big pot belly. Since she specifies she just wants the big, round belly and not to be fat all over, many fans have speculated that she may, in her own Cloud Cuckoolander sort of way, be hinting to her boyfriend Butch that she's pregnant.
  • Lil in Walking on Sunshine, who is flirtatious and most likely ogling attractive men.
  • Super Mario Bros. (1993) has Big Bertha, the bouncer at the Boom Boom bar who's large and very strong. Mario dances with her in an attempt to get the meteorite necklace, and she later helps the Marios out when Lena and the soldiers invade the bar.
  • Mary Sanderson in Hocus Pocus is the biggest of the Sanderson sisters, and- weird sideways mouth contortions or not- is quite pretty. All three sisters are treated as quite attractive by the adult men of the film, though Winifred is actually homely enough to qualify as a female version of a Kavorka Man and only slender Brainless Beauty Sarah’s looks are actually a plot point.
  • Mullins (Melissa McCarthy) in The Heat. There's even a scene where she has to let a guy down gently, and implies this happens to her quite often.
  • Dawn (played by Gabourey Sidibe) in Antebellum. When she goes out to dinner with Veronica and Sarah (both of whom are very easy on the eyes), she is the one who draws all of the male attention.
  • Angel, Angel, Down We Go: Tara's mother thinks she's ugly and unlovable, but Bogie thinks her weight makes her sexy. At one point he sings "The Fat Song," about how great fat girls are.

  • This trope appears often, likely due to Author Appeal, in Celia Kyle's romance novels. Nearly all of her female protagonists angst about being fat and the male protagonists always reassure them that they're gorgeous.
  • While he also wrote more conventionally attractive female characters (and a broad spectrum of body types in general), Terry Pratchett enjoyed writing about characters with this body type.
    • In Maskerade Agnes Nitt is described as "good-looking, in an expansive sort of way"; all she's missing is the confidence, which her Split Personality Perdita has in spades.
      • In one of the Witches novels, Nanny Ogg's thoughts concerning Agnes reveal that this is considered the ideal in Lancre, with the ideal of Lancre womanhood being about two womanhoods from anywhere else; a Lancre man might cast an eye at a skinnier, more conventional lady, but when he intends to settle down, he almost invariably goes for a chubby woman. This is based on the "practical reasoning" that A: such a woman is usually pretty strong, which comes in handy in a rural farming-based household, and B: women who get like that normally enjoy eating, which means they are good at cooking.
    • In Soul Music, a Valkyrie is described enthusiastically: "[she was] as much woman as you could get in one place without getting two women."
    • Lady Sybil Ramkin, who first appears in Guards! Guards! and becomes the wife of Samuel Vimes, is one gifted with the robust figure of a well-to-do lady who runs a shelter for Swamp Dragons. In that novel, it is said that "[her] bosom rose and fell like an empire." Later, in The Fifth Elephant, she demonstrates a talent of those who are so gifted by expertly singing an aria from a famous Dwarf opera (and incidentally the strength to tear iron bars out of a castle window).
  • Easter of American Gods is a well-rounded, well-endowed woman, describing in excessive detail as to how she left New Orleans after getting so fat that her thighs rub against each other when she walks... and is one of the most seductive and desirable women in the story. Justified as she used to be a Celtic fertility goddess, and as such must possess the correct figure (which was considered the epitome of womanly beauty back in the day).
  • In The Amy Virus, Cyan's mother Belinda is a former plus-size model. She's still described as very pretty.
  • Hazel from Big Blonde is described as a large woman. She has a never-ending line of suitors even after she's married. Hazel was once also a model.
  • In the Dashiell Hammett story The Big Knockover, featuring The Continental Op, Big Flora Brace is this, described as big, blond and good-looking in a predatory way.
  • In Blood Trillium, Archmage Iriane is described as "extremely stout" and "exquisitely beautiful." (Also, she's blue.)
  • In Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye, Miss Marie, aka "the Maginot Line," is the leader of the three prostitutes who live in the small town where the novel takes place. Miss Marie is described as being immensely fat, but gets the same number of (if not more) clients than her thinner associates, and all of the women in the area hate her for her beauty.
  • Mary Callahan later Callahan-Finn of the Callahan's Crosstime Saloon series, who's listed at two-fifty and gives Jake a raging hard-on when he first sees her. She is both an "artist" and a security chief at Lady Sally's bordello and catches the eye of two of Callahan's patrons in just one visit. Zoey is later described as a nine-tenths scale model of Mary, which still puts her at 225. Jake even admits this is his Fetish.
  • Queen Neferishu in The Chronicles of Magravandias, in contrast with the willowy standards of beauty of the Mewtish people. Prince Bayard, who usually sleeps with anything with a pulse, has apparently said: "she's the only weighty woman he'd ever consider taking to bed."
  • Ciaphas Cain (HERO OF THE IMPERIUM) book 7, The Emperor's Finest, features a planetary governor's daughter trying to seduce Cain. That woman, Mira DuPanya, is described by Cain himself as carrying a lot of weight very well. She even wears a stylized military uniform several sizes too small to exaggerate the effects of her womanly figure and her sizable assets.
  • An evil example appears in Stephen King's The Dark Tower series. Sylvia Pittston, a wandering preacher who arrives in the town of Tull and establishes a religion there, is over two hundred and fifty pounds. She inspires lust in all of the men who see her, including Roland and The Man in Black, whose encounter with her left her pregnant with The Crimson King's child. Sylvia eventually convinces the entire town to try to kill Roland; he is forced to kill them all, including her.
  • Zinka in Deep Secret. Maree describes her as "plumpish" (but then, Maree's not small herself), and Rupert refers at one point to her "lovely, ample form." She has no shortage of admirers.
  • In Eccentric Neighborhoods, widowed patriarch Chaguito Vernet meets Brunhilda Casares and falls in love with her figure and lighthearted spirit.
  • Earth's Children: Played with regarding Zelandoni. She no longer considers herself very attractive due to her large weight gain and getting on in years, though some people still find her pretty. She was once considered the most beautiful woman of the Zelandonii and was never a slender woman (the word "voluptuous" is used to describe her a few times).
  • In the Joseph Conrad short story "Falk," the character known only as Hermann's niece. The narrator rhapsodizes at length about her size.
  • Played with in Fungus the Bogeyman. The Bogeys find fat women attractive, but they also like things we consider gross.
  • Good in Bed uses this trope as a plot point or two. Most notably, the larger female protagonist is used as a muse (or, rather, exploited) for her ex-boyfriend's column, "Loving a Larger Woman". She also manages to gradually become more accepting of and comfortable with her figure, as the novel goes on. By the end, she takes over his "Loving a Larger Woman" column and writes in a way that better connects to other, larger women like herself.
  • In the Imperial Radch novel Ancillary Sword, Station Administrator Celar is described as "broad", and also as very beautiful. Since Radchaai language has no gendered pronouns, and all people in the series are referred to as "she", Celar might also be a Big Beautiful Man.
  • According to most of the cast of Life in the Fat Lane, the protagonist is one. She disagrees.
  • In the Malazan Book of the Fallen, Tattersail is described as having "rolls of flesh" and many characters see her as attractive. Part of her appeal is said to be that she is a grown version of a Cute Witch and one of the few truly upbeat characters in the series.
  • In Betsy Cornwell's Mechanica duology, Caro, the best friend and eventual lover of both the heroine Nick and Prince Fin, is "a short, fat, pretty blonde." Both her ample figure and her beauty are emphasized throughout both books. Nick's stepsister Chastity is also chubby and trying to lose weight, but she's also described as pretty and her skinny sister Piety secretly envies her shape.
  • Mina Duplessis, the heroine of the comic neo-noir Mr Blank and its sequel Get Blank is a plus-sized model and is consistently described as the most beautiful woman in the book.
  • Camila Sagastume, a woman who briefly appears to challenge Aureliano Segundo to an eating contest in One Hundred Years of Solitude, is described as "totemic" and "gigantic," and is known across the land as "The Elephant." But she's also drop-dead gorgeous, even when devouring an entire side of veal—Aureliano wishes to have a different kind of "tourney" in bed with her, and calls her the "ideal woman." Camila is also one of the few examples of Beauty Equals Goodness in the novel: she's sweet, kind, and caring, willing to call the contest a tie rather than see Aureliano put himself into a food coma.
  • In Melissa Scott and Lisa A. Barnett's Point of Hopes, merchant Iniz Allyns is described as being "as large as any two women, and four times as lovely."
  • Gammla, the hero's love interest in Quest for Fire, has a round belly which is apparently a very desirable trait among her people.
  • Ramy Dusotes, one of the two eponymous bounty hunters from Riesel Tales: Two Hunters. She's described as full-figured — not large, but not particularly slim, either. Her business partner, Runge Margavo, isn't very supportive of this due to his shallow obsession with supermodels and frequently complains (in his mind, with comical exaggeration) about her weight. However, he does on one occasion of absent-mindedness allow his gaze to caress her curves while she's not looking and is "taken in by her beauty" according to the narrative, though he quickly snaps himself out of it after reminding himself of who he's looking at.
  • In River of Teeth, Archie is both big and beautiful and knows how to use that to her advantage. Cal Hotchkiss tries to get a rise out of her by calling her fat, only to get shut up by everyone else, and Houndstooth acknowledges that one reason he hired Archie for their caper was that she can charm anyone within minutes. Archie herself points out that she's such a successful thief because nobody suspects a fat beautiful woman of having such nimble fingers.
  • Six of Crows: Nina Zenik. Described as similar to a figurehead carved with a generous hand, and one of the most beautiful, seductive characters in the series.
  • Small World (Tabitha King novel): Lucy is on the chunky side, but still very attractive (to the point that Roger privately nicknames her "Juicy Lucy").
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • Roose Bolton eventually comes to feel this way about his third wife, "Fat" Walda Frey, and he even admits to Theon that he's become oddly fond of her. Considering who's saying this it's definitely notable. He also specifically chose her because he was given the pick of women from House Frey and was offered his prospective bride's weight in silver for her dowry. Being a Magnificent Bastard, he picked the fattest one.
    • There is also Myranda Royce, described as being short, fleshy, and buxom.
    • Lady Genna Lannister also counts, being the hot wife to Emmon Frey's ugly guy, and is proud of her imposing physique.
  • So This is Ever After: Bethany is repeatedly described as very voluptuous and attractive for it.
  • One of the protagonists and POV characters of Spitfire is Princess Allene, who is frequently described as fat, with an extremely generous bosom, a sizeable rear and thighs, and a full, thick waist and belly to match. She's also so gorgeous that all three of the other POV characters are smitten with her. (Probable Author Appeal, as Maya Kern describes herself on her tumblr as an "irl fat queer magical girl.")
  • Lula in the Stephanie Plum books is a former prostitute and quite a large woman. It is mentioned by the main character that being big works well for Lula.
  • In The Stormlight Archive, the Dowager Queen Navani Kholin is described as stately, full-figured, and famously beautiful, though she's considerably more famous for being a veteran politician and preeminent Magitek engineer.
  • In The Surface Breaks by Louise O'Neill, a re-imagining of The Little Mermaid, the "Sea Witch" Ceto is the only overweight woman in the mermaids' territory; she is exiled from their kingdom, where all women face huge societal pressure to be thin. She is described as exceptionally pretty even by the standards of the mermaids, all of whom are inhumanly beautiful; and has a large number of male admirers who secretly come to her.
  • At the end of Tailchaser's Song, Hushpad is described as having gotten a good deal plumper and softer than before due to having been spayed. She's nevertheless still as graceful and attractive to Tailchaser as ever.
  • Empress Laisa Toscane-Vorbarra in the Vorkosigan Saga is described as having "a figure that made Miles, for one, just want to sort of fall over on top of her and burrow in for the winter..." This proves to be a source of chagrin for Lady Alys, the Emperor's social secretary, who had tried unsuccessfully for years to catch Emperor Gregor's eye with an endless parade of tall, slender, pretty women, only to have him fall in love with a short, plump, pretty woman entirely of his own accord.
  • Wayward Children: Alexis Chopper is described as fat, golden-haired, vibrantly blue-eyed, and "beautiful in ways Jack stumbles to find the words for."
  • In The Wheel of Time, Graendal is described as full-figured and exceptionally beautiful, both of which she shows off with gowns of semi-transparent mist. She's also The Hedonist, thanks to a Faith–Heel Turn away from harsh asceticism and into the service of the Dark One.
  • Mma Ramotswe of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency is "traditionally built" and has no trouble baiting a honey trap on occasion - she's even Mistaken for Prostitute at one point.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Alma's Not Normal: Leanne is plus-sized and can pick up anybody from dating apps, owing to her "raw sexual magnetism".
  • Baskets: Trinity is a very cute, curvaceous girl who Chip meets during his short time as a drifter; when he turns down her advances it's because she's a Cloudcuckoolander rather than because of her weight, and later he helps her get a job where she meets her future husband and father of her child.
  • Gabby from The Big Leap is large, but her love interest Reggie tells her she's beautiful not long after meeting her, and the only person who treats her as lesser for her weight is Brittney (who's subsequently called out on it). There's also Raven, a fellow castmate who's a plus-sized stripper, cam girl, and adult film star.
  • Penelope Garcia of Criminal Minds is notably bigger than the other women of the BAU, but that doesn't seem to stop her and Morgan from constantly exchanging cheerily flirty banter. Nor does it stop her from actively dating and having sex.
  • Amber of Huge, played by David Hasselhoff's daughter Hayley (conveniently a plus size fashion model), is one of the campers in a summer weight-loss camp, though she's the least fat girl in the camp. She's fawned after by the entire male population of the camp, this even includes a handsome camp counselor named George.
  • In an alternate reality episode of Friends where Monica had never lost weight, she's still quite attractive with a doctor for a boyfriend and Chandler even still falls for her.
  • Carla of Dancing on the Edge is a beautiful jazz singer and Dierdre is the owner of an underground club; both get sincere compliments on their beauty over the course of the series.
  • Impeachment plays with this as the famously curvaceous Monica Lewinsky (who is portrayed here by the shorter and fuller figured Beanie Feldstein) is presented as a stylish young woman who is remarked on as a "knockout" by her False Friend Linda Tripp and lover Bill Clinton; but Monica (despite her great physical beauty) is showcased as insecure about her weight and her desirablity to men after having been taken advantage of by men and is constantly on a diet or cutting meals and given the fatphobic atmosphere of the "Heroin Chic"-favored media, she is attacked for her appearance along with her perceived lack of brains and slut-shamed.
  • Living Single has Khadijah James, played by Queen Latifah. She receives plenty of flirtation and admiring gazes from men throughout the series, including a very taken, infatuated young employee named Ivan (who tells her, while getting her signature, that "[she has] a very nice 'S'"). In fact, body type is rarely if ever made an issue among the four very differently-built women on the show (aside from running jokes about Regine being short and buxom, and Khadijah simply being buxom).
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: Disa is played by a stout actress, but she is portrayed to be a very attractive Dwarf woman. She wears jewels and a white Sexy Slit Dress.
  • On Roseanne, Darlene's boyfriend, David, winds up admitting to having a sex dream about the titular character. Roseanne's husband, Dan, certainly has no qualms with her figure (and in fact has sex dreams involving a regular customer at Rodbell's who's built quite similarly to Roseanne), and one of Nancy's girlfriends even becomes attracted to her and kisses her.
  • Parks and Recreation has Donna, who is often shown not wanting at all for male company, to the point where she openly remarks that she has "several men in rotation." Some other examples of her admirers include an NFL linebacker (she sends him packing—"skilled positions only for Donna Meagle"), firefighters who were originally bullying Ben (she's able to get them to do what she wants just by flaunting her beauty), the rich members of a gentlemen's club, and even several members of the delegation of a South American country (they expect to be provided women and declare "I will take the large Black one").
    Donna: I am not surprised at all. I've been to South America. I did very well there.
  • Mercedes Jones of Glee has grown into this. While in high school she felt insecure about her body, when she moves to Los Angeles to start a music career, she begins to embrace her figure. She even dates resident Brainless Beauty Sam, who frequently compliments her on her gorgeous looks.
  • Played with in an episode of Louie, wherein Louie meets a fat woman named Vanessa who's attractive, funny, charming and has no trouble attracting men; despite this, Louie is reluctant to pursue a relationship with her, which she concludes is out of fear that a man who looks like him "belongs with" a woman of her size.
  • Callie Torres from Grey's Anatomy isn't fat, but she is curvier than most of the other women on the show, and provides at least as much Fanservice as they do.
  • Parodied on Mad TV with this "Reality Check" sketch. Especially at the 4:29 mark.
  • Quinn on Homeland has a one night stand with one in season 4 and even breaks the cheekbone of a man that makes fun of her.
  • In The Drew Carey Show, Nikki (Drew's long-term girlfriend) is introduced as a very slim woman who explains that she used to be quite fat until very recently. As the season continued, she picked up her old eating habits from Drew and each time we see her, she's fatter. She never does get the confidence to go with it and Drew's friends don't see the appeal, but Drew seems to get even more enamoured as she surpasses his size.
  • In Days of Our Lives, Nancy, the wife of resident hunk Craig, was this. It's believed the casting department wanted to get around casting a typical waif-thin beauty by ensuring that even if she was full-figured, she was still quite pretty—throughout their time on the show, it was repeatedly established that Craig adored her, and she was occasionally hit on by other men as well, turning Craig into a Crazy Jealous Guy.
  • Euphoria: Kat is portrayed getting a lot of male attention due to her confidence after she's accepted her own figure and starts regarding herself this way.
    "There is nothing more powerful than a fat girl who doesn't give a fuck."
  • Lovecraft Country: Ruby's full figured but has a lot of focus put on her as she's dancing. During her sex scenes as well, Ruby's large breasts get lots of attention from the camera. William, her lover, certainly finds her attractive too of course. Also her white, shapeshifted self, although not as large, is also quite voluptuous and portrayed in the same way.
  • Good Trouble: While Davia does have occasional angst about her weight she ultimately isn't ashamed and is never treated as unattractive. She’s very much gorgeous and is an absolute Dude Magnet.
  • An episode of 1000 Ways to Die involved two drunken salesmen attend a beauty pageant for women like these. One of the salesmen constantly heckles them to the point where they get to the end of the runway to tell him off. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), the corner of the runway breaks under their combined weight, and they all fall on top of him, crushing him to death under their combined weight of a little under 1000 pounds.
    Narrator: Did you hear the one about the drunk insurance salesman? His jokes about fat...fell flat.
  • In a very rare example from Japanese television, episode 26 of Kamen Rider Wizard has an unnamed schoolgirl (played by Maria Yuriko) who is both very plump and incredibly cute.
  • American Gods (2017): Bilquis is larger than other women on the show, but nevertheless beautiful, and as a Love Goddess she's got many worshippers. On the show she's the female character with the most sex scenes, which explicitly highlight her curves, and has many different lovers.

  • Fat Is Beautiful, a series of chinaware by Fitz & Floyd, featuring various obese aristocratic women.
  • Statuettes of lounging plus sized women in swimwear is a popular bathroom decoration.
  • For a few decades between the 1930s and the 1960s, artists such as Donald McGill drew popular comedic postcards featuring overweight women having fun at the beach, going on dates and doing other mundane things. While there were jokes about their size, the women depicted would often be portrayed as cute and attractive regardless.

  • Get on your bikes and ride! (and the song also has suggestive lines such as "Heap big woman you gonna make a big man out of me!")
  • Big bottom! Big bottom! Talk about bum-cakes, my girl's got 'em!
  • "Perfect 10" by The Beautiful South. "She's a perfect 10/But she wears a 12" Unusually, it's a duet, and both the male and female singers comment favorably on the size of their partner - although Wikipedia says that's not the kind of size the woman is talking about.
  • When she's bouncing down the street, she's a whole heap of honey and ain't she sweet?
  • The bigger the figure the better I like her, the better I like her the better I feed her, the better I feed her the bigger the figure, the bigger the figure the more I can love!
  • "The Spicy McHaggis Jig": "[Spicy was] Always looking for chicks over four hundred pounds / One night at the pub a girl caught his eye / big as a house, just the right size / the broad was enormous, stacked to the hilt / Spicy soon noticed a bulge in his kilt!"
  • In What I Go To School For by Busted, the teacher is played by plus-size model Lorna Roberts.
  • Double subverted in a music video by 90's R&B singer Kelly Price where she leaves a man who won't accept her for her size, only for a stud to drive up and ask "What does it take to make a big beautiful woman like you happy?"
  • The obscure pop song, "Two Ton Tessie"note :
    "She's got big red lips and big brown eyes. She's everything my mama has, it's king-sized. Oh well, Two Ton Tessie! Two Ton Tessie! Well, she's big and round and I love every pound!"
  • Cherry from the animated band Studio Killers is a perfect example of this trope. She's beautiful, sexy, flirty, and adores other women of all shapes and sizes.
  • The J-Pop group Big Angel is an all female group of self proclaimed "fat idols" who sing about self acceptance and determination. All the singers are plump and often wear clothing revealing their tummies, special mention goes to the lead singer who is the biggest member of the band at 250 pounds.
  • Hoagy Carmichael's "Huggin' and Chalkin'":
    I got a gal who's mighty sweet
    Big blue eyes and tiny feet
    Her name is Rosabelle Magee
    And she tips the scales at three-oh-three
  • Sinergia's song "Mujer robusta" ("Heavyset Woman") is all about a dude who's literally crazy for his BBW girlfriend.
  • German Hip Hop group "Fettes Brot" uses this trope in the party song "Erdbeben" (earthquake), where they celebrate girls shaking their huge (and beautiful) asses, while thin girls envy them for their asses' "shakability".
  • The plus-size burlesque group The Glamazons (especially Caramella.)
  • Mika song "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)".
  • Sie ist zwei Tonnen pure Eleganz, sie tanzt mit mir wie'n schöner Elefant!Translation
  • AC/DC's "Whole Lotta Rosie" is based on a night the singer spent with such a woman.
  • An Iron Maiden B-side, "Nodding Donkey Blues", is a Spinal Tap-like song about such a woman.
    She was a big girl, she was big.
    I mean she was big, she was fucking huge! Enormous!
    Needed a sign overhead!
    You could have sailed the Hindenburg between her legs and not even have landing permission!
  • Amor De Gorda by Mermelada Bunch is about the singers saying that, given the chance, they'll choose the bigger girl. The video, showing an audition "for fat ladies only", presents many BBWs, along with a couple of Hollywood Pudgy gals and a couple of thinner women padding themselves so they can audition.
  • The song I Want A Fat Babe by parody group Snack Treat Boys.
  • Lo-Rider's song Skinny is all about a skinny girl. The music video, on the other hand...
  • The Chubby Chaser viewpoint song "Three Hundred Pounds Of Hongry," may or may not be about one: The Love Interest's gender varies by exact version of the song; however, they're definitely fat, definitely a Big Eater (which the narrator finds endearing), and decidedly attractive from the narrator's perspective.
    Three hundred pounds, tall as she round
    And every pound of that body's so fine
    I can hardly believe that it's mine...
  • The Lucky Milliner Song "Big Fat Mama" is about his preference for a woman with "meat shaking on her bones."
  • Caravan's "Waterloo Lily" is an Intercourse with You-type song, speaking favorably of a woman with a "bra to fit a car".
  • A main crux for Drake's guest verse in the Nicki Minaj song "Only" is his supposed desire for larger women.
  • Big girls, you are beautiful! Big girls, you are beautiful! It's a tribute to the Butterfly Lounge, a body-positive nightclub in San Francisco.
  • Frank Zappa's "SEX" spends its first pre-chorus advocating for bigger women over smaller ones.
    Some girls try it 'n' go on a diet
    Then they worry 'cause they's too fat
    Who wants t'ride on a ironin' board?
    That ain't no fun...i tried me one
    Grow that meat all over yer bones
    Work the wall with the local jones
    And while you do it, remember this line
    The sniffer says it all the time
    The bigger the cushion, the better the pushin'...
  • Lizzo is a Real Life example of this trope, and the vast majority of her songs are about feeling confident and beautiful.


    Professional Wrestling 
  • USWO and PGWA had the evil manager Sex Kitten Kathy, who was much thicker than most valets or managers and in fact, most wrestlers, having a visible gut, but the "sex" wasn't dropped from her name till she focused more on wrestling herself.
  • PGWA also had two rivals of this type in Pandora (Miss Rachel after she started dating LT Falk and underwent a Heel–Face Turn) and Nemesis, who in turn had another rival in Roni Nicole after Nicole was brought onto shows by fan demand. Fan demand also led to appearances of Chacala, usually seen in LLF. With so many examples, this trope was defied by Mickie Knuckles, however. Knuckles wasn't just fat, but also a Garbage Wrestler who wanted to be seen as "scary" and disgusting.
  • Rosie Lotta Love who had a brief stint in TNA. A very plus-sized woman, she debuted smooching Jeromy Borash and described herself as "big, bad and beautiful".
  • Goya Kong, both before and after losing her mask. Even with the slim "Diosas del ring", lithe Estrellita and cut bodybuilding fitness instructor Dark Angel being around, Goya's noticeable gut didn't stop her from being made part of El Sexy Team in CMLL alongside the latter two.

    Tabletop Games 
  • GURPS has no rules against having the Very Beautiful advantage with Fat or Very Fat.
  • Same with Chronicles of Darkness with the Striking Looks merit and the Cumbersome flaw.
  • And in Savage Worlds a character can have the Obese hindrance and Very Attractive edge.
  • The same applies in Deadlands, where the Big 'Un Hindrance and Purty Edge are not mutually exclusive.
  • Dwarven women in Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder are usually depicted as having an attractive Rubenesque figure.
  • Parse in Sentinels of the Multiverse was originally drawn as fairly scrawny, but was always intended to be one of these - it's just that the artist didn't really get how to draw plus-sized women at the time. Her updated artwork shows her as a woman of some size, but carrying it very well.

  • Seraghina from Nine (Musical) is supposed to be a large woman who is beautiful and sexually confident and teaches the protagonist about romance and sexuality in his childhood (the film adaptation had a decidedly Hollywood Pudgy Seraghina).
  • A number of notable burlesque performers, including Miss Dirty Martini, World Famous BOB, and Jezebel Express. Quite a bit bigger than your average burlesque performer, but wear just as few clothes.
  • Golde is not this in Fiddler on the Roof, but Tevye wishes she could be. In the song "If I Were A Rich Man", he sings about "My wife, my Golde, looking like a rich man's wife with a proper double chin." This may be more about the life of abundance and leisure he wishes to give her than about his personal preferences.
  • There's an entire song in Hairspray entitled "Big, Blonde, and Beautiful". Only one of the women who sings it - Motormouth Maybelle - actually meets all three requirements (Edna is notably not beautiful, as she's played by a man in drag, and Velma isn't that big), but for her, it's played straight.
    • Main character Tracy Turnblad also qualifies for this trope—the role is written for a chubby actress (with the script going out of its way to point out that Tracy must be genuinely fat, not Hollywood Pudgy), and she's also pretty, intelligent, and fun-loving.
  • The Baroness von Waldstätten in Mozart! is this when played by Ana Milva Gomes. Her character is motherly and gentle, but her body type is voluptuous.
  • Westeros: An American Musical: The play's version of Shae, the beautiful prostitute who catches Tyrion's eye, is visibly more heavyset that her canon counterparts.

    Theme Park 
  • Tiny from Pirates of the Caribbean is described by the auctioneer as a "winsome wench", even though the crowd is more attracted to the seductive Redhead. Also, like the Redhead, she seemed okay with being kidnapped and sold as a bride and she enjoyed the attention the pirates gave her as she gleefully showed her "larboard side" when asked.

    Video Games 
  • Lard Lass, one of the playable characters in the game Bacon Man: An Adventure, is gluttonous and overweight, notably having a belly so big that her costume can't cover it. However, she's never depicted as upset or ashamed over her appearance and is one of the cheeriest characters in the game, as well as incredibly adorable to boot.
  • Borderlands 2 has Ellie, who is, to put it bluntly, spherical. Not only is she very pleased with her appearance, but Mr. Torgue also describes her as a "ten", and her own brother Scooter admits to having a little crush on her. It's really only her mother Moxxi who thinks she should slim down.
    Ellie: The Hodunks chose that as their emblem 'cause they love skinny chicks. And they love skinny chicks 'cause they's pussies.
  • In Fable III, there are posters around Bowerstone for a plus-sized dancing girl named "Big Bess."
    • A female PC in either Fable II or Fable III could be one; while fatness normally detracts from attractiveness (except in the case of "fat-loving" NPCs found on Knothole Island in II), one could overcome this with the right hair, make-up, and outfits.
  • The two princesses in Fat Princess. The war in the game is started due to the Red King worrying that Prince Albert will choose the Blue Princess over his gluttonous and overweight daughter (despite the fact that she was just as large as his daughter). When Prince Albert and the Red Princess did see each other, they fell in Love at First Sight.
    • The sequel, Fat Princess Adventures, introduces the Lady of the Cake, a plump and sultry mermaid who arises from her lake when she hears sexy music.
  • Sam Anon, the main character of Get in the Car, Loser!, is chubby and, despite her terrible sense of self-image, many characters are of the opinion she's quite pretty, such as one of the NPCs in Chapter 1 expressing surprise when Sam says she's single.
    • Grace Morningstar, resident Lovable Alpha Bitch and powerhouse of the party, is very short and stout and is constantly hyped up as a "ultra-serious babe" by Val. Sam has also crushed on her for years.
  • Bobbie Grail in Growing Up is a plus-sized woman who believes that she can grace the stage despite her size. Her father tries discouraging her from following her dreams because of it, but she overcomes her fears by slapping her butt in front of the crowd when they laugh at her in her first stage gig in high school.
  • Kurumi Kasugaoka from the cancelled dating sim Hachi Koi. Portrayed as extremely chubby, cute and LOVES sweets. Most of her wooing minigames would have revolved around feeding her.
  • Harvest Moon 64 has Elli the resident baker who is young, beautiful, and actually quite chubby despite not looking like so in her in-game model. The game makes it clear that she loves to eat and make food, and the player has the option to even pair up with her and end up as a couple. As it turns out, Elli and the player character Pete/Jack are actually an Official Couple in-universe. To emphasize the fact that she is chubby, Elli asks the player a question of whether or not they hate plump girls, with two vague answers to choose.
  • In HunieCam Studio, Beli and Jessie appeal to those with a 'Chubby' fetish, while Kyanna and Renee appeal to those with a 'Thick Ass' fetish. Sarah appeals to both those fetishes. Granted, this being a Business Sim it's not particularly obvious, but some of the eyecatch art makes it a bit more obvious (Beli's chub is obvious as she does yoga for her fans, while Kyanna's and Renee's art puts special attention on their ample behinds).
  • The Legend of Zelda: Is fairly fond of this trope.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has Telma, the bar owner in Hyrule, who is considered attractive by quite a few characters and acts flirtatiously with Link and Renaldo. She also gives Link a brief Marshmallow Hell moment.
    • In The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds has a clothes-loving woman who has a crush on Link and after encountering him gives him a piece of heart. Though very rotund, she is still regarded as gorgeous and the game even calls her the "Stylish Woman". She reappears in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes and this time even Link is a bit flustered by her beauty.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:
      • The Great Fairies have been redesigned from the slender, hourglass-figured forms of past games to a more Rubenesque sort of beauty, with full frames and wide waists. They're still portrayed as very attractive, and two in-universe characters comment on their great beauty.
      • The middle-aged Gerudo women are noticeably fatter than their younger, thinner compatriots, particularly around the waist and hips. They still look pretty, and they also wear the same attractive midriff-baring Bedlah Babe outfits as the other Gerudo.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: Cece is an ostentatiously pretty fashionista who has started a mushroom-themed fashion trend in her home of Hateno Village and who is also rather Rubenesque.
  • All the females from the Visual Novel Mandarava - The Serpent Queen are BBWs, since they all live in a society where every male is a Chubby Chaser.
  • Muchi Muchi Pork is a Bullet Hell shooter that has BBW Fanservice as one of its core selling points. Japanese ads for the game even posed a rhetorical question: "Do you like fat chicks?"
  • Dating sim makers nitro+ have released artwork of the extra-busty, plump-tummied, thick-thighed Super Pochaco, though it has not been revealed what game she will appear in (an unnamed background character in the Super Sonico anime is believed to be her, but it has not yet been confirmed).
  • Mei from Overwatch. Her coat may obscure her body, but her "Pajamei" skin shows her to be quite full-figured with Hartman Hips and a noticeable stomach. And she's no less adorable for it.
  • Pokémon Sword and Shield has the Shield exclusive Ice Gym Leader Melony. Melony is notably curvier than other women in the game and has a visible gut, but is still very attractive. Her son Gordie, a Sword-exclusive Gym Leader, inherited his mother's good looks and and girth.
    • Also from the same generation, female Indeedee are this in more of a cute way than anything sexual, being adorable satyr-like creatures with wide hips and big bellies.
  • Potionomics has Roxanne, a voluptuous woman who is noticeably larger than the rest of the female cast (in height and width), and who is treated as extremely attractive. She takes great pride in her appearance, as it gives her an edge over the victims she cons and tricks.
  • Edith Up in Rayman Origins, who rules over a candy-and-sweets-themed world and is noticeably chubbier, but just as scantily-clad as the other fairies.
  • Justine in Shadows of the Damned was an odd example before her death; a glamorous opera singer, the public saw her as beautiful despite being fat, but from her own perspective her weight made her ugly and undesirable.
  • Polly in Skies of Arcadia. Her long-lost husband notes that she's gotten a little bigger since he saw her last. He certainly doesn't seem to mind though, seeing as they end up having ten more children in the game's epilogue.
  • Pamela from the truly bizarre party game Super Farm is an incredibly fat turkey hen who is the newest animal on a farm. As soon as she arrives, every single other animal on the farm immediately falls in love with her and the game is all about them trying to win her heart.
  • Stardew Valley
    • Marnie, a kindhearted woman who will sell animals for the player to keep on their farm, is plumper than most of the other women in Pelican Town, but is still very pretty and has two different men completely smitten with her. One of those men is Mayor Lewis, who is in a secret relationship with her.
    • The star singer of the Winter Market's mermaid show is nearly oval in figure, but flaunts the same Seashell Bra costume as her sleeker co-performers.
  • Team Fortress 2: In one of the comics, we get to see the Heavy's sisters, and one of them, Zhanna, seems to have similar bulk as him. Doesn't stop her from being just as attractive as the other two to the characters in-universe. Even out of universe, not adjusting for low detail art style, she's no Brawn Hilda.
  • Yuki from Verdant Skies is this and the resident Ms. Fanservice, and she's very aware of it. She's comically vain and constantly flirts with everyone (and, like every other character in the game, is a potential Romance Sidequest).
  • World of Warcraft
    • Pandaren women have very full figures compared to all of the other playable races and still retain cute and attractive qualities. The Pandaren as a culture find weight and size attractive, with the females having a joke line saying they could "stand to gain a few pounds" while a male Pandaren will joke that someone looking like they lost weight is terrible.
    • And now the Kul Tirans, a variant of Humans are available as playable characters after certain quests and reputation is completed. They aren't as large as the Pandaren, but the women are larger than the standard Human female from Stormwind, as are the males. Justified in that they're a fishing and sailing culture, and muscle is a must for being "Men (and women) of the Sea".
  • Zed_Technician's Creator Thumbprint is this, as he's known for making Horror Comedy games with the majority of the female characters in his games being large in figure and usually portrayed as being pretty.

    Visual Novels 
  • Due to Author Appeal, The Pirate's Fate has a large number of full-figured women:
    • This is one of the body types Mila can transform into, first becoming chubby then transitioning to be becoming incredibly fat. The easiest way to trigger the transformation is for the player to make kind and diplomatic choices, though she can also be made into a Fat Bastard if the player chooses to do so.
    • On their quest to find the magic coins, the Dread Pirates visit a temple of a beauty goddess, who is the deity of a religion that literally worships good looks. The goddess in question also has a plus-sized physique. When Tam Tam admires one of the goddess's statues in the temple, her body increases in size to match it. While she has mixed feelings about the sudden changes to her figure, she remains proud and confident of her body.
    • Morgana can also become overweight, causing her to become insecure about her appearance and her diminished physical abilities. Mila has to reassure her that she is both beautiful and an asset to the team.
  • The hidden Coven route in Monster Prom mainly focuses on the full-figured Joy. The player admires her "rocking curves", and even the other two members of the group remark that she's the only girl in school without a thigh gap.
  • Ririka Yamamoto, star of the h-game Debu Plus ("Fatty Plus"). The sequel Debutopia has three plump sisters for the player to woo.
  • Ripley the lifeguard from the Dating Sim Worshippers Of The Gain is a rotund but incredibly pretty and buxom otter woman whom the player can romance and make even fatter as the game goes on. The other two romanceable females, Sofi the masseuse and Nettie the farmer, can also become this depending on your actions. The biggest example though, literally and figuratively, is inevitably the player themselves (or its counterpart if you choose a male character) and eventually you become hailed as the most beautiful woman in town with potentially multiple boyfriends and girlfriends.
  • The Hayseed Knight has Sep/Jasif, a gazelle who's generously described as "plump", with an especially large rear, who still manages to get as much love as weight insults thrown at her. It's justified in that she's spent years miserable as a high-class "dancer" and indulges far too much in the desert tray. While genuinely and supernaturally compelling, her biggest admirers are one who wants her for political reasons and an easily-impressed farm boy who loves her just as much for her personality as her figure.

    Web Animation 

  • Embers from IronGate fits in here, she's heavyset, but not portrayed as unattractive for it, in fact, desktop images done for the series feature a pin-up style shot of her.
  • Pato, from M9 Girls! is notably more full-bodied than the other girls. And she has a very high body esteem to go with it.
  • Samantha Lovi from The Zombie Hunters. Her heavyset figure can actually make her seem more attractive than the other female cast.
  • The Blonde Marvel is a chubby superheroine that's the Ms. Fanservice of her series.
  • Both Ana Kirkland and Bree Kay from Kurami. Bree in particular is very confident about her plump body.
  • Carol from Between Failures. Her 'ample figure' is attractive to at least two other cast members.
  • Karen of Penny and Aggie is no lightweight, even post-makeover, but has "learned how to work it." Also subverted a bit in that the confidence is an act; she remembers her pre-makeover days and fears that people (especially her boyfriend) will "realize" she's not pretty.
  • Jamie from Girls with Slingshots, and to a lesser degree her sister Fiona, both of whom are also Big Fun and buxom. Candy also finds success as a stripper and a dominatrix, despite her abusive personality.
  • Faye from Questionable Content appears to have put Sven Bianchi off skinnier women forever.
    • Art Evolution takes Marigold Farmer from the "skinny nerd" stereotype to the "chubby nerd" stereotype, at which point she falls into this category as well, protesting the whole way. Lampshaded with some regularity, such as when Faye lends her a swimsuit.
      Faye: Too good. She looks better in it than I do.
  • The titular character in Velamma is this in both senses of the term given she's broad-shouldered, at least as tall as young men and only dwarfed by men in her age range. It starts with a neighbor boy seeing her as unintentional Mrs. Robinson then a (previously) Unlucky Childhood Friend and desperate brother-in-law before escalating with various kinds of threesomes and orgies that she's initially reluctant about until finding out her husband's been cheating on her for years and feels relieved enough to embrace being a Dude and Chick Magnet.
  • Greta Gravity from Spinnerette is extremely busty, and on the chubby side otherwise too. Justified in that her gravity powers rely on her adipose tissue. She intentionally gained weight (not that she was happy about it) in order to enhance her powers. It's also implied that she's much chubbier than she appears but she uses her powers to give herself an hourglass figure.
    • The titular heroine disguises herself as one with a fat suit in her civilian identity to hide her extra arms. If anything it makes her look cuter.
  • Sadie from Princess Princess refers to herself as having big bones. Several people are attracted to her, and the comic portrays her as a cute, stereotypical princess, which includes beauty.
  • Never Satisfied: The distinctly plump Philomena has at least two of the other apprentices crushing on her.
  • In Rascals, Fel is proud of her fine figure.
  • Fran the racoon girl from Goodbye to Halos is noticeably chubby after the prologue, hinted to be due in part to not having to steal to get by anymore. She also has not one but two girlfriends.
  • Hyuna from Sexercise is noticeably plump and quite cute. Even notable Jerkass Charim, who immediately starts internally voicing his scorn at her body the moment he meets her, spends a few moments ogling her breasts once he sees her naked. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Sunyoo seems to be incredibly taken with her, at one point asking if she's trying to seduce him when she's just lying there in bed spacing out.
  • The titular Nami from Hey Nami! is an enormously fat kitsune who is still cute enough for multiple characters to find her attractive, one of them even envies her beauty.
  • Bea of Brimstone and Roses. Despite being on the heavier side, she has no trouble landing herself any dates. And those dates (Like her very attractive ex-girlfriend and Alex) clearly don't have any issue with it.
  • Big Ethel Energy: Ethel is bigger than Betty or Veronica, but no less attractive to the male characters. When Veronica and Reggie look her up on Instagram, Veronica makes a snide comment about Ethel's weight, but Reggie comments that she still looks amazing.

    Web Original 
  • The woman in Dodudindon is tall and thick in contrast to the thin and small bird-like people all around her, even when her hoop dress is peeled off... especially the tiny guy that follows her around whom she teases endlessly.

  • Clara from The Guild is a full-figured Manic Pixie Dreamgirl who got married and had kids, but never grew out of her wild tendencies. The skinny, spineless Codex spent a whole season pining for the hot stuntman Wade. Clara ended up making out with him shortly after she met him.
  • "Lard Biscuit Enterprises" has a whole section on "Hot Chicks" which, as the name of the site suggests, is full of fuller figured femme fatales.
  • "Dimensions Magazine" is a webzine for and about BBWs (and their Distaff Counterpart BHM - Big Handsome Men) and Chubby Chasers. It includes a Classic Story Library and a message board with more and newer stories on it.
  • Curvage Forum started out as "Fat Celebs" and was dedicated to pictures of fat/fattened celebrities. Its expanded focus includes Celebrities, Friends, and Girlfriends, as well as including sections for art/fiction, lifestyle discussion, other-topic chat and weight gaining tips.
    • There are other forums dedicated to similar topics.
  • Cartoonist Jamar Nicholas has a blog devoted to artists' pin-ups of a fat Wonder Woman.
  • The erotic cosplayer known as Luu, who released albums called "Real Debu" (debu being Japanese for "fatty" or "chubby") and "Cutie Fat Luu" sometimes poses with desserts, and is one of the few cosplayers out there who can truly pull off Cattleya.
    • Luu has since been dethroned by Hoshima Mika, possibly the only cosplayer on Earth who is overqualified to cosplay Super Pochaco.
  • Surreal computer animator Wendy Vainity considers herself one and loves animating characters with huge wobbling masses of flab.
  • On Not Always Right, this lady is convinced that she's still carrying too much baby fat, and tries to buy a shapeless black dress to disguise her figure for an upcoming ball. Neither her husband nor the salesperson agrees, and the salesperson finally tricks her into trying on a curve-hugging mermaid-cut gown. The husband's reaction:
    “THIS ONE! WE’LL TAKE THIS ONE! …and after the ball, we can make a sibling for the baby.”
  • In Wonder City Stories, the superhero The Fat Lady is not only an immensely powerful superhuman but also a sexy knockout celebrity who sings opera.
  • One of NSFW furry artist Sssonic2's most popular and well-known recurring OCs, Laverne, is a fat, busty, large-rumped Naughty Nun Doberman woman. Early art of her shows her as merely chubby, but she's been drawn with an increasingly plump figure and increasingly large, fatty belly, both by Sssonic2 themselves and by fans, over time. Other artworks reveal that both some of the other nuns in Laverne's convent and some of Laverne's female relatives also qualify for this trope.
  • Ayane Shuin of Porkchop 'n Flatscreen and Chubby Mermaid is a super-strong, full-figured ninja girl who has the largest and most defined female features of the series, in contrast to her friend, Mai. Her size is also Played for Laughs on occasion.

    Western Animation 
  • American Dad!: Debbie, Steve's fat on-and-off girlfriend. He even calls her "you big beautiful creature" at one point.
  • Archer: Pam Poovey definitely qualifies, as even Archer himself will attest. The fact that she's larger than the other women in ISIS does nothing to prevent her from being a Sex Goddess and Action Girl.
  • As Told by Ginger: Lois is on the chubby side and several men in the show take an interest in her. She loses most of the weight in the last few episodes when trying to fit into her wedding dress.
  • BoJack Horseman: Diane, who is attractive enough to fit the Hot Librarian trope, gains a significant amount of weight after being put on anti-depressants, and is no less attractive in her presentation nor to her boyfriend Guy.
  • Big Mouth: The Hormone Monstress (or Connie LaCiernega to give her full name) isn't exactly "fat", but she's noticeably curvier than most of the other female characters.
  • Bob's Burgers: Isabella, the substitute lunch lady in the episode "Bob, Actually". Gene has a crush on her and fantasizes about being with her. She reveals she has a boyfriend and Gene chooses to help her anyway.
  • Eek! The Cat: Annabelle, Eek's girlfriend, was either considered attractive or elicits this reaction when Eek proudly shows her picture while mentioning that he's taken.
    A person: She's really... fat.
    Eek: (Genuinely puzzled) Really?
  • Dragon Hunters: Jeanneline is a fat and tall middle-aged woman with a big chin and long red hair who owns the tavern where the main characters live. With her harsh appearance and three unsuccessful marriages, she has perfectly preserved her feminine side and still fascinates men, although Gwizdo, a fragile young ace pilot whom she likes and would like to pamper with delicious food and comfort for free in case of his reciprocity, avoids her in every possible way and runs away to his dangerous work, just because he is afraid of being crushed in her arms and he can be understood.
  • Family Guy: Lois becomes one in "Sibling Rivalry", becoming fat like Peter and yet still as attractive as before if not moreso. Brian outright states he would have sex with her regardless of her size, and while initially disgusted, Peter soon comes to enjoy her new body more than the original and begins trying to make her even fatter. Peter was disappointed when she returned to her normal weight at the end of the episode.
  • Futurama:
    • One episode had Fry and Bender stranded on the moon. A farmer offers them shelter with the stipulation that they stay away from his three beautiful robot daughters: two Daisy Duke types and The Crushinator, a pink combine/tank. Later, we see Bender fleeing from an irate, shotgun-wielding farmer.
      Fry: Oh, Bender. You didn't touch the Crushinator, did you?
      Bender: Of course not! A lady that fine, you have to romance first.
    • In "300 Big Boys", the reveal that the professor's new girlfriend was one of these who had been using stem cells to hide her true appearance, just like he had. They both smile and resume the torrid kissing.
  • Gravity Falls: In the episode "Soos and the Real Girl", Soos ends up on a date with Melody, a chubby girl who is basically a female version of him.
  • Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child: The episode adapting the The Three Little Pigs takes place in a world of anthropomorphic pigs where being overweight is considered physically attractive. The three pigs are reimagined as three girls going to a summer camp run by a plus sized country singer where they're encouraged to pig out and eat gourmet slop in order to grow bigger.
  • Mimzy from Hazbin Hotel is short, plump and, by her own admission, adorable.
  • Little Dogs on the Prairie: Miss Kitty is a tall full-figured feline who runs a hair salon, she is also incredibly gorgeous.
  • Molly of Denali: Atsaq is a full-figured woman who is as beautiful now as she was about a decade ago, when she had long hair.
  • The Owl House:
    • Willow has a rather plump physique, but she is nonetheless very adorable. As a young adult, she maintains the same physique but becomes outright gorgeous.
    • Camila Noceda, Luz's mother, is also slightly heavyset yet still beautiful at the same time.
  • Ready Jet Go!: Jet's aunt Eggplant is a heavy-set woman-aligned Bortronian who also has blonde highlights and visible lipstick. Uncle Zucchini sure thinks she's beautiful.
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Glimmer, one of the Princesses of Power and eventual Queen of Bright Moon, is a cute, chubby young lady with Ambiguously Bi moments with Adora and Catra, and eventually becomes an Official Couple with Bow in the finale. Also, Princess Spinnerella, who's the most heavy-set member of the Rebellion, and pretty attractive. Just ask her wife, Netossa.
  • Steven Universe: Rose Quartz, Steven's very tall and chubby Posthumous Character mom, is depicted in flashbacks with an ethereal, goddess-like quality, described as beautiful several times, and most characters who knew her, even ones that were her enemies, have a lot of respect for her. However, it turns out that it was actually a shapeshifted disguise; her true form as Pink Diamond, while still very tall, was more along the lines of the thinner forms of her fellow Diamonds.
  • Total Drama:
    • Leshawna, one of the fattest contestants on the show, works her large measurements quite well. Her figure also doesn't stop her from being Acrofatic and capable contestant, and Harold finds her attractive. Alejandro also flirted with her (although he had an agenda).
    • Much like Leshawna (though not to the same extent as her), Emma is on the pudgy side, but is fairly cute as well. Prior to competing on the show, Emma was in a relationship with Chase, but broke up with him after he pulled a cruel prank on her. It's made clear during their time on the Island that Chase is still interested in Emma.


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