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Muchi-Muchi Pork is a Bullet Hell Shoot 'em Up by Cave. The game is notable for being programmed by S. Yagawa, who also worked on many 8ing/Raizing games such as Battle Garegga and Armed Police Batrider.

General Pork Fillet, a military dictator from a faraway planet, is angry that people on Earth are starting to prefer eating beef instead pork. So, he launches a full invasion and turns a number of people into pig-people. Three heroines must pilot prototype flying militarized exercise bikes and stop him:

  • Momo (Muchi Muchi Pink): She kept promising herself that she would start dieting, but always put it off until later.
  • Ikuo (Muchi Muchi Blue): She is a high school softball player who enjoys eating a lot of meat after every game.
  • Rafute (Muchi Muchi Yellow): Her family recently moved to an unfamiliar place. This made her feel nervous enough to start eating a lot.

A region-free port for the Xbox 360 was released in a double-pack with Pink Sweets.

Muchi-Muchi Pork contains examples of:

  • Acrofatic — Ikuo (Muchi Muchi Blue) is good at sports, especially baseball, she just happens to enjoy eating a lot afterwards.
  • Arrange Mode — There are two modes enabled via codes: "Harahara", which is practically the second loop of the game, and "Manpuku", which is the equivalent of Pink Sweets's Harder mode, flooding with suicide bullets.
    • The Xbox 360 port has an arrange mode that desegments the Lard meter, gives you a visible hitbox, and makes enemies destroyed with the Lard weapon drop 2000 point medalsnote . There is also a counter that increases as enemies are destroyed which, when it reaches 10000, allows you to go into a Fever Mode, which converts all of the bullets on the screen into medals and makes all medals dropped by enemies worth 10000 points. Matsuri mode, unlocked via a DLC code, adds in bosses from Pink Sweets after the initial bosses are killed, practically adding a boss phase.
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  • Big Beautiful Woman — The three chubby but busty and scantily-clad leads.
  • Call a Hit Point a "Smeerp" — Power-up is now "Pork-Up"
  • Chainsaw Good — Momo's (Muchi Muchi Pink's) lard weapon is a pair of gigantic chainsaws, and Rafute's (Muchi Muchi Yellow's) lard weapon is a homing buzzsaw
  • Creator Cameo — One of the bosses is voiced by MASA-KING, the frontman for Cave's mobile games division and who also composes a few songs for various Cave games. Another boss is voiced by Daisuke Matsumoto, another frequent Cave musical collaborator.
  • Cute 'em Up — Notable for mixing this style with the more typical military/techno shmup aesthetic. It's as if a cute-em-up was attacking the world of a typical shmup, or the other way around, or, uhh, yeah, Widget Series, enough said.
  • Dynamic Difficulty — This game has the rank mechanic.
  • Equal-Opportunity Evil — General Pork Fillet's underlings include a chicken, bull, lamb/ram, and horse.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin — Another way to pronounce the title of the game is "Much, Much Pork". The player characters are pig-girls, the enemy vehicles are piloted by Imperial Japan esque pig soldiers, the final boss is a pig general named Pork Fillet, the planet is surrounded by a giant series of sausage links, the collectibles are pigs, the options are flying pigs, the act of powering up is now called "Pork Up" instead, high-scoring is based on using a lard cannon, and on and on.
    • "Muchi" is also a Japanese word referring to a woman who is built like the heroines (plump, but in a curvaceous way).
  • Gotta Catch 'Em All — This game has medal chaining, and the characters will comment if the chain is broken.
  • Humanoid Female Animal — The three player characters are pig-girls.
  • Humongous Mecha — The bombs summon these, complete with the mecha doing funny dances/poses!
  • I'm a Humanitarian — General Pork Fillet comes from a planet where intelligent life evolved from pigs, but he nevertheless believes that eating pork is the best thing that someone could do. He even gets angry at the people of Earth for not feeling the same way.
  • Mythology Gag — The final boss has a few things in common with Glow Squid, the final boss of Battle Garegga, another game programmed by S. Yagawa.
  • Pun — According to this review there are also a number of Japanese pork puns in addition to the ones that are more evident in English.
  • Raygun Gothic — The heroines wield retro rayguns.
  • Stealth Pun — Numerous:
    • The cow/bull officer has big beefy muscles
    • The horse officer commands a fast-moving ground vehicle
  • Super Prototype — The militarized exercise bikes have barely had any test flights.
  • This Is a Drill — Ikuo's (Muchi Muchi Blue's) lard weapon is a gigantic energy drill.
  • Up to Eleven — Okay, we had giant mechanical bees and butterflies, giant organic bugs, people that can switch their gender at will, a shooter with disco music, a several dozen feet tall toddler, games that were all about roses and candy, and holiday-themed games. And this game is still weirder than all of those.


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