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Eighting Co., Ltd. (also known as Raizing 『ライジング』, Eighting 『エイティング』, and 8ing) is a Japanese video game company founded by former Compile employees. In particular, it has produced a number of memorable arcade and/or Shoot 'Em Up games, with music often composed by Manabu Namiki. (Fellow Basiscape composers Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata also contributed music, though less frequently.) The Raizing half ceased to exist in 2000, leaving just the Eighting part. After this, programmer Shinobu Yagawa left Eighting and joined Cave, and Eighting ceased to produce any additional shoot-em-up games. Instead, Eighting would shift focus to Fighting Games, which have been the majority of their output since the Turn of the Millennium.

Eighting/Raizing has made the following games:


Alternative Title(s): Raizing, Eighting