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Arc System Works is a Japanese video game company. Founded in 1988 as Arc Co., Ltd., it spent its early years laboring in obscurity as a contract developer for the likes of Sega, Face and Banpresto before coming into its own as a publisher in 1995. Since then it has created quite a few of the modern fighting games. Examples include Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, and Battle Fantasia.

Not to be confused with the similarly named but otherwise unrelated Aksys Games, a North American distributor known for publishing many of their games in the US. They also have a European branch in the form of Zen United/pQube.

The main team responsible for Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, originally named "Team Neo Blood," was composed of Samurai Shodown, The Last Blade, and The King of Fighters developers from SNK, which explains why many characters in the first Guilty Gear game are blatant expies or amalgamations of characters from those games, and typical gameplay in their titles tends to be heavily high-damage and combo-oriented, with lots of juggling.

Since then, the company has split itself among two teams: "Team Red" - focused more on ''Guilty Gear'', and "Team Blue", responsible for ''BlazBlue'' and other sprite-based games.

Early games developed by Arc for other companies:

Games and series developed by Arc System Works (in whole or in part):

Games and series acquired by Arc System Works from Technos Japan

Games and series developed by Arc System Works (in part):